Game Theory: What is a Minecraft Emerald WORTH?

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11 måneder siden

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In Minecraft's recent update to the Villager trading system, they stopped with their randomly-generated prices and started setting a standard. Well Theorists, give me a consistent standard and I will give you a theory! This is the key to figuring out the economy of the Minecraft world - or at least the value of all the good we've been trading all these years. The most curious, to me, were the emeralds. How much is an emerald worth in Minecraft - and how does that potentially RUIN Minecraft's whole economic structure? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
“Chapter 1: How Money Works.” Dave Barry's Money $Ecrets: like, Why Is There a Giant Eyeball on the Dollar?, by Dave Barry, Random House Large Print, 2006.

Alister Hudson
Alister Hudson 22 minutter siden
What if the emeralds are expensive in Minecraft but everything else is just super expensive or cheap?
u know who
u know who 2 timer siden
ive traded a emerald 4 emeralds and 4 books for a full set of dimond enchanted armour
ʜɪ ʜɪ
ʜɪ ʜɪ 4 timer siden
They cost my eyes.
mr. noname
mr. noname 4 timer siden
Wait, minecraft is not based in our time and was not paper really expensive back in the day?
Areg Muradyan
Areg Muradyan 5 timer siden
5:48 saitamaaaaaa
Puremastergamer 8 timer siden
it might be worth 11 billion but i paid 24 paper
Banana Fist
Banana Fist 10 timer siden
13:46 sneak 100
Ace Reposo
Ace Reposo 15 timer siden
Thats why Steve weighs 600,000,000 lbs
MrMustacheMan 16 timer siden
12:33 that one streaming bowl of rabbit stew is sucking up "robokiller ad then says robokiller"
lopeepso livi
lopeepso livi 16 timer siden
The dirty dietician postmeiotically communicate because fountain totally wail until a callous foam. flaky, screeching waiter
Jackson Berrigan
Jackson Berrigan 20 timer siden
How did the villagers even get the emerald in the first place if they can’t mine
Jackson Berrigan
Jackson Berrigan 20 timer siden
What about diamond trades?
Zexpray 20 timer siden
matpat: we have machines to mass produce carrots proffesional redstoners: pathetic
Rakoon 21 time siden
Emeralds are 22 carrots solved hehe get it
Pico42YTAlt 21 time siden
Sohan 21 time siden
Its worth about as much as your opinion after the Dream video you made with little to no research just to cash in on the drama, Mattpatt.
Bread556 22 timer siden
Haha he made a entire segment on justifying steeling carrots and selling them back to the farmer but I can’t judge I do the same
Nehemiah Harrington
Nehemiah Harrington Dag siden
If Minecraft were real life, Luke the Notable would be the richest guy on earth.
Emerald Stuff
Emerald Stuff Dag siden
Philip Legare Stokes
Philip Legare Stokes Dag siden
Gemstones are measured in carrots.. -> one base minecraft gemstone must be the base 22 carrots (9000 iq)
SupreSmeshBras Dag siden
13:46 Sliding into the DMs... Literally
Vacca Vanni
Vacca Vanni Dag siden
But what if we don’t think it’s 5 stars? So scummy
AlaKingg Dag siden
Luke: *b l o c c*
Audivi Darian
Audivi Darian Dag siden
You see if its about bedwars this is totally wrong
Viron Pabunan
Viron Pabunan Dag siden
After watching the video, i think I'm making a petition for Minecraft: Emerald Update
TheVentMan Dag siden
Best Intro Ever
Zapper Dag siden
So you’re telling me that they can afford giving away 10s of thousands of emeralds which should I say with the strongest most powerful being of any universe is rare to find naturally but the villagers can’t afford to make rabbit stew. something isn’t adding up
Reducted_Pain Dag siden
Oilicec Otos
Oilicec Otos Dag siden
An emerald is worth well, it’s worth 1one sea kelp from a wandering trader
Smitsy2463 Dag siden
You should have done the amount of time it takes to get the item and do the value of time
Kelley Bozeman
Kelley Bozeman Dag siden
Emailed simultaneously the most worth and worthless item
Vuurstergaming 2 dager siden
4 carrots an hour? and us rl farmers pull out abt 3 hectares per day with standard carrot harvesters... damn
Irish Countryball
Irish Countryball 2 dager siden
Ok...... anyway
Hailey Morris
Hailey Morris 2 dager siden
You can make a emerald sword with a mod
SehaPoul 2 dager siden
Hey mat I would like to thank you for helping me learning about math every single episode
0 2 dager siden
Alot since they can only be found in vains of 1 and under mountain biomes if you go mining
Ahxell Roose Uyvico
Ahxell Roose Uyvico 2 dager siden
I mean im good at playing fnaf cause of you your theroies make it easier to me and its not boring watching others strugle its funny
Nathan John Demafeliz
Nathan John Demafeliz 2 dager siden
Easy answer, whatever the scammer trades ya
Paul Van Camp
Paul Van Camp 2 dager siden
um y wrere you bald
decl6360 decl6360
decl6360 decl6360 2 dager siden
EnbyOfMyEnemies 2 dager siden
Minecraft: *adds bees* Me: finally some trans representation
ANDRES CABALLERO 2 dager siden
Who needs a job where I can just go get a pickaxe and go mine a emerald for 11000000000$
Aleksei Kean
Aleksei Kean 2 dager siden
MatPat: You can’t eat them Me: Me: Me: You can’t?
