Game Theory: How A Knife Can Win A Gun Fight! (Warface: Breakout)

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4 måneder siden

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Breakout is available now on PS4 and Xbox One:
It's time to get tactical!
While playing through the new Warface: Breakout game, I got super interested in figuring out what the best weapon was in the game. So I set out to find which weapon would do the most damage and help you win. The answer is SHOCKING! Has anyone ever told you to never bring a knife to a gun fight? Well Theorists, they were WRONG! I'm about to prove that is EXACTLY what you should do... in a video game! Please don't get in dangerous fights, Theorists.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Daniel López-Moya
Daniel López-Moya 4 måneder siden
“Grandma’s Knitting Needles,” God matpat really does have some of the best game design ideas.
Daniel López-Moya lol
Aiden Severn
Aiden Severn Måned siden
Hey would you rather have nuke or realistic shotgun in a battle royal. In asking for friend.
Saness Meme
Saness Meme Måned siden
im here just to say that the grandma knitting needles idea is know part of the standard arsenal from the us army
Th3 Night Lion
Th3 Night Lion Måned siden
Do it Warface! Do it!
TKDturtle Måned siden
tyler valdez
tyler valdez 4 timer siden
I play warface alot💀
lol lol
lol lol 7 timer siden
lol this is amazing
FDF gaming #1
FDF gaming #1 23 timer siden
It’s because it’s kinetic armour. As you mentioned, not made for a larger pressure point.
SlyQuetzal Dag siden
I am the only one who noticed that Matpat used the same music that Mark Rober uses in every video.
James Sivage
James Sivage Dag siden
I hope you have a nice day reader
super mlg doge king
super mlg doge king Dag siden
Breakout is a callduty wannbe
Drew Rice
Drew Rice Dag siden
What dictates, what’s features in a first person shooter makes it a cod wannabe?
Toffical 2 dager siden
Rainbow six siege: Call of Duty edition
The Earth
The Earth 2 dager siden
Warface breakout is the best cheap option Rainbow six siege is the best option
Bucket Of Head
Bucket Of Head 2 dager siden
"Take my needle.... and web their deaths into the web of fate..." - Grandma
Balian Salanguit
Balian Salanguit 3 dager siden
pls do codm next
farah ratuwati Ibrahim
farah ratuwati Ibrahim 3 dager siden
Bring a nail gun
Tyler Kaesshaefer
Tyler Kaesshaefer 3 dager siden
Am I the only one who heard the mark rober background music
Mr Magnificent
Mr Magnificent 4 dager siden
The police officer isnt waking up help
Remnants 4 dager siden
A spike... like an ice pick?
riley watson
riley watson 4 dager siden
so if we are in a war ask grandma for her knitting needles
Armand Bier
Armand Bier 4 dager siden
Team fortress 2:Hey, I've seen this one! Warface: Breakout: What do you mean you've seen it? It's brand new!
Benjamin Holcomb
Benjamin Holcomb 5 dager siden
12:48 Granny's are for owning noobs
Gajanan Wani
Gajanan Wani 6 dager siden
Screw that bullets
depressed Pepsi
depressed Pepsi 7 dager siden
The whole intro is my CS.GO and CoD teammates
Ͼalͼ 7 dager siden
LM gaming
LM gaming 7 dager siden
So next time i go I should use nail gun. Ok!
Brick Wilson
Brick Wilson 9 dager siden
There’s the Heavy,Sniper,Flame thrower guy,Imposter, Spie, etc.and best of all........... grandma beware of the knitting needles
ferocious_dragon98 9 dager siden
nail gun
pogs mmr
pogs mmr 9 dager siden
rogue company
Rad1oAc1d YT
Rad1oAc1d YT 10 dager siden
You know Rainbow six siege is very similar but that may be an unpopular opinion so I'mma stay quiet
Liam Jago
Liam Jago 10 dager siden
Sir. Richard
Sir. Richard 11 dager siden
that halo armor episode really came around didn't it
Henry Grant
Henry Grant 11 dager siden
I got the original warface on switch for free idk what you're talking about. Everything about it being fun af is true though
The Monster under your bed
The Monster under your bed 12 dager siden
Good to know that Spartans can easily defeat modern Armor.
