Game Theory: We Let Them Out (Boneworks / Duck Season)

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11 måneder siden

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Last episode, we explored the big secret hiding beneath the surface of Boneworks - the double agent Arthur Ford and his quest for immortality. I left you with the idea that this all comes full circle with the evil Dog from Duck Season, another game from Stress Level Zero. Today, we are opening the void to let out all the horrible, terrifying secrets hidden inside. We can't go back Theorists, we can only survive what we - the player - have unleashed.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Marc Schneider, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

YanzTheManz 11 måneder siden
Arthur Fleck: "We live in a society." Arthur Ford: *"We live in a virtual reality."*
Joshua Arunakul
Joshua Arunakul 2 dager siden
ahahahahah k kkk kkk kkk k k k k k kk k k k k k k k kkkk kk kk kk k kkk k k k k k k k k kk k k k k kkk k k k k k k k k k k k k kkkkk kkkk k k k k k k k k k
•Orange Juice•
•Orange Juice• 15 dager siden
Cartmenxthanos 28 dager siden
Da real Minitoon
Da real Minitoon 3 måneder siden
I understand
M R 4 måneder siden
Arthur Morgan: we need money to get to *T A H I T I*
METLA45:- G-AFIX GD Dag siden
That intro tho
Zaine Velupillai
Zaine Velupillai Dag siden
Funniest thing is when talking about “the trilogy” He literally completely forgets about deadfm
Clay [GD]
Clay [GD] Dag siden
Me: Game theory! My brother: fun show :D Me: dude say game theory not the fun show lol My brother: game teery!
kari Branham
kari Branham Dag siden
the dog could be you as an adult
Mike Senie
Mike Senie 2 dager siden
Man this is really like fnaf and I love it
kermits ostritch
kermits ostritch 2 dager siden
this was uploaded on my birthday
Haybail Gaming
Haybail Gaming 2 dager siden
ITS ME noice cassidy
Niall Murray
Niall Murray 3 dager siden
Frankie Balaam
Frankie Balaam 3 dager siden
Carter The creator
Carter The creator 3 dager siden
Irena Nadratowska
Irena Nadratowska 3 dager siden
Void.... Undertale? Gaster? Hmmmm...
Dark Shade015
Dark Shade015 5 dager siden
Funny thing the e3 like thing was in the vr version coryxkenshin found it
Mr Crewmate
Mr Crewmate 5 dager siden
I think that in the next game the cat or “thing” we let out will be in the next game and I think it would give you bad luck and I think it will be called Bad Time where you have to survive all the bad things that happen that’s my theory.
TheTop HatNerd
TheTop HatNerd 5 dager siden
Maybe hall of the machine king will have his father make an appearance judging by the character on the poster it looked like he has blonde hair or I’m just misinterpreting on it in any chances it could actually be |x|
MunTaHa_ Is_MeH
MunTaHa_ Is_MeH 6 dager siden
I'm ROLLING 🤣🤣🤣 MatPat:the bad news is- Ad: one~ oh yeah~
Dom Cz.
Dom Cz. 6 dager siden
reject humanity. return to monké
Night bot
Night bot 6 dager siden
Wait but couldn't david also be the dog since time is all sickomode in the void?
Yona Jones
Yona Jones 6 dager siden
Me: Watches the start of the vid Also me: *MONKE*
Jan 7 dager siden
Well Arthur works for gammon right? That means that Arthur is probably the dog, and would also imply that the hand motions that the dog made when they pointed to the kid then to themselves representing that Arthur is living in both worlds, possibly leading to gammon going into bankruptcy leading to Arthur attempting to achieve immortality in Boneworks, if he doesn’t this will probably lead to him becoming the dog again which he probably hates, which means that Arthur is David from a different timeline, and when he did the hand movements he probably meant “you were me as a kid.” Which makes the most sense for that conclusion. But hey that’s just a theory a GAME THEOR- man I really need to stop stealing matpat’s lines
Dennis Sheridan
Dennis Sheridan 7 dager siden
who is Dog
TheEternalSteelAngel 7 dager siden
Crimson Dragon
Crimson Dragon 7 dager siden
Theory: Boneworks is just a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy reference. Look at the name.
Metal Kid
Metal Kid 7 dager siden
1.6 came out with secrect messages from I assume nine. Gimme part 3 plz (technically part 4). You also haven't covered the other chambers, they have Easter eggs and more secrets.
איש האש
איש האש 7 dager siden
Star Wars stuff
nuke yt
nuke yt 8 dager siden
Guys what if the player of bone works guy is his dad?
DatSquidGurl _LOLx
DatSquidGurl _LOLx 8 dager siden
*Fnaf vr flat comes out* *duck season flat comes out* Me: *waits for boneworks flat to come out*
Trent Telenko
Trent Telenko 8 dager siden
intro be like : M O N K E
Jenna D'Addario
Jenna D'Addario 8 dager siden
What is intro cursed images hate him
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton 9 dager siden
boi the player dies at the end i know its a theory but i dont think thats how it worked
Oly Poly
Oly Poly 10 dager siden
When you said Hayes I thought you ment the kids from amulet
Man Atee
Man Atee 10 dager siden
Ah, i get it now why they called it hall of the machine king
Ginger Bessey
Ginger Bessey 10 dager siden
What is Arthur is dog and he time traveled back to kill his past self
Cool Kids Gaming And Art
Cool Kids Gaming And Art 11 dager siden
