FNAF AR, Can Your Phone STOP a Killer Animatronic? | The SCIENCE of...FNAF Special Delivery

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11 måneder siden

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FNAF AR Special Delivery is coming out soon, and there's not too much information out yet about the game. But that isn't going to stop Austin from diving right in! Today on The SCIENCE, Austin explores the question of whether or not your phone could actually be used as an effective weapon against animatronics in this "real-world" FNAF game.
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Christine Brunelligneau
Christine Brunelligneau 22 timer siden
*When someone wants the latest hack, only use **pseo.best/fnfar-guidet90WB* They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
Aironas Martin
Aironas Martin 4 dager siden
I don't have a donkey...
Hawkeye 9 dager siden
I love your video's man.
Def Shepard
Def Shepard 15 dager siden
Hyperion 16 dager siden
Now the game is out, we know that the bots are being manually restarted. So does that make it more plausible?
Mega Frost
Mega Frost 17 dager siden
...so you're saying we can fix it with a controlled shock...from our phone? 0_0
Gweny Jacobs
Gweny Jacobs 18 dager siden
Only 10 more videos to go and I will have rewatched them all this week
Florna a
Florna a 19 dager siden
Aparentely i just lost a donkey on the bet
TechNMusic 25 dager siden
I hear Austin's intro music and the video gets an auto dislike. Austin needs his own channel or at least something separate from MatPats vids.
Zeku Zeroken
Zeku Zeroken 25 dager siden
This reminds me of classic game theory; I love it
Kevin Kalmann
Kevin Kalmann 25 dager siden
PuppyLocks :3
PuppyLocks :3 27 dager siden
I played this game. Pretty fun
iiGhoztz 27 dager siden
I want mat pat
Gabriel Gatica
Gabriel Gatica 27 dager siden
The animatronics are possesed
ABK 28 dager siden
i feel bad for austin and his phone
Jakob A Goodwin
Jakob A Goodwin 29 dager siden
5:15 - I like your funny words magic man
Red Rhi
Red Rhi Måned siden
The Sharky Show
The Sharky Show Måned siden
2,5 diskiker
Jacen 1
Jacen 1 Måned siden
Have you considered adding a laser? Above a certain threshold, lasers also ionize the air, creating a well defined path for electricity to flow through...
Mike playZ stuff
Mike playZ stuff Måned siden
How to know it'$ Austin:(apart from the blue letters) His thumbnail doesn't have Golden Freddy (I mean Matpat uses it on almost every single FNaF theory
Mike playZ stuff
Mike playZ stuff Måned siden
I wonder why MatPat doesn't talk about FNaF AR I mean it is cannon and it has some lore
December Sfy
December Sfy Måned siden
Anyone notice floating balloon boy at 6:13? No? Just me? Okay! Proceed… :)
YumekoMari Måned siden
I'm really sorry Austin but I don't have a donky to bet :(
Military Mary
Military Mary Måned siden
Let’s fix that with a controlled shock Let’s fix that with a controlled shock Let’s fix that with a controlled shock Let’s fix that with a controlled shock Let’s fix that with a controlled shock Let’s fix that with a controlled shock Let’s fix that with a controlled shock Let’s fix that with a controlled shock Let’s fix that with a controlled shock
CoyotePicante Måned siden
Woof Måned siden
I'm under the assumption that your phone is meant to be a taser of some sort. You know? Tasers....they...I don't actually know exactly how they work.
Jack Stonehood
Jack Stonehood Måned siden
If i want to shock somebody ill just show them my horrible SM64 blj skills.
Bread Crumbs and Beaver Spit
Bread Crumbs and Beaver Spit Måned siden
Ok so i understand and enjoy the science but here’s the thing... Who ever said you captured them?
Bread Crumbs and Beaver Spit
Bread Crumbs and Beaver Spit Måned siden
I’ve looked in to this app for a while and found the answer so would you like to. Know it
oO:_Bubble Tea_:Oo
oO:_Bubble Tea_:Oo Måned siden
I don’t have any original comments. ... *I don’t want to shock myself...*
Iron chan fan lars
Iron chan fan lars Måned siden
im seeing freddy but im not playing the game help what do I do
Aidenthekid Måned siden
The animatronics don't have fuses Foxy in help wanted : am I a joke to you
Ezequiel Carranza
Ezequiel Carranza Måned siden
striped starz
striped starz Måned siden
i realized i only understand math science and all the other stuff that you learn from school through fnaf and thats it
Lynda Huynh
Lynda Huynh Måned siden
Sorry don’t call me a hater but I like mat better than Austin
Nutshell Animator
Nutshell Animator Måned siden
Understandable have a nice day
Simanto Ahmed
Simanto Ahmed Måned siden
To be honest, I love Austin's humour sense
Yakoubi Beya
Yakoubi Beya Måned siden
Idk if this is an math lesson or a theory or me starting to hallucinate lol
Force Be Gone
Force Be Gone Måned siden
Nice, I though Electronics Technology was a waste but I saw this video :)
Ian Rosenbloom
Ian Rosenbloom Måned siden
How about with iPads
Ian Rosenbloom
Ian Rosenbloom Måned siden
You’re telling yourself do die
Scott Bergeron
Scott Bergeron Måned siden
My birthday was the day before this video was released.
Ironclad of Dragon Eye
Ironclad of Dragon Eye Måned siden
ok, when are they gonna touch the Fnaf AR lore? apparently the same malware that created Glitchtrap is also happening in this game. messages that you receive talk about how there have been reports of a yellow, worn down animatronic with a poor odor, and if you try to find which that fits, it's Springtrap, many have seen him but the Fazbear company doesn't even know he's in the app. Not only that, whenever the company says that the animatronics in Fnaf AR are meant to be friendly, they are serious about that but the malware has already gone and messed them up. The arcade mayhem event is yet another of the malware's doing, VR Toy Freddy and High Score Toy Chica both have corrupted versions of themselves and System Error Toy Bonnie is straight up a system error, and while 8-Bit Baby might be a bit random, but in the Fnaf VR game, you can catch them saying "You acknowledge that Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for; accidental digital consciousness transference, *real world manifestations of digital characters,* nightmares, night terrors, night-..." real world manifestations of digital characters is what 8-Bit Baby is, and the eye color has once again changed from blue to green again, please stop ignoring Fnaf AR and look at some of the rather odd messages you can get in the game
Ironclad of Dragon Eye
Ironclad of Dragon Eye Måned siden
this is not a hate comment, this is a comment that might give a possible theory a running start
Natty Tempest
Natty Tempest 2 måneder siden
Knowledge is power! Just... not electrical power... because I'm not sure how much damage that would do, nor do I want to attempt to calculate the knowledge to electricity ratios XD
William Afton
William Afton 2 måneder siden
2:38 Chara is on the phone
William Jr
William Jr 2 måneder siden
You know what something Elsa needs less energy than a bowl of lighting to take out a animatronic it's called a EMP not only will stop all the animatronic so a double whammy
Doofenshmirtz The platypus
Doofenshmirtz The platypus 2 måneder siden
Anybody know the song that start at 5:56 ?
Orion Matrix
Orion Matrix 2 måneder siden
I really wish he could have added in a refrence to the mighty FULL BRIDGE RECTIFY-AH!
matthew red
matthew red 2 måneder siden
One thing after the game got released the game said that they give you a shocker it's not in you're phone
Comrade Susannah Rinker
Comrade Susannah Rinker 2 måneder siden
AC/DC in this vid: you've been, CONTROLLED SHOCKED!! Yeah yeah yeah, Controlled Sho--ocked!
T H E M A N B E H I N D T H E S L A U G H T E R 2 måneder siden
No I want mat pat ÒWÓ
Jordan L.
Jordan L. 2 måneder siden
Welp, time to tape a taser to my phone...
Simtimer 2 måneder siden
My friend code GAXKRVQYDH
Mr. Freeman Gaming
Mr. Freeman Gaming 2 måneder siden
GachaGirlzPlay Studioz
GachaGirlzPlay Studioz 2 måneder siden
press f to pay respects to all the foxys hurting the making of this video
Da4k J0se
Da4k J0se 2 måneder siden
How do I beat the animatronics that have red eyes and just sit there
Gage Griffith
Gage Griffith 2 måneder siden
Austin: ... Like all AR games it is played with your- Me: TABLE! Austin:... phones.
moonlight !
moonlight ! 2 måneder siden
matpat were are u
Sunil Paul
Sunil Paul 2 måneder siden
Kagemusha Shien
Kagemusha Shien 2 måneder siden
What am I watching? A fnaf theory, Or, a math lecture of electricity
Ramen, Literally Ramen
Ramen, Literally Ramen 2 måneder siden
0:29 #letaustinswear
王老师宝妈有约 2 måneder siden
he be like a hero saving us!
reapertale sans
reapertale sans 2 måneder siden
The game actualy already exist
DrCreeper70 2 måneder siden
i wantz morz coolz Austin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diana Sakura
Diana Sakura 2 måneder siden
Austin: zap yourself me: doesn't this remind you of that one pokemon theory about pikachu and raichu battle my bf beside me: hmm nah probably coincidence end of video, 2 pokemon theories pop on screen. me: SEE?! I'M RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG, SHUT UP!
