Game Theory: I Lost EVERY Game of Magic... So You Don't Have To! (Magic The Gathering)

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When Wizards of the Coast approached us about doing an episode on Magic the Gathering, I felt like this was the sign I was waiting for to enhance my skills. By that I mean, learn how to finally win! I wanted to become the best Magic player I could and to do so, I needed to bring in some magic of my own - math! Stay with me, Theorists. Today we are going to learn the tricks to winning any game of Magic. Draw your cards!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Fgbgob År siden
God I really needed this, I’m trying to get into magic but didn’t know how to play. BIG THANK!
Eat your Cereal number 2
Eat your Cereal number 2 21 dag siden
Fgbgob i got you to 169 comments nice
Eat your Cereal number 2
Eat your Cereal number 2 21 dag siden
Fgbgob ye
Eat your Cereal number 2
Eat your Cereal number 2 21 dag siden
Fgbgob ye
Eat your Cereal number 2
Eat your Cereal number 2 21 dag siden
Fgbgob ye
Eat your Cereal number 2
Eat your Cereal number 2 21 dag siden
Fgbgob yeah
Joshua Kovacs
Joshua Kovacs 19 timer siden
7:39 is the reason I came
alex FENG
alex FENG Dag siden
how to win at magic? easy, draft an army of 2000 and overrun your opponent
Pringlz 69
Pringlz 69 2 dager siden
MatPat: This video is about magic the gathering Me: Unsubscribes in yu gi oh
Andrew Messer
Andrew Messer 3 dager siden
Mat: talking about standard Me: laughing in commander, legacy, modern and pauper "My personal favorite strat is mill." Darn it Mat, you make us look bad! (Playing EDH red/blue storm)
ultra 4 amaizing 4
ultra 4 amaizing 4 5 dager siden
Diamond Bolt is wach
Mikeybee 6 dager siden
man now i just have a deck of cards in my hand
Panzzer 6 dager siden
Dang it your deck that mills me out would beat me pretty fast because in my deck I draw tons of cards
Braden Sorensen
Braden Sorensen 9 dager siden
Since I have learned how to play magic more and more over the past year... It is so obvious that Mat Pat doesn't actually know how to play Magic.
CXhris James
CXhris James 9 dager siden
so 80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 * 1,000, 000,000 is 80 Trevegintillion Im pretty sure
ZenTraiDee 11 dager siden
I agree with MTG is about Math.Just imagine you got 24 or 25 lands and that is basically a general law to look at.And you need to pay attention on it.
TheIceThorn 12 dager siden
the calc is just 52! aka 52+51+50+49+ecc... In MTG is minimum 60!
The_Sliver_King 13 dager siden
You shan't defeat me!
Filip Karapandza
Filip Karapandza 13 dager siden
Next vid: I lost every game of Yu Gi Oh so you don’t have to
Nathan Hillis
Nathan Hillis 14 dager siden
Build decks off of one set that’s my tip for beginners
abcslayer 15 dager siden
Me: “I hate mil” Also me:*turn 4 ulamog the ceaseless hunger*
Ben Vincent
Ben Vincent 16 dager siden
Faking tells is a very important strategy. Even if you only fake some tells and are showing other natural tells, it will confuse your opponent, which is generally good.
Liam Bomkamp
Liam Bomkamp 16 dager siden
Josh and Jimmy should get in contact for Game Knights. That would be interesting.
Senuth Abeysuriya
Senuth Abeysuriya 17 dager siden
Who else saw it as "I lost every game" XD
poeticintution 18 dager siden
Counter. - the son of whom this account belongs to
becky 18 dager siden
i play comp commander this doesnt apply to my 100 card deck is sad day :(
HecticEvening Studios
HecticEvening Studios 18 dager siden
me and my bro did the 1 shuffle a day and we did for half a year and we got the same deck twice
Dominic Jespersen
Dominic Jespersen 19 dager siden
I got it before this video thank you for the tips!
GameOnGamers 19 dager siden
MatPat doesn't have googley eyes anymore...
Black lotus into three charging badgers
Black lotus into three charging badgers 20 dager siden
EDH pog
Lunar Art
Lunar Art 21 dag siden
I'm ten and I LOVE Magic! My dad has almost all of the cards, especialy the old ones and him me and my brother play ALL THE TIME! Him and my brother also really like using the op deck... I've actually won one or two games before! I've never played arena though and the graphics CAN'T COMPARE to playing it IRL! But we sorta don't have to deal with decks because we always know which deck each of us is going to use XD (love your work been a fan for three years!)
