Game Theory: We Let Them Out (Boneworks / Duck Season)

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8 måneder siden

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Last episode, we explored the big secret hiding beneath the surface of Boneworks - the double agent Arthur Ford and his quest for immortality. I left you with the idea that this all comes full circle with the evil Dog from Duck Season, another game from Stress Level Zero. Today, we are opening the void to let out all the horrible, terrifying secrets hidden inside. We can't go back Theorists, we can only survive what we - the player - have unleashed.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Marc Schneider, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

YanzTheManz 8 måneder siden
Arthur Fleck: "We live in a society." Arthur Ford: *"We live in a virtual reality."*
Da real Minitoon
Da real Minitoon 25 dager siden
I understand
M R Måned siden
Arthur Morgan: we need money to get to *T A H I T I*
YanzTheManz 2 måneder siden
@SEFEN7Y N9NE I respect ur sense of ambition
CatRobotizPlayz z
CatRobotizPlayz z 2 måneder siden
Arthur: We don't listen to headohones
SEFEN7Y N9NE 2 måneder siden
I’m gonna ruin the perfect number and be the 101 comment
spinaus 10 timer siden
My brain hurts..
Oscar me Beadforth
Oscar me Beadforth 14 timer siden
What If Arthur is the dog Because Arthur is now in the void were time dose not exist so if he was in there for Long enough he might forget himself Or he might need to continue the cycle so his young self can decide to also get immortality there for continue the cycle
Alyce Kat
Alyce Kat 14 timer siden
I’m fairly sure the whole dog dad thing was fairly obvious abs didn’t need a theory, also, fir god’s sakes, like FBaF go.
Tan 16 timer siden
I wasn’t scared in the intro, I saw a pleasant Môńkęÿ and a super nice Çæt
DashConroyVoyager Dag siden
Oooooh! Yes I would like to have summoning circles on my Chocolate Cheerios! For now i'm stuck with my corny jokes.... and yours.
CaramelApples Dag siden
MatPat: The bad thing is- Ads: The bad thing is me, the adds. Hahaha!
Red Icarus
Red Icarus 2 dager siden
Maybe it was all in reverse, maybe Arthur is the dog, like after he became immortal he regretted being immortal.
Ghost Art
Ghost Art 2 dager siden
What if Arthur was the dog trying to get rid of the kid because the kid is the :John Connor" of this story because in the postor of the machine king the guy in the light kind of looks like a more grown up version of the boy.
Viper 2 dager siden
(SPOILERS FOR BONEWORKS)My theory: Since around 7:00 they show that the cat has walked into the DEAD FM door, and the dog is in duck season, the monkey is in BONEWORKS, theres 2 monkeys i could count, but then whats in the 4th (Hall of the machine king) door? Ford, From duck season, to be exact, ford went from a child, changed his name from david to Arthur ford, and he became immortalized in the void, (beyond this point im just guessing) and decides to transmit / receive radio transmissions, for either Gannon or MONOGON (man stress level 0 has a habit of naming things in all caps), most likely gannon, so then he becomes a machine, and then later in hall of the machine king, you play as a miner, for saberelake (BONEWORKS security team in the end), but theres most likemy 2 endings, one where you release the cryptids, and the other where you capture them i dont have anything else but in 2 years someone comment on this so i can see if i got anything right
Pengalu200 2 dager siden
I think that the clones of yourself are sort of like your mind trying to stop you. Your other side is trying to stop you from entering the void. That's why all the writing on the floor in the throne room is negative, unlike all the other writing in the game which guides you.
S J 3 dager siden
Arthur Ford huh? Sounds like the game designer was a Douglas Adams fan.
