Game Theory: How A Knife Can Win A Gun Fight! (Warface: Breakout)

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7 måneder siden

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Breakout is available now on PS4 and Xbox One:
It's time to get tactical!
While playing through the new Warface: Breakout game, I got super interested in figuring out what the best weapon was in the game. So I set out to find which weapon would do the most damage and help you win. The answer is SHOCKING! Has anyone ever told you to never bring a knife to a gun fight? Well Theorists, they were WRONG! I'm about to prove that is EXACTLY what you should do... in a video game! Please don't get in dangerous fights, Theorists.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Daniel López-Moya
Daniel López-Moya 7 måneder siden
“Grandma’s Knitting Needles,” God matpat really does have some of the best game design ideas.
Remington Chambers
Remington Chambers 7 dager siden
When I play FPS I use knives a LOT! So while I'm going in the other teams I go up to the enemies and kill them with a knife 😂 And they're shooting blank
Not a person
Not a person Måned siden
How about a shortened rapier, or similar stab-oriented weapon?
Alex Crazy
Alex Crazy 2 måneder siden
Nope nope no pity nope nope begin you one who wants to call him matdaddy
Sha Mol
Sha Mol 2 måneder siden
PIGSARECOMING10 YT 4 måneder siden
Daniel López-Moya lol
Cole Anderson
Cole Anderson 9 timer siden
Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』
Pekora's Apostle 『1st apostle of the twelve』 Dag siden
Dead Filipino soldiers who fought with martial arts with knife and machete against armed soldiers would love to prove the legitimacy of knife wins against guns
Em Beboso
Em Beboso Dag siden
it's been half a year and grandma's knitting needles arent in the game yet..
Ibrahim Jama
Ibrahim Jama Dag siden
long story short the knife wins
Levi Poison
Levi Poison Dag siden
11:08 *flashbacks to when Gerard said "It's pretty stabby" at the Return show*
The_Yeet_ Beep
The_Yeet_ Beep Dag siden
For the karambit I think if the gloves could withstand slashing you could hold it so one of your palms is on the blade so you could push it in
Victor Van Rossum
Victor Van Rossum Dag siden
I play the wild west a lot and yep it is definetly possible bc i do it when i am out of ammos
EndOfGreio 2 dager siden
Actually you can kill an enemy in 1 singel hit in CS:GO if you approach from the back of your enemy.
PugsOP 3 dager siden
Theres a game like this called rainbow 6 siege
hazmat unit
hazmat unit 3 dager siden
Fix bayonets
Pug Freak
Pug Freak 3 dager siden
Wait did they actually add grandma's knitting needles?
Pug Freak
Pug Freak 3 dager siden
I like how he's silently taking shots at CSGO
Fisher and Hunter Do Stuff
Fisher and Hunter Do Stuff 3 dager siden
TLDR knife gun is best
ANyx 4 dager siden
Did ya just say gentek Flashbacks to prototype 1/2
1LoveChez 5 dager siden
no, the thing is in cs:go and valorant, in order to get a 1 hit kill with a knife you have to right click which has a stabbing animation compared to the slashing left click that's not a one hit kill. also in cs you buy armour so slashing would one hit when the enemy hasn't bought armour...
Lukepuke 311
Lukepuke 311 5 dager siden
Use the knife as a shield for your face
steve Jones
steve Jones 5 dager siden
so matpat is being held captive in the basment of his lawyer and forced to make videos
Jackal- -ACE23
Jackal- -ACE23 7 dager siden
I definitely prefer the blackwood skins.
The kat king
The kat king 8 dager siden
New match ready In less than a minute? I waited half an hour and my game still wouldn’t load
Daniel Hernández
Daniel Hernández 9 dager siden
Hey Matpat i have an idea for a theory: can you actually drink the Atomic Bonk that scout drinks in Team Fortress 2 and can you really fool the enemy team with a mask of there Friend?
Pocholo Pontiveros
Pocholo Pontiveros 9 dager siden
i thought the most effective one is the knive with the forest camo skin
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 10 dager siden
Oof emagine getting pierced to your own armor O.O
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 10 dager siden
If your a seal your wait til they were asleep, like ninjas you come in and slit throats. Even the tweaker nazi's have to sleep at some point.
Gaming Republic
Gaming Republic 10 dager siden
7:38 - 7:39
JC Barron
JC Barron 11 dager siden
grandmas knitting needle: is the best choice Spy: another lightsaber for my collection
Ott Liivsoo
Ott Liivsoo 11 dager siden
Jon Oman
Jon Oman 11 dager siden
All armor has openings or weak spots for movement, blades are the best weapons against armor.