Ethan Starshine
Ethan Starshine 22 dager siden
Ahaha, HAHAH Now I won't ever lose!
Slush Burke
Slush Burke 23 dager siden
Slush Burke
Slush Burke 23 dager siden
You the best
BlueBunny26 23 dager siden
Opponent:*exists* Me with 3 Sarkhan, Dragonsouls(they have an ability that summons all the dragons in your deck) and pretty much only dragon-type creatures:
Eric Cooney
Eric Cooney 24 dager siden
sooooo how bout commander ... hehehe
Re Preach
Re Preach 24 dager siden
What is the number of burn permutations? Like seriously the most repetitive deck basically. Actually how did you calc the permutations?
Not Your Average Person 000
Not Your Average Person 000 25 dager siden
9:41 I just learned scientific notation in school so I understand stuff like that now lol
Mackenzie Ray
Mackenzie Ray 25 dager siden
@matpat Hey you mentioned that you like decking out your opponent, so I'd recommend Bakugan Battle Planet. Check it out - I'm having lots of fun with it.
SilverWater22 25 dager siden
Yu gi oh is a way better alternative tho btw its my opinion XD :)
Jacob Molzan
Jacob Molzan 27 dager siden
I want to reck mat at magic
Jollity angel
Jollity angel 27 dager siden
i wanna git gud at hearthstone
Alex Ogilvie
Alex Ogilvie 27 dager siden
even I know how to shuffle cards and im 8
Brian B
Brian B 28 dager siden
Jason I challenge you.
landon miller
landon miller 29 dager siden
Ima player
Jordan Venegas
Jordan Venegas 29 dager siden
Listen Matpat, your good and all, but if you face me in magic, my slivers will DESTROY YOU!
Kade Corbett
Kade Corbett Måned siden
Does he realise that any decent magic player knows this? Only new players don’t know this.
Munchie Litten
Munchie Litten Måned siden
Lmho !!!!
TalonMario2003 Måned siden
Why does MatPat look like a Karen in the thumbnail?
Seth Boyce
Seth Boyce Måned siden
Williiam McDonald
Williiam McDonald Måned siden
I'm surprised MatPat never did a theory about Yugioh, especially the newer stuff that Yugioh has
Spikebama -
Spikebama - Måned siden
Food theory was already in the intro before they made videos about it.
Trent Smith
Trent Smith Måned siden
this is the moneyball of cards game change my mind
Raj Måned siden
I wish my maths class was like matpats segue in the beginning when we were learning probability
Robi Stive
Robi Stive Måned siden
That will never leave u
WheatBreadOne Gaming
WheatBreadOne Gaming Måned siden
Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the Audio isn’t synced to the video? It’s very slightly off
bey news l
bey news l Måned siden
JoJo please
im so sorry
im so sorry Måned siden
Us noobs on mobile:☹️
Mikael Ólafsson
Mikael Ólafsson Måned siden
On the next episode of game theory we play yugioh
Jonathan Cheek
Jonathan Cheek Måned siden
milling is a stupid mechanic
TheGreatestHusky 09
TheGreatestHusky 09 Måned siden
I'm just waiting for another planeswalker I wonder what its name will be probably MatPat The Game Theory Lord?
TheGreatestHusky 09
TheGreatestHusky 09 Måned siden
And I can't wait for a MatPat counter spell
darkshadowsvideo Måned siden
Me 11 months late watching the start like you sure
Not nooby At games
Not nooby At games Måned siden
Next episode Gregory is Phineas from the books
NinaBlaa Måned siden
Got to love that Matpat: I.. I can't do it.. Guy in the back: THA HAA HAAAAA!!! XD x'''DDDDD
Z3R0Ko0L Måned siden
Matpat to finish the falling bridge shuffle push both thumbs firmly at the top of the nerd shuffle while holding thumbs down at one end of card bring both hands inward while curling cards the cards should magically fall into place
Shaurya Bhatnagar
Shaurya Bhatnagar Måned siden
do you thing MATPATs voise sound so fake
Domoon 1287
Domoon 1287 Måned siden
Good video.
Solomon Quezada
Solomon Quezada Måned siden
Playing with no sleeves 😑
GregTheLion Måned siden
Game Theory: What's the best way to Pull the rarest Pokemon Cards? Hint: Not the mini tins. Do not buy the Mini tins, they're rubbish!
