Game Theory: Minecraft, Stop Using Diamonds!

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2 måneder siden

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Now, I know what you are probably thinking. Of course I'm not using Diamonds, I've got Netherite! It's true, but that is not what is WRONG with Minecraft's diamonds. You see, Minecraft has been LYING to us the whole time! the diamond armor, the diamond sword, the diamond pickaxe - it's all USELESS! Why? WEll you are about to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Pedro Freitas, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

DarkGengar94 24 minutter siden
When Mat pointed out flint & STEEL my brain melted
Belle Elise
Belle Elise 6 timer siden
What about titanium?
Hezekiah Larson
Hezekiah Larson 6 timer siden
In wii sports resort you cut 💎 with a sword that’s not sharp
Num1 Gaming
Num1 Gaming 9 timer siden
Netherite is nothing without diamonds so diamonds are still better
B02 Ryan Miguel Adoracion
B02 Ryan Miguel Adoracion 9 timer siden
netherite still better xd
{ S m o L B e a N }
{ S m o L B e a N } 9 timer siden
I have always used iron
Dev Socius
Dev Socius 11 timer siden
You could replace diamond with steel, and have to get netherite to upgrade it.
Saul Lopez
Saul Lopez 11 timer siden
Diamond is Unbreakable 😎
_ Bakesuta! _
_ Bakesuta! _ 12 timer siden
1:33 all I can think is "it's Dan the man, guys"
Villian Deku
Villian Deku 13 timer siden
I love you guys!!!
Lad 15 timer siden
Any Minecraft player ever watching this: *I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that*
Israel De la Rosa
Israel De la Rosa 16 timer siden
I feel like Game Theory has posted this video before...
Spin Attack Link
Spin Attack Link 17 timer siden
Ok no one cares this vid only got views because its entertaining but the game is not real so all your theries in this vid is wrong in the minecraft world but also not trying to be a hater but i just needed to get that out there
Iymrickyll Labandilo
Iymrickyll Labandilo 18 timer siden
I was using strongest one and I beat diamonds
Stinkcatgaming 20 timer siden
Pls make that Channel Pls pls pls pls Pls pls pls
Neko Cube
Neko Cube 21 time siden
You literally take things to Sirius just have fun :/
Derethevil 21 time siden
Matty... Sorry to burst your bubble. But you should look up Line-X. That is probably what Netherite represents. A near indestructible coat that protects everything from nearly everything. So no. Netherite is top tier even irl. Sorry Matty.
Piyu Nuts
Piyu Nuts 21 time siden
The main reason that Minecraft is famous is for its fiction and adventure game!!!
yeet god
yeet god 21 time siden
the reason diamonds are so expensive is because there was a company that hoarded them, raised the price and convinced everyone that the more you pay, the more you love the other person, or something.
Army of Dragons
Army of Dragons 22 timer siden
Yes while this is all true minecraft is just a game and real world logic doesnt apply
Rajarshi Majumdar
Rajarshi Majumdar Dag siden
Me who always had Iron as favorite ore:
Yytobaa Faen
Yytobaa Faen Dag siden
What if minecraft diamonds are actually the super compressed souls of the dead builders?
Gavin Gooding
Gavin Gooding Dag siden
Bruh why you comparing real life to minecraft, it's a game, it dosen't completely 100% follow the laws of nature
dilophosaurus132 YT
dilophosaurus132 YT Dag siden
I wonder if they just ground up the diamonds from the armor, then made the netherite armor, and filled the layers of armor with the diamond dust.
Insertfacerollhere Dag siden
Maybe netherite is just steel where the carbon comes from diamonds
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka Dag siden
That’s right kids never waste diamonds on hoes.
Benlex Dag siden
I still wouldn't use diamonds for tools in Minecraft. It is just not economically viable.
Bob The Monkey
Bob The Monkey Dag siden
Anyone excited for 1.17 :) I'm really excited for axolotls Fact: Axolotls can regrow their hearts :)
PikaCookiePlayz Dag siden
Well, maybe Netherite is effective, maybe it's not supposed to be bendable, and it's Durability is how much it has been bended, so by the time it breaks it bend into diamond. And also Iron actually is the best ore even in non-logical Minecraft, because it only leaves out 2.5 armour points and is easy to find. You can just strot up to some cave and just on the first few walls a vein of 6 iron is there.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez Dag siden
I thought it's called game theory not real life theory
Raphael Dag siden
Wait, but you're coating the diamond suit right? So its both sides that are coated, right? So that mean the Netherite suit is actually a suit of Netherite with bits of diamonds in between, kind of. Well either way, Iron was always the best material since you don't always find diamonds too often.
VeggiePun Dag siden
So are we all going to ignore that matpat's basically done this episode before?
