Game Theory: Yoshi's Identity Crisis! What is a Yoshi?

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5 måneder siden

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What is a Yoshi? The answer is not as easy as you may think. See, most people call Yoshi a dinosaur and that is really only the beginning. Our green friend would have had to go through YEARS of evolution to end up where he is today! Today Theorists, we are cutting him open and figuring out once and for all what EXACTLY is a Yoshi!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

AlePalex’s Alternative channel
AlePalex’s Alternative channel 6 minutter siden
The true theory: what happens with the race and what happens to toad under a chest? And so on
Preston Johnson
Preston Johnson 19 timer siden
Wait why does Yoshi wear boots
Preston Johnson
Preston Johnson 19 timer siden
For far more you are my favorite NOpostr
maximaldinotrap 21 time siden
MatPat Theropods: Carnivorous two legged dinosaurs Me: WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG Ornithomimids and Therizinosaurids have entered the chat mate.
maximaldinotrap 21 time siden
The pubis thing is funny because birds are Saurischians. Yeah, they are advanced lizard hipped dinosaurs.
- Eskimo -
- Eskimo - Dag siden
I wonder if bowser is just an evil and or traumatized yoshi..?
Sushi Roll
Sushi Roll Dag siden
Me: The new merch looks cool! My wallet: Uhh.... My age: ... My parents: are ten.
wolfiyee Dag siden
It's characters like Yoshi why Charles Darwin can never rest peacefully in his grave
Taylor York
Taylor York 2 dager siden
Then what, pray tell, is a birdo??
marcus helbling
marcus helbling 2 dager siden
8:58 show me on the yoshi where he touched you
Vseslav Kazakov
Vseslav Kazakov 2 dager siden
youshi has shell in some games which could be body armor
With love from Nevada
With love from Nevada 2 dager siden
Make the wheel of gaming series
MoonGirl 3060
MoonGirl 3060 3 dager siden
HelloItsMe 3 dager siden
is it just me or are others confused on why yoshi cant be thyreophora? seems plausible to me actually
DasBauer 3 dager siden
1¾m.... No! We don't use the metric system like that in daily use.
Umbrio games And more
Umbrio games And more 3 dager siden
OBJECTION!!! Seeing as the fnaf theory is always next to Fortnite and Minecraft that means... IT LANDED ON THE SAME THING EVERY TIME REGARDLESS OF THE FACT THERES A BUNCH OF FNAF THEORIES ON THE WHEEL
G.Z. MacLeod
G.Z. MacLeod 3 dager siden
The T. stands for Tea
BitFire Studio // ANIMATION
BitFire Studio // ANIMATION 4 dager siden
I would be concerned if my kid was born with shoes on.
Mason Hunter
Mason Hunter 4 dager siden
Jose Nunez
Jose Nunez 5 dager siden
yoshi yoshi thick yosh
waifu_png_pl 5 dager siden
he is a criminal he has commited tax fraud
Raunak Choudhury
Raunak Choudhury 5 dager siden
Mat pat : Lizards called parthenoGENESIS Me : sega
Tamir Davar
Tamir Davar 5 dager siden
do you see in the end a avarwe
Owyn Ackerman
Owyn Ackerman 5 dager siden
14:45 that was the best part in the video
darwin cruz
darwin cruz 6 dager siden
I like the rainbow case
Iron Heart
Iron Heart 6 dager siden
That mighty roar got me 💀💀💀
don't go to my discord
don't go to my discord 6 dager siden
do you ever wonder if matpat is trying to secretly tell us about something every video?
Onyx Alagasia
Onyx Alagasia 6 dager siden
I'm pretty sure he's just a pokemon.
Cinnigen19 6 dager siden
Nah he’s a club member. He makes amazing poems
Thomas Rutz
Thomas Rutz 6 dager siden
I’m five minutes into the video, I believe he will say Yoshi evolved from a frog Well, the answer was a little bit more thought out than that
Lens Cadet
Lens Cadet 6 dager siden
weal of gaming what are u smokin'
Slow game cube Music
Slow game cube Music 6 dager siden
Dude Yoshi is too wholesome for you you don’t deserve his theory
Observing Rogue
Observing Rogue 6 dager siden
Bunny Ben Plays
Bunny Ben Plays 6 dager siden
It's ankylosaurus, not anklyosaurus. like the kylo in Kylo Ren, not ankles.
