I'm losing control.

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8 måneder siden

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It's been a weird and rough few months for the world as a whole. I wanted to take some time to sit down and check in with all of you in a way I haven't before. More of a one on one, how are you kind of talk. So I decided to start a series that I am calling MatChats, where we sit down and talk about more personal things. Today, I want to talk about how we all feel a bit like we are losing control of pretty much everything.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Xzoblanko 9 timer siden
Yeah I have the same problem I hate flying because I hate the fact that it might crash or if there's a terrorist
Meredisu 13 timer siden
Matpat, I would be the EXACT same way
Meredisu 13 timer siden
As a british person I can say mushy peas are not very loved. bleurgh
Sans Skellyton
Sans Skellyton 18 timer siden
Mat pat Unlimited diet coke yes please neeeeeeeem
EnderScarPro 23 timer siden
About the covid thing tho the young population with no major health problems wont have that many issues
EnderScarPro 23 timer siden
Just hearing that story gives me chills
Classic SonicPlays
Classic SonicPlays Dag siden
Cool. Sonic 2006 reference.
Shadowboxer 106
Shadowboxer 106 Dag siden
0:02 same here buddy same here
Someone1963 Dag siden
17:10 I am sorry matpat, dream on.
Darkcross 2474
Darkcross 2474 2 dager siden
Man... why are planes so deadly
Dr.gengar125 2 dager siden
"You'll get the all clear from the officials "then the all clear from the people who actully know what there talking about." I mean he isnt wrong.
Gio 2 dager siden
"One of these days, someday soon we'll get the all-clear". I like your positivity!
Mubashar Zulfiqar
Mubashar Zulfiqar 2 dager siden
he saying that every one being suspicious my brain : among us before among us and sus
Ehans Tube
Ehans Tube 2 dager siden
he's the fnaf meme
SMASHFANX 3 dager siden
yo this among us map lookin sick
Kjelliboy 3 dager siden
Now that I’ve watched this video, I feel very blessed that my only phobia doesn’t effect my daily life, only a few times when swimming at the beach.
F9 Official
F9 Official 4 dager siden
I was born on 9/11 5th anniversary
ᆞGalliumG 4 dager siden
You are such a genius to look through the cupboards in the toilet But imagine all the other paranoid passengers seeing a guy going to the bathroom every hour with a possibility of a terrorist attack
The Joker
The Joker 4 dager siden
I am too but hopefully you overcome your fear love your videos keep up the amazing work
Kidda 0Akidda
Kidda 0Akidda 4 dager siden
Matpat, if anyone tried to kill you in any way we (your fans) would kill them
Mr_H 4 dager siden
There are many things I've been afraid of, some tangible, some not quite as tangible. This virus? Never been something i feared. I'm not prepared to fear a virus which has probably the highest survival rate for people around my age. I'm gonna live my life anyway. However, there are things which I fear, things of which i know I'll have to face, but i hate. I hate the idea of facing those things. So much so i turn to things like NOpost, or videogames, or something else, to try and ignore the reality of what I'm going to have to face.... But I can't... Just as mattpatt said in this video, the bubble pops eventually. And i hate that it pops.....
steamerfan221 4 dager siden
7k dislikes in terms of brain we have no brain
LyRics HuB
LyRics HuB 5 dager siden
Damn Mat Pat, so when are you doing a world tour?
Lazor cradles
Lazor cradles 5 dager siden
MatPat Is Thes best for protecting people
Darkbrine159 5 dager siden
17:16 i feel bad, really bad for his optimism
Illumanis 5 dager siden
Good for you Mattpat! I'm glad that your phobia is being treated. We're proud of you
Joosep Eha
Joosep Eha 5 dager siden
i have the same with snow i lost my dog in a car crash on a snowy road and the car lost control i still fear driving in the snow it was in 2015
Hannah Henn
Hannah Henn 6 dager siden
Sorry matt, It's going to take a long time to get back to the old normal.
