Game Theory: Portal 2, Does Chell DIE?

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2 måneder siden

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The endings of the Portal games are iconic and not just because of the songs. Portal 2's portal to space sticks in my mind. How did Chell survive being flung out into space? That seems impossible! Loyal Theorists, I need answers and I will not stop until I get them! Get into your space suits as we find out what it's really like to die in space and if Chell should be DEAD!
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Credits:Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

ksavx Time siden
I heard raycons are actually bad
NC_Optic 13 timer siden
Isnt this a bit different as its on the moon
Alexander S
Alexander S 16 timer siden
thank you Matt patt it took me a little longer than an evening to finish the game because I'm so new to gaming but I'm SO glad that you convinced me to play it before finishing the video. I loved every second and my mind was blown
Killa 16 timer siden
Probably you won't get to see this comment, but would be nice to make a video about how chell could actually be a cyborg, other than having artificial legs. Hear me out, we know she wakes up so far into the future that the whole facility is infested with vegetation, a lot of systems failing, so how safe is it to assume that the life support is still operational ( if there was one in the first place ) we know glados sayd there wasnt any oxigen pumped in anymore inside the rooms, we never see food or water anywhere, not even canned military grade food can last that long.. That could also explain why she survived space.
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore 21 time siden
Dunkoy Kang
Dunkoy Kang 2 dager siden
Ray cons have way too much base
ehdo David
ehdo David 2 dager siden
beastvitik 3 dager siden
Hmmm... My favorite game is Portal 2, and video was released on my birthday...... OMG
Lorenzo Caro
Lorenzo Caro 4 dager siden
I think she's going to die of body damage from all those parts of the facility probably crashing into her
J Gaming
J Gaming 4 dager siden
The funniest part is that block going SPaAaaAaaaCEeE
Shoto Toderoki
Shoto Toderoki 5 dager siden
Can you do a korosensei video about his Mach 20 speed
John Ferrer
John Ferrer 5 dager siden
Man i remeber playing portal 2 on xbox 360 and it was my favoirite game and then i lost it i was so sad
G.S. Harrington
G.S. Harrington 5 dager siden
Zian try-hard Animator
Zian try-hard Animator 6 dager siden
Bruh i am poor
xXMasterBall247Xx 6 dager siden
My laptop battery died can't play, only took 9 years for it to though
Raymond Koon
Raymond Koon 6 dager siden
GlAdOs LeT mE oUt Of HeRe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xnae Gamer
Xnae Gamer 7 dager siden
3:39 we dont need to wait any longer, we all know its because the air in the chamber is being sucked out- a viable explanation to why you are knocked out when your pulled back in
Serena Martin
Serena Martin 7 dager siden
I was already scared of space, but now knowing ALL OF THIS, there's no doubt about it, I'm teaming with him and not EVER wanting to go into space.
RichardsonSquared Studios
RichardsonSquared Studios 7 dager siden
Let alone the cut scene between chell being pulled in and waking up to Glados could mean she lost consciousness, but perhaps for only a few minutes to an hour. (Unknown time passage) So it makes even more sense that she survived. As for the air rushing out, keep in mind that Aperture also recycles the air in the facility. So Glados or the facility would recycle that chamber constantly as the air was lost. Thus she could have quite literally survived just fine!
Seth Key
Seth Key 7 dager siden
you should do roblox
Jennifer Torpy
Jennifer Torpy 8 dager siden
I’m no science teacher but you would make a very cool science teacher
CHARLEE SANTOS 8 dager siden
Noticed that Chell is in space, was CONFUZZled first i saw
Romki 8 dager siden
Imagine being in a spaceship and just seeing a dog flying around.
Owyn Ackerman
Owyn Ackerman 8 dager siden
8:32 when I saw the words appear only on the right, I instantly knew there was a catch
Rolan Ridgeway
Rolan Ridgeway 8 dager siden
What the UNGA BUNGA he didn't ruin my childhood
Ronan Mendoza
Ronan Mendoza 8 dager siden
I got the game game a while ago on steam for 1 dollar
Joseph Presley
Joseph Presley 9 dager siden
Unless I am wrong, I'm pretty sure that the air pressure on the moon is not zero. I don't know if this changes anything.
Cringe Squad Gaming
Cringe Squad Gaming 9 dager siden
Why is the pressure difference air problem thingy from 10:47 to 10:52 coming from earth?
Edward fredrickson
Edward fredrickson 9 dager siden
hey you should make a video on dying light
same dude
same dude 9 dager siden
but matpat you never talked about how wheatley would have just landed back on the moon rather than floating through space
Deadpool Comics
Deadpool Comics 10 dager siden
Am i the only one to think wheatley sounds like thomas ridgewell (tomska known for: edds world and asdf movie)
Kaki 10 dager siden
Before I even start watching this I’m going to guess that he’s gonna talk about the endless freezing cold vaccum called space and how chill should’ve died Edit: CALLED IT
CyberNoob 10 dager siden
Guys raycons are scams! They are just rebranded AliExpress earbuds!