Gianna Viloria
Gianna Viloria Dag siden
*Ppl who wear diamond: sad* *MatPat(the game Theorisits): DIAMOND IS TRASH BAD AND OLD AND LOOKS LIKE STONE*
Jayz Gamez
Jayz Gamez Dag siden
everybody is talking about the video but i just realized the joke *Use the diamonds on your hoes*
Leah Shields
Leah Shields Dag siden
Stop. Stop using logic in a world with three dimensions, mobs, and a dragons!
KytZu Puw1ng
KytZu Puw1ng Dag siden
Mojang is gonna make this true on april fools
fishy gamer-roblox and fortnite gaming
fishy gamer-roblox and fortnite gaming Dag siden
stop ruining games for are whole life pat
Questionboi Dag siden
lol but this is a game not real life
Tigres Y.T
Tigres Y.T Dag siden
Yeah but, I'm still going to use netherite to Upgrade my diamond gear it's cheaper and i only need one set of armour in vanilla
One star Aither
One star Aither Dag siden
Yes but this is a video game where diamond is the best material
Digi-man000 Dag siden
diamonds are good at cutting.... swords
Revi Arnan
Revi Arnan Dag siden
Diamond is unbreakable
RewindTheTime Dag siden
"Diamond is the hardest but not the toughest" me : *laughs in Houseki No Kuni*
Ahmed boy
Ahmed boy Dag siden
0:28 "don't waste your diamonds on hoes" yeah don't be simps
jolle engkvist
jolle engkvist Dag siden
1:11 wood and coal should also be un s they are really imprtant
Pyrumbel Dag siden
Its a game sir
weeb confirmed
weeb confirmed Dag siden
8:18 *nice.*
Thanatip Vasamon
Thanatip Vasamon Dag siden
There’s a new old ore-Matpat 2020
Ashplays Yt
Ashplays Yt Dag siden
Yeah but these diamonds are unnaturally huge so they shouldn’t shatter that easily
Slim Shaney
Slim Shaney 2 dager siden
So what you're telling me is that putting on netherite armor is the equivalent to putting on a springlock suit?
Jules De Beckker
Jules De Beckker 2 dager siden
Isn't 3-6% carbon in steel way too high and would make it too brittle again, especially for armour?
Ivy Ancajas
Ivy Ancajas 2 dager siden
i always new that diamond armor being the hardest doesn't make sense and that iron should be better
Omair Arshad
Omair Arshad 2 dager siden
the coulour of neatherite is persian blue
Brinn Robinson
Brinn Robinson 2 dager siden
Hold up. If diamond armour and tools break easily, what about enchanting it with Unbreaking since you can do that in the game. Think about that Matt!
i will help defeat justin y
i will help defeat justin y 2 dager siden
"Never waste your diamonds on hoes" - Game theory
PotterFreak22 2 dager siden
2:38 Yikes. That's a bit scary considering mostly what people can do these days with the pandemic. I really hope this doesn't turn into a Wall-E type situation down the road. Yeah, I took a minerology class in college and we covered ALL of those things! Not the 2 you mentioned from a study but EVERYTHING ELSE. It was certainly a doozy of a class for sure. 10:27 I had to laugh out loud when I saw this. Very true and quite hilarious. 13:44 I still go out. Sometimes. If I really need to. More like once a week over 2-3 times I was going out before. It's weird to see stores half empty nowadays. Not so weird is the rudeness of some people at the stores pushing their way in the aisles, in the lots, stepping in front of you without so much as an "excuse me" or a "can I grab that real quick?". Hopefully next year will be better in terms of all this madness. Until then, I've got this channel, 5 other channels I follow, a buttload of gaming videos & some games to play to tide me over when I don't feel like going outside. Or when it's pouring and I hate getting wet as well as driving in said pouring rain.
Crimson Gaming
Crimson Gaming 2 dager siden
I love how mat pat could be working for real siance and be the best one ever but he helps us by giving us video game info and instead choose us over a real job and we all have o respect that
PharetMC 2 dager siden
Rip josuke
Lightning King
Lightning King 2 dager siden
Chill dude
matt 011
matt 011 2 dager siden
Lucas Emanuel
Lucas Emanuel Dag siden
Economy is collapsing, everyone is locked at home and people are dying... BUUT you have time to play videogames, best year ever indeed.
