Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) - pt 2

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3 år siden

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Here it is...the end of an era. Three years and almost twenty theories, but I think I have it. I think I've SOLVED FNAF. When you look at the timeline of events, all the major questions of the franchise start to make sense -- Who is inside Springtrap? Was FNAF 4 in 1983 or 1987? Where is Chica in Sister Location? What's the deal with Balloon Boy? So I went back and mapped out EVERY event to create the FINAL FNAF theory...answering all the lingering questions from the series and setting things up for Scott to eventually release FNAF 6. We all know it's coming so why resist?
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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists 3 år siden
Now we wait to see if Scott updates his site again...
The logan and zae Show
The logan and zae Show 2 måneder siden
Did he (i know he did im joking)
Da best bacon
Da best bacon 3 måneder siden
Ur vids gave me nightmares for 2 months Literally
Angelia and Moon
Angelia and Moon 4 måneder siden
1 minute on his website after the comment: *fnaf 6?*
MissMoofin O•O
MissMoofin O•O 5 måneder siden
Wait one thing I don’t understand Mikes the crying child But.. He has a brother Who is older or younger Cause I thought he was the crying child How would his older or younger brother be golden Freddy cause he’s the youngest And his older brother No one knows who he is
Armend Fier
Armend Fier 6 måneder siden
The Game Theorists what if mike is the new springtrap because the fnaf 6 springtrap looks different form the fnaf 3
Aurora Ortiz
Aurora Ortiz 35 minutter siden
"Final theory" Haha, Mat *That's cute.*
Ka'ihikapukalaimoku Cobb-Adams
Ka'ihikapukalaimoku Cobb-Adams 5 timer siden
is it strange how mat pat was super accurate about fnaf 6's lore at the end of this video? i quote"like what are the origins of the puppet and what happens after ennard is ejected from mike". one of fnaf 6's main lore showcased THE ORIGINS OF THE PUPPET in the security puppet game. it also introduces a new animatronic named "molten funtime freddy" which is ENNARD AFTER GETTING EJECTED FROM MIKE and finding scrap parts. coincidence? probably, probably not. is mat pat working for scott cawthon to keep us hooked on fnaf?! or a very unlikely but not impossible thing that could happen: mat pat can see the future?! but remember its just a "theory, a comment theory"
Rnae 1105
Rnae 1105 5 timer siden
Matpat: my last theory! Me: *looks at the playlist of 44 videos* sureeeee
S. T.
S. T. 17 timer siden
3:35 who knew
Kate Nagel
Kate Nagel 18 timer siden
Chica went to brother location actually
Hermitcraft Fan
Hermitcraft Fan Dag siden
Masks get Them now I hear they are selling out like hotcakes- matpat Me from 2020- oh if only you know
SaltyPretzel Dag siden
"We finally got to the end!" Hahahahahahaahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahaha
Super Cheppies
Super Cheppies Dag siden
I haven't watched this one yet having been tabbed out of fnaf for a bit, and ngl when funtime freddy was laughing he sounded like a monkey bomb from cod zombies
MrPhillipka Dag siden
Yeah FINAL THEORY Good joke!
KKpuffin 2 dager siden
Why do people think that the bully brother is wearing a foxy mask? He is clearly wearing the foxy plushie's missing head!
KKpuffin Dag siden
@CM TM What if, Foxy bro's friends actually are wearing masks. But foxy didn't want to buy one, so he just ripped his brothers foxy plushies head to make one? (this not cannon by any means. This is for joke purposes only)
CM TM Dag siden
I don't think so. The other friends of foxy bro (a.k.a Michael Afton) are wearing masks of the other Animatronics. Foxy plushie's head is missing for unknown reasons.
