Game Theory: Rosalina UNMASKED pt. 1 (Super Mario Galaxy)

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6 år siden

Can Bullet Bill kill you? ►►
Mario is a Psychopath! ►►►
Who is Rosalina? Since being introduced in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, she's started to show up in everything. But what do we REALLY know about this intergalactic gal? Using the clues from the game...a lot more than you might expect. And what her identity reveals brings up A WHOLE LOTTA questions about the Mario franchise...
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ღ Natsuki ღ
ღ Natsuki ღ 32 minutter siden
"And brown trumping them all" me who has *blue eyes like my mom* *but my dad has brown eyes* : 👁👄👁
GAMER KITTY 2 timer siden
Am I the only one that pronounced her name as if it’s Rose-Alina. Not Rozalina
AstroSurge 4 timer siden
So mario and peach gave birth to a space god
Beesches Dag siden
I have 2 things to say to you Mr. Patrick. Yes, while this still is one of my favourite NOpost videos of my childhood, I have something to say. A. The tree in the storybook, actually has RED flowers as well, something that the opening cutscene doesn't have. B. The tree in the storybook and the tree at the ending have different shapes. THEORIZE THAT!!!
Dean Vandyk
Dean Vandyk Dag siden
But her mom's dead
Angela Church
Angela Church Dag siden
I love Birdy
Mr_RexDinosaur Dag siden
But Rosalina's mother is dead
Joppe Drenth
Joppe Drenth 2 dager siden
You tqlking about dna i have the most rare eyes and hair hair(orange) eyes(blue) Talking
Internet Searcher
Internet Searcher 2 dager siden
You say ros not rose
Internet Searcher
Internet Searcher 2 dager siden
Dümm Dömm
Dümm Dömm 3 dager siden
You are saying the genetics of peach and Mario fit but Mario: 157cm or 5‘2“ Peach:168 or 5‘6“ Rosalina:221 or 7‘3“ Also rosalina Must be significantly younger than Mario and peach which she isn’t so I don’t think That this theory is true
mia blais-hosain
mia blais-hosain 3 dager siden
Wow I love the old intro, it’s so nostalgic 😂
SunsetGamer 3 dager siden
The French Fryer
The French Fryer 4 dager siden
I'm surprised that I could be rare even tho my dad has green eyes
Victoria Jahr
Victoria Jahr 4 dager siden
Jade’s World
Jade’s World 5 dager siden
I’m only in forthright so I don’t know if grade like that so
Eris Pence
Eris Pence 6 dager siden
Noones commented since 6 years ago LOL *WHEEZE*
anoddpotato 6 dager siden
I DONT NEED SLEEP, I NEED ANSWERS!! even though this is 6 years old and probably outdated
Elliot Shelton
Elliot Shelton 6 dager siden
my childhood has been destroyed and burnt to the ground by DR.wily
Snoergee 7 dager siden
Every Luigi x Rosalina Rule34 artist: This is a surprise but a welcome one
The Letter H
The Letter H 3 dager siden
Raffaele Cantadori
Raffaele Cantadori 7 dager siden
In the Italian version of the game, when Rosalina finds out Mario's name she says "Mario... it is kinda, nostalgic" this confirm that Rosalina and Mario have met before, but they don't remember. (sorry for my bad english, it is not my mother tongue)
John Cardona
John Cardona 7 dager siden
Who is watching this in 2020 wow this old intro
TARIQ AZIZ 7 dager siden
i am in 6th grade of schole international academy
poperaymond 8 dager siden