Maxx Mason
Maxx Mason 6 dager siden
Trigger warning . . . . . . . . . I completely understand after I was taken from my dad he wasn't put in jail because I kept the rape a secret I can't stand near men I can't even watch you or mark or Sean without a panic attack I am a shut in 18 with no life I gained 249 pounds cuz I wont go outside or get food ever dad out with their kids I get read to call the cops because in my mind everyone is dangerous no every man I shake thinking about it and I'm gonna be honest I transitioned to Male...as a control I take hormones and I'm going to have surgery one day just to feel in control sorry I know it doesn't help to talk about it I just say this all to let you know it's ok to be out of control when you really really need control
🐺L u n a r _ W o l f 🐺
🐺L u n a r _ W o l f 🐺 7 dager siden
Everyone is the imposter and sus
قيس فرحات أمحمد ابوحلفايه
قيس فرحات أمحمد ابوحلفايه 9 dager siden
Terrorists are crazy and madd
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 9 dager siden
So in 2020 i was 9 it was Scaly because i was SO close to the first one who got sick just because of my birthday and here's something funny maybe it was actually 1 year ago i am 10 now ^^
Sary Bittar
Sary Bittar 9 dager siden
This was the second 9/11, just imagine having to go through this.
fun time Diaz
fun time Diaz 10 dager siden
9:30 this is the photo
Nixx 10 dager siden
Who drinks Tang? *Everyone in the Philippines: ...* THE ONLY TANG U GETTING IS PU*TANG* INA MO
Newton John Gallano
Newton John Gallano 8 dager siden
Putang ina ko?
Nixx 10 dager siden
usa ball channel
usa ball channel 12 dager siden
I was in a car crash in 2020 I wasn't wearing my seatbelt I was sleeping and I wore my seatbelt after that
billie joe
billie joe 12 dager siden
We're here for you 😘
call me GOD
call me GOD 12 dager siden
i think he played among us to be sus
Spectarium 13 dager siden
ya I was 4 when 9/11 happened so I don't even remember it, I just remember learning about it in history and how tragic it was for all the families that lost their loved ones that day
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun 13 dager siden
Cry me a river.
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun 13 dager siden
Cry me a river.
Seamus. Pronounced Shae-MUS not Sea-mus
Seamus. Pronounced Shae-MUS not Sea-mus 10 dager siden
Logan Birch
Logan Birch 13 dager siden
relateable sorta because i have a crippling anxiety of walking home alone or being alone at night which is a reason i can never sleep
Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams 13 dager siden
I mostly watch your videos everyday
lavajakob 13 dager siden
syed azlan
syed azlan 13 dager siden
This is something i needed we need to be stronger to stop worrying MatPat is right. someone: very cliche comment
Warmachine096 14 dager siden
So do i Repeatedly ask girls out? I mean, the science checks out.
Warmachine096 14 dager siden
sounds good to me.
Mikaela Baker
Mikaela Baker 14 dager siden
I know this is a late comment, but I think this video is very brave.
Merilee Adams
Merilee Adams 15 dager siden
Well now I’m scared of flying on everything that flys
Ninoca Pipoca
Ninoca Pipoca 15 dager siden
crysis breaker
crysis breaker 15 dager siden
i used the date of 9/11 to figure out that mat is 33 years old.
InsertName 16 dager siden
This is why my only media is NOpost and Discord. Do those count as media’s? Anyway. I’m always too scared too check the news.
