Game Theory: Why YouTube Will NEVER Fix Rewind (YouTube Rewind 2019)

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10 måneder siden

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NOpost Rewind 2019 came out and most people were left unimpressed, some even angry - though not as much as last year. I watched it myself, hoping to see the NOpost rewind of yesteryear, where it felt like a celebration of the Creator community. Alas, no. This year was so disconnected from that concept, more a top ten list than a recap of our platform's milestones. Why though? Why has this become NOpost's new norm - and yes, this is now the norm. NOpost is sending us all a message with this rewind, and all of its responses to the recent changes on the platform, that it is not one of us Creators.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

A-12 2 timer siden
creators, audience, susan wabbajack, rewind. my grandmother used to tell m stories about the old days, a time of peace when the avatar kept balance between the creators, viewers, Susan wabbajack, and rewinds. but that all changed when Susan wabbajack attacked. only the rewind mastered all four elements. only he could stop the ruthless truth benders. but when the world needed him most, he vanished. 15 million dislikes have passed and Susan wabbajack is nearing victory in the war. two years ago, my father and the biggest creators journeyed to the audience kingdom to help fight against Susan , leaving me and my brother to look after the small creators. some believe that the avatar was never reborn into rewind, and that the cycle is broken. but I haven't lost hope yet. I still believe that somehow, the rewind will return to save the world.
fnaf pro
fnaf pro 7 timer siden
Hahahahah india wins
H 12 timer siden
This was freaking amazing. I literally got so hyped when he mentioned the 3 top stories
RU Dag siden
T-series being the most subscribed channel on NOpost is just another example that NOpost is not a place for individuals anymore. Back in 2012, you did anything you wanted, have fun and just make a difference. Pewdiepie lost his place to Tseries, like creators did to companies. WHY NOpost! YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!
Charles Bertizlian
Charles Bertizlian Dag siden
[BC] Cole
[BC] Cole Dag siden
Matpat uses a bunch of NOpostd intros at the beginning and it was done perfectly
Master Of Void
Master Of Void 2 dager siden
I wonder if in rewind 2020 will be ThatVirus mentioned
Fernanda A. Orsi
Fernanda A. Orsi 2 dager siden
Thïś ïś šø šād.
Bitzarre 3 dager siden
can mrbeast buy youtube?
Kelvin lo
Kelvin lo 3 dager siden
well thanks for susan ruined the youtube rewind
Daffa Mutaqin Tetaputra
Daffa Mutaqin Tetaputra 3 dager siden
To be fair gaming is a separate class, not a second class, and it's separate because twitch But that's too much support for NOpost
God 3 dager siden
Im sorry but shouldn't this be on film theory?
Jose Sual Cuevas
Jose Sual Cuevas 3 dager siden
Theory is michael still famous?
raindropknowledge 4 dager siden
NOpost ReRyan was the greatest rewind ever created and that is a hill I'm willing to die on
TheFastright PTG
TheFastright PTG 4 dager siden
Yall gotta admit it was also part of the community's fault. I remember back in 2013 people hated that years rewind and liked 2012 more and as the years go by the same thing happens
Никита Волков
Никита Волков 4 dager siden
EJ ThunderMaster
EJ ThunderMaster 4 dager siden
did anyone else look at the like to dislike ratio when he said were not that very like or something along those lines
Arcitek GD
Arcitek GD 4 dager siden
youtube disconnecting from the youtube community is like you leaving your mom and dad and they are very sad but they have to work to get money and continue living their lives and oh god this is sad
OMAR_ZXS 5 dager siden
They still need to make one for 2020 lol cant wait for that train reck
Toby ze cat Cream ze cat
Toby ze cat Cream ze cat 5 dager siden
NOpost: gamers aren’t second class citizens! Me: so.. does this mean their 3rd class?
Gaming Ninja
Gaming Ninja 5 dager siden
3:00 I swear the start of that BGM gave me bo2 vibes I was about to grab my mp7 and shield class stocked with claymores then I realised it wasnt that tune so i am now calm and collected.
Nathan Norris
Nathan Norris 5 dager siden
Matpat trust me ur liked ur my favourite youtuber
Attempt 58
Attempt 58 6 dager siden
"We're not that well liked" 232k likes to 2.4k dislike ratio isn't good enough for you?
insert inconspicuous name here
insert inconspicuous name here 6 dager siden
youtube was created because a couple guys couldnt find enough videos(like at all) of a nip slip ... now look at it...
Jun Gam
Jun Gam 6 dager siden
Did matapat edit almost all his vids for the new intro ar am u just startin to get crazy cuz of the boredom im witnessing in my mind
Red9ine 6 dager siden
I don't like rewind, but I think the audience is just being entitled at this point. That's why NOpost should stop making rewind.
DudezGamez 7 dager siden
i... dont really know why rewind sux
Pixelater 7 dager siden
I game theory
Yangers 7 dager siden
I can't wait to see what Rewind 2020 is. I legitimately cannot wait to see if they try to get this sinking ship above water or drop a few more trucks on it and put it at the bottom of the ocean.
