How To SURVIVE Life On Mars! | The SCIENCE of... Surviving Mars

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The game Surviving Mars lets us see what it would be like to manage living on the planet. Today Austin wanted to explore the ups and downs of terraforming Mars in real life. Could we ACTUALLY do it? Theorists, it's time to find out if Mars could be the next home of human civilization!
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Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive År siden
Thanks for showing off Surviving Mars with us! Let's collab again sometime ;)
katsidybee cass
katsidybee cass 3 dager siden
Tay Kai Jun
Tay Kai Jun 5 dager siden
@lawless vapors your game sounds cool
4178Charlie Måned siden
I think he is insane
Grunkle J
Grunkle J 2 måneder siden
Oh man this game is so great, I just wish I could but the green planet extension
Aristides 2 måneder siden
Oh, hey there, you got an awesome game
Halofan006 3 timer siden
I wonder what the music is called
Marjolaine Moi
Marjolaine Moi 12 timer siden
man i wish i could live to see the brave men on mars terraform the planet
The FSR Russiaball Mapping
The FSR Russiaball Mapping Dag siden
"Colonizing mars" *_UK, France, Spain, and Portugal have joined the chat_*
tater anus
tater anus Dag siden
What mods is he using
Mr Specs
Mr Specs Dag siden
1:55 you haven't seen 2020 yet....
Carrot 17
Carrot 17 3 dager siden
Ligia 5 dager siden
I think its asdf as in asdfmovie with a x so its asdfx
Neo The One
Neo The One 6 dager siden
Wait but didn't NASA found copper deposits on mars
Joshua Herrell
Joshua Herrell 7 dager siden
Hours how???
Joshua Herrell
Joshua Herrell 7 dager siden
Wait 25???
J. R.
J. R. 10 dager siden
The actual Video starts at about 10:00.
Randall Smith
Randall Smith 11 dager siden
The video was pretty good, but I want to point out your mistake at 3:25. The heat inside the earth is not all leftover thermal energy, the majority of it is actually nuclear isotopic decay due to the heavy metals that sank to the core when theia (the mars sized object that is believed to have created the moon and set our planet rotating in this direction) Effectively melted the earth causing heavy elements to sink. If your still reading this I wanna remind you that I rly did enjoy the video :)
KaenRyuu Art
KaenRyuu Art 14 dager siden
Just sent some moss and a buch of cockroaches
Couldn't think of a Youtube name.
Couldn't think of a Youtube name. 15 dager siden
Ha u thought nuclear warheads were bad, let me introduce u to covid
Human of Facts
Human of Facts 15 dager siden
i'm doing a thing called a HPQ (higher project qualification), and i need to see the sources. can someone help me (particularly the supercooled magnets), i have sources for the others i am planning on writing about
LILY MANSFIELD 17 dager siden
At first i Thought it was doom
Nimitz 19 dager siden
Actuay physics used in your videos is easy as per me!
Luigi2262 23 dager siden
Looking back at this video, I’m curious: if you have the tech to launch comets and stuff at Mars, couldn’t you just fling much larger ones at the planet to relight its core? If it got hot enough, the core would relight and that would take care of the heat problem and the magnetic field problem. Also, maybe you could give Mars a moon much bigger than pathetically small Phobos and Deimos so the tidal forces could keep the planet warm for longer. Just a thought
Dark Side
Dark Side 24 dager siden
0:01 Demons:Why do i hear boss music
s sc
s sc 28 dager siden
Elon Musk Would Like To Know Your Location
MASKED GAMER 14 29 dager siden
Austin:how do we heat up the atmosphere Me:we put the industrial revolution on steroids
Paul Master Gaming
Paul Master Gaming 29 dager siden
This still isnt the most realistic game. Solar panels produce more energy than they should. Wind turbines should be USELESS untill you get the presure high enough but they work even at the start of the game.
Curtis Yates
Curtis Yates 29 dager siden
This came up whilst playing surviving Mars on the menu.. (I love the science and have seen it before)
Mason Stephens
Mason Stephens Måned siden
Gemma Price
Gemma Price Måned siden
Benin Malgaard
Benin Malgaard Måned siden
I don't think even a trip to Mars is worth doing. It's just to risky in my mind.
Kalyani Lenton
Kalyani Lenton Måned siden
Austin can you start doing a physics show so that you do have time to explain things like legrange points.
Jacob Lenton
Jacob Lenton Måned siden
I love how one of the reasons to leave Earth was the super volcano under Yellow stone but one of if not the biggest volcanoes in the solar system is on Mars.
Trevor Scott
Trevor Scott Måned siden
All things considered, Mars probably isn't the best planet to colonize. Honestly a better choice might be a colony, floating on the super-dense clouds of Venus.
Trevor Scott
Trevor Scott Måned siden
Austin is basically matpat on steroids.
