Exploding Barrels Are a LIE! | The SCIENCE of.. Doom Barrels

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11 måneder siden

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Looking back on Doom in preparation for Doom Eternal coming out, I've noticed that, like so many other video games, it has barrels that explode when you hit them. Why IS that? What makes there barrels explode - no, SHOULD these barrels explode? Today, Austin is diving head first into the science behind exploding barrels! From Doom to Donkey Kong, no barrel will be safe! Get your fuses ready Theorists, we are about to ignite your mind!
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Dylan Kyle Canadalla
Dylan Kyle Canadalla Dag siden
Blazing Builder
Blazing Builder 2 dager siden
"Xisumavoid is typing"
Kalenga play
Kalenga play 9 dager siden
Andy Zhang
Andy Zhang 11 dager siden
me who plays minecraft and roblox only, "now what about exploding barrels?"
King Random
King Random 15 dager siden
Why is it so weird not hearing mat pats voice
Cheesy Pie
Cheesy Pie 16 dager siden
PercyKqvOwO 18 dager siden
Dear Austin, It's me PercyKqv! How the heck are you? Where's a "The Science" video on Fullmetal Alchemist or anime. GIVE ME A FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST VIDEO NOW!
Carmen Canales
Carmen Canales 25 dager siden
Nefarious Pixel Blood
Nefarious Pixel Blood 29 dager siden
Hi, its me, Nefarious.... Doom didn't create a genra, it was not the first FPS, it did popularize it. Maze War was the first FPS and its 20 years older than doom, also Battlezone by Atari came out 15 years before doom. so.... your wrong Austin.
BEAN E 29 dager siden
This is not a theory it’s a science lessen
Isshiki Qutsutsuki
Isshiki Qutsutsuki Måned siden
Wow there are leterly demone but wana talk about barelles
RapFab Måned siden
Gabriel Higdon
Gabriel Higdon Måned siden
Maybe the explosive barrels are made of a highly explosive material one that can explode because of humidity
Bruce Grubb
Bruce Grubb Måned siden
Nuclear explosions don't require oxygen and neither do pressure explosions or the explosion that black holes are supposed to have once their mass goes below a critical point thanks to Hawking radiation
PrestonReacts ToStuff
PrestonReacts ToStuff Måned siden
Ofc it’s Austin
Cosmic Distress
Cosmic Distress 2 måneder siden
*Angry Doom slayer noises*
James Morgan
James Morgan 2 måneder siden
If it's a radioactive waste facility, they could be barrels of depleted uranium, which is pyrophoric, and can auto ignite in the presence of oxygen. If it was in powdered form, the impact of a projectile could rupture the barrel, exposing previously oxygen free and contained powder, as well as possibly dispersing and causing a dust explosion, or at least a rapid conflagration.
DRvrhatulz 2 måneder siden
game with boom boom barrels mmm just cause
Max Tube
Max Tube 3 måneder siden
8:29 the ingenious design of the aluminum beverage can
Kanosuki Gaming
Kanosuki Gaming 3 måneder siden
Still waiting for the richest character in gaming I know it's a lot of math but austin you need to get to it I know you can do it
Very Powerless
Very Powerless 3 måneder siden
just got doom II
Akram Gimmini
Akram Gimmini 3 måneder siden
You did a Megumin Meme... *I See you are a man of culture as Well...* Im proud of you
John Rainer
John Rainer 3 måneder siden
There's explosive boxes in Half-Life.
Ewart Smith
Ewart Smith 3 måneder siden
Whaddaya know. Came back to this video and the next chapter in Red Dead had the sugar explosion 👌🏾
Benji Todd
Benji Todd 3 måneder siden
Man, first the cake- now the exploding barrels?!
Africa 3 måneder siden
borderlands with the exploding elemental barrels
ahayesm 3 måneder siden
What if the green stuff is just some liquid florocarbon floating on top of cesium (a principal waste product of fission)?
WizardBob 3 måneder siden
Wait doesn't Wolfenstein 3d barrels explode in 1992
me0262 3 måneder siden
8:15 Yes it's an explosion... AN EXPLOSION OF FLAVOR!!! That and shake the can and open it for some fun!
Turkey Legs
Turkey Legs 3 måneder siden
Actually wolfenstein 3D came out 1 year earlier than doom.
