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One of the most mysterious, unanswered questions in the Pokemon games is "Who is the Ghost Girl"? Throughout some of the games you come across ghost girls who disappear with no explanation. Super creepy when you are just a kid trying to play a game about cute little pocket monsters being forced into unending battles for your entertainment. Anyways, for as much as these ghosts have popped up throughout the game's history, there is little known about the lore. So today, Loyal Theorists, I am about to uncover the mystery of Pokemon's Ghost Girl!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Little Bee
Little Bee 6 timer siden
me: tragically crying
Purple Aubergine
Purple Aubergine Dag siden
Great video, but what about the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon ghost girl? The one in the school?
E Dag siden
A theory I have; You wonder why the hypno’s Pokémon entry says that he “Took a child away”? Well hypno couldn’t cope with the loss of the ghost girl’s death so he went to the child graveyard and got a shovel and got the child out of the grave and kept her body in a cave. He tried so hard to take care of the child’s body that he even stopped her from decaying and rotting. (Sorry guys)
Rea Carrie
Rea Carrie Dag siden
Me quietly Crying: *I'm not sad, your sad*
aarush kunchala
aarush kunchala Dag siden
But then, what of the Abra?
Sprinkles Plays
Sprinkles Plays Dag siden
"Jokes on you gamefreak that happened to me when I was a kid!" Me: About to go into deep backstory mode
Ward Luffy
Ward Luffy Dag siden
imagine just being twelve and getting spooked by a ghost girl with a tragic back story
Jym Feraer
Jym Feraer Dag siden
haven't finished the video yet.. but I suddenly remembered that in pokemon sword and shield there's a girl ghost too! *cringes in fear*
Grayson Pitman
Grayson Pitman 2 dager siden
I thought Hypnos took her away or something
Your Local Weirdo
Your Local Weirdo 2 dager siden
Well I Do Love Pokémon:^ And I FREAKING LOVE GHOSTS
taemoopooo 2 dager siden
Darkive missed
Unmarked 2 dager siden
Can we all agree how horrifying the thumbnail is.
Grayson Pitman
Grayson Pitman 2 dager siden
Yeah lol
Kb Bryant
Kb Bryant 2 dager siden
The interesting quill opportunely tug because salary parallely smash until a bumpy option. hilarious, plastic crow
potato guy
potato guy 3 dager siden
wait for the move dream eater what if someone was having a wet dream also thank god I kept Darkrai in pc
poop nixon miranda and max
poop nixon miranda and max 3 dager siden
I still love darkria
Ryan S
Ryan S 3 dager siden
I think the girl was wondering around and stumbled upon the darkrai and attacked it, thinking it was a threat.
Pokey Mone
Pokey Mone 3 dager siden
7:57 darkrai is mythical not legendary
Dankmemes2go 3 dager siden
Quick theory of why darkrai attacked the girl: I could’ve been possible when darkrai met the girl she befriended darkrai but abra was jealous of that and tried to attack him. Knowing that darkrai is way too powerful for one of abras attacks to do anything makes the theory a bit weird, where was I oh right so abra attacked darkrai and he took it as a threat sign making him think that she had bad intentions for darkrai so that doesn’t happen he curses her with the horrible nightmares
The F Files
The F Files 3 dager siden
Where's part two?
Cross 3 dager siden
Well. I didn’t expect to cry today..
JB Entertainingness
JB Entertainingness 3 dager siden
The only thing you gloss over is she had an Abra (or knew one). I think Abra is the missing piece. It senses danger and teleports to safety. Maybe it sensed Darkrai's attack and teleported her away, but in doing so mangled the nightmare into an everlasting sleep? Or... Maybe this Abra was maliscious. Kadabra's entry says a boy awoke one day transformed into a Kadabra. Maybe the Abra was trying to turn her into a Pokemon and Darkrai kept her asleep to avoid this fate? In any case, I think the Abra connection needs to be explored.
Dan the Man
Dan the Man 3 dager siden
Maybe those kids wandered into Darkrai's territory? And he didn't like that, so he put them into a nightmare?
Thomas R Sheffield
Thomas R Sheffield 3 dager siden
Hey matpat, there's another ghost story in pokemon. In pokemon sword and shield, you can find a little girl who wants to give someone a love letter so you go to the town she said he was in and the person is a old man who says that the little girl was an old friend who he hasn't seen since he was a kid and that they got in a fight over her not telling him she was severely sick and they haven't talked since, he asks you to see if she's okay but when you go back to mostroke to the spot she was in; she's gone...
Just a treecko
Just a treecko 3 dager siden
The unova region is strange it has a duo that’s not just mythical or legendary it has both
Reine Koulia
Reine Koulia 3 dager siden
2021 be like.
Nadia 3 dager siden
I think it was her nightmare telling her to stay using her dads voice to trick her and keep her, because if she was talking to her dad, she wouldn't have heard her dad's voice say that.
Vedanth Dinesh
Vedanth Dinesh 4 dager siden
Here's my view on it. Like the prophecies darkrai's dream turned out to be in the Pokemon movies, Darkrai was probably trying to tell the girl about an impending threat- Team Plasma. At first, the nightmares weren't dangerous, however once the parents brought in the Drowzees and Hypnos to try to eat the nightmare, Darkrai accidentally increased the magnitude of his nightmares on the girl, and they reached an all time high when he heard the father mention the Lunar Wing. The girl was the original protagonist, but that accident ended that As for Sailor Eldritch's son, think about this- his dad is a sailor. This may seem farfetched, but the kid could've used his dad's boat and accidentally stumbled onto Newmoon Island. He saw Darkrai , and like the Pokedex entry said, Darkrai probably felt threatened by his presence, and put him in the nightmare.
Elemental Kitsune
Elemental Kitsune 4 dager siden
Off topic but I feel like Scott took this and said I want that but with robots a pizza
The BlueDragon
The BlueDragon Dag siden
And then Chucky Cheese was Iike l want that but reaI Iife.
Dub Dubz
Dub Dubz 4 dager siden
f[][][] you
Fiqz 4 dager siden
It's kinda weird and no that pleasing for me to watch gametheory video without Matt's the one commentated it..
Purplez Gacha
Purplez Gacha 4 dager siden
O:56, yes I am. What do you expect, I’m subbed to you. Of course I’m always ready for a good ghost story
The Moustache
The Moustache 4 dager siden
So bop bop bop He changed the Thumbnail and I was scrolling on my for you page and I saw the thumbnail and let's just say I DIDNT see anything strange or hear anything
Emmanuel Sixtos
Emmanuel Sixtos 4 dager siden
Lily zoya
Lily zoya 5 dager siden
The end is when she became friends with darkcry he thought that she was going to hurt him so he did it
Dastardly Duck
Dastardly Duck 6 dager siden
in platinum/diamond/pearl in the old chatau there is a ghost girl
Amethyst Hurricane
Amethyst Hurricane 6 dager siden
I have a theory, maybe the girl tried to fight Darkrai without knowing what it was. The Darkrai might have killed her pokemon and that why she called out for her pokemon. Then the Darkrai put her into an endless nightmare.
Just a doggo who has internet access
Just a doggo who has internet access 6 dager siden
Games exists : Matpat : *i diagnosed you with murdered children*
NEO ZK _ Official
NEO ZK _ Official 7 dager siden
its not a theory its a fact pokemon fans confirmed
MultiPain101 7 dager siden
Darkrai is out here just straight skunk spraying children with nightmares LOL
Daenor 7 dager siden
2:00 bro I feel dat to this day
•Im Not Rose•
•Im Not Rose• 7 dager siden
Wat da hell
Fox gamer4455
Fox gamer4455 8 dager siden
Oh my god
Logan Lila
Logan Lila 8 dager siden
Matt pat for Games You get a dead girl. You get a Dead girl. EVERYONE GETS A DEAD GIRL.
Skooks IRL
Skooks IRL 8 dager siden
New video s a m e c r i n g e
Bald Kurapika Supremacy
Bald Kurapika Supremacy 8 dager siden
Mat in the video : this poor innocent girl is dead and has been living a nightmare Mat at the and : BUT HEY THAT'S JUST A THEORY GUYS
Dreamer :v
Dreamer :v 9 dager siden
I have a Theory for this... What if the girl accidentally hit Darkrai? I mean sure it sounds stupid but think about it, if she was playing with Abra, she must've asked it to use a move for playful purposes, and since the attack must've wandered off somewhere, it might've accidentally hit Darkrai causing it to use that Defensive-Nightmare Attack on Abra, but since the attack must've been from a long ranged spot, and we all know not all Pokemon land a direct or accurate shot on their target, even Legendary Pokemon- even ARCEUS misses attacks sometimes, so Darkrai must've accidentally hit the girl when it was aiming for Abra. You might still be asking why didn't he undo it? Well, if it was from a long range, he must've not seen it hit the girl and thought to itself that it hit Abra somehow. Another reason for this is maybe because he has no idea how to do it since the only way to counter his Nightmares are through Cresselia's Lunar Wing, but since it's not confirmed where the Girl and Abra were playing, this Theory still has some gaps in it. But my idea is that it's somewhere far, or somewhere that Darkrai doesn't go out of or maybe it's way too scared to ask Cresselia for help since those two are opposing Pokemon
Dan King
Dan King 9 dager siden
In Rise of Darkrai, Dawn also has a LUNAR WING.....Hmmm, something fishy
Cory R
Cory R 9 dager siden
Darkrai has the ability bad dreams. It doesn’t get to choose who is affected by it. Anything asleep near it is affected and damaged by the ability. Darkrai means no harm it just simply doesn’t get to choose to not spread the bad dreams.
Floor Tentacles
Floor Tentacles 9 dager siden
I hate to “that guy” but Darkrai is a mythical Pokémon
André Felipe
André Felipe 9 dager siden
Pokémon Crystal have a ghost too
Frozen Flames
Frozen Flames 9 dager siden
What if the girl found Darkrai and she tried to attack it with her abra thinking it was a normal Pokémon and then Darkrai used his ability
Pokemon Pokemom
Pokemon Pokemom 10 dager siden
What if the girl tried to catch darkrai but failed.
Leo Kristen
Leo Kristen 10 dager siden
Plot twist:just a girl that use teleport with it abra.....
Mimicrystal 10 dager siden
I think I have an idea how it might have happened. When you go to Newmoon Island in gen 4, you learn that Darkrai hides there to avoid accidentally afflicting nightmares to anyone, so we know that it can in fact happen by accident, that might be a potential explanation.
Kedal Chetty
Kedal Chetty 10 dager siden
What about x and y ghost girk
Ninja-OGYT 11 dager siden
I'm scared to go to sleep now
Uma Karappuswamy
Uma Karappuswamy 11 dager siden
I feel bad for the ghost girl imagine crying for help so you can get out of a neverending nightmare and when someone finds the cure its too late your now stuck in a neverending nightmare
Muralidharan G
Muralidharan G 11 dager siden
Don't make any more ghost videos cuz I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rahma Shifa
Rahma Shifa 12 dager siden
Pokémon doesn't exist, so I feel way better.
Deku 12 dager siden
Ah yes, Dark Rye, my favourite pokemon. Not to be confused with Darkrai, my favourite bread
Jorge Cabezas
Jorge Cabezas 14 dager siden
that got soooooooo dark. I think the girl didn't like darkri and scared it. so then darkri filled her with nightmares :(
Haitrox ö-ö
Haitrox ö-ö 14 dager siden
I want To know the piano music plz
Link Dancer
Link Dancer 14 dager siden
If I had to make a guess to why darkrai inflicted endless nightmares on these two children was because both of them may have encountered something they shouldn’t have and the only way to protect them from it darkai had to trap them in a nightmare just to keep them safe. Ofc this doesn’t mean darkai was in the right and caused harm to these children rather may have done this out of quick thinking due to whatever these children encountered, perhaps something more dangerous that darkai supposedly fears.
Pan Nu gamer refan
Pan Nu gamer refan 15 dager siden
i hab one question ghost girl trapped on sinnoh but the stange house is on unova
Mike The gamer
Mike The gamer 15 dager siden
Woahwoahwoah I thought I clicked on pokemon not fnaf
CyanideCyclops 16 dager siden
All im gonna say. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of time/darkness post game story. Literally confirms all this.
Bob 17 dager siden
God that thumbnail's disturbing
Clown Fish
Clown Fish 17 dager siden
the girl doesn't disappear just the abra used teleport
jordan limbu
jordan limbu 17 dager siden
My guess is that darkrai got startled by the girl entering his territory without his knowledge at all, she entered randomly through abra teleported her and this lead to her getting infliced to everlasting nightmare, i think?
Meo Con
Meo Con 17 dager siden
That reminds me that I ran into 2 darkrais
Ahmad Fauzan
Ahmad Fauzan 17 dager siden
Why just not catch darkrai and fainted him while battling a pokemon type that darkrai is weak to?
McKenna Wallace
McKenna Wallace 18 dager siden
This is sad!!
OfficialTrapz 18 dager siden
“Explore off the beaten path” Hah, imagine if Pokémon still let you do that 🙃
OfficialTrapz 3 timer siden
Gamefreak have made me eat my words
Jessica Gomez
Jessica Gomez 19 dager siden
The adamant font enthrallingly nest because leo evocatively agree atop a cool node. ultra, phobic teeth
Xyyx Yxxy
Xyyx Yxxy 19 dager siden
what do the trainers gain by solving this puzzle: A POKEMON BATTLE WITH THE GHOST
Snapturtle 123
Snapturtle 123 20 dager siden
What happened to her parents? Did they die?
An Artist
An Artist 20 dager siden
Me thinking that it's gonna be the fr lg girl: 👁👄👁
Christian Minecrafter
Christian Minecrafter 21 dag siden
THIS IS TOOOOOOOO CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danny365Gamz 22 dager siden
11:46. Or with a fairy type move.