Daandrae Maddox
Daandrae Maddox 2 dager siden
Crying child bites first one crying child then some salt then Bon Appetit fredbear bites in
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy 2 dager siden
Welp you were wrong
That one Tree
That one Tree 2 dager siden
Simon Price
Simon Price 2 dager siden
Missed opportunity to say: literally weeks of my life studying these “Fred crumbs”
Bonnie Bun-buns
Bonnie Bun-buns 2 dager siden
Joanne Song
Joanne Song 2 dager siden
why does MatPat never scare me but the sight of golden freddy make me cringe so much =_=
Pure Facts Central
Pure Facts Central 3 dager siden
wait but wasnt cassidy golden freddy???
Masstiffo 3 dager siden
“My last theory” The playlist: 19/44
Official JMD
Official JMD 3 dager siden
Why the its everyday bro reference
Sara Francour
Sara Francour 3 dager siden
As someone who has been learning german for 6 years now I find it funny to think funtime freddy was originally german
King jr. Billy
King jr. Billy 4 dager siden
Hey uh I think nightmare and golden freddy are a coincidence because golden freddy is Cassidy she only says it's me to mike because shes confusing him with William afton
Jack R
Jack R 4 dager siden
The final fnaf theory 3 years later ok buddy
Zubair Ali
Zubair Ali 4 dager siden
Anella_ Giana1235
Anella_ Giana1235 4 dager siden
I’m just gonna say it: *purple* *guy* *x* *phone* *guy*
•Cloudy - Sun•
•Cloudy - Sun• 4 dager siden
your intros for fnaf are awesomeeee
Charlotte Ogden
Charlotte Ogden 5 dager siden
3:43 ... oh 2017 mat, if you only knew about masks now Lmao
Brooke Brewer
Brooke Brewer 5 dager siden
Everyone is making a variation of the same couple jokes 1, Ball pit 2. Timeline 3. This isn't the final theory 4, MatPat guessed wrong
lucid_robber 5 dager siden
Hey did you ever possibly think that the suits were stored at sister location cause here me out; isn’t it weird that there is a random spring lock suit in sister location when they were discontinued and when you are in the suit and in most parts of sister location you can here water dripping witch may had lead to the sprinkler locks failing and hurting William afton
Anička Martinčíková
Anička Martinčíková 5 dager siden
Remember these times? When you thought you really had the ending? Seems silly Now 😂
Russia Pants
Russia Pants 5 dager siden
its funny how he thought that there was no sister location chica she was just rented out
YellowYoshi 4810
YellowYoshi 4810 5 dager siden
1:19 look at the phone. IT LOOKS SOOO WRONG. LOL 😂😂😂😆
Luna LeRiche
Luna LeRiche 5 dager siden
Matpat: "Last theory video" Me: pauses, sighs and silently scrolls through the other 15 videos after this in the playlist.
Charlotte Ogden
Charlotte Ogden 5 dager siden
Aldo Giron
Aldo Giron 5 dager siden
Mat pat btw the two sons on will A. Crying child is michal and the other one is Alex I think I’m not really sure
Blue Steel
Blue Steel 6 dager siden
Hey, Matt ever considered doing podcasts? So some of us don't have to be afraid of walking 10 feet at night to get some water or wake up to see Balora's face instead of there 9-year-old sister's face?
ryann stinkyshima
ryann stinkyshima 6 dager siden
14:49 Me: *laughs in 2020*
-Cinnamon.bun- :3
-Cinnamon.bun- :3 6 dager siden
Ha no about to 15 more Starbucks trips and 20nights of trying to figure out this timeline
K TG 6 dager siden
In the end everyone turned into an animatronic. Kinda sad though
Trent Nilsson
Trent Nilsson 6 dager siden
3:34 “The ever popular item MASKS 🖕🏻🇨🇳🦠
Romana Galović
Romana Galović 6 dager siden
Oh ja 100% Deutscher gualität! Lederhosen,Schnitzel und Biet
ki o
ki o 6 dager siden
mat: SCOTT DOESNT DO JOKES Scott: let me make a hippo who tells endless grandpa stories
Space Pup
Space Pup 6 dager siden
just wants to make you say... "BOY WHERE THEY WRONG?"
