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One of the most mysterious, unanswered questions in the Pokemon games is "Who is the Ghost Girl"? Throughout some of the games you come across ghost girls who disappear with no explanation. Super creepy when you are just a kid trying to play a game about cute little pocket monsters being forced into unending battles for your entertainment. Anyways, for as much as these ghosts have popped up throughout the game's history, there is little known about the lore. So today, Loyal Theorists, I am about to uncover the mystery of Pokemon's Ghost Girl!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Qeisyatd 6 timer siden
I cried the part when, "begging her father to stay so that he could be with her in her final moments"
Dk zombie evil
Dk zombie evil 7 timer siden
So maybe the girl saw darkrai and thought to herself: "I need to inspect what that pokemon is"
don rob777
don rob777 11 timer siden
There’s a ghost man in d/p/p though
Andrew Bary
Andrew Bary 13 timer siden
Maybe darkrai inflicted this girl So the father would find cresselia. It failed with Eldridge’s son, so maybe putting this girl into a nightmare would draw out the thing that could wake up the people trying to harm it
TheBoyDavid17 15 timer siden
Ok im actually getting chills
Yu- E ;-;
Yu- E ;-; Dag siden
Now that I think about it.... I never thought about like that-
Sk Parvez
Sk Parvez Dag siden
This is really sad story 😢💔
Sunarto Naruto
Sunarto Naruto 2 dager siden
I like olay black version so i see that girl dissapeard i think she is a bad girl she gonna kill us but we dont know the easter egg so i has been 7 months searching in all area in pokemon black and white 1 and pokemon black and white 2 but i still not found anythink well my brother help too in the game but we still dont hqve any clues and i have a good news what about we go outside of unova region when i am in there i dont know anythink but i am not outside the region and i leave the game and i enter the game again and i forgot my save so i must be retry from icirus gym leader
PlasmaBl4de 2 dager siden
Ghost : hahaha im immune to all pokemon You : what about a shotgun
I can’t draw Good TwT
I can’t draw Good TwT 2 dager siden
Ok but *I only watch the Pokémon episodes with team rocket*
Mooning Guacamole
Mooning Guacamole 2 dager siden
Another reason why Gen 5 is the best Generation
sandeep sp
sandeep sp 3 dager siden
Moral of the story stay away from darkrai
Trevor Garrity
Trevor Garrity 3 dager siden
Me after seeing this: huh I don't wanna play Pokemon now
Shawn Wilfred Cueme Datuin
Shawn Wilfred Cueme Datuin 3 dager siden
This isn't made from stuff from the game but all of this is speculation. WoW
xyong 428
xyong 428 3 dager siden
so the girl you save at the beginning of Pokémon moon is a ghost
LindseyAngel 18
LindseyAngel 18 3 dager siden
There are other mysteries about pokemon to. Like frolais I think. It was came to be when a woman froze in the cold.
Aurora Russell
Aurora Russell 3 dager siden
I have three possible outcomes 1 she got caught in the middle of a fight between Darkrai and anther Pokemon like ash did in Pokemon the movie 2 she found Darkrai and tried to catch him and to stop her he attacked her before she could throw a pokeball. 3 she saw him and for some reason attacked him maybe out of fear.
Kirke Reidar
Kirke Reidar 4 dager siden
I think Hypno or Drowzee will detect Dark Void,Darkrai's singnature move using forewarm.
Zak Chaudhry
Zak Chaudhry 4 dager siden
Maybe the girl was battling darkcry
Oldmanromeo 4 dager siden
v er scare
Keaner Geurrero
Keaner Geurrero 4 dager siden
Me into this episode scared😢 Matpat but hey, that’s just a theory, a film theory Me 😭😅😡
ishita goel
ishita goel 4 dager siden
I know it will sound I could do but this is important to read I was in childhood got regular Nightmares , from when I was 4 to when I was 9 I got tragic Nightmares regularly, the nightmares got worse and longer day by day . I also had a 3 hours long nightmares . In the beginning they were one second monster glances but after nightmares like live walking dummies and my family members vanishing came in the age of 5 , in the age of 7 nightmares like a man with an axe with cutted head rushing to kill me . In age of 8 darkest nightmares came like scary monsters running down my street and my family members also turning into monsters then me floating in a purple atmosphere. I didn't have fear of anything or I didn't see any horror movies .So yeah , there was something that was the reason for my nightmares.
cocobunni 4 dager siden
MatPat: are you ready for a ghost story? Me at three a.m with headphones on: In fact, I am not
Aahron Berazate
Aahron Berazate 4 dager siden
"It only is ghost girls." Me: *facepalms* Wally is a ghost too!
Mega 5 dager siden
gosh more than the theory the music is more traumatic
doomful 5 dager siden
Bro just use 2 cresselias
Erickson Sagastume
Erickson Sagastume 6 dager siden
I am a boomer i watched the pokemon anime I was used to I wanna be the very best like no one ever was then gen two happened Dodododo dododod each time I try
Demon Darkrai
Demon Darkrai 7 dager siden
I swear to god it's always pokemon that has all the creepy stuff from you killing raticate to lavender town (to name a few) and now this Edit: I realize that both my name and profile picture has a darkrai in it... 😅 Welp see ya
Plastic Turtle
Plastic Turtle 7 dager siden
There was an gen 4 ghost girl aswell
Kat King
Kat King 7 dager siden
this was made a year ago.
