Game Theory: Portal 2, Does Chell DIE?

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5 måneder siden

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The endings of the Portal games are iconic and not just because of the songs. Portal 2's portal to space sticks in my mind. How did Chell survive being flung out into space? That seems impossible! Loyal Theorists, I need answers and I will not stop until I get them! Get into your space suits as we find out what it's really like to die in space and if Chell should be DEAD!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Credits:Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Botkz's Kid Fun
Botkz's Kid Fun 16 minutter siden
Theory chell is a poilt fighter
2:50 Me who watched a let's play at 10 years old and played the game later : ._.
Serpent King
Serpent King Dag siden
how DARE you... Hello Neighbor is such a good game that has TONS of Game Theory potential!!!
Serpent King
Serpent King 8 timer siden
@James R games I am not. It was a fun game. Slightly broken though.
James R games
James R games 17 timer siden
Can’t tell if you’re joking or not
rv_ndm Dag siden
Hey if when chell shoots the moon its at midnight how come like 2 minutes later be day?
RaynbowShot Dag siden
Wait wouldn't weathly block some of the air running towards chell?
KS8 2 dager siden
When you worry about science... in a game... with portals...
Farmer Cameron Canada
Farmer Cameron Canada 2 dager siden
I won portal 2 4 times
Piro 2 dager siden
The portal was sucking all the air out at great speed. So I don't she would be fine.
feels bad man
feels bad man 2 dager siden
Everyone who played portal 2: 12:25 I hate you som mutch
ANDY O 2 dager siden
Fun fact, my Dog's name is Chell.
spliffern. 2 dager siden
Am I the only one worried about the actual solid particles speeding out of the portal? There's a reason why space suits also defend against "micrometeorites."
Peter Jenkins
Peter Jenkins 3 dager siden
If you think about it Wheatley blocked most of the air from hitting chell
B45h[ ] r
B45h[ ] r 3 dager siden
You're probably not going to see this but I have found something in Portal 2 that may discontinue your theory about the companion cube and the cubes in general if you go into the level build options if you hover over certain components of a level they can come apart and show you what's inside and if you do this with a cube it doesn't show any bodies it just shows them Central core along with some additional circuitry and wiring and stuff which I'm pretty sure the core Powers the cube and in turn has extra circuitry in it which in turn probably wouldn't have enough space for a person to be in it but if you do see this please mention it in a different video or something I don't know or tell me if you have any other evidence Also another thing I want to add about what you said earlier when you said that you weren't sure about if being sucked in space hearing stuff and breathing would be possible and stuff well so the vacuum of space is sucking a bunch of air from Earth out we know that now that air is being sucked into the face of chows and into the surrounding environment so I think they would be able to speak since there's oxygen around them but they would probably be a lot of external noise and since oxygen is rushing into space all around them including ciao she would not suffocate since she would have the oxygen she would need rushing into her my main concern would be the fact that she has no protection on the moon now on the surface of the Earth if we were to stand outside on a clear sunny day we get 2% of the Sun's UV radiation now that alone after like maybe an hour would give you sunburns or AKA skin damage from DNA deterioration but it's so minor that it doesn't really cause that much but sometimes it can cause cancer now that's only 2% the other 98% is filtered through the atmosphere now since they're on the Moon the Moon has no atmosphere which means you're getting a full dose of 100% of the UV radiation from the sun which means that would cause so much havoc to your body you would basically become a giant tumor sort of yeah I wouldn't worry about the oxygen if I were you I would worry about getting sunburned to death
Ender Elohim
Ender Elohim 3 dager siden
Glados is more like glad os because os stand for operation system sooo it is glad operation system. i thing so at least
James R games
James R games 17 timer siden
@Ender Elohim it has the word operating system in it but it doesn’t have there word glad in it
Ender Elohim
Ender Elohim 17 timer siden
@James R games if offical name is not glad os than offical name is wrong
James R games
James R games 17 timer siden
There is an official name, look it up
Thomas No Last Name
Thomas No Last Name 4 dager siden
Wait, if EVERYTHING was getting blown into space then it's not just the wind speed Chell would have to worry about Without GladOS there to maintain the facility, there'd be dust and debris everywhere in that chamber All of that would be getting blown at Chell at that 910 mph. She'd be getting sandblasted, nevermind the wind being strong enough to rip her off Wheatley.
buff stuff
buff stuff 4 dager siden
whith a lung full of air u cansurvive 30 seconds
Zander Hample
Zander Hample 4 dager siden
You do a portal thinking with time machine
alex walters
alex walters 4 dager siden
Don’t test on dogs or cats
jamie allen
jamie allen 4 dager siden
You need to take into account though that pilots who eject at those high speeds have flight suits on that do protect against high wind speeds chell however is in a tank top if you ever work around compressed air you'll be told to never blow it on yourself because it may cause air pockets in your veins so she might not die she may still have lasting problems I could be wrong on this but I do believe she would not walk it off just like that
Coopsdad11 :3
Coopsdad11 :3 5 dager siden
The real question is could chell hold on when being blown with that much air
nukeboy 76
nukeboy 76 5 dager siden
2:20 NO, what miraculous is that she HIT THE SITE OF THE MOONLANDINGS!
Smiley P
Smiley P 5 dager siden
Nah she'd probably die shortly after due to exposure, portal 2 is thousands of years after portal 1, when the reserve power is starting to run out in apature labs. That's why it's falling apart. There's no humans left. She's on her own with 0 supplies. Sure she's in a sunny field buuuuut yeah that's gonna stop being a relief pretty soon
Mythical Gaming
Mythical Gaming 5 dager siden
Is anyone going to talk about all the debris flying out of the portal around her. Those chunks of metal flying at her at moch 1.2
MMM Powietrze i Kosmos Gaming
MMM Powietrze i Kosmos Gaming 6 dager siden
When i last wached this video Chell died and here she did not
damattboii 6 dager siden
By Wheat ley Do you mean hweatley kind of like cool hwip
Dusica Petrovic
Dusica Petrovic 6 dager siden
Starstruck 6 dager siden
Of course we can survive space we're there everyday technically 💀
BlackBetaHD 6 dager siden
AmazingMR Pig
AmazingMR Pig 7 dager siden
Hey o wait a second doesn’t she use the same room of air through the entire game?
Derex 7 dager siden
It's nice to see a good classic get a theory
big b0ss
big b0ss 9 dager siden
flyguille 9 dager siden
You will ear and breath as long as you are in the air escaping from the portal. So , the game is right for that part.
BoDuke2 the original
BoDuke2 the original 9 dager siden
12:34 your welcome Matt watch before saying thanks it’s a honest review of the raycons
Reekid2.0SSB 9 dager siden
I watched this while waiting for it to download lol
Mario Gamer12345
Mario Gamer12345 10 dager siden
Strangely enough, the point about losing consciousness still fits well. She does seem to do so upon being pulled in.
Fork Genesis
Fork Genesis 10 dager siden
Can you PLEASE make some calculations about Wheatley floating into space? As me and Dan calculated, he will fall on Moon and fall apart
Fork Genesis
Fork Genesis 10 dager siden
Hello guys. Portal 2 in far, far after Half-Life lore, when some alien forces are all over on Earth and POSSIBLY their sitting on out planet caused to change it's air.
SCP-049 10 dager siden
space core out there vibin'
Irishman from England
Irishman from England 10 dager siden
So I feel like an idiot. Glados is a pun on Gladys, the female name, but it's also Glad OS, Glad operating system. Wow I'm stupid, I've been playing these for ages.
SanicStudios 11 dager siden
No. Next question.
THC 11 dager siden
Wheatley isnt corrupt he is doing his purpose whitch is annoying glados
NinjaBrine 2.0
NinjaBrine 2.0 11 dager siden
Actually you can survive on the moon without a suit for at least thirty seconds meaning if chell had lung issues or anything that messed with her physical body glados cut it quite close I don’t know if this was on purpose to make chell fear for for her life or she just cut it that close
The Average Ants
The Average Ants 11 dager siden
You question this, and not the wormholes that you shoot out of a gun?
Devin Uhlman
Devin Uhlman 11 dager siden
wetle is covering her face
CHUCKLZLORD 11 dager siden
what about the 28 seconds of unfiltered sunlight/radiation? How bad would that be?
GloatingRick 12 dager siden
She would probably die from cancer like cave johnson. Those gels and the asbestos tractor beam, moon rocks, are all Extremely hazardous to your health.