What is we are the dog but in a different reality??
Mr Nothing
Mr Nothing 12 dager siden
The intro got me a nightmare
G-man plays
G-man plays 12 dager siden
One two three... You have three games you forgot dead FM
Ester Rodriguez
Ester Rodriguez 13 dager siden
the n in bone works form the title gone
Modioka 13 dager siden
Arthur is the dog.
Nunzio 14 dager siden
Does he not know that the expo is in the VR release?
Hank Brown
Hank Brown 14 dager siden
Anyone watchin this now and seeing hover junkers game in duck season??
Gregg Bridges
Gregg Bridges 14 dager siden
Wait a minute but years like years years later when the banana splits movie was realized there was a animatronic murdering dog also reallted to five nights at freddys murdering animatronics there was also a kid boy in there kinda looked like the little boy
Gregg Bridges
Gregg Bridges 14 dager siden
Wait a
phroggyfilms 14 dager siden
Also at the end of boneworks, arthur literally kills the king and puts on his crown which he keeps on until the end of the game. The crown he puts on right before ending the game and being trapped in the void. Arthur is quite literally, the Machine King.
Heron gomez
Heron gomez 14 dager siden
Dude Mabry if when David ran away he grew up he changed so the dog would not notice him if that met again
Gabriel Thomas
Gabriel Thomas 15 dager siden
The dog is most likely his dog that died if his dog has died but the dog wants revenge
Deku Tree
Deku Tree 15 dager siden
The begging made my yeezeys feel weird, same with my supreme shirt and bape hoodie. This is because my AirPods Pro were on high, because my iPhone 12 was used at a party in my mansion with my girlfriend there.
Blaster Disaster
Blaster Disaster 15 dager siden
Theory what if people in the void can mind control people outside than the dog is just controling and arthur went there but before that made clones that he controls and the cat did a similar thing making a lot of evil clocks and going in that like place with doors and spreading the cats around than went back and is overlooking the cats but thats just a theory a game theory and cut
Annette Roy
Annette Roy 16 dager siden
Leave out the scary intros
Macee The Noodle
Macee The Noodle 16 dager siden
Devin Collazo
Devin Collazo 16 dager siden
imagine William from fnaf discovered the void turned into glitch trap and takes mind from people
WhaleWhip 16 dager siden
people still talk about this game?
WhaleWhip 7 dager siden
@MAh q i know but still
MAh q
MAh q 7 dager siden
Bro this was in February
Piggyboi637 Piggy
Piggyboi637 Piggy 16 dager siden
The intro scared me 😱
Booldt 17 dager siden
I think Ford being David has been disproved by the clipboards, I’m not sure though Edit: just realized the voidway doesn’t care for time and space, so never mind.
Evangeline Banjo
Evangeline Banjo 17 dager siden
i'm scared :(
jodie tyas
jodie tyas 17 dager siden
Theory The gammon games are cursed because the headset the DUCK SEASON GAME Soooooooooooooo they could use the void cube thing using the power and trying to take over the world
MegaShinyGuardian Gallade5
MegaShinyGuardian Gallade5 18 dager siden
SL0 said that the hidden ending would unmask the dog to being the dog but they said it was scrapped so at least your almost right
Ralzone 18 dager siden
KreekDaBest 18 dager siden
What if Arthur is the dog!!!
roKus 18 dager siden
Intro: Money evolution dog
Focus 18 dager siden
I think Arthur may actually be "X". Warning his younger self about the void, cryptids and not to unleash them
Adele brightnose
Adele brightnose 19 dager siden
Its ok madpad and yas i call you that not all theorys are right :) ..........i think
Scooby_ zigzag
Scooby_ zigzag 19 dager siden
Avocados from Mexico 🥑🇲🇽
Batgirl_ XoxoYT
Batgirl_ XoxoYT 19 dager siden
A.K Trolling 👁👄👁
WaffleMom 19 dager siden
Arthur Ford. You mean Brett? Whaddup son?
Captain Nayancat
Captain Nayancat 19 dager siden
What if the dog is a clone of author
Dan Plays
Dan Plays 22 dager siden
3:58 to be fair he technically still did good, just a little too good and resulted in the conclusion of a deleted scene in the storyline
ObsidianEye 22 dager siden
I only watch game theory for the memes at the end of every episode LOL
TherandomweidoUwU 24 dager siden
Hoi I bet ur not gonna respond but do u think there is gonna be a mobile version
Random Guy
Random Guy 25 dager siden
Confused Dino nugget
Confused Dino nugget 25 dager siden
I thought it was a coincidence but it can’t be.the cat looks like the one in bendy and the ink machine and said 30years the same amount of time the cartoons were waiting.what if the cat traveled the cat is based off the clock cat in bendy and the ink machine?
Matt Landry
Matt Landry 25 dager siden
Leo Martin
Leo Martin 25 dager siden
game doge
Alexander TheGreat
Alexander TheGreat 27 dager siden
I remember seeing the stress level 0 thing in the vr version
Maxwell Szczytowski
Maxwell Szczytowski 29 dager siden
The dog is ather
kitten vlogs
kitten vlogs 29 dager siden
Make a duck season and fnaf vidio
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover Måned siden
springtrap is my imaginary friend now so kinda akward
Tales Gomes
Tales Gomes Måned siden
Spooky part 0:01
Elijah m
Elijah m Måned siden
are u sick like ur nose sounds stuffy
Chezzeツ Måned siