Game Theory: FNAF, Your Pain Fuels Us

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4 måneder siden

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Last FNAF episode we started talking about all of the things introduced in the newest installments of the Fazbear Frights book series. Today we are going all in on Five Nights At Freddy's newest killer. The creepy figure that has been lurking in the background of these scary stories. The Stitchwraith! What, or who, is this mysterious killer? Well, put on your animatronic suit Theorists! We are going deep into the lore today!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

I will find you
I will find you 5 timer siden
Can we all just take a step back and remember how truly depressing this games story is?
Shourya Pandey
Shourya Pandey 6 timer siden
10:34 that creeped me out
Tiger Queenz
Tiger Queenz 16 timer siden
StickminAnimations 19 timer siden
We’re a kid can be a kid 🥺🥺🥺 WHY and also Thank u
Astro3901 19 timer siden
*Virgil has entered the chat* POWER!!!
I am BREAD 4 timer siden
Serena Peter
Serena Peter Dag siden
i heard. online somewhere that mangles spirit is not agony it is by a spirit which is sctts dog.
Kevin Campos
Kevin Campos Dag siden
The StitchWraith Is such a scary,badass name
Kitty Mazu
Kitty Mazu Dag siden
Mangle is a tomboy
•нχηєу_мєlση• Dag siden
Mangles gender: Y E S
Fnaf & Undertale Fan
Fnaf & Undertale Fan Dag siden
When you said baby did you mean Elinaur?
Natasha Johnson
Natasha Johnson 2 dager siden
New fnaf stuff there is a fnaf game that just came out try it matpat
Fon Soy
Fon Soy 2 dager siden
Subtitulos al español? :c
G4BR1ELA 2 dager siden
okay so about mangle- mangle was torn apart by children, she felt pain somehow- he's a robot how does she feel pain? agony she felt agony, there's a theory that mangle is susie's dog, now that we know that they don't need to be possessed they just need to feel pain/agony B A M mangle solved
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
If mangle is possessed by a Dog it would have made Dog noises mangle speaks in a human voice
CreeperGaming18 3 dager siden
Who wants to see Stitchwrath vs ennard
pynkyman pynkyman
pynkyman pynkyman 3 dager siden
i be flossin
Lilly_Kitten 3
Lilly_Kitten 3 3 dager siden
In underTale it states that monsters have no ditermination but that is not true. Pap is determined to be friend everyone. On genocide sans is determined to stop you. Undine the undieing is determination. (If you make a vid on this, plz shout me out!)
Lilly_Kitten 3
Lilly_Kitten 3 2 dager siden
I have no idea ;w;
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 3 dager siden
What does undertale have to do with Fnaf? They are different games
Yum Cuaresma
Yum Cuaresma 3 dager siden
i like and sub
Yum Cuaresma
Yum Cuaresma 3 dager siden
hi guys i play roblox but if you what you to add me my use name is atevox14 so bye guys
BlazingEthan 132
BlazingEthan 132 3 dager siden
Jump scare at 15:31 if anyone is wondering.
Dani L King
Dani L King 4 dager siden
so when it someone gonna do a game theory of game theory?
Moody Phoenix
Moody Phoenix 4 dager siden
I love how he includes demon slayer (my second fav anime)
Kevin Hyland
Kevin Hyland 4 dager siden
Matpat over think's alot
Alyssia Lesserton
Alyssia Lesserton 5 dager siden
Just me or does that give night mares
Mr. thunderstorm Kevin H
Mr. thunderstorm Kevin H 5 dager siden
Game theory i why is it that five nights at Freddy’s 4 i’m out before I was supposed to that was supposed to be the first game because how is Fred bears family diner in the middle that’s what I don’t get make a video about this
Lucas Gonzalez
Lucas Gonzalez 5 dager siden
Hi matpat
Lucas Gonzalez
Lucas Gonzalez 5 dager siden
0:29 oh hey rick
Jesus Avila Romo
Jesus Avila Romo 5 dager siden
I like ya cut g
Traci Miller
Traci Miller 5 dager siden
4:10 “Hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today.”
Bogo732 5 dager siden
Brian YEET
Brian YEET 5 dager siden
Btw and the other killer is vanny
Marilyn Shivers
Marilyn Shivers 5 dager siden
You jump-scared me
•- Blurred -•
•- Blurred -• 5 dager siden
I think all these videos are making Scott make more FNaF games-
Milan Nikolic
Milan Nikolic 6 dager siden
also i didnt even wanna sleep tonight
Milan Nikolic
Milan Nikolic 6 dager siden
the stichwraits looks f#*%ing terrifying
Alfie and Max Ridden
Alfie and Max Ridden 6 dager siden
Foxy:Ima just sneak off-
roblox mxl7543
roblox mxl7543 6 dager siden
I discovered something that the stitchwraith is ennard but then i saw picture that says puppet is the stitchwraith i still don't know
I am BREAD 6 dager siden
Ennard isn't the same as the stitch
TheSageDragon17 6 dager siden
I love this theory, it explains so much. ESPECIALLY Balloon Boy 😅
Dimentoast 6 dager siden
Wait if there are multiple spirits in golden freddy, then why did only 1 come out in fnaf 3
God_of_vibes Lil G
God_of_vibes Lil G 6 dager siden
“Its alive! Its alive! And if took my eyes!”