Phant0mHiv3d 12 dager siden
*game has portals* *tries to apply science anyway* How retarded
Bro Sen
Bro Sen 13 dager siden
Theory atlas is Whitley p-body is a turret end of theory
ImAstroLight 13 dager siden
Lmao that intro scared me right after I skipped a NOpost advertiser survey
ima turtle
ima turtle 13 dager siden
WAIT WHAT! A character didn't die. This can't be the real game theory
Damien Atayev
Damien Atayev 13 dager siden
It's not 2 places it's one place
PabTSM 14 dager siden
Chell was The Impostor. (for glados/gladys)
Jacob Eisenbeil
Jacob Eisenbeil 14 dager siden
Aaron Wilkerson
Aaron Wilkerson 14 dager siden
This is the one time in history where someone says "Buy this game" and I actually get it with my 40 dollars on stand by... I was already thinking of buying it but this was the nail in the coffin for me
David Anderson
David Anderson 14 dager siden
what about the cold? the freezing was the issue i was thinking would be the biggest hazard of a few seconds in space
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien 15 dager siden
Wheatley is my favourite anti hero
The Irish stickman
The Irish stickman 15 dager siden
the real question is that how did the portal get to the moon so fast
moebonedinner 15 dager siden
from what I learned playing valve games basically anything could happen
houssine sqalli
houssine sqalli 15 dager siden
I just wanted to do a quick calculation to see how long it takes for a portal launch to reach the moon ,and I used the speed of light but what is the speed of a fired portal
elijah mashter
elijah mashter 16 dager siden
Also wheatley blocked some of the air
sessesty 16 dager siden
To reach the moon in that amount of time the portal projectile would need to travel at the speed of light or faster, and we don't see that in game
Joseph Danforth
Joseph Danforth 16 dager siden
That transition into the sponsor segment was so smooth bro
General Greivous
General Greivous 17 dager siden
3:40 The reason that chell could hear is because there was oxygen rushing out of the portal, and sound can only move through oxygen
Batslayer 67
Batslayer 67 17 dager siden
When I played this game a couple days ago, it took me less than a second to fire a portal at the moon because I remembered the pre recorded message of the man saying that moon dust was a good portal conductor. To my surprise, it worked
Kiarra600hamony 17 dager siden
I can not play it because I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT CONSOLE (not a hate comment)
HUNTER DISCIASCIO 18 dager siden
If anyone is gonna ask for an episode about how chell can survive the bullets, it’s because of how they’re put in the turrets are stocked with bullets. Shooting them out with a spring-loaded shooter is just gonna bruise the body. EDIT: shooting the entire bullet isn’t gonna help either.
Otto Knabe
Otto Knabe 18 dager siden
The speed calculated at the end is likely ignoring the fact that the building Chell "fell out" doesn't provide infinite air supply, nor does the portal she fell though, so the speed is probably a lot lower. Also, she hangs for a long time behind the narrowest point, which means that the air could already disperse and thus slows down, whcih also means that she never experiences the absolute vacuum of space. Now lets ignore the giant pieces of concrete hurdling at her at high speeds and call it a day :P (Also, please watch the RayCon review of DankPods, thank you)
cool minecraft 5 gameplays youtube channel :D
cool minecraft 5 gameplays youtube channel :D 18 dager siden
Fun Fact: In greek mythology the afterlife is you in a wheat field with your best friend In the end of Portal 2 you are in a wheat field with the Companion Cube!
Said Abdullaev
Said Abdullaev 19 dager siden
Yeah that would be great
Calvin 19 dager siden
"Well, she does have to live out the rest of her life on earth, where things are actually kinda far from being fine these days." Matpat, you're forgetting that this takes place thousands of years in the future.
Gacha Gamma
Gacha Gamma 19 dager siden
I am a CHILD. I only picked up a copy of Portal 1 on Christmas Eve, 2020. And I only have $0.48 in my Steam Wallet and in general. If I had enough to buy Portal 2, I would be just as hesitant to do so as I was when I burned my Companion Cube (which I regret, as I saw The Game Theorists' first Portal video 40 minutes prior to this comment). So it'll have to wait until my birthday in 2021 (Happy New Year, btw) when I am legally old enough to work, or when I get money from said birthday, or even next Christmas-time (That's how I afforded Portal 1, along with lots of other things). So, if you want to know WHY I only took an interest in Portal so soon, even though it's franchise has been established as early as 2007, it's because I didn't think of it up until that point. From all my recent purchases made with 25$, I had just about enough for Portal. I beat it in 8 hours. I say it's 9/10, and I can't wait to try Portal 2.
