Game Theory: Rosalina UNMASKED pt. 2 (Super Mario Galaxy)

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Was Mario 3 staged? ►►
So based on genetics and in-game lore, it seems like Rosalina's parents MAY be Peach and Mario. But Rosalina's mother is dead, and Peach doesn't seem to be. Not to mention Rosalina and Peach look to be the exact same age. So what's the deal? Are they actually related? The answer is YES. Super Mario Galaxy explains how...even if it is a little difficult to decipher.
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ღ Natsuki ღ
ღ Natsuki ღ 38 minutter siden
GAMER KITTY 3 timer siden
Mario watching this and realized that his brother just did his wife
Ahmad Mariam
Ahmad Mariam 15 timer siden
Ahmad Mariam
Ahmad Mariam 15 timer siden
My brain stoped working
Lucey Jansing
Lucey Jansing 22 timer siden
One other thing...Luigi is always like “I’m gonna finds a me the key to Peach’s a castle” Maybe so he can try to get back with her....
Adria Sours
Adria Sours Dag siden
Beesches Dag siden
what's the name of the music that plays at 1:26?
Anisa Ali
Anisa Ali Dag siden
I love the intro song
Dean Vandyk
Dean Vandyk Dag siden
Maybe peach cheated because mario cheated.
Fantasy Shadows
Fantasy Shadows Dag siden
(oof, Rosalina and Silver have to go through the old who are their parents theories...)
Kacey Stotesbery
Kacey Stotesbery 2 dager siden
So Pricess Peach Is Dead Even In Super Smash Bro Ultament
Internet Searcher
Internet Searcher 2 dager siden
La Pucelle
La Pucelle 2 dager siden
Luigi gets the girls! Luigi time!
Nick Guest
Nick Guest 3 dager siden
This video was posted when I was 2 I said 2
Rosalina 3 dager siden
2 new things I’d like to add to this theory : 1: peach rejects Mario in odessy , 2: in a Nintendo news video I watched it showed link and zelda when it said fall in love but why not show the iconic so called couple peach and Mario?
Luciana Puerta
Luciana Puerta 3 dager siden
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 3 dager siden
he changed everything at the last second and this is why i love it i mean really spend so much time and then ..."?! WAIT *MUTTER* MUTTER*" I mean luvs it tho
Lee Seltenreich
Lee Seltenreich 3 dager siden
I believe you
die. dis is uwu_ur.idi0tic.00fi_uwu on insta.
die. dis is uwu_ur.idi0tic.00fi_uwu on insta. 4 dager siden
hmmmmm peach is inmortal
star light
star light 5 dager siden
uh... there are the same age
Masushige Aiko
Masushige Aiko 5 dager siden
I’m crying right now
lianzhu zhang
lianzhu zhang 5 dager siden
Bowser's wedding
Edison Pavlović
Edison Pavlović 6 dager siden
I think he did
strawberry shortcake _Fox
strawberry shortcake _Fox 6 dager siden
Or maybe Luigi is Rosalina‘s dad and peach isn’t her mom maybe it’s just someone random person we haven’t met yet or just a random person or that person died since you said it there and that’s why the mom isn’t showing
Abbie Rose
Abbie Rose 6 dager siden
Daisy has brown hair like Mario blue eyes like peach and Mario
Chumbrella 7 dager siden
Um my mind
Daile King
Daile King 7 dager siden
Maybe I saw this game in a video that mario died and Removed everyone’s memories so maybe that before he died he gave his child to Luigi NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW
Connall Stevenson
Connall Stevenson 7 dager siden
0:12 How do you feel about playing that now?