Chance Maillie
Chance Maillie 8 dager siden
Gamers rise up
Harold Brick
Harold Brick 8 dager siden
Dex the Umbreon
Dex the Umbreon 8 dager siden
I wonder how bad the 2020 is going to be
Mr Gapple
Mr Gapple 8 dager siden
If dream is not in NOpost Rewind 2020 ;-;
YNG porcupine
YNG porcupine 8 dager siden
The dislikes are from Susan Wabbajack and her minions
Toby Hanke
Toby Hanke 8 dager siden
oh my god he teased food theory am I dumb or what
I.O.N. Prod
I.O.N. Prod 9 dager siden
With how they handled people saying coronavirus, I'm not sure they're going to even mention why everyone went on lockdown
Carlos Esguerra
Carlos Esguerra 9 dager siden
Kinda ironic you made a video about why youtube rewind wont be fixed and youtube reccomended me this from 10months back bruh
Mc Laurence G. Fetiluna
Mc Laurence G. Fetiluna 9 dager siden
Mat pat had a lot of voice crack
Alessandro Lasaine
Alessandro Lasaine 9 dager siden
MatPat: says he's not that well liked, also MatPat: owns a channel that has 13.3 million subs
Rainbow Angel
Rainbow Angel 5 dager siden
Four channels at this point tbh...
Son of Baconator
Son of Baconator 9 dager siden
"YOU PUT THE CUTS ON THE BEATS OF THE MUSIC!!!" best quote ever!🔥💯💯
Pumpkin 9 dager siden
HAHAHAHHAHAH I Cant wait for rewind 2020 (OH NO THIS IS GOING TO BE WORST THAN 2018).
Luk Dio
Luk Dio 10 dager siden
yet again youtube ignores its own people its own community
Collene Marizza Faustino
Collene Marizza Faustino 10 dager siden
Wait why is there a yellow part in the logo on the intro if food theory came out months later
Lajesha P
Lajesha P 10 dager siden
*You hear this theory in 2020 *You get hope that next year will be better *You are filled with Determination
Colded Wolf
Colded Wolf 10 dager siden
If I own youtube in the future I promise I will listen to the fans.
Ur Average Chaotic Idiot
Ur Average Chaotic Idiot 10 dager siden
for once we might actually have to consider this 'youtube theory' a 'youtube fact'
yes _
yes _ 10 dager siden
Andrea Slowiak
Andrea Slowiak 11 dager siden
In your intro luwigie is scared
Senpai Geolite
Senpai Geolite 11 dager siden
2020 rewind is gonna be pure cancer, if there is gonna be one considering how sensitive youtube was towards covid
rps HD
rps HD 11 dager siden
NOpost employees disliked that
Steven Groom
Steven Groom 11 dager siden
lets be honest... its susan that is ruining NOpost
Elliot Holm
Elliot Holm 11 dager siden
When he says that he isn't that well liked, so you like the video right then and there to make a point. ALSO; MatPat for president.
Lia 12 dager siden
it feels like a best friend who supported you through everything until money changed their mind.
Not a bizarre Guy
Not a bizarre Guy 12 dager siden
I think matpat's 4th theory channel will be blue BUT HEY That was just a theory
sappy loves 1d
sappy loves 1d 12 dager siden
petition for NOpost rewind 2020 to be dedicated to the gamers
clinton's Animations
clinton's Animations 12 dager siden
Will youtube actually listen tho? Hmm.
Samchhay Pitou
Samchhay Pitou 12 dager siden
Ladies and Gentleman , NOpost Rewind 2018 has gotten 20 million likes and dislikes and NOpost Rewind 2019 has gotten 11 million
Someasy name
Someasy name 12 dager siden
Someone should make a new platform called GoodTube and ban all videos that are inappropriate or that are made by douchebag NOpostrs
Indiana Olson
Indiana Olson 12 dager siden
The gaming section put me off too.
Indiana Olson
Indiana Olson 12 dager siden
Wonder what 2020 rewind has in store?
The Thieves' Domain
The Thieves' Domain 12 dager siden
Wait... is THAT why I kept getting a cross dresser and makeup vids in my recommendations??? And don't you dare say it's what I watched, all I watch is game and tech stuff, I should NOT be getting guys doing makeup recommended to me
Renzo Cater
Renzo Cater 13 dager siden
And now im looking for 2020 rewind as Vtuber rewind, Haachama, Coco, Elite, and many Hololive, Nijisanji and many independent Vtuber's rewind
wither storm
wither storm 13 dager siden
Wyatt Zimmermman
Wyatt Zimmermman 14 dager siden
It's like when a local store gets famous and you stop being a person, but just another customer.
