Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose!

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Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh? You can SUS out the Impostors from the crewmates with your 900 IQ strategies. Except, no matter what you do, in the end we are ALL going to lose to the Impostors. That's right, I figured out the LORE of the Among Us universe. Loyal Theorists, this game is DARK. We are all doomed and the proof is in the game itself.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Slogo Fan
Slogo Fan Måned siden
Well this is probably my favourite theory
Catcity Gaming
Catcity Gaming 4 dager siden
Okay so a alien is killing people and no matter where you are the alien virus spreads. Just making sure I got this right
Oguras Kiszony
Oguras Kiszony 8 dager siden
cringlord 15 dager siden
Jasper The Clown
Jasper The Clown 16 dager siden
NotQuiteKool 16 dager siden
chara the boy
chara the boy Time siden
*blue hops in vent* kalm *blue dies* PANIK *me realizing this is an animation* kalm *me realizing matpat is solving the lore* PANIK!!!
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez 3 timer siden
Dear Mathew Patrick ( i hope i spelled that right) i think the parasite in the game it travels through tech. Because in the freeplay game mode you can go to the emergency button and beside it there i a computer that says be imposter e.x.e and i think in the lore the way it infects someone is when you change your color on the computer!! Boom anyways if you see this please look into my theory.
Synonym Donut
Synonym Donut 4 timer siden
The imposters can also see when the lights are out
Benny P. Baril
Benny P. Baril 5 timer siden
What if the imposter is a alien but it’s a symbyote form marvel like venom
Takora Kataar
Takora Kataar 6 timer siden
omg, what if the "people" inside the astronaut suits in Among Us are actually from Henry Stickmin? that would be a real twist in the story
Veronica Yoho
Veronica Yoho 6 timer siden
Your probably smarter than einstein with all these theories
Zoey Cloud
Zoey Cloud 6 timer siden
well you said it continue make among us theorys please
Cutie Jess12
Cutie Jess12 7 timer siden
Blue vented he sus!!
Yutong Li
Yutong Li 7 timer siden
jeezus im having the creeps. Stop showing horror clips from the thing aHHHHHH!
Bri Blossom
Bri Blossom 8 timer siden
I love the thing! And it's definitely way older than me
Dylan Goodall
Dylan Goodall 8 timer siden
another Easter egg for you henry stickmans teleporter in the trash chute (sometimes)
Adrian Renard
Adrian Renard 10 timer siden
The difference in the game is that you never get infected nor does the imposter(s) reproduce, you gave the imposter that ability based on the thing's abilities, since there's no way canonically for the imposters to multiply even at the worse case scenario [7 imposters vs 1 crewmate] heck even the entire team 8 imposters coming back to the planet they're extremely outnumbered by the humans, thinking that the humans would eventually loose to the imposters would be outrageous and would only be possible if the humans are retarded. So no, you don't loose, maybe the team does but humanity doesn't.
Trinity Campbell
Trinity Campbell 10 timer siden
" every bit of space is gonna be important" da dum tssss
Diane Parr
Diane Parr 11 timer siden
Incredibly proud this one got on trending. Hope you all enjoyed it and if you haven’t seen the new vid yet, go go go soldier!
jim skywaker
jim skywaker 13 timer siden
i would like to point out that if they are helping the imposters spread why would they sabotage the reactor
jim skywaker
jim skywaker 13 timer siden
and this is why you always exterminatus
jim skywaker
jim skywaker 13 timer siden
yay my shortness gives me an advantige
kdesi kdosi
kdesi kdosi 13 timer siden
wow this theory is just trash
Annick Price
Annick Price 13 timer siden
Okay game theory If they are humans, explain the floating hands
kdesi kdosi
kdesi kdosi 13 timer siden
yeah there is almost nothing implying they are same as humans so lets just go with that
Hotsam034 Noirchards
Hotsam034 Noirchards 15 timer siden
Does Matt not realize that “the thing” and “the thing from another world are based on the same story?