Krischna Gabriel
Krischna Gabriel Måned siden
7:51 boy, all of this energy and copper problem can easily be avoided by using a superconductor coil, as superconductors have no resistance it takes literally as good as no erengy to conduct an current as big as you like trough it. Only downfall of superconductors is that currently used superconductors must be cooled down to like -290°C but if i remembr corrctly, space is pretty cold and theres also simply no atmosphere to transport heat to the superconductorcoil.
Atavy Måned siden
You are wrong on am few things. Firstly your stated temperature is below absolute zero, therefore impossible. Secondly, light from the sun would heat up the coil. There is no atmosphere to scatter it. But your idea with superconductors could work if we find one that works in warmer conditions.
Jose Sual Cuevas
Jose Sual Cuevas Måned siden
Why not use a junk jet armament?
Sebastian Burns
Sebastian Burns Måned siden
Just drop tsar bomba on the ice cap and BOOM! Your done! ( get the pun )
Dylan Rivas
Dylan Rivas Måned siden
All said, 200-500 years is not that long. Also, because fusion is ~~10 years away~~ (for the past 25 years) we could create much more energy for the coil. And I'm sure within the next 30 or so years, we will figure out how to (safely) separate C from CO². So maybe 150 years with tech advancements
Ulysses Anguish
Ulysses Anguish Måned siden
Someone send this to elon musk
Carlos Reyes sanchez
Carlos Reyes sanchez Måned siden
Some day scientists in the future will come to this video to colonize Mars
Green Mini crewmate
Green Mini crewmate Måned siden
So what we gonna call it Earth 2? Martha? (Mars plus earth)
Space Potato Lord
Space Potato Lord Måned siden
Did you get this music from one piece?
Jillian Adams
Jillian Adams Måned siden
gallade samurai
gallade samurai Måned siden
4:17 That image layered over the video was,and this is a true story,created by my uncle. What a odd coincidence!
Potato127 p
Potato127 p Måned siden
Mars: o.13 of atmosphere is oxygen Earth: those are rookie numbers you got to bump them up.
Potato127 p
Potato127 p Måned siden
how is there 25 hrs in a regular earth day?
ChadBen Måned siden
Any body know where the clip on 1:08-1:10?
MusicalWriter2 Måned siden
Umm the super volcano is dormant and there’s a much bigger one on mars
GuilzVidz Måned siden
The editing is good and all but please stop screaming lol
strategy llama
strategy llama Måned siden
Fire can tell you if there's o2
Mithu Bose
Mithu Bose Måned siden
25 hours a day🙄🙄🙄 (9:57)
Ryan Quijada
Ryan Quijada 2 måneder siden
13:14 Elon Musk said that so... He did take his notes
Drahcir 2 måneder siden
For the real about Mars, and the rest of the system:
SilverMonkey457 2 måneder siden
1:56 hits different right about now
DiabloMinero 2 måneder siden
What chucklehead would use copper for a big electromagnet *in space*? Where there's no air to warm things up? Use a superconductor, duh.
Cameron Carpenter
Cameron Carpenter 2 måneder siden
It has only hotter worse
Cameron Carpenter
Cameron Carpenter 2 måneder siden
Oh no
The Vault The Official Channel
The Vault The Official Channel 2 måneder siden
What if we put a giant hollow sphere around Mars made of glass so that not only it warms up, but the atmosphere is retained? Okay, that’s a bit ambitious, but still…
Flame Hacker
Flame Hacker 2 måneder siden
I can hear Beethoven's Fur Elise in the background
MrAppleSalad 2 måneder siden
I wish people would talk more about terraforming Venus, that makes 100X more sense. Mars is dead, Venus is very much alive and kicking, we just need to calm it down a little. And by a little I mean it's still insanely difficult but waaaaay easier then resurrecting a dead planet.
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 2 måneder siden
Get a bunch of sodium and then pour it on mars and harvest the planet for salt... I'm sure my mom would like that idea
reddster 2 måneder siden
Why couldn't they use the solar wind to produce the power?
ihavecojones 2 måneder siden
No... an electromagnet in space in the L4 point would not work. Why? Induction motors and Solar sails! What would happen if you bombard an electromagnetic field with energised particles (tiny magnets) and light? You turn the field into a magneto-solar sail, it's the way electrical motors work, the interaction of 2 em fields.
Jacob Acker
Jacob Acker 2 måneder siden
Me, trying to survive 2020: "WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!"
ParaEwie 2 måneder siden
What is the music that starts at 2:39? I have been looking for it for 2 years.
Zhang Yaozhong
Zhang Yaozhong 2 måneder siden
can't they harvest the particles for energy instead of trying to deflect them, or they can harvest part of the particle energy to deflect the rest
Quentin Heck
Quentin Heck 2 måneder siden
6:00 - 6:20 reminded me of the time austin was supposed to do an episode on fallout survival but ended up talking about how to get water the entire time
Stephen Fasciani
Stephen Fasciani 2 måneder siden
No google drive? no Habanera Carmen? No letter? what is this?
Tsuvani 2 måneder siden
aight see yall in 2825 at mars
Dsync 益 Error 404
Dsync 益 Error 404 2 måneder siden
If the sun is increasing in size so wouldn't it wouldn't it warm up the icecaps on Mars and melt them eventually . So then we would just introduce the fungi and cyanobacteria then.
