Game Theory: Minecraft, Stop Using Diamonds!

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5 måneder siden

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Now, I know what you are probably thinking. Of course I'm not using Diamonds, I've got Netherite! It's true, but that is not what is WRONG with Minecraft's diamonds. You see, Minecraft has been LYING to us the whole time! the diamond armor, the diamond sword, the diamond pickaxe - it's all USELESS! Why? WEll you are about to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Pedro Freitas, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Ashton Roces
Ashton Roces 15 minutter siden
Gold diamond and netherite bruh
Irex Blue
Irex Blue 27 minutter siden
Hehehhe I knew iron was the best I BET YOU NIECE HAHAHHAHAAnow I shut up but I'm glad this was made cuz i learned a new thing diamond is useless for smashing but useful for drilling Edit 1: My 1- 8 years in school and they didnt tell me this I'm living a lie
Juan Li
Juan Li 5 timer siden
Me who just got one chest of diamond and the nether update came out: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!
HEY BETER 6 timer siden
I disagree, and here is why: In real life diamond may be chemically unreactive, but when put with netherite, a fictional metal with a seemingly magical ability to cancel out knockback we have no idea what might happen. If you compare purely netherite armour to netherite armour that was originally diamond they are the same in every way (save for any durability lost while it was still diamond). This causes me to come to the conclusion that netherite has the ability, whether magical or scientific, to change diamond into itself when diamond is coated with it. And if you’re still skeptical about netherite being stronger than iron in both toughness and hardness then you have to remember that netherite is made with both gold; an already very tough metal, as well as netherite scrap; a fictional and presumably magical metal that could add hardness and maybe even more toughness then the gold.
Unicorn 41
Unicorn 41 6 timer siden
If we should stop using diamonds why does a Diamond sowrd deal 7 damage
Airil Iskandar
Airil Iskandar 8 timer siden
Every ore is good. Except foe one that break fast..........Gold
Maddox L.
Maddox L. 9 timer siden
matpat- talks about diamonds, other minerals, and the mohs hardness scale for a video me, who has had an obsession with minerals and crystals for my entire life- :D
Jared Alamo
Jared Alamo 10 timer siden
May: diamond is not unbreakable Me: so crazy diamond ( or shinning diamond) is able to be broken *interesting*
Cathy May
Cathy May 12 timer siden
Bruh it’s not even a theory it’s basically just a seince lesson
Ramen Prince
Ramen Prince 16 timer siden
"Never waste your diamonds on hoes" -matpat
SSSGODKING777 Poop 17 timer siden
But it’s just a game :/
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown 18 timer siden
You can also make netherite out of pure netherite Ingots
Kolin Martz
Kolin Martz 19 timer siden
Bold of you to assume that nether it’s only costs the surface of the armor facing the enemy and not the surface touching your body. Perhaps it can act like actual ceramic body armor of today.
The Game Raider
The Game Raider 22 timer siden
this is dumb you should be walking around in netherite just look at the armour it says +1 ARMOUR TOUGHNESS I like your vids but this is applying real world physics to games LOL 🤣🤣🤣 I just realised I'm gonna get hated on also NETHERITE LOOKS BETTER !!!!!
Abyss The Knight
Abyss The Knight Dag siden
Diamond + netherite - strong Iron + netherite - strongest
Techno Creeper
Techno Creeper Dag siden
Bouncing Stone
Bouncing Stone Dag siden
I made a mod before watching this video. It had "carbonated drowneds" which when you killed it, it dropped carbon, which could help make steel and soda.
Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』
Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』 Dag siden
"never waste your diamonds on hoes" if my theory is correct thereof diamonds on this sentence means riches or wealth and hoes is useless stuff then the full meaning of the sentence must be "don't spend money on women"
Tyler Hawkins
Tyler Hawkins Dag siden
Mattpat: Diamond is useless Me who has 4 stacks on diamonds in survival: :(
Poggers Champ
Poggers Champ Dag siden
bruh netherite does not bend (i think)
Raghav Sharma
Raghav Sharma Dag siden
Just use the ✨ *unbreaking enactment* ✨
Ed Bartelotti
Ed Bartelotti Dag siden
Don’t take real life facts and put them in a video game bro diamond is still the best
Melissa May
Melissa May Dag siden
do a spyro the3
Logan Martinez
Logan Martinez Dag siden
I disagree with this sing diamonds will crack with his little as 5 pounds of force is a huge stretch
Maidenberg Family
Maidenberg Family Dag siden
Netherite actually is combined with gold, so it is pretty strong. Also has knock back resistance
Icyzglitch 3 timer siden
Gold still breaks quick
Nuggetdude_ Productions
Nuggetdude_ Productions Dag siden
We should be able to make steel woth iron and carbon in education edition
Zaheer Albani
Zaheer Albani Dag siden
I love Netherrite.
