Game Theory: The Minecraft Warden... SOLVED! w/ Dream

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The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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Special thanks to Dream & the Dream Team for being in this episode!
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Whenever something new pops up in the world of Minecraft, you know I have to talk about it! So, what are the Minecraft Wardens? The recent announcement of the Minecraft cave update adds a new mob of big, horned monsters. Design wise, they are pretty scary but how do they change the lore? Well the rest of the update gives us a LOT of clues. From the cave itself to the SOULS we can see in its chest, I think we are in for some SCARY answers!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Wifies Måned siden
This is literally the collab of the century and I cannot be convinced otherwise
Alok Kumar
Alok Kumar 14 dager siden
@Jollyfish They all are same persons
Enzo Talks
Enzo Talks 16 dager siden
@Dilophosaurus #078 because you were crying that your favorite 0's and 1's didnt get in the game
Dilophosaurus #078
Dilophosaurus #078 16 dager siden
@Enzo Talks Alright then , why do you think I am pissed ? I was when I was replying to that guy but still , I could have been calm at that time. I was just angry that people kept saying that it was all "just a joke" when it clearly wasn't.
Enzo Talks
Enzo Talks 16 dager siden
@Dilophosaurus #078 oh, Sorry, i didnt realize you were the one i talked about. Yes, im talking about you.
Dilophosaurus #078
Dilophosaurus #078 16 dager siden
@Enzo Talks Whose pissed self ? Are you talking to me in third person ? Please rewrite your answer in a more grammatically correct way.
En̷̜̩͝ix w h e e z e
En̷̜̩͝ix w h e e z e 5 timer siden
To the man behind the warden
Salty 6 timer siden
why does that intro kinda sound like disk 11
Ultra Shaggy
Ultra Shaggy 6 timer siden
This is hilarious
Homo-sapien 6 timer siden
What if the warden was created, then got out of control, and trapped souls to get more powerful? (I didnt watch the entire vid yet so if this is already another theory sorry)
ItsMak 6 timer siden
“Dreammm!.......wait are we on game theory?” I died
Irish Chile
Irish Chile 6 timer siden
I find it ironic how the man arrested for murder is now used as an example of a warden
Angus Gamble
Angus Gamble 7 timer siden
The Warden is just a bigger edgier Iron golem
Dragonboy gamer
Dragonboy gamer 7 timer siden
Maybe the warden was created by People but then the warden too their sools
Lord of the Meeps
Lord of the Meeps 7 timer siden
Theory: the eyes of ender are the eyes of the warden's
quinn 7 timer siden
I have a feeling minecrafts gonna do somthing big soon
keedy 7 timer siden
Btw I feel like the warden came from the far lands tbh
AS - 06RA 783955 Dolson PS
AS - 06RA 783955 Dolson PS 8 timer siden
Why did Dream say persons
Baxter Boegeman
Baxter Boegeman 8 timer siden
Anyone notice that on the iron golem the vines look like the new vines with yellow things on them in lush caves? (I forgot the name)
Gabrial Yale
Gabrial Yale 8 timer siden
They forgot to mention that the wardens don't have eyes! I mean think about it the EYES of ender! My thoughts are that they use the warden's eyes to make the portal leaving it blind.
babydragon952 8 timer siden
I agree with dream because in one of the Minecraft tweets it did show the skulk growing and moving
XxLil DemonxX
XxLil DemonxX 8 timer siden
more this is awsome time to watch it again and again bye.
Renegade lion 431 VanVactor
Renegade lion 431 VanVactor 9 timer siden
Or maybe a iron Gollum wander around in a cave and stumbled across that plant
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson 9 timer siden
What I believe is wardens were built to guard the portals from anyone escaping, the end portal is like a trap so the end dragon can make you one of his people, but some escaped as the ender men we find in the over world, so the warden was made to make sure none of this would happen again, eventually cause they couldn’t see they ran off. Or the enderman were sent to get people to go through the portal this can be proven at the end of disc 11 were you hear a person running, and then hear endearment screams
Gaming Fire Pea
Gaming Fire Pea 9 timer siden
the intro was not scary :l
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 10 timer siden
That would explain why his name is the warden. His chest is the prison where he keeps the souls.