lien sun
lien sun 7 dager siden
Asriel Plays
Asriel Plays 8 dager siden
It could explain why mario neglects Luigi he’s heartbroken that Luigi took her girl and is probably why he’s so cruel to everyone in the mushroom kingdom he is heartbroken that the very girl he likes was taking by his brother in the mushroom kingdom
Ugly Dolls editz
Ugly Dolls editz 8 dager siden
The star on peach castle is the same from rosalina’s chest thing or necklace lol so that’s another reason Also I think the stars did that magic thingy and it erased mario and peach’s memory and brought peach back-
Karen Mckinney
Karen Mckinney 8 dager siden
Sorry but I don't believe it maybe Rosalina gave the earrings of her mother to Peach mom dad and maeby Rosalina's parents had blue eyes
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard 9 dager siden
11:37 *Reality can often disappointing*
spirit ¡
spirit ¡ 9 dager siden
My life is a lie
Carolanncolbeck 10 dager siden
Part 3, proofing that Peach loves Luigi
Lavinia Larkin
Lavinia Larkin 10 dager siden
Cal galatoins
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 10 dager siden
Who watching this in 2020 👇🏻
Leilani Ramirez
Leilani Ramirez 10 dager siden
I think mario and Luigi are brothers and Wario an waLuigi are brother to they are stepbrothers
Charlotte dark angel
Charlotte dark angel 10 dager siden
6:35 Pretty sure somone alreaddy called this out but uhhh... What is this.
Boi If you dont
Boi If you dont 10 dager siden
They had us at the first half not ganna lie
Bytz 10 dager siden
Has it really been six years since this came out dang
BFFL 7 dager siden
oof i watched this like 3 yrs ago-
Maeve Arnold
Maeve Arnold 10 dager siden
So basically it's Undertale with all the RESETs.
Zeka Hallßfso
Zeka Hallßfso 10 dager siden
😳in ei vidio pechs eyse got away
ecrin avci
ecrin avci 10 dager siden
Im 6 years late 😂😂😂 anyone in 2020 here?
Emanuel Miza
Emanuel Miza 11 dager siden
Tanya Gade
Tanya Gade 11 dager siden
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 11 dager siden
Lidia Camarena
Lidia Camarena 11 dager siden
WAIT WHAT IF MARIO IS PEACHES BROTHER😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Emily the Noodle
Emily the Noodle 11 dager siden
Hey that's just a theory a game theory!!!!!
Emily the Noodle
Emily the Noodle 11 dager siden
Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza 11 dager siden
Me after watching this video: *. . . .* My life Is ruined...
DiamondDolphin 12 dager siden
9:25 I see dat Korra Reference
Lena Felker
Lena Felker 12 dager siden
How dare you for saying peach and Luigi are together
Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid 14 dager siden
Luigi could possibly be her father based off of that description and it doesn't necessarily mean that princess peach doesn't end up with Mario it could be that there was a brief relationship between princess peach and Luigi but it didn't work out and that she ultimately pics Mario
Sara London
Sara London 14 dager siden
This all scary
Famous Potato
Famous Potato 14 dager siden
So is Rosalina just The Mario version of Lucina but this time looking after her mom?
Chloe And penny
Chloe And penny 15 dager siden
I remember watching Part one when I was 8 and now look at me now I’m 10
*Sleepy - Dragons*
*Sleepy - Dragons* 15 dager siden
Ketly Thomas
Ketly Thomas 15 dager siden
So we can time travel now in Mario
Lee Seltenreich
Lee Seltenreich 15 dager siden
But this is not school but I still have learned like 1,0000000 things!!!🤔🤨🤯🧐
Lee Seltenreich
Lee Seltenreich 15 dager siden
I have just been educated... and I am scared 🤔🤨😐😑😶😣🤐😮😯😕🙃😲☹😖😞😟
Gabriela Aldana
Gabriela Aldana 15 dager siden
Bla bloo be yosh bla bla bloo what I’m I saying? Ha ha ha
Gabriela Aldana
Gabriela Aldana 15 dager siden
I’m trying to speak French
Anonymous Newt
Anonymous Newt 16 dager siden
you are ovarthunkin it
Marina Off the hook
Marina Off the hook 17 dager siden
Pearl has one it’s very VERY VERY OLD
Misiwaini Vuetibau
Misiwaini Vuetibau 17 dager siden
This is too much info
Jason Bell
Jason Bell 17 dager siden
Why does Rosalina not have a normal human lifespan? Mat did a whole theory on “they’re not human”. Plus, Odyssey
lps 8 b max lps bones
lps 8 b max lps bones 18 dager siden
Both of them are daed
Dallana Sandoval
Dallana Sandoval 19 dager siden
Your French is not good o-o
Isabelle Borja
Isabelle Borja 19 dager siden
Good Old memes,good ol memorise
Arey figriv
Arey figriv 19 dager siden
U so Smart
Angie Hernandez
Angie Hernandez 19 dager siden
In google it says Daisy's Mario's wife. 😱😱
Sherrie Ann Cacayorin
Sherrie Ann Cacayorin 20 dager siden
oh ur ovarthinkin da game the designers didnot plan tis
ironspider423 21 dag siden
0:24 Mario u gud?