Dragon141Gaming Dag siden
Are we forgetting gold with mending
Pimpelpaars 909
Pimpelpaars 909 Dag siden
I have a theory diamonds aren’t actually diamonds in Minecraft but a different blue metal.
Salve Jane Consultado
Salve Jane Consultado Dag siden
Dantdm's nether floating castel
Arczi pan i wladca
Arczi pan i wladca 2 dager siden
minecraft is not real life its Minecraft it dazent work like life so dont nelow what you are toking abaut
LukeTV 2 dager siden
bro netherite armor looks epic what are you talking about
Khyle Kim
Khyle Kim 2 dager siden
This is a different universe so we don't know how hard it's diamond
Adriann 2 dager siden
Add tungsten instead
Redstone chipped Semmy
Redstone chipped Semmy 2 dager siden
yup the reason why i dont use because i save diamond for emergency and if i have mending then i always use it :|
Phoenix Miller
Phoenix Miller 2 dager siden
uh Mat you infuse neterite with gold not diamond all you need to do is infused one netherite with diamond armor in a smithing table
Coool turtle
Coool turtle 2 dager siden
So mat pat , u asked wut netherite is made of, gold and metal mined from the depth of hell it's self
Exploding Butts
Exploding Butts 2 dager siden
No that's just calling minecraft realistic 😆😆😆
Sebastian Bideaua
Sebastian Bideaua 2 dager siden
Diamond and netherite tooltip and armours are still the best because this is not real life.
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 2 dager siden
Netherite:The Minecraft version of FNAF's springlock suit
Frank Irizarry
Frank Irizarry 2 dager siden
I'll still use diamonds, no matter what.
gre palpal
gre palpal 2 dager siden
Paul Rutigliano
Paul Rutigliano 2 dager siden
8:18 *NICE*
Btdgaminghd Hd
Btdgaminghd Hd 2 dager siden
well what if netherrite armor is relly touhg what then
Phucthegamer 3 dager siden
i knew it IRON
The Dela Cruz Series
The Dela Cruz Series 3 dager siden
Diamond: I used to rule the world
EZAIH ROBERT 3 dager siden
Dylan Falling
Dylan Falling 3 dager siden
Man is spitting facts when he said "never spend your diamond on hoes."
Meggu Bravo
Meggu Bravo 3 dager siden
"Diamond is not Unbreakable so for all you Jojo stans out there" Jojo fans already know that since in Jojo Stardust Crusaders the part before Diamond is Unbreakable Star Platinum breaks teeth made of diamond
M80playz 3 dager siden
Wait. Who said Minecraft has to be realistic?
MR. Dramatic
MR. Dramatic 3 dager siden
Netherite wich is bendable and both tough and strong from nowing that it can be put on diamond armor plus fused with gold wich is soft you get the best armour, soft tough and strong
MR. Dramatic
MR. Dramatic 3 dager siden
Disclaimer : Please do not craft iron armor and enchant it, this theory was made by real world proffesionals not minecrafters
BurntBakedBeans 3 dager siden
Been saying this for YEARS!...definitely not because I can’t find diamonds...
Charlie McCreight
Charlie McCreight 3 dager siden
Why can't you just coat the insides of the netherite suit so you don't get hurt???
Kool Kat
Kool Kat 3 dager siden
Just enchant it with unbreaking lol.
Keenan Dy
Keenan Dy 4 dager siden
Feels like I'm in my science class
ARLORD_100 4 dager siden
True diamonds are hard but their not very stong
WeirdGuy YT
WeirdGuy YT 4 dager siden
Sick roast bro
lukaluki 28
lukaluki 28 4 dager siden
The diamond armor is completely surounded by the netherite so it would maybe shater but the netherite is still there to protect you
Polnareff Jan pierre
Polnareff Jan pierre 4 dager siden
6:14 🎶 crazy ,unbelivable, bizzarre theory🎵🎶
Choco fudge
Choco fudge 4 dager siden
a little bit
Choco fudge
Choco fudge 4 dager siden
to be honest this game does ignore gravity
Koko Joko
Koko Joko 4 dager siden
8:19 „69 m/s“ noice
Plumpbanana 4 dager siden
honeys got a small piece if min- *pulls up newest iPhone on the side that's not under the umbrella
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 4 dager siden
Steve can hold up to like a million gold blocks clearly he could send that tree to the next galaxy 7:10
Kylie Banman
Kylie Banman 4 dager siden
Matpat made a video on that
z0m80z 4 dager siden
What if netherite is how to say sort of titanium and by combining it with gold you get the actual ingot an alloy, and its not like a coating on the armor but its some sort of combining the diamond and the netherite in a way that its safe for you to wear, sorry bad english
RJ NOVO 5 dager siden
Pls can you face reveal
Dylan Gosselin
Dylan Gosselin 5 dager siden
« If this is supposed to be a prestige armor, it should look more blingy » Enchantment shine: am i a joke to you?
