Game Theory: FNAF, Your Pain Fuels Us

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6 måneder siden

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Last FNAF episode we started talking about all of the things introduced in the newest installments of the Fazbear Frights book series. Today we are going all in on Five Nights At Freddy's newest killer. The creepy figure that has been lurking in the background of these scary stories. The Stitchwraith! What, or who, is this mysterious killer? Well, put on your animatronic suit Theorists! We are going deep into the lore today!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Burgabread 9 timer siden
First singing about a phychic bear and hes going on about a shambling ennard mock (Hilarious) 🤣
Chris Canter
Chris Canter 15 timer siden
May you teach about more of the stichraithe
Ryla Singleton
Ryla Singleton 22 timer siden
Phineas: Ferb, I know what were gonna do today! Ferb: *Looks confused* Phineas: Let's make a haunted robot! Ferb: Yea uh, no. We've had fun this summer but I'm not willing to die. Phineas: I'll do it with out youuuuu Ferb: You do that then. Phineas: Ok then...... Ferb: Hey Candace, have you seen Phineas? Candace: No, but he's probably up to something with you. Ferb: Yeah, probably. *goes upstairs and turns on the news* News Person: And now, we look at the sad and gruesome death of Phineas, his murderer unknown.
MistakingManx Dag siden
My gosh, my cat fell off my desk at the same time the jump scare happened and it killed me
Daylight Wolf
Daylight Wolf Dag siden
Elmarie Samuel
Elmarie Samuel Dag siden
Addison Crawford
Addison Crawford Dag siden
Matpat could convince me that my sister is the puppet and she gave life to animatronics that our moms friend got killed by and then possesed it scooped my father and ran away with his body therefore my dad is secretly my moms friend *insert surprised pikachu face
StormBloody Dag siden
I hate you
StormBloody Dag siden
You scared the hell out of me
NotDeli ツ
NotDeli ツ Dag siden
Scott u made a mistake. That tall giraffe baby is actually Eleanor
ToucanRyan 2 dager siden
The your pain fuels us is just Scott and steel wool talking to MatPat every time he tries to write a theory when they are making lore changes in security breach
RUW tv and more
RUW tv and more 2 dager siden
Zombyprincess 2 dager siden
"BEAR with me here" (Get it because Fnaf)
Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson 2 dager siden
Alive Female Black Beige Wife, Mother Amber Lee Connors
Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson 2 dager siden
(or simply ) is the main protagonist of the 1997 animated film, Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He is a 9( year old boy and the younger brother of Michael. ... is not in a movie. He is voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas who also voiced young Simba in The Lion King.
Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson 2 dager siden
Purple Guy Michael Afton Afton Robotics (Formerly) (Owner)
Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson 2 dager siden
Elizabeth Afton Ice Cream Girl Green Sister Location William Afton William Afton (father) Human Female
Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson 2 dager siden
it all leads to michael afton
Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson 2 dager siden
Eggs Benedict Mike Schmidt Bite Victim (Possible) Older Brother(Possible) FNAF 3 Security Guard (Possible)
Alexis Ellis
Alexis Ellis 3 dager siden
In one episode when he said don't get me confused with the other purple guy I'm just a sprite did any one else want a sprite like the soda
Sami Abbas
Sami Abbas 3 dager siden
HOW to play security breach well it's already but the owner don't want it out soon so to get security breach it has a link and I have the link if anyone wants it I must get 15 million Subscribers if I don't I don't care on play
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 3 dager siden
Why would scot give somebody like you a link
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 3 dager siden
Well why do you lie
Sami Abbas
Sami Abbas 3 dager siden
i play myself I don't care if I didn't got 15 million Subscriber's well subscribe
Liam Schuster
Liam Schuster 4 dager siden
you haven,t qwit your chanol
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 3 dager siden
mina suleman
mina suleman 4 dager siden
Ancoment: Security breach will be on pc,ps4 and ps5
Pandemonium The Wolf
Pandemonium The Wolf 4 dager siden
15:29 oh just f* you guys. I actually got jumps cared Bro.
idk idk
idk idk 4 dager siden
You can also watch spirited away in romania too y'know..