So what happened to the Rosilina’s actually Luigi & Peaches daughter
NoobUserOMG 8 dager siden
Adam Fawwaz
Adam Fawwaz 8 dager siden
then how the heck mario can visit her in that age
Jacob Joel Estrada
Jacob Joel Estrada 8 dager siden
he just predicted guardians of the galaxy 2
Ava’s N0Tokay
Ava’s N0Tokay 9 dager siden
I’m learning abt genetics in science rn and this all makes so much more sense
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez 9 dager siden
Wait I thought rosalina was peach's sister
Paul West
Paul West 9 dager siden
Peach would be older
Mayra Morales
Mayra Morales 10 dager siden
W what😔😔😔😔😔😫😫😥😢😢😟😟
Ariana Boswick-Pagani
Ariana Boswick-Pagani 10 dager siden
him: jens also him: jens
GOD 1 10 dager siden
The Letter H
The Letter H 11 dager siden
9:37 music
Chaoxiang Alula
Chaoxiang Alula 11 dager siden
Fr tho this really helped me with Bio 30 lol
Dimitris Dimitriou
Dimitris Dimitriou 11 dager siden
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 11 dager siden
If peach was gonna have a kid it would be with mario not luigi
AwesomeLee is cringy
AwesomeLee is cringy 11 dager siden
I have an assignment on this and I actually did well because of this
Julian Williams
Julian Williams 12 dager siden
Does anyone know the theme song that plays at 9:40
Delia Pinero
Delia Pinero 13 dager siden
Both of my parents Are right handed everyone in my family is right handed except me and my cousin
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton 13 dager siden
Breanna Venne
Breanna Venne 14 dager siden
Some of his other vids get into more depth like what she said at the end of galaxy
Breanna Venne
Breanna Venne 14 dager siden
Like peach is deas
Kaitlyn M
Kaitlyn M 14 dager siden
Me: drinking water* Video: peach is the MOTHER me: SPITTS WATER* WHAAA
Krysia Kokowski
Krysia Kokowski 15 dager siden
This takes a loooooooooooot of editing
Charlie Craft
Charlie Craft 15 dager siden
I watch Super Mario Logan and i'm pretty sure Rosalina and Mario get married
Gnigg Poop
Gnigg Poop 15 dager siden
Rosalina is my girl
The Gamster
The Gamster 16 dager siden
You seriously click baited what do you mean unmasked
PurpleBoris 1234
PurpleBoris 1234 16 dager siden
I’m Mario
patrick pizza Pg3d
patrick pizza Pg3d 16 dager siden
Controle Quebrado
Controle Quebrado 16 dager siden
Are we just gonna ignore that the tree on the hill in the storybook is clearly some sort of pinecone while the other tree...well...isn't?
Amber Ward
Amber Ward 17 dager siden
My eyes sometimes switch from green to blue or just look teal and I'm right handed but I can choose to eat with utensils with either hand, or do sports or hold items with either hand
Marina Off the hook
Marina Off the hook 17 dager siden
I been know with the story being about her
gacha Vanny
gacha Vanny 17 dager siden
Peach is Roselinas stepmom I think
David Foscolo
David Foscolo 17 dager siden
I'm 8 and I loved the show
The Maya Channel! :D
The Maya Channel! :D 17 dager siden
I like this intro
Flame W2927
Flame W2927 17 dager siden
Rahmah Alrawi
Rahmah Alrawi 19 dager siden
Is no one gonna question why Rosalina keeps her hair right in front of one of her eyes? Am I the only one?
Rahmah Alrawi
Rahmah Alrawi 19 dager siden
Plus she even has her hair is on face covering her eyes!