Frank Myers
Frank Myers 3 måneder siden
kurikara99 3 måneder siden
I love id software and there games
Super Patriot
Super Patriot 3 måneder siden
The Just Cause franchise is known for exploding things.
JP Labs
JP Labs 4 måneder siden
Nikolas Acosta
Nikolas Acosta 4 måneder siden
All the borderlands games
Help Me
Help Me 4 måneder siden
It’s called clear top and a unknown substance
Spiral Feather
Spiral Feather 4 måneder siden
Someone find and @ John Carmack XD
Simas Karbauskas
Simas Karbauskas 4 måneder siden
The game is completely fiction
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet 4 måneder siden
Playing Final Fantasy Type-Zero and it's got boom barrels too.
shad de doom Slayer
shad de doom Slayer 4 måneder siden
bruh its just e barrel
Mary Jankay
Mary Jankay 4 måneder siden
(Angre doomguy noises)
mittri1990 4 måneder siden
Another person pointing out...well a point why Half Life 2 is a great game.
Imagine having a username • 1,479 years ago
Imagine having a username • 1,479 years ago 4 måneder siden
Micheal Davis
Micheal Davis 4 måneder siden
Dude I accidentally shook a coke can, and then dropped it at the worst possible angle, and the can exploded, and ripped through a book, and bounced off the wall... scariest and messiest moment of my life!
Melissa Houston
Melissa Houston 4 måneder siden
perfect megumin placement at the 2;49 minute mark
Shubham Sagar Singh
Shubham Sagar Singh 4 måneder siden
who's this? it's not matpat. who's this?
barak madmon
barak madmon 5 måneder siden
why the words in hebrew were backward line
PosthumanHeresy 5 måneder siden
At least it's not Halo's fusion coils. Exploding! Tiny! Fusion! Reactors!
Medic 5 måneder siden
And the real problem is WHY IS THE DOOM GUY WALKING IN RADIOACTIVE WASTE so that and do a vid why gru from despicable me is the strongest person in the universe
Medic 5 måneder siden
The doom guy is cursed to not die do you know about doom Austin
METALFAN2486 5 måneder siden
Ok what happened to matt patt and where is this Austin from another NOpost channel?
Iona's Shattered
Iona's Shattered 5 måneder siden
Naming games with exploding barrels. Flashbacks of playing Borderlands as Lilith, or Moze. Soo many types of barrels that explode. The game literally makes fun of it by saying that it is normal for something to explode on Pandora.
DrMaxwell and MineCD DP
DrMaxwell and MineCD DP 5 måneder siden
✝️Fellowship invite
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 5 måneder siden
Doom eternal is fun bro
Jldd Bros
Jldd Bros 5 måneder siden
I played doom 2016 while watching this
Sibunafan221 5 måneder siden
austin is giving off such mixed signals in this video i love it
Consta Srur
Consta Srur 5 måneder siden
So, you said the containment for the grain was the building, right? Couldnt the building also contain this radioactive waste and let enough oxygen pass?
AllJustNugget 5 måneder siden
Sea of thieves got the gunpowder barrel
BigBrainLegend 5 måneder siden
dark souls 2 and 3 exploding barrels make sense cause they only explode when in contact with fire and just break if u hit them with anything else
Jack 5 måneder siden
Everyone gangster till austin sends you a google doc
poisonedkandy 5 måneder siden
Hey Magamin
G. HAZARD 6 måneder siden
The fact that he is angry juat make every theory made more umderstandeble
MacGamer Media
MacGamer Media 6 måneder siden
Why does it sound like something went wrong in the editing of this video? In the third act of the video, it sounds like the audio starts lagging behind what’s appearing on screen. The words Never ever ever ever ever started appearing long before you stated them. The clip of Half Life 2 gameplay appeared before you even said “You know what game does it right?”. It is incredibly clear that based off of the fact that the timing of cuts did not match the timing of the audio cues that something must’ve gone wrong in either the uploading of the video or some time during the editing phase. Why else would the audio and the graphics be so out of sync?
Kenpachi Elric
Kenpachi Elric 6 måneder siden
Attacking a red barrel with normal weapon, nothing. Attacking a red barrel with fire enchanted weapon, everything explodes... Also when's the next devil's advocate and who sings the opening song?
blastoise8u Daboss
blastoise8u Daboss 6 måneder siden
To add to the list, even Dark Souls 3 has exploding barrels
Leafiafan 6 måneder siden
"Every person watching this video can name at least one other game that did this." Starbound... I think they fixed that, but the nuclear barrels used to explode and get poison all over you.
