Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE! (Try To Fall Asleep)

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10 måneder siden

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Try To Fall Asleep is an indie horror game that has taken my Theorist brain by storm. Since playing it, I HAD to do a theory. The story revolves around our player character, a man tormented by hallucinations while awake AND asleep. We have to try to fall asleep for our own good, or so our Doctor says. I am going to piece together all of the puzzle pieces of our time awake and dreaming to figure out what is going on at the CENTER of this awesome horror game. Let's go!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

ManlyBadassHero 9 måneder siden
Oh hey it's me at the far back, and Mark is caressing my face for some reason, what. 1:29
brian weekley
brian weekley 8 timer siden
applepi Dag siden
Nick Salvador
Nick Salvador 3 dager siden
@Isaac Austin same!
Tia Whyureadthis
Tia Whyureadthis 4 dager siden
@Zenigundam the hell is this idiot doin here
Axolotl Bottle
Axolotl Bottle 13 dager siden
@Zenigundam I read this in the most annoying male tone and voice i could
[REDACTED] Time siden
2:50 my worst fear...
Connor Wilson
Connor Wilson 3 timer siden
I probably shouldn’t be watching this at 10:30 at night but i’m not stopping myself for some reason.
brian weekley
brian weekley 8 timer siden
CarterNotSteve 13 timer siden
The font he uses is VCR Mono!
G4078 SAYCO 20 timer siden
Love the song
Spartan KING
Spartan KING Dag siden
MatPat is shadow Freddy confirmed
A Snark
A Snark 2 dager siden
Great I’ll never be able to sleep again thanks a lot
The magma Wolf
The magma Wolf 2 dager siden
Just the intro gave me a heart attack
Sarah Wilkerson
Sarah Wilkerson 3 dager siden
Me watching this and other horror videos before I go to sleep: Me who doesn’t scare easily: Haha! I win! The figure looming behind me: I’m about to end this girl’s entire career.
Shadow 3 dager siden
Mathes Patrew is now your name according to Jack
Laney Daniels
Laney Daniels 3 dager siden
Yeah, I’ll be able to fall asleep tonight just fine
Belle 3 dager siden
I'm not a survivor of whatever or whenever, but I do have some valuable information. As someone who has always struggled with sleep a couple weeks ago I pulled my all time record Of an entire week (maybe plus a day or two) without shutting my eyes, only to blink. A few days in I was mistaking shadows for monsters and my cat as a doberman I felt insane and alone and isolated and I felt like nobody in the world understood If anyone wants to ask any questions go ahead.
Belle 3 dager siden
Haha, ladies, looks like we're safe tonight 😎
David Curry
David Curry 4 dager siden
Poiised is that you mah boii!!!! 1:30 We doing big things
ジェイソン_Simp 4 dager siden
Well bangungut is true someone dies here because of bangungut
Sead Music
Sead Music 4 dager siden
Mat had a beard?!?!?
Bean Face
Bean Face 4 dager siden
Sleep Demons: I will kill you now Me who rarely dreams, but when I do I'm a lucid dreamer: So most time you can't exist? Sleep Demon: yes... Me: I can kill you when you do exist though Sleep Demon: Oh well... I gotta go. Me: (proceeds to take his power and torture him with it)
General Flip Flop
General Flip Flop 4 dager siden
Matpat: "You can't run, you can't hide" Me sitting under a blanket: You have no power here
Dominickick Sass
Dominickick Sass 4 dager siden
I thought the title was a dare. Like, Hey if you fall asleep you could die, ok go take a nap
mrswtcake 5 dager siden
Tips on pronouncing Hmong, the H is silent
Athena Scroggins
Athena Scroggins 5 dager siden
Me, thinking about the Russian Sleep Experiment this whole time.
