Game Theory: What ARE Minecraft Creepers?!?

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6 år siden

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Minecraft is STILL one of the hottest games out there, and yet the Creeper, the game's mascot, is still a walking mystery. What is this Minecraft menace? Why does the Creeper explode? And why do Creepers always explode around ME? Well, Minecraft Steve, prepare yourself because it's time we figure out the truth of this walking green time bomb!
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Htwe Khaing
Htwe Khaing 2 timer siden
Monica Coon
Monica Coon 4 timer siden
There should be a modern redo of this theory to fit in with the new lore
vvkittycat! 6 timer siden
*P L A N T B O M B*
Falcon Nuttycombe
Falcon Nuttycombe 8 timer siden
Who is watching this in 2020 being like 2014 matpat is soooooooo cringe
David Tryon
David Tryon Dag siden
Well actually they only explode when you killed that as a last resort sit but it's basically there's them saying if I'm going down I'm taking you with me
AzureShield Dag siden
If the Creeper really was a plant shooting spores, then why did the creeper die? Or more importantly, disappear? Wouldn't it just shoot spores and move on?
Chris Singh
Chris Singh Dag siden
You still haven’t made dating sims episode
mapvectorEX Dag siden
merc_ beneath_the_mask
merc_ beneath_the_mask Dag siden
People watching this in 2020, try your hardest not to cringe
Zach The Boss
Zach The Boss Dag siden
Jade Sease
Jade Sease 2 dager siden
There morphed dead pigs
Ashlie Laurel
Ashlie Laurel 2 dager siden
🐕 dog 🐕
Ren 2 dager siden
the edited comment is: “Who came here from the enderman video.”
Nutella ToastGirl
Nutella ToastGirl 2 dager siden
So.... Creepers are plants
Petra films
Petra films 2 dager siden
Do wither Rose
Heysauce Mikehere
Heysauce Mikehere 2 dager siden
Fun fact! Because peat moss has so much carbon in it (1/3 of the all the carbon in the soil), harvesting it is super bad for the environment. Peat bogs are also home to tons of plants and animals, including rare and endangered ones.
Jake Dean Paauw
Jake Dean Paauw 3 dager siden
A match doesn't go out if you put is upside down,it only Burns faster
Creeperboots 3 dager siden
Imagine finding a growing creeper in a cave, *and then it opens its eyes...*
imposter 3 dager siden
Dude this is so funny
imposter 3 dager siden
A creeper is just a failed Pig Sprite
Miss Lys La Ténébreuse {Univers}
Miss Lys La Ténébreuse {Univers} 3 dager siden
🤍I always saw creepers as plants cause they look like cactus to me 🌵🖤
Jakub Zwiernik
Jakub Zwiernik 3 dager siden
A moment of silence for the peoples houses who have been blown up by a creeper
The Worshiper
The Worshiper 3 dager siden
The final conclusion ( 10:58 )
Ulysse Lamarre
Ulysse Lamarre 3 dager siden
Who is watching this in 2020?
aaron atkinson
aaron atkinson 3 dager siden
i know the end card thing was like 6 years ago but #cats
Pikachu Luke
Pikachu Luke 4 dager siden
ShampotheSpider 4 dager siden
Creeper?aw man!
michael schneider
michael schneider 5 dager siden
Logan The Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink FinalGoji
Logan The Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink FinalGoji 5 dager siden
Make a theory why are creepers scared of cats
AmpedPumpkin 6 dager siden
I thought dis man was just gonna say there the boot version of pigs....
Sherine Tony
Sherine Tony 6 dager siden
Valde43 11
Valde43 11 6 dager siden
The creeper is just a glitched pig because that time thet Wanted to make a pig thet makket that we today Call a creeper but i like what he thinks about the creeper 😄
Moomations 6 dager siden
Nik Asyraf
Nik Asyraf 7 dager siden
google it and it said the are pigs who are hated
Arun Javkhlan
Arun Javkhlan 8 dager siden
so when humans diseppeared like you told the other episode peats evolved?
Beth Tenorio
Beth Tenorio 8 dager siden
They said creepers explode cause there pigs that are unloved and they met the player and they got a hug and they explode out of joy very wholesome
DAVID ZAREMBKA 8 dager siden
TheSiameseCat 8 dager siden
MatPat sounds no different 6 years ago.
Fadi chahine
Fadi chahine 10 dager siden
I miss the intro music
GHOSTxGAMING 10 dager siden
jamila Camacho
jamila Camacho 10 dager siden
I actually think creeper is cute
Bubble 12 dager siden
the amount of puns in this video makes me happy and so so angry at the same time
IKEA INC 12 dager siden
littraly fire force
Mikael Petronius
Mikael Petronius 13 dager siden
Well there is an origin story of them, so notch tried to make a pig, but he made an mistake, he made a creeper, n that's why they exist for some reason, so creeper is like a real thing now
Wilma Camus
Wilma Camus 13 dager siden
Small brain
[BC] Cole
[BC] Cole 14 dager siden
Wow such old intro
yefweef 14 dager siden
ok short what are they. they are pigs with wrong turned body and colured in green.
Ryn !
