Game Theory: I Lost EVERY Game of Magic... So You Don't Have To! (Magic The Gathering)

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When Wizards of the Coast approached us about doing an episode on Magic the Gathering, I felt like this was the sign I was waiting for to enhance my skills. By that I mean, learn how to finally win! I wanted to become the best Magic player I could and to do so, I needed to bring in some magic of my own - math! Stay with me, Theorists. Today we are going to learn the tricks to winning any game of Magic. Draw your cards!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Fgbgob År siden
God I really needed this, I’m trying to get into magic but didn’t know how to play. BIG THANK!
it's not subaru its fuka you
it's not subaru its fuka you 11 dager siden
Wait till commander
Silvertipstudio 25 dager siden
How tf was this pinned?
Vulcanitee Måned siden
clap and a half to the bois
God 2 måneder siden
@Kevin Wilson not really, rogues is a rather affordable tier 1 deck
Eat your Cereal number 2
Eat your Cereal number 2 3 måneder siden
Fgbgob i got you to 169 comments nice
tristan phillips
tristan phillips Dag siden
shouldve done this for yugioh tbh
Melvin Mateo
Melvin Mateo Dag siden
Where's the Yu-Gi-Oh theory
l bear scout
l bear scout Dag siden
Therorieticly no, the card sequence has been done before because there only 52 cards meaning there are limited numbers of outcomes, with how long cards have been around and with how popular card games are. I am sure that that sequences has been done before.
Fawaz Taheri
Fawaz Taheri Dag siden
Sorry matt but i hate mill decks with all of my hart, more then 'only i get to play' decks (counterspells/return target creature to hand/you can't untab target creature enchantments)
Donovan Fisticuffs
Donovan Fisticuffs 2 dager siden
Tldr; make a rogues deck
chsbob9 3 dager siden
I wonder if they counted lands as individual cards instead of duplicates when doing the math
Pastel Landscape
Pastel Landscape 3 dager siden
commander players know the pain of thinking you're just painstakingly shuffling the 99 when they realize they forgot to take out their commander..... then have to search for it and shuffle the 99 again :(
James Eddleman
James Eddleman 4 dager siden
If you make an infinite amount of decks of cards, then what percent is that chance to match a deck with someone else, via infinite other people shuffling those decks?
Mark Mixer
Mark Mixer 4 dager siden
ill beat him username MarkMixer#02712 send my a friend request
Ruthless Gentleman Productions
Ruthless Gentleman Productions 4 dager siden
I want you to play my wife Mattpat she is vicious at this game
Jake S
Jake S 5 dager siden
12:58 (gitaxian probe)
Arsenal Arsenal
Arsenal Arsenal 5 dager siden
13:06 - how dare you assume their genders!
Rc Angel and Demon
Rc Angel and Demon 5 dager siden
Matpat why don’t you do a look at yugioh
zaybro forson
zaybro forson 5 dager siden
Im used to the pic mattpatt
Bob Newby Superhero
Bob Newby Superhero 5 dager siden
Silly matpat, obviously the best strategy is to build an empathic connection with the heart of the cards so it rigs the game in your favor!
SkyCr2t -o
SkyCr2t -o 5 dager siden
Wow i havent seen this episode
aidan walden
aidan walden 6 dager siden
Lol magic is easy. You take out a small business loan and buy all the original duels and fetches. Too easy.
Nathaniel Wood
Nathaniel Wood 6 dager siden
This is in no way some crazy discovery. These things your saying are all things any somewhat good player knows.
Joshua Ciegotura
Joshua Ciegotura 6 dager siden
My first 3 cards were the same as his and I freaked out for a second
Druling turtle
Druling turtle 6 dager siden
Did anyone else see the second matpat head behind the first one
Demonic Nihilist
Demonic Nihilist 6 dager siden
I need this, people I teach to play beat me. xd
KARLSON 6 dager siden
you could also get clone creature cards like glasspool mimics for the mill decks you enjoy playing! continue the manipulation of the odds!