Cerenity McCardell
Cerenity McCardell 24 dager siden
I fudging cried... Idk why
Isabella Garcia
Isabella Garcia 24 dager siden
Dead kids are the thing that got him to where he is now
Esten Allende
Esten Allende 24 dager siden
Esten Allende
Esten Allende 24 dager siden
What ami doing with my life
What ami doing with my life 24 dager siden
Y’know I was playin Pokémon sword I went to a tower and there was a little girl so I talked to her she said to give a letter to somebody and I thought he would be a little boy too, boy I was wrong he was old and said “oh I haven’t seen her in years” Ngl I got spooked 😳
Dương Văn Pháp Việt lớp 7A8
Dương Văn Pháp Việt lớp 7A8 26 dager siden
I think there's a reason. Firstly, she has an Abra and follow up it's Pokedex and it's move we see that it learn teleport. Now my theory is that maybe her Abra use teleport when it was playing with her. Unfortunately, it encounter Darkai. And when she finnaly caught up to her Abra. Dakrai got furious due to her Abra teleport. Darkai missed Abra again but the move it used hit the girl.
The Cool show
The Cool show 27 dager siden
The girl said she hates Pokémon . So he killed her Nice
Caleb Ali
Caleb Ali 28 dager siden
pls man, do a happy one for once plsss
Trash Bag
Trash Bag 29 dager siden
Game: *Happy! Little cute things! Smiles!* Matpat: *d e a d c h i l d r e n*
Madison Mueller
Madison Mueller 29 dager siden
I have watched this theory about 4-5 times now and I think I can piece it all together, even if this video is extremely old and I have just recently revisited this theory. Here is what I think happened: The girl would play with her Abra, every day and explore the wilderness, as well as play around the area of where the bridge would be built. then one day they found the legendary Pokémon, Darkrai. The girl’s Abra was threatened and tried to protect the girl from Darkrai, only for Darkrai to attempt to detour the pokemon, however Darkrai didn’t know the girl would jump in front of her Abra, protecting Abra. The girl was put into a nightmare. Abra teleported back home to tell the girl’s parents where she was, they run to get her and take her home, Darkrai would have already left the area. They would take home the girl and attempt to save her, by using Drowsee’s dream eater, and Hypno’s forewarn. Her parents realized what has happened. Darkrai, a legendary, had put her in a nightmare. They began to read many, many, many books to find a way to save their child. The learned about the legendary known as Cresselia, and her wing. The father and mother set out to find Cresselia’s wing. The girl had known she wasn’t going to make it and tried to tell him to stay, in her final moments. He left. She then shortly after died. He came back and realized his daughter was dead. Gone. He had proceeded to leave the wing in his deceased daughter’s room. Her ghost took it to try and return it. She was never able to return it.
EnbyOfMyEnemies 29 dager siden
This girl is selfless. She’s literally dead and all she cares about is helping the Pokémon that could’ve saved her.
Coraline Zoi Visco
Coraline Zoi Visco 29 dager siden
title : ghost girl me : how do you know my user name ;-;
Westley Camp
Westley Camp Måned siden
f f for the ghost girl :(
Roei Zucker
Roei Zucker Måned siden
maybe the kids deserved it?
Scyther Gaming
Scyther Gaming Måned siden
In pokemon emerald theres a child who slept and did not wake up
Cam Måned siden
there was not to much about abra. darkrais actions must have been some thing to abra or her mom
Midnight Måned siden
I think Darkrai somehow unintentionally did that to the girl. Maybe he can’t control his power that well, which would explain why he puts himself on an island away from people so he can’t harm them.
Rainbowcorn Clara
Rainbowcorn Clara Måned siden
I thought you were gonna talk about Sabrina (she turned ash into a doll(or atleast teleported Him to a doll house) and also played with an abra(which evolved during battling ash))
Paulnitro4 Måned siden
I want to say one thing Darkrai isn't a legendary it's a mythical pokemon
Lil.T_Gaming123 -_-
Lil.T_Gaming123 -_- Måned siden
Not to be grim or anything but maybe the ghost girl on the bridge jumped off or something and that's why she's there
Lil.T_Gaming123 -_-
Lil.T_Gaming123 -_- Måned siden
@Midnight no u
Midnight Måned siden
Daylight Wolf /roboboi101
Daylight Wolf /roboboi101 Måned siden
For a sec I thought he said “game freak thought that’s it’s creepier for a ghost girl to come up to you and say “your adopted~”
Dean MERCURI Måned siden
ghost girl: an everlasting dark dream crying child : been there sister
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