Do The Last of Us Part 2 Bottle Silencers Actually Work? | The Science of...The Last of Us

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Video games try to get you to believe some CRAZY things, especially when it comes to technology. Now what does that have to do with The Last of Us, a game set in a post apocalyptic wasteland with technology rivaling that of the early 2000s? Today, Austin is talking about their makeshift weapon upgrades. Specifically the bottle silencers. Would these things actually work or are you just making yourself bait for some Clickers? Let's find out!
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hassan sahmarani
hassan sahmarani 12 timer siden
Warren Armstrong
Warren Armstrong 21 time siden
There's also an adapter for attaching oil filters onto gun barrels and those things can get pretty big. They also do a decent job in reducing noise a noticeable amount.
Adam Miller
Adam Miller Dag siden
How about: Popper Stopper Banger Degrader
The king of secrets And Everthing Else
The king of secrets And Everthing Else Dag siden
The way that silencers work is that they catch some of the gas escaping slowing down the bullet so it doesn't go past the sound barrier
The king of secrets And Everthing Else
The king of secrets And Everthing Else Dag siden
Doing it shoulda waited
The king of secrets And Everthing Else
The king of secrets And Everthing Else Dag siden
You can make real scilencer out of metal but defo not plastic
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown Dag siden
I got a water bottle ad I-
Cameron Wise
Cameron Wise 2 dager siden
I always accidentally click on your videos thinking it’s a game theory and click off but this video was pretty good lol keep it up
Hamid Pascua
Hamid Pascua 2 dager siden
The reason why people didnt like lou2 is obvious, Joel died, and they made him seem like an idiot for taking an obvious bait after living that life of caution for like 25 years
Bradley Dell
Bradley Dell 2 dager siden
You know they make silencer kit for flashlights right
Aleksei Valadez Flores
Aleksei Valadez Flores 3 dager siden
Aleksei Valadez Flores
Aleksei Valadez Flores 3 dager siden
CERAKY 3 dager siden
I am sure silencer in the division works like in real life, or at least very similar
Cheesenovel12 3 dager siden
Silencers are intended for having a high-octane gunfight without waking up any nearby babies
AceTaxia 3 dager siden
Not a real nitpick as games don't usually even use this but you do get subsonic ammo
VectarT 4 dager siden
Josh Buhl
Josh Buhl 4 dager siden
IFL the first song in the background (Habanera, from Georges Bizet’s “Carmen” for those interested)
Gamers For God
Gamers For God 4 dager siden
I like the song you picked for the background music, Carmen is an interesting opera, and the music for it is beautiful
Pan Lis
Pan Lis 4 dager siden
I'm suprised nobody copied the wall of text comment from the beginning of the video
Damnesia2 4 dager siden
9:44 - Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's 10dB for every doubling of perceived volume (loudness), ~6dB for every doubling of sound pressure (doubling of voltage in an amp) and ~3dB for every doubling of sound intensity (acoustic power), not ~3dB for volume, therefore 180dB is just 4x louder (perceived volume-wise) than 160dB and ~100x more acoustic power (actual number is 3.0102999566dB), 100x less noise (if it were true) would make it more believable how people in movies don't hear it, imagine 0.01 (1%) of the noise a gun makes unsilenced. Just in case, here's the calculation I used for 3dB since it doesn't fit perfectly into 20 which is the difference between 180dB and 160dB: 180 - 160 = 20dB difference 20dB / 3 = 6.67 doublings of acoustic power (which is not volume) 2^6.67 = 101.59 times (since it's more accurately 3.0102999566dB, it turns out to be ~x100)
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 4 dager siden
You can use all terms for suppressor and mean the same thing
pablo rages
pablo rages 4 dager siden
Well ... if you've heard a suppressed .22 they are very quiet ... and the drink bottles do work
Erwin 4 dager siden
My fav screaming internet guy *:weary:*
sleepylilwolf 5 dager siden
3:14. Turn on captions lol
sleepylilwolf 5 dager siden
I didn't even know what suppressor was before this video :
Matthew Alfaro
Matthew Alfaro 5 dager siden
Matpat is ALWAYS supiroir.
