Do The Last of Us Part 2 Bottle Silencers Actually Work? | The Science of...The Last of Us

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6 måneder siden

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Video games try to get you to believe some CRAZY things, especially when it comes to technology. Now what does that have to do with The Last of Us, a game set in a post apocalyptic wasteland with technology rivaling that of the early 2000s? Today, Austin is talking about their makeshift weapon upgrades. Specifically the bottle silencers. Would these things actually work or are you just making yourself bait for some Clickers? Let's find out!
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Christian Chappell
Christian Chappell Dag siden
The suppressors in days gone are like that to it sucks
Piro Dag siden
Thats why MythBusters was better. They would just shoot the gun and thats it. Also terrible taste at the start of the video
Venna Little
Venna Little Dag siden
The reason why people get mad about the debate of silencers or suppressors because it does not silence it suppresses
Aldi Bachtiar
Aldi Bachtiar 3 dager siden
Actually it's Mute-ssor.
Elijah Lewis
Elijah Lewis 3 dager siden
What about loudeners
Sary Bittar
Sary Bittar 4 dager siden
If Doofenshmirtz named silencers: Nonoiseinator! Btw i stole the no noise inator thing from ancientgearpsycho's comment
Samuel Knight
Samuel Knight 5 dager siden
No. Tried it before irl, the damned thing just explodes and the sound of the bottle exploding makes it louder.
Gwydion Russo
Gwydion Russo 5 dager siden
Something I would like to point out water bottle suppressors are not the only type of homemade suppressor there are also suppressors made of oil filters which are actually known to be very good and even work on some medium caliber weapons Example 1 Example 2 suppressors are legal to build for average civilians you just have to get a form one from the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms (ATF) which costs $200 and going through The process without a tax stamp can result in prosecution under the national firearms act with a quarter million dollar fine and up to 10 years in prison
Gwydion Russo
Gwydion Russo 5 dager siden
6:21 subsonic ammunition is not rare at all in fact it’s actually very common and you can find it in pretty much any caliber ranging all the way from 22 all the way up to Big hunting rifles (like the 7.62 x 54mm which is commonly used to hunt everything from very large deer to moose and some large African game)
Gwydion Russo
Gwydion Russo 5 dager siden
3:00 although no firearm can be absolutely quiet (you’re using a literal explosion to propel a projectile) but many calibers and specific firearms can become near silence for example the Russian as Val or the American ar family of rifles wen chambered in 300 blackout or .22cal when using subsonic ammunition but that is the key you have to use subsonic ammunition (ammunition where the bullet goes slower than the speed of sound) because that’s where the majority of the noise comes from the rest comes from the expanding gases that the suppressor helps to muffle it does this is by giving extra room to expand through a baffle system TLDR: although no firearm is completely silent there are some that come very very close
alex wollert
alex wollert 6 dager siden
oil filter suppressor
Johannes Viljoen
Johannes Viljoen 6 dager siden
Its BAFFELING how they work lol
Nightmare 6 dager siden
Nightmare 6 dager siden
ITS NOT SILENCERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nightmare 6 dager siden
im not sure why me do dat
Nightmare 6 dager siden
Jack Keys
Jack Keys 6 dager siden
6:50 Use a bolt action pistol like the well rod
Jack Keys
Jack Keys 6 dager siden
I'm a just say it that silencer stuff Is old, it's more commonly known as a suppressor nowadays
steven shattuck
steven shattuck 7 dager siden
Shitty game. Just because you like this game I will not subscribe. Also your comedy is pure cringe
SPDX GAMES 8 dager siden
While gun itself may make a lot of noise, there is a relatively simple fix for this on some handguns. Just lock the slide. It's that easy. That, along with using wipes in addition to a suppressor, reduces the sound immensely.
Elizabeth Dumas
Elizabeth Dumas 9 dager siden
Austin sucks
Roger Gaming
Roger Gaming 9 dager siden
It works i tested
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 9 dager siden
its like the rims wheels argument people are dumb
C Peterson
C Peterson 9 dager siden
Could have been interesting if presented by someone less circus-clownish.
The Real Obama
The Real Obama 10 dager siden
Another noise from guns is from the gas discharge
i like mat pats voice
Napper 11 dager siden
“Do the bottles actually work?” *Gee do people hear them?*
Cameron Hill
Cameron Hill 12 dager siden
ATF has joined the chat...
April Willis
April Willis 12 dager siden
Silencers suppresser mufflers their the same
DissatisfiedEevee 12 dager siden
It’s called an AFSB Anti Firearm Sound Barrel
Lockwar The Narrator
Lockwar The Narrator 13 dager siden
Why you shout Austin?! Stop shouting and be quite!!!!
William Buchanan
William Buchanan 13 dager siden
The best way to see how much a plastic bottle can reduce the noise would be to try it.
LMG Productions
LMG Productions 13 dager siden
Me a gun nerd waiting to see what he gets wrong. Never mind he did good.
mcgluffin- 14 dager siden
I rather use a oil filter because bottles don’t work
PrometheusV 15 dager siden
So, what noise do they use for movie/ games? Anyone know the source?
