Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!

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So E3 just happened and it got me thinking a lot about which of the announced games will be the next big game here on NOpost. The answer? None of them. You see, none of these games will be able to do what Minecraft and Fortnite have done on the platform. Not internet darling Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, not Deathloop, or any other game. You see, despite the coming launch of Google Stadia, they have built a platform that will not support it. Sit back and hold your favorite game close, Loyal Theorists, the future isn't looking bright.
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#Storytime #E3 #Gaming #VideoGames #Fortnite #Cyberpunk2077 #Minecraft #Fail #Matpat #GameTheory
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Obvious Cheese
Obvious Cheese 11 timer siden
Brockton Bales
Brockton Bales 2 dager siden
What about mine craft o
the flash
the flash 4 dager siden
Where is brawl stars?
Creative 8D
Creative 8D 4 dager siden
Visit “DawoodSAVAGE” channel
Ashley Knisley
Ashley Knisley 5 dager siden
Aah yes someone who said no to a Raid sponsership
Xninja 5 dager siden
This wont hurt me because the only game I like is minecraft.
Lesedi Mochadibane
Lesedi Mochadibane 7 dager siden
*Music contains curse words, nude women (suggestive content), and guns. NOpost: well I guess it's okay" *NOpostrs play GTA V NOpost: I'll destroy you, you monster
Intel_XEON 10 dager siden
Fortnite is dead lol
Venom 5821
Venom 5821 11 dager siden
4:04 Minecraft : hold my diamonds
Raman Gupta
Raman Gupta 12 dager siden
I have a good idea... why don't games make it so that when you wound something or someone thy instantly turn to dust as if they have been snapped out of existence instead of making them bleed.
Jakai Fielder
Jakai Fielder 13 dager siden
Hehehehehhe fornite dead
thatnerd1 silvanoahj
thatnerd1 silvanoahj 14 dager siden
hate to be that guy but destiny 2 the collection is featured with stadia and destiny content is a really big moneymaker on twitch not so much on youtube but still, it is not to be ignored
Jake Lock
Jake Lock 14 dager siden
I’m so glad Fortnite is dead
REDSTAINEDGLASS 17 dager siden
jelly beans and impostors: imma bout to end this man's career
Gaming Taco
Gaming Taco 17 dager siden
Me watching this when my Minecraft video is uploading and he starts talking about Minecraft:👁👄👁
catherine brennan
catherine brennan 19 dager siden
I love couch talks
kokochan 19 dager siden
matpat calling NOpost a "massive AI babysitter" is the TRUEST thing ever lmao 😂 tbh these days kids are probably spending more time with NOpost than with their busy/neglectful parents who just gave the little kids some iPads to shut them up...
kokochan 19 dager siden
as a wise swedish man once said: "send the kids to the ranch" in this case, the NOpost kids ranch.
T3nMiDGET5711 20 dager siden
“Fortnite is going to be untouchable” *Minecraft and Apex high five*
lixelink studios
lixelink studios 12 dager siden
Add among us to the list
Deirdre 22 dager siden
Wouldn't it be as easy as changing to a platform that has nothing to do with NOpost and Google?? Switching to a new platform would be best because this doesn't look fixable
Zoikos 22 dager siden
U have such big brain
Saeed Faheem
Saeed Faheem 24 dager siden
He said fortnite would stay untouchable for the foreseeable future, ha woulda thought
Isaiah Craighead
Isaiah Craighead 25 dager siden
But this one was really good too
Isaiah Craighead
Isaiah Craighead 25 dager siden
Best alternate opening was the last one on bendy
Mando 26 dager siden
It has been over a year and this issue still hasn't been resolved.
Pyth0n 26 dager siden
I really thought he was about to segway to a RAID sponsor
Natan Mayb Machado gomes da silva
Natan Mayb Machado gomes da silva 26 dager siden
I just had to pause to say, i love your videos and how insightful they are, i get chills watching them, cuz part of what you say is something i thought might be the case and others are plain new and it is all so exciting, to know how much people know and that thousands are learning with you!
gaming reagan
gaming reagan 26 dager siden
No it is not I'm a gaming youtuber and gaming is not geeting ruined
Johnathan To Err Is Me
Johnathan To Err Is Me 26 dager siden
the moment you said fortnite shouldn't be untouchable I liked this video
Cartøøn cat
Cartøøn cat 28 dager siden
Fun fact: I knowed FNaF since 2017 (I was 7) I am now 10 and I watch no NOpost then, it was thanks to funko (so pretty much the plushes)
Matheus Castanharo
Matheus Castanharo 29 dager siden
I'm not joking, but I have to say, I've never heared of "Doom" before watching this video;-; I am a 12yo kid, maybe I don't know about it because of that, but the only games I see my friends and I play is Minecraft, Fortnite, and guess what? Roblox. I've never thought that it could be related to the YT content we consume. Cool video, I'm going to look for download of Doom 11 now.