Bubbly Bubbly
Bubbly Bubbly 7 dager siden
They are purple ppl eaters lol
Gamer_Baby 7 dager siden
If chica wasn’t there til fnaf 1 and fnaf 4 is before 1 then why were one of the people in the mini game wearing a chica mask 🤔
DeathMark4You 7 dager siden
"and more to come." is what he forgot to add. don't worry guys
YT_Danger Cookie
YT_Danger Cookie 7 dager siden
MaSKs GeT Em NoW I HEARd ThEY SelLIN LiKE A God CHURcH, yeah u could say that in 2020
PiereZ 804
PiereZ 804 7 dager siden
Isnt crying child Chris Afton and not Michael Afton, because Michael is the older brother that kills Chris on his birthday when he gets his head flattened. Unless I'm wrong.
Mila Lieberman
Mila Lieberman 7 dager siden
THEORY WILLIAM IS (mabye) THE PHONE GUY when he was dismantiling the animatronics he did foxy last as if hesitating to desmatle him as the phone guy says his fave was foxy meaning ...WILLIAM (could be) THE PHONE GUY
Mila Lieberman
Mila Lieberman 7 dager siden
one thing i have to make clear fritz was foxys real name before he died mike waswearing the foxy mask i need you to help me with this theory
Shawn Wilfred Cueme Datuin
Shawn Wilfred Cueme Datuin 8 dager siden
3:34 Me rn:HELL YEA
Isac Mendoza
Isac Mendoza 8 dager siden
Notice how in the part where he show all the aftons they are all different sizes
Aidanhere 8 dager siden
Aaaaand immediately comes fnaf 6😂
Target_edge 8 dager siden
haha final
nicholas albaladejo
nicholas albaladejo 8 dager siden
“And mask, get them now cause they are selling like a godsend” Well...
Tommy Wolfe
Tommy Wolfe 8 dager siden
2017 Matpat : last fnaf theory me: laughs in 2020
Milo C
Milo C 8 dager siden
Mat - The ever popular item: masks! Me - No. Please no.
PLP 8 dager siden
Bro where is the freddy friend song ?
Herkus Gutauskas
Herkus Gutauskas 8 dager siden
Im sure you worked REALLY HARD for this theory
Sal Cutie
Sal Cutie 8 dager siden
Reagan B
Reagan B 9 dager siden
wait, so is golden Freddy Cassidy or the dudes brother?
William Afton AKA Springtrap,Scraptrap,Glitchtrap
William Afton AKA Springtrap,Scraptrap,Glitchtrap 8 dager siden
It's implied both.
The memer_69
The memer_69 9 dager siden
3:34 ironic
The Player
The Player 9 dager siden
Matpat the end of fanf. Scoot Matpat it looks like you have to do a new theory
Mcnoodles 9 dager siden
This is funny
RedCatWarrior 9 dager siden
FNAF the final theory. 3 years later 500 more FNAF theories.🤣🤣🤣
Martha Santana
Martha Santana 9 dager siden
Go see superhorrorbro
q.q 10 dager siden
"Scott doesn't do jokes" Subtitle: "(except Exotic Butters and Mike being Rick Astley)."
Joemare Algones
Joemare Algones 10 dager siden
I love how ft freddy shouted "Well hello AGAIN!!"
ConnorHFishing 10 dager siden
3:35 well we gotta get them now right
Hunter Hiebert
Hunter Hiebert 10 dager siden
The masks selling like a God church line takes on a new meaning in 2020...
MaximumMemes 10 dager siden
Matpat 2014: Golden Freddy so spoopy Matpat 2017: Golden Freddy is a terrifying, body holding, monster.
reymend dickmann
reymend dickmann 10 dager siden
Am I the only one that thinks fun time Freddy sounds like kokichi ouma talking through a fan? Just me? Ok.