Laith The best
Laith The best 3 dager siden
Man I love the "dim Dum do Dum do" that starts the intro
m_e_d _i
m_e_d _i 3 dager siden
Mat went from talking about minecraft to talking about the real world history and what he thinks will happen in the future
Drip Knight
Drip Knight 3 dager siden
It changes depending on who your giving the emerald to For some people it's super expensive but for others it's worthless
Bighaverlegend 69
Bighaverlegend 69 3 dager siden
If you cure a zombie villager you can get a full set of *enchanted diamond armour for 4 emerald*
the body pamp
the body pamp 3 dager siden
I swear that after a global disasster like a nuclear war or an alken invasion or zombie apocolypse the best currency will be seeds.
Wombo combo
Wombo combo 2 dager siden
Yuna Shin
Yuna Shin 3 dager siden
to be honest, this is just math
Thumbomb 3 dager siden
11:53 Minecraft technical players: *Am I a joke to you?*
Chill 1234
Chill 1234 3 dager siden
Am i dumb? or you are the smart one cuz i dont really understand :v
Cringecontent _
Cringecontent _ 3 dager siden
so its bitcoin?
Roman Sanchez
Roman Sanchez 3 dager siden
I’m rich with my 2staks
Alfie Ions
Alfie Ions 3 dager siden
im annoyed in the beggining where he was confused by the price amounts! because he didnt think about the fact that Minecraft is in a timeline in the past so Paper could have been the 10$!
NuclearCommandoツシ 4 dager siden
"Thats not much labor" *or is it?* Mans sounded like Vsauce
Zaheer Albani
Zaheer Albani 4 dager siden
Emelard Diamond Netherrite Coin Penny Dime Quarter Nickel Gold Iron Wood Leather
Simón Fernández
Simón Fernández 4 dager siden
13:46: that villager xd
the obvious killer Blankenship
the obvious killer Blankenship 4 dager siden
Emeralds are literally worthless unless you're trying to get something from a villager
DioxydeGAMES 4 dager siden
emeralds in bedwars: 'am i a joke to you?'
Zayden Welch
Zayden Welch 4 dager siden
its like bitcoin
somebody 4 dager siden
Me when i watch game theory to the end:Wow. This is useless
Nina Kruczyk
Nina Kruczyk 4 dager siden
Did anyone notice entitled goose game is in here
Ashley Messina
Ashley Messina 4 dager siden
The upset crime systematically produce because eagle neatly empty over a rude literature. quack, macho pedestrian
Friends studio English
Friends studio English 4 dager siden
also we can make auto farms so we can go to mine 10 emeralds get a stack of carrots buy a sword and exchange the carrots for emeralds aka S T O N K S
LightBlazeX 5 dager siden
The real item worth a lot of money here is the lava that can be used like real life crude oil. And we have a whole dimension filled with it.
Chapystick _
Chapystick _ 11 timer siden
Wouldn’t that immediately crash the market and be valueless with its infinite stock compared to the demand?