Anime Weeb
Anime Weeb 10 timer siden
Me when i see dream in the title : * shocked pikachu face * My sister : *full on tornado siren mode*
Assassinator 11 timer siden
I watched this at night and the the start made me jump XD
GamerDos 11 timer siden
Wait I got a theory In the beginning, the ancient people guys were one, then they wanted to go deeper, so they built a portal, they didnt know what to name it so they came up with "The Nether", they tested the portal with pigs, then those pigs turned into pigmen, but some ancient people guys thought it was safe while others didnt, so they went in and made fortresses, then they turned into skeletons, and then withered, wither skeletons, the people at the overworld were confused why the people in The Nether werent coming back, so they went inside the nether portal, then they discovered the wither skeletons and realised the wither skeletons were theyre ancient people friends, then the people collected the wither skeleton heads by.. you know, then accidentally made The Wither, they went into desert pyramids, they died, ocean momuments, they died, but then they built strongholds with a portal room, they thought that it would save them, BUT some people said it wasnt safe and built villages, while the others went into the end and transformed into endermen, (Then matpat's theory comes in about the ancient people being villagers) How villagers became pillagers: Villagers became pillagers due to villagerism, villagers with grey skin were kicked out as they were considered EVIL, they decided to take revenge, and experimented with life and death, the villagers fought back using the iron golems that have been sleeping for centuries.. Then you spawn in and find everything in place, zombies, skeletons, they rise from the dead, spiders, creepers, they too, rise.. But hey, thats just a theory, a long theory!
Katelin PALADINO 11 timer siden
Sapnap's line at the end GOT ME
Elmo 11 timer siden
Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
every one
every one 11 timer siden
What about the ender eyes that you need for the portal
Addi Zoink
Addi Zoink 11 timer siden
Okay, hear me out in my cringy Minecraft theory The pillagers were trying to create something that could live forever and/or respawn, and they probably saw some ancient builders do it or sum so they tried themselves. And either us, the literal player or us and our friends are either descendants of those ancient builders or the successful recreation of them, done by the pilligars. The older builders eventually retreated to the nether either to get materials or to run away from something, created the nether fortresses with Blazes to protect them, but something happened and now they’re trapped in soul sand/soil/fire, etc. Just a thought. Oh and the enderman theory could be the thing that drove these ancient builders to the nether, the builders unable to get to the nether in time were turned to enderman.
Daniel Sichinava
Daniel Sichinava 11 timer siden
Dmoney 12 timer siden
Mario HR
Mario HR 12 timer siden
No one relised but on minute 8:37 thwere are 16 blocks for a portal where it should be 12
Gio Geno
Gio Geno 12 timer siden
New idea for minecraft: wool boots, so you can sneak by the warden and not ya know, poop urself when it finds you
Grayson Weathered
Grayson Weathered 12 timer siden
If say villagers made protectors of iron pillagers tried to make one stronger like out of the same stuff as the end portal but they went rogue and dug into deeper areas to back this up pillagers tried to control life and death also people say when you die your soul leaves your body so the ancient builders must have got their Souls taken by the pillagers and used to make the monsters we call wardens and that's one of the reasons why Alex and Steve are the only ones left
arikushika 13 timer siden
heyyyyyy the idea of souls and sticking peoples souls into things kiiinda reminds me of undertale a teeeeeeny tiny bit the internet is magical
Mumfort Philmore
Mumfort Philmore 13 timer siden
Didn't know ender portals had 4 blocks on each side lol
Zari Plays
Zari Plays 13 timer siden
Szilágyi Dávid
Szilágyi Dávid 14 timer siden
Here is what I think: the cave sound: cave14.ogg is called Streaming sounds and it sounds like that and the sculk is the only wireless minecraft thing, therefore the warden maybe wants to send a message to the ancient builders, that there is an intruder (the player).
Thechap 14 timer siden
I have 2 facts that may argue with this, and with the ender men theory: 1. If the ender men evolved from humans, then they would not evolve from a day to another. It would take millions of years to do that(especially that much, i mean there nearly lost all human nature. And you said that the builders (who later gets evolved to the ender men )built the forbitten temples, sand temples, water monuments. But these structures would decompose (especially the sand temple), if millions of years would pass. So someone else later built them, not the builders(maybe some of the builders stayed the in the overworld and built them idk. but that doesnt make sense bc the builders built the end portal to escape from the zombies, so the builders who stayed most likely would turn into zombies but idk 2. If u look closely, you can see that the end portal frames are made of end stone, so how did the builders make the end portal frames if they never been to the end
invincible I
invincible I 14 timer siden
he should make a book
Joseph Emerson
Joseph Emerson 14 timer siden
The true horror game...