Nate Wygant
Nate Wygant 7 dager siden
It’s weird to see his face moving in the beginning
Michael Owusu_Afari
Michael Owusu_Afari 7 dager siden
Matt plays Dimir Rogues You hate to see it😔
Azazel Gaming
Azazel Gaming 7 dager siden
Meanwhile me a yugioh player being asked how my deck works: I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW MY DECK WORKS
anthony galletta
anthony galletta 7 dager siden
Does not help commander players lol
Madoc George
Madoc George 8 dager siden
I’ve never played magic but I love d&d so I’m so happy wizards sponsored you
Splow 8 dager siden
Instructions Unclear; played Dugtrio in defense position while using my monstermon color bonus to reflect satan’s energy rays targeted at me towards my opponent so his Blue-Eyes White Dragon runs out of HP and I discard my Water energy from my dugtrio right after rolling a 20 on a d20.
FiveWasHere 8 dager siden
Feel weird seeing MatPat talk and move, Im used to the pictured MatPat 😂
candice uy
candice uy 9 dager siden
Matpat: less than 1% for someone to get the same sequence as someone else Dream: is that a challenge?... Disclaimer: i don't actually think that Dream cheated lol
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez 9 dager siden
Can you do one on yu-gi-oh
Bob Joe
Bob Joe 9 dager siden
You could also just play goblins
Elizabeth Stevenson
Elizabeth Stevenson 9 dager siden
Here’s a tip. If someone casts a removal spell on the first creature you play, that means they have at least two more in their hand. So play your worst creatures after that if you can until they use all their spells.
Devjeet Mishra
Devjeet Mishra 10 dager siden
"Release pressure from the bottom" what the-
Yargle Beatdown
Yargle Beatdown 10 dager siden
uh...gonna have to correct you on 9:16 where you say there are 3x10^23 atoms in the universe. There are estimated to be closer to 10^70 or higher.
Yargle Beatdown
Yargle Beatdown 10 dager siden
"in magic, you can stack the deck in your favor...literally" bruh I got banned from a GP for following your advice :(
Eli Bronson
Eli Bronson 10 dager siden
P.s. not the only things in the deck that end the game in 1 turn, as a courtesy, I always ask: how u want me 2 end it.
DumbMushroomAlex 10 dager siden
I play with a Mill deck (That means that my decks goal is to make my opponent run out of cards.)
Eli Bronson
Eli Bronson 10 dager siden
So, u like to mill? Well my best deck is green, I use the cards- mine, mine, mine! Which causes all players 2 add thr decks 2 the hnd, nobody losses from drawing on an empty deck, and everyone can only cast 1 spell each turn, then I play Jace, Wielder of mysteries whch says I win if I draw from an empty deck, or I'll play thassa's oracle when I play something and win on u'r turn!
Timesphere 5
Timesphere 5 10 dager siden
Aimee Kennedy
Aimee Kennedy 10 dager siden
Dude U just so smart
The Nickle
The Nickle 10 dager siden
am i the only one who feels like this video didnt exist in 2019?
livlafdestroy or somthin
livlafdestroy or somthin 11 dager siden
Theodd1sout needs to see this
it's not subaru its fuka you
it's not subaru its fuka you 11 dager siden
In magic(the gathering) you can have dupes if you have the card you can have paper cards is what I mean you can have 4 of one card in each deck
Spider-Man Can’t see
Spider-Man Can’t see 11 dager siden
I’ve never played magic but I’ll watch this anyway.
cybergamer b
cybergamer b 11 dager siden
It probably has happened because cards have been existing for many years so yeah
Henry Birchall
Henry Birchall 11 dager siden
Nobody: Me when I realize that my fav tuber play magic: *LE GASP*
Pe-Sh-Oh 11 dager siden
play a real card game like yu gi oh
Eaglest05 12 dager siden
My favorite deck strategy is slowly building up and buffing up an army of creatures with enough health to withstand any hit and enough damage to kill basically anything my opponent has then seeing how far into the negatives I can bring them because what's the point of winning if you don't go overkill.
