Game Theory: Would YOU Stay Blind? (Close Your Eyes)

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2 år siden

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In a game full of monsters, jumpscares, and mind bending landscapes made of human body parts - what could scare you more? You are trapped in a facility with no memory of who or where you come from. Would you choose to uncover the horror of what your existence truly means? Today, Theorists, I am here to open your eyes to the TRUTH of Close your Eyes.
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Thank you to NOpostr, CjuGames, who gave us permission to use his footage of the game!
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prod. JM
prod. JM Time siden
witches stealing your eyes? sounds like poochie and pansy
Demir TAŞ
Demir TAŞ 13 timer siden
i pooped my pants when it said look behind you
Shayne Flask
Shayne Flask 23 timer siden
its one of your fnaf theories XD
Yuri Lilly
Yuri Lilly Dag siden
Dude I know how the witch is feeling. I can’t see either.
Jasmine Delaney
Jasmine Delaney 2 dager siden
Me watching this with my back towards it-Game Theory Noises Turns to look at screen as soon as it says don't look behind you- I'm in danger.
Luka Havelka
Luka Havelka 2 dager siden
Do not look behind you me: I cant cuz I’m in front of a wall you just got played matpat
Michiiimeow 2 dager siden
Interplanetary Gorilla
Interplanetary Gorilla 4 dager siden
Is it just me or is the test subject at 4:08 a *transfer* from *Aperture Science*?
csgo chicken
csgo chicken 4 dager siden
*"Game: Five Nights at Freddy's"*
Godzilla Kijau
Godzilla Kijau 5 dager siden
i was sitting in front of a wall and who is they
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 5 dager siden
I looked
Gacha Reacter
Gacha Reacter 6 dager siden
Among Us theory
Ian Cintron
Ian Cintron 8 dager siden
There are a lot of husks what happened to their robot counterparts. How come your the only robot
Jaime P.C.I
Jaime P.C.I 9 dager siden
why is the game in the description five nights at freddy's
s sc
s sc 9 dager siden
“Don’t look behind you” Me who’s sitting against a wall: Okay
Evu 10 dager siden
Rafael Reister
Rafael Reister 11 dager siden
Yoosuf Ahil
Yoosuf Ahil 12 dager siden
Stop only playing scary stuff make a good lore or theory or a good thingPLEASE
Blue-J 12 dager siden
‘Do not look behind you’ Me: *looks behind me* My demon behind me: hey julian Me: hey azgur
Ultimate Warriors
Ultimate Warriors 12 dager siden
Jellinhimer HOOMAN
Jellinhimer HOOMAN 13 dager siden
Don't look behind you? EXCUSE ME IM SITTING ON THE (toilet *EMBARRASSMENT*) AND IM AGAINST A WALL. don't judge me I love his videos
fun with gacha and stuf cool
fun with gacha and stuf cool 13 dager siden
I wanna open de fnaf b O x
Pupstar 14 dager siden
This was my birthday. Thanks :)
Austin Wiseman
Austin Wiseman 15 dager siden
"dont look behind you" me: turns arround wile yelling yeet
Jian Bencen Faraon
Jian Bencen Faraon 15 dager siden
"Do not look behind you" I looked behind me after i read the text, I saw my brother and because i was frightened, I slapped him
Snazzy_ Fox?
Snazzy_ Fox? 15 dager siden
“Don’t look behind you” People watching this against a wall or in a chair: tf is that supposed to meen MatPat :l
Matthew Nelson Wijaya
Matthew Nelson Wijaya 16 dager siden
game for today : close your eyes game in desc : fnaf wut??
Danio Aalders
Danio Aalders 17 dager siden
Guys dont watch this if you have anxiety
Gavin Henry
Gavin Henry 18 dager siden
So what about the 4th ending, the one when you go back into the facility. How does that tie in?
