Game Theory: Sonic is Lying...AGAIN! (Sonic Mania)

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3 år siden

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Sega may not be the gaming powerhouse it once was, but SONIC will forever be a classic video game hero. But despite the loving nostalgia I hold for Sonic, his games don’t always make the most sense. Chaos Emeralds, for example, are one of the more ridiculous aspects of any gaming franchise. Or are they? The idea behind chaos emeralds is that they’re powerful battery-like rocks. As crazy as that sounds, it’s a lot closer to reality than you might think!
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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists 3 år siden
Just to clarify... I'm not using the Sonic comics to "prove" the theory by any means. The conclusion that the Emeralds are quartz is based solely on evidence from the games: Color and Behavior. I'm then using the comic lore to draw parallels that I thought were interesting as I researched, like the radiation and compression machine. So the fact that the comic lore isn't canon doesn't have any actual bearing on the conclusion that I reached in the theory...or maybe the radioactive quartz means that lore is more canon than you might think... ;)
galaxyraider9 16 dager siden
ahmed1743 4 måneder siden
Wouldnt that mean all chaos “emaralds” be green from radioactivity from the planet?
jia liu
jia liu 8 måneder siden
Can MINECRAFT emeralds be chaos emeralds?🤔
syweb2 8 måneder siden
It's not that the comics aren't canon, it's that they are their own continuity. The games have their events, the different comics each have theirs, and the different shows have theirs.
Jorge Monteiro
Jorge Monteiro 8 måneder siden
You ever consider chaos emeralds being their own species?
Betty Smith And Davion Smith
Betty Smith And Davion Smith 2 timer siden
It’s a fictional series of course it’s going to be one you idiot!
SunsetGamer Dag siden
Aidon Brintley
Aidon Brintley 3 dager siden
This youtuber tells me that he likes to put crap to NOpost
Assassin Man
Assassin Man 5 dager siden
Dang i was always thinking they were weird but I thought it was knormal but he came and answers
Nic B
Nic B 7 dager siden
5:22 i love how he does robotniks voice
shadyAVgamer 11 dager siden
Stev S
Stev S 14 dager siden
Ohh cool so I have chaos emeralds in my home (Time to use chaos control )
Gregory Fernandes
Gregory Fernandes 14 dager siden
Don't take it personally
Gregory Fernandes
Gregory Fernandes 14 dager siden
Dude it's just a game
CraftyInk Studios
CraftyInk Studios 14 dager siden
This is a ROCK solid theory
Spöder Queen
Spöder Queen 17 dager siden
Eh i think the chaos emeralds would really be saphires. And the red chaos emeralds are rubies because rubies are saphires but with chromium. Oh- and saphires can be in WAY more colors than just blue.
LUGERshom Dela Cruz
LUGERshom Dela Cruz 16 dager siden
Nah. THE CHAOS CRYSTALS! Has a nice ring to it.
huuua2 18 dager siden
Emeralds have capacitance? Sayyyyyy whaaaaa?????
Ashlyn Rose
Ashlyn Rose 19 dager siden
so their the chaos quartz huh? neat
Pauline Muzhewe
Pauline Muzhewe 20 dager siden
yeah its still sonic
jorkopeisct 20 dager siden
basically everyone: StEvEn UnIvErSe
Logan world
Logan world 21 dag siden
0:45 yes you did
Leo Martinez
Leo Martinez 21 dag siden
Is no one gonna talk about the shape of the quartz in 11:14
XShardZ117 22 dager siden
Aquamarine is popular because of steven universe CHANGE MY MIND
Creeper _BG
Creeper _BG 23 dager siden
Flapjack Ya Ya
Weegee 25 dager siden
May I remind you MatPat, that the Sonic games are on a different planet? Mobius could have a different geological structure than the earth. Therefore, the colors or color( at this point I am not done with the video) like purple could happen on Mobius but not on earth. So, they could still be beryl. Then again, I'm not qualified in this stuff.
hxda mxhamed
hxda mxhamed 25 dager siden
spam F
CupcakeEdgeworth 26 dager siden
this isn't fully connected to the archie comics lore, though. the emeralds came from space when mobians were still "in the making" and there were only green emeralds, and lots of them. yes radiation was on the planet when you think about that attack by these aliens but they could not have influenced the emeralds.
boogie bakugo 13
boogie bakugo 13 27 dager siden
In Mania theres a purple and RED one not pink #nothatingjustsaying
iisonix 28 dager siden
game theorists: states literal facts me: but then again its only a fictional charecter sooooooo...