KemkoKaoKameo 13 dager siden
My current favourite deck is Zirda Mana Dork Mantle. In a vacuum it's the most consistent combo deck I've ever seen. I haven't had the opportunity to test it against control since I only have internet on my phone n ive only seen 1 NOpostr play it. My build runs 20 lands, 20 1-mana creatures that can tap to add a mana (need at least 1 for the combo n 7 mana to safely pull it off), 4 copies a nigh useless Equipment card n 8 cards to search for it, 2 copies of Zirda in the deck n 1 in the sideboard for its companion ability n then just 4 copies of a card to accelerate the combo n two 1 off Equipment cards to get around certain things that could stop the deck. Still working on a sideboard but the math for the base deck is 1/3 card is a mana dork, 1/5 cards is Mantle or ways to find it, n a guaranteed Zirda along with a 1/30 cards being the extra copies for resilience n to save the 3 mana to use the companion ability. Before the companion nerd it was consistent to win on turns 3 or 4 (even 2 with Leyline of Abundance) if it hindered n now on turns 4 or 5 (3 with Leyljne). It puts a lot of pressure on ur opponent to disrupt ur combo quick or die
OgEight YT
OgEight YT 13 dager siden
I would love to see matpat play more magic
Andre Lei
Andre Lei 14 dager siden
"4 cards of each kind"**laughs in 7 dwarves* *laughs in rat colony* *laughs in relentless rats**
troy hrabec
troy hrabec 15 dager siden
20 lands 20 spells 20 creatures = 5 spells x4 5 creatures x4 of duplicates eazy as game
Pure Work5
Pure Work5 16 dager siden
Or you can play relentless rats
Cup O Tea
Cup O Tea 16 dager siden
I grabbed a deck of random pokemon cards for the intro HAHA! I feel a lil' silly.
Brandon Day
Brandon Day 16 dager siden
Can you do a yugioh version of this?
Stardestroyer 062
Stardestroyer 062 17 dager siden
Every player can manage resources. Proffesionals especially. And professional black (card) players are experts of it.
Vanessa Koehler
Vanessa Koehler 17 dager siden
Personally I find this very enjoyable also I can relate to a certain level. I have a mono black vampire deck and a mono red Goblin deck. My vampires need work but they're pretty okay. But my red goblins are pretty nasty. Also when I shuffle My deck before games usually I'll have to do a few reshuffles after I mill a few times because it can get really really bad if you don't have the correct hand. I've learned that the hard way, and I'm happy to say I've been in Magic the Gathering for about a year now which is pretty cool. And I hope to get better as the years goes on. Thank you Game Theory♥️
Jesse Alexander
Jesse Alexander 18 dager siden
If anyone has seen yu gi oh gx he reminds me of bastion misawa
Shill Mcjewenburg
Shill Mcjewenburg 18 dager siden
You can basically skip this video and just spend 3k a deck thats how wizards works its just pay to win
Enshin X
Enshin X 18 dager siden
4:52 i do to want to suck less of those juices:)
Far’fetched openings
Far’fetched openings 20 dager siden
I got the first 4 cards wat are the odds
Saul Cuthbertson
Saul Cuthbertson 20 dager siden
"You can fill that deck with duplicates." **Sad commander noises**
Sir Metronome
Sir Metronome 20 dager siden
I remember seeing this when it came out. I've come back cause I now know how to play magic
Malcolm 20 dager siden
Tip for bridge shuffle: keep your thumbs on top of the arch so that the cards don't separate. You aren't holding them down, so when you bend them they just straighten out an ruin your bridge. And tip for your attempted card spring, squeeze the cards so they bend inward, not outward. And hold them by the corners, not the edges. If, however, you aren't interested in learning how to do a standard bridge riffle shuffle, you can look up and learn how to do these: Tabled Riffle Shuffle, over-hand shuffle, hindu shuffle, running cut, block cut, Charlier cut, scissor cut, revolve cut, 3-way cut, 3-way Charlier cut, swing cut, swivel cut, faro shuffle, sybil cut, classic pass, herman pass, spread pass, or zarrow shuffle. (Don't mind me, just showing off my knowledge of card handling)
Niko L
Niko L 21 dag siden
Arena will always telegraph if you have a playable instant on your hand by pausing the opponent's turn to give you time to activate it; it's kinda aggravating as it tends to reveal information that wouldn't be revealed in the physical game
Pink&Blue Icon
Pink&Blue Icon 21 dag siden
I love how at around 16:20 mark he uses a song that sounds similar to the Wipeout theme
kelly chapman
kelly chapman 21 dag siden
My ex got me into magic and he had the most OBNOXIOUS DECK EVER. in five turns he was guaranteed to win. He stacked a deck where he could get infinite mana and creatures that had attack power based on mana. I NEVER BEAT THAT STUPID DECK. I hate to admit it was a really good deck
Blake Campbell
Blake Campbell 22 dager siden
It's okay MatPat I don't know how to do the second bridge either. Oh, and can you do a collaboration with the SuperCarlinBrothers?