Jerrry Xia
Jerrry Xia 12 dager siden
PE fibers? more like physical education fibers XD
The Other Gamer
The Other Gamer 12 dager siden
ew tic toc
Red Scout
Red Scout 12 dager siden
Me complaining about the spy getting instantly killed by backstabs: MADD Me after watching this video: kalm
X05K1LL3R 13 dager siden
cs:go is on xbox
Y NG 13 dager siden
what sucks is when your actually good at gaming but have trash wifi and a bad setup D:
Unknown Guy
Unknown Guy 14 dager siden
Me sees the title Me laughing in suppress fire.
The Gaming Squad
The Gaming Squad 15 dager siden
Karambit is use to kill through the a vital part located at the neck and if hit a natural tube will be cut open and blood will head to the lungs and drown the person
Tičar M
Tičar M 16 dager siden
omg tis armor is in escape from tarkovTime:7:13
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 16 dager siden
People who shoot there opponent 5 times when there dead/unconious 👀👀
Quinton Maxfield
Quinton Maxfield 17 dager siden
Me a arms race player when matpat comments on they CSGO knife: bomb has been planted
nobody noes me
nobody noes me 17 dager siden
For the love of god pls put this game on pc
TalanClips 17 dager siden
Me rings and nail gun to the army the soldiers what does that mean I saw this game Theorist video
Mr.mcswagface 18 dager siden
Hey random person of you play COD i have a tip get ur knife and prepare a ambushif theres an enemy jump.down then slash boom a winning startegy
John Adler
John Adler 18 dager siden
"Myteam's nickname for me is "spray and prey," because that's kind of my aiming... stradegy." #icanrelate
HeclerKoch anim
HeclerKoch anim 18 dager siden
if ur lazy to watch vid, embrace sharpen reject widen
Kieba How
Kieba How 20 dager siden
This sounds like rock paper scissor but with weapons.
ThatWierdGaming Kid
ThatWierdGaming Kid 20 dager siden
Grandma has a 10 player kill streak with needle boi
Mr Mann
Mr Mann 20 dager siden
The background music in the grandma’s knitting needles is the same that mark rober uses
GoldenGamer4399 20 dager siden
Armor piercing rounds, na I perfere Armor piercing stabs
William Mcmullen
William Mcmullen 20 dager siden
Kinda like call of duty black ops three
Roger Tenenbown
Roger Tenenbown 21 dag siden
Swat team: put your hands where we can see them! Grandma: oh I don’t think so STAB STAB Grandma: well golly I haven’t seen this much blood since World War II Grandpa:WUT JUST HAPPENED
Heckboi 69
Heckboi 69 22 dager siden
Mat is gonna bring a nail gun to a gun fight
jclore102674 24 dager siden
It depends. If your enemy was dumb enough to let you close in to hand-to-hand range, go right ahead and stab him; he asked for it. If, on the other hand, you pull out your knife and charge at the enemy from 10 meters or more away, you're going out in in a hail of bullets.
WillDaWorm 24 dager siden
Cod infinite warfare knives being ignored
Gavin Fernandez
Gavin Fernandez 25 dager siden
i really needed Physical education vests
Nintendope 25 dager siden
Bois get the needles we meet to unknit the armour
Gabriel's Films
Gabriel's Films 25 dager siden
matpat was in the nearest mr.beast video
Josh Playz
Josh Playz 25 dager siden
to be fair if you use a knife that means you are close to the target and can find openings and gaps where a long range weapon would fail in accuracy to hit that point if it is even detectable
Rogue's Ghost
Rogue's Ghost 26 dager siden
Thx mat pat now I better can stab local police
ObsidianEye 26 dager siden
This game is siege but worse...
Asyd Keblanc
Asyd Keblanc 26 dager siden
Someone: ( get stabbed in the back with two needles) Grandma: get wrecked sonny
Soren DiCicco
Soren DiCicco 26 dager siden
My favorite noise 4:06
Dark_ Fluppy
Dark_ Fluppy 26 dager siden
Soo your saying the best way to penetrate a vest is with a nail gun?