ASMR i guess
ASMR i guess 16 dager siden
People who don't have trauma really won't understand when people who do have trauma react in certain ways. I was molested as a child, and since then haven't been able to be alone in the same room with any man over the age of 40 without having panic attacks. I have been caught in the middle of a legal battle with an abusive ex for months now, and have been abused since I was a child, and I start having anxiety attacks whenever I even think someone could like me or wants to be close to me because my automatic trauma response is "get out NOW you are not safe you cannot be loved without being hurt". It's terrifying, and people who haven't known trauma can't really understand that, to be perfectly honest. I appreciate your candor, and your willingness to be vulnerable with a group of people who are more or less perfect strangers to you. You are a wonderful person, MatPat, thank you for all you do, and giving the voiceless voice when they feel like they are alone and unheard by everyone, even the people who are supposed to be supportive and loving. I can't wait to see what else you do. Thank you. For real. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have slowly but surely been taking those steps to get away from that fear that I hold, I'm able to seek therapy and genuine help for the first time since I was in high school, and I'm taking steps to get where I know I need to be. I have lost that sense of normalcy, but I'm trying. So thank you again. Really, it means so much more than you could ever know
ASMR i guess
ASMR i guess 4 dager siden
@Nixx I’m alive 😅
Nixx 10 dager siden
hope you're ok.
ASMR i guess
ASMR i guess 15 dager siden
@Talha Ijaz I’m happy you were moved, hopefully they were good tears 😊🥰
Talha Ijaz
Talha Ijaz 15 dager siden
Woah dude you had me in tears.
ImAstroLight 17 dager siden
My brain is the exact same way. You speak for my brain this entire video.
Oscar Malik Carsce Nissen
Oscar Malik Carsce Nissen 17 dager siden
hey man i just wanted to chip in with some help/hope for people with fears like this and if i couldnt help anyone with this messege there is a story and a moral. So i have a phobia/anxiety for being physalliy alone and when i was little it was the biggest problem i couldn't go to the bathroom whithout having someone there. And one day my dad sat me down and told me a story of a guy who was scared of the sodas in his local supermarket and so he avoided them so much that he went in a biiiiiiig cirkel around the soda when he was in his shop and that cirkel expanded and it grew and grew and grew til he was afraid of all supermarkets and so he went in big cirkels around all supermarkets and the cirkels grew and grew until he could not go outside and so he became afraid of his door because that was a way out so he did the same as the last two times until he sat in a corner and cryed the moral of the story is that you shouldnt avoid things you are scared of you should face them as good as you soda can ps english is not my first languedge and i am not that good at spelling in the first place and i hope you guys and gals try to make the world less scary
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 18 dager siden
13:16 money is not part of "having it all". Some ones gotta say it
JBD JBD 18 dager siden
God made us notice that we should live life instead of locked in a house
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 18 dager siden
God? Lol
JBD JBD 18 dager siden
The truth hurts
Kyan Nurse
Kyan Nurse 18 dager siden
I was born in 2007 and i live in the UK and hearing you have such a close call with death and someone who watchs this shows so much is heart breaking for me too see you now have a almost consant fear of flying because three idots wanted to kill people
Hazmi Rasid
Hazmi Rasid 21 dag siden
"I'm afraid of being on planes" Me: eh, maybe it's just height he's afraid of.. "Terrorist" Me:........
Helen Taylor
Helen Taylor 21 dag siden
If we can't agree on all of British food and American can we at least agree that American cheese is bad?
Greg Phelps
Greg Phelps 21 dag siden
I feel the exact same way. People think that they can control every little thing in this world, but in reality we can't. Admitting that you don't have control is one of the hardest things to do, but we all need to.
Krumbis 21 dag siden
Get Recked999
Get Recked999 21 dag siden
2006 dang that's before I was born!
RandommChainn 22 dager siden
Thanks for sharing this with us, Mat. It makes us feel included, and you're so transparent with your fans, as others have said. And I completely agree.
William McGowan
William McGowan 23 dager siden
dude u r strong
Elvis Soto
Elvis Soto 24 dager siden
So....you have PTSD?
john horn
john horn 24 dager siden
Anthony Liloia
Anthony Liloia 25 dager siden
Skydiving? Try Ifly, all the fun with zero of the danger, for like $150, yeah it’s expensive but awesome
Big Tuna
Big Tuna 25 dager siden
I think it is very rational to be afraid of flying because I am Absolutely terrified of planes and flying
Bedecick Cucumberbatch
Bedecick Cucumberbatch 25 dager siden
3:18 this now explains allot
SHARz 25 dager siden
Matpat: Who's Drinking TANG? filipinos: Are you Underestimating us?
