Game Theory: Toad's DEADLY Secret (Super Mario Bros.)

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5 år siden

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Toad is more than just a mere mushroom. He has a secret...and it explains A LOT of the weird happenings around the so-called Mushroom Kingdom.
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Grumbo Thehermit
Grumbo Thehermit 3 timer siden
Wait wait wait myseleom is a block in Minecraft
?TheMysteryMan ?
?TheMysteryMan ? 18 timer siden
or ya now the theory might not be dark and the toads are just the citizens who like dressin up as mushrooms to suit their kingdom name
Fantasy Shadows
Fantasy Shadows 23 timer siden
can someone please change the quote that history is written by the winners to "History is written by those who don't get their records burned first" ?
DIAMOND MEMER 2 dager siden
That's why blue Toad is so fricking OP in 3D world
Mars-hen Boy
Mars-hen Boy 2 dager siden
Transphobe: THERES ONLY TWO GENDERS!!! Toad: *puts on sunglasses* Im about to ruin this whole man's career B3 *RAP BATTLE COMMENCED* XD
Yash Dag siden
toads are mushroom people and mushrooms have 36,000 so yeah, toads have tons of genders
Cameron Campbell-Hill
Cameron Campbell-Hill 4 dager siden
Game theory scrapes me
ikbencool 2008
ikbencool 2008 4 dager siden
But wat is Mario in this as bowser is the good guy wat is Mario?!
JUNFENG LIANG 5 dager siden
my friend: hey turn RTX on me playing mario: no I don't think I will 1:44 5:30
Mush microwave Man 14 years ago •
Mush microwave Man 14 years ago • 6 dager siden
I been betrayed backstabbed and baaaambozeld
Camo4075 8 dager siden
Oh my god, just realized what the piranha plants are supported to be, the horse tail plants.
Κωνσταντινος KP
Κωνσταντινος KP 9 dager siden
Ian Grijalva
Ian Grijalva 10 dager siden
Mario lore expossed put on checklist
Allison Brown ArtDesign
Allison Brown ArtDesign 11 dager siden
explain when i look at the old Mario game i see that the hill have freaking EYES!!!!
Master Julian
Master Julian 12 dager siden
Bowser is a genius because the toads say princess is in another castle because all castle look the same
Konstance Konchinew
Konstance Konchinew 12 dager siden
Who is Tourette then...
Konstance Konchinew
Konstance Konchinew 12 dager siden
It could be peach
Ultimate Warriors
Ultimate Warriors 12 dager siden
I better go wash my hair
Logan Van Hala
Logan Van Hala 13 dager siden
Is matpat on shrooms?
Jay Talluto
Jay Talluto 13 dager siden
I did not realize Tod Flicks you of
FireLap 14 dager siden
Actually the game cube adapteur for Wii U is good but I'm using it on a switch
zhian Peng
zhian Peng 14 dager siden
I think the toads are cowers
Hello 15 dager siden
To me i think bowser is trying to make peach a queen but she is always scared and mario hoes to safe her. Hey it csn be true!
JacE_The _PuertoRican
JacE_The _PuertoRican 17 dager siden
Nah toad my homie he ain't do anything bad.
Piper W
Piper W 19 dager siden
Excuse me, but what happened at 13:04
Zoe Bates
Zoe Bates 19 dager siden
You know what's weird? When I was younger and I first found Out about mario, Bowser was my favorite character and I never understood why everyone said he was the villian.
TheFirstBest March
TheFirstBest March 19 dager siden
This has nothing to do with this video #kreekcraft
Sonic And friends!
Sonic And friends! 20 dager siden’s me......
Charles Galpert
Charles Galpert 23 dager siden
5:02 I’m applying that to this entire video
Alex Fierro
Alex Fierro 23 dager siden
Hold up. You said the mycelia killed the host before the thing grew out of the head. The toads seem alive, so unless they’re zombies or this is a mutated strain, how would this work?
