I'm losing control.

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6 måneder siden

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It's been a weird and rough few months for the world as a whole. I wanted to take some time to sit down and check in with all of you in a way I haven't before. More of a one on one, how are you kind of talk. So I decided to start a series that I am calling MatChats, where we sit down and talk about more personal things. Today, I want to talk about how we all feel a bit like we are losing control of pretty much everything.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Al 'n' Rob
Al 'n' Rob 3 timer siden
No yeah I hate our cuisine especially Cullen skink... AND THAT'S MY MOST LOCAL CUISINE
Balaram Mishra
Balaram Mishra 5 timer siden
3:03 look at dat dude on right man he is like "I dont give a fakkk bout lif"
BLKBRDSR71 6 timer siden
Love you MatPat. 😘😘😘
StickminAnimations 20 timer siden
3:21 Bombs in water glad they were discovered btw I’m only crying because I always thinking of what happens if they weren’t found
StickminAnimations 20 timer siden
Honestly I glanced over this vid I’ve been a theorist for like 4 years I think!
StickminAnimations 20 timer siden
When I heard London 2006 and you hate flying I knew how this was going to go🥺 haven’t gotten further than that if I’m right ima be crying and if jump to 2011. I will punch myself in the eye or 2014
TheBlockyBoi 23 timer siden
i am a huge acrophope, welcome to my world
Kingly Dagon
Kingly Dagon Dag siden
ouch i used to drink Tang
Rebecca johnson
Rebecca johnson Dag siden
I could see that he was trying not to hold his tears.
Grace rose Wyatt
Grace rose Wyatt Dag siden
This is so inspiring I'm scared of lifts I literally have shaky legs when entering one and I will try over exposing
_wolfy_ice_cream _
_wolfy_ice_cream _ Dag siden
2020 is the trashiest year EVER in my life
mmitchell22 Dag siden
He wasn’t the only one who almost died on a plane. Didn’t Justin/Thinknoodles literally got a ticket to the plane that flew right before one of the planes with the bombs.
Nicole Gilbert
Nicole Gilbert Dag siden
I have a fear of flying and I can really understand where he’s coming from. I’m always so nervous when the plane starts, especially ever since I’ve seen and heard about 9 11..
Purik Dag siden
this dudes voping mechanism is making theories,Fnaf airline
Benjamin Liang
Benjamin Liang Dag siden
All facts 😥😥😭😭😢😞😓
The Last Of Us Part II is a Masterpiece
The Last Of Us Part II is a Masterpiece 2 dager siden
Months... I'm starting to think it's going to be years.
Neiil Garg
Neiil Garg 2 dager siden
Savyasacci Desai
Savyasacci Desai 2 dager siden
I don't like flying because I always have a fear of the plane losing fuel and falling out of the sky and turbulence ...!!!
NoLuckNathan 2 dager siden
you would be the BEST priest in the intire world. by the way you are one of my favorite creators on the face of the earth keep going
Joseph Felix
Joseph Felix 3 dager siden
someone should create a channel were you can just talk
Matthew Flynn
Matthew Flynn 3 dager siden
unrekellong 3 dager siden
Pat Mat
Prometheus 306
Prometheus 306 3 dager siden
*There is One Impostor among us*
High Phi
High Phi 3 dager siden
Now it is almost November2020 we still have the virus and election problems no one has money to pay bills or buy food. There has been 6 movies in a theatre this year, more than half of theatres are closed. Government still using terror tactics to get us to vote for their sides and keep control over us. Normal is wearing a mask being DISTANT from everyone. This is not going away ever, even with a vaccine we will still be told to wear masks and keep our distance. This is looking like it is right out of Revelations in that book a bout a deity and son. FOR THE THEORISTS: there were mysterious sounds that were on the news and NOpost a couple of years back that sounded like a giant brass musical instrument playing one long note that seemed to be coming out of the sky. Is that when the first seal was broken?
Raman Goel
Raman Goel 4 dager siden
Everyone was sharing their personal sad things so I thought I'd share them too. When I was a baby, part of my finger got cut off(my left hand's index finger to be exact) , which resulted in me having a wierd, shorter, fatter index finger.