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith 15 timer siden
henry stickmin! Yes! I actually kinda want to see if you can find a way to ruin charles worse than the valiant hero ending (sry charles)
Blok Vader
Blok Vader 15 timer siden
As if the universe's weren't connected between Among Us and Henry Stickmin, they're literally making a map that is the Toppat Airship
Master killerdaki
Master killerdaki 15 timer siden
Green sus *MatPat was the impostor* *One imposter remains*
Stripey1010 The gamer
Stripey1010 The gamer 15 timer siden
I love how the imposter’s name is fgitahs
mo0onish 16 timer siden
Judy Beauchaine
Judy Beauchaine 16 timer siden
No thats a frozen thing not a recreaition 12:00
Aquamarine Fremale
Aquamarine Fremale 16 timer siden
PLOT TWIST: every single time game theory joins a game of AMONG US , he is always the imposter i've *sused* him alot, so this makes sense
X Master Woo TV
X Master Woo TV 16 timer siden
Iwold l, ove a henry sticmin theory
Hot car Gatorade
Hot car Gatorade 17 timer siden
the developers who didnt plan any lore: *o_o*
TnTFactory 17 timer siden
Please give us a Henry stickmin theory
GamerCake 17 timer siden
Cat LeCow52
Cat LeCow52 20 timer siden
XD if they want to talk about milked titles talk about fnaf XD (its a good thing i love the fnaf videos no hate here)
Leila Banihashem
Leila Banihashem 21 time siden
Ngl, I actually EXPECTED mat to be imposter in the end.
Jessie Cunningham
Jessie Cunningham 22 timer siden
so i have a theory too so if the 2 worlds are connected all the crewmates wold be stickmen right?
Athena Raton
Athena Raton Dag siden
I never tested this out but apparently if you have the crewmates never do their tasks, and the imposter never kills anyone for 10 minutes then you get a secret cut scene where the lights go out then you hear a child’s voice saying “I just wanna go home” then the game crashes. But like I said I never tested this out so I don’t know if this is true or not. By the way I love your vids MatPat!!
Sheldon Strahl
Sheldon Strahl Dag siden
What is with some recent games from the last decade, especially the latter half of it, having such dour and hopeless lore behind them? I know this is bit late, but I would love to see a Theory on the _Henry Stickmin_ games, they're classics.
Ethan Lane
Ethan Lane Dag siden
Easter egg in Henry stick man in the bank there is a little yellow crewmate or Imposter
Francisco R
Francisco R Dag siden
Wait could they encountered it at poulos thinking they got rid of it then brought it to the skild it somehow stays with them then they bring it to HQ?
A Dag siden
Theory: The among us characters are that size because the gravity on the planets they land are far greater than earth, and being more pushed down for long periods of time would either make their body evolve to be smaller for less pressure, or squish them.
sujith Dag siden
Henry stickman theory pls
Кирилл Рыжевол
Кирилл Рыжевол Dag siden
Within the game, there seems to be more character development when it comes to Red. Red is basically the mascot. You see Red on the mobile app’s icon. Red does that “shushing” gesture before the game starts. Most interestingly, the How To Play button shows Red as the imposter. It’s safe to assume that Red is meant to be the canonical imposter in Among Us.
Mr lego123 X
Mr lego123 X Dag siden
Also about the thing they made a move about what happened at the Norwegian bass and the thing can not cope inorganic mader so let's say filling because that do a test in the new move!
Mr lego123 X
Mr lego123 X Dag siden
What if they are genetically made of they are for a different place in the universe also they can be humans I the future like I say "they are genetically made"because they have whatever they pop is called so like a hmmmm like a difrent world of it they are from a different world they can be normal for that world but I do This is getting to long !
Tabitha Spear
Tabitha Spear Dag siden
Can't die if you're already dead...
Nihilist Kraken
Nihilist Kraken Dag siden
Please make a Henry stickmin theory I would definitely watch it
Firefighter 1000000
Firefighter 1000000 Dag siden
Burb stop milking
you cane win?
Official FBI
Official FBI Dag siden
Hey here’s a suggestion for the next video the lore between why tan and forge green are not in the game first forge green could be a colour that wasn’t allowed on the ship so now he has went awol infiltrating the ship causing them to crash on polus getting communication to Mira hq so then they settled there
Mason Martinez
Mason Martinez Dag siden
I love Henry Stickman
Beans Lc
Beans Lc Dag siden
“Bruh stop milking this”-Gamer Cat “Bruh you drink all that milk up”-Beans Lc 😂😂😂😂😂😂 my guy what the hell were you thinking? Lol
M killer YT
M killer YT Dag siden
I knew it! I f***ing knew it!
Phunone Dag siden
Has anyone else noticed that Matt Pats among us characters don’t have Jetpacks but some of them do you game Therey can you please fix that it’s bothering me a ton for some reason.
Exclusive V096
Exclusive V096 Dag siden
Please make a henny stick lore
Phunone Dag siden
Yes plz a want that to.