Sardonyx 8 dager siden
I watched gt for hours And idk why
Nathaniel Pratt
Nathaniel Pratt 8 dager siden
*lavender town theme*
Gustavo Bittencourt
Gustavo Bittencourt 9 dager siden
You are not the one is on emerald mt pyre too
Chris P.
Chris P. 10 dager siden
😞😞😞 rip🪦
Panos Chrys
Panos Chrys 10 dager siden
I saw once in my dream that someone was at a pokemon battle and the ghost girl.That specific from x and y had a z ring and an unused z crystal.
Florwin joy Pinatil
Florwin joy Pinatil 10 dager siden
I tried to bring abra to the strange house
Kadyn Hill
Kadyn Hill 11 dager siden
Everything that happens around Darkrai he doesn't mean to his aura is dark making anybody in his aura feel the same way as he does Darkrai didn't mean to hurt anyone but his Aura is deadly to those who can't resist the nightmares that he creates and cresselia isn't the only thing that could have saved her Matt Pat if you knew Darkrai can learn dream eater so if it can use it on its own nightmares it may have been able to save the girl
Marucanah_ 12 dager siden
Me: oh it's just dream eater Matt: *dead children*
Kristen DeLone
Kristen DeLone 12 dager siden
after watching your content im not realy sad
kolkabu spidi
kolkabu spidi 12 dager siden
Maybe darkrai knew he helped save the world and he thought he was doing good so he did it more
Sapphirewingthefurrycritic 13 dager siden
It didn't give her those dreams intentionally. It was just an accident.
Thomas is a thing
Thomas is a thing 13 dager siden
Hmmmmmm....... how.... how am I supposed to go to sleep now?
Max Storry
Max Storry 11 dager siden
sayn boi
sayn boi 14 dager siden
poor darkrai and girl
Mr. McMemerMan
Mr. McMemerMan 14 dager siden
Did you HAVE to make a creepypasta video about it?
free grog
free grog 14 dager siden
pokemon is dark
Adriana Theoharidis
Adriana Theoharidis 14 dager siden
What if Darkri wanted to warn them about something?
Bayley Knight
Bayley Knight 14 dager siden
Myles the master of everything
Myles the master of everything 14 dager siden
Literally any game: Exists MatPat:*Looks for dead children
King Gaydorah
King Gaydorah 15 dager siden
Theory: The girl owns an Abra and it was said her and Abra teleport a lot? Maybe they teleported and accidently landed on top of Darkrai so maybe startled by this Darkrai acted and did what it did putting he in a never ending nightmare where as Abra teleported her back home in the hopes that her parents could do something?
Rubiks 15 dager siden
lavender town
Vincent Pey
Vincent Pey 16 dager siden
There was a ghost girl before her, in diamond, pearl and platinum in the run down mansion in the woods there ia both a ghost girl and a ghost buttler and it is implied that they died when the mansion cought fire
bruh snatch
bruh snatch 17 dager siden
No game theory graphics on the thumbnail?
Zues 17 dager siden
Did he call darkrai a legendary when it's a mythical
Mason Steere
Mason Steere 18 dager siden
Matpat! I think the piece of the puzzle is in front of us but we aren't seeing it correctly. I think when you see (without the quotes) "Forget about the lunar wing, please stay with me." We are actually hearing what Darkrai is saying in the little girls mind to the girl herself. I believe that Darkrai just wants a friend, and the only place it's been able to truly communicate with a human (this little girl) is in these deep dreams. Maybe the girl didn't come back, NOT because she was too far gone, but because even though her father brought the lunar wing back, she felt compelled to stay with the Darkrai as it's friend, and even though Darkrai means no harm, the effects are irreversible. But hey, that's just a theory.
ПАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ & ПЕСНИ 19 dager siden
IT'S TEJU 20 dager siden
Very dark story I legit cried
Chris Hurtado
Chris Hurtado 20 dager siden
I would kinda like to hear more about the other ghost girl's aswell.
Parallax Shock
Parallax Shock 20 dager siden
Maybe there will be a apocalypse game which was pridicted by the ghost girl's dream
jason Johns
jason Johns 20 dager siden
Hey @matpat please. If you have time try to make a theory
jason Johns
jason Johns 20 dager siden
About if naruto. Could be the cuter of Pokémon where humans learn from the Pokémon to get there abilities. Since the eliments of the attacks in naruto are Fire earth water and i
Gaming time
Gaming time 21 dag siden
Pokemon is nightmare fuel even for adults
Craft Crew
Craft Crew 21 dag siden
Maybe darkrai did it because he was weakened from a battle and the girl startled it and made it accidentally give her the nightmares
Tom Grant
Tom Grant 22 dager siden
Rare Hypno 1999 card available, today
Miguel Miller
Miguel Miller 22 dager siden
Girl’s Parents: she won’t wake up Machamp: hold my Title (Machamp prepares to use Wake-Up-Slap)
Wet Lasagna
Wet Lasagna 23 dager siden
why is the twitching darkrai animations you show the scariest thing about this video to me?
