Game Theory: What is a Minecraft Emerald WORTH?

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9 måneder siden

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In Minecraft's recent update to the Villager trading system, they stopped with their randomly-generated prices and started setting a standard. Well Theorists, give me a consistent standard and I will give you a theory! This is the key to figuring out the economy of the Minecraft world - or at least the value of all the good we've been trading all these years. The most curious, to me, were the emeralds. How much is an emerald worth in Minecraft - and how does that potentially RUIN Minecraft's whole economic structure? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
“Chapter 1: How Money Works.” Dave Barry's Money $Ecrets: like, Why Is There a Giant Eyeball on the Dollar?, by Dave Barry, Random House Large Print, 2006.

barricade gaming
barricade gaming 11 timer siden
Emerald tool mod allowmus to inrdouce are selves
guillermoelias24 Dag siden
This harkens back to what my mom told me while she was working with the IRS. The money isn't real; It's just numbers.
Dylan Hyde
Dylan Hyde Dag siden
his 4th channel could be book theory and it's main could could be blue.
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where is the baby??????????????????????????????
android 19
android 19 2 dager siden
Here's my private server on roblox on adopt me
Can Baykal
Can Baykal 2 dager siden
I need to be studying for my Ottoman History II exam tomorrow. Guess what I am doing?
Game Coder T
Game Coder T 2 dager siden
a emerald is worth 0.000000000000000000 cents bc you can carry tons of shulker boxes with TONS OF EMERALD BLOCKX INSIDE and you won't slow down(maybe your PC will slow down by about 0.00000000000000001% though)
Will Cage
Will Cage 2 dager siden
I guess that meme of a villager buying the biggest emerald in the world for a single piece of bread makes more sense now, huh
StarlitCheese 47
StarlitCheese 47 2 dager siden
Funny quote from the video I just watched
Tabah Bhadrika
Tabah Bhadrika 3 dager siden
You changed your intro, I'm not mad
Araf Ezaz
Araf Ezaz 3 dager siden
Mat: Each ingame minute is 1.2 hrs based on the fact that the day represents 24 hrs done in 20 mins Me who knows that the planet's rotation is fast enough to literally be 20 mins:Doubt
Horatio Nelson
Horatio Nelson 3 dager siden
I would argue that paper is worth a lot more in a pre industrial society like Minecraft. Maybe even a dollar a sheet.
Platinum BACON
Platinum BACON 3 dager siden
I’ve been to the castle on 14:12
Poisonous Victory
Poisonous Victory 3 dager siden
If you look at the minecraft economy from a medieval perspective maybe you'd get a different value I'd think
Lisa Ridener
Lisa Ridener 3 dager siden
Us: Waha ha ha we are scammers villager:Ha ha ha using his superpowers I’m making him think that he is scamming me but it usually takes six hours for me to do my stuff so I’m just basically making him slave
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 4 dager siden
Reminds me of El Dorado. I can't remember what tribe but native Americans were throwing gold into the water. It didn't have alot of value to them because it just looked great. Spain looked at them throwing money away without considering it didn't mean to Spain what it meant to the native Americans.
CoolDude MC
CoolDude MC 4 dager siden
The villagers had a different economy because if there are zombies and skeletons then obviously the economy would be different It’s all trading so yea and emeralds are the base trade item
blacky 4 dager siden
im going to go commit capitalism
Jackson Christophel
Jackson Christophel 5 dager siden
2020 the worst
Sdrawrof 5 dager siden
me after getting 24 sheets of paper from my sugar cane farm: imma buy an emerald the guy at the jewelry store:
Lee Rempel
Lee Rempel 5 dager siden
I think that minecraft takes place in a medivial times, explaining the big prices
Man Lil
Man Lil 5 dager siden
AW, I wanted to see his staff beat him up.
aviad yehiam
aviad yehiam 6 dager siden
u know you can make it so that a villager will give you 1 emerald for 1 feather
Lucas Talavera
Lucas Talavera 6 dager siden
There should be blue it would be called character theory
Manuel Silva Serrano
Manuel Silva Serrano 6 dager siden
One curious thing: I love villagers and always priorise them, I get defenses, harvest their crops, increase the size of their cropse inmensely, repair their broken stuff, clean the moss out of the cobblestone, fix their paths... Yet those things dont seem to affect the worth of an emerald. My villagers who literally do nothing all day dont have mobs stalking them, and get all they need constantly, including housing, food, and jobs dont have more worth for the emerald: It is affected by my reputation how mucch will they give to me for an emerald, or how much do I give them for an emerald, which imbalances things out becayse the emerald worth increases when you´re buying and have higher reputation but decreases when you are selling and have higher reputation. Going back on a topic: My villagers who are working in some underground farm complex as slaves dont seem to value their emeralds more or less than the ones at the higher levels enjoying all a villager possibly could, which makes the emerald something pretty hard to value, dare I say imposible, so your explanation is good and pretty much the best that could be done.