Awkward Time
Awkward Time 4 dager siden
21 is my lucky number Let’s just hope that doesn’t change
Gaming with Addie
Gaming with Addie 4 dager siden
Gaming with Addie
Gaming with Addie 4 dager siden
One thing to do, when you fly, imagine the best pilot ever flying it. I Imagine my grandfather flying the plane.
OP Swordfighterr
OP Swordfighterr 4 dager siden
17:26 Karens: HA I've been doing this since march 10'th
EJ ThunderMaster
EJ ThunderMaster 4 dager siden
when i was coming in here i was going to comment how it seems like he is always crying but when i heard this story it reminded me of my own fear of machines malfunctions.
Rowan Auriemma
Rowan Auriemma 4 dager siden
I have been called out. 0.o I get extreme anxiety about a lot of stuff. But this video helped quiet a bit, and I will definitely revisit this during a panic attack. Thank u mat
Liveactionme 4 dager siden
I think you were kinda paranoid
Benji Time
Benji Time 4 dager siden
What a video! Thank you for opening up and getting it right on the money for those like us who have that control/over active brain issue as well, much appreciated
Gacha _Nikki
Gacha _Nikki 4 dager siden
0:15 Me realizing he was in my country :0
Cannon Family
Cannon Family 5 dager siden
Man, matpat, you sound like my dad whenever he talks about something serious.
Cannon Family
Cannon Family 5 dager siden
Jk I love u man
Aubrée Swart
Aubrée Swart 5 dager siden
i love matchats. more matchats please :)
Nathan Long
Nathan Long 5 dager siden
as a song that i frequently hear says: Fear is a liar. We can't live in fear! when quarantine ends we need to to do what mat pat said. We need to go back to what we were doing. I don't know about any of you but I will, for one not live in fear of what will come!
Julian Dans
Julian Dans 6 dager siden
Thank you so much for this video. Quarantine has been a really stressful and difficult time for everyone, and this channel has brought me a lot of joy during this time. Thank you so much, MatPat.
NukeBoy 6 dager siden
wythedestroyer 6 dager siden
M eand my family were going to go to disney then 2020
Cassandra Wrenn
Cassandra Wrenn 8 dager siden
Hey, I am terrified of when a non teacher walks into the lunch room, I am TERRIFIED, I hide it fine. I remember the exact day, I remember everything, I was sitting with my friend group (we disbanded this year, I have literally three friends at this moment and none are those friends) I know where we were sitting the table, the grade, the teacher who brought us there EVERYTHING. The principal came in, a normal thing. She comes near us... She asked for me... I was scared... we have to go against the wall. The guidance counselor by us, she asked me everything that happened with my "fights" with Michelle. I told her, and I was so scared, I was crying. I was so scared of the guidance counselor (She looks homophobic, she also looks catholic. Most likely is antiLGBTQ and I am agender, and bisexual) I was trying so hard not to cry, to control my self, but it did not work, I did not have to go to the guidance counselor. I can't take her coming in anymore, I am so scared, Michelle is gone, and I know that, I am aware of so much about this issue. But my brain says, "what if?" and it is hard. I am so scared of her mom calling into the school saying something like, "I would like to put my daughter back into school." just to torment me, what if? I can't rant about this to my mom, she thinks it will stop, but it won't and my dad doesn't care.
Edward Kreher
Edward Kreher 8 dager siden
I’m just glad it’s not dead he taught me so much about for five nights at FreddysIt was amazing how you lived
Kate Hendricks
Kate Hendricks 8 dager siden
12:49 Wasn't that guy a rapist? Not so tragic.
HadixLadix 6 dager siden
That was a false accusation. Like Anne Boleyn.
Mystic Volcarona
Mystic Volcarona 7 dager siden
Kate Hendricks
Kate Hendricks 8 dager siden
666 is a common creepy number.
gamergod88 8 dager siden
Vague title No thumbnail *serious noises*
Hello I’m a human
Hello I’m a human 8 dager siden
Guys we have to be thankful imagine we didn’t have MatPat
Ruby Wade
Ruby Wade 8 dager siden
I mean...I'm still afraid of Thunderstorms from a past and so therefore I honestly cannot even LOOK at a storm without my knees shaking and panic...and I'm almost old enough to drive....