Immortally Annoying Gamer
Immortally Annoying Gamer 10 dager siden
3:59 what if the oxygen in the testing facilities poured out onto the moon thus allowing chell to breathe for her 28 seconds on the moon
MrFlipkin 10 dager siden
Can’t understand why they couldn’t afford moon dust, if they could make portals to the moon, that money would be flowing in from the Gov.
Mogreturns 10 dager siden
isnt it a sealed facility would that effect pressure??
Jenna Tamayo
Jenna Tamayo 10 dager siden
the ending song is like a funeral song so its possible she died
wolfiyee 10 dager siden
Me: >gets stuck in space >remembers that one random gt episode >exhales all oxygen >breathes (empty) sigh of relief >freezes to death kilometers away from home
Miles Krepelka
Miles Krepelka 10 dager siden
i hate to break it to you but its not air coming out of the room where they fight wheetly when there in space glados specificly siad as a fact in the first portal game that is carbon that has been as she says it "Spotted up" i think
OOF MATTHIAS 11 dager siden
He does not want to go to space cuz of lego skeletons???????
lemonboi テ下ト
lemonboi テ下ト 11 dager siden
3:42 Well, you should be able to hear Wheatley in space because the air is escaping out in to the space via the vacuum, so you can breathe and hear sounds at the same time because we all know that sound is a vibration of the air, but do to the wind of air escaping so fast I think it should be pretty difficult to hear.
Charles Fee
Charles Fee 11 dager siden
I now feal bad about voting out innocents in among us
NiVi OoF
NiVi OoF 11 dager siden
but the robot thingy was blocking the wind
Yrac Senil
Yrac Senil 11 dager siden
Haven’t watched the reveal yet but I’m gonna guess, does she’ll die from altitude sickness aka the bends? Ah she doesn’t die
Stellar.Luna2004 12 dager siden
noodle banana
noodle banana 12 dager siden
Fricking yell as loud as possible
SaskProtogen Cyus
SaskProtogen Cyus 12 dager siden
I'm kinda curious how you came up with mach 1.2, since the speed that air particles travel at in atmosphere (and the speed I would jump too for how fast they would leave the room) is approximately the speed of sound. 20% seems like to big of an error to me, so I assume I'm missing something. Curious as to what that would be?
Charles Laporte
Charles Laporte 13 dager siden
So is Doctor Who bull hockey?
animator boi
animator boi 14 dager siden
MatPat i only you can explain why on the beginning of chapter 8 why wheatley didint blow up cuz Glados hit him with paradox
Sora Aragaki
Sora Aragaki 14 dager siden
sometimes its hard to believe that game developers don't dig this deep for their games...
Sioned Davies
Sioned Davies 15 dager siden
Does this mean when Minecraft says that you boiled alive when you go to space in survival mode, it's telling the truth. (Gravity Mod where you can control the direction of the gravity)
Jim Grutzius
Jim Grutzius 16 dager siden
Wheatly is my favorite character and I love his voice he’s funny and more
Jana Medakka
Jana Medakka 16 dager siden
You have 32 sec to stay on the moon
Jarod Lopes
Jarod Lopes 16 dager siden
GLAdos said they create there own air quote on quote "we take carbon dioxide and freshen it up a little" the could have taken the "air" into space and then turn on the air filters
Alex Villalobos
Alex Villalobos 16 dager siden
how did you calculate the speed of the air flow? it just seems odd. the pressure difference is less than 1 atmosphere, that is weak. A soda bottle has aprox 5 atm and you dont blast off when you open one. Obviously its not the same to compare a soda bottle with a room full of air. but I just want to know where that number came from.
boythunder1103 16 dager siden
please valve. please give us an extended cut of portal2 where chell is wearing raycons the entire time
FlippEED1AM0nd 16 dager siden
remember Chell is a test subject right? so maybe she was modified to survive those conditions and Glados predicted that and secretly adjusted the toughness of her skin, ex being able to survive 2 bullets from a high tech robot without bleeding, impressive huh?
Shepherd 921
Shepherd 921 17 dager siden
Would she have been able to hold on though?
Dk random
Dk random 17 dager siden
Doesn't the moon have gravity?
criixt 17 dager siden
The stream of air coming out of the portal us also being slowed down by the lack of gravity.
J F 17 dager siden
Opposite of underwater? Yeah, no. Still pretty sure you also shouldn't take deep breaths when drowning, seeing as that would be breathing in more water. 😂
Lithaleright 18 dager siden
i'm sad he didn't mention how the air is just cleaned carbon-dioxide
Kimberlly With 2 L's
Kimberlly With 2 L's 18 dager siden
Timothy Hazen
Timothy Hazen 18 dager siden
subscribe to game,film and food theory
OOF BOI 18 dager siden
"There's an unused voice line of GLaDOS saying it this way" *Proceeds to not play the voice line*
Denied Games
Denied Games 18 dager siden
actually yea, dos can be pronounced dis because the english language is stupid
the milk your dad was gonna get
the milk your dad was gonna get 19 dager siden
Your wondering weather she could fly out to space but the real question is how dose she not break her legs at all during this game.
same dude
same dude 9 dager siden
chel has long fall boots
_ Jan_hruska _
_ Jan_hruska _ 19 dager siden
GrungScreamVR 19 dager siden
Among us just got a lot darker for the acused.