Daniel Jaeger
Daniel Jaeger 14 timer siden
Looking at the souls in the wardens chest, 2 of them are villager souls but the third smaller soul looks more like a player head
Jaxson Dian
Jaxson Dian 14 timer siden
This was a really good video and it involved humor and real facts about Minecraft , I really liked it. :)
Epicer Epic Crewmate
Epicer Epic Crewmate 15 timer siden
Nguyen Niko
Nguyen Niko 15 timer siden
My weird theory is that both the iron golem and the warden are the same. I think the ancient people of Minecraft found out about iron golems, and wanted that type of protection. But they knew how easily it could be defeated, so they tried experimenting with skulk sensors and soul sand to create the perfect guardian, and ended up creating one who could hear it all.
Salamander 15 timer siden
Mat missed calling out dream for ruining the mob vote as an insult.
Daydream 1234
Daydream 1234 15 timer siden
I think that it wasnt the same race who created theses thing like i think it was a war and 2 tribe attacked and throght eachother one bulit temples to hide there thing one to attack.
Eren Jeager
Eren Jeager 15 timer siden
9RodgerBacon9 15 timer siden
The two biggest brains of Minecraft come together. AMAZING!
Hellif Iknow
Hellif Iknow 15 timer siden
He whipped a nae nae
Bofrab 15 timer siden
Wait there are souls in their chest? I thought that was it’s exposed heart.
spoon is shy
spoon is shy 15 timer siden
omfg what if the ancient civilization was killed and the soul sand was made by those souls
spoon is shy
spoon is shy 14 timer siden
Daydream 1234
Daydream 1234 15 timer siden
i think thats a good explanion
Isack Newton
Isack Newton 15 timer siden
They had different option
snailtrail1984 15 timer siden
Maybe the warden is just a mutant of some sort.
I will defeat Ray Mak
I will defeat Ray Mak 15 timer siden
Bruh i've just install beta 1.17 and there was warden
Emu Play
Emu Play 15 timer siden
8:31 why did you build it out of four by four
OSTWIND podcasts
OSTWIND podcasts 16 timer siden
wisegamer 3.0
wisegamer 3.0 16 timer siden
how did the warden attack if he wasn't even moving
Silvia Vargas
Silvia Vargas 16 timer siden
Why do endermen attack when u look at them
Nolan May
Nolan May 16 timer siden
another thing is that relative to the enderman theory is why the warden doesnt have eyes is too protect itself from the endermen so they dont accidentaly fight and kill it
EnderDan Toons
EnderDan Toons 16 timer siden
Hey matpat, I have a theory and you might think its good. I think the ancient people who lives in the nether died and turned into wither skeleton because they were having wars with piglins. That makes sense why piglins and wither skeletons attack each other. Piglins built their bastion to defend themselves against the human race who tried to conquer the whole nether. Bastion also have the same meaning as fortress. This is really interesting. Also, the Ghasts also a mystery cuz when we em bring to overworld and killed it well get the achievement Uneasy Alliance what does that mean? Is the ghasts were actually from the overworld?
Mnm QWEEN 16 timer siden
Dragon Amulet 2020
Dragon Amulet 2020 17 timer siden
Maybe the sculk are a fungus infection
Shannon Moyer
Shannon Moyer 17 timer siden
Wow it was made on my birthday that's cool I didn't see tho
Raegan Kiefer
Raegan Kiefer 17 timer siden
Wait , what type of Minecraft is it in? Minecraft Dungeons or Minecraft? I never saw this update before 🤔
TheShortAsianArtist 17 timer siden
you have no idea how many times i've played back Dream's lines...
