Game Theory: A Boy and His D̴̬̝͖͍̋͋͛̊͆͑̄͋̄͐̏̔̚͠ő̵͔̦̭͉̟̬͌͊̽g̶̹̀̈́̈́͆̃͌́͆̈́́̎͝ (Boneworks / Duck Season)

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The Game Theorists

8 måneder siden

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There are so many secrets buried in Boneworks as it relates to Stress Level Zero's other games, especially Duck Season. There was still one thing left, after our last episodes, that I REALLY wanted to talk to you about. That is the connection between Arthur Ford, our Boneworks protagonists, and David, the protagonist of Duck Season. You see there is evidence that they are, in fact, one and the same. The SAME PERSON at different points in his life, circling back to where it all began and closing the loop. How did I come to this conclusion, Theorists? Let's get started.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Snack 11 timer siden
So he enters the void to take revenge for a void creature(himself) killing his mom 30 years ago. I was with you most of the way through but that last piece really feels bent into place. Because in that case just dont do the thing and all the things wont happen.
Robis Doyal
Robis Doyal 13 timer siden
i like the loop theory. like you said it welcomes him back. maybe he's gone through several times, each time hoping for an ALTERNATIVE ending?
Jamie Foster
Jamie Foster 17 timer siden
So David technically killed his mom
Amber Gacha
Amber Gacha Dag siden
Mat pat:Arthur is the dog Also mat pat:david’s dad is dog Me:PICK ONE
The soy gang 0
The soy gang 0 2 dager siden
He said remnet
Lord Ohrschmalz
Lord Ohrschmalz 2 dager siden
Good theory But why, when david/Arthur is the Dog he killed the other 12 Family's?
S J 3 dager siden
My old Nannie was a hair-color change character.
Scardinal 3 dager siden
9:54 David has been Weclomed Home
Araf Almohamad
Araf Almohamad 3 dager siden
VT. Duck. Season
DarkNight 098
DarkNight 098 4 dager siden
These are just Easter eggs...
LANDYN YOUNG 4 dager siden
Just realized on the baseball players hats it’s the stress level zero
TheRobloxLegend 17
TheRobloxLegend 17 4 dager siden
The eye colors CAN change I used to have blue eyes but now they are green
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 5 dager siden
Ness Could be sans similar body type ness turned into a skeleton at the end of his game And the fact That Sans has a badge in the back room of the house and Toby Fox worked on a Halloween earthbound mod
AwesomeCrazyPro 5 dager siden
You know, Stress Level Zero has a type of "cult" appearance if you look hard enough. It's like their cultist beliefs are to have The Voidway a major plot point like a entity of higher power.
Gerardo Leon
Gerardo Leon 6 dager siden
can you make a video about prodigy and why we have pets of mythical creatures and why we have to fight their different kind of same mythical creatures of them
BlzerDash 7 dager siden
This really made me scratch my head
Robotic Gamer
Robotic Gamer 7 dager siden
MattPatt: Appropriate amount of shooting Dog: *BEING LOADED WITH LEAD*
Red 8 dager siden
Actually I have something that could explain eyes and hair. FIRST I have dirty blonde hair and in the sun it changes to blonde and my eye color has the ability to change with light again like in the sun it turns blueish green but in a darker setting they turn grey so his hair and eyes could change with light
K Jan
K Jan 9 dager siden
Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait....... could Arthur be his dad.
Kori Mosley
Kori Mosley 10 dager siden
Funny enough my eyes changed from blue to green when I was about 8-9
Plunger playz
Plunger playz 10 dager siden
Ryan Ailshie
Ryan Ailshie 11 dager siden
So, if this is true, David is actually criminal who killed his mother, just, in the future, and under a different name with a dog costume.
Viper 11 dager siden
i was getting boneworks the same day i found this
cat% 12 dager siden
speaking of small things watch "does Luigi measure up"
Scp Potato
Scp Potato 12 dager siden
so its suacide
Al B
Al B 13 dager siden
Most blond people turn brown so like he said its not unlikely
Jennifer Giardino
Jennifer Giardino 13 dager siden
When the void is involved it gets complicated
ياسين الجبوري
ياسين الجبوري 13 dager siden
Well everything seems so right and true you did such a great jop with all of this there's only one thing everyone seems to miss David has blonde hair and blue EYES Arthur has brown hair and brown EYES The dog has green EYES So that means their eyes color not the same if the hair is explained the eyes still different
Charlie Puckett
Charlie Puckett 14 dager siden
You should start every episode with a mini-theory
Gary Callan
Gary Callan 15 dager siden
Thought this was about the movie
SpitfiretheCat16 15 dager siden
I was born with blue eyes and eventually they became green around puberty. Also, my parents were both born with blond hair that turned brown as they got older, and mine is starting to do the same.
Dopo 15 dager siden
We did do a demonic ritual in a treehouse Just Why
Tomas Campos
Tomas Campos 17 dager siden
Lol it was longer than the last theory about this
Anneliese Kitten
Anneliese Kitten 19 dager siden
I- uh , idk what I did but I had blue eyes till I was like 2 and now they’re very green did I break something?