aybike ulusoy
aybike ulusoy 21 dag siden
There is time travel in a Mario game Matpatt: Yeah like Whatever Peach finds a New date Matpatt: Impossible
Jennifer Walter
Jennifer Walter 21 dag siden
Jennifer Walter
Jennifer Walter 21 dag siden
Maybe the princess are sisters or twin or maybe friends
24/7 ag
24/7 ag 22 dager siden
When you and your friends dress as Mario characters for Halloween... But then you see this video... And you regret being Rosalina...
Hinoki Todoroki
Hinoki Todoroki 23 dager siden
Long story short: Peach cheated on Mario with his brother and had a baby but they never told Mario and then Peach died
Burukkurin Rein
Burukkurin Rein 23 dager siden
All this time... I thought Rosalina was Peach's mother😂😭
Aliyah Smith
Aliyah Smith 23 dager siden
I like how the last time I watched this was when I was in a house that I don't really remember and my mom told me not to watch it XD *Me, watching a video alone. Oh! Im Going to watch a video that I shouldn't be watching :D* That's me when I was five xD
the one that loves cartoons
the one that loves cartoons 24 dager siden
Bro you destroyed my mined, I don't consider myself a genius like I'm bad at math physics and science I'm so when you were talking about those stuff and the big d and the small d you just blowed my mind
Rozannie Robinson
Rozannie Robinson 24 dager siden
Omg this is too deep
Rozannie Robinson
Rozannie Robinson 24 dager siden
This dude has so much YT Channel
Gamer 2009
Gamer 2009 24 dager siden
But that maybe the thing and I would say mario,.. Nvm
Gamer 2009
Gamer 2009 24 dager siden
Wait but maybe peach and Rosalina Re sisters
Derek 25 dager siden
Wait wait wait wait wait wait. For time dilation with the clocks... wouldn’t time simply appear to move slower to the person traveling...instead of PHYSICIALLY slowing down the clocks physical mechanics and structure?
One Girl One Pen
One Girl One Pen 25 dager siden
My ship is finally somewhat canon!
Marlilson Ortiz
Marlilson Ortiz 4 dager siden
I see you're a woman of culture as well!
flowey Flowers
flowey Flowers 26 dager siden
:) finally awnsers!
Taylor Alexander
Taylor Alexander 26 dager siden
I LOVE the part before the intro soooooo much
Chris Guerrero
Chris Guerrero 26 dager siden
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my braain
Galaxy The Fox
Galaxy The Fox 26 dager siden
I like your funny words magic man
Lyla Zarlengo
Lyla Zarlengo 27 dager siden
Isn't it weird that Peach gives out stars for you know rewards if Peach is actually her daughter Peach misses Rosalina that much?
Emma Lundström
Emma Lundström 27 dager siden
They can also be sisters.
Ilham Khalifeh
Ilham Khalifeh 27 dager siden
Mr. Worldwide right here
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton 27 dager siden
Wha- oh oh i know blue eyes mario blue eyes peach and loigui oh oh oh oh noooooooooooooo Mario father of rosalina
Ragamalika 2020
Ragamalika 2020 28 dager siden
I can relate to 'being awkward for calling mom by name ' LOL😂
random video man's 9000 gg
random video man's 9000 gg 28 dager siden
Mat Pat don't you mean re-STAR-ed
Beetle the SilkWing
Beetle the SilkWing 29 dager siden
NaStY cHeAtEr
Ecks Gaming Benchmark
Ecks Gaming Benchmark 29 dager siden
I know the video is old but if you remember she explains the world is never really the same so Luigi could of been Mario and vise versa and the Luigi that you're playing could be Mario from another galaxy cycle. Am i blowing your mind yet?
PlipPlopFlip 29 dager siden
oh ur ovarthinkin da game the designers didnot plan tis
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