Game Theory: FNAF, The Answer was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US (Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location)

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3 år siden

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The release of The Twisted Ones may have been followed by the Cancellation of FNAF 6, but we can still use this book to get to the bottom of things! While Scott says the books are a separate canon, it's hard to deny that the books and games only seem more & more connected as they come out. And The Twisted Ones is no exception. In this episode, I will Reveal who created the animatronics in Sister Location and how these twisted robots can Control Your Mind!
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The Benturion
The Benturion 3 år siden
ThatOneKidOnYouTube TV
ThatOneKidOnYouTube TV Måned siden
For one pizza a day, you can help save a dead horse animatronic from a crazy theorist man
Point44 Måned siden
Dont click on that tag oh god
Undertale: Explained
Undertale: Explained 3 måneder siden
• Mochii •
• Mochii • 6 måneder siden
I accidentally clicked on the hashtag and there where videos with that hashtag and they were like “man dies on camera” “ dumbest prison escape ever “ and I’ve seen some stuff I’m not proud of in there
Tom Marr
Tom Marr 7 måneder siden
b r i i e e
b r i i e e 8 timer siden
17:14 damn i never jumped that hard
b r i i e e
b r i i e e 8 timer siden
the twisted animatronics: "so i wanted to see her um, her anger level.. i wAnTeD tO sEe iF i wAs pOwErFul eNoUgH tO *tWiSt* hEr mInD" oh yes, you are powerful enough-
Ema Solorio
Ema Solorio 9 timer siden
Not so Funtime Franchise
Bas Goedvolk
Bas Goedvolk 13 timer siden
Henry emely
Linh Vu
Linh Vu 13 timer siden
Henry's canon
Linh Vu
Linh Vu 13 timer siden
Matpat you a liar, the 6th game came out
RileyPlayz 14 timer siden
Mat: Twisting our minds eh?! ROLE- Ad: *Instagram music plays*
DaRite 18 timer siden
17:18 jumpscare alert
abu 45
abu 45 21 time siden
the unborn baby
the unborn baby Dag siden
lpl ykqr gey
UwU OwO Dag siden
14:50 That isn't how "roll credits" works. It has to be the exact title. For example "so that's it, huh? We just some kinda *suicide squad*?"
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Dag siden
I want in 5 nights at Freddy's 6 to come out, I wanted to know what was next
Hermitcraft Fan
Hermitcraft Fan Dag siden
card scrab
card scrab Dag siden
3:57 they were talking about twisted wolf
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover Dag siden
bb jj and dd
Party Baby
Party Baby Dag siden
Charlie can't Have a boyfriend she is Puppet.
Caitlen Thompson
Caitlen Thompson Dag siden
William Me all the anima Tronic
The Infamous Phantom
The Infamous Phantom Dag siden
I was apart of the different breed that actually read all of the books
Ayman Farhan
Ayman Farhan Dag siden
He sounds like kwebbelkop
Malak Lol
Malak Lol Dag siden
rip fnaf six-
FUNTIME FREDDY 2 dager siden
Lincoln PLAYS
Lincoln PLAYS 2 dager siden
All the stuff was known for years basically because people started making a Gacha Life stuff with all the correct stuff before most of the stuff that you’re talking about came out
thanos patrick
thanos patrick 2 dager siden
14:56 look at the credits lol
Deadpool 2 dager siden
Itz Dragon_ Universe
Itz Dragon_ Universe 2 dager siden
“Fnaf 6 was canceled “ little did he know
James Auburn
James Auburn 2 dager siden
Lol, at 15:15 you spelled couldn't wrong. And not like, you scrambled it like that other words, but you actually spelled it wrong, forgot the L... Without the L, it would be coudn't, and I'm sure we all coud bvleiee waht we wree rdnaieg, :)
moving channels
moving channels 2 dager siden
The first time we booted up- Ad: BURGER KING 4 CHEESE
Toasted 3 dager siden
#StophittingHorseAnimatronics I’m pretty sure it’s Henry Emily By the way the Gacha fnaf people call those discs illusion discs
ceconser 3 dager siden
Why did Scot name the gallon boys after my brothers?!