Cole Cochrane
Cole Cochrane 13 timer siden
I always like this idea and do this in my SMP. It is very funny because at one point we had to have a war over the remaining fuel
NateGamer 918
NateGamer 918 13 timer siden
@Salazar Slytherin ye
Samuel Ogden
Samuel Ogden 15 timer siden
Tekkit intensifies
Ant C
Ant C Dag siden
Furry Trash
Furry Trash 5 dager siden
you showed a torture scene in a minecraft video, very cool
Balwinder Kaur
Balwinder Kaur 5 dager siden
So you wanna say one high end minecraft emerald is worth Bill gates’s net worth
Balwinder Kaur
Balwinder Kaur 5 dager siden
The range is inconsistent because in real life The cheap stuff is made automatically But in minecraft the bread is made all manually And the paper is a nightmare to do by self
Gamer Rat
Gamer Rat 5 dager siden
Hello yes i would like to buy an emerald for 32 sticks
Golembruh 5 dager siden
Sniper gaming
Sniper gaming 5 dager siden
i’m getting ripped off by my farmer
Sebastien Choules
Sebastien Choules 5 dager siden
The thing is armour and weapons and tools can be traided for emeralds
Jase Allen
Jase Allen 5 dager siden
Follow Christ
Ghost Hunter
Ghost Hunter 6 dager siden
So in some sense I see emerald it’s like the John wick coins
wael dbouk
wael dbouk 6 dager siden
Minecraft bit coin
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR 6 dager siden
14:12 well a better tv helps you to watch smth better
The.Knightmare 6 dager siden
who all noticed the pokemon emerald game card and a magicarp poping up on the word "Unnecessary"
Tutorials and Games
Tutorials and Games 6 dager siden
i think that emeralds in minecraft costs nothing just beacuse they are in a game that you cant pucharse emeralds,gold,diamonds or iron with real money
Elol051 _
Elol051 _ 6 dager siden
well, for lukethenotable 1 emerald is one watermellon piece and 1 stick, and he trade the watermellons and stick to the villager non stop which means, the villagers have an unlimited supply of emeralds
Yanzhi Aquino
Yanzhi Aquino 6 dager siden
Steves is a demi-god he can respawn hes strong and he can eat golden food and can be in creative and fly and get all the stuff he needs and can kill a dragon one handed and can withstain Extreme damage Hes a true demi-god *BUT THATS JUST A Theorie A GAME THEORIE*
Olim Pather
Olim Pather 6 dager siden
Villager: Do you want this bread? Player: Yes. Villager: That would be 11.7 Bill Dollars Players: *dying inside*
Femboy Appreciator
Femboy Appreciator 6 dager siden
i have like 3 all emerald beacons lmao
Zion Sean
Zion Sean 6 dager siden
dude your getting it wrong this game isnt from our time were we value these as cheap items
Debaditta Deb ❶
Debaditta Deb ❶ 6 dager siden
So one nones gonna talk about how he used Minecraft Bedrock Edition?
Benjago 6 dager siden
forgot zombie villagers and if u cure em they give 1 em for Enchanted dimand stuff
Faylenn 6 dager siden
If Steve is that strong how strong are the freaking mobs, being able to withstand MULTIPLE blows like that!?!?
Out of content • 21 years
Out of content • 21 years 6 dager siden
Me explaining why my minecraft village is communist be like:
Wooly 7 dager siden
Poor sonic
YAH GYAH 7 dager siden
its worth 8.7 hypixel skyblock coins, duh
Devjeet Mishra
Devjeet Mishra 7 dager siden
The thing wrong in this is that there is a trade which is 1 emerald for 1 diamond, which just disproves this whole video
hanna potato
hanna potato 7 dager siden
So what matpat is saying is RESPECT VILLLAGERS
Basement Productions
Basement Productions 7 dager siden
Voids Grave
Voids Grave 7 dager siden
i gave 1 emerald for a enchanted dimound sword because i cured him
Mellow FN
Mellow FN 7 dager siden
U can cure a villager if he’s a zombie, and when U do, everything is, for example, instead of 16 sticks for an emerald, to 1 stick for one emerald!
꧁༺『Rock filler』༻꧂
꧁༺『Rock filler』༻꧂ 8 dager siden
For villagere emerald's can range from 1 to infinity $ because if the emerald is larger weights more but we cant know that can we?
Speedybug Brylyth
Speedybug Brylyth 8 dager siden
I disagree with using the blocks as a baseline: We have no reason to believe those blocks are solid, and you can math out how large they are using the 1st person view model when holding them..
Speedybug Brylyth
Speedybug Brylyth 8 dager siden
Seeing the bread trade, I immediately decree that an emerald is worth $6 CAD, and my mind cannot be changed.
sans blans
sans blans 8 dager siden
Ruben Schwirtz
Ruben Schwirtz 8 dager siden
2:46 where did he get that list of everything u can buy
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