Nintendope 25 dager siden
I'm really good at making fake tells.... probably not a good trait
Nintendope 25 dager siden
Me when I get the exact same pack of pokemon cards twice in a row: matpat help
Nintendope 25 dager siden
The worlds biggest magic smurf player us about to win their first battle against an unsuspecting opponent
Nintendope 25 dager siden
I lost more than u have.... for science
Silvertipstudio 25 dager siden
Matpat after getting a few things reflected: I hate everything! Yu-Gi-Oh players: you get used to it
Silvertipstudio 25 dager siden
Yu-Gi-Oh players: pathetic
King Snogaryen
King Snogaryen 25 dager siden
Jeskai Tokens... or Selesnya Tokens... that's my jam. So many Tokens.
Marcus Far
Marcus Far 26 dager siden
They only played with terrible decks
Marcus Far
Marcus Far 26 dager siden
This is literally basic deck building
Christian Mackley
Christian Mackley 26 dager siden
I'm not one to demand difficult requests onto people, BUT PLS DO ONE OF THESE FOR POKEMON TCG I NEED IT!!!
Guówáng Ω
Guówáng Ω 26 dager siden
Math and statistics? No MatPat you just need to believe.
Rickstr 27 dager siden
6:06 ah yes my favorite artifact.
Rydikar 27 dager siden
Now do a Yugioh video. I don’t care what kind. Just do one.
Hellcarver T.V
Hellcarver T.V Måned siden
How not to mono blue
46lespaul Måned siden
the other big thing about tells is in the cards they play if you see someone spend alot of mana on a beefy card that doesnt have alot of on board protection two things are most probable either they have nothing to protect themselves and going into a rush for power so it is worth it in this instance to call that but they could have in hand protection since they are going to play it anyway in this scenario you can get info on what is most likly their next play simply by reacting to situations like this
Letsget gaming
Letsget gaming Måned siden
really a reference to yugioh with the heart of the cards bs
WreckinPoints11 Måned siden
I can’t have any tells if I have no idea what I’m doing
patrik ginga
patrik ginga Måned siden
Play Yu Gi OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OWNED COMB Måned siden
why don't you play yugioh for once?
Hrishi Potter
Hrishi Potter Måned siden
"In chess, you have all the knowledge." Huh, I never knew that mind reading was a part of playing chess. I'll try and incorporate that into my next tournament.
Mr. Epic Playz
Mr. Epic Playz Måned siden
1:01 Yugioh player s wait thats illigal
Miko Måned siden
Wait, what is gaijin goombah doing here?
jamie cruz
jamie cruz Måned siden
2 things that matter that weren't addressed are tempo and card advantage. If you can slow your opponent down and out race them or simply draw more cards which is equivalent to getting more resources and options it can lead to victory.
amazing guy
amazing guy Måned siden
10:04 there is a card where litterly you can have any number of him and there is a another card where you may pay x life to get x mana that does not go away at the end of the turn so you infinitly mill them TO DEATH
amazing guy
amazing guy Måned siden
8:24 give me enough time i know what all those cards do but in chain event give me time to calculate what you could or would be doing
amazing guy
amazing guy Måned siden
MatPat all you need is 3 instant win cards, in this case milling your self lets you win and heres how 1. puresight merrow context: white or blue (untap) puresight merrow and look at the top card of the library you may exile it. 2. jiang-yangu wild crafter: planeswalker: constant effect all creatures with 1+1 counters on them get "tap add one mana of any color to your mana pool" 3.jace wielder of mysteries: planeswalker: constant effect:when you draw your last card of your deck you win the game (1+) discard a card then draw a card other abilities cant remember order of play 1. cast puresight merrow pass the turn. 2. on your turn (1+) jiang yangu to give puresight merrow a (1+1) counter 3. tap puresight merrow for a white or blue then untap him and exile that card repeat untill you have no library 4. (1+) jace so you draw a card and win the game so i hope you found this usefull because this is one of many infinite combos i know
Untitled 1
Untitled 1 Måned siden
I like how after Austin McConnel's video, Matpat shows us on HOW NOT TO SUCK. 👏👁️👄👁️. Austin was just weak in research.
Yenicraft Vallarta
Yenicraft Vallarta Måned siden
He should do yu-gi-oh!
Vali_BG Måned siden
How to always win at Chess: K.O your opponent using a Chess book.
The Jank Enthusiast
The Jank Enthusiast Måned siden
You need at least 16 tutors, Being a way to access cards you need
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