Barry Bobert
Barry Bobert 20 dager siden
Mfw they were just reusing assets
Octohunter777 20 dager siden
if you want to see more on boneworks, watch node. brandon, who works at stress level zero i think, is on that channel.
Ruthy• Sister
Ruthy• Sister 21 dag siden
*t i n y t h e o r y*
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl 22 dager siden
how is the boy the d҈o҈g҈
Diego Delgado
Diego Delgado 22 dager siden
MatPat: the void exists beyond time. Space: am I a joke to you?
Krash 444
Krash 444 19 dager siden
guess it doesn't matter
Matriarchoph-txt 23 dager siden
MatPat... did I see a Coheed & Cambria reference? 7:59
NotYourGreatestPlan 24 dager siden
okay there are just, sooo many issues with this theory. I don't think its down to evidence I think its just down to basic cohesion of thought. He completely forgot about Dead FM and REPEATEDLY refers to this as a trilogy. (and yes, that does matter, much like how we all thought "oh infinity war must be a two parter BECAUSE thanos wont have time to get all the stones" instead of "it must be a two parter because thanos will fukin win", the length of a story can change where it goes) On a similar note, literally last episode he said that he thought Arthur would be the machine king, now Arthur wants to stop the "evil cryptids" (which he never proved by the way, the most we have is some passing comments about people being scared of the void and a slightly creepy note from a cat. A cat who, mind you, literally says he has a gift for you, yes that COULD be evil and creepy, but there isn't any evidence for that so its a neutral factor) and why would he want to do that if he himself wanted to become the Machine King. Overall this entire theory is just too unfocused for its own good, I think its probably correct to some extent, but its like trying to piece together the FNAF timeline by only looking at the three most recent games, you will inevitable come to conclusions which fit, BASED on what your thinking of at that time, but fail when you consider everything.
Tigerlilly 1313
Tigerlilly 1313 24 dager siden
I may be seeing the models wrong but to me it seems like arthur and David both have either the same nose or very similar ones, like David’s May be a little up turned at the tip but that could be the characters head be facing up wards instead of directly forwards like Arthur’s is
Freddie Gurung
Freddie Gurung 24 dager siden
you guys need brandon on here
Not Yellow
Not Yellow 24 dager siden
My older sisters eyes change color based on the color of the clothes she wears. Not drasticly, but enough to notice when looking at her eyes
Stefan Whiteford
Stefan Whiteford 25 dager siden
(Boneworks spoiler) But Arthur ford dies at the end of boneworks from one of monogon's CEO's so how would Arthur go back and murder his own mother?, i just think this theory is a little flawed but its a mini theroy so thats fine.
Fuibodalls 11 timer siden
The void exists beyond time
biky1212 25 dager siden
He thought E3 is going to happen this year Cute (9:19)
JakotsuTheOne 26 dager siden
Blonde hair, blue eyed David grows up to be brown hair, brown eyed Arthur. Do you even genetics?
Alphawatch 07
Alphawatch 07 26 dager siden
What if aurther was davids dad?
Carrie 27 dager siden
D̴̬̝͖͍̋͋͛̊͆͑̄͋̄͐̏̔̚͠ő̵͔̦̭͉̟̬͌͊̽g̶̹̀̈́̈́͆̃͌́͆̈́́̎͝ (
Alux 28 dager siden
maybe at the end of boneworks where you fight yourself maybe your trying to fight the fact that you killed your mother
Yanet Garcia
Yanet Garcia 28 dager siden
Suhana Khan
Suhana Khan 28 dager siden
9:52 "weclome home"
Isela Pena
Isela Pena 29 dager siden
Police know its david thats why there chasing him they know its future him because they can clearly see the particles in the house so the cops or undercover cyber security whent in the void and time traveled To stop david from ending the void because the game company are the reason for all of this and they know it and they will lead the machine uprising
The Carley Show
The Carley Show 29 dager siden
Me at 10:42 : fnaf??? It’s me is from fnaf.
Axstro_ToXxiCc 29 dager siden
Mahdy Tonsey
Mahdy Tonsey 29 dager siden
I like this story it is astounshing despite the fact that i dont have an vr set 😂😂
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill Måned siden
How is David and how is Doug seeing the game creepy game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill Måned siden
Steven's new name world of Ben laziness!!!!!!!!!!! If that's where they would happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill Måned siden
I sell laugh hahaha hahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Cuz it's both scary and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill Måned siden
Dad is full I'm scared
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill Måned siden
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill Måned siden
sans isn't deathly NE!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that this will!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill Måned siden
I know this is a swelling the! I know you'll heal please make a vlog a vlog whale we can ask where you surround your house and sing out it's also do your own gaming channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill Måned siden
Don't spoil the game for is impossible to let's keep all this between us 🤜💀👀👃👂🦶👌👆☝️🖕🦴👄💜✍️🤳👂👀👄👃😆💀😄😅
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill
Teriex,mxsoc,Terri Sthhhsjxjjuuiwurgill Måned siden
It's like this is a swelling the games!