Chester hansel Duco
Chester hansel Duco Måned siden
Please make more vids like this with clips of your gorgeous face.
Asa Ploof
Asa Ploof Måned siden
I'm in school
Alyssa Estrada
Alyssa Estrada Måned siden
Just noticed for the AI tells one of the usernames is AlyssaBeCrazy. Which is quite literally what the people who taught me Magic think about me.
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Måned siden
I now see the reference for food theory
Alyssa Estrada
Alyssa Estrada Måned siden
The intro has food theory in but this video was posted 11 months ago. Explain, MatPat.
SeijuroRen Måned siden
The secret to success is money.
its ya boi charlie
its ya boi charlie Måned siden
What you said at the start is mostly true there is a absolutely tiny chance that it’s the same as any thing else
King Ramses
King Ramses Måned siden
yugioh es better srry not srry
Tialee Haines
Tialee Haines Måned siden
I wish more games like this would get theories. not just video games not that I don't love video games
TrayeTrends Måned siden
so basically commander, brawl, singelton and oathbreaker are based on luck
Exploding Pigeon
Exploding Pigeon Måned siden
When you realize that the yellow corner in the... Theory circle? Is Food Theory.
Red_Comet Måned siden
Me realizing that the yellow side of the logo has been around for over a year
Elye Soto
Elye Soto Måned siden
All you need to do is put a bunch of red goblins together put some shocks and some lightning strike and boom your the best/unless they have a life gain then it's just stailmate
Thomas Burr
Thomas Burr Måned siden
The one thing pissing me off about this is the very visible lack of card sleeves. Those cards are gonna get damaged real fast
Large Zamer
Large Zamer Måned siden
When you play magic and your name is matias to Stonks
Azfaar realm
Azfaar realm Måned siden
This is like monstermon from kindergarden 2
Tj kaze
Tj kaze Måned siden
I would love to have matpat do commander(edh)
Master Assassin
Master Assassin Måned siden
Erissia Alchemia
Erissia Alchemia Måned siden
I once double sleeved a really really cheap deck that I tailored to combat that shops very expensive meta. Half the people there played a version of it. It was in the same colors as them as to look like it too atleast for the first 4 or so turns. By double sleaving it tricked them into thinking I was playing with expensive cards (my deck cost me like $10) so they played in a way to combat the meta and were completely surprised when it was something else. I came in 2nd that night for my deceitful strategy.
Mr. Rice
Mr. Rice Måned siden
I have a god Ajani cat deck where I buff a creature by gaining hp give them flying and try to deal like 15 damage
kirbo大阿呆 person
kirbo大阿呆 person Måned siden
We are infinite
vaisen gamer bangla
vaisen gamer bangla Måned siden
i think i weasted my time watching this vid
Angelina Hilton
Angelina Hilton Måned siden
There are other tells in online games too, like in hearthstone you are able to see your opponent’s mouse movements as they look at and move their cards, and so you’re able to see if they’re nervously flicking though their hand, or decide if whether or not to play a certain card, or if they are playing their cards without hesitation. In other games you can see the same flicking of the cards (although hearthstone has the most wide range of movement I’ve seen)
kittenloverthe7th Måned siden
don't forget, u can see when the player hovers over something like a specific card
Jetra Virsai
Jetra Virsai Måned siden
OMG! I have that worldgorger dragon card. ...also I'm terrible at magic too.
Casey Roenneburg
Casey Roenneburg Måned siden
10:47 spam pause .25% speed. He's wearing his chaos theory shirt so I know he's up to something.
Estro TCG
Estro TCG Måned siden
redeem is like my favorite card in my deck
Rabid Rabbits
Rabid Rabbits Måned siden
I remember watching this I can’t believe that was almost a year ago
Jake Spencer
Jake Spencer Måned siden
Please do yugioh
Jake Spencer
Jake Spencer Måned siden
One more time YUGIOH
Jake Spencer
Jake Spencer Måned siden
Jake Spencer
Jake Spencer Måned siden
Jake Spencer
Jake Spencer Måned siden
Jake Spencer
Jake Spencer Måned siden
Jake Spencer
Jake Spencer Måned siden
Burn Blister
Burn Blister Måned siden
"Here's looking at you, Burn" Woah. For a moment I really thought he was talking to me.
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