Wander Filho
Wander Filho 7 dager siden
Hes here hes there hes everywhere, who u gonna call, physic friend fredbear
Leelea02 7 dager siden
Welp im not sleeping tonight
O5-12 7 dager siden
the flying peanut is a new type of nuke
O5-12 7 dager siden
We are hiding the last puzzle pieces to golden freddy’s identity in [ REDACTED ]
Yala Lyx
Yala Lyx 7 dager siden
When ennard says : "Ive been out before but they always put us back" It ties to, Baby and the Minireenas escaping but being caught so theyre being put back in the facility
Christopher Landers
Christopher Landers 8 dager siden
but why
Robert Tomlinson
Robert Tomlinson 8 dager siden
guys please stop it with the "Eleanor is circus baby" thing. circus baby is not THAT cruel. just except that eleanor is another version of baby but not baby herself please
Krissh Khaneja
Krissh Khaneja 8 dager siden
The stitchwraith could be pulling an Ennard maybe ?
Pigeon Cat
Pigeon Cat 8 dager siden
why so scary :c
Aradhana S Kumar
Aradhana S Kumar 8 dager siden
i also thought that the stitch wraith was ennard
Lucas no last name given
Lucas no last name given 8 dager siden
This theory makes a lot of sense, nice job MatPat!
Infinite Nico
Infinite Nico 8 dager siden
10:34 Congrats you have found plush head
Daily Grinder
Daily Grinder 8 dager siden
Third thought that's based off another comment not tryna take credit but someone said that maybe the reason to why there's so many loose ends is because Scott has likes having five things becoming one well maybe there's five stories that in the end all connect to the same thing and there's two spirits in the log book btw cuz on page- *forgot what page* the spirit answers the other spirits question just wanna point that out. so have a nice day/night and please answer me in one of your vids if you see this I wanna see if I was right or if you agree. also I have put 2 other comments here so please read them too if you can!
Gacha Reels
Gacha Reels 8 dager siden
What if when we play sister location we play as stanely and mike's name is on the keyboard because he just couldn't get it to work? And when he gets scooped it's a flashback to micheal. It would make sense and i really hope mat pat sees this
madelyn lynch
madelyn lynch 8 dager siden
Am I the only one when Matpat was talking about the haunted artifacts thought about season 3 of Escape the night ?
10k subs with no vids E
10k subs with no vids E 9 dager siden
The fbi chasing me to find fnaf brother location 😂😂
Anxiety Attack
Anxiety Attack 9 dager siden
Little theory to nibble on about the Survival Log Book. What if the survival log book did belong to Chris (Aka crying child I named him that to make it easier to understand)but when he unfortunately died, he gave his book to his brother Michael. He wrote in red ink like his late little brother did, which is how the casual bongos and exotic butters along with a few other things. Cassidy (golden Freddy) still writes in the book thinking that Chris still owns the book. Why is Mike is the name in the book? Well I have an answer!! Chris suffered a tremendous amount of brain trauma due to the Bite of 83. The only person Chris saw before he got bite was his older brother, Mike. He thought that Mike was his name, and he wrote it in whilst in the hospital. Michael kept the log book to remind him of the biggest mistake he ever made, the one that lead to the death of his little brother Chris. Just a little nibble theory
Earn (Student) Jiwalai
Earn (Student) Jiwalai 9 dager siden
That last jumps scare me
Bruh Boi
Bruh Boi 9 dager siden
So agony is the fnaf version of determination huh?
Ludwig Tanuecoz
Ludwig Tanuecoz 9 dager siden
C'Mon! it's 2020! talk about Half-Life Alyx! not about a 2014 terminator mascot trashpiece! talk about the important game in history!
Electric Twists
Electric Twists 9 dager siden
is it just me or does the stichwraith look like an animatronic version of pennywise?
Shaheen Haque
Shaheen Haque 9 dager siden
Kawaii Karasu
Kawaii Karasu 9 dager siden
Is no one else gonna talk about how cool NordVPN sounds?
Rose pastel
Rose pastel 10 dager siden
now i really want the books...
