Game Theory: FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy! (Five Nights At Freddy's)

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4 måneder siden

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Yes, it's time to talk about FNAF lore... again! Theorists, today we are solving one of the BIGGEST mysteries in the Five Nights At Freddy's universe - Golden Freddy. I know I've talked at length about our favorite golden animatronic bear, but here me out. The newest Fazbear Frights book CONFIRMED it! It's time to uncover the SOULS stuck inside Golden Freddy!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Golden rohan
Golden rohan 4 måneder siden
"You still have more, matpat."
minecraft68 4 dager siden
Theres always more
KB Reynolds
KB Reynolds 12 dager siden
Guys listen up I'ma tell y'all something oily black tears what does that sound like? The dead kids in fnaf 3 I'm not making a
Sakura Blood
Sakura Blood 18 dager siden
@the dot giver .
Peggy Tressler-Cain
Peggy Tressler-Cain 21 dag siden
Plz do the endo in fnaf 2 plz and I activated the Easter egg 2 weeks ago
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger 29 dager siden
@Darkest Ghoul I have a sneaking suspicion that Kelsey might be who Andrew is referring to. I know it sounds a lot more like it's William, but the body in the hospital makes me think of someone else and this Golden Freddy theory doesn't mention Kelsey at all. Who is very clearly important to the Golden Freddy situation.
The Jaguar Gamer
The Jaguar Gamer 3 timer siden
Its 2021 I'm pretty sure the new books come out now its time for another Fnaf theory
The Sir Rolfe
The Sir Rolfe 5 timer siden
I feel like, soon, it'll be time to tackle that time line again... *that damn time line...*
Super GT Gaming
Super GT Gaming 6 timer siden
What if golden Freddy was just some disabled kid in a costume
Derpy_Jackal84 6 timer siden
But here's the thing the crying child's body is in the suit let me explain if we look at the sprite he has a strand of "curly hair" hanging down while not black here's the thing he looks into a pitch black suit all your going to see is black there may be two souls but only one body
GHS_OG 8 timer siden
Good theory, but I’m just now realizing something. If Michael Afton is not the bite victim, and is rather foxy bro, why is he turned into a cyborg? This is a key detail that should not be missed. Hope u see this before making your next theory about the books.
Dontae Phillips
Dontae Phillips 9 timer siden
this might sound odd. but is there some correlation with the title of these books to the games? the title "bunny call" seems like a call to Vanessa or Vanny. Like it was some orchestrated plan. start with "into the pit" aka the HEdoubleHockeySticks that afton experienced. "Fetch" having to do with extracted data or the chip that hides the glitch. 1:35am... i wonder if there isnt a correlation with that in the email times of the mobile game or something between Vanessa. "step closer" Vanessa starts to obsess over these tapes and gets caught up in its eviliness. Then Bunny Call, either referring to Glitch traps constant call to VAnessa, or having something to do with her bunny suit. Which im starting to think Black Bird has something to do with something? maybe a villian under the shadows of the new game? but i mean... its just a theory.... a Comment Theory
KaylaVixen 10 timer siden
I'm a bit confused,, Which soul is stuck in Golden Freddy: Cassidy or Andrew?
Separate tooth
Separate tooth 10 timer siden
Mathew pattew
Klaus O'Shaunacey
Klaus O'Shaunacey 12 timer siden
The way Matt has the Stitch Wraith animated makes these videos ones I can’t watch at night
John Cranshaw
John Cranshaw 16 timer siden
Dead game theory I am a huge fan but in your video you only focus on The man in room 1280 but you should focus on all of them story 1 bunny call listen I quote "his bright pink eyes" but on the cover he has blue eyes who is a bunny that has pink eyes and can control people glitchtrap 2in the flesh HOW DID HE BIRTH SPRINGTRAP but the important thing is glitchtrap springtrap and William are all the same person so how are they at different places at the same time? Thank you for your time Sincerely A fan.
John Cranshaw
John Cranshaw 16 timer siden
Dear whoops
colter5353 16 timer siden
wait i get it but remember when you said that mike was the crying kid ? you solved the box but if mike is not the crying kid what's in the box??? or did i miss an episode if i did sorry for spending your time random human reading this :|
Acidatronic 17 timer siden
Hey, blackbird is out so… You’re going to do a video on that
Hydra Salesman
Hydra Salesman 17 timer siden
I still hate the fact the books have lore significance to the games.