Sappy 4 dager siden
That’s FNAF
Devon Williams
Devon Williams 5 dager siden
Sylvester the talking cat
Jack Attack Studios
Jack Attack Studios 6 dager siden
Maybe the dog is David's uncle
Rhob Alano
Rhob Alano 7 dager siden
Can you make the last of us because ther was a gas leak and exploded in many people was killed and turned into a zombie and cileker only hear it is blind
Waste of your Time
Waste of your Time 7 dager siden
Idk if this matters or if anyone has discovered it but it's a fun easter egg. The Kid Wizard book is by the author A.K. Trolling. Which is most likely a reference to J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series
Sylpherish 7 dager siden
I have a theory,the dog is author ford
Evelynne Bartlett
Evelynne Bartlett 8 dager siden
“Alora B.” Hmmmm how about Balora?
david 9 dager siden
Hi vr me
The_Mus1c 11 dager siden
we let the dog out
Mark Odom
Mark Odom 11 dager siden
I guess you could say that this mysterious entity across the games is a real big "variable" in the theory
Powersettings M
Powersettings M 12 dager siden
Who let the dogs out? Woof Woof Woof
shisui uchiha
shisui uchiha 12 dager siden
Not going to lie that's the scariest intro yet
Rayanne Little
Rayanne Little 13 dager siden
lol he saying about the cereal box and how it's not like that back in his day when duck hunt is literally set in the 1988 and I think mat pat was born in 1986 lol so how is he so much older when its only 2 years apart lol older lol funny joke tho mat pat lol p.s i know im late lol its at 9:38
girl steve
girl steve 15 dager siden
the bad news is.. ad: BIG *JEANS*
Fried Snow
Fried Snow 15 dager siden
My theory: Matpat is the man in the dog costume.
King Slytherin
King Slytherin 4 dager siden
He’s gone crazy from trying to figure out the fnaf game timeline.
Opalkit 16 dager siden
oof i wached episode one and this all the way through and YOU MAKE T MANY FNAF THEORIES FOR YOUR OWN GOOD (and i wach too many)
Andrea Dodd
Andrea Dodd 16 dager siden
Lakheem Leeriviears
Lakheem Leeriviears 17 dager siden
I just don't know how game theory can just pull out any game and make it into a theory
google_was_my_idea 17 dager siden
Who is watching this in 2020
TigerFamily Krancich
TigerFamily Krancich 17 dager siden
Nine sounds like Sylvester from talking kitty cat
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez 18 dager siden
You forgot about dead fm
Thanos Belfast
Thanos Belfast 18 dager siden
human thats a vitrul being cough glicthtrap cough
Lyndie Mae
Lyndie Mae 19 dager siden
"the bad news is . . ." *LOUD STARWARS SHOOTER PILOT SOUNDS*
Noah Freedman
Noah Freedman 19 dager siden
arthur could also as a being outside of time be the dog in duck season. thoughts?
Wazzzup its Jinseo
Wazzzup its Jinseo 19 dager siden
Therapist: Creepy boi matpat can't hurt you ME: 3:55
pow sambu
pow sambu 19 dager siden
also thats just a joke
pow sambu
pow sambu 19 dager siden
i know who is it its william afton
Colton Frazelle
Colton Frazelle 20 dager siden
fear me duks
IMPROBLAST YT 22 dager siden
Lol the letterkenny reference😂
Emre 22 dager siden
Arthur Ford sounds like a ridiculously obvious Hitchhiker's Guide reference.
JFlint GAMING 23 dager siden
I haven't been glitchtraped yet... YET!!
Jorell Hayes
Jorell Hayes 23 dager siden
why ?
why ? 24 dager siden
Glitchtrap: oh hey brother! Arthur: wait what?