Miles Morales
Miles Morales 25 dager siden
Yeah he’s flipping you off especially since he’s doing the middle finger
L F 25 dager siden
5 years ago where does the time go
lin lin
lin lin 25 dager siden
i was eating during this and gagged like 8 times
Martin Valenzuela
Martin Valenzuela 26 dager siden
a yugioh refrence oh yah Mat Pat my favorite yuotuber please make a yugioh theory i don't care wich channell you make it on but please
PurplePancake :D
PurplePancake :D 27 dager siden
Ahhhh the memories
Lightspeed 27 dager siden
I have a phobia of parasites.
Little Cat Plays
Little Cat Plays 29 dager siden
36 thousand genders. I dont know what i am anymore
plushed away gaming
plushed away gaming Måned siden
I know, I know, but I believe toad has a hat. Maybe it stay there because gravity doesn't always apply. For example, floating ? Blocks.
AnthonyPlaysVG Måned siden
Stop Toad is my favorite Character from Mario this time you really crossed the line
Animarble Marble Race
Animarble Marble Race Måned siden
Alternative title = "Watch this if you dont want to go to your backyard EVER AGAIN"
kilwa Voorhees
kilwa Voorhees Måned siden
Do a video of GTA V dude
minecraft is the best
minecraft is the best Måned siden
your theme song Is great and someone put it in megalovania
Mariah Lancaster
Mariah Lancaster Måned siden
Piranha Plant Theory
The Alchemist
The Alchemist Måned siden
Me this year:Huh, shouldn’t it be the Mushroom Principality if it’s ruled by a Princess, and if it’s a kingdom ruled my toads/mushroom parasitically manipulated people, wouldn’t it just be a giant Hivemind?
SMM2 MickeyInk
SMM2 MickeyInk Måned siden
Thats right!! You better fear toad!!
thunder yeet
thunder yeet Måned siden
im never touching a mushroom now
melaid535 Måned siden
2:57 soooo Mario and Luigi’s hats are like... a bad dye job..??
MR.SAWADA Måned siden
jesus, mario being a a-hole also being high on mushrooms, toad turning out to be parasites and bowser's family abandoning bowser, nintendo is dark. :(
Skyla Stafford
Skyla Stafford Måned siden
Oh my goodness in the game Minecraft mushroom cows are just controlled cows and that's why there's mycelium on my islands in the middle of the ocean because it's moist and the mycelium's dead bodies
Snowstream Måned siden
I dont understand why I'm watching this at 4 in the morning.
Laura Aaron
Laura Aaron Måned siden
MatPat, I propose to you, that Cappy, is EVIL!!!!!!!!! 😱
Maverick O’Sullivan
Maverick O’Sullivan Måned siden
Love it! I would like a Bowser game, but I'd LOVE a Ganondorf origin game played as Ganondorf--before possessed by Calamity.
Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph Måned siden
The Diamond Crystal
The Diamond Crystal Måned siden
11:38 I knew Mario was suspicious
The Diamond Crystal
The Diamond Crystal Måned siden
My brothers said I was crazy
Interstellar Kitten
Interstellar Kitten Måned siden
Legend has it the only reason Matpat made this theory is he was salty about Toad flipping him off.
RavenAnimations _yt
RavenAnimations _yt Måned siden
so what you are trying to say is that peach has foot fungus
Nutshells for people
Nutshells for people Måned siden
MatPat:(Makes a really good explanation for toads) don't forget that's just a theory, a game theory! Me:Wait so was that true or not?
My Pokemon
My Pokemon Måned siden
12:42 this is a mark for myself
My Pokemon
My Pokemon Måned siden
11:38 I knew it
Miles Tails Prower
Miles Tails Prower Måned siden
Funny how I watch a show with fungi internet thing and mycelium on one episode and then I watch this
Dominic Fisher20
Dominic Fisher20 Måned siden
video idea: what the heck is up with giga bowser? i mean, how does he exist? and only in smash bros?
Captain Cubey
Captain Cubey Måned siden
God that old intro
Jade Mendez
Jade Mendez Måned siden
But you said that mario was killing the Toad's by breaking the bricks now he's helping was he the good guy all the time or was he a bad guy?
