#CancelCancer LIVE w/ Game Theory + St. Jude (Ft. Markiplier, Try Guys, TheOdd1sOut, and MORE!)

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The Game Theorists

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Learn more and donate here! ► nopost.info/throw/srHCZXua05ukis0/video
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You helped us reach $1.3 MILLION and we are so thankful! The giveaway may have ended, but you can still donate!
We are so thrilled to be hosting a charity livestream in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and we can't thank you enough for joining us to support this cause. For those that don't know, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital works to save kids and defeat childhood cancer around the world. They're committed to sharing research and providing world class treatment to patients and their families, all at absolutely no cost to them. They're committed to providing everything kids and families need so they can focus on the thing that matters most: getting better and living a healthy life. It's truly an honor to support the St. Jude mission with the help of the Theorist Community today. Together, we can all help St. Jude end cancer for good! For more information, check out their official website. ► www.stjude.org/
And visit their official channel! ► nopost.info
YOU CAN HELP RIGHT NOW by clicking the Tiltify link at the top of the description and giving towards our goal of $500,000. We can get there with your help! 100% of EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE goes to treating children and helping defeat cancer once and for all!
For lists of international countries able to donate, please check these lists:
Special Thanks to today's guests! (by order of appearance):
Rosanna Pansino ► nopost.info
Husky ► nopost.info
VSauce3 ► nopost.info
Kyle Hill (Because Science) ► nopost.info/code/vG04Y09q0HExnIjdgaqcDQ
Colleen Ballinger ► nopost.info
NateWantstoBattle ► nopost.info
Jirard The Completionist ► nopost.info
The Try Guys ► nopost.info/code/pi8TJfiA4lKGkaXs__YdBA
The Odd1sOut ► nopost.info/code/o8bcnLyZH8tBIH9V1mLgqQ
SomethingElseYT ► nopost.info
Markiplier ► nopost.info
Dawko ► nopost.info
Miguel from St. Jude Children’s Hospital ►nopost.info
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Enter the Raffle for a Chance to Win ONE of the Following Prizes:
- 1 of 10 Internet Friends Posters Signed by Every Guest on this Livestream!
- 1 of 5 Theorist Merch Swag Bags!
- A Curated Basket of Exotic Butters!
- A New Nintendo Switch with a Game Theory case signed by MatPat!
- A New Google Nest Hub Max!
- 1 of 4 HyperX prize packs!
- One winner’s avatar or likeness will appear in the current Game Theory intro!
Any donation lets you participate in our 2 Bidding Wars! One vote per donation!
- The Battle for MatPat’s Hair!: Should Matt shave his head or get a full body wax?
- Pick Our FNAF Character! You get to pick who we play as in when we play the NEW FNAF game Scott Cawthon made for our livestream! This poll ends when we start playing FNAF!
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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists År siden
After an INCREDIBLE day of donations and Scott's unbelievably generous offer to donate the full amount hidden in the game, our final total raised is...$1,331,273.50. Over a million dollars raised in ten hours! THIS is the power of communities uniting for good. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you ALL for your support of this amazing cause. Updates on incentives: - Over the next few days, Tiltify will be pulling names for all the raffle items. You'll be contacted via email. - Stephanie has a hair appointment scheduled and will be dyeing her hair next week. - I'll be fully shaving my head next Friday (the 13th). That's also when I'll officially stop shaving for the next thirty days...resulting in what will end up being the strangest hair days of my life. Wish me luck :)
MC Madness
MC Madness Måned siden
Wow matpat i-
Trijosh Måned siden
Happy 1st Anniverasry!
Delilah Ventura
Delilah Ventura Måned siden
I asked my teacher if he wanted EXOTIC BUTTERS
chase spake
chase spake 2 måneder siden
@Dude PÜRP weirdo comes from the word weird. Weird just means unusual and or different, especially in comparison to the individual using the word. My view on right and wrong us different then yours therefore I am weird to you, what's your point?
Dude PÜRP 2 måneder siden
@chase spake You're a weirdo
Toby Hofmans
Toby Hofmans 3 dager siden
SpringBen 4 dager siden
Markiplier isn't real
Araf Hasan
Araf Hasan 4 dager siden
Tony Pennachi
Tony Pennachi 5 dager siden
Why did markiplier send me a link to this video?
JoshTGH 5 dager siden
Oh sure he did
エイジEiji 5 dager siden
I’m here to leave mark a message 🥲
Javien Rodriguez
Javien Rodriguez 6 dager siden
Thx a lot mark for telling me to leave my message AT A ONE YEAR OLD LIVE STREAM
Mr. Azat
Mr. Azat 6 dager siden
Markiplier is not here
Eleminity 6 dager siden
i cant believe my eyes... 5.2 thousand dislikes?
Fortniteisoof 6 dager siden
im sausag
im sausag 6 dager siden
who else came here from the voice message vid
KO saurusREX
KO saurusREX 6 dager siden
Just seeing dawko and mark together at 6:35:41 made my day the first time I saw this. I'll never forget it.