Zerra 5 dager siden
its weird because i've never experienced anything traumatic (well i have but it's too personal, just not as bad as these guys) and i had a nightmare where something was chasing me and when i woke up, i couldn't move or scream or even open my eyes even though i knew i was awake, but after i started breathing a bit normally i opened my eyes and it was around 4am at that time. no one was home. a bit weird but i got over that night since it happened last year and now it doesn't bother me
XForce2005 5 dager siden
I’m an indigo child (not by the definition if you look it up it has to do with spirits and the supernatural) I don’t necessarily think it’s real or care about it now but I used to. The intro brought back long suppressed memories and has started some things again so just wanted to say thanks matpat
Doughnut man The man
Doughnut man The man 6 dager siden
Oh i am in my bed rn
Lilhedgehog 857
Lilhedgehog 857 6 dager siden
Nothing scares me except my own repetitive existence
Valtteri Pulkkinen
Valtteri Pulkkinen 6 dager siden
Raffy 2 Biboso
Raffy 2 Biboso 6 dager siden
Is it just me or the thumbnail look like clickbate thumbnail
AXPHALT 7 dager siden
Bangungut means nightmare in filipino shoutout for filipinos
Jennie Bean
Jennie Bean 7 dager siden
This reminds me of one of my nightmares it was very weird at the start but fast forward and I was sitting outside pushing a glue stick and one of them doing well so far so I walked up just a little so I can push it out and then I saw this shadowy figure that came closer and jumped back in my dream I wonder what would have happened if I didn't jump back would I die I don't know
FNAF fan 2.o
FNAF fan 2.o 7 dager siden
It's not evan real dude he's just trying to make u scared don't believe it
rants, rants, and more rants
rants, rants, and more rants 8 dager siden
Yo why is that song not on Spotify XD
Redapple 8 dager siden
Me watching this after not having slept for 35 hours: Interesting
tayloratennant 8 dager siden
MatPat: and in humans there is this rare condition called fatal insomnia" Me: *looking for all the in another life comments*
tayloratennant 6 dager siden
@Molly Bennett sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out!
Molly Bennett
Molly Bennett 6 dager siden
@tayloratennant oh no, it’s a internet scary story, you can actually find full readings of it on NOpost, I’d recommend the ones by MrCreepyPasta, their also published books now that I think of it. In any case they’re more comedic then scary. Good listen.
tayloratennant 6 dager siden
@Molly Bennett oh? is it on ao3?
Molly Bennett
Molly Bennett 6 dager siden
I was looking for the tales from the gas station ones
bron8130 bron8130
bron8130 bron8130 8 dager siden
the scariest part of this video was... TOM NOOK (this a joke in gonna have nightmares from this... wait nightmares!?)
Daniel Ehme
Daniel Ehme 8 dager siden
why do i keep watching these type of videos at night?
The friendly Commenter
The friendly Commenter 8 dager siden
Title: try to fall asleep picture(forget what it’s called):DO NOT FALL ASLEEP
Felipe Moreno
Felipe Moreno 8 dager siden
that story from the survivor really sounds like sleep paralysis to me and its still horrible
Felipe Moreno
Felipe Moreno 8 dager siden
good thing i dont have a horrific trauma and not so much stress and im not 33,but im still a boy
SeltielPlayz 8 dager siden
(insert counting sheep song)
biky1212 8 dager siden
OK that's the worst video to see after you didn't fall asleep for 3 days
King 9 dager siden
I sivrived every knight running running running running running running running running running running running running
King 9 dager siden
I sivrived every knight i run i run running running running running running running
yvonne asher dizon
yvonne asher dizon 9 dager siden
matpat: Bangungut me a filipino: what about it?
Alice Sweet
Alice Sweet 9 dager siden
Ah yes, I've decided to watch this right before going to bed. Why do I always do this to myself.
Cow King
Cow King 9 dager siden
I think Jacksepticeye this in April
Cyanne Genus
Cyanne Genus 9 dager siden
nobody: gen z: not sleeping for days and still fine ?????