Luminix’s Game Gallery
Luminix’s Game Gallery 19 dager siden
2020 Gang.
Miguel Beltran
Miguel Beltran 19 dager siden
Who knew trying to solve theory, would lead you another theory to solve
Die Bish
Die Bish 20 dager siden
It’s not peach she’s dead It’s toga
Ultra gamer dude
Ultra gamer dude 20 dager siden
I'm crying on god
Fakey Faker
Fakey Faker 21 dag siden
the father can be luigi too
Fakey Faker
Fakey Faker 21 dag siden
the mother can be daisy
Obsidian Leo
Obsidian Leo 21 dag siden
everyone in the comments: "Rosalina is pronounced as..." me: "Matpat used an awful lot of BUTS"
Hannah Quam
Hannah Quam 22 dager siden
And I always though Rosalina was Peach’s mom 😂
Cool_cam07 22 dager siden
Peach was not really was just a dream
Paul Nguyen
Paul Nguyen 22 dager siden
d Dd
Paul Nguyen
Paul Nguyen 22 dager siden
d D S So D Did D D D
Paul Nguyen
Paul Nguyen 22 dager siden
Isabella Holland
Isabella Holland 22 dager siden
Omg this is so old
Oscar Natareno
Oscar Natareno 22 dager siden
For the people who watch sml then it’s weird that Mario is married to his daughter
Blanca Mendez
Blanca Mendez 23 dager siden
I like bendy you sus
Babi Chyna
Babi Chyna 23 dager siden
Maya Desai
Maya Desai 23 dager siden
Well I new that Peach and Rosalina were related and I bet five dollars on it
richard klegin
richard klegin 23 dager siden
Isnt the music from chrono trgger
hedgiehogdude u_u
hedgiehogdude u_u 23 dager siden
6 years later and I'm still waiting on the theory about Rosalina's brother
Paul Diamond
Paul Diamond 24 dager siden
Upvote for Twilight Town music!
CookingSistas 24 dager siden
Wait I thought peach and daisy were rosalinas cousin.
Geace 24 dager siden
Thing is I'm an SML fan...
Shannon Revello
Shannon Revello 25 dager siden
That theory of peach is Rosalina's mom actually got debunked by nintendo
jezus 317410
jezus 317410 25 dager siden
To many "D" jokes
Meme Maker Allyred123
Meme Maker Allyred123 25 dager siden
I used to have blue eyes then they were hazel
Lorraine Jones
Lorraine Jones 26 dager siden
Wozelimuw is a wifu or a marvel film vat I vond voo dack
AlePalex’s Alternative channel
AlePalex’s Alternative channel 26 dager siden
What if it’s daisy and Luigis child rosalina is
AlePalex’s Alternative channel
AlePalex’s Alternative channel 26 dager siden
My eyes are grey (edit: actually cyan, light blue, grey and light grey)
ꫀꪑꪑꪖ᭙ꪖttꪖ 26 dager siden
It’s pronounced rose a lee na
Stephanie McGuire
Stephanie McGuire 26 dager siden
Totally appreciated the old school City Connection music in the background. Loved that game as a kid 😂
puddiingy 27 dager siden
I remember going back to this video when I was studying for my 6th-grade genetics quiz lol I learned more about genetics in this video than I have in school tbh
John Restart
John Restart 28 dager siden
Oh elss is watching this and 1 am because there bourd
Francis Moore
Francis Moore 28 dager siden
Its pronounced rose-a-lina not rawzalina
kilwa Voorhees
kilwa Voorhees Måned siden
The future I watch Guardians 2 its of the it's the best movie
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson Måned siden
I have blue eyes
Wouldnt you like to know weather boy
Wouldnt you like to know weather boy 28 dager siden
So do I
Sekani Nancy Mosutlha
Sekani Nancy Mosutlha Måned siden
EMMA GORMAN Måned siden
i guess im super rare because i have blue eyes
EMMA GORMAN Måned siden
instead of a frog, we did a dog shark in 5th grade
Finn Stäcker
Finn Stäcker Måned siden
Not the best theory
Virginia Ruiz-Ivanovic
Virginia Ruiz-Ivanovic Måned siden
But it shows in the book that is a pine tree
Melon Tube
Melon Tube Måned siden
Melon Tube
Melon Tube Måned siden
Coming back to this video after coming back to Mario galaxy hits different
DJFC's Cool Videos :D
DJFC's Cool Videos :D Måned siden
*A big D and a little d* *ooooooh noooohohohoooo*
ImNotFunny _11
ImNotFunny _11 Måned siden
I'm listening to this while playing Super Mario Odyssey
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