An Tabble
An Tabble 6 dager siden
Hello, Mark sent me here :)
Gman 145
Gman 145 7 dager siden
Hey markiplier I was wondering how you been and have you been not real from the beginning or have you turned from real to fake recently.
J W 6 dager siden
Mheilvinpescador 7 dager siden
What's going on to markierplier?
TheSnakeMarine Gaming
TheSnakeMarine Gaming 7 dager siden
Mark... isnt real...
Midori gurin
Midori gurin 7 dager siden
Who's here that clicked the link
Spy Noodles
Spy Noodles 8 dager siden
am here because if markiplier
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD 8 dager siden
Gamers are chaotic good
Yesiwantplaygamecanplay Yesiwantplaygamecanplay
Yesiwantplaygamecanplay Yesiwantplaygamecanplay 8 dager siden
imagine how much pewdiepie would get if he made a 9 hour livestream
Bacho Rubio
Bacho Rubio 8 dager siden
Adain Roberts
Adain Roberts 8 dager siden
To bad you're not real Mark, this was a good charity event.
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD 8 dager siden
Wow, a bobblehead here?
Hayden Avellona
Hayden Avellona 9 dager siden
Uh *999
Eclipce_ The_God
Eclipce_ The_God 9 dager siden
Starts at about 11:11
Mohamed Zlaif Gamer
Mohamed Zlaif Gamer 9 dager siden
Mark this is the message
spell smash
spell smash 9 dager siden
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams 9 dager siden
This is not a prerecorded message for Markiplier it's a random passage way to idk what
I Need Sleep
I Need Sleep 9 dager siden
u n k n
u n k n 9 dager siden
message to mark: MARK YOU ARENT REAL
TW80 Studios
TW80 Studios 10 dager siden
Why does markiplier isn’t here right now vídeo lead me here
Richard Helfrich
Richard Helfrich 11 dager siden
Am I the only one that heard Jameson theodd1sout ask Matt where his Freddy FURSUIT went. Theodd1s out furry confirmed.
Richard Helfrich
Richard Helfrich 11 dager siden
* James or
Renato Skrt
Renato Skrt 11 dager siden
Mark brought me here
Brendan Leane
Brendan Leane 13 dager siden
2019: $1,000,000 2020: dont be shy times it buy 3
Edelsteen Dalbert
Edelsteen Dalbert 14 dager siden
Meanwhile everyone else is talking about stuff I'm gonna say one thing *Unus Annus*
Journi Jones
Journi Jones 14 dager siden
Sohema Mehmi
Sohema Mehmi 16 dager siden
Has anyone made a time stamp thing for the different creators? if so can someone post it in the replies? :) also...i love this, its all going to an AMAZING cause
Aarya Bhat
Aarya Bhat 20 dager siden
I saw 9 hours lol
The Best of the best
The Best of the best 21 dag siden
2019 : Mr beast: let’s plant 20 million trees *raises over 22 million* 2020: Matpat: lets raise 1 million dollars for St. Jude Children’s research Hospital *Raises over 3 million Dollars*
Marie Principe
Marie Principe 23 dager siden
Hi ultra custom night
yoloman yolo
yoloman yolo 20 dager siden
Vlad III Dracula
Vlad III Dracula 26 dager siden
If you tried to cancel all the cancer on NOpost, you would have to cancel NOpost it’s self
Dylan Selander
Dylan Selander 27 dager siden
#Most Money raised in a Day
Gamer liam
Gamer liam 28 dager siden
Marks unnus currently
Dylan Selander
Dylan Selander 29 dager siden
One of my friends put Elmer's Glue in a Oreo for her brother....................................................
Kallocarina Måned siden
I think the prize everyone really wants are the exotic butters
IronMike Tyson
IronMike Tyson Måned siden
6:35:39 is great
Eldariel15 Måned siden
"Never have you ever been to a party with strangers where everyone was..... hugging" lmao good job at keeping it pg Eugene
bob glome
bob glome Måned siden
Here in 2020 and you guys double last year's count hope next year triples
Sans Girl
Sans Girl Måned siden
I feel so bad that Ro got 4 bad cookies in a row! 😂
Parker Savage
Parker Savage Måned siden
Bruh markiplier was wearing unus annus merch
Jaimy Måned siden
after watching the live stream from a few days ago I just had to come back to watch this one again, it's just too wholesome seeing all of these creators come together for such an amazing cause
Davidson Tegga
Davidson Tegga Måned siden
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Hanna Reyes
Hanna Reyes Måned siden
And now 2020 that they have raised over 3 million
Alita Måned siden
can we talk about how Markiplier had 23,592 lying around that he could donate on the spot? Like I get if you were able to look at your finances and then donate that amount, but he just went and got his wallet. Speaks a little of the wealth he's actually sitting on!
Black1Bank Måned siden
I hust got a st jude matpat ad
Pugzilla Måned siden
They hit their goal at 5:15:35
Nibir Paran
Nibir Paran Måned siden
timestamps, anyone?
Rohan Agrawal
Rohan Agrawal Måned siden
Who's here after they raised 3 mil for Saint Judes
Aaron Shearl
Aaron Shearl Måned siden
Bro I'm mad people disliked this video
Trijosh Måned siden
Happy 1st Anniversary!