Noah Gentry
Noah Gentry 7 dager siden
well a villager will give u a piece of dirt for 646464 emeralgs so ssjsjsjsmjsmq..,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,.
Nathan Fenoseff
Nathan Fenoseff 7 dager siden
Him: everything is made by hand in Minecraft. Redstone: am I a joke to you?
m e
m e 7 dager siden
its called a trade
Samuele Libralato
Samuele Libralato 8 dager siden
10:23 shut up and take my paper
Outside The Box
Outside The Box 8 dager siden
Mat thinks about the most random things
Deadly Fortato
Deadly Fortato 8 dager siden
It’s like when we learn GEMDAS in school
Turolainen 8 dager siden
11:53 "but in minecraft everything is done by hand :D"
StalinKirby 8 dager siden
wait im worth more than minecraft emeralds? Ha jk. Im *worthless*
Franco Zamora
Franco Zamora 8 dager siden
I didn't think you could do it in the beginning, but you should me in the end lol
Francis Stephens
Francis Stephens 8 dager siden
When you put the magikarp I laughed so hard cause I can’t find any😂
Lunari Stars
Lunari Stars 9 dager siden
I have a theory. In minecraft, your character isn't truly human, but villagers are. I don't really know how to explain how so if MatPat finds this, please make this a game theory.
Plantimations! 9 dager siden
Who would’ve known that Minecraft would go from a game where people made houses made from diamond to having its own economy
bobrbw1202 9 dager siden
In Minecraft of course
bobrbw1202 9 dager siden
I always thought of emeralds being one dollar
PharetMC 9 dager siden
It has to be very valuable because no one can just deflect it.
Opro Ahmad
Opro Ahmad 9 dager siden
Sonic in Minecraft such weird thing to do. U know who punched mario? And where did Mario go after. Guy's matpat predicted Steve to smash
Platinium Zero
Platinium Zero 9 dager siden
the emeralds never worked with sonic there is a video|here|
Platinium Zero
Platinium Zero 9 dager siden
theres a new theorist in the house| can i be hired
Pyranyde 9 dager siden
i think the emeralds cant buy much in minecraft as theres not much use to it
Podimus Boss
Podimus Boss 10 dager siden
What if the economy is the same of Zimbabwe
Purple Satylite
Purple Satylite 10 dager siden
"Its currency I can eat!"
carrot mark
carrot mark 10 dager siden
Luka Milosevich
Luka Milosevich 10 dager siden
Fresh food
Logan Thomas
Logan Thomas 10 dager siden
0:21 is that PBG?
Shadow's trashpit
Shadow's trashpit 10 dager siden
That makes me think about how minecraft needs an industrial revolution.
Unspecified 10 dager siden
"Either that or a bundle of sticks" I'd watch out. "Bundle of sticks" can be misinterpreted if you're not careful.
The BlueDragon
The BlueDragon 9 dager siden
Well... Stephanie (is that how you spell it?) definitely got a stick for her wedding... I hate myself.
Amitav Mukherji
Amitav Mukherji 11 dager siden
Fornite kids are better then Lego rip of
Ishi Gaming Playz
Ishi Gaming Playz 11 dager siden
"Everything is done by hand in minecraft" Me: *laughs in bedrock*
Hunter Hebert
Hunter Hebert 11 dager siden
*Laughs in full chest of emerald blocks to trade with master level villagers*
Daria Zykova
Daria Zykova 11 dager siden
why do I love the intro so much >w
HeshPlayZ 12 dager siden
22 billion dollars for 6 breads
SomeChubbyCunt TM
SomeChubbyCunt TM 12 dager siden
14:00 We're actually at that bit already if you think about it, we use bank/credit CARDS that just transfer a few digital numbers that have no other practical use besides that of currency
Cash Creations
Cash Creations 12 dager siden
"Everything is done by hand."
CursedCorvid 13 dager siden
The future currency will be caps
Christoffer Røstenskar
Christoffer Røstenskar 13 dager siden
Roy Staggs
Roy Staggs 13 dager siden
They each make there own prices instead of going by one price so there
X-TREME 13 dager siden
How did you become the only master builder in exsisence.
Soma Das
Soma Das 14 dager siden
dude he has a toy version of himself
Daniel Rutter
Daniel Rutter 14 dager siden
Me trying to forget about Skyrim for once in my life so watches Minecraft Sees sneak 100 Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Icy 14 dager siden
32 sticks - 1 emerald 2 logs - 32 sticks 2 logs - 1 emerald 42 logs - diamond armor?
TheGamingCeratosaurus !