Batuhan Dere
Batuhan Dere Måned siden
"But the ones on nintendo get you guys the most excited" Among us and FNAF: *(X) Doubt*
IDon'tKnow Måned siden
He's shrugging, and that's his thumb.
My Pokemon
My Pokemon Måned siden
How on earth did you guess the future
Russell Orlando Deashlee
Russell Orlando Deashlee Måned siden
Russell Orlando Deashlee
Russell Orlando Deashlee Måned siden
I ment to erase the
Russell Orlando Deashlee
Russell Orlando Deashlee Måned siden
I HATE EVERY BODY THAT ALL OF THE ONES THAT ARE THE VILAINS:toad princess peach mario and a lot more
Russell Orlando Deashlee
Russell Orlando Deashlee Måned siden
Now i worship bowser
Jaslyn Lee
Jaslyn Lee Måned siden
So THATS what mycelium is. Minecraft explained.
Little Bits
Little Bits Måned siden
Aaaaa yes. No sleep for me for the next three weeks.
Michelle Grant
Michelle Grant Måned siden
Mathpatt why is bowser always kidnapping princess peach me well in mario sun shine bowser jr calls peach mama they are capturing her because she is her mom mario capture her and I bet peach does not like mario her wishes and letters are from toad to take her for themselves
T3nMiDGET5711 Måned siden
So Technically the Goomba are Partisans
Leonardo Quercioli
Leonardo Quercioli Måned siden
Tlou x super mario is the best thing ever
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez Måned siden
Yeaaaa I'm not eating mushrooms anymore. Just to be safe...
Ervin Osmar
Ervin Osmar Måned siden
I don't even believe this dude
Sequoia Spaulding
Sequoia Spaulding Måned siden
You know, its not the toads I'm fearing. Its the fact that matpat used creepy af pictures.
Dorian Ingham
Dorian Ingham Måned siden
you scared me by the mind control thing so i asked my dad he said its not real
ESP PupsnKits
ESP PupsnKits Måned siden
So, popping cane is called horsetail?
Tony'a Pizza
Tony'a Pizza Måned siden
this is insane.
Amealy ulloa
Amealy ulloa Måned siden
cdonnak morehead
cdonnak morehead Måned siden
Wow man what were in those shrooms
Cute boo guy
Cute boo guy Måned siden
I hate mario now
EsportCat Måned siden
As a normal person, I laughed :')
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! Måned siden
The old noglata of this intro! Luv it!
zizi .h
zizi .h Måned siden
My whole childhood was a lie
Breanna Jerry
Breanna Jerry Måned siden
well she is princess *TOAD* stool
Adam Morse
Adam Morse Måned siden
Gosh dang it matpat now I won’t unsee toad flipping me off
Cat & Cuties
Cat & Cuties Måned siden
Pea shot pvz
Pea shot pvz Måned siden
Westoon Films
Westoon Films Måned siden
What’s the name for the fear of mushrooms, cause I think i have it after this episode
Za Warudo
Za Warudo 2 måneder siden
If that was the case, why would Toads live in the sunny mushroom kingdom? Why would Bowser act as evil in every game if he’s trying to save Peach? How can the Toads connect to the mycelium if they are moving, walking creatures? Your “many genders” theory may be correct, but the Theory as a whole leaves as many questions as it answers, maybe more
Xninja 2 måneder siden
13:02.Has steve escaped from zombies or something else.....
Xninja 2 måneder siden
I gotta Show this to Grian.
nightmare foxy
nightmare foxy 2 måneder siden
Me in 2020 please no
Toadplayz Gaming
Toadplayz Gaming 2 måneder siden
Hello im toad
Gold Silver
Gold Silver 2 måneder siden
Well, may be back then Mario and Nintendo were the craze, but now it's minecraft and fnaf
terminator T-800
terminator T-800 2 måneder siden
Do a battle cats game theory
Peri Uluırmak
Peri Uluırmak 2 måneder siden
Boom bot
Boom bot 2 måneder siden
Matt ur good well ur not good enough my theorist
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