FREEK MCPE/GT Måned siden
They dont wsnt to Teach Kids Swear and Expose Things Should not Expose
Jiří Štefka
Jiří Štefka Måned siden
Me - Installing windows, now booting installer from my flashdisk Video 5:24 - blue background My 2 monitors - blue background at the same time as video as the installer loaded Coincidence?🤔
Ammazer 122
Ammazer 122 Måned siden
why does this show itself as a minecraft video
Withro Anime Edits
Withro Anime Edits Måned siden
“Fortnite will be untouchable “ Among us and Minecraft-hold my coffee.
Joaquin Alejandro Mundo
Joaquin Alejandro Mundo Måned siden
Why in the world dont the parents just use youtube kids? If you wanna have your child watch child friendly videos, then use NOpost Kids.
Ark25 Gaming
Ark25 Gaming Måned siden
31 billion that not possible
fooklamtsang Måned siden
Starting a Toblox channel instead of pubg ;-;
DeRp! Måned siden
“Fortnite will stay standing for the longest time...” Fall Guys: “Let me introduce myse-“ Among them: “As He Was Saying Let *Me* introduce myself “
YooperMoose Måned siden
Anyone know what that opening music is? When we first see matpat and the music starts, I need to know, sounds awesome
garcipat Måned siden
They should just show the age category and "this video contains violence" and remove that demonetization.
garcipat Måned siden
But a lot of publishers hide their bad games behind better cutscenes or make a good trailer. So check a game out before buy it is just natural and the publishers should also be aware of that. Conclusion: Dont make shitty games!
Alan Jose
Alan Jose Måned siden
It is surely contradicting. Unless the platform is used to help the big game industry that is working on mature games to bypass YT's own rule about Brand Safety. That way Google could help them from dying and potentially milk more money from those mature gaming industries. Creating a life or death situation for gaming industries with a single rule, it is truly scary if you think about what a trillion-dollar company could do.
BootsDotEXE Måned siden
5:35 "Now Twitch does earn more money off gaming-" Bar graph with both saying $700 million: *are you sure about that*
dct Måned siden
I just realized this theory was just proven right again by the huge surge of Fall Guys this year. A fresh, kid-friendly game is exploding in popularity due to NOpost's algorithm pushing it out in front of every gamer, and NOpostrs are hopping onboard for the safely monotizable content.
shadowminor Måned siden
it is an attempt to subtly coerce the game industry to stop with the violence in game in return for the earned media.
I am error
I am error Måned siden
Thankfully NOpost did not figure out minecraft has killing as a main feature
Poképro Måned siden
Google owns NOpost
Poképro Måned siden
Oh, MatPat, you asked for it. You asked for it...and you got it.
Abyss_Of Saints
Abyss_Of Saints Måned siden
The Ethan of Threethan
Mateo Ordinas-Lewis
Mateo Ordinas-Lewis Måned siden
Gamers: Used Earned Media to boost themselves and YT and the game devs NOpost: Shoots itself in the foot for advertisers Gamers: - __ -
OhhThatOneGuy Måned siden
Transformer Real
Transformer Real Måned siden
manufacturing consent in the gaming industry
He hated that he loved what she hated about hate.
He hated that he loved what she hated about hate. Måned siden
Game Theory: NOpost fell down and can’t get up
Scott Bergeron
Scott Bergeron Måned siden
Piggy got earned media even though it was a horror game. Piggy is a great earned media game,
Scott Bergeron
Scott Bergeron Måned siden
Fortnite is not very good because it has limited options.
Rakhee Manohar Dingreja
Rakhee Manohar Dingreja Måned siden
Minecraft is untouchable
Henzrey Nugget
Henzrey Nugget Måned siden
Finally, Fall Guys has toppled Fortnite, at least for now
Shinigami Kiragami
Shinigami Kiragami Måned siden
Lol thats why stadia failed XDXD
Elijah Davila
Elijah Davila Måned siden
I'm still here waiting for the real Cyberpunk release date.
loser ELM
loser ELM Måned siden
NOpost themselves were advertising mortal kombat 11 but then demonetized every gaming channel playing Mortal Kombat
RedCode Måned siden
17:46 Not the demon kiling is the problem, seeing humans get killed
RedCode Måned siden
1:12 smg4 wotfi 2020 music lol
AAAngelica :3
AAAngelica :3 Måned siden
do you like fortnite?