Almighty One
Almighty One 9 dager siden
I mean-
Linox_Norway 10 dager siden
Wait, why is the text on 4:37 in Norwegian?
An Person
An Person 10 dager siden
The voicing was phenomenal
Case Young
Case Young 11 dager siden
Wait did Kellan do that intro?
Ben the turtle C
Ben the turtle C 11 dager siden
Why does he say totally so weird 9:20
Jotaro The Tank
Jotaro The Tank 11 dager siden
dude, that intro was so good
Micky Bubble
Micky Bubble 12 dager siden
This gives "Family business" A new definition
DrCheesepuff 12 dager siden
When MatPat says that Michael is the security guard that we play as him from fnaf 1-3 and that his father is Springtrap, the thing that made me believe it was the fnaf 3 death screen where, instead of jumping at you like every other animatronic, Springtrap just walks up to you. That’s something that always stood out to me and with this video it confirms my thought.
Cløudy Skīes!
Cløudy Skīes! 12 dager siden
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 12 dager siden
3:36 e n g l a n d i s m y c i t y
spaceisspace 12 dager siden
Mat: it took 20 theories Me: (looking at the other 24 left) Oh you are so so wrong
Red Eyes
Red Eyes 12 dager siden
hold on who Michael?
Demosoldier 13 dager siden
Why did he have to say "Ennard Enema" IT HAPPENED OFF SCREEN WE DON'T KNOW HOW IT GOT IT, ALRIGHT?
Kathryn K
Kathryn K 13 dager siden
What if paragraph 4 is the thing in (the game with no. 1 crate and Candy Cadet) that keeps getting mentioned?
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 12 dager siden
@Kathryn K well now we know, keep in mind this vid is 3 years old so he’ll probably update it soon
Kathryn K
Kathryn K 13 dager siden
@Max Johnson yea that one
Max Johnson
Max Johnson 13 dager siden
The one where they have to strip the old animatronics?
UN1V3RS4LC4PT0N 13 dager siden
When someone asks me have you seen matpats final theory, I say which one?
Maclunky_ Skywalker
Maclunky_ Skywalker 13 dager siden
“My last fnaf theory” Me: *laughs in 3 years*
ユカフローラルの花ログ 13 dager siden
Nice voice acting funtime freddy
TeddithTheTeddie 13 dager siden
This is 3 years ago, how is this correct-
phbe_playz _gacha club
phbe_playz _gacha club 13 dager siden
U know it's actually 25 videos later to the friggin end
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 14 dager siden
mat: it’s the final theory! the 44 video playlist: i beg to differ
Sams_Fishing 14 dager siden
Me in 2020 rewatching old theory’s to get through quarantine. The title of this video. Me laughing internally
SmellTheL 14 dager siden
I think it makes more sense if some animatronic was controlling Mike’s corpse and the sister location animatronics want to free the others
SmellTheL 14 dager siden
According to your graph people are more afraid of clowns than death?
SmellTheL 14 dager siden
It was not lmao
Joaquin Picazo
Joaquin Picazo 14 dager siden
“For the first time one of the core animatronics was just gone!” FNAF 3: *ahem*
Woof The Wolf :D
Woof The Wolf :D 14 dager siden
Are u sure about that it ain't the end
demetre dondoladze
demetre dondoladze 14 dager siden
how do bodies in animatronic suits poo or pee?
MIV Etc 12 dager siden
TinkyWinkyGaming 14 dager siden
So is Phone Guy William Afton then ?
William Afton AKA Springtrap,Scraptrap,Glitchtrap
William Afton AKA Springtrap,Scraptrap,Glitchtrap 8 dager siden
No. They have different voices, and seperate death's.
Stacie Hager
Stacie Hager 15 dager siden
You were wrong ive done some reeserch and your wrong ime william aftin
John Street
John Street 15 dager siden
He can’t get surgery that why he works at The job to
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