Jackson Partridge
Jackson Partridge 19 dager siden
I tried playing through portal 2. In chapter 6 I went to take a break. I came back thirty minutes later to find my brother had completely restarted the game. F in the chat boys. I’m not gonna restart, it took me 2 weeks to get there.
JustANormalOtaku 19 dager siden
The reason i never played Portal 2 is because 1: my pc sucks so it most probably cant even play it and 2: 1 dollar to me is worth 5x times its price, idk if its 50 of my currency but it may be
dino nuggies guy
dino nuggies guy 18 dager siden
DETERMINATION!Sans 19 dager siden
Like i get it but, I know how to solve this : Its a video game
Josh Ali Khan
Josh Ali Khan 20 dager siden
BigJMC9 20 dager siden
What kills people suddenly in space is sudden decompression, not space itself. If you were to decompress yourself at a slow rate and then jump into space you would be able to survive a couple of minutes.
Elijah Pelikan
Elijah Pelikan 20 dager siden
its also possible that even if chell does die that GLADOS reanimated her as a favor
Leah And Bacon
Leah And Bacon 21 dag siden
You back? Cool *me who didnt move* y e s
Corey Tillotson
Corey Tillotson 21 dag siden
Just wondering why you don't account for the fact that this is a much lower than Sea Level facility with drastically reduced air pressure that the game even references it doesn't pump air in it simply recycles what is there. This fact could imply that the pressure itself would also be minimal due to Aperture Sciences nature. Lending even more credibility to the fact that it would be survivable and not even as dramatic.
Twissted Toast
Twissted Toast 21 dag siden
Go use a spacesuit while preparing going to space
Madman-maddex 21 dag siden
When people thought among us was ok
GozarinGaming Tv
GozarinGaming Tv 22 dager siden
Chell Is Really Just a Robot That She Can Survive In Space And Actually you Don't Explode In Space
Eiran Keating
Eiran Keating 22 dager siden
Also, Wheatley would be blocking some of the wind rushing into Chell’s face, so she would be experiencing a slightly lower wind speed than if he wasn’t there.
Sarah Burns
Sarah Burns 22 dager siden
It is 70% not 60 % dumbey
Everett Gaspar
Everett Gaspar 23 dager siden
Man I find NACA too funny
YouTube cow298
YouTube cow298 23 dager siden
Actually the average human can hold there breath for 2 minutes
S S 23 dager siden
Actually chell is extremely underground ground so the the wind speed will be higher
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin 23 dager siden
I have fond memories of portal 2, my friend and I beat the whole story controlling one thing, I had keyboard and he controlled mouse
Michelle Fernandez
Michelle Fernandez 23 dager siden
Actually if you land a portal on the moon actually air of earth gets sucked out
Daniel Morales
Daniel Morales 24 dager siden
Colton Sylvia
Colton Sylvia 24 dager siden
Well chell survived becuase o2 was rushing out, most likely being able to breath.
No 1 u no
No 1 u no 24 dager siden
Wouldn’t she get really bad cancer from being openly exposed to cosmic radiation?
BigBoiRaltor 24 dager siden
Chell can survive in space but can she survive the Combine? I mean, lets be real here. There’s not really any moon dust just lying around on surfaces that she can portal with, and the Combine’s synths are definitely worse than a lot of the things Aperture uses, so I don’t think she’s surviving the outside world. Maybe she is dead, I don’t know, she might not be. It’ll probably never be answered though.
John Sanborn
John Sanborn 24 dager siden
Wouldn't she be forced to let go or else her hands be dislocated
drakomatic 25 dager siden
tecnically glados should be said "GLA-DOS" due it standing for "genetic lifeform and disk operating system" or something like that (honestly cant remember what the first word is but 'genetic' does not sound right)
Draven Harle
Draven Harle 25 dager siden
*breathes out, as you should, and survives for 28 seconds*
Haruki’s Channel
Haruki’s Channel 26 dager siden
I always pronounced GladOS like “Gladys”
ondri91 26 dager siden
Finally, after a month of playing portal, I finally won it so I can watch this theory
T C 26 dager siden
This feels like an old school Gt episode from way back
BBro 1212
BBro 1212 26 dager siden
The pressure would equalize pretty quick. In portal 1 glados says that they take co2 out of the room, extract the carbon, and put it back in. Completely sealed off from the atmosphere. But Bad news, the labs would have no air.
Dis Dude
Dis Dude 26 dager siden
Man I wish I could play it on steam and I do have it but my laptop is acting up and turns itself off.i think GLaDOS is trying to stop me
MrTiger 27 dager siden
Im bankkurrupt -__-
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