Ryn ! 15 dager siden
Mojang needs to make this cannon
Shadow Bonnie
Shadow Bonnie 15 dager siden
A G 16 dager siden
Is that me or I see a leaf on the creeper
Elizabeth Allred
Elizabeth Allred 16 dager siden
“What are creepers” Me:Pigs that turned out wrong
Ender Cat Gaming
Ender Cat Gaming 16 dager siden
Dose anyone else thing of tails from sonic when he says mph because tails name is “miles ‘tails’ prower” as a joke
Abdul Samad Siddiqui
Abdul Samad Siddiqui 16 dager siden
mojang: make a simple game this guy: not simple at the slighest
Juni Ducey
Juni Ducey 17 dager siden
Makes sense
Jay's Pillow
Jay's Pillow 17 dager siden
Sometimes i wonder what MatPat's search history looks like...
Clone_killer 17 dager siden
CREEPER HAS ENTERED CHAT: "So you think you have me all figured out huh? Well your right.
Shaked Fialkow
Shaked Fialkow 18 dager siden
I dont want to ruin your mod but creepers made because of a bug in the system
Slurp Studios
Slurp Studios 18 dager siden
So if peat can power electronics, does that mean that a creeper can be able to power redstone?!
Carnoraptor53 18 dager siden
This intro takes me back to when I watched him non stop
руслан исрафилов
руслан исрафилов 19 dager siden
Awwwww man
—*Aesthetic Queen*—
—*Aesthetic Queen*— 19 dager siden
I saw in the XBOX creepers were made from a bug. Not a REAL bug- just a- the problem thing-
KyraGamerWolf 20 dager siden
you know they were made by mistake right? Like- this is all fascinating- but still-
Matt: A Creeper Is A Exploding Plant! Minecraft: A Creeper Is A Distorted Exploding Pig.
HS protracted Gaming
HS protracted Gaming 20 dager siden
0:56 Sims girls
Rocketmon 21 dag siden
matt, you should redo this theory. In the mobestiary it shows creepers with skeletons
Johanna Faith Robillo
Johanna Faith Robillo 21 dag siden
my mom: *what are u watching?* me: *exploding plants*
josh manloloyo
josh manloloyo 21 dag siden
Huh... I thought notch just accidentally error coded a pig or something and in turn, the creeper was made?
The Weegee
The Weegee 21 dag siden
a creeper is a drunk alchol addict
EndlessNiteVlogs 7464
EndlessNiteVlogs 7464 21 dag siden
Lea Erb
Lea Erb 21 dag siden
Gas Mask
Gas Mask 21 dag siden
They are green dicks that explode
Come on George ತ_ʖತ
Come on George ತ_ʖತ 22 dager siden
The fact that we completely forget the fact that it walks, and it doesn't have routes, drives me crazy!!😂
fox king gaming
fox king gaming 22 dager siden
dogs foxes are related to dogs
Stratos Atrix
Stratos Atrix 22 dager siden
What are creepers Answer : green walking dicks
lou cleveland
lou cleveland 23 dager siden
Mac Edward Briones
Mac Edward Briones 23 dager siden
Hey anyone knows that the creeper is just a bugged out pig(broken pig).
Sammy Lawrence with a gun
Sammy Lawrence with a gun 23 dager siden
I ain't no plant
xan Stanistreet
xan Stanistreet 23 dager siden
Nurshuhadah Ani lamusu
Nurshuhadah Ani lamusu 23 dager siden
tshiamo aaliyah setlhare
tshiamo aaliyah setlhare 23 dager siden
burnerpric 24 dager siden
fishy in a box
fishy in a box 24 dager siden
Can i say that the pig was ment to be the first mob but a coding went rong and made the body like how it looks today
Rigor Avenido
Rigor Avenido 24 dager siden
I hate golden butter armor and tools and weapons!!!!!!!!!- madrug comment this
Rigor Avenido
Rigor Avenido 24 dager siden
Actualy its madrig not madrug
Christian The Weirdo
Christian The Weirdo 24 dager siden
Brenna Enos
Brenna Enos 24 dager siden
Dogs all the way
Pickle 124
Pickle 124 24 dager siden
TL:DW Creepers are jerks
Cindy Carnes
Cindy Carnes 25 dager siden
Cupcake Kitten
Cupcake Kitten 25 dager siden
A glitched pig.
Neumo100 25 dager siden
Hey at least creepers aren’t real
Neumo100 25 dager siden
2020, NO
Alan Valle Pinzon
Alan Valle Pinzon 26 dager siden
Colby Springer
Colby Springer 26 dager siden
I choose catdog
Blanca Mendez
Blanca Mendez 26 dager siden
I hate creepers
Someone Someone
Someone Someone 26 dager siden
10:14 he really said funghee
Presley Krueger
Presley Krueger 27 dager siden
he said the candle was human flesh flavored.....
Josiah Roskos
Josiah Roskos 27 dager siden
when the creepers are about to explode they also expand, which would support the peat spore dispersion theory
Profesör Kefir
Profesör Kefir 28 dager siden
6.8 k dislikes : Creepers
Pound cake
Pound cake 28 dager siden
a true classic
Annika F W
Annika F W 28 dager siden
Most people: green broken pig Mat Pat: EXPLODING MOSS
Joshzilla 28 dager siden
Who els is watching this in 2020
Marjorie Lynch
Marjorie Lynch 28 dager siden
1:46 the kitten is fast but the creeper is faster
Joe. Biden
Joe. Biden 28 dager siden
You forgot that the creepers were meant to be pigs
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