Zach Blair
Zach Blair 4 dager siden
Go home kid. They’re obviously cool with each-other. Also learn to spell if you’re gonna diss on someone
Foxy TDM22
Foxy TDM22 6 dager siden
A no noise barrel. Thats wat it is
Hiku Ofek • 5 years ago
Hiku Ofek • 5 years ago 7 dager siden
Mobeus5018 7 dager siden
As a gun person, I like your description of how firearms and suppressors work, however, your stated decibel numbers are hilariously wrong. The loudest sound ever was Krakatoa, at 180dB, and could be heard 3000 miles away. Most firearms will be approximately 150-160 dB unsuppressed. Depending on the firearm, ammunition used, and silencer, this number can be reduced to 140 dB for large rifles, 125 for handguns, and even as low as 110 for subsonic 22 firearms. Note, the 110 dB is about as loud as dropping the slide on a handgun.
sleepylilwolf 5 dager siden
I didn't even know what a suppressor before this video
Samuel M
Samuel M 7 dager siden
I Agree, I really Liked Tlou 2, it's my favorite game.
Icekittens 7 dager siden
This Editing Iz on point, Also Hilarious🤣
well i do believe there was a silencer that was INSANELY big but it made almost no sound. you won’t be able to use it. but i do believe it is possible to make something that makes almost no sound
sleepylilwolf 5 dager siden
I didn't even know what a suppressor was before
IZmittens 9 dager siden
As a gun myself thanks for teaching people bout my species
sleepylilwolf 5 dager siden
I didn't know that there was more names silencer
Poop Cheese
Poop Cheese 8 dager siden
There in its natural comment section, you can see a legendary and very rare GUN
Bennyfugazzi 9 dager siden
The fact u liked the last of us 2 was the worst thing u said in this video But that’s just my opinion..... I could be wrong
hndoss 10 dager siden
Really Austin? Silencer? Its suppresor. Everyone knows that. Well, everyone who knows anything about guns. I'm going to go ahead and guess that you don't know much about them. Because if you did, you wouldn't have called it a -silencer-. That makes it seem like it nagates all sound coming out of it. They don't! Mainly because they can't! Have you ever fired a gun before? If you did, you would know that the sound comes out of more then one place! I mean, you can't keep the barrel from making sound, or the breach! Because, I mean, when a casing comes out of a simi-auto, its going to make sound from the opening there. Theres just no way that it wouldn't! I mean... have you ever been to a firing range? The amount of sound coming off of some of the "Smaller" caliber guns is IMMENSE! Thats why they make you wear hearing protection! A six (generally around that length) inch long pieces of carefully crafted engeneering ment to -change- the report of the gun, isn't going to be able to keep ALL SOUND from coming out! You can't just go off of what movies show you! Or Television! They always get it wrong! I... I am willing to accept that you may have been told wrong but you are some one that we expect has put in the -propper- research into the subject! So how could you have failed me, no ALL of us with this bummble? You have a responsablity to make sure that people know the right of it! It is just unbelieveable that
sleepylilwolf 5 dager siden
I didn't even know that there was more names for silencer
Coconut Scrubs
Coconut Scrubs 12 dager siden
There is another form of supresser that work exactly the same way that they make the home made ones. There known to be a bit quiter but suffer the same problem as the home made. How these supressers work is that they put rubber disks with some o-rings. What this dose is that the bullet shoots through the disks and the disk being made of rubber re fills the gap. Round 1 will be the most effective but round 14 is when the novelty runs off as you basically burn a whole into the disks. Nothing agenst him but they do have slide locks too that are made from one peace of sheet metal to stop the slide opening as well.