Lance Farquharson
Lance Farquharson Måned siden
Matpat: advertises Raycon Buds Me and my Haylou GT1s:
Clyde Domingo
Clyde Domingo Måned siden
But the picture of the baseball team has a arrow pointing it to his dad and not to the dog
Anime Logic
Anime Logic Måned siden
Naw your the dad
Samuel Cordova
Samuel Cordova Måned siden
Either he's David or David's dad
The Cinnamon Rollz
The Cinnamon Rollz Måned siden
15:07 "Problem numero-uno" Me:*flash backs to the episode on eddsworld PowerEdd* :]
Kickoo plays
Kickoo plays Måned siden
The second mini theory was adorable. DO MORE
DR 1 FTR Måned siden
I'm sorry, but everytime you said "void-based games", I thought "Strand-type games" and couldn't take you seriously.
TheFutureSoupYT Måned siden
Maybe it’s a medium-theory? Middleground-Theory?
Golden rohan
Golden rohan Måned siden
Michael Afton / Purple Guy
Michael Afton / Purple Guy 19 dager siden
Dat 1 boi
Dat 1 boi Måned siden
Here come dat boi o sh- Oh hi freddy
PinkHIPPIpotamus Gaming
PinkHIPPIpotamus Gaming Måned siden
What do you want
Sabrina Louissol
Sabrina Louissol Måned siden
Is it a possibility that when Authur reached immortality that he started conterling people and trapped a guy in a game cartrage sent it off to be tested at surburn home, COULD ARTUR AND DAVID'S FATHER HAVE SOME KIND OF RIVERY AND ARTUR TRAPPED HIM A GAME CARTRAGE OF EVIL AND GIVEN IT TO HIS OWN SON
manar rshoany
manar rshoany Måned siden
Blazecap 1213
Blazecap 1213 Måned siden
Hey if anyone’s reading this I’m having trouble finding a certain joke matpat did in of his videos. If I recall the gag was that his son Oliver(who was a few months old) didn’t really look like him because he had blond hair, and joked that was perfect normal for new borns unless steph was cheating with the milk man or something(it made sense in context). But now I can’t seem to find it. The only explanation I have is that Matpat edited his video. Probably because that wasn’t funny. If any knows please send the link and time stamp.
yello XD
yello XD Måned siden
game theorist in 3030: and thats why is halo third team Fortress
Tubby Boi
Tubby Boi Måned siden
Maybe David isn’t ford and maybe ford is the dog and David on the cover art it looks that there is a blonde protagonist maybe it’s David
Madison Madole
Madison Madole Måned siden
I know
Jodie Hobbs
Jodie Hobbs Måned siden
Mini Theory 16 minutes *Right then*
Kristina Beck
Kristina Beck Måned siden
What about the cat clock in David's house when he kills the dog?
Thicc force 141
Thicc force 141 Måned siden
So then he is dead
ketsarmy Måned siden
you explained that the cat said the void has not been opened in 30 years and if that's true then David can not be one of the same as Arthur, if Arthur is in fact 20 during his journey and David was 11 during the event it was first opened.
dude nopost
dude nopost Måned siden
this dude is sayin that monogon is an SCP foundation and a BLOND HAir kid grows up to BROWN HAIR kid that doesent make any sence
Soobin Han
Soobin Han Måned siden
Vinnie Algerian man
Vinnie Algerian man Måned siden
And my destiny 2 warlock is using void to throw bombs at spooky alien antagonists
Anti-HyperLink Måned siden
They're all hypotheses.
Lucy Hemmer
Lucy Hemmer Måned siden
So basically if david lives, everything dies, and it is stuck in a loop. Canon ending, david runs away, changes his name to Arthur, goes to the companies, enters the void, goes through the apocalypse, and then duck season all over again.
Mythic Lol
Mythic Lol 17 dager siden
Pretty much
Kio3940 Måned siden
The hair color isn’t that big of a deal breaker my hair was like David when I was young but now it’s exactly like Arthur’s
The RUN Måned siden
HEY, YOU FORGOT ABOUT ONE OF THE GAMES THEY PLANNED! Y'know, the one you said would probably take place on a spooky radio station.
Alexander Estepp
Alexander Estepp Måned siden
Simon Måned siden
So who is David? Matpat: Yes.
katsuki bakugo
katsuki bakugo Måned siden
Theories usually: 12 mins or 18 mins Mini theory: just a lilllll bit shorter (16 minutes)
Omicah Brown
Omicah Brown Måned siden
maybe thats why he sees clones because the loop
Toxic _Pheonix
Toxic _Pheonix Måned siden
Who else thinks the dog's particles looked kinda like redstone blocks in minecraft?
Jon Havrilesko
Jon Havrilesko Måned siden
if they made a deal we could get the most intense game were the fnaf charecters and other things like that come out of the void and terrorize the player
Duane Da Comentr'
Duane Da Comentr' Måned siden
How do you do all that creepy word thing?
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield Måned siden
taking him down with the appropriate amount of force. (machine gunned down) 2:00
Lucas Hald
Lucas Hald Måned siden
Michael Evans
Michael Evans Måned siden
dang is it just me or did this theory go from zero to 100 real quick
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