Elvis Orellana
Elvis Orellana 4 dager siden
Yeah, thanks subtitles, i don't understand anything
Shadow of death
Shadow of death 5 dager siden
Give me some of that happy juice and I'll give you the agony of a stubbed toe in exchange.
Yeetman The second
Yeetman The second 5 dager siden
Ay yo what if the agony the doctor uses to make the stichwarth us from someone (yea no &@#%) and that persons soul possessed the body of the robot and thats how the bot is zapping ppl
LOLBIT UwU 5 dager siden
im watching this after i've read into the pit
Diamondhero 380
Diamondhero 380 5 dager siden
5:36 there is another FNAF game that has something called remnant where there is dark remnant and light remnant if you collect to much dark remnant the game says “you might get a guest you might not want” this game is called FNAF Special delivery.
Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders Ahorn
Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders Ahorn 5 dager siden
with all this doctor stuff im starting to think we will see a FNaF SCP crossover i mean HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE
Jayden Alatorre
Jayden Alatorre 5 dager siden
If circus baby's pizza world burnt down why isn't there a scrap ballora I seen scrap baby but what happened to ballora or even ennard
Jayden Alatorre
Jayden Alatorre 3 dager siden
@Jakub Grono ok thx cool
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 3 dager siden
Scrap babay was created becuse she left ennard(with now is ballora, funtime foxy, funtime freddy) become molten freddy
Annika Kim
Annika Kim 5 dager siden
Him: Says he thinks the Stitch wraith is the endo skeleton that killed Henry Also him: **Uses Ennard's jumpscare** 15:31
Random stuff with Haya
Random stuff with Haya 6 dager siden
Fiordlandkiwi 6 dager siden
What are these subtitles
Teresa Scriven
Teresa Scriven 6 dager siden
The new book called bunny call coming out in July my birthday is on July
Mahyaar 6 dager siden
I absolutely HATE you for the stitchwraith jumpscare
Karate Creeper
Karate Creeper 6 dager siden
Did you know? The book number 8 of Fazbear Frights: The Cliffs would feature psychic friend freadbear in the second story?
Elliot Schnabel
Elliot Schnabel 7 dager siden
Phineas: Ferb, I know what we're going to do today! Let's build a murderous robot that collects disregarded robot body parts! Ferb: ...
Tiffany 6 dager siden
•Noobie _MehEZ•
•Noobie _MehEZ• 7 dager siden
can u do the Elenor i think the thinner version of baby can u do it please to be beautiful i think
Connor Shan
Connor Shan 7 dager siden
What if someone added another emotions besides agony like if the stitchewraith was added with some emotion like joy, sad and regret.
Clowning_Around 7 dager siden
"Into the pit" why do I hear thrash metal playing in the distance
Clowning_Around 7 dager siden
It's alive... and- deadly-
Sofia Hernandez
Sofia Hernandez 7 dager siden
Reward:Hopping corpse.go to a train track to find a dismembered bunny...congrats
Grace Shannon
Grace Shannon 8 dager siden
Question: So William Afton killed a little girl named Susie, right? Then stuffed her body into a suit, right? And Susie’s eyes are blue, right? And when Elizabeth Afton died and possessed C.B, C.B’s eye color changed to green, the color of Elizabeth’s eyes. So when Susie possessed Chica, why didnt Chica’s eyes turn blue?
꧁ Dog Lover ꧂
꧁ Dog Lover ꧂ 5 dager siden
hope my anwser helped you!
꧁ Dog Lover ꧂
꧁ Dog Lover ꧂ 5 dager siden
good question but we already know that susie's animatronic was one of the first 4 animatronics so its possible that over time technology evolved , after all there were 4 games in between this 2 games!