BlackAsianJesus 5 dager siden
I don’t think this is a game theory? This is more like a I don’t like this feature of this game so I’m gonna rant for 14 minutes.
Rohan Agale
Rohan Agale 5 dager siden
0:25 what? :D
The Comment Reviewer
The Comment Reviewer 5 dager siden
Convenient on how when you started to say diamond sucks i found diamond
Theo Furguson
Theo Furguson 5 dager siden
He said that iron should sientificly be the best I use it in game a lot so I’m 5 parallel universes ahead of u
Tanz Henley
Tanz Henley 5 dager siden
Man it's a game and in the game iron is the 2nd best so how dose this work and I bet u just did this to sponcer it sorry I spelled it qwrong
Tanz Henley
Tanz Henley 5 dager siden
By that I ment in tools not amour
XxGäłäxý._.ängëłwølfxX 5 dager siden
Matpat: *explaining how bad diamonds are* Me: sir this is a Wendy's or in this case mincraft logic give thos facts to noch instead
Mirandamus Prime
Mirandamus Prime 5 dager siden
But what if I have UNBREAKING 3 and PROTECTION 4 on it?
Mai Bui
Mai Bui 5 dager siden
I have an easy answer: Creative Mode
Henry Melberg
Henry Melberg 5 dager siden
technically, you make Netherite out of gold and Netherite scraps.
Gabriel Chirea
Gabriel Chirea 5 dager siden
Minecraft’s biggest mistake: They forgot that iron becomes rusty over time
logan connor
logan connor 5 dager siden
make combination of iron and netherite and you would have the best armor in the game
Les Grossman
Les Grossman 5 dager siden
This man tryna put real world logic into a game that has its own logic separate from the truth.
Profily the Profile Picture
Profily the Profile Picture 5 dager siden
Did you just said "netherite armor is ugly" is better than a "blue diamond" Black is better than Light Blue okay Diamond armor hurt every one's eyes
Константин Мещеряков
Константин Мещеряков 5 dager siden
what if netherite is mixable with diamond?????????
Hornet Gamer
Hornet Gamer 5 dager siden
Also you cannot mix the structures
Hornet Gamer
Hornet Gamer 5 dager siden
Netherite is made from carbon alloys
Apple The scavenger
Apple The scavenger 5 dager siden
To make netherite you need 5 netherite scrap and 5 gold then basically your covering the armor/tools
OM3G4 6 dager siden
Yes, we need conspuracy theory!
Jayvanth kirthan Surendranath
Jayvanth kirthan Surendranath 6 dager siden
And bruh ur making the same armour if u combine diamonds with netherite and when ur making netherite armour normally there is no difference 🤦‍♂️
Jayvanth kirthan Surendranath
Jayvanth kirthan Surendranath 6 dager siden
Bruh minecraft is not real life and these things don’t apply. And diamond axes are really effective in minecraft.
zniszczu. pl
zniszczu. pl 6 dager siden
Hi! In this video we will making diamond sad becouse we puting phisic and normal Word rules to Minecraft : game without gravity
Slayed 6 dager siden
I think this video is just an execuse for twatpat to do a real life theory in the mask of minecraft
Something Random52
Something Random52 6 dager siden
“...or 69 m/s...” *nice*
Elliot Hellyer
Elliot Hellyer 6 dager siden
12:25 Did he just?
[lllB06lll] 6 dager siden
I hate this and I hate you for this don't ruin my armor
Robot Not human
Robot Not human 6 dager siden
Not everything netherite is better than diamond armour the look of diamond is better
Ansh Ahuja
Ansh Ahuja 6 dager siden
But what if we just make netherrite armor out of fresh ingots on crafting table not including any diamonds ?
Zakkizoo 6 dager siden
Giannis Pizanias
Giannis Pizanias 6 dager siden
JustDroy 6 dager siden
it make sense combining netherite and diamond because they both have melting points or the same cause netherite is found in the lowest part of the nether so the can be more hotter to mixed but that just theory.
entertainment theatre
entertainment theatre 7 dager siden
Imagine coming back to this channel after 3 years and thinking the person speaking at 0:01 was matpat.
Aarku Lycan
Aarku Lycan 7 dager siden
I've been using the iron armor since I started playing Minecraft
Darkeye101Shadow 7 dager siden
In Sience Netherite Is Garbage But In Minecraft Its Amazing
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