Jonathan Bryant
Jonathan Bryant 7 dager siden
What is a Birdo
Sekh Sohan
Sekh Sohan 7 dager siden
I think Yoshi is a hybrid of turtle ,dinosaur and chameleon
Nevaeh Noren
Nevaeh Noren 7 dager siden
ya know i play Minecraft FNAF and Mario and im a girl soooo ye
Spleens The Cat
Spleens The Cat 7 dager siden
Drunk kangaroos punch children on family game shows. I love it.
Spleens The Cat
Spleens The Cat 7 dager siden
Morgz pressured his fans into buying merch pretending HIS LITTLE BROTHER WAS IN JAIL AND THE FINE TO GET HIM OUT WAS A MILLION DOLLARS. I don’t know if it was morgz but it was a douchetuber.
Spider Mann
Spider Mann 7 dager siden
I thought Reznor was a rhino. Shows what I know
Lord 2456
Lord 2456 7 dager siden
The dead bodies in his closet
Jesiah Sok
Jesiah Sok 7 dager siden
tbf adaptation is kinda OP when it comes to theories. Kinda like a dream.
error sans
error sans 8 dager siden
go home wheel of gaming your drunk
Xander Lopez
Xander Lopez 8 dager siden
I am a loyal theorist I ask that you make a theory on Fortnite if it is a hologram
Erika Santos
Erika Santos 8 dager siden
Sorry but in the official Mario movie in production they say he's a baby t rex . And I think the t is for t rex
Ian Laurel Gabuya
Ian Laurel Gabuya 8 dager siden
i love gametheory
Shawna Roth
Shawna Roth 8 dager siden
He is a dragon turtle person duh.
Jaxson Dav
Jaxson Dav 8 dager siden
Could you do a theory about the power-ups in Mario games? I know it’s stupid but I liked what you said about Evee(or however you soell it) and think you could come up with a mind blowing conclusion.
Jaxson Dav
Jaxson Dav 8 dager siden
Frik how did I spell spell like that!?
Deadly Farriswheel
Deadly Farriswheel 9 dager siden
"Designs that weren't so serious" um Holo is very serious pat as a holosexual I take serious offense to that statement I hope people understand this is a joke and that I'm a simplynailogical fan ie holosexual
Frank Egan
Frank Egan 9 dager siden
Yoshi is a MALE!
Blue Downes
Blue Downes 9 dager siden
I want that wallet
Ronita Ta Of The Day
Ronita Ta Of The Day 9 dager siden
18:02 YOSHIKAGE KIRA! he started saying Yoshi- and i remembered Yoshikage Kira
blobishly Belfer
blobishly Belfer 9 dager siden
by the the game mechanics involving Yoshi's eggs and the fact that his form of eating to create eggs is called "munching" it seems to me that those aren't real eggs and are instead a projectile Yoshies can create with enough excess body matter. and the fact that Yoshi can re-hatch many times after falling in pits and still be considered "Mario's friend" says to me that maybe the egg he hatches from isn't real either.
D arcy love
D arcy love 9 dager siden
So much Ts I'm Tolintino something
D arcy love
D arcy love 9 dager siden
My favortie
ok yeet
ok yeet 9 dager siden
that was a great intro!
Liam Coppock
Liam Coppock 9 dager siden
I love that start
Jazavier Harris
Jazavier Harris 9 dager siden
peyton's gaming and art kinda
peyton's gaming and art kinda 9 dager siden
yoshi has the boots his hole life are the boots made of skin? will this be the next theory!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
TerraZack X
TerraZack X 9 dager siden
9:54 How appropriate.