JustCar 8 dager siden
that was for sure surprising
nand mittal
nand mittal 8 dager siden
But in many stories mangle contains Susie's dogs soul
Ilikepoop666 8 dager siden
Aight, Scott Cawthon is using phineas and ferb for a inspiration for a book and characters, nice
Jaden Marisilino
Jaden Marisilino 8 dager siden
0:28 When MapPat Makes a new theory after 3 months.
randy perry
randy perry 8 dager siden
Is it just me or is it odd that someone would hire a security guard to work in his rental facility( which is a front for his secret testing remnant lab)
Jabari Chalas
Jabari Chalas 9 dager siden
Ahahahhha i saw foxy leav wall he was reading
cranee 9 dager siden
The end of the ep where you jumpsacre us scared me
Prime flawless
Prime flawless 9 dager siden
I was watching this video I forgot my tv was on and sky box was fully off then it turned and it allways says hello when it turned on and scared me lol
Chelsea 9 dager siden
I still don't understand how in all these sad ended stories there is only one story that has a really happy ending. He's the only one who survived, the only good outcome....why?
Rusty,exe 9 dager siden
15:31 got me i hate you so much No i dont i love ur vids keep it up
Ali Alcazar
Ali Alcazar 9 dager siden
Wait isn’t there a book 4 and 5 (4 = black bird) [5 = bunny call]
mὺϝϝίᾑ! 9 dager siden
Me: *Gets to the good part/climax* Ad: *MoNsTeR mAth*
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez 9 dager siden
. .Nah I still don't really believe agony feuls them. .
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez 9 dager siden
. .Golden Freddy name is in FNaF 2 but not in FNaF 1 so maybe that is the name of the one of the two entities. .
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 3 dager siden
@Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez yellow freddy is golden freddy
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez 9 dager siden
. .The other Yellow-Freddy must of done something to get rid of Golden Freddy. .
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez 9 dager siden
. .I don't think pain feuls them. .
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 3 dager siden
M o v i e s
M o v i e s 10 dager siden
Why, why use Ennards jump scare. WHY MATPAT
Austyn Bieber
Austyn Bieber 10 dager siden
12:33 wait did I hear Gerg? As in Gregory? Fnaf security breach vibes
ming ting
ming ting 11 dager siden
Elizabeth Ice cream UwU
Elizabeth Ice cream UwU 11 dager siden
Anyone see the small foxy 😹
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 11 dager siden
Correct Title : Matpat, Your Pain Fuels Us
grim 11 dager siden
what if william keeps coming back because of the amount of agony, anguish and negative emotion in his life and experiences that he just doesnt need remnant to keep living, or maybe some remnant got lodged into his body when he was springlocked?
Adam Mikael
Adam Mikael 12 dager siden
4:40 the true thing that agonizes alll The rubix cube
naruto sasuke
naruto sasuke 12 dager siden
0:31 SPOILERS is that a reference to how in the silver eyes graphic novel Hennry used a robot to stab him
Agent Kirby
Agent Kirby 12 dager siden
15:11 pokemon refrince
Hassan Sadeeq
Hassan Sadeeq 12 dager siden
Charlie:murder bot I CHOOSE YOU!! Circus Baby:you wont die Elizabeth:ComE oN cHaRlIe
Hassan Sadeeq
Hassan Sadeeq 12 dager siden
charlie:Trusty knife endo I CHOOSE YOU!! Circus baby;you wont die
Ozriah Rabb
Ozriah Rabb 13 dager siden
The jumpscare almost killed me.
Potatoes 13 dager siden
Did you get jumpscared? Are you afraid to continue watching the video properly? Fear not dear, watcher! Because we've got the PERFECT solution :) Keep scrolling :3 Unless you're a hater going thru comments.
The guitar Hero
The guitar Hero 13 dager siden
Stich wraith is exactly like the robot from rdr2
Divine FingerPoke
Divine FingerPoke 13 dager siden
Could the titles of the separate chapters be what the Stitchwraith is feeling or it's quest?