Venomous Python
Venomous Python 9 dager siden
Well done mat you made me scared too! Edit: I feel really bad for mat and what he had to go through
ZACHARY SALAZAR 9 dager siden
just because you know it wont happen doesn't mean you dont think it would happen
Levent Cakir
Levent Cakir 9 dager siden
MatPat did among us before it was cool
Billy Johnson
Billy Johnson 9 dager siden
Go on a boat
- Vanny -
- Vanny - 10 dager siden
me: *reads title* also me: so, has he finally gave up on fnaf? right there I just needed to make this for myself: 1:40
Potato 10 dager siden
I feel the exact same way about planes.
Cubik's Playz
Cubik's Playz 10 dager siden
I am so sad for you but I just wanna say "It is a price to pay. A price to pay when you are too smart and overthinking things." Like what Thanos said "You're cursed with knowledge." Knowledge is not always good. It's knowledge that made this cold-heart, dead and toxic society but it's also knowledge that made the best people on the world. I'm sorry that I said this but I want you to know this.
Geno Cardosi
Geno Cardosi 10 dager siden
Being someone who has and still does struggle with mental health I really appreciated this video. I just wish this was around a few years ago when I needed this most. Thanks MatPat. really. Thanks.
simp 10 dager siden
Therapy theory ?
Mason Holmes
Mason Holmes 10 dager siden
I'm on to you MatPat...
Pink_ bunny_fluffy
Pink_ bunny_fluffy 11 dager siden
I understand this video all to well since I myself used to have anxiety, still do but managed a life with it. The fears, the fears of just being alone (yes this is the opposite of social anxiety) and I completely understand experiencing somebody getting you on to a plane or else you would’ve never gone on it. In that plane situation my mother also taught me about control so control about EVERYTHING is just a fantasy, no nothing more than that. You can control yourself though, your own actions so you can make the most out of yourself but let fate handle the rest. (And if you were wondering I am NOT a religious person)
Gamecre3p 331
Gamecre3p 331 11 dager siden
Thanks a lot now I’m scared of flying
DanielTubeHQ-MsmGamer 11 dager siden
So am I my friend because I don’t wanna die!
creative name
creative name 11 dager siden
Well frik i wont be able to go out when its over Im whierdly scared and ye idk Guess i was introverted and covid made me more introverted
creative name
creative name 11 dager siden
Among us in a nutshell
Finnrtbobs 11 dager siden
CBT isn't for everyone
Robert Curnow
Robert Curnow 11 dager siden
so afraid of a plane that he won’t jump out of one with a parachute to get to the ground faster... me to rather be afraid and alive than not afraid and dead.
Charlie Marsh
Charlie Marsh 13 dager siden
Just tested positive for COVID-19, it ain't that bad ngl, i have a headache and i feel sick but like I'm fine lmao. Don't be scared of COVID-19, it really isn't that bad.
trash-can studios
trash-can studios 13 dager siden
Your not crazy for being worried and paranoid
trash-can studios
trash-can studios 13 dager siden
Holy poop this is crazy
gunther wagas
gunther wagas 13 dager siden
Man, that thumbnail though...
Austin Hunt
Austin Hunt 14 dager siden
I would have done the same things but to a slightly lesser amount
No Nottoday
No Nottoday 14 dager siden
Nobody:... Not a soul:... Not even the monster under my bed:... Me:dang Matt has nice hands
Awesomeguy 101
Awesomeguy 101 15 dager siden
All the 7k people who disliked the video are bots, this is because I don't think a human can do it
Vishakha Chawhan
Vishakha Chawhan 15 dager siden
i all of his mat chats why does mat pat always look on the point of crying..............and i feel so bad.............i love this dude...........seriously hats off to u mat pat
U T 15 dager siden
Mat, thank you for this video. It truly shows how we are still growing and developing regardless of our experiences and years lived. But also, this helps those who may have fears or uncertainties to see that there are ways to move on. And people are not perfect, even the youtubers we watch online are just normal everyday people with fears and insecurities. Best wishes for your family and all the families in the world, to keep climbing and fight the good fight! Thanks for this chat, a MatChat.