GarryMrvn 15 dager siden
...but oil filter can be used as a suppressor
DIDDLY DOO dum dum
DIDDLY DOO dum dum 15 dager siden
*laughs in oil can suppresser*
NipChip 15 dager siden
*Ellie makes a silencer* Joel:impossible
Tengku JG
Tengku JG 16 dager siden
maybe you should try make a theory about Monolithic Suppressor from Modern Warfare
Tengku JG
Tengku JG 16 dager siden
Don't enemies hear the bullets flying is much louder than the gun with a "silencer" itself. For me, when we shoot...the flying bullets won't reveal our location.
tanner rush
tanner rush 16 dager siden
yay gans
tanner rush
tanner rush 16 dager siden
benjamin imperao
benjamin imperao 16 dager siden
uh Austin those kinda look like metal bottles in the game
Crude Dude
Crude Dude 17 dager siden
Just let us call it Mute Tube and call it day.
Ryhanon 18 dager siden
I’m grossed out by all the dandruff in your hair. I mean... it’s probably not actually dandruff but whatever it is, it sure looks like dandruff. Wash your hair dude.
Alexandre Ramos
Alexandre Ramos 19 dager siden
I did like it too
Fleren Gauss
Fleren Gauss 19 dager siden
Damn, I wish I knew heavy math & science.... Great video by the way!
Jetpack Dog
Jetpack Dog 19 dager siden
You can make suppressors out of oil cans. Need I say more?
Zangetsu Kurosaki
Zangetsu Kurosaki 20 dager siden
If you pair a silencer with sub sonic ammo it works better.
OrainneJ 22 dager siden
Just finished last of us II now i have mixed emotions, but it was fun.
autoprime1896 22 dager siden
idiots, it's a sound bye-byer
Bradford Myers
Bradford Myers 23 dager siden
Him: explaining phisichs Me: trying to remember what I had for breakfast
Bradford Myers
Bradford Myers 23 dager siden
As a last of us 2 player with the perk that makes them have more duribillity I think it's ok but there kinda loud but still silence
Jake Bourque
Jake Bourque 25 dager siden
What videos are Matt pat in? 😑
greenhalo xbox
greenhalo xbox 25 dager siden
The only actual silent gun i know of is a British specialist pistol that is single action and has solid rubber baffles which is only actually silent on the first 2 to 3 shots
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube 26 dager siden
Objects and sound in gas fluid explained in under 15 minutes! Schools: we need to.sue them
Prostě Kopec
Prostě Kopec 28 dager siden
SIS was using handguns with similar silencers as shown at 7:30, but inside were few rubber barriers which slowed down the bullet and sealed the expanding gas. the barriers wore off after a few shots, but those silencers were really effective.
Anže Brinšek
Anže Brinšek Måned siden
Austin: It's silencers Me: Gun quiet makers.
Ankit K
Ankit K Måned siden
what about the postal2 game where attaching a live kittycat's posterior onto your shotgun or machine gun acts as a silencer for multiple shots fired? i think its pretty legit
itzhak hezekiel
itzhak hezekiel Måned siden
You could do this or you can just do what I did and go get a 22 pistol (in most people's opinion the quietest pistol) No it doesn't work at all actually I think it may have made it slightly louder
Devin Stubbings
Devin Stubbings Måned siden
Never trust Wikipedia
TH4T RAND0M GUY Måned siden
One exception to this would be the welrod sidearm and its modern varient. Thank you gun Jesus.
Aldo Montoya
Aldo Montoya Måned siden
What the duck
Aldo Montoya
Aldo Montoya Måned siden
Aaditya Mustikar
Aaditya Mustikar Måned siden
austin sucks
Mike Baltazar
Mike Baltazar 24 dager siden
Yeah. He is more annoying than anyone else in the world
Nate Depew
Nate Depew Måned siden
Guns always make noise. Kind sir may I introduce you to the AS-Val
Hopkins Jimmy
Hopkins Jimmy Måned siden
Now i Know why if you use suppressor in PUBG it reduces the range
Lola Baboy
Lola Baboy Måned siden
Filter of oil is good silincer
Big Fishy Boi
Big Fishy Boi Måned siden
Where is MatPat!?
Croe Foxy
Croe Foxy Måned siden
Yes a .22 is dangerous but plenty of veterans have been hit by even a 5.56 round and didn't notice til later. They're fatal to the head, neck, and without medical treatment.
Bret Lemieux
Bret Lemieux Måned siden
On the game it looks like an oil filter an those you get about 6 shots using one of them so long as you use paper towels lightly packed inside
Oi laddy
Oi laddy Måned siden
Austin: move a very small thing very, very fast. Me during shrex:
JonahsGreatadventures Harper
JonahsGreatadventures Harper Måned siden
Silencer more like the de-noise-inator
Deepanshu Gupta
Deepanshu Gupta Måned siden
How about muzzle flairs
Jesus Herrera
Jesus Herrera Måned siden
Speaking american science
Kyndorre BruUt von-BroodwYermnm
Kyndorre BruUt von-BroodwYermnm Måned siden
You're supposed to pack wet sand into the water bottle.
