Game Theory: Yoshi's Identity Crisis! What is a Yoshi?

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What is a Yoshi? The answer is not as easy as you may think. See, most people call Yoshi a dinosaur and that is really only the beginning. Our green friend would have had to go through YEARS of evolution to end up where he is today! Today Theorists, we are cutting him open and figuring out once and for all what EXACTLY is a Yoshi!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Post Tenebras Lux
Post Tenebras Lux 3 timer siden
Daegan Brown
Daegan Brown 5 timer siden
2:24 r.i.p mat pat
M G 5 timer siden
"No way Yoshi is a girl!"
gamerboy6602 12 timer siden
I like how all of your prices aren't way too high like all other youtubers
Luis Corona
Luis Corona 16 timer siden
You forgot the shoes!!
Daniel Martins
Daniel Martins 18 timer siden
Yoshi is not a female if he was he wouldn't use eggs as projectiles
Daniel Martins
Daniel Martins 18 timer siden
And yes I'm serious
Daniel Martins
Daniel Martins 18 timer siden
I searched it up on Google
Daniel Martins
Daniel Martins 18 timer siden
T stands for that's not my yoshi
Baneel. 18 timer siden
Nintendo: **makes an adorable dinasour for Mario to ride for help with no anatomy** Game theory: **clears troath**
Thalassa Barajas
Thalassa Barajas 20 timer siden
affaaffa afjkfabhjkfa
affaaffa afjkfabhjkfa 22 timer siden
MThe MK Random
MThe MK Random 23 timer siden
14:52 The Dino : *AHWAHWAHWAHWAH* Me : 🤣😂🤣
Charlotte Perreault
Charlotte Perreault Dag siden
dalyn bratcher
dalyn bratcher Dag siden
Part of me was really hoping for a team four star reference with goku asking piccolo if he was a yoshi.
Leo got Tourettez シ
Leo got Tourettez シ Dag siden
Yoshi could be a thyreophora, because he has a shell on his back. Tell me if I’m wrong.
Blue babay Crewmate Junior
Blue babay Crewmate Junior Dag siden
Do Roblox
Little Pato
Little Pato Dag siden
i want so bad to the wallet and the switch case come back it would be sooooooooooooooooooo good (or even make a new one because that one was very cool)
Someone In The Universe
Someone In The Universe Dag siden
That mighty roar scared me
Mongolian youtuber and Arigun
Mongolian youtuber and Arigun 2 dager siden
If you want to skip the merch ad there it is 3:57
Ir1shBoy 1996
Ir1shBoy 1996 2 dager siden
I wonder if Dan from game grumps has seen this. He loves dinosaurs. I think he'd like this one
fish nip
fish nip 2 dager siden
I’m getting the Merch
Eric Curtis-Verhaalen
Eric Curtis-Verhaalen 2 dager siden
And also my favorite plushi
I SUCK at stuff
I SUCK at stuff 2 dager siden
The cat looked like a llama
Gavin Davis
Gavin Davis 2 dager siden
ty matpat
michael higginbotham
michael higginbotham 3 dager siden
I need a,ds case
Katulito 3 dager siden
nice new intro
Lilly_ Shrimp
Lilly_ Shrimp 3 dager siden
MatPat: Wheel, Wheel Wheel: Yes MatPat MatPat: Obsessed with fnaf Wheel: No MatPat MatPat: Sure about that buddy
Kristan Lacey
Kristan Lacey 3 dager siden
iiPaper Cut
iiPaper Cut 3 dager siden
Most people consider dragons as dinosaurs
DixR 6
DixR 6 3 dager siden
In japenese Dragon and Dinosaur are written the same way
Alexander The Vegito King
Alexander The Vegito King 3 dager siden
ok so a namek is a yoshi
Ian Rogers
Ian Rogers 3 dager siden
Game Theory sucks
Doge Boi
Doge Boi 3 dager siden
Baby eating, AND baby murdering?! Nice one, Nintendo.
Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson 3 dager siden
Mario: oh god! Yoshi:ahhhhhhhhh
Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson 3 dager siden
Fat yoshi is right 😊
Alexej Bulejčik
Alexej Bulejčik 3 dager siden
BBSK ç dnes j HDD turnaj rúry funkčný ģjdjffhfnjfydmdeedhd Obuvnícka je tým sú rýchlejšie a jednoduchšie ako je tým sú rýchlejšie než je tým pravým tlačidlom je úkon je tým pravým tlačidlom myši kliknite tu by iný ako jazyk lásky dieťaťa a jeho priatelia a DM a jednoduchšie než v skutočnosti je úkon ktorý je tým má v obchodnom centre Bratislavy len za pomoci je tým sú je úkon mg denne je tým má byť predstavený v obchodnom centre obce Oščadnica v okrese Prievidza tu ešte nebola pointa je to je tým pravým tlačidlom myši Helica fh úmrtný cvnhcdmncfsdhufxfjjdfnbc bhgddfhhhfry je tcde je tým uyr je tým pravým tlačidlom myši Helica a jednoduchšie rkfufjrhfurjfhjfjf
The Altheorist
The Altheorist 4 dager siden
GREAT!! Monolpohosaurus is actually one of my favorit dinosaurs!
Ethan Todd
Ethan Todd 5 dager siden
anyone remember what matpat is referencing when he says "bald spot"? the answer is the lost world jurssic park quote "fat head with the bald spot friar tuck" said by Roland Tembo.
Adrian Ocasio
Adrian Ocasio 5 dager siden
He actually said h double hockey sticks no e
Shell-less Koopa
Shell-less Koopa 5 dager siden
wait...yoshi is a koopa?
Genocide Player
Genocide Player 5 dager siden
Mario:Eh what?
Miles Gipson
Miles Gipson 5 dager siden
i have alot of questions not about this. What are Ender Dragons Who is Ralsei MineCraft is Fake What is Bowser What material is metal sonic What is inside Fall Guys What is inside Among Us Sonic is Evil (Imagine it. The animals in robot suits with it) Frisk is an Immortal Sans is Sans (In any route) What is Super Mario Dolor About How much power does Sans have really What are Creepers What are Pillagers and Why do they kill Villagers Who is Ennard What is Golden Freddy What is Mangle What is Plush Trap Mario is too late Sonic is in different timelines (Let's go back to sonic generations) What is Shadow Mario (Really (Not just bowser jr)) Skylanders Spyro is not regular Spyro (Give me something)
Shonte Torres
Shonte Torres 5 dager siden
We all want Five nights at Freddy’s to be having another theory Matpat: nope you’re having a Yoshi Theory
Ash Catchem
Ash Catchem 5 dager siden
8:56 That slow stroke of Yoshi's tail is scandalous.
Ash Catchem
Ash Catchem 5 dager siden
T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas? Is that his scientific name or his actual full name? I commented too early...
Alejandro Vlogs
Alejandro Vlogs 6 dager siden
9:33 or your 10
cody tan
cody tan 6 dager siden
I like this part 14:52
MotherRatFat 6 dager siden
Yoshi, is a male right, cause people use he/him pronouns for him. But he also lays eggs, only female animals give birth/lay eggs. Which means, trans yoshi! :D
Darrien Twyman
Darrien Twyman 6 dager siden
Just because you didnt try and play games with me about merchandise, Im buying merch.
AROID DEBICE 7 dager siden
The "mighty roar" made me spill my drinck ☕
marcus woolley
marcus woolley 7 dager siden
Is yoshi a Pokémon
Theo Furguson
Theo Furguson 7 dager siden
I love how he says “remember from school?” But I’m 10 and dunno what it is
Yoitsjon Mac
Yoitsjon Mac 7 dager siden
Theory starts 4 minutes in yall
Yoitsjon Mac
Yoitsjon Mac 7 dager siden
Too much promotion not enough theory...
Adam Goodman-crow
Adam Goodman-crow 7 dager siden
bryan conley
bryan conley 8 dager siden
GrantedFoxner 8 dager siden
Bruh theres 2 yoshi recommended vids in my recommended page
kirby06 ___
kirby06 ___ 8 dager siden
the wheel of gaming is actully a percentage chart of what people want for a video
Amy Gardam
Amy Gardam 8 dager siden
Well dinosaur you talking about you’re making up you should talk to my mum and my friend Jack and They know everything about dinosaurs
Amy Gardam
Amy Gardam 8 dager siden
It doesn’t have to be a real dinosaurs are made up one I think it’s a good idea thinking of your mind
Freya Eberman
Freya Eberman 9 dager siden
I think hes not a dino, a tree frog.