Shark_Burritos Måned siden
Mark is wearing Unus Annus Merch :)
Keiran Måned siden
When does the section with mark start?
Shark_Burritos Måned siden
sadhana singam
sadhana singam Måned siden
Only if u peopl knew what this year we had in store with the donations!
Strategical Celery
Strategical Celery Måned siden
1 year later and they managed to raise up to 3 million dollars
Trijosh Måned siden
Angie Uva
Angie Uva Måned siden
I can’t believe this was almost 10 hours!
Random human Being
Random human Being Måned siden
This year's stream raised over 3,000,000 which is incredible!!
Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson Måned siden
sonic and freinds :Joshua Gruver
sonic and freinds :Joshua Gruver Måned siden
Thanks for the help guys. We couldn't have done it without you youtubers.
witocrazykidyt !
witocrazykidyt ! Måned siden
scott donated at some point someone tell me when
StarlightFury192 Måned siden
Yeah! who else was here for the stream!
Ivy Hnin
Ivy Hnin Måned siden
Here after they raised 3 mil in this year’s stream! I’m so proud of everyone who took part in both of the streams. Here’s to 5 mil next year (wishful thinking)
Asmi Roy
Asmi Roy Måned siden
I love how they are full grown adults with responsibilities...........
LEGOStarwars Videos
LEGOStarwars Videos Måned siden
4.3M+ is a lot
Lex Layton
Lex Layton Måned siden
Rhett and Link timestamps?
Veronika MILANEK2016
Veronika MILANEK2016 Måned siden
Only for 10 dollars charity:krabiciczyt@gmail.com Ma bank:Ver.Skala@gmail.com My friend:Risanek.Hazem@gmail.com
Braden Peirce
Braden Peirce Måned siden
One year later, Mat would successfully raise over TWICE THE AMOUNT OF THIS STREAM!!! This was an incredible day.
Monika Twister
Monika Twister 9 dager siden
*Only 18* 👇👇👇 145263.loveisreal.ru
LEGOStarwars Videos
LEGOStarwars Videos Måned siden
Was looking for 1 of these comments
Lil And Chrome’s Slimes
Lil And Chrome’s Slimes Måned siden
Who else just came from the 2020 livestream?
Zaza B.
Zaza B. Måned siden
5.2K heartless crusty people here hope you see this and know your unhappy with your life and you deserve it.
Davon Pearson Watergecko
Davon Pearson Watergecko Måned siden
i looked at the dislikes and i agree
Isaac's Creations
Isaac's Creations Måned siden
$1.3M? pathetic, you just raised over $3M this year!
Atlas Måned siden
@Rilynn Ojala it's a joke
QueenSahara Ice
QueenSahara Ice Måned siden
I still can't believe we raised 3MILLION DOLLARS on the lastest stream😭😭💜💜💜
Rilynn Ojala
Rilynn Ojala Måned siden
Otto Coleman
Otto Coleman Måned siden
Pov: you came here after watching the amazing livestream of the 2020 charity
GambinoWithNoM Måned siden
Crazy... just crazy
Brandy Artley
Brandy Artley Måned siden
So awesome!!!
Astraestus Måned siden
Here from the 2nd stream 😄
Not cha' Mama
Not cha' Mama Måned siden
who here after the second stream
The Nosh
The Nosh Måned siden
Kris Vin
Kris Vin Måned siden
Jake from State Farm!!! Wow!!
Cyan Måned siden
Im in the 2020 one now but God i watched all 9 hours of this live for me 😂
Sam Cooke
Sam Cooke Måned siden
I thought this was the 2020 one
Nathans Fun Time
Nathans Fun Time Måned siden
The G Kidz
The G Kidz Måned siden
To the 5.2K people who disliked this video. Why?
Edward Måned siden
Simply Gaming
Simply Gaming Måned siden
Who in the world would actually dislike this.
Doran Diepenbroek
Doran Diepenbroek Måned siden
How can you dislike this?! This was done to save children's lives, yet there are 5k dislikes! Why would you do that?
The Man Behind the slaughter
The Man Behind the slaughter Måned siden
I commented the same thing and I agrre
AgArman AgGarg
AgArman AgGarg Måned siden
Sniff Sniff The Live stream Didn’t show in my subscriptions sniff sniff
Mr. Beaver
Mr. Beaver Måned siden
Lol I have same onesie
technically me
technically me Måned siden
Im so mad I missed this live! I do kick a thons at my karate dojo first saint Jude, my oldest sister had cancer and went there and survived, so I really wanted to get here live ;^; but I'm so happy you guys did this!
James Saunders
James Saunders Måned siden
this is exactly why i like watching your videos.
Stripysniper 187
Stripysniper 187 Måned siden
Why did so many dislike
Abe Meppen
Abe Meppen Måned siden
#cancel cancer
Abe Meppen
Abe Meppen Måned siden
So sweet
Alex Rentfrow
Alex Rentfrow Måned siden
One more time
Mr. Commenter
Mr. Commenter Måned siden
ocean spray good job
Mr. Commenter
Mr. Commenter Måned siden
go ocean spray :)
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