Darkly 15 dager siden
You know it's real when there is a .
Jaden Viado
Jaden Viado 15 dager siden
its weird how Mat is trying to control something he can't. Something Rick has been trying to control too, the universe. Smart people problems am I right?
Kitty Cat Cab
Kitty Cat Cab 15 dager siden
Mad pat you have lost your mind cos of fnaf so your a crazy person but your are crazy person
Angelos Charitos
Angelos Charitos 15 dager siden
Matt you ain't crazy you paranoid and I understand that but you got to calm down man
Hero Win
Hero Win 16 dager siden
That seems like a serious issue that's supposed to be treated by professional therapist
Suvan Volz
Suvan Volz 16 dager siden
every time you do face cam you scare me also matpat"ok no intro" everyone"I'm scared"
Bre Cheese
Bre Cheese 16 dager siden
I really don’t want to rain on Matpats parade, but covid isn’t going away. It’s too catchy and mutate-y and random with symptoms. There won’t be a magical all clear.
Bre Cheese
Bre Cheese 11 dager siden
Sadly, no. (Don’t quote me) This is (probably) just as contagious as influenza and colds. It’s too contagious, it’s mutating too quickly, and there’s too much a-symptomatic spread. This is here to stay, just like the cold and flu.
Rose Lalonde
Rose Lalonde 12 dager siden
If we could make a vaccine it would potentially be over
Cameron Bradley
Cameron Bradley 16 dager siden
i was born in 2006 and 4 members of my extended family were flying to meet me for the first time...
Dogs And songs
Dogs And songs 16 dager siden
I actually had a close call with a plane crash and it made me nervous to fly thankfully I am getting better with it I still feel like I am gonna throw up every time I take of and right before the flight.
Yuv Chaganti
Yuv Chaganti 16 dager siden
2:12 as a brit Mat I don't think anyone can disagree with that British food sucks Except scones, scones taste nice
jessica santos
jessica santos 14 dager siden
I am an American but my grandmother made scones and they were yummy
Quinn 16 dager siden
todays video is sponsored by turbulence forecast dot com
Will Rasmussen
Will Rasmussen 17 dager siden
just fly privet
Mo0ny_Padfoot 17 dager siden
You did good posting this, Mat.
jeatcleave 18 dager siden
I thought he was a theater kid. Glad my suspicions were confirmed.
Daniel Okely
Daniel Okely 18 dager siden
MatPat for President.
Isaiah Harding
Isaiah Harding 19 dager siden
don't worry matpat if an accident does happen at least you can jump off a plain with a parashoot
Isaiah Harding
Isaiah Harding 19 dager siden
this sounds like rick from rick a morty when rick wanted to be in contorl of his life
xd_RaptR _
xd_RaptR _ 19 dager siden
1 word: *Woah...*
Revenant Wolzart
Revenant Wolzart 19 dager siden
its so true that destiny is never in control of your desire. watch attack on titan people, its a beautiful anime exploring the phase of human desparation against assured death with no sacrificial meaning
tamaki_ 19 dager siden
I'm ashamed to live on the same earth as these people. (If they're still alive-)
kylo 20 dager siden
Don’t worry mat pat I was scared since I was little and I’m still scared of planes your not alone
Gabriele Fasano
Gabriele Fasano 20 dager siden
We love you man, please never ever ever change
獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ 20 dager siden
18:54 but skydiving saved the passengers of the two planes that collided~
獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ 20 dager siden
When he's explaining what happened on 2006, it's like he's going to burst into tears~
Wii Matt
Wii Matt 20 dager siden
Makes sense he does drama
Simian Banana
Simian Banana 20 dager siden
Video is monetized
Miraculous Fan, Anna
Miraculous Fan, Anna 21 dag siden
"Someday, one day we'll get the all clear from the officials... Then we'll get the all clear from the people that actually know what they are talking about"
Semaj Playz
Semaj Playz 21 dag siden
Oh I thought you were just addicted to bagel bites or something
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