Anna Kutitahvel
Anna Kutitahvel 23 dager siden
/give ghostgirlsfather lunar_wing 1
Old Sport
Old Sport 24 dager siden
There’s got to be a point where it stops being a theory and is matpat actually solving the mysteries and lore of the game
L I T T L E - G H O S T
L I T T L E - G H O S T 24 dager siden
Ah, sweet copywrite from Pokemon. hAhA
faru khan
faru khan 24 dager siden
Doggo Gamer
Doggo Gamer 25 dager siden
Me after watching this: If she never had nightmare from darkrai we would never gotten cressalia.
mog mog
mog mog 25 dager siden
I’m more curious on how many times Mat has ever said scratch,Scratched, or Scratches
Miguel Angulo
Miguel Angulo 26 dager siden
i cried
Teodoro Allen
Teodoro Allen 26 dager siden
Matt: "Are ya ready for a ghost story?" Me: "Ight Imma head out"
ANDYGB GAMING 26 dager siden
Wait is darkai 18 tho?
Michael Luria
Michael Luria 26 dager siden
He never finished the theories, he just did one and then dipped
Sherman Sangkula
Sherman Sangkula 26 dager siden
Hey it's hex maniac from pokemon sun and moon
Spoidey 27 dager siden
me after this video:*plays diamond also me:hacking and torturing the darkrai
Alfa Maximум
Alfa Maximум 27 dager siden
And Darkrai not single pokemon.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 27 dager siden
Darkai does this on accident he doesn’t mean to afflict nightmares on people it just happens and that’s why I think l darkrai is such a misunderstood an awesome pokemon
Alfa Maximум
Alfa Maximум 27 dager siden
So, yes but Darkrai is mythical, not legendary... and this classification is stupid. Mythical and legendary pokemon is a berry's from one tree аnd I also call mythical Pokemon legendary because there is no difference. (My English is not so good).
Electro Dynamometre
Electro Dynamometre 28 dager siden
Girls everyone else in a while: okay straight up gonna haunt people lol
Ujin Rai
Ujin Rai 28 dager siden
Because of you I quit pokemon thanku iediout
Nick Kline
Nick Kline 28 dager siden
Arceus plates: *exist* Matpat: B O O K
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 28 dager siden
Ghost Girls: *gets mentioned* Mewtwo: *cries and sobs*
Kim Huyền Bùi
Kim Huyền Bùi 29 dager siden
Dark cry didn’t do it what if A Pokémon clone of that Pokémon do that
Mr. Box
Mr. Box 29 dager siden
Ah yes, D E A D C H I L D
Dyland Plays
Dyland Plays 29 dager siden
I think the girl just used the abra to teleport away
Akigumo 29 dager siden
I wonder if Tobias battled a lass and her abra during his way to the league...
Artem Galyuk
Artem Galyuk 29 dager siden
Bruh, this girl could’ve teleported with her abra
jade sapphire
jade sapphire 29 dager siden
@Artem Galyuk ok so I guess telaporting doesn't wake you up from intense nightmares and the lunar wing was literally the only thing that could've saved her.
Artem Galyuk
Artem Galyuk 29 dager siden
@jade sapphire it learns teleport at level 1
jade sapphire
jade sapphire 29 dager siden
Her abra probably wasn't strong enough to learn that move yet it was probably a vary low level pokemon.
i_am_another_duckhead Måned siden
3:41 *platinum crying in the background*
Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami Måned siden
Not me who forgot lavender towne was in my sleep mix and woke up screaming(lmao I have sps and night terror) right before this autoplayed saving my sanity
Petco bird
Petco bird Måned siden
the first vid without words on the photo also can you tell me what a photo is actually called
Gacha. jpg
Gacha. jpg Måned siden
@TheGameTheorists darkrai isn't legendary its mythical!
Bendy Gamer10
Bendy Gamer10 Måned siden
Backwards lavender town is TERRYFYING
Sputnik Universe
Sputnik Universe Måned siden
Fluffygamer XDXD
Fluffygamer XDXD Måned siden
That was sad...
Nat Buisness
Nat Buisness Måned siden
What about the disapearing girl in the old chateau in diamond and pearl.
Confusion Noises
Confusion Noises Måned siden
*you ever just walk into a building and then suddenly someone without animation walks in and says “your not the one” and rejects you and you cry for three weeks*
Shamanth G Bhat
Shamanth G Bhat Måned siden
Me: * grinding to train up darkrai during the video * Matpat: darkrai killed a smol child Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Edit : theres a easter egg in this XD
JDAW 07 Måned siden
Dude, I feel so bloody terrible for the family, little girl died and her parents had to bear with the guilt of her death for the rest of their lives... dark.
Wise Bird
Wise Bird Måned siden
I found the ghost girl in X an Y being paralyzed in fear at three am (I was 14 and it still terrifies me to this day)
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