Ben Borja
Ben Borja 24 dager siden
Game theory you missed something It's about saberlake, the guy who is in one of the posters and statue over there, they mentioned the team saberlake for some reason the question is why, what's so important that they had to mention that in the clip board
NotYourGreatestPlan 24 dager siden
So did he just forget about Dead FM for like the whole video orrrrr
Trey Johnston
Trey Johnston 24 dager siden
maybe i think that arther is ''the dog''
Bdawg 25 dager siden
At the end of boneworks, the setting and clones of Ford is the same thing in goat simulator when you enter the windmill
Blank Name
Blank Name 25 dager siden
How did the cat get in the void
KxrisxTallsx 26 dager siden
So is Deadfm a game they’re creating cause you said Trilogy (Duck Season, Boneworks, HOTMK) So where does DeadFM fit in
Bloxy Gaming :]
Bloxy Gaming :] 26 dager siden
David’s dad ..... YOU ARE NOT THE DOG
Samir Hashmi
Samir Hashmi 29 dager siden
Mohamed Idris
Mohamed Idris 29 dager siden
This just got me thinking, isn't this trying to relate to the simulation argue ment if actual life is fake or not??
Mohamed Idris
Mohamed Idris 29 dager siden
Wait wait wait
E Rincon
E Rincon 29 dager siden
I think the dog is the mom
Pond Brothers
Pond Brothers Måned siden
“Why would a loving father get turned into digital code and start murdering children?” William Afton: **slowly backs away**
Zander Dev
Zander Dev Måned siden
I just realized (and havent finished the vid yet dont judge me) IXI is absolute value
zuset pangantihon
zuset pangantihon Måned siden
Mat pat is the best theorist I trust him but....... There's still one more mystery to figure out. WHAT WILL THE NEXT GAME BE AND WILL MAT PAT PLAY IT BECAUSE I LOVE FIGURING OUT STUFF
Jacob DiMaggio
Jacob DiMaggio Måned siden
I see you hiding in the comments. Watch the video you coward!!!!
Grace Sanders
Grace Sanders Måned siden
NoOoOooooOo AdS
Grace Sanders
Grace Sanders Måned siden
caroline Hubers
caroline Hubers Måned siden
So any new info about the new games for theories im so curious!! Like to let m know we need more theories!!!
Oscar Redding
Oscar Redding Måned siden
Please make your videos less scary plz
YoutuberTheYoutuber Måned siden
*Stress level zero:Yeah uhm...The dog ain't the poor child's dad....SRRY.* *everybody who worked WEEKS to think the dog was the child's dad:.....WHAT?!
dj dot
dj dot Måned siden
If the cat is 9 does that mean x is the same sort of entity
_ CJEMM5D _ Måned siden
It must be surreal to see your creation on Game Theorists.... I guess I'll never know until I get Five Nights at Bandit's made (which would be on film theorists since its gonna be an animation), or unless I make Entity Encounter into a live action video (which would be on film theorists, unless there's a "Literature Theory" I don't know about) the only theory I can see Mat making about Entity Encounter is "What is Paradine"
_ CJEMM5D _ Måned siden
Which is a question that'll never be answered even if you ask Paradine that in entity encounter... for those of you who don't know, Entity Encounter is the name of a story I'm working on where the reader is the main character and when they're intended to say something to Paradine or do something (hit him or spit in his face for example) that's then the section ends and you leave your response in the comments, the next section picks up with Paradine's response.... this is on my DeviantART, EverettAlbright, in the case you were interested in taking part... my 2 watchers haven't taken part yet...
Original Måned siden
Well, tonight's gonna be fun.
loveley Måned siden
When it comes to "Hall of the machin king" kinda sounds like it's refrencing "Hall of the mountain king"
LB's Party House
LB's Party House Måned siden
“The bad news is-“ Ad: Welcome to the world where you can feel the force at your fingertips.
Gacha Adri
Gacha Adri Måned siden
We still don't know what the dads name is..It could be Arthur and the voidway is explaining how he got there.
Osean Hale
Osean Hale Måned siden
What movie was that @3:35
Meme Lover
Meme Lover Måned siden
I'm not gonna be surprised if he says the dog is William. 😐😅😂
The Comment Alien
The Comment Alien Måned siden
If the 2nd game is radio based, I hope it's somewhat similar to that one alien game where you have to get the frequencies of different planets
Ded_Sec08 Måned siden
Do you guys think that the lore of duck season is just to advertise their other games? But hey that’s just a theory A GAME THEORY!!!