Diana Sakura
Diana Sakura 2 måneder siden
7:31 me: okie then idrk rn cuz anamatronics are running around my house so ima just- *yells at everyone in the house* HEY GUYS GIMME SOME CASH TO RUN TO THE STORE RLY QUICK SO I CAN BUY A CRAP TON OF PHONES SO I CAN ZAP THESE THINGS TO DEATH
firstclass17Plays 2 måneder siden
it takes so long to load
Doomspeed Playz
Doomspeed Playz 2 måneder siden
Hey is any one here even playing fnaf ar cause if you are wanna be my friend Here's my friend code:XGL8RSNL5R
Lore Joyn
Lore Joyn 2 måneder siden
To, did you know if you change the video speed to any other speed besides normal, something magical will happen? The magical thing is... You still can't understand Austin. But hey that's (not) just a theory! Its a fact.
quajuan doomslayer and master chief fan 175
quajuan doomslayer and master chief fan 175 2 måneder siden
This dude got everything thing right before the game even came out THIS DUDE IS SMARTER THAN MATPAT HIMSELF
Amy Elizabeth
Amy Elizabeth 2 måneder siden
Dude Scott gave roller skates to scrap baby of course there going to make that happen in a fanaf game
Hazel Duffus
Hazel Duffus 2 måneder siden
Animatronic: Appears Me: Show up control shock Animatronic: OH SH#$
Chad Vulpes
Chad Vulpes 2 måneder siden
What's the knockoff AC/DC song?
That Wickerbeast
That Wickerbeast 2 måneder siden
I learned more in this then all my years doing math in school
Maxwell Plutko
Maxwell Plutko 2 måneder siden
Oh no:01
Alanah hi
Alanah hi 2 måneder siden
Wait is this out now?
Dr. MarioYT
Dr. MarioYT 2 måneder siden
This is the thing tho they are possessed animatronics. I know this is a old video but I just had to say.
Mirandamus Prime
Mirandamus Prime 2 måneder siden
5:49 - 5:52 I laughed alot.
amazingbakon 123
amazingbakon 123 2 måneder siden
Who was here for mat i was who else 👇
Amaris _ History
Amaris _ History 2 måneder siden
I don't think I could ever get that- I might break my phone by chucking it at them....
DKylis 2 måneder siden
Those dislikes are from people who thought we were getting a story theory. Please give us warnings.
ahz 2 måneder siden
the warning is the text colour
Richard Cruz
Richard Cruz 2 måneder siden
It's already out and yeah you just the animatronics foxy Bonnie Freddy chica if you're into chica I'm more of a foxy guy I love all the Foxy's gets lots of hugs everyone wants a hug her I think it's a helluva she sounds like a girl not to be racist in them something foxy my favorite version of Funtime foxy with everybody Franklin cuz old version did not have caller everybody thinks foxy with a collar and so cute so yeah
Gabriel WW2 Nerd
Gabriel WW2 Nerd 2 måneder siden
I have a power bank with a cell capacity of 12000mah I’ll just throw it at’em
jannat nsobya
jannat nsobya 2 måneder siden
Technology will soon betray us and declare a war and I'll be on there side ;)
Scott Peterman
Scott Peterman 3 måneder siden
Wait I know I’m going to be the only person who cares about this but, is the “Electric Time” song supposed to be AC/DC’s High Voltage?
adamz the best
adamz the best 3 måneder siden
2:38 WHY IS CHARA ON THE PHONE THATS JUST EVIL oh wait thats the point XD
Daapf 3 måneder siden
6:56 If the formula is copied from the Wikipedia page, than the "Prime Symbol" in Paschen's Law is just a comma and not a mathematical operation. On the Wikipedia page (while writing this command) the formula is in the middle of a sentence and right after the formula an enumeration begins. If you look very closely you can see that the "Prime Symbol" isn't part of the denominator but follows after the fraction.
alejandro pacheco
alejandro pacheco 3 måneder siden
Bring back matt
Eric Runkel
Eric Runkel 3 måneder siden
I’ve learned more in this one video then 2 years of science in school
Braydemon 3 måneder siden
Twitter search braydemon You like fnaf
Braydemon 3 måneder siden
Aug 1
Keith Cohen
Keith Cohen 3 måneder siden
Sròn - Adharcach
Sròn - Adharcach 3 måneder siden
Austin... What have you done? You have just dug yourself into the rabbit hole of Fnaf lore!
Trovior 3 måneder siden
I love that chara got into his phone during the shock.
Mr Machiavelli
Mr Machiavelli 3 måneder siden
The yellow Peepachu looks like SpringBonnie *WHEEZES*
Ice Daniyel
Ice Daniyel 3 måneder siden
What if fnaf ar is using a phone attached to a rlly weird tazer
Switch Albest
Switch Albest 3 måneder siden
blue text is austin matpat green tex yellow text is goomba
KittyB Gaming
KittyB Gaming 3 måneder siden
No matpat exploring the lore in the AR game? I am surprised!!
Windy Bee
Windy Bee 3 måneder siden
Austin: *talking about FNAF ar NOpost: this is about FNAF vr Me: hol up
Lawboy.Stanford 3 måneder siden
i tried to download the game and it broke my phone :l
SARS-CoV 3 måneder siden
hmm, looks like austin forgot that a lot of these robots contain DEAD SOULS OF CHILDREN.
Dodoradu Paduraru
Dodoradu Paduraru 3 måneder siden
Alternate title: Matpat's insanity and craziness and stuff and what he workwd one is the fake lore
Lee Chau wen
Lee Chau wen 3 måneder siden
Erm, that anime is based off a game called fate/grand order and the name is the same as the game's section
Rebuilding Civilization Again in Minecraft