Ehhh Scott is weird with his books and games like seriously he wants us to take pieces of lore from an alternative universe and try to squeeze them into the game lore
Virginia Muttera
Virginia Muttera 19 timer siden
Willy Is Traped with no Help And It Will End But Golden Freddy Will NOT stop raging At Willy
Dannin Matthews
Dannin Matthews 19 timer siden
That is Scott's son, but could be Kelsey game and story wise. Kelsey is a boy with blonde hair while Andrew and Cassidy have black hair.
Octy kinda cringe •
Octy kinda cringe • 19 timer siden
You always say IT solved Austin yet after a few months or years a New video îs published about The same stuff
Bløød Røse
Bløød Røse Dag siden
So basically, you're trying to tell me that... Golden Freddy is a horcrux, got it.
The might Jimmy
The might Jimmy Dag siden
Nvm I watch a bit more glade his back it’s not the same without him tbh
The might Jimmy
The might Jimmy Dag siden
Man when’s Acton comin back he said he always comes back but he hasent really come back he’s chillin with golden Fredbear
GregoryPlayz570 Dag siden
If the crying child is in Golden Freddy, then how is the crying child michael afton? I am soooo confused
GregoryPlayz570 Dag siden
Golden Freddy: U will pay for what u did F O R E V E R!!!! Corpse: explodes Afton: cya sukker
Matpat: guys we solved golden Freddy Scott:
ur.local.crazy.person Dag siden
F n a f I s l i f e t o m a t p a t
MysticWolf 510
MysticWolf 510 Dag siden
If anyone is reading this I need help beating fnaf 1 on help wanted on my oculus quest 2 so can u help me counter Freddy
beau green
beau green Dag siden
wait if micheal not the crying child how does micheal know about nightmare fredbear because he drew him with the red pen in the log book
beau green
beau green Dag siden
and the crying child was in coma before the flatline on night 6
beau green
beau green Dag siden
plus he also thought it was the bite of 87 vitams
beau green
beau green Dag siden
@Scott Cotton but he also said in the next video he was wrong
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton Dag siden
@beau green it’s likely that the crying child actually didn’t have the nightmares. As matpat discussed in an older video, the crying child would most likely not be capable of dreaming because of his injuries. Also, in fnaf 4 there is an easter egg where you can hear the fnaf 1 night 1 phone call in reverse. Since the crying child never heard this call, the only way this would make sense is if we’re playing as Michael and the nightmares take place during or after fnaf 1
beau green
beau green Dag siden
@Scott Cotton but all the detail that only the crying child would know about and if micheal had the same nightnares then why toture his brother about his nightmare
Riptide 2
Riptide 2 Dag siden
Matpat is just pulling a matpat
Alisher Pulatov
Alisher Pulatov Dag siden
Mat pat a few words. Search up Cassidy fnaf and go to images, some images show that Cassidy has gray eyes. In one of your theories you brightened "Cassidy's" face you got blue eyes.
Alisher Pulatov
Alisher Pulatov 18 timer siden
Oh well
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 19 timer siden
@Alisher Pulatov There are no official images of cassidy on google
Alisher Pulatov
Alisher Pulatov 19 timer siden
In google.
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton Dag siden
There are no images of cassidy in fnaf
Mangel Dag siden
Please subtitles in spanish :(
mina suleman
mina suleman Dag siden
im in my room alone and thinking that the thing is under my bed
Anessa Robinson
Anessa Robinson 2 dager siden
You know how he mentioned the doctors/nurses/workers tried to kill the burnt "human"? He was burnt beyond death, no doubt about it. This was mentioned by Mat, but we said that there were holes for eyes, nose, and even mouth. This living "creature," or whatever you would like to call it, physically HAD to be on life support. I'm not a doctor, but anyone on life support when taken off HAS to die when done. Why would they never take it off of life support? Were they REALLY trying to kill hi, or did they keep him alive for a reason? A reason beyond belief, for a reason only they could understand. DOes this really mean that they tried to kill him, or not?