Chris Singh
Chris Singh 26 dager siden
Thank you for reminding us of the Mandane every day fears do you still have before the pandemic two Remind Us what Life was like before it Who agrees?
Worstgamer 2008
Worstgamer 2008 27 dager siden
The only thing that scares me is the fact that mat pat likes maths and doesn’t like British food honestly it is the best food a man could ever eat
Endy Craft
Endy Craft 27 dager siden
This is deep: “ no I’m not saying to walk down to the bodega with a hundred of your closest friends to get a burrito” But like seriously tho this is deep 👍🏻👍🏻
sexylazercatwizard 27 dager siden
Guy doesn't know how to be human anymore
Lamar Walad wadi
Lamar Walad wadi 28 dager siden
Somebody Someone
Somebody Someone 28 dager siden
Ngl, he talks so well he reminds me of my pastor.
bubbles unicorn
bubbles unicorn 28 dager siden
matpat: coronavirus is going to end. someday soon probably me: your in for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg ride
bubbles unicorn
bubbles unicorn 28 dager siden
if the authorites hadnt found out about those terrorists then matpat might just not be with us today
I was boring 2006 I am a old geser
KontraTon KAOS
KontraTon KAOS Måned siden
MatPat: "corona is gonna end" UK: "hold my beer"
Zolo Ts
Zolo Ts Måned siden
You are such a Scared crazy nerd
Phantavius* Måned siden
Similarly, I have lost much normal, reasonable, natural fear by just accepting the potential of the consequences.
Rev Wroth
Rev Wroth Måned siden
Don't worry buddy, we already knew you were a crazy person. That's why we love you.
Rev Wroth
Rev Wroth Måned siden
"We have to rewind back to 2006..." OH GOD BEING FIFTEEN SUCKS!
SeriouslyDrunk Måned siden
"And that's when the switch flipped." Me: So, 9/11 america don't forget?
Anicka Amaefule
Anicka Amaefule Måned siden
I'm sorry for what you had to go through and I hope that you soon don't have to worry and that you get over your fear of flying. And thank you for trying to teach us from your experience that's really nice of you and I know not everyone would do such nice things.
Max Petrosky
Max Petrosky Måned siden
I can't believe it. MatPat wouldn't be here if in 2006 the plans were foiled.
Megan Capispisan - Gentleness
Megan Capispisan - Gentleness Måned siden
"Who drinks Tang?" A lot of people in the Philippines: ...
One Two
One Two Måned siden
One two
Nava Reeves
Nava Reeves Måned siden
im too lazy to even say full words anymore. i just make noises and hope people know what im trying to say.
Kole Schwirtz
Kole Schwirtz Måned siden
I accidentally destroyed my phone watching this video but I’m still watching it after I get it fixed and I hope it doesn’t break this time because it was a lot of money to fix it.
Nate Brown
Nate Brown Måned siden
tang tastes good, how dare you do this to me
Stephen Heagarty
Stephen Heagarty Måned siden
17:11 Nope
Nava Reeves
Nava Reeves Måned siden
lol yeah. have not had any social interaction in like 7 months. have not gone outside of my front door in about 1 1/2 months.
Steve Coe
Steve Coe Måned siden
God is in control
Steve Coe
Steve Coe Måned siden
Matt pat I was in 8th grade science class when 9 11 happened but I don't have your fear of flying but I don't have to fly
Brandon Narino
Brandon Narino Måned siden
It's Already been 7 months
Noa soreq
Noa soreq Måned siden
to be honest when I saw the video I thought it was austin finally losing control😂😅
BAK Robert Johnston
BAK Robert Johnston Måned siden
Same just remember that there’s a higher chance to get in a car crash twice then an airplane crash
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