EDN gaming
EDN gaming 27 dager siden
Imagine getting your entire team killed by someone that has Grandmas Knitting needles
Bamboo Damian
Bamboo Damian 27 dager siden
My friend: playing gungame Me: using :knife and having 25 kill My friend: u hacking Me: gets ban even not cheating
Mitchell McCrorey
Mitchell McCrorey 28 dager siden
I know how to pirce soft armor with a karambit
Julyon Jdei Ibo
Julyon Jdei Ibo Måned siden
Just bring a knife gun bro
AniWave Måned siden
Good gamer
soccerseth9r Måned siden
I like how the halo theory came into play here
Ultreras Boys
Ultreras Boys Måned siden
did they add the needles
Punkaroo_RL Måned siden
I know how to make a good vest just go to the mcu universe. Then get vibrainan and u should be good. Terrible joke
Cameron Cruthers
Cameron Cruthers Måned siden
a weapon that is a spike weapon is a nailgun so that would work :)
DrDoritosRMLG Måned siden
This game is basically the money edition of Rogue Company
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Måned siden
Getting knife kills in warface breakout is honestly so satisfying
Souffle Måned siden
Roses are red Grandma's cookies are yummy If you anger her You'll get a needle in your tummy
GraveX Måned siden
Soft armor users eh .. Bring out the NAIL GUN BOYZ !!! 👺👺👺
MegaBox 58
MegaBox 58 Måned siden
Grandma: Hey Sonny, have I ever told you about the time I killed 10 people?
Angela Cogar
Angela Cogar Måned siden
How bout jagkamando AND the tanto combined
Zakaria DeFaye
Zakaria DeFaye Måned siden
Me : has knitting needles for bullets The enemy team joins specating
Jovan Lazoski
Jovan Lazoski Måned siden
Ammunition like 5.56x45mm NATO, 7.62x39, 7.62x51mm NATO and many other modern rifle ammunition can penetrate soft body armor and the FN Five seven pistol that fires the 5.7x 28mm was made to penetrate soft body armor so if you have guns that can penetrate soft body armor why would you use grandma’s knitting needles?
Tim Buffum
Tim Buffum Måned siden
Why are you not mentioning Mcnasty, Blarg and Sniping Soup
German Jr Villanueva
German Jr Villanueva Måned siden
A chainsaw is strong than a knife
sayn boi
sayn boi Måned siden
Me: gran gran he bullied me Grandma: Takes a knitting needle. peace was never a needle
So your saying that the best gun is a nail gun Ok. *starts writing* What else
5p3c7eR Måned siden
The fact that theDooo made that comment is beyond me XD
Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez Måned siden
Arsenal roblox has one shot knives Edit: as well
AjGaming 303YT
AjGaming 303YT Måned siden
Harpoon gun
tater anus
tater anus Måned siden
Bullets are designed to flaten out on impact, for example a .17 (one of the smallest common calibers) flattens out to about the size of a dime on impact
Jameela Rose AlontagaFL
Jameela Rose AlontagaFL Måned siden
James Ramirez
James Ramirez Måned siden
Sorry to say but your point was proven wrong a company named safeline created 3a+ body armor for police that can stop knife blows and rifle rounds such as 5.56 and 7.62x39 rounds
Gamer Alliance
Gamer Alliance Måned siden
Each time an object penetrates the vest in 10:03 it makes a hit marker sound I just thought that was funny
Totally Nameless
Totally Nameless Måned siden
I am literally knitting while I'm watching this. Lol.
Bob steve
Bob steve Måned siden
man *gets shot in head* also man *im just built different* 8:20
i am f2p player means i will never buy games duh (like if f2p player)
Gerard Perkins
Gerard Perkins Måned siden
Is there such of a vest that can take an RPG [aka, Rocket, Propelled, Grenade] to the chest and walk it off like a nerf gun?
Rezonance Eternal
Rezonance Eternal Måned siden
CS:GO is on consoles, just not seen as much (PS3 and Xbox 360)
Not a person
Not a person Måned siden
Actually, flechette shots and 5.7mm should be broken in these kinds of games.
Teo Borges
Teo Borges Måned siden
This is why we use Ceramic plates in combat, idiot
Honkachonk Productions
Honkachonk Productions Måned siden
7:36 This long rifle is actually an L96., the typical favorite of American sharpshooters or “snipers.”
AlecYT 27
AlecYT 27 Måned siden
1:39 Switch players: Am I a joke to you
dark ronin
dark ronin Måned siden
9:23 are those muffins?
Lance Howard Celles
Lance Howard Celles Måned siden
Grandma is very dangers
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