Ellielae 2 dager siden
I haven't watched the whole video yet but Andrew has curly black hair. Much like the corpse that was found in the suit instead of Kelsey when that one kid tricked Kelsey into getting 'killed'
Ellielae 2 dager siden
Howard Nugent
Howard Nugent 2 dager siden
Ok, I’m at 9:45 right now and I am just screaming “HAPPY FROG! HAPPY FROOOOOOOOG!!!”
Levi Universe
Levi Universe 2 dager siden
You know I think golden Freddy is the crying child because basically golden Freddy is Fred bear and the crying child was killed by Fred bear a.k.a. golden Freddy but which Doesn’t make sense why would a crying child put his own father a.k.a. William Afton a.k.a. the purple guy torment him and put them in his hell of fazbear entertainment but people say he possessed shadow Freddy what if he possessed both animatronics but what if he possessed one animal Tronic what if golden Freddy is shadow Freddy and the crying child lost his memories
cam_ eats_turtles
cam_ eats_turtles 2 dager siden
I’m confused because Chica say “I was the first I have seen everything”
Elvis Orellana
Elvis Orellana 2 dager siden
Hear how the mystery man is tormented by a vengeful soul is kinda... Satisfying
Jennifer Dozer
Jennifer Dozer 2 dager siden
You need to solve the shadow characters!
Luzzy Games
Luzzy Games 2 dager siden
Also in The Fourth Closet all the animatronics are melted together so they now share an Indo-skeleton
Siearra Sky
Siearra Sky 2 dager siden
Springlock child + Murdered Child = Golden Freddy birth
Elyse Wasylyk
Elyse Wasylyk 2 dager siden
"he protec he attac he always come bac" sounds like my anxiety
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 2 dager siden
hahhahahahah I ALL WAY COME BACK
Robert Hensen
Robert Hensen 2 dager siden
Okay i got this idea a few days ago but do you giys remember the shadow freddy from fnaf 2 what if this is the second spirit trapped in the golden freddy suit i dont have any real evidence for this maybe there is a third spirit and that would explain the shadow bonnie again no real evidence to prove this but i thought lets throw it in the universe Tldr: shadow freddy could be thr second spirit inside golden freddy and shadow bonnie the third one if there is a third one
Random stuff with Haya
Random stuff with Haya 2 dager siden
Umm, maybe... William afton is a robot?
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 2 dager siden
If he was why does springtrap has a william body that is cleary not a robot
Blessing Kizombo
Blessing Kizombo 3 dager siden
"ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵗⁱˡˡ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵒʳᵉ ᵐᵃᵗᵗᵖᵃᵗᵗ"
Mr Noob
Mr Noob 3 dager siden
“There is another”
Tami YT
Tami YT 3 dager siden
imagine Cassidy being in control and torching CC family CC; bro wth are you doing to my dad? cassidy:STFU LET ME GET MY REVENGE-
Mario Gaming
Mario Gaming 3 dager siden
there can't be anything in Golden Freddy he was the first animatronic unless he opened him self up and put someone in there
Jenna Marx
Jenna Marx 3 dager siden
So basically what I got from this video is that afton is voldemort?????????
Damian Xiong
Damian Xiong 3 dager siden
Golden Freddy:It's Me Mario:ITS A ME MARIO
luminary 3 dager siden
5:04 that face scares the living hell out of me
TANIA MENDOZA 3 dager siden
Hey you should definitely watch this channel it's called Fuze cinema because you're in it
Red X
Red X 3 dager siden
What happened to Kelsey?
Elijah Chellew
Elijah Chellew 3 dager siden
i regert that]
Elijah Chellew
Elijah Chellew 3 dager siden
Bobteaxo 3 dager siden
I finally have it all figured out what started this there a kid the target bite of 83 and then was targeted by the evil fnaf 4 animatronics and the kid survived so he was bitten on his birthday. were other places those places from the beginning were fredbears family place and the sister of Michael afton the bite of 83 target was dead next less then a year then so Afton wanted to kill other kids and feel the pain what they had about losing their child then set an old suit in the four children when they got too old they made another place fnaf 2 then more kids were dead with fnaf 2 William Afton getting spring locked making it fnaf 3 and the place burning down. just maybe William Afton got out of his suit and so golden Freddy or what was his name whatever was torturing him forever not sure tho (that's all I can think of)
MaxDaDwarf 3 dager siden
As an add on to this theory old man consequences has always been a mystery, who was he, why is he the one telling golden Freddy he needs to let William go. Well what if old man consequences is a stand in for crying child?