Nintensum Phyrx
Nintensum Phyrx 17 timer siden
To be honest this seems as fake as Dream SMP steams. But since this is a video that needs to tell something asap, I'll give it a pass
Not_EvanlolXD 17 timer siden
The warden is trying to give berth but the Ancient builders keep trying to fight them to kill them for recources
Säd Bøy
Säd Bøy 17 timer siden
I dont think you need 4 blocks on each side of the end portal I dont know if you knew that
James Wong
James Wong 18 timer siden
its an iron golem made from a furnace and soul sand
Sonic The hedgehog
Sonic The hedgehog 18 timer siden
The two kids have different answers lol
Veasna Chann
Veasna Chann 18 timer siden
Mat pat used 16 end portal frames instead of 12
Cooper Copeland
Cooper Copeland 18 timer siden
i feel likd they made iron golems to protect their stronghold then they wondered off and ran into some skulk and soul sand at the same time
Honey10 _Kpop
Honey10 _Kpop 18 timer siden
Hey Mat do you think you can solve the mystery of the origin story of Siren head became Its been in my mind for a while and I really wanna know. How did Siren head become who he’d know today?. Pls make a theory about it!
Nothing here
Nothing here 18 timer siden
LSealboy îs more good
EAdigi 18 timer siden
ending is funny
wefouh wqeofuh
wefouh wqeofuh 18 timer siden
am i the only one that never noticed the souls until this video?
ThreadyChimp 556
ThreadyChimp 556 18 timer siden
It feels like the nether update was just yesterday. Game theory is solving the lore to fast, minecraft is having to update so much just to make sure there's still hidden lore
KAMIL BURGOS 19 timer siden
haha the end there like dream
Lincoln Carter
Lincoln Carter 19 timer siden
Hear me out so the iron golem after the ancient people left for the end the iron golems soon followed and came back (hence the end portal blocks) and the skulk blocks is evolution and going into caves and being in the dark so long made them blind. its a stretch but very possible. i mean they are very similar. and the golems protected villages and wardens protect also. PLEASE LIKE SO GT CAN SEE AND THINK ABT MY THEORY
creeperz GAMER
creeperz GAMER 19 timer siden
8:35 i hate you end portal is 3 block each side not FOUR (just kidding i liku ur videos)
Silver Tune
Silver Tune 19 timer siden
Does the Minecraft launcher still have the ability to select past versions to play?
Zane Burnett
Zane Burnett 19 timer siden
I hope he is right
Big Boy
Big Boy 19 timer siden
Disliking bc no BBH smh
The Legendary Q
The Legendary Q 20 timer siden
What if the Warden is a prison for ancient builders who broke the law so the Warden name makes sense it was the prison of the ancient builders
Bunneu 20 timer siden
The sculk could be a fungus that took over a creature cause if you look at the warden it’s horns look like sculk
Jeff Ryan Handugan
Jeff Ryan Handugan 20 timer siden
When it's already 1 month Me:am i that old?
Bogasa 20 timer siden
My guy just completely rejected the fact that my guy Connor Eats Pants revealed the update and not Minecraft live
Melody Quill
Melody Quill 21 time siden
Matpat you should look in Minecraftstory mode it has a master builders race ect.....
YeetTheMuffin 22 timer siden
wait is this real dream...?
Tofeee 22 timer siden
We must try that cats poop to get dream's iq but someone needs to try it first
wafira mohamed
wafira mohamed 23 timer siden
Wait wtf oh god
Diane The Witch
Diane The Witch 23 timer siden
6:33 *CLAP CLAP* *beat drop epic remix time*
Infinite Snella
Infinite Snella Dag siden
Just A Crazy Human
Just A Crazy Human Dag siden
look at that legendary collab ı'm cryıng from excitement and ı haven't even watched the first 2 minutes
Dallas Dag siden
Steve is the main character.
Steve_Reaper520 Dag siden
Hey, I just realized, the warden’s rib cage is literally steve’s arm. You can see the blue like clothing and his pale arm. Meaning at some point the Warden accidentally killed one of the builders, or even the vindicator 👀.
The FSR Russiaball Mapping
The FSR Russiaball Mapping Dag siden
Name a better duo of the theorists Dream and Game Theory. I'll wait for a year.
Ranbow Spectr
Ranbow Spectr Dag siden
people:sees dream in thumbnail also people:AUTO CLICK
Shitass Dag siden
djerico 06
djerico 06 Dag siden
The title is Kinda a clickbait
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