TheGamingCeratosaurus ! 14 dager siden
He just takes one of Sonic's chaos emeralds and sells it for just one tiny carrot 0:19
Rocky Chan
Rocky Chan 16 dager siden
But emeralds are the rarest ore other than ancient debris
Epic Crewmate
Epic Crewmate 16 dager siden
Oh, don’t worry. They’re just plastic, not real.
クロケイ 17 dager siden
Another problem with your methodology: Assuming the dollar has a consistent value.
Robert Kiernan
Robert Kiernan 17 dager siden
Thing is with a few emeralds you can buy enchanted books from librarians
Jaiden Pontifis
Jaiden Pontifis 17 dager siden
Mat pat looks like it’s going to be a bundle of sticks Me remembers Star Trek episode a bundle of sticks is a symbol for fashisom
Pixel 3D X
Pixel 3D X 18 dager siden
In every his video are to sentences that everybody knows and like "HELLO INTERNET, WELCOME TO GAME THEORY" "BUT, REMEBER, IT'S JUST AND THEORY - A GAME THEORY"
Eyeforwar 0012
Eyeforwar 0012 18 dager siden
The map is USEFUL paper
Mr.Preston 16
Mr.Preston 16 18 dager siden
Matpat:this is my process His process:292929291919sklpo%+jssjsjxiwm928491=#complicated process
Camron Mealing
Camron Mealing 18 dager siden
Bred in the UK is £ 1.00
Samuel Galbraith
Samuel Galbraith 19 dager siden
poor darn villagers tho.
The Tax Collector
The Tax Collector 19 dager siden
No minecraft did not kick fortnite to the curb minecraft CURB STOMPED fortnite
Professor X
Professor X 19 dager siden
Did sonic finally fix that secret universeal portal) でいで しおのい血 ふいののアっっよ フィン トはアト しえ血え血ト うんいvええしアっ 浦おれトアっ
Caithlyn Gabrielle Agripa
Caithlyn Gabrielle Agripa 19 dager siden
i like the intro :)
Caithlyn Gabrielle Agripa
Caithlyn Gabrielle Agripa 19 dager siden
Red Lee
Red Lee 19 dager siden
Joseph Caskey
Joseph Caskey 19 dager siden
13:45 that villager needs help
Petals 19 dager siden
I am sorry l still want an answer!?!😅
Stuff Ness
Stuff Ness 20 dager siden
I know this is completely unrelated to the video but I just got an ad for diet coke on this video! Congrats mat pat you finally did it.
Rapa Pu
Rapa Pu 20 dager siden
emeralds are worth nothing now days with how op villager trading is.
Gaming with Logan
Gaming with Logan 20 dager siden
14:06 *laughs in Antifa*
AnimeBoi uwu
AnimeBoi uwu 20 dager siden
My birthstone is emerald and they are also my favorite gem.
Pokemaster207 20 dager siden
“Angry mobs aren’t knocking on our door every night” *Hopefully*
Kevin Colon
Kevin Colon 21 dag siden
5:25 Markiplier playing fnaf
Alexander Caruso
Alexander Caruso 21 dag siden
Simpson’s paradox.....
MarshmallowJetto 21 dag siden
11:31 Matt: “It has 0 unique functional properties” Every player who makes Minecraft Noteblock songs(Me) : “Emerald blocks are used to produce a retro sound when placed under a noteblock” ;-;
Thiago Penna
Thiago Penna 22 dager siden
Bro, emeralds are the same as dollars, can u use a paper in the real world? NO! It’s just paper, like emerald is just a rock.
come and game with me
come and game with me 22 dager siden
Matpat:it's 20$ to 60¢ Me:*googles the amount of money you need to buy with real dollars* me:let's see oh 35¢ get rekt matpat
chuby tuby
chuby tuby 22 dager siden
yugotbamboozled 22 dager siden
"no one can just deflect the emerald splash"
SeriouslyMinh 23 dager siden
me: ho ho ho, youre gonna talk about quality emeralrds! me before video: *goes to walmart* "hey can i get an emerald" cashier: yeah that'll be five dollars
Klevis Saraci
Klevis Saraci 23 dager siden
Currency in the future:toilet paper, pieces of soap,hand sanitizer,and maybe reliques of the old world
Klevis Saraci
Klevis Saraci 23 dager siden
It's the inflation caused by the cost of the wars of steve's civilisation leadind into production of a lot of fake emeralds therefore lowering the value of emeralds
Masta 23 dager siden
Levi Travis
Levi Travis 23 dager siden
My biggest personal confirmation of this theory is the time frame, as lots of modern technologies do not exist, as technologies to harvest these materials do not exist for villagers.
You want to Know my name? NOPE
You want to Know my name? NOPE 23 dager siden
no it would be 25 carrots lol
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