Mason Pugh
Mason Pugh 9 dager siden
I already watch 4 scary videos I'm not scared
Slendertromic YT
Slendertromic YT 9 dager siden
I was listening to this in bed but the most scariest part was suddenly an audible add played when I was about to sleep...
dead doomed
dead doomed 10 dager siden
I was 7 days without sleep in college once, it cost to me an entire day get to sleep again because I developed severe hypnagogic hallucinations, when I was starting falling sleep I begun to hear and extremely loud white noise sound that literaly hurt as something crushing my ears (the pain woke me up) and to see shadow people trying to grab me and inviding my body like a possesion. btw, being in sleep depravation, I saw palpitating walls and sometimes I felt myself weightless and numb, also I smelled clorine scenses that never was there or heared people calling me from far away at the end of the days without sleeping.
Unity's Particle System
Unity's Particle System 10 dager siden
best singing of 2020
Jaslyn Lee
Jaslyn Lee 10 dager siden
"The idea of your dreams killing you..." Literally every hunter: Meh nothing new- wait there are actual Dream clones?
KitKat Kookie
KitKat Kookie 9 dager siden
Me: oh sheet
Alex B
Alex B 10 dager siden
I had went almost a week without sleep before. I did not have all of those symptoms. I did start not remembering things and everything looked weird.
Diego Vasquez
Diego Vasquez 10 dager siden
Chicago baby I live there
The Alerted Twins
The Alerted Twins 10 dager siden
I should pester my favourite NOpostr to play huh? Hey can you please play it?
Q Studio
Q Studio 10 dager siden
This is new facts to me, now I'm scared to fall asleep yet I'm scared to stay awake, I hate stuff that might be real but this is all really new stuff to me so good job!
johnny cake
johnny cake 11 dager siden
If anyone us watching this at night some thing is wrong with you
Jerym_levi 11 dager siden
No there's, nothing wrong about watching this at night
Human Being
Human Being 11 dager siden
This reminds me of sleep paralysis demons, pretty much no reason but still very real
Phantom Horizon7
Phantom Horizon7 11 dager siden
guess I'm not sleeping tonight wait... I CAN DIE IF I DON'T SLEEP TOO!?
Billy Bob Ray29
Billy Bob Ray29 11 dager siden
2:46 Mat:who knows what type of scary creature will be there when you open your eyes" (or something like that) Tom Nook 18,000 bells. NOW. Me: I make 36,000 bells a day. NEXT HORROR GAME!
Linzi Mg
Linzi Mg 11 dager siden
AB sounds like dawko
Dmitri Williams
Dmitri Williams 12 dager siden
That sleep death thing... it sounds kinda like mass hysteria...
No̸t_uniqe 12 dager siden
My brother told me to run into the things chasing Mr
Benson Lin
Benson Lin 12 dager siden
Oh so its just his sleep paralysis demon.
Aubrey Rae
Aubrey Rae 12 dager siden
I don’t have dreams; I never had dreams... Maybe I wouldn’t be able to tell if I’m alive or not closing my eyes to see only black. :>
Stephen Hynes
Stephen Hynes 12 dager siden
anybody else really tired now
Danna Dominguez
Danna Dominguez 12 dager siden
ok, ima just call bs on one story which is literally just sleep paralysis
Nathalie Savage
Nathalie Savage 12 dager siden
me: *hears mat say fusionzgamer* also me: i thot i was the only one
Holden Ahee
Holden Ahee 12 dager siden
the horror of needing to pay back 18,600 I'm scared
Grethe Kristin Høstland
Grethe Kristin Høstland 12 dager siden
I know I’m a little late to the party, but was I the only one Who thaught he was going to mention the bite of 87. Or have I just watched way too many fnaf videos? At 3.45
Raphael DaGamer
Raphael DaGamer 13 dager siden
So you're telling me that cars do not, in fact, fly? Huh. I guess Marty, Doc, Jennifer, and everyone in Cars 2 needs to be more proficient in sleeping.