Anant Paz
Anant Paz 18 dager siden
0:35 DONT LOOK BEHIND YOU me: *looks behind me* lol just my sofa my brain: you forgot your spanish lesson
Frosty Toast
Frosty Toast 18 dager siden
When the screen said do not look behind you light flashed outside my window
GucciTrashBag 18 dager siden
At least thats what i feel like
GucciTrashBag 18 dager siden
Matpat would make a clean scary game
Shadow Trooper
Shadow Trooper 18 dager siden
Tbh I don’t care if I was lied too so shut up intro
Bell Wolfie
Bell Wolfie 18 dager siden
0:35 "Do not look behind you" Me: *looks behind myself anyways* Me: "Oh it's just my brother eating mint oreos,"
Alia Devous
Alia Devous 19 dager siden
Intro:dont look behind you Me who is sitting against a wall: ok
Mirae مي راي
Mirae مي راي 19 dager siden
Reminds me of Danganronpa
OnionsHaveLayers 20 dager siden
i was standing in front of a window when it said don’t look behind you
Esteban Gil
Esteban Gil 20 dager siden
1:48 welcome to the prototype model of the nightmare endo from fnaf 4
sabari samundeeswari
sabari samundeeswari 20 dager siden
You need to post horror games in Halloween. Fun fact: check out jeesi vee
Rishaan Sanghavi
Rishaan Sanghavi 20 dager siden
youtube recommends Minecraft therories lmao
Jack Dizzle
Jack Dizzle 20 dager siden
"Alexa. Turn on the lights."
ExoticButtersYT 21 dag siden
I can't think of a name lol
I can't think of a name lol 21 dag siden
0:36 people sitting against a wall: *laughs in sitting against a wall*
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict 21 dag siden
Comments: Don’t look behind you Me: Am I just an idiot or did that part not appear? .-.
Mikhail Oleson
Mikhail Oleson 22 dager siden
Guys I figured it out your a husk
jay falll
jay falll 22 dager siden
mariano jr lugares
mariano jr lugares 22 dager siden
are they SCPs!?
s sc
s sc 23 dager siden
"Don't look behind you" Me: "I'm laying on the bed..."
Christian Williames
Christian Williames 23 dager siden
In answer to your question, it is 2020, and this is the video NOpost thought was best for me (after this video, it suggested your theory on the Minecraft warden) In a comment after two years, will this information reach you? Is it meaningful? Would you even see the comments on a two year old video? Would you look? Would the machinations of the platform see fit to inform you of my message, and if they did, how would the signal reach you through the noise, the clatter of thousands of viewers? If that is so, who is this for? Who would see this message? Another commenter, lost in a stream of time, eavesdropping on words delivered in faith to noone? Nonetheless, your call to action is crystalized at one moment in 2018. It reaches my ears two years later, where my answer can join it; both held in amber for as long as the video remains -- an answer to the question, if not the questioner. I'll go check out that minecraft video now. It looks neat.
Tudor Neagu
Tudor Neagu 23 dager siden
What about SCP-173?
pvpcrafterz 23 dager siden
video: a theory about close your eyes youtube: ah yes fnaf
Lemon Bomb
Lemon Bomb 23 dager siden
1:34 soundtrack sounds similar to Gaster's theme
UwU 24 dager siden
The ending is deep
Yy Sss
Yy Sss 24 dager siden
Wow My name
Wow My name 24 dager siden
Behind me.. I see.. Death.. In the form of a corgi
Tommy Sur
Tommy Sur 24 dager siden
Got a heart attack
RickyCreeper095 24 dager siden
"Don't look behind you" My imidient reaction: *looks behind me*
*GOKU* BLACK GAMING 24 dager siden
12:38 among us lore
Galaxy Noob
Galaxy Noob 24 dager siden
How we make it threw 3 and 4 lol
johns johno
johns johno 25 dager siden
And yet, there's another route that was not touched on.
Maximillian Watmough
Maximillian Watmough 25 dager siden
man i love these theories, but i just keep getting jump scared
alex 25 dager siden
I watched this with back to wall bc that don't look back
a kid falling apart
a kid falling apart 25 dager siden
i looked behind me. my cat was gonna lick himself and die. thanks game theory! saved my cats life
Doctor Nivag
Doctor Nivag 25 dager siden
Video: "Don't look behind you" Me: YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Also me: *Turns around* Also also me: ......... "that was a waste of time".........
Binary Gaming
Binary Gaming 25 dager siden
Me who is watching this 2020: Bad graphics.
ohvurdatop247 25 dager siden
Don't look behind you Me with a teddy bear hehe....