Joshua Mogle
Joshua Mogle Måned siden
Did anyone else notice how chill Austin was this time?... o_o
Very bored Gongaga guy
Very bored Gongaga guy Måned siden
Austin: Its a SILENCER! Other people: Its clearly a suppresser! Me, an absolute id-i mean bIg BrAIn: Muffle puffle thingys
Julian5692 Måned siden
welp unrealistic movie and game silencers arent really unrealistic anymore. lmao
HalLso 3030
HalLso 3030 Måned siden
My theory is these academic school subject vids will help me fall asleep Bc I fall asleep in school
CJ Knoll
CJ Knoll Måned siden
But Austin, that isn't a Maxim gun, just a variant of the original design, likely a vickers maxim gun
reddead2fan152 Måned siden
People: Silencers/Suppressors Me: SILENT SODA GUN
RTB Productions
RTB Productions Måned siden
I love it when people call something out that was addressed in the video, thereby proving that they didn't watch. As Austin pointed out, "silencer" _is_ an entirely appropriate and technically correct term to use. "Suppressor" and "muffler" are also correct. This argument is _stupid_ and only _stupid_ people are _stupid_ enough to "correct" people on it when those _stupid_ people are the ones who are wrong. Stop correcting people when you're wrong. It's _stupid._
wolfie the sniper
wolfie the sniper Måned siden
The silence scoped pistol in watch dogs 2 The supressor: Haha I'm useless
Merlin Leonhard Marquard
Merlin Leonhard Marquard Måned siden
Technically gunpowder doesn't explode, but just burns really, really fast. For an explosion one needs a specific ratio of fuel and oxidiser, that enables the charge to detonate and gunpowder does not have that ratio, hence it only burns really fast
Josh Pelkie
Josh Pelkie Måned siden
He wants to sound scientific but he never explained bullet trajectory/accuracy. If you’re going to look at the physics of an event, you need to look more in depth to give us a full look at your “theory”....
1lovesoni Måned siden
Some silencers DO reduce normal High Velocity ammo to subsonic speeds through porting. See the designs used in an MP5SD or some of the custom integral Ruger MK series pistols (like the Amphibian or Sicario)
Eugene Tan
Eugene Tan Måned siden
Roblox Arsenal players: Is that a Hush Puppy?
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore Måned siden
Something of note. Their are 2 types of suppressors out there. You have suppressors with baffles like the ones show here, and you have suppressors with rubber wipes. While baffled suppressors are by far more common, baffled suppressors are much quieter. Their main downside is that they only last around 10 to 30 shots before needing to replace those rubber wipes. The welrod is a British bolt-action WWII pistol with an integrated wipe suppressor, is often described as being pretty close to that movie pfft sound. The same is true for the knights armament xm-9, an attachment for a beretta 92 with a slide lock and wipe suppressor.
Sauce ///M3
Sauce ///M3 Måned siden
But silencer is still what stupid people call them lol
GreenGamer Måned siden
Over half the video wasn't talking about the bottle silencers and just regular silencers.
Christopher Bruscato
Christopher Bruscato 2 måneder siden
Something I would like to contribute: subsonic ammunition does not reduce lethality. When a bullet hits you, it isn't going to have much trouble killing you whether it's subsonic or supersonic, what it will do is lessen the chance of overpenetration. That's when a bullet goes *through* you and potentially hits an unintended target. For personal defense, it really doesn't matter, as most of those engagements are close-range. You start having a problem with subsonic ammunition at +50m. One more thing I would like to add, you don't have to have some special kind of gun to run subsonic ammunition, it's the same round, just less powder packed into it. However, to run a commercial suppressor you may need a threaded barrel which is only present on some handguns without customization. Also, subsonic ammunition would reduce the noise emitted even without a suppressor.
Shikido San
Shikido San 2 måneder siden
Will there be a 3rd Last Of Us????
AB 2647
AB 2647 2 måneder siden
Max Payne 3 did the bottle (full of soil) silencer first, but it didn't go as viral due to Last of Us 2 being in a better place politically.
Danny Yocco
Danny Yocco 2 måneder siden
Days Gone oil filters would like to know your location.
MonzaniaStrike 2 måneder siden
Austin: “silencers are bullcrap” Every Cav main in Rainbow 6: “REEEEEEEEEEE”
Yendetur 2 måneder siden
How about oil can suppressors. Do they make any difference compared to bottle suppressors?
Bridgewater Bows
Bridgewater Bows 2 måneder siden
I love how no one has made an ATF joke
TimLikesWaffles 2 måneder siden
Oh boy I'm going to be watching a 15 minute video about sticking bottles on guns and you can't stop me
Colin Yeo
Colin Yeo 2 måneder siden
Hey austin If the gunpowder burns really fast like you said how is it a explotion? just wondering
andrew grasham
andrew grasham 2 måneder siden
Where's part three of the richest video game characters?
nukelover9000 2 måneder siden
you forgot DAYZ
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