Kordel McBlair
Kordel McBlair 3 dager siden
Me: Wait. The timeline isn't in chronological order? Matpat: Never has been.
What_is_ This
What_is_ This 3 dager siden
But in one of your theories your explain how Gildan Freddy can’t move so how is it conked to stitchreaid
minecraft68 4 dager siden
Omg its all coming together
Ethan Loera
Ethan Loera 4 dager siden
When are we going to a in the flesh episode
NCR colonel John
NCR colonel John 4 dager siden
He attac he potrct
Zinky Doinks
Zinky Doinks 4 dager siden
Is it just me or does the vengeful spirit look like *kazzo kid*
bone_hacker 4 dager siden
the person with the fox mask was the soul of the crying child's brother what will the crying child do and the crying child with a brother wearing a fox mask was learning what will happen then the crying child's brother with the fox mask try to help the crying child then the brother of the crying child with the fox mask wanted the crying child alive from the bit then the brother of the crying child died from the man in purple than the brother of the crying child never knew that golden Freddy was the 2 souls even with his brother then the brother of the crying child saw the soul of his brother the crying child the brother of the crying child did not want to let go of the crying child when the brother of the crying child went up when the brother of the crying child wanted to come to the crying child the brother of the crying child said goodbye and he said he was sorry then the brother of the crying child said a purple man killed us it caused the crying child and Cassidy angrier at the man in ourple wanting to make the killer in purple suffer but not die they want the killer in purple to suffer all the time and this is what i think that happend and all the souls in the animtronics are in the afton family the rest of them wanted the killer in purple to die but golden freddy did not want him to and golden freddy wanted the killer in purple to suffer way more then before in the spring lock suit golden freddy wants the killer in purple die forver.
CGO Animation and illustration
CGO Animation and illustration 4 dager siden
It also explains why golden Freddy is always seen siting down
Dani's Wonderworld
Dani's Wonderworld 4 dager siden
Mat: "there are two souls on Golden Freddy" Scott: "there's another"
Casidhe Boley
Casidhe Boley 4 dager siden
Hi yes, I’m Casidhe. Yes that is what my name means
Big Brain
Big Brain 4 dager siden
Cassidy: how was the party? Crying Child: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?
Ethan Charles
Ethan Charles 4 dager siden
not golden
Ethan Charles
Ethan Charles 4 dager siden
the crying child is shadow freddy
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 2 dager siden
Did you even watch thr video it explains that cring child a d cassida are golden freddy And gacha life videos andn't canno so dont belive them
KenGotVids 4 dager siden
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 2 dager siden
Dark King
Dark King 5 dager siden
Of course william is alive he's glitch trap
Potato Chip
Potato Chip 5 dager siden
FINNALY WE DISCOVERED GOLDEN FREDDY Scott: and I took that personaly
Jiminie's High note
Jiminie's High note 5 dager siden
scott wont tell us the secrets of fnaf, *lets motivate him with a controlled shock*
Zara Ann
Zara Ann 5 dager siden
Watching this after just playing the first game for the first time this week was definitely confusing.....but I’m intrigued. Bought the first book on Amazon while watching this
Amran Arko
Amran Arko 5 dager siden
Ok fazbear frights blackbird spoiler alert... Its William afton with jake and Andrew(maybe)
Mr. Depth Leviathan
Mr. Depth Leviathan 5 dager siden
"You don't just survive one-liners like that!" Like it or not, he's spittin straight facts lol
Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado
Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado 5 dager siden
What if the man in room 1280 is michale afton
Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado
Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado 5 dager siden
michale was the only one with a body that was intact
Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado
Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado 5 dager siden
its very possible
Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado
Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado 5 dager siden
this could be possible because william is dead his body got turned into meaty spaghetti when he got springlocked
Tonk Man
Tonk Man 5 dager siden
Meanwhile in the golden Freddy suit..... Crying child: “Cassidy?” Cassidy: “*sigh*.what is it? Crying child: “i’m hungry, I want pizza.” Cassidy: “we can’t eat,we are souls trapped inside of a suit Of a franchise that was popular in the 1980s” Crying child: “oh yeah........................ can we get burgers? Cassidy:GRRRRRRRR
Jesus Herrerra
Jesus Herrerra 5 dager siden
But golden freddy is blond
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 2 dager siden
What golden freddy do not have hair he is a animatronic
Cooper Pauliks
Cooper Pauliks 5 dager siden
I have an idea for orange guy if anyone is open for debate
Alexandra Sena
Alexandra Sena 5 dager siden
It makes sense that there would be more than one child in golden freddy. When there was only two animatronics he used golden Bonny to lure children, where did he keep the bodies? The only other animatronic left...