Stonk Boi42
Stonk Boi42 12 dager siden
shutup ers
Alexander Nash
Alexander Nash 13 dager siden
Alexander Nash
Alexander Nash 13 dager siden
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Samuel L. Jackson _
Samuel L. Jackson _ 14 dager siden
You’re wrong. They do make them quieter. You put steel wool or shreds of newspaper in the bottle and drill a small hole in the base for the bullet to escape through. The thicker the bottle the better, and the lower the caliber, the quieter
Samuel L. Jackson _
Samuel L. Jackson _ 14 dager siden
A .300 blackout bullet with a suppressor, can’t be heard indoors from the very next room
Some kid With a phone
Some kid With a phone 15 dager siden
This guys 100percent better than matpat
GamingwitAJ 16 dager siden
Did I ask to come to science class
Speed Demon
Speed Demon 16 dager siden
What’s silent but deadly?
Humor From Holland
Humor From Holland 16 dager siden
Austin get an intro, sick and tired of the opera Music and google docs
Jasiu 17 dager siden
Actually, Austin there are real, existing weapons which are so quiet that saying "Pew" whilst shooting them is actually louder than the actual sound of the firearm. A good example would be the High Standard HDM pistol, The Welrod or the B&T VP7
Anhtuan’s Antics
Anhtuan’s Antics 17 dager siden
As soon as I hear hi it’s me Austin. I disliked and closed the vid. Way back when this guy has his own channel I found incredibly annoying, just a mat pat copy cat who swears a lot. He still swore when first joined this channel. Guess they had a talk with him the swearing got better but his voice still annoying!
yolo gaming
yolo gaming 18 dager siden
Where is matpat
REDSTAINEDGLASS 18 dager siden
4:55 if that guy at the start writes that comment he might do it
JUST A GAMER 225 18 dager siden
Probably not
V0RT3XGUNN3R 19 dager siden
"In many cases, it can actually make lower-powered firearms quiet enough as to not require hearing protection while firing them at a range." Uh, sorry to tell you, Austin, but there's already something that exists that does just that. It's called subsonic rounds
SaltoGaming202 20 dager siden
me: watching the video my brain: but how do you make a loudencer?
Kwab 8 dager siden
Look into muzzle brakes
Julie Rowland
Julie Rowland 20 dager siden
Yeah but there's one thing, doesn't the Silencer look like it's made out of metal?
Orion Castillo
Orion Castillo 21 dag siden
todo eso para explicar cómo tlou2 no tiene sentido (all that to explain how tlou 2 don't have sens)
Ikhwanzz1 23 dager siden
I would type the whole hate comment in the video but got homework :p
Christian Roberts
Christian Roberts 23 dager siden
I think it would be interesting to see him do science on Fire Force.
Springtime Funshark
Springtime Funshark 25 dager siden
There are silencers that have made guns highly quiet, mainly built in silencers.
Erika Pupišová
Erika Pupišová 25 dager siden
Erika Pupišová
Erika Pupišová 25 dager siden
Again these tapes of videos😑
AryanSagar Biere
AryanSagar Biere 25 dager siden
Pls. Suppressor
zNuggetz 26 dager siden
How about we make it so loud it’s like a dog whistle we won’t be able to hear it
No Akomplice
No Akomplice 26 dager siden
Dear Austin, Google Maglite Silencer kit. It's a thing.
YOUTUBER 26 dager siden
As you know that cloth are great for blocking sound,science.
ML in Depth
ML in Depth 27 dager siden
0:48 Me: Wow what an accurate prediction. Stupid Me: Wait is he hacking my camera?
GalaxyBoi 28 dager siden
austin seething with anger is somehow more terrifying than him shouting his noggin off
MrNoobDude 29 dager siden
You know you've been gone long when Austin from that Fallout channel does vids here now
Corbin Owens
Corbin Owens 29 dager siden
man, you really came for my boi Rick @ the end like that! 😆😂
Zakaria DeFaye
Zakaria DeFaye 29 dager siden
The one in last of us 2 appears to be made From a yeti or double walled vacuum sealed bottle
Jotham Walker
Jotham Walker 29 dager siden
Nobody ever mentions hearing. We nit pick SUPRESSORS but we don’t talk about how everybody should be deaf after the first gun fight! This far more worth talking about, if we’re gonna be all about realism. So let’s be consistent.
aiden daley
aiden daley Måned siden
I don’t like Austin
Jayden Bishop
Jayden Bishop Måned siden
suppressor? silencer? No. noise'nt
entity 303
entity 303 Måned siden
Btw Days gone also has a nice suppressor mechanic
SSGSS Xtrada
SSGSS Xtrada Måned siden
Remember in Days Gone when you use an oil filter as a silencer. And this one make a little better sense in compare with a water bottle
Nicolai Måned siden
Oh my god please never play country music again
Ocean Water
Ocean Water Måned siden
Wow i love how much technical knowledge was in this video!