PurpleGlitch 10 dager siden
death: time to die William: no death: understandable, have a great day.
the demon in angels’ clothes
the demon in angels’ clothes 9 dager siden
Just like Markiplier
Anusha Kalkan
Anusha Kalkan 10 dager siden
Jacob Klotzsche
Jacob Klotzsche 10 dager siden
proof and tv show exists mat pat: im abut to ruin this mans whole career. also i meant to put it on a film theory episode there's just too many and to little time. to watch
Alanni’s World YT
Alanni’s World YT 10 dager siden
It’s alive it’s alive it’s! GaMe ThEoRy
João Lucas Barbosa
João Lucas Barbosa 10 dager siden
The scariest thing in all these videos is MatPat's pronunciation of the word 'doll'
Chris Childers
Chris Childers 10 dager siden
hi who is mad that FRICKEN golden freddy is 2 DUMB kids
ValensBellator 11 dager siden
I would think that if the stitchwraith immediately killed the doctor, it’s very possible or likely that the Doctor himself is now sharing the Stitchwraith’s body as well. That it went from mindless killing to careful planning would, in my mind, reinforce that likelihood.
Nom Nom
Nom Nom 11 dager siden
Fun Fact: Balloon Boy is technically a haunted object because he is hollow
Grace Moreno
Grace Moreno 11 dager siden
Lmao i rewatched this and forgot to go back to the beginning and i had to go thru that sponser ship part in the end of the vid and then it just ended i was like, "so the whole video is about the sponser ship?"
Mohammed Miah
Mohammed Miah 11 dager siden
Mohammed Miah
Mohammed Miah 11 dager siden
Mohammed Miah
Mohammed Miah 11 dager siden
Mohammed Miah
Mohammed Miah 11 dager siden
Mya Hat
Mya Hat 11 dager siden
What if the stitchrate is the moon man from security breaches trailer or maybe they didn’t even show him in the trailer
Matthew Willard
Matthew Willard 11 dager siden
Hey mat pat i got a question about fnaf 5 sister location well on night 5 (i think) is when you try to survive the night and not let ennard in the office well there are 3 tvs and a little key padon the left on the wall and the code is 1983 and when you put in the code it shows the fnaf 4 houseand well my question is who put up the cameras and why are the cameras there 🤔
Mr. Bun RegCor
Mr. Bun RegCor 11 dager siden
8:25 the face gives me anxiety it’s really scary 🧍
Vali_BG 11 dager siden
Is it just me or does this ballerina story sound really kinky?
WolfDemon- Sterling
WolfDemon- Sterling 11 dager siden
Big Man
Big Man 11 dager siden
Sign me up for any carnival ride there I am front centre
Sema Koyuncu
Sema Koyuncu 11 dager siden
Bu video on Coun de duaWes
Madam Marshmallow
Madam Marshmallow 12 dager siden
Is Henry in one of these things? Seems like he coulda gotten stuck to the robot that killed him
Angie Guilfoyle
Angie Guilfoyle 12 dager siden
i hate balloon boy so much r.i.p my batteries
warriorcateyes 2
warriorcateyes 2 12 dager siden
" i hate myself, but not that much" .... wow....... i can relate too much
David Cornista
David Cornista 12 dager siden
I was like If this theory is true.... That Michael is actually the crying boy in fnaf 4 then... WHO THE FRICK IS CHRIS!???!?
Katrina Hoven
Katrina Hoven 12 dager siden
Glitch trap ! Is at the end on cover?
Matthew Caceres
Matthew Caceres 12 dager siden
In a picture
Matthew Caceres
Matthew Caceres 12 dager siden
James chalk the silver eyes book Charlie he the Ella doll
Bradley Hattler
Bradley Hattler 12 dager siden
"In quote a he approached the dark outline he realised that it wasn't just one spirit it was multiple screaming wanting to escape the scary hore of the darkness end quote"
Bradley Hattler
Bradley Hattler 12 dager siden
What do you think matpat
Rebecca Marks
Rebecca Marks 12 dager siden
Notice how he put phiniuses face on the dad of the ball pit guys body
シElifi 13 dager siden
There should be a channel called book theory
abaldsupergirl 13 dager siden
Remember when Bonnie and Freddy had something to do with the story This post was made by the alternate universe gang
Plushie Adventures Studios
Plushie Adventures Studios 13 dager siden
I have a small theory I think, if anybody remembers the animatronic in Charlie’s father’s garage there is an endoskeleton described to feel “wrong” now about that. I think the stitchwraith’s endoskeleton is the same endo as the one in the silver eyes, correct me if this is wrong :) edit:..... may have said that theory too early
Doc 13 dager siden
A man with burning things Me:Joshua Graham?
PLAZA 13 dager siden
I like drawing
I like drawing 13 dager siden
Was that on the gravestone your name matheuw?
CardMusician53 13 dager siden
15:32 Ah, who needs sleep anyway
Sarah Martinez
Sarah Martinez 13 dager siden
The stitchrath kind of looks like Lunkay 😂
Sarah Martinez
Sarah Martinez 13 dager siden
Tayvin Crafton
Tayvin Crafton 13 dager siden
He calls himself the purple guy because he has a purple suit
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