Iván Llanes
Iván Llanes 12 dager siden
58 seconds and it allready has me loving it.
jobro yo
jobro yo 14 dager siden
Souds good considering i play rainbow 6
mohamed talal
mohamed talal 14 dager siden
Same as call of duty
Turtle Turtle
Turtle Turtle 14 dager siden
Instead of a knitting needle, bring along an SPIW Flechette rifle. You get the spike, the range, and the "why" factor
Shark Attack 21
Shark Attack 21 15 dager siden
Shark Attack 21
Shark Attack 21 15 dager siden
matpat remembering the halo master cheif armor theory: bullet resistant
Bernardo Abraão
Bernardo Abraão 15 dager siden
Needle Cannon Equipped
Ronin 16 dager siden
Small bullets like a 22 or a 5.56 can go through a soft body armor vest because of how small they are.
Humor From Holland
Humor From Holland 16 dager siden
Nerds: hears mark rober music Also nerds: starts to jam
zeb jensen
zeb jensen 17 dager siden
It's kinda like how chainmail or ringmail as it was actually called was good at stopping swords and stuff but not spears or arrows.
Aaron Tan
Aaron Tan 18 dager siden
This video reminded me of kirito in ggo
Joshua Novak
Joshua Novak 18 dager siden
Nothing better than an ad with Matt pats voice before an entire episode of Matt Pat!
Roses 101
Roses 101 20 dager siden
5:11 So can I just show up to a gun fight wearing a plastic grocery bag?
FBI 20 dager siden
In modern warfare's new season they added a screwdriver as a melee weapon, I see why it makes sence now
Impressive panda
Impressive panda 21 dag siden
In the back ground I hear mark rober music
Sgt.Little 23 dager siden
Help me the theory is sinking, why do I have to know how body armor works!
Zachary England
Zachary England 23 dager siden
Knitting needle railgun? Anyone?
bob the rubber chicken
bob the rubber chicken 24 dager siden
Huhuhu now i know whats the best weapon
Father and Son Games
Father and Son Games 24 dager siden
3:59...well yeah, I feel like that’s part of the criteria for a theory
dreadnought 25 dager siden
so this mean that needle gun are the best at penetrating Vest
Tronkon Bokon
Tronkon Bokon 25 dager siden
Put a needle in a gun
Twitch Zyklon
Twitch Zyklon 25 dager siden
Every time I play other video games with knifing animations I really appreciate how realistic the Battlefield 4 and 1 Knifing animations are in comparison
Colonel Striker 251
Colonel Striker 251 25 dager siden
Can someone tell me what the name of the armor at 9:06 is? I want to use it as a reference material to some illustration No definitely not supplying a milita FBI-chan. That was bob’s idea
Arthur J Hinks
Arthur J Hinks 26 dager siden
So use a APS rifle
The_One_Basse 26 dager siden
i like that he used a deagle/ dessert eagle instead of like i dunno a SMAL round pistol thats not like allmost 50 cal
Henry Hartwell
Henry Hartwell 27 dager siden
call of duty anyone?
Vitut Bankka
Vitut Bankka 27 dager siden
Isn't it like siege as well?
Notesteotic Scorpion
Notesteotic Scorpion 28 dager siden
"This game is literally the video game equivalent to TIK TOK"
Fortnite tricks
Fortnite tricks 28 dager siden
Do you guys hear mark rover song in the bg
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here 29 dager siden
Is it weird that I find the Tanto cooler looking than the Karambit???