Chris Afton
Chris Afton 4 dager siden
Chris Afton
Chris Afton 4 dager siden
Chris Afton
Chris Afton 4 dager siden
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster 4 dager siden
I got to play fnaf 8 earlie
disbelief pan stan
disbelief pan stan 4 dager siden
What happend to bon bon when molten freddy was and count the ways funtime freddy
Soda Popp101
Soda Popp101 4 dager siden
beans plays
beans plays 4 dager siden
I’m sad that we don’t get to see horsie the dead horse animatronic in any future videos on fnaf or even see him in ultimate custom night I’m boycotting fnaf till they make horsie cannon to the lore
Tralvexxo 4 dager siden
Lol it is so funny when he found out that Scott just trolled them and then released the game.
Sebastian Velez
Sebastian Velez 4 dager siden
What does the Funtime Animatronic have to hide the odor from the dead’s kids inside them
CrazyDaisy Rainbows
CrazyDaisy Rainbows 4 dager siden
And it's the child that got murdered by circus baby
CrazyDaisy Rainbows
CrazyDaisy Rainbows 4 dager siden
I think it's Freddy's faceplates splitting open
CrazyDaisy Rainbows
CrazyDaisy Rainbows 4 dager siden
I get it the book is trying to say sister location Freddy
Mooch 2010
Mooch 2010 5 dager siden
Hehehe. Oh sweetie we are just waiting for FNaF 99,Scot in Space UoU
Mooch 2010
Mooch 2010 5 dager siden
Gasp 😦 👁👄👁
Yellow Crusader
Yellow Crusader 5 dager siden
Anyone else not scar d of the animatronics but instead purple guy because he's more grounded
viola campailla
viola campailla 5 dager siden
mat :fnaf 6 is cancelled scott: HA FOOL
Robyn Jokinen
Robyn Jokinen 5 dager siden
Funtime Freddy is now called mingle
Bubbly Bubbly
Bubbly Bubbly 5 dager siden
He’s here he’s there he’s everywhere your SPY friend Fred bear.
aiden 6 dager siden
midway in this video i found out michael and william afton arent the same person and i have no idea whats happening anymore
Dopey Doodler
Dopey Doodler 5 dager siden
Pathetic. I found that out years ago
Hawaiilover9608 Little Oofes
Hawaiilover9608 Little Oofes 6 dager siden
"It's a mind control disc" Me: ok I believe you, I can't make theory's o I can't judge-
Jennifer Lujan
Jennifer Lujan 7 dager siden
Wait if it said that William died at the pizzeria how is he still a slice when we toled his daughter not to go near C.B?
Alexander Johnson
Alexander Johnson 7 dager siden
Did no one else see the cast in the credits of "sans, played by, ness?"?
Zac Thilo
Zac Thilo 7 dager siden
uhhhhhhhh scott that's.... that's vore.
Glen Mclure
Glen Mclure 7 dager siden
One day i want to open a real Afton robotics
Patrick Elsen
Patrick Elsen 7 dager siden
Bonbon’s face in the thumbnail picture though
Bonnie 316
Bonnie 316 7 dager siden
Matpat : ITS CANCELLED , YES!!! Scott : Kids , remind to do something in 0:00 AM...
Grady Rathell
Grady Rathell 7 dager siden
Game theory: NO FNAF 6!!! Me in 2020: Bro there is a fnaf 6, unc, help wanted, and soon sucurity breach... Game theory when fnaf 6 was released: Never trust what it all says
RichDiamondPlayz YT
RichDiamondPlayz YT 7 dager siden
14:56 Sans as Ness? Or is Sans *Just a God*
The Doof Gang
The Doof Gang 7 dager siden
Now you say shes a fictional character but we don't know that YOU'RE not a fictional character
Drpepper497 yeet
Drpepper497 yeet 7 dager siden
mat pat: then a lot of ballon boys came out like BB, JJ, and any other combinations of letters u can think of me: PP?
bred Boi
bred Boi 7 dager siden
18:41 that probably the friendly jumpscare!
Sardonyx 8 dager siden
“Fnaf 6 was cancelled!” It sure was matpat, *it sure was.*
Roan Ulrich
Roan Ulrich 8 dager siden
me watching this 3 years later this code is... 3 years expired!