GameyPieTTV GamerGames
GameyPieTTV GamerGames 27 dager siden
the world isn't permanently ruined, there are people out there protesting, there could be a way to save it by rebuilding it, wearing gas masks, trying to remake and rebuild society, moving to another land if the country was the only part of the world that was destroyed.
*GOKU* BLACK GAMING 24 dager siden
Josh XYZ
Josh XYZ 27 dager siden
"Don't look behind you" Me: YOLO !!!
jeff floss
jeff floss 27 dager siden
why am i watching third right before i go to bed?
David Ryker
David Ryker 28 dager siden
Unfortunately, Mac users can't play this game. There's only Windows and Linux versions available, as far as I can tell.
lilshot 28 dager siden
gt: don't look behind you me: oh no a table
gagem145 28 dager siden
Do not look behind you I thought i heard breathing behind me and literally screamed out loud
Norman Li
Norman Li 29 dager siden
Wow 3 more world wars in 37 years
SCP Press
SCP Press 29 dager siden
this feels like it was yesterday
Spec 29 dager siden
Yknow, this is kind of relevant right now.
Games n' Stuff
Games n' Stuff 29 dager siden
Newman Sounds like Newmaker.Err so I've been watching petscop
Bastion Robin
Bastion Robin Måned siden
I think the squidish guys may be the owners or the surgeons who do the soul transfer since they have mouths with eyes in them. Implying that they metaphorically consume a person’s vision or trap them in their creations. They could also be a metaphor for the robots. Idk
Bastion Robin
Bastion Robin Måned siden
I find it interesting that they don’t have this WW be the 3d like most movies or games have. That implies that we will get 3 more World Wars in the span of 40ish years.
Drama Llama
Drama Llama Måned siden
I got a Minecraft theory.
Mystic 2010
Mystic 2010 Måned siden
Matpat:”Close your eyes” Me:Ok,but how do I watch the video then.
ronations Måned siden
*close your mind*
Alice McIntyre
Alice McIntyre Måned siden
Those husk faces are going to be branded onto my eyelids tonight... But i still don’t regret watching this. GAME THEORY IS AWESOME!!!
Efinah234 :P
Efinah234 :P Måned siden
"Do Not Look Behind You." Me: Markiplier Is That You?
Chase Benedict
Chase Benedict Måned siden
If u add this *they pooped at us*
the weird channel
the weird channel Måned siden
I was watching this at night. And when it said DONT LOOK BEHIND YOU I JUMPED out of the bed turned on my light and didn't go to sleep until my body forced me too 😅😅😅
Random Roblox
Random Roblox Måned siden
Did anyone else think of pans labyrinth when they saw the thumbnail lol Sorry if I spelled it wrong
Omar Moktadir
Omar Moktadir Måned siden
NOpost think the game is five nights at Freddy's
Warden Wrath
Warden Wrath Måned siden
How do you close your eyes In Spanish?
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon Måned siden
'Dont look behind you' **My hamster behind me** hehe
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon Måned siden
Me: clicks vid Ad: HoW tO tIlE a BaThRoOm WaLl
Elijah Robinette
Elijah Robinette Måned siden
0:36 I am lying at a 45 degree angle downwards. directions unclear.
Eliza Karnopp
Eliza Karnopp Måned siden
"Don't look behind you" *something moves behind me* UM
Smoonthy -TMG-EOL
Smoonthy -TMG-EOL Måned siden
It's just sans the skeleton trying to get his brother to give him the other eye when the player killed him.
zom meh
zom meh Måned siden
guys guys I...I looked behind me
GoldGunner Måned siden
This is FNAF (check the description of the video)
Just some chair without a mustache
Just some chair without a mustache Måned siden
Ignorance is bliss. Isn't that more true than anything, wish I could go back to when everything was happy and fun.
Mister Spidah
Mister Spidah Måned siden
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry Måned siden
If you were laid on your back, would "behind you" be your bed underneath you or whatever is above your head (behind you if you sat up)?
Steven Livingston
Steven Livingston Måned siden
“Don’t look behind you” Me: looks behind *looks behind me* Box: *MENACINGLY STANDING* Me: AHHHHHHHH *DIES*
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