Angelcreature Dag siden
There's one thing that disproves this theory: the Impostor cannot be scanned in the MedBay. So surely a task win would result in the Impostor being scanned and therefore exposed?
Helend Kasanda
Helend Kasanda Dag siden
it is kinna a reverese because when the impostor win it means crewmate wins but if crewmate win the impostor win because when impostor win because sabotage it means it also destruct his own human body. that will die so he couldnt move if the body he possesed died and also when they win by killing it also means all of the crewmate died so when his body died because the body is to old well he have no body to possesed so they end up possed other impostor
Ducko Dag siden
Bruh stop milking this
Ducko Dag siden
nac nud
nac nud Dag siden
Among Us characters: literally have floating hands Matpat: These are humans.
devil of dare
devil of dare Dag siden
But that means there is winning as impostor even if you lose
Seamus Quain
Seamus Quain 2 dager siden
See Theory: Then 10:45 Hit: *W E L L T H A T A G E D W E L L*
Seamus Quain
Seamus Quain 2 dager siden
Among Us Is Classic 50s Sci-Fi Film? Now I Gotta See A Black & White Styled Among Us Movie Where Every Map Is A New Movie. In 50s Sci-Fi World. Someone Do This.
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese 2 dager siden
Mat Pats like your English teacher finding hiding meanings in games(books) that the creator(author) didn't even put in there (And I mean that in a good way Mat Pat)
Kim Minh Anh
Kim Minh Anh 2 dager siden
“The average male height of a human being is 5 foot 6 inches tall” Cr1tikal: “that’s right baby”
reynaldo silang
reynaldo silang 2 dager siden
I have a theory about among us. What if the crewmates are actually aliens and the impostors are humans. This is a big stretch but let me explain. The impostors can use guns and knives, but these are items the humans use, not aliens. If the impostors are aliens, they should be using alien tech, not every day weapons. It may not explain the needle tounge, but maybe humans think that aliens are bad and try to eliminate them. The humans use experiments that give them the abilities to deal with the aliens giving them the needle tounge and shapeshifting powers. When impostors get thrown of the skeld, it would not explain why they would die because aliens do not need oxygen, but humans do. And if the crewmates are aliens, perhaps the ghosts are just forms that the aliens can take when they lose there body. Crewmates being aliens would also explain why they are small and why they only have one bone. The o2 in the skeld could mean something else, what if o2 isn't oxygen but something else. What if it is an air that aliens need but humans don't which would explain why impostors are still alive after o2 sabotage. And the reactor, the humans have suits immune to the radiation and aliens don't. The aliens might not have the ability to see in the dark and the experiments of the humans give them the ability to see in the dark. Perhaps the skeld is the ship that aliens use, they go to mira which is the place that humans took their research and trying to take their research back. After that they go to their home planet polus to live in peace, until they realize that the humans are still there to end the civilizations of the aliens. The humans don't realize that the aliens are good, which could explain why the impostors kill the crewmates. And that is my theory about the secret dark side of among us. Like if you agree with my theory.
Kallan Snodgrass
Kallan Snodgrass 2 dager siden
Make a video fortnite season 2
AndyBot88 2 dager siden
Everyone gangsta until the air conditioner smells like dead body
xXlittle_roseXx 2 dager siden
polus's hat is on of the accersorise you can have on your character
Timothy Stevens
Timothy Stevens 2 dager siden
Bruh you still are milking it lol.
Red Army bruh
Red Army bruh 2 dager siden
There’s no way that they are humans since I’m about 5ft tall and weigh less than 90lbs plus they have 1 bone and no hands (well the do but no arms) The imposters don’t change size when they enter the vents so maybe the crew mates don’t know about the vents, the vents in the skeld are bigger than in Mira hq (I think). So the ones in Mira are used for air to get around since it is very polluted (a lot of plants). So the imposter MUST KNOW ABOUT THE VENTS and the crew mates don’t, plus how do the imposters have a remote thingy that controls the ship and y do the crew mates have to do tasks. Shouldn’t the crew mates already have the data uploaded already? So the skeld is the imposters ship, how do the crew mates catch the virus thing unless their taking over the ship, the arrived at the ship they are stealing it. Polus, y does it have a lab with broken test tubes and where did the imposters come from and the imposters wouldn’t have the time to make the tunnels when the crew mates arrived with the imposters. The crew mates are destroying the imposters, they stole the skeld and taking over polus and they have a remote here to control everything. Y don’t the imposters help with tasks to spread? There stopping the crew mates.