K Maurer
K Maurer Måned siden
I watched some of this then left, and when I came back to it the first words I heard were: “cereal box”
Shaun Clark
Shaun Clark Måned siden
meh: playing the old duck hunt me again: putting duck hunt in a safe and locking it like 200 times But dude who wouldn’t XD but dude I’m so scared
Nova VR
Nova VR Måned siden
Don’t forget about project 4 which will be a BONEWORKS spinoff on the oculus quest
Shelley Feltman
Shelley Feltman Måned siden
Calling it x is the SL0 version of g man
Anti-HyperLink Måned siden
What about Radio FM?
Anti-HyperLink Måned siden
Don't you get a security card at the beginning of the game with Arthur's information on it? I saw you play it!
Anti-HyperLink Måned siden
Have you seen a duck watching a Game Theory video?
Nightmare Doggy
Nightmare Doggy Måned siden
Martha speaks, what happened to u? (This is a joke, I’m not 4 years old)
Lucy Hemmer
Lucy Hemmer Måned siden
Yes, David could very well be arthur. If you remeber one of the duck season endings David's mom is killed and he runs away. There is more than a possibility that he changed his name.
Terry Lee
Terry Lee Måned siden
but I thought it wasn't a public release game so wouldn't he essentially be trapped in this beta version, trapped in one of the developers computers or developers server room? What's the point of immortality if you can't really go anywhere. Considering the developers are aware of the intrusion, they aren't going to allow people to use the system and they definitely aren't going to allow it to connect to the Internet to release it to the world. I mean if you are creating a AI or something similar to it, you are going to create it in the hardware that doesn't have a Wi-Fi chip or ethernet connectivity so that you can test it out in a safe environment unable to get out early to the World Wide Web
RP /DarkslashRYT
RP /DarkslashRYT Måned siden
DeadFM (I think) is the radio station the only plays Pick It Up in Boneworks, and machine king is an achievement in Boneworks for killing 100 crablets
Jewel Plunkett
Jewel Plunkett Måned siden
This is like Stranger Things take level stuff
GD_ noobz
GD_ noobz Måned siden
2 things: 1. If you think that these games are scary, you clearly haven’t heard minecraft cave noises and played the shadow temple 2. I think imma stick with duck hunt
• green frog •
• green frog • Måned siden
I'm late but what if I'm saying what if Arthur is the kid the David saw is aruther so we can conform that his name is Arthur and the dog is David so in stead "you are me baby" its "you are ME..... as a babby" But that's a just a theory a comment theory, thanks for reading
B_Plummer NMS Systems
B_Plummer NMS Systems Måned siden
What if Arthur Fleck is actually David's dad?
Ana Nogueira
Ana Nogueira Måned siden
What if ford/david got in the void for decades and get mad and start killing as the dog because the void is above time and space
trevien154 Måned siden
you forget about deadfn
Project Zorgo Youtube
Project Zorgo Youtube Måned siden
Is WD gaster in the void
Jake Allcock
Jake Allcock Måned siden
Me watching the end of the vid: well I agree because if the VOID exists beyond TIME and SPACE then Arthur / David could of time traveled
Queen Frog
Queen Frog Måned siden
Me the whole video: pls dont scare me pls dont scare me pls dont scare me-
BellBoy 607
BellBoy 607 Måned siden
DUCK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Måned siden
theory: what if X is ur future self trying to worn u not to do what he did, as it leads to the end of the world, and so he warns u but u dont listen, and u create a loop, and the final stress level zero game is u breaking out of that loop, and stopping your future self from going into the void
The cool kid five Nights at freddys
The cool kid five Nights at freddys 2 måneder siden
The cool kid five Nights at freddys
The cool kid five Nights at freddys 2 måneder siden
Rouz Zyann Hughie Canlas
Rouz Zyann Hughie Canlas 2 måneder siden
I knew you would add glitchtrap 😂😂😂😂
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