ShadySheep 14 dager siden
get food theory to 10 mil before film theory we can do it
Vicen G. Andrade
Vicen G. Andrade 14 dager siden
2020 rewind will be like "hi i am here, in my house, waiting to the impostor, i just wanna hug someone i not care if i die"
josephtheguything 14 dager siden
Im scared of this years rewind
carealoo744 15 dager siden
And then 2020 happened and none of this is no longer possible...
carealoo744 15 dager siden
Last time I was this late, America was Great
JOHN LE2 15 dager siden
youtube will remove the ads
Black white And skull
Black white And skull 16 dager siden
Remember when he teased food theory with that one kindergarten video
Alpha Vex Studios
Alpha Vex Studios 16 dager siden
Their are 3 main reasons why people go to youtube. 1. to look up tutorial videos 2. to listen to good music 3. to see what's the latest news in the world Music might be in this list but NOpost giving beauty artists more attention rather then gamers is very unfair, more people watch gamers then beauty makeup artists anyway. You don't believe me, the second most subscribed channel in the world is pewdiepie and he mainly played video games, he is most subscribed right next to T-series, a music company which is the most subscribed channel though pewidpie is the king of youtube still by default because he didn't own a massive corporation.
Trash. 17 dager siden
they’re panicking rn
Unreasonably Random
Unreasonably Random 17 dager siden
NOpost rewind 2020: 😷corona, ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏾blm, ♂️♀️🔥 gender reveal parties, 🚫👩‍💻 cancel culture, 🤑content farms getting worse, 🇺🇸Election, 🧒coppa = 🧹 swept under the rug (If you have any others, feel free to suggest it in the replies and I might add it)
sheldonthegiant 18 dager siden
U hit the nail on the head w the inequality statement. U don't know it's there until you look. Hit different now.
Jaquabes 18 dager siden
Shouldn’t this technically be a film theory
Washim Akram
Washim Akram 18 dager siden
2:28 didn't expect them to be in this video
Mr. Cramps
Mr. Cramps 18 dager siden
Matpat: ‘we can carry this torch’ me: I AM SO PROUD OF THIS COMMUNITY
Mr. Cramps
Mr. Cramps 18 dager siden
Here is an idea: all the you tubers take it into their own hands.
Mr. Cramps
Mr. Cramps 18 dager siden
Or we drop it.
Orange neko
Orange neko 18 dager siden
For a NOpost rewind I would just do the most liked/viewed videos in each month
James Grothen
James Grothen 19 dager siden
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo 19 dager siden
When he said "let's talk about that" the GMM theme played over the GT theme in my brain....
Vlad Hotea
Vlad Hotea 19 dager siden
After watching this, I wonder what rewind it's gonna be since it's only a few months away
ICECREAM GAMING 19 dager siden
Everyone: hates ytrw 2018 Me: actually likes it 😳
Gabriel Macias
Gabriel Macias 20 dager siden
Watching this again I hope NOpost fixes itself this year but rewind won’t be the same anymore
Chinmay Agarwal
Chinmay Agarwal 20 dager siden
I thik you forgot the biggest event osted by youtubers in which most of them were gaming channels or related to games called uhmm... " TEAM TREES ". and now their goal is to reach 30 mil.
burztx 20 dager siden
DANTDM and LAZER BEAM the ultimate crossover
KingFisher c
KingFisher c 20 dager siden
We better see a decade rewind
DianaCrystal 20 dager siden
why can't we just do the rewinds ourselves? we can leave NOpost alone, and do this ourselves.
Hehning 20 dager siden
LETS BE HONEST. its the comunity's fault. 2018 was pretty bad.... and got so much hate, but it wasnt horific. we memed them and roasted them. so they tried somthing new. its our fault ( not mine cause i thought 2018 was pretty decent. )
Jess Dumayac
Jess Dumayac 21 dag siden
I wonder what would happen if Matpat was the CEO of youtube
Alex Brig
Alex Brig 21 dag siden
7:34 this mans hair🤣
Idan K
Idan K 21 dag siden
I think that the creators hold youtube and youtube is just trying to collapse on its self with the help of demonetizing
Generalfeldmarschall Polycrase
Generalfeldmarschall Polycrase 21 dag siden
My dissapointment on youtube last year is tis rewind, this year is none other that youtube fanfest 2020 in my country where they only invite celebrities instead of real youtube colonist (Influencer, gamers, content creator, etc), i hpe this year rewind prediction is wrong
fastest man alive
fastest man alive 9 dager siden
@Generalfeldmarschall Polycrase ok
Generalfeldmarschall Polycrase
Generalfeldmarschall Polycrase 9 dager siden
@fastest man alive Indonesia
fastest man alive
fastest man alive 9 dager siden
well from whhich country are u.
Generalfeldmarschall Polycrase
Generalfeldmarschall Polycrase 21 dag siden
I would say this: if i had a penny for every bad action taken by youtube, and investing it all on space research, NASA could overwhelm US defense budget and we could reaching Kardashev (civilization level) 4 (Able to explore multiple galaxy cluster) on civilization scale in less than 10 Year
Henry Aust Student
Henry Aust Student 21 dag siden
You don’t need a theory to know that
RIP fostels
RIP fostels 21 dag siden
Nah man, it's all for memes
XxByEmiNemxX 4948
XxByEmiNemxX 4948 21 dag siden
My man is the smartest man to ever live
Louis Powers
Louis Powers 22 dager siden
They are not gonna fix it now in 2020
cat% 22 dager siden
what if we nominated different youtubers to do their own rewind every year
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