Korvo 6 måneder siden
9:17 War Thunder fuel tanks in a nutshell
VoidPointer 6 måneder siden
NI3: Am I a joke to you?
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 6 måneder siden
Thomas Hogan
Thomas Hogan 6 måneder siden
I loved the diablo bit about hitting it with an ffffffff sword.
Middleman 6 måneder siden
ironically i was going to comment on why the half life barrels would be more accurate so yea, thanks for covering it
Joster1234 _
Joster1234 _ 6 måneder siden
Bruh scrapmechanic potatoe gun to a explosive gas/liquid explosion barrel
Robeight 6 måneder siden
What about high explosives? The rules are very different... (Just Found this channel, binge Watching. )
rogue 6 måneder siden
Prob not a good idea to mention minecraft's TNT...
Dorian Patryk
Dorian Patryk 6 måneder siden
Bruh it's just the way they made the barrels, just calm down mate
C.I.A 6 måneder siden
Call of duty
יובלולול המשוגע
יובלולול המשוגע 6 måneder siden
2:15 minecraft!!!!!
Toxie Cookie
Toxie Cookie 6 måneder siden
7:27 You put a biohazard symbol on what you describe as radioactive waste. The mistake is common, but the radioactive symbol is another type of trisector, the one commonly used as a "nuke" symbol in games. There's also other stuff about radioactivity you didn't get eeeeexactly right, but I can't blame people for not knowing everything about atoms and their interactions, even though it's my job I don't know literally everything either, way too complex :p
Desmond 6 måneder siden
I honestly could watch Austin angrily list games with explosive barrels ALL DAY!!
Guillermo tux
Guillermo tux 6 måneder siden
Guillermo tux
Guillermo tux 6 måneder siden
watch ahoy's exploding barrels video and shut up
Guillermo tux
Guillermo tux 6 måneder siden
but this video is good
Nicholas Bastion
Nicholas Bastion 6 måneder siden
South Park: The Fractured But Whole had exploding barrels for an astounding 1 battle.
*insert name here* :T
*insert name here* :T 6 måneder siden
Also I dont think that there is oxygen on Marses moons
Shiva, hardly sarcastic
Shiva, hardly sarcastic 6 måneder siden
When you say 'liquid gas' do you mean liquid gasoline or an actual gas made liquid by pressure like butan gas?
Trooper Sho
Trooper Sho 6 måneder siden
Twist: the barrels are creepers in disguise.
God Yeeter
God Yeeter 6 måneder siden
Don’t forget people playground!
Just some Guy without a decent Mustache
Just some Guy without a decent Mustache 7 måneder siden
Um. I'm sorry. Did Austin just unabiguosly and unironically praise a game in spite of a science flaw instead of saying it ruined the game? Who are you!
I don’t have a YouTube Channel
I don’t have a YouTube Channel 7 måneder siden
COD Modern warfare is also pretty accurate
Professor Meme
Professor Meme 7 måneder siden
Austin: first I think we have to go over what a explosion is Rico Rodriguez: *_the expert_*
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin 7 måneder siden
matpat is the worst he doesn't yell as much so it makes things sound much more scary
Princess Penguin
Princess Penguin 7 måneder siden
normal equals death
gamer 2030
gamer 2030 7 måneder siden
crysis 3 please armor maybe ?
The Pyroghoul
The Pyroghoul 7 måneder siden
Aside from n-glycerine, is there a compound that could explode at, say, 50% barrel capacity?
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly 7 måneder siden
Austin how powerful is the rocket on the old man's wheelchair on Happy Wheels
Dirty Raver
Dirty Raver 7 måneder siden
Megumin: *throwing flour* Also Megumin: EXUPLOOOSION
semore butts
semore butts 7 måneder siden
Dynamite is shock sensitive so throwing a barrel of it may cause it to detonate.
Connec-ting 7 måneder siden
The only reason is cause I saw DooM
CEO of onion incorperated
CEO of onion incorperated 7 måneder siden
I'm sorry but please clean the huge clumps of scalp out of your hair
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer 7 måneder siden
2:49 Austin is a man of SCIENCE, and culture
Evan Olsen
Evan Olsen 7 måneder siden
Skylanders, smash bros, and spongebob off the top of my head.
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