OddishKid Gaming
OddishKid Gaming Måned siden
i dont like fortnite it sucks
g d.l.p.e
g d.l.p.e 2 måneder siden
Nintendo will thrive
Moorn Dae
Moorn Dae 2 måneder siden
Please make a fall guys THEORY not an anlisys
CAMO-G 2 måneder siden
I'm glad that minecraft is back on top!!❤
ohno 2 måneder siden
MatPat: If something doesn't change, then FortNite will forever remain on top. Minecraft: *I'm about to end this man's whole career.*
Eric Ancion
Eric Ancion 2 måneder siden
Yeah Google stadia there could have done a lot of cool stuff but instead made it lackluster and tried to get games with the reasoning that we're Google you should give us games because we're Google and of course that didn't work so they pretty much flops day one
Rabbit Hive 101
Rabbit Hive 101 2 måneder siden
but then why did NOpost let you post this ?
QuantumVoid36 2 måneder siden
so basically the thing that destroyed this peaceful algorithm was NOpost getting a bit to harsh about content
chancellor palpatine
chancellor palpatine 2 måneder siden
NOpost is a platform of safety advertising that 1 dude: LETS JUST RUIN ALL OF US I HATE MYSELF
Sophia Thompson
Sophia Thompson 2 måneder siden
Is no one going to talk about how impressive that intro was?
Gregiy 2 måneder siden
Ducks are cool
[Hold my Apple juice]
[Hold my Apple juice] 2 måneder siden
13:50 fun fact the Blue Hedgehog is younger then the Red Plummer so if they were going to do some sorta fist fight without using their powers, I think the Blue Hedgehog has a small advantage :P
Miss MillsYT
Miss MillsYT 2 måneder siden
Was anybody else surprised the wall behind the couch wasn't real wood?
Vava Iisd
Vava Iisd 2 måneder siden
Tells Fortnite is untouchable Minecraft wins over Fortnite silence continues......
just a person posting random stuff
just a person posting random stuff 2 måneder siden
wait so is this sponsered by raid or not? confusion
Paul Fazakas
Paul Fazakas 2 måneder siden
lol youtube thinks this is a minecraft video
Shiny5GUM 2 måneder siden
Anybody see that gi Joe reference
Bronzebeard 2 måneder siden
TLDR - yes they are
The LünärEclipse
The LünärEclipse 2 måneder siden
Did you guys hear that he watches mature content
ImaginarySapphire 2 måneder siden
two words, animal crossing
Leofriend 0
Leofriend 0 2 måneder siden
that intro tho
Leofriend 0
Leofriend 0 2 måneder siden
Me: dang this game is pretty good NOpost: THIS GAME SUCKS
Weird Duo
Weird Duo 2 måneder siden
I from future Minecraft makes a comback
Saswat Naik
Saswat Naik 2 måneder siden
Awesome intro guys!!
No Pity
No Pity 2 måneder siden
My interpretation of the conversation; NOpost: "You have undermined my popularity." Google: "You have done that yourself."
Emmy Mature'
Emmy Mature' 2 måneder siden
That why animal crossing so popular
• Jasa •
• Jasa • 2 måneder siden
Fortnite: omg i got 100M sales, yasss Minecraft: cute
Keith Kronner
Keith Kronner 2 måneder siden
So..this means that twitch is the smarter bet for looking for inclusive content?
garv goyal
garv goyal 3 måneder siden
No wonder you don't get recommended in my feed
David Ryker
David Ryker 3 måneder siden
Matt: "For big examples..." Me: He's about to mention Minecraft, isn't he?
Teen SpAcEmAn
Teen SpAcEmAn 3 måneder siden
Gaming TV
Gaming TV 3 måneder siden
If NOpost is 13+ then why does demonatization exist?
KaiserS23 3 måneder siden
Idk, they want to make everything family friendly even tho YT kids is a thing
L Lawleit
L Lawleit 3 måneder siden
NOpost : we created NOpost kids for family friendly videos only. Also NOpost : forces all content on regular NOpost to be family friendly.
Alison Alongi-Hopkins
Alison Alongi-Hopkins 3 måneder siden
Soooo... Red Plumber or Blue Hedgehog?
Heaven Toast
Heaven Toast 3 måneder siden
Ay yes, this covers *_minecraft_*
Gacha_Cookie 3 måneder siden
Is already 2020 so is it still the same? I was looking forward to be a NOpostr though-
Gacha_Cookie 2 måneder siden
Jhon Reaper Ikr
Wolfie Boi
Wolfie Boi 2 måneder siden
I'm no different but most games gets you demonitised
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