Lucky 0512
Lucky 0512 28 dager siden
just name them chaos gems ez
Xandre Asman
Xandre Asman 28 dager siden
Flap jacks ; )
Xandre Asman
Xandre Asman 28 dager siden
Please like this comment
Xandre Asman
Xandre Asman 28 dager siden
He tricked us
Travis Mcgee II
Travis Mcgee II 28 dager siden
I hate this
Epicspoiler 1337
Epicspoiler 1337 Måned siden
So you wanna say if i give my hedgehoge 7 green emeralds he can transform into a super Monster whitch can do a planetary destruction
Jordan Pham
Jordan Pham Måned siden
Purple is amethyst
AceTrainer Wes
AceTrainer Wes Måned siden
You really are dumb. The chaos emeralds are emeralds in Sonic's universe. You're using IRL logic for a game. Next thing, you're going to say sonic isn't the fastest thing alive even though he can clearly go as fast as he wants to. You clearly have never actually used common sense
RuffUnity Måned siden
I know this is 3 years old and someone probably said this but super sonic first appeared in sonic the hedgehog 2 which came out in 1992 in November more then a year after super sayian so yea super sonic is a rip-off super sayain
Manta Måned siden
What if they dye the emerald
Elvie Barrientos
Elvie Barrientos Måned siden
like quartz and amethyst
sebastian noelto
sebastian noelto Måned siden
sebastian noelto
sebastian noelto Måned siden
sebastian noelto
sebastian noelto Måned siden
sebastian noelto
sebastian noelto Måned siden
sebastian noelto
sebastian noelto Måned siden
Ultimate Warriors
Ultimate Warriors Måned siden
sebastian noelto
sebastian noelto Måned siden
what ????
hazzy33 Måned siden
So I kind a like infinity stones
Michael Bennison
Michael Bennison Måned siden
One world undertail battle for the princess peach
Slim Solo 13
Slim Solo 13 Måned siden
they are the infinity stones
nicolas geoffrey
nicolas geoffrey Måned siden
mathpad: there are no purple byreld crystelds me: there amythist thats purple mathpad: ?????
A Na
A Na Måned siden
That can charge my laser
Isabella Mangi
Isabella Mangi Måned siden
I know how you say The Chaos Emeralds aren’t emeralds... But for me I actually always thought they were never emeralds as well? Here why: Why are they in a shape of a Diamond?
Hario Dinio
Hario Dinio 24 dager siden
Cause a brilliant cut is cooler than an emerald cut
AEEscobedo Måned siden
Sega you could have kept the 6Chaos emeralds
clementina matalisi
clementina matalisi Måned siden
Matpat your crazy
ligriv nimsag
ligriv nimsag Måned siden
but quartz is lame in minecraft
Stellar Cat
Stellar Cat Måned siden
Hey, Chaos Quarts *definitely* sounds catchier than The Chaos Emeralds.
LUGERshom Dela Cruz
LUGERshom Dela Cruz 16 dager siden
Nah... THE CHAOS CRYSTALS! Has a nice ring to it.
ThunderJimmy Måned siden
You mean, the Chaos Emeralds? I'm going to assume that's what you mean the Chaos Emeralds because if that's what you're concerned about I have one of them right here *_Chaos Control_*
ThunderJimmy 28 dager siden
@The FBI Of Liechtenstein Who didn't watch that meme anyway? It's too good.
The FBI Of Liechtenstein
The FBI Of Liechtenstein 28 dager siden
I see you are a man of culture.
Justin Hong
Justin Hong Måned siden
Good theory but you forgot in sonic x sonic and our world co exist so the emeralds might be there world version of emeralds.
Owyn Ackerman
Owyn Ackerman Måned siden
I love this channel because I can listen while I walk to school, without watching, and still get the whole experience
Cupcake Prime
Cupcake Prime Måned siden
Man rouge would love that gemstone channel
killer 151
killer 151 Måned siden
No asshole
Gian Colarina
Gian Colarina Måned siden
Quart's are minecraft
Gian Colarina
Gian Colarina Måned siden
Quart's are minecraft
Gian Colarina
Gian Colarina Måned siden
Gian Colarina
Gian Colarina Måned siden
Emerald is minecraft
Ben Bittinger
Ben Bittinger Måned siden
6:36 This is bixbite erasure and I will not stand for it.
роман нету
роман нету Måned siden
Once you start to dive in Sonic's lore, you realize that there is no canon... Because Japanese and American Sega parts did their own versions of canon, and Sonic games from 2000-es use Japanese canon and Sonic 2010-s games use American canon, and they both controverse each other, where American Mobus is on it's own, while Japanese... Well, it has it's own problems inside, let's just say it is Earth nowadays and forget about Sonic 2006 and some later games with all those aliens and time travels And with that we have 6 variations of canon in Sonic - Original games with Japanese canon/American canon, later games with American canon/Japanese canon/Japanese non-canon canon mixed as you wish Please do not ask about comics and cartoons, because iirc there are 2 different comics series and WHOLE A LOT of anime/cartoon series, where you can find things that controversial to any game lore
Potahtwah Måned siden
I wanna see a game theory on the Sea Prism Stone.