Dsync 益 Error 404
Dsync 益 Error 404 2 måneder siden
@Edward Teach ohhhhhhhhh you are right.
Edward Teach
Edward Teach 2 måneder siden
Sure, we just have to wait the 3.7 billion years for the Sun to become a red dwarf! At which point it would swallow the earth whole and burn it to ash, and since it's total energy output hasn't changed much Mars would receive the same amount of energy. Only a lot more of it would be in the form of ionizing radiation.
NotAsianJuan 2 måneder siden
8:20 Hey look IC2 copper
Eddie Barron
Eddie Barron 2 måneder siden
Dino's Sanbox
Dino's Sanbox 2 måneder siden
lol make a Dyson sphere first then you do the needed stuff to terraform mars
AMVgrow A Marijuana Vision
AMVgrow A Marijuana Vision 2 måneder siden
Dr E. Brown at 9:24min :" 1.21 Giga watts ".
OG DOOM Slayer
OG DOOM Slayer 2 måneder siden
Ptfff. Surviving Mars is easy!
Joshua Hanson
Joshua Hanson 2 måneder siden
9:55 that's a joke, son. It went right over ya.
Matthew Castro
Matthew Castro 2 måneder siden
If u can run anything for more than 24hrs a day then yea build your giant electromagnetic slinki
Hopfighter8 The random channel
Hopfighter8 The random channel 2 måneder siden
“Making mars habitable in a light jacket with out a mask” Not with corona, put that mask back on
Arkadenx Gaming
Arkadenx Gaming 3 måneder siden
Gonna be real, we should be doing this right now.
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf 3 måneder siden
LOL xD when he said Nuke the poles I Can't but help laugh
Garmec 3 måneder siden
If we build a dyson swarm that would make the magnet problem a lot easier to solve. We could just go ahead and beam 1% of the sun's total energy output into that magnet if we really want to.
TheShooster 3 måneder siden
Austin: explains something really well the viewerbase: oh yeah, its all coming together
YourAverageGamer 3 måneder siden
Try going over rimworld 😳
David Martin
David Martin 3 måneder siden
Nice background sound
Jason Brantingham
Jason Brantingham 3 måneder siden
What’s the classical piece at the end? I played it like a decade ago and recognize it but can’t remember what it’s from.
Vintetia 3 måneder siden
Did anyone mention a dyson sphere yet? No? Well ok, that's another hard task to do, especially when civilisation hasn't even made a colony on another planet.
Jens Haggström
Jens Haggström 3 måneder siden
God I'll pay money to hear Austin rant about science. Eargams and laughter. Austin's the best.
Done Goof
Done Goof 3 måneder siden
Nah just build a giant scooper to move mars to the Goldilock zone
ChiefLEW 3 måneder siden
aw shi
Bogdan4004 3 måneder siden
My endgame colony in a nutshell: 1:25
Lorenzo Pinello
Lorenzo Pinello 3 måneder siden
I just bought this game a few days ago ... I was excited to play, and at first I was really happy with this game. I'm only a beginner, so here I was discovering ... And then, in my first part I came across the Wildfire in the middle of the game in easy mode, I HATE YOU PARADOX !!!! HOW CAN WE DO THIS, I LOST EVERYTHING !!! :'( When I see the numbers you have in the game, several billion income, several million resources, it discourages me !! It's already the 6th part that I do, all in easy mode and I can't do it !!!
Saurabh Pal
Saurabh Pal 3 måneder siden
How about nuking th core of the planet the chain reaction may put the two dipoles apart that exists in the southern region and even maybe mobilize the core if blasted in fix amount but may cause imbalance in solar system if by some mistake the entire planet blows up which I doubt as we just don't have that powerful nuke I guess.
Saurabh Pal
Saurabh Pal 3 måneder siden
25hrs a day how do you get the 1 extra hour I need it maan I get too less time to learn something new after work
0N3xNOOB 3 måneder siden
No one Green houses exist Austin saying we need it to build mars also exist
kiki22005 #2
kiki22005 #2 3 måneder siden
I love austin's videos he's got so much energy
A_HUMAN 3 måneder siden
WAIT Austin I thought you were a science expert! That INCLUDES! Terraforming and now your telling me your not a terraforming expert
Skulldestroyer 1952
Skulldestroyer 1952 3 måneder siden
At 9:55 he says 25 hours a day?
Benjamin Reinsch
Benjamin Reinsch 3 måneder siden
BBB09 3 måneder siden
In 50 years we can teraform better venus
MaxDaBomb109 3 måneder siden
ah yes, the 25th hour. my favourite.
David Edmond
David Edmond 3 måneder siden
Austin you’re my gaming playlist
Meme's space agency
Meme's space agency 3 måneder siden
Why build a sky? When you can build a roof
thedragon133 3 måneder siden
0:19 Warhammer 40K : Mechanicus!
my message to KSI. lmao.
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