Maximilian Keller
Maximilian Keller 9 dager siden
I think yoshi is a chameleon
Luke Gibson
Luke Gibson 9 dager siden
nice slipknot drum
Joshua Gerhart
Joshua Gerhart 10 dager siden
tax fraud come on yoshi
Phinian Pflanz
Phinian Pflanz 10 dager siden
Yoshi is a raptor
Phinian Pflanz
Phinian Pflanz 10 dager siden
Yosh i is a
Alvin Jacinto
Alvin Jacinto 10 dager siden
Wait.... is Brontosaurus officially back as a Dino??
MatigeMehmet 10 dager siden
Are the waterdragon Yoshi's of Mario Party a different species or nah?
MatigeMehmet 10 dager siden
Yoshi doesn't have scaly body armor?? He literally has scales and a shell on his back
Lefty Puppet
Lefty Puppet 10 dager siden
Anyone watching this when steve arrived in smash lmao
Jen Johnson
Jen Johnson 10 dager siden
Who else thinks that Mario is really mean because he kills Yoshi all the time
Deadly Bear
Deadly Bear 10 dager siden
I need more blackmail for murder of yoshi
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 11 dager siden
U know I want that wallet!
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 11 dager siden
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 11 dager siden
Bleebasaurous Rex
Bleebasaurous Rex 11 dager siden
a yoshi is a dinosaur that doesn't pay their taxes
Bad Predictions
Bad Predictions 11 dager siden
*eats a tenis racket*
ידידיה גינת
ידידיה גינת 11 dager siden
acutely yoshi os a SPACE dinosaur
Samurai Nuts
Samurai Nuts 11 dager siden
I use the switch case for my weed, it works wonders
Andres Balderrama
Andres Balderrama 11 dager siden
I really like how MatPat said that there was no pressure in buying merch and that it would not sell out, he is the only youtuber i have seen say this and it made my day Good job MatPat
Jackson Alvis
Jackson Alvis 11 dager siden
This is so cool! It's breaking down natural factors then adaptations that make "the Yoshi" species
Dungeon Theory
Dungeon Theory 11 dager siden
He does have body armor I think, the spikes on his back
meh3 11 dager siden
Stop skipping fanat fairies theories
NatureDemon animations
NatureDemon animations 11 dager siden
im about to get your awsome theiry wear! cant wait!
Izanami 11 dager siden
Asexual 4 the win
Edmond HuskyRubio
Edmond HuskyRubio 12 dager siden
My birthday is in two weeks and I'm going to buy the Swich case from here in Spain Thanks game theory for bringing me so many years of fun Post: I'm writing this in the translator because I'm bad at writing in English
Owen Stanley
Owen Stanley 12 dager siden
Hoglin’s are the beasts.
ShiinyMiiwa 12 dager siden
Please do a theory on the backstory of among us
Ellie Santos
Ellie Santos 12 dager siden
Small problem. The Mexican Whiptail produces literal clones of itself as it’s children. That’s how asexual reproduction works. So there would be absolutely no color variation like with the Yoshis
A Marsh
A Marsh 12 dager siden
This is like schools but BETER!100%better
Connor Gordon
Connor Gordon 12 dager siden
what is a pleather?
Melon 12 dager siden
Lots of big words
Owen Stanley
Owen Stanley 12 dager siden
Make Hoglin merch and sell it at target.
Goat Man
Goat Man 12 dager siden
the way he advertises his merch is 🤲💖
Spike Lightning
Spike Lightning 13 dager siden
I love this
AI gaming
AI gaming 13 dager siden
when matpat said eukaryotic i heard my science teacher
Jennifer Johns
Jennifer Johns 13 dager siden
Please please please please PLEASE bring back the hoodie dress!!! It's so cool and I need it in my life.
Miles Morales
Miles Morales 13 dager siden
Dude I want that theorist wallet
Stella Vanilla
Stella Vanilla 13 dager siden
IT’S NOT HOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stella Vanilla
Stella Vanilla 13 dager siden
It’s unicorn skin
brody brody
brody brody 13 dager siden
Wait a minute in it bicycle not tell you something running like really immersed in the ferry you saying that's just a theory of the end how much rain when is it so yeah
zanele nene
zanele nene 14 dager siden
Yoshi is obviously a ceratosaurus
Ghost Boi Animations
Ghost Boi Animations 14 dager siden
Minecraft is on the switch
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