Chain of Lame
Chain of Lame 5 dager siden
So William is golden Freddy?
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 2 dager siden
No willam is not golden freddy Willam is springtrap, scraptrap and glitchtrap
Goldenfreddy GD
Goldenfreddy GD 5 dager siden
finally a good theory, now my fav character is solved
Jake the gamer
Jake the gamer 5 dager siden
He attach He protec He always come bac
Funny_ scream115
Funny_ scream115 5 dager siden
I see the Oder theory in spanish similar but un there say Is not only cry child and kid face, Is a cry child,kid face and casidy, un there say casidy and cry child Is controled a Golden Freddy and kid face Is controled a Shadow Freddy because Shadow Freddy have the dame skin but in pourple , but you need se the theory for corobarate
MisoBellaFi 5 dager siden
7:00 forget Marvel, the English Patient and FNAF is the most ambitious crossover event in recent history
Dawn Draws
Dawn Draws 5 dager siden
William: **gets burned** Also William: *m e a t b a l l*
Warrick Nolan
Warrick Nolan 5 dager siden
There IS EVEN MORE to this! go to your latest vid and follow my instructions, K? K!
Withered Bonnie
Withered Bonnie 5 dager siden
He's still alive!?!?!?!
xXGacha_ Alpha_ChloeXx
xXGacha_ Alpha_ChloeXx 6 dager siden
Honestly it's not that hard to know that the crying child possess shadow freddy
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 2 dager siden
@xXGacha_ Alpha_ChloeXx mrs. Afton dont have cannon name
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 2 dager siden
@xXGacha_ Alpha_ChloeXx ennard left michel after he start rotting
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 2 dager siden
@xXGacha_ Alpha_ChloeXx cc dont have cannon name
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 2 dager siden
@xXGacha_ Alpha_ChloeXx gacha life is not cannon Just dont belive to gacha life videos if you want to know more just watch more game theory
xXGacha_ Alpha_ChloeXx
xXGacha_ Alpha_ChloeXx 5 dager siden
I watched the Afton family's backstory on NOpost Mrs,Afton/Clara Afton possess ballora, C.C/Chris possess Shadow Freddy,Elizabeth Afton possess circus baby,William Afton possess springtrap,Michael Afton/Eggs Benedict/foxybro is a walking/rotting corpse that Ennard lives in
Sie Sie Paige Wiperi
Sie Sie Paige Wiperi 6 dager siden
Cassidy is Golden Freddy and Chris (CC) is SHADOW Freddy 👀🤚🏽
John Cedrick Baldoza
John Cedrick Baldoza 6 dager siden
worst kind of immortality
Iris Afton
Iris Afton 6 dager siden
i love how he almost allways has a new intro!
Taydan The Gamer
Taydan The Gamer 6 dager siden
There’s more mat pat keep it up
Virginia Muttera
Virginia Muttera 6 dager siden
he always come back forever
Virginia Muttera
Virginia Muttera 6 dager siden
When does gets to a end golden Freddy will still go on raging to get back at Willam Afton
Virginia Muttera
Virginia Muttera 6 dager siden
FNAF is not done yet it will go on forever
Ricky Carter
Ricky Carter 6 dager siden
wait wasnt there a boy with an aligator mask in fnaf 3
andrew 6 dager siden
listening to this in the background is all good and fun until your name is andrew and matpat calls you a vengeful spirit
I Love Being Happy
I Love Being Happy 5 dager siden
Jabari Chalas
Jabari Chalas 6 dager siden
I am. Ready to find the answer
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