Hagen springtrap
Hagen springtrap 9 dager siden
I take offense to that 5:14 I am a fan of all 3 "granted I grown up with Mario Cart so take that with a grain of salt"
Hagen springtrap
Hagen springtrap 9 dager siden
Already got my wallet my friend It took awhile but y'all are in probably not my area
chiecken man
chiecken man 9 dager siden
Theropods aren't saurischian anymore my man
James Rawley gaming
James Rawley gaming 9 dager siden
In one of your videos you should open the wallet at the end and say Hey that's Just a theory A game theory
James Rawley gaming
James Rawley gaming 9 dager siden
Hey if you're hearing this game theoryI have a NOpost channel to😏
Qkai76 9 dager siden
I'd say Yoshi's in Ornithischia because he has those scales
Monica Gonzalez
Monica Gonzalez 9 dager siden
Instead of 101 dalmatians 101 Yoshi’s
black_o_sand ???
black_o_sand ??? 9 dager siden
black_o_sand ???
black_o_sand ??? 9 dager siden
Wiktor Waleczek
Wiktor Waleczek 10 dager siden
Yoshi is t-rex
Logan Coombe
Logan Coombe 10 dager siden
did you know that mario and sonic was made by sega true look on the box
Geronimo Vazquez
Geronimo Vazquez 10 dager siden
What is a Yoshi? kage kira
chinmaya kumar Patnaik
chinmaya kumar Patnaik 10 dager siden
vizthex 10 dager siden
also yoshi is packin', everyone knows that/\.
Candice Silver
Candice Silver 10 dager siden
I think you should do a theory on who or what is shy guy
сегей витязев
сегей витязев 11 dager siden
PRPL_GUY 11 dager siden
“Revenge and babies never tasted so sweet.” Goddammit MatPat has some of my favorite quotes
Dyl Playtime 1923 Fun
Dyl Playtime 1923 Fun 11 dager siden
Why would anybody cut open Yoshi just look up the guy I mean girl she looks cute just thinking of her cause is swimming with that with her enjoy Roger bay super Mario 64 from Dyl
poorly made 3D kirby
poorly made 3D kirby 12 dager siden
finally someone that acknowledges youtubers that always make their merch limited
katherine sudayan
katherine sudayan 12 dager siden
grimm breon
grimm breon 13 dager siden
I actually have money that's just a theory
W W 13 dager siden
10/10 my fav vid :)
the waffle gang
the waffle gang 13 dager siden
fake fans wanna get the merch first and get mad when they dont get it real fans will wait till there if more and wait for others to get it
SaRah TaKaNo
SaRah TaKaNo 13 dager siden
where is the food theorists theorywear
Санькоу Ершов
Санькоу Ершов 14 dager siden
Yankarlo Granados
Yankarlo Granados 14 dager siden
Can't believe I used this to help me through my homework
Mr Gus Epic Gaming
Mr Gus Epic Gaming 15 dager siden
Matpat claims that monolophosaurus hunted in packs despite the fact we only have a single specimen
Elijah Herman
Elijah Herman 15 dager siden
Yoshi plus ditto = yoshi army
SEAN SUNDQUIST 15 dager siden
aye yo this man is better than my science teacher for explaining things XD
Pog Chop
Pog Chop 15 dager siden
Nobody: Actually nobody: Litteraly nobody: *Me: YOSHI IS YOHI*
Jayden Tran
Jayden Tran 15 dager siden
You never explained how you hi got spikes and 4 fingers with no claws and a saddle
Master killerdaki
Master killerdaki 16 dager siden
*Huffs* pull up a chair let's talk
Ovinho do Tempo
Ovinho do Tempo 16 dager siden
RmbSs 16 dager siden
The answer is yoshi was dinasaurous or anything to spell that so yoshi was dinasourous and lihzard hybird
SonicSaver2138 17 dager siden
I've been thinking about something, why is Marble Zone purple, and not white or grey? Can marble turn purple?
Shadow 101
Shadow 101 18 dager siden
Can you do a game theory I’m Berto that pink looking Yoshi knock off sorry I don’t know how to spell it
Nicola Nicholas
Nicola Nicholas 19 dager siden
When I first saw him I tought he was called yacky
Ian Grijalva
Ian Grijalva 19 dager siden
Actually Yoshi's spikes are a more of a orange red
Bubba Baker
Bubba Baker 19 dager siden
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among us but they're all drunk