Simba The Chow Chow Dog
Simba The Chow Chow Dog 2 dager siden
Diamond are breakable
kobeftw2400 2 dager siden
Matpat trying to apply real world logic to a game that has trees floating in the air even if the bottom part is mined... and in general Newtons laws are mostly ignored. Classic Matpat
Andy Mir
Andy Mir 2 dager siden
Thumbs up for the CorridorDigital vid at 2:00
SeeWhyCy 2 dager siden
This is a bad theory
clayton newman
clayton newman 2 dager siden
him mabe thele make a caghcaugh EDUCATION MODE(= no no non noooooooooooooooo
Marilyn Rakestraw
Marilyn Rakestraw 2 dager siden
I have a minecraft theory Whats inside all the Creepers Well here's the answer Night vision for optimal creeping and identifying nice everything Cerebral cortex programmed to follow and wreak your stuff Early warning system voice box Spinal cord fuse 1.5 seconds to detonation Internal combustion device composed of 4 parts sand and 6 parts gunpowder And last but not least All terrain creeping appendages on its 4 legs
YutoTheSaiyan 2 dager siden
If netherite is a fictional material it should be the ONLY material to mix with diamonds
Little Lilia Games
Little Lilia Games 2 dager siden
CosmicDreamss 2 dager siden
Netherite is actualy flex seal.
Da Amazing Turtle
Da Amazing Turtle 2 dager siden
Wut Da Frick
Wut Da Frick 2 dager siden
Mat pat: THE DIAMONDS WILL CUT U WHEN THE NETHERITE BENDS meh: Soooooooo a springlock suit....... Minecraft u brutal as hec
Bridget Fowles
Bridget Fowles 2 dager siden
Use netherite instead of dimonds
Gavin 2 dager siden
Way to shatter a kids dream
noobpoob 2 dager siden
Yea *diamond is unbreakable*
McMaple Syrup
McMaple Syrup 2 dager siden
Yoo we’re getting copper next year :D
Captain lazy lazar
Captain lazy lazar 2 dager siden
No one: Diamond is easier to break! Gold: Finally someone understands me
Clarence Benedictus Abraham
Clarence Benedictus Abraham 3 dager siden
bruh thats why it has durability
Ya-gurl Clarisse
Ya-gurl Clarisse 3 dager siden
Me always sticking with stone and leather be like: Why would you want to make armor out of rare stuff when you can't even afford it?
Jackson G.
Jackson G. 3 dager siden
Or.... you could stop overthinking this and just PLAY THE GAME
Simon Tracer
Simon Tracer 3 dager siden
You talk about obsidian
Move I Do Bite
Move I Do Bite 3 dager siden
10:46 - 11:01 I will now tell everyone I'm the human version of gold!
we be }
we be } 3 dager siden
Since netherite is fictional and we dont know a whole lot about it other than that its taken from ancient debris from the ancient civilization. It may be able to become a stronger alloy than steel.
lyan oliveira
lyan oliveira 3 dager siden
Hmm what about gold + coal + iron + netherite?
Redstone Shiny
Redstone Shiny 3 dager siden
The hardest material in earth is the brik phone
Kool Kid
Kool Kid 3 dager siden
I feel like steel would be stronger than diamond but weaker than netherite but would be better because it’s easier to craft
Ronin Phan
Ronin Phan 3 dager siden
As far as I know, we never see the inside of the netherite armor so it is completely within reason that the diamond armor is covered both on the inside and out with netherite. Thus when the diamond shatters it would still be incased fully in netherite so it wold keep the hardness of diamond while also having the toughness of netherite.
Nicole Hansen
Nicole Hansen 3 dager siden
The conspiracy theorists
Nicole Hansen
Nicole Hansen 3 dager siden
A show called
Nicole Hansen
Nicole Hansen 3 dager siden
Alpaca Punchie
Alpaca Punchie 3 dager siden
I use iron most of the time in my games. I like to play solo a lot so when I do find diamonds I consider them too valueable to waste on tools that i can make almost infinitely with all my stacks of iron I found on the journey to find those diamonds.
Caleb Bruckner
Caleb Bruckner 3 dager siden
Yes use iron
Gary Kingsley
Gary Kingsley 3 dager siden
Game Theory telling us the stop using diamonds is the equivalent of PETA telling us to go vegan in Animal Crossing
Lukas Hofer
Lukas Hofer 3 dager siden
I agree with you, mostly due to the fact that iron is common which is pretty good for armour, although bad for long term mining... :/
Staple Head
Staple Head 3 dager siden
I really want obsidian armour
Eren Stark
Eren Stark 3 dager siden
I guess jake had the right idea yeeting his diamonds into lava
RipTide 3 dager siden
Ok but this is Minecraft and in Minecraft NetherRite armour is the best
penny pig love her brother
penny pig love her brother 3 dager siden
Wat if the ramanig anchant billders trid to adapt to the woreld of monstor skelles zomboys and ender men and then the wither and thats were the MPCS come in to play see wat i meen?
Marko Vasilev
Marko Vasilev 3 dager siden
Its a game..
Jonathan santoyo Duarte
Jonathan santoyo Duarte 3 dager siden
But how do you go to the nether if diamonds are required to mine obsidian
Nate's Home of Gaming
Nate's Home of Gaming 3 dager siden
What about the gold in Netherite?
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