Ja'ir Richardson
Ja'ir Richardson 14 dager siden
i want more fnaf theorys
Nawaal Knoll
Nawaal Knoll 14 dager siden
Btw I'm a boy
Nawaal Knoll
Nawaal Knoll 14 dager siden
Dragon ball z 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Dr hydration
Dr hydration 14 dager siden
The purple guys simp
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 3 dager siden
Why? Why is he a simp? He survied a springlock failure, 2 fires and escape he duble hokey stick
Tophatgaming 15 dager siden
remember when it was just one game?
Glitch Bear
Glitch Bear 15 dager siden
since when has matpat been doing asmr
Ola Thun
Ola Thun 15 dager siden
I thought the stichrays head was taken from the doll in 1.35 am?
Just some guy with a speedwagon
Just some guy with a speedwagon 15 dager siden
Matpat is fnaf his own agony fuels scot to make more games
Teresa Ashby
Teresa Ashby 15 dager siden
Friend: I'm looking for that game theory FNAF video? Me. Do you remember what it was called? Friend:no I do know that the thumbnail had golden Freddy on it. Me: do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down
Des 329
Des 329 15 dager siden
00:03 Just realized how the scratched out name on the grave is Charlotte Emily. Clever MatPat. Very clever.👏👏
あんじぇら is pretty tired
あんじぇら is pretty tired 16 dager siden
When you are in spain but the s is silent
Shamiyel Carrillo
Shamiyel Carrillo 16 dager siden
But the tumnail shows enard then the stitchwraith
Marianne Genest
Marianne Genest 16 dager siden
I learn so much with game theory! Thank you so much!
ElliotKSmith 16 dager siden
Typo I meant with a new mask
ElliotKSmith 16 dager siden
The one left to right and crumble with with what’s that has that has been burned as well that’s for naff three but when the new one comes out you need to do some more five nights at Freddy‘s now Essex is on my dad‘s phone I played it for a little bit and it was actually quite fun until we get jump scared by what seemed like what you were talking about with that weird mask it is it is molten Freddy a melted Freddy with wires coming out the swimming me jagged up the nights at Freddy’s one Freddy mask with with Rose live with one rosy cheek both eyes blacked out but not when I left it’s an Innard Lithuanian new mask
XxHønëyBëêxX Lol
XxHønëyBëêxX Lol 16 dager siden
I have gotten the newest installments of fazbear fright, and the 1st book the silver eyes. I'm quite interested
Beta Luigi
Beta Luigi 16 dager siden
Matt: It's alive, It's alive, It's-- *thud* you died.
Lawanda Brown-Robinson
Lawanda Brown-Robinson 16 dager siden
God why
Lawanda Brown-Robinson
Lawanda Brown-Robinson 16 dager siden
Lawanda Brown-Robinson
Lawanda Brown-Robinson 16 dager siden
KeiKohei OuO
KeiKohei OuO 17 dager siden
bruh I don't wanna go to the bathroom after watching all your videos Edit: I may or may not have peed myself....
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 3 dager siden
Why did you have to tell that to us? Why?
Aivaras Paulauskas
Aivaras Paulauskas 17 dager siden
This has turned into a book club
I'yanamari Rutherford
I'yanamari Rutherford 17 dager siden
Some of y'all may not know but FNAF was based off of the incidents at Chuck E Cheese. In case y'all don't believe me search it up the bite of 83, the deaths of 87, and much more and I use to comment on theses videos saying this sounds a lot like what happened at Chuck E Cheese
BOBBY AFTON 17 dager siden
Does that on tombstone say Fritz
Midnight -kun
Midnight -kun 17 dager siden
Actually mangle is possesed by susie’s dog ;-;
love cats butterflies
love cats butterflies 18 dager siden
Is it summer cause my brain is melted oof mah dude
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