John Doe
John Doe 29 dager siden
22 feet rule
Brandon Fremer
Brandon Fremer Måned siden
That first part is so true for cod battlefield everything
Brandon Fremer
Brandon Fremer Måned siden
Actually this game looks a lot like rainbow 6
ProductBasement Måned siden
I'm going to nickname my 16-month-old "portable_drama"
I Have 44 Subscribers With No Videos
I Have 44 Subscribers With No Videos Måned siden
Nail gun.
Princewhite Måned siden
So bring a bow and arrow ?
Drizzt536 gaming
Drizzt536 gaming Måned siden
Kevlar, polyethylene fibers. flashbacks to the halo episode
Kayden Parrinello
Kayden Parrinello Måned siden
Why did everyone forget about rainbow 6 siege witch is on PC xbox and PS4
lochlan giongo
lochlan giongo Måned siden
Not trying to hate BUT please fix warface before throwing out a new game please
Dr Obvious
Dr Obvious Måned siden
Animators not understanding how bullets work and keeping the casing intact on "fired" bullets is really starting to get old. But other than that, excellent video.
Weston Kelley
Weston Kelley Måned siden
Leonardo Quadros
Leonardo Quadros Måned siden
Grandma is MVP.
Dg Destructive gaming
Dg Destructive gaming Måned siden
Csgo is free lol
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu Måned siden
You gonna mention myth busters?
Carl Soll
Carl Soll Måned siden
Didn’t they ‘Mythbust’ this on Mythbusters. Basically both people die. So it’s a ‘Lose/Lose’.
CoMbiN3 Måned siden
Hey Matpat when you described the karambit you don't attack down with it you strike up so it penetrates the opponent and the blade gets stuck into the armor then it becomes more effective and more deadly.
L i t t l e M i n t y
L i t t l e M i n t y Måned siden
Grandma get ready we are heading to war!
Angel Godinez
Angel Godinez Måned siden
7:38 Procure Enemy Whereabouts to Eliminate Wholly. or P.E.W.P.E.W.
RenchesAndSords Måned siden
actually the word "Armor" just brings to mind the word "Armour"
fallenfantasy 666
fallenfantasy 666 Måned siden
Why don't you just have a gun that fires knives
I serve The Soviet Union
I serve The Soviet Union Måned siden
Me loading flechette rounds into my shotgun: time for a pro gamer move
Future Soup
Future Soup Måned siden
Depends on the bullet and armor plates, also the US army infantry men carry knives sooooooooo
Jake the destroyer
Jake the destroyer Måned siden
So, bring screwdrivers to a gun fight.
mangatoad Måned siden
Frank Herbert nailed this idea in Dune
zinkerfall Måned siden
well i play
Nathan Young
Nathan Young Måned siden
I have a Japanese tanto
Beastfirefox Måned siden
A bow
Shawna Burtis
Shawna Burtis Måned siden
Anyone play normal warface
NRT Energy
NRT Energy Måned siden
what if they where wearing chainmeal
Check Mate
Check Mate Måned siden
Armor penetrating bullets are knitting needles inside a soft copper shell. the copper peals away and the steel needle passed thru the target
Joseph Conklin
Joseph Conklin Måned siden
So a nail gun
Sad HQ
Sad HQ Måned siden
The ultimate gun is a nail gun.
Abbas Hasan
Abbas Hasan Måned siden
I mean ltt's segment are smaller
I guess its Artemis
I guess its Artemis Måned siden
Add a nail gun it would work just as good if not better than the needles because then you have more kenetic power or am I just stupid for saying so?
Ice pick
Nicole Cai
Nicole Cai Måned siden
It always feels great when Matpat's getting onto something and you know before he says it
Russell Marr
Russell Marr Måned siden
This game basically copied rainbow six siege
AntiMatter Måned siden
If the “spike-resistant” science were real, think how effective syringes with poison fired at high velocity would be.
Super Hentai Zyuranger
Super Hentai Zyuranger Måned siden
Jagkommandos are a gimmick, never seen a good review
Diamondboy1223 Måned siden
Hey not only grandmas knit.
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