Heather Calvert
Heather Calvert 8 dager siden
if i hear disc 1 more time im going to lose it
Zubair Ali
Zubair Ali 8 dager siden
Jonas Tautvydas
Jonas Tautvydas 8 dager siden
Do u know into the pit
Riley Schade
Riley Schade 8 dager siden
Henry not died
Anna McBride
Anna McBride 9 dager siden
I read 15:22 in class before
London DeCesare
London DeCesare 9 dager siden
16:09 actually u actually use the comic book William Afton
Aubrey girl
Aubrey girl 9 dager siden
I call Springthrap Springboi
Aubrey girl
Aubrey girl 8 dager siden
@Drama Llama XD My brother also calls him springbutt
Drama Llama
Drama Llama 8 dager siden
My friend’s sister calls him Springbutt
TisKster_PTM YT
TisKster_PTM YT 9 dager siden
Springtrap gonna do a springrap guys
Mary Stiffe
Mary Stiffe 9 dager siden
Hi :)
Flake Atomicx
Flake Atomicx 10 dager siden
Its weird how the red-blinking disk looks similar to the springlocks on night 4 in SL
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming 10 dager siden
"Dave" Dave ja vu UKTV The real theory
An Person
An Person 10 dager siden
That's not funtime freddy, That's twisted freddy's base form, Search it up Mat pat
Cool gamer
Cool gamer 11 dager siden
At the time 15:52 who else seen nugget from kindergarten
Duck Go Quacks
Duck Go Quacks 11 dager siden
I dont care about the animatronics anymore, as long as bb dies
KillaSid 25
KillaSid 25 11 dager siden
This playlist is laid out almost as confusingly as this game’s story
Justin Escudero
Justin Escudero 11 dager siden
then in 2020 there is already a 9th
Akilan Vijay Anand
Akilan Vijay Anand 11 dager siden
dude if u luk at de bluprint for funtime freddy, der no small thing with red beepin light
RoCraft 11 dager siden
William is dead doe he got spring locked remember?
Fred Jensen
Fred Jensen 12 dager siden
John is just being a mega *simp*
Ash the Fire god
Ash the Fire god 12 dager siden
Hey notification squad where you at
Taje DAVIS 12 dager siden
why you stop fnaf six
Alejandro Cardona
Alejandro Cardona 12 dager siden
One q . Why does the puppet look like the crying child?
Rochell Quiňones
Rochell Quiňones 13 dager siden
Megan Royer
Megan Royer 13 dager siden
*watches old ad about not having to leave the house* *laughs* *cries*
steven hall
steven hall 13 dager siden
Okay please stop please please stop stop stop
Spanky Doodle
Spanky Doodle 13 dager siden
My brother used to have the last book until he lost it
Bruno Gameiro
Bruno Gameiro 13 dager siden
i survived SO MANY jump scares that omg i think i can play 30 sec of fnaf 1 now
The Kachigga
The Kachigga 13 dager siden
That intro was so “I’m trying way too hard to be scary” that it was honestly hilarious
M A 13 dager siden
There was a hidden matpat face between 11:56 and 11:57. Geez, I must be so unobservant to not have seen this after watching this over ten times.
Game-orial 13 dager siden
Fnaf 6 Cancelled 2020 be like 9th game coming soon AAA
Dinodude 14 dager siden
Matpat: And don't even get me started on how I think the main character is a robot! Scott: write that down, write that down!
Exotic Ice cream
Exotic Ice cream 14 dager siden
You made me confused
Corey Bloom
Corey Bloom 14 dager siden
And you hear at the start of sister location Elizabeth said "oh daddy why wont you let me go see her didnt you make her just for me?" to her dad ended up with her death because of baby elizabeth is dead and shes now baby yes im doing something anyways where was i oh right that means the other so called "funtimes"(not so fun trust me there hard" maybe william(purple guy) made them because he did so HA henry didnt make baby
Corey Bloom
Corey Bloom 14 dager siden
Henrys last name is emily henry emily now DO ONE OF HENRY AND HIS FAMILY
FUNTIME_FOXX 14 dager siden
I know its a theory But my mind is blown!,,
Mery Yayo
Mery Yayo 14 dager siden
Wolfy Gamer
Wolfy Gamer 15 dager siden
I ship u and Scott :)
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