Dave Ertel
Dave Ertel Måned siden
Sonic has so many origin stories, there's so many variations, such as them existing for centuries
Dave Ertel
Dave Ertel Måned siden
That lore isn't canon, it isnt part of any canon story that's quite common
ajuba1 Måned siden
No super sonic came in sonic 2 that came 1992. So no
Dil Limbu
Dil Limbu Måned siden
Wow you are a genius
Alan Ramirez
Alan Ramirez Måned siden
Game theorist... There is I more type of "emeralds" HYPER emeralds... There basically better since there bigger witch store more energy and can use more energy...
Luke Arbulu
Luke Arbulu Måned siden
Well in debug mode you have the super meter
Omicah Brown
Omicah Brown Måned siden
Aaron Long
Aaron Long Måned siden
5:11 omg he predicted dadpat
• Greenie Leafs •
• Greenie Leafs • Måned siden
When He Said “Aquamarine” He Just Said Mah Birthstone
Leeson White
Leeson White Måned siden
I think the Chaos Emeralds are special gemstones that gives the user unmatched power.
Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson Måned siden
Chaos emeralds are like amazon green batteries. A power source that can be recharged
Clint Parsons
Clint Parsons Måned siden
JTV freaking rocks
Savanah Johnson
Savanah Johnson Måned siden
Elizabeth Ormand
Elizabeth Ormand Måned siden
Honesty I couldn't care less about dragon ball z
Audric Oldendorff Castro
Audric Oldendorff Castro Måned siden
bo mat
Audric Oldendorff Castro
Audric Oldendorff Castro Måned siden
boo matpat boo let sonic win goku the worst sonic best booo goku he even defeated sans i am mad #undertale # sonic
Racer Red
Racer Red Måned siden
no cyan is diamond and red is ruby
Dante Mercado
Dante Mercado Måned siden
You watch too much steven universe
13-Muhammad Rizky Chievo Halomoan
13-Muhammad Rizky Chievo Halomoan Måned siden
matpat: can the Chaos emerald be beryl !? Archie comics: ur theory confirmed
13-Muhammad Rizky Chievo Halomoan
13-Muhammad Rizky Chievo Halomoan Måned siden
matpat: can the Chaos emerald be beryl !? Archie comics: ur theory confirmed
13-Muhammad Rizky Chievo Halomoan
13-Muhammad Rizky Chievo Halomoan Måned siden
Gumz Toon
Gumz Toon 2 måneder siden
They R actually Chaos “ Diamonds “
Gopala 1111
Gopala 1111 2 måneder siden
Do a theory video on why sonic leaves eggman instead of killing him
Collin Hickey
Collin Hickey 2 måneder siden
kin boo's crystal is a chaos emerald
FroakieGaming 2 måneder siden
you... you do realize the sonic franchise is set on another planet? also The super sonic moniter went unused in sonic 1, meaning in theory, super sonic could've been in sonic 1, but was scrapped, anyway maybe on sonic's world, emeralds can be other colors thus all the chaos emeralds could be emeralds, just... not types that appear on earth also i can prove a few other game theories wrong, and i will probs do so in the comments of those videos...
DarkSide 2 måneder siden
The Chaos Quartz. Nice
The_Doomic 2 måneder siden
I can see it now a steven universe oc called red barrel
Miguel Bujan
Miguel Bujan 2 måneder siden
I also like stones i like the rock
Marvin Martinez
Marvin Martinez 2 måneder siden
Any Steven Universe reference?
Santi360pro YT
Santi360pro YT 2 måneder siden
But what about hyper sonic huh lolololol!
Snazzy_Nazzy 2 måneder siden
The creator of sonic said he ripped off dragon ball z, and that comic for dragon ball came out in April, i love both tho
Dárk wolf gacha
Dárk wolf gacha 2 måneder siden
Lemon JuiceYT
Lemon JuiceYT 2 måneder siden
Chaos Emeralds.. No Its Actually Called Quartz of Chaos n
Dárk wolf gacha
Dárk wolf gacha 2 måneder siden
I just watch emerald real life movie
Rachael F
Rachael F 2 måneder siden
Instead of calling it chaos emeraldsThey shouldProbably Call it Chaos quarts
Izzy Hague
Izzy Hague 2 måneder siden
Now it going to be super Freddy
reghz mighz
reghz mighz 2 måneder siden
reghz mighz
reghz mighz 2 måneder siden
Saphires Are Ussaly Blue But They Can Be Others As Well So The ''Chaos Emralds" Should Be Called The "Chaos Saphires"
Winters 2 måneder siden
pretty sure red emeralds are a thing
L G 2 måneder siden
What about fleet way sonic he is the real super sonic after all since fleet way sonic came out before sonic 2
Gopala 1111
Gopala 1111 2 måneder siden
So they are chaos quarts rather than Chaos emeralds
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