Chase But Crazy
Chase But Crazy 13 dager siden
am I the only one who thinks Doctor Norberg kinda sounds like Grian??? Just me?? Ok-
Kyle Eaton
Kyle Eaton 13 dager siden
Just came to say Dongle
Oona Miettinen
Oona Miettinen 13 dager siden
Me Have to asleep
Oona Miettinen
Oona Miettinen 13 dager siden
I caut
The Duckwhale
The Duckwhale 13 dager siden
I stayed awake for 3 and a half days and never had any hallucinations ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭
That One Hiyoko Fan
That One Hiyoko Fan 13 dager siden
Anyone know the sources he used? I'm interested, especially from 5:25 to 6:07
The Female Thunderbirds nerd
The Female Thunderbirds nerd 14 dager siden
I like the intro. Especially when it got more and more unhinged
Ghost lady
Ghost lady 14 dager siden
Elders said to us when we were young that "to avoid 'BANGUNGOT'. First, you must NOT eat too much before going to sleep. I forgot the reason as to why thou. Second, DON'T take a bath before going to sleep. Also forgot the reason. And Third, rest yourself before going to sleep. Not sleeping first thing after you got home form work. And that's all.
Ghost lady
Ghost lady 14 dager siden
3:58 Bangungut In the Philippines we call it BangungOt. Like BÁ-ngÛ-ngÔt. BÁ= for present tense NgÛ-ngÔt= for bad/bad dreams I love your theory's btw💜💜
KAKASHI Hatake 14 dager siden
It's pronounced ba-ngu-ngut
KAKASHI Hatake 14 dager siden
It's pronounced ba-ngu-ngut
LlamaLuke 14 dager siden
Mabey people die from not sleeping because, like food and water, it provides needed energy, and functions start going wonky when there’s nothing to fuel them
Banta Ray
Banta Ray 14 dager siden
This is basically sleep paralysis mixed with the crying child
Maybe geimerLV
Maybe geimerLV 14 dager siden
and thats you take every detail very important thats is Psychopath in training
Bananna Bread
Bananna Bread 15 dager siden
this makes me glad i only have sleep paralysis
Libbie Studios
Libbie Studios 15 dager siden
Good thing my dreams can't kill me because I don't have dreams :D
king noob the saver of noobs
king noob the saver of noobs 15 dager siden
When mat Pat gets some thing wrong: Mah me when I get math wrong in school:I'M GOING TO GET A F AND GET KICKED OUT OF THE SCHOOOOOOOL
king noob the saver of noobs
king noob the saver of noobs 15 dager siden
idk i just wanted to do this..
Anna OBrien
Anna OBrien 15 dager siden
I actually haven’t gotten to sleep until 7AM before. This happened on New Year’s Day (first day of 2021). Around 3AM (I fell asleep around 7AM), I felt like my body was panicking. It felt like my heart was engulfed in a flame so hot that it felt cold again. It felt like my heart was in a cage too small for its own good, as well. I was in a cold sweat and pacing around my room, breathing audibly. This happened before on two nights. On the first night, I was awake until about 6AM. On the second night, I was awake until 5:16AM. The thing all these nights have in common was that I was thinking too much and I was on my iPad the whole time.
Jaye Merengueli
Jaye Merengueli 16 dager siden
I really hate you. It’s 4:40 AM in NYC and I’ve been trying to fall asleep. And now I can’t. Lol! I don’t really hate you, Matt. Except I do right now. Lmao!
The Green Wolf
The Green Wolf 16 dager siden
I saw a meme about someone boasting about watching his horror Playlist. Im already regretting it.
Jaaxson ishel
Jaaxson ishel 16 dager siden
Russian sleep expirement "vigorisly writing notes"
Scary Dude
Scary Dude 17 dager siden
you sure its not freddy kruger?
Isabella Holland
Isabella Holland 17 dager siden
Me:sees title Also me :fnaf???????
Fireball 303
Fireball 303 17 dager siden
Demons and monsters: they are asleep. Time to kill! Lucid dreamers: time to go John wick mode
B-rock Nick
B-rock Nick 17 dager siden
mark all ready played that game you like a few years later
Zoltán Szabó
Zoltán Szabó 17 dager siden
Bro u Give me the chills
Doodle Wolf
Doodle Wolf 18 dager siden
Wow what a great song for my paranoid self before bed uwu
-ramune- 18 dager siden
‘Ruining your childhood since 2011’ I died 😂😂😂😂
Yeeyeeman 18 dager siden
Matpat: Scary Video time Description: NEW MERCH!!
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