Zecromanth 19 dager siden
Chill is a TEST EXPERIMENT she might be different than a normal human
Rustern 19 dager siden
Game theory confirmed: Chell's a chimpanzee
Angelo Lawrence Cano
Angelo Lawrence Cano 20 dager siden
chell was not the imposter
Keith Cheeseman
Keith Cheeseman 20 dager siden
The true villan is clearly cave Johnson portal 3 the main plot will be him trying to blow up the world with combustible lemons
Burrito Cat
Burrito Cat 21 dag siden
Ok, we need to hit up Harry101UK to add a theory core to meet the cores 4.
The Wind Waking Hero
The Wind Waking Hero 21 dag siden
Jude Plus production
Jude Plus production 21 dag siden
WAIT SOOOOOOO wen she was down there corona happened :000
Меркурий 22 dager siden
Am I only one who notice that we should rotate head straight up to see Earth, but we just look forward and see it? Ok, that would be just 0,002 inch not straight shot
Oldtowncop 24 dager siden
This videos a little old now but did anyone stop to think about how GLaDOS says to Chell way earlier in the game "Here's an interesting fact: you're not breathing real air. It's too expensive to pump this far down. We just take carbon dioxide out of a room, freshen it up a little, and pump it back in. So you'll be breathing the same room full of air for the rest of your life.” So wouldn’t that mean Aperture lacks oxygen... maybe I’m thinking to much into it.
MIRA HQ 24 dager siden
i was on polus over there
Nadia Mena
Nadia Mena 24 dager siden
You can be in space for 2 minutes
Rezal Gibran Official Channel
Rezal Gibran Official Channel 24 dager siden
I call her Glad-OS By the way, imagine Valve add Mat voice into Theory core In portal 3. That's would be funny and amazing
Nameless 25 dager siden
What about all the dangerous gel she gets covered in during the game though?, lunar poison and her skeleton being affected by the repulsion gel isn't going anywhere
Dave 25 dager siden
i saw this and i knew there were spoilers so i spent the last month playing it so i can watch this
sue garlick
sue garlick 26 dager siden
Who else notices that GlaDos is like: I want to save her *meh she can wait 28 seconds I’m lazy*
Azpects 27 dager siden
does game theory ever think that this is just a game??
Alex B
Alex B 27 dager siden
hello game theory.Idk if someone already said this in the comments but when chell gets back into the area affter being on the moon the celing where the moon showed is where more air came in im not complining im just saying also keep up the good work.
Raihan Nafis
Raihan Nafis 28 dager siden
Mr. Wisk
Mr. Wisk 28 dager siden
portal 2 you play as the robots right or am i stupid?
Mr. Wisk
Mr. Wisk 24 dager siden
@William just google it. you play the robots when you play coop and chell singleplayer so no im not 100% stupid just 50%
William 24 dager siden
the latter.
Jeff Hirsh
Jeff Hirsh 28 dager siden
kind of like how Gamora and Star Lord survived the vacuum of space for a few seconds
CaptainEverret'sManyAdventures 28 dager siden
So the “true” ending is the actual ending?
Alex Merritt
Alex Merritt Måned siden
Wait, in the room, the ceiling is broken open, so that means that oxygen is flowing in from the atmosphere, so that would SAVE chell.
Shuppas_PNG Måned siden
our liquids cannot boil because the circuit must be open, otherwise nothing boils. the only approved death is that, the air sucked in by the vacuum of space drives all our organs (intestine, lung) are driven out (mouth)
Jeremy McNees
Jeremy McNees Måned siden
The space core core 1 is my favorite cuz he says spaaaaaaaace almost like the meme
XoS TW1G Måned siden
The average person can hold their breath for 30 seconds, so therefore if you think about it, you can survive as long as chell did
NatePower3 Måned siden
SPACCCCEEEEEEEEe! I waited 15 hours to complete both games to watch this
Ádám Szatmári
Ádám Szatmári Måned siden
i support this theory cause it is stated by GLaDOS that there is no ventelation and the air is simply form a gets refreshed a little... and it gets sent to the area where Chell is
Lucas Gentry
Lucas Gentry Måned siden
The theory core!!!
P77777777 Måned siden
Would the fact that Aperture itself has to have air pumped down and might have less than the surface change anything at all?
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