Rich Bell
Rich Bell Måned siden
Dude, a fellow illinoisian
Quinlin Neuhaus
Quinlin Neuhaus Måned siden
Illinois Gang!
ryan harris
ryan harris Måned siden
Technically they should be called suppressors because it doesn’t silence the gun, it suppresses the sound of the gunshot
Breddy boi Dc2
Breddy boi Dc2 Måned siden
The new game theory channel..... Science theory!
Dylen Kidd
Dylen Kidd Måned siden
Why is he complaining about a small thing
Luken Struken
Luken Struken Måned siden
What about Max Payne 3?
SupremeCanis Måned siden
guitar music intensifies
Jack Trade
Jack Trade Måned siden
Is game theory no longer just mat pat? Wtf is this
WhatTheFridge 1o1
WhatTheFridge 1o1 Måned siden
Ouu I use a bull whip
Unlikely Animations
Unlikely Animations Måned siden
Austin: Silencer Everyone else: Suppressor Me: Sound Deleter
Jakabee Måned siden
The Cat
The Cat Måned siden
The NFA of 1934 is stupid
Meric Woodward
Meric Woodward Måned siden
You forgot the fourth noise depending on what it hits like a hard surface it can create a loud clang or crack noise.
Froggie Måned siden
To be fair, if I were to use a suppressor/silencer to take out an enemy in a stealthy way. Wouldn’t I just make sure the barrel is approximately close to my target where then I can use the target’s body to muffle out the noise on top with the suppressor/ silencer. What I mean is for me to directly put the barrel close to either the guy’s head or body where the bullet won’t be able to create a sonic boom. I believe Low Penetration rounds will help do the job. Wouldn’t that play into factor for being able to conceal the sound of my gun?
CrownOfEyes Måned siden
90 percent padding for time
LanceOfficialYT Måned siden
whats wrong with your hair dude
Αντώνης Γούναρης
Αντώνης Γούναρης Måned siden
Really Austin? Silencer? It's suppressor. Everyone knows that. Well, anyone who knows anything about guns. I'm going to go ahead and guess that you don't know much about them. Because if you did, you wouldn't have called it a -silencer-. That makes it seem like it nagates all sound from it in more of one place!
Αντώνης Γούναρης
Αντώνης Γούναρης Måned siden
I can't type more of it idk why but it's just a joke alright?
A Scoutly
A Scoutly Måned siden
I too think they are silencers
RedRum 5014
RedRum 5014 Måned siden
Its not a silencer. Its an unloudener
Black Family
Black Family Måned siden
How many idiots do you think blew they’re guns up by doing this wrong
DNAsGhostzHouze Måned siden
"Dear Naughty Dog, It's me, Spergtard! Guess why I'm writing you this letter.... it has everything to do with my Aspergers."
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel Måned siden
What i hear: BLA BLA BLA BLA the last of us BLA BLA the last of us BLA BLA sound BLA BLA BLA bullet BLA BLA the end
RadLad The supreme SuperMeme
RadLad The supreme SuperMeme Måned siden
I’m from Texas would just like to say...I love the king of the hill reference
Juniper Måned siden
It's nice to see that all the comments are talking about the video itself instead of more "muscle girl bad" stuff.
Daniel H
Daniel H Måned siden
An increase of three decibels doubles the _energy_ of the sound wave, not the perceived volume. Humans don't really perceive anything as increasing linearly, whether that's light, sound, or heat. To double the _percieved_ volume requires a decibel increase of about 10.
Ronan Smith
Ronan Smith Måned siden
There is a reason why the crack of a bullet passing is what alerts soldiers to a sniper. They don't hear the gun go off, but they hear the round go by.
luna Måned siden
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