Listening noob
Listening noob 2 dager siden
Fun Fact: Futurama made an episode that Among us acts JUST like. A shapeshifter replacing and killing everyone in the ship and people have to do tasks as they slowly are taken down.
Carsee 2 dager siden
You should make a theory for Henry stickmin and try to find evidence that Henry stickmin is the bad guy but if you can’t find any evidence you can just give up
Team Angry birds !
Team Angry birds ! 2 dager siden
Henry stickmin theory
Emily S
Emily S 2 dager siden
whell im eternaly scared for the rest of my meaningles life jk
Koppany Tucsok
Koppany Tucsok 2 dager siden
so you dont win when you trough the impostor out the airlock or in to the lava? he said you lose either way
Annika 12131
Annika 12131 2 dager siden
A Henry Stickman theory would be so great!
Colby Kesler
Colby Kesler 2 dager siden
Yes! Do the stickman theory!
N1_Cosmic 628
N1_Cosmic 628 2 dager siden
My own theory on the storyline is what I’m going to say right now. I believe the original base for the crew was Morhab HQ orbiting Earth. But, something with the ship went wrong and the crew had no choice but to take the emergency drop ship to a planet called polis to regroup. However, on this planet, before they took the drop ship to the skeld, their new base, an alien killed and impersonated a crew mate, coming with them to the skeld. The crew eventually found bodies around the ship and figured out that there is “an imposter among us” with no choice but to keep going on with doing there tasks and calling meetings. This one that you have matpat is good to Who am I kidding every piece of your content is beautiful
Elizabeth Streit
Elizabeth Streit 2 dager siden
Oh my God Henry Stickman yaaaaaaaaaaaaassss!!!
DarkSideGryphon 2 dager siden
So...Town of Salem meets The Thing in space.
Mk mini Kirby
Mk mini Kirby 2 dager siden
When they said they need oxygen my brain said if there wearing space suits then why do they die from that sabotage
It's Blackie
It's Blackie 2 dager siden
*sToP mIlKiNg ThIs*
P3ACEjustcos 2 dager siden
Near the end it just became dark
Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen 2 dager siden
the shade
the shade 3 dager siden
Henry stickman happens to have in the same TV brand form among us from the beging of steel the diamond ...
A. R.S.
A. R.S. 3 dager siden
I like how you could predict that he is a killer, because he had a killer dog.
hopesworld 9
hopesworld 9 3 dager siden
I've only seen the title, haven't watched the video. This is what I got from the title. You'll never win. Either you'll kill people, you'll die, and if you do manage to survive, you'll be alone. None of them are really a happy ending.
Bolt 3 dager siden
I have a theory Since in among us when someone dies you only see 1 BONE which means.... The crewmates have 1 BONE so that means the imposters are aliens AND crewmates are differential because well 1 bone, humans have like 250
James Beaven
James Beaven 3 dager siden
but what happens when the imposer or both imposers are voted out
mysterious noddle Marchand
mysterious noddle Marchand 3 dager siden
Mat pat:so there not human Me:there BEANS!
Hell Spawn
Hell Spawn 3 dager siden
"Conglatulations" that word and tone was just funny
The Golden Saber
The Golden Saber 3 dager siden
Lol my parents where working a spooky movie and when the guy came behind you it played the music getting louder
dārk 3 dager siden
Here’s a theory for ya: Among Us is inspired by the Danganronpa Series?
dārk 3 dager siden
Impostor/Blackened Host/Mastermind Also in DRV3, someone tried killing someone using VENTS. The voting system is the same too. Among Us uses Majority Vote just like Danganronpa. They have colors, Danganronpa has Ultimates. I mean, it does seem like Among Us is Danganronpa but with real people
dārk 3 dager siden
In space/gopher project(in DRV3) Report bodies/body discoveries Meetings/Class trials Playing the first class trial in drv3, you find the words “among us” written in yellow, it could explain the name. That’s all I have for now but please look into it
Jacob Tyler
Jacob Tyler 3 dager siden
iDragonslayer11 3 dager siden
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stop milking ittt yea two eps? are you kidding me
OxProxxy 3 dager siden
at a height of 3'6" and a weight of 92 lbs yields a BMI of 36.7, aka, obese.
Kicksave Studios
Kicksave Studios 3 dager siden
Btw the dog from mong us seems like an Easter egg from the alien disguised as the dog.
RileyETN 3 dager siden
10:48. Like covid
Hendog30 3 dager siden
9:18 I think this is an among us reference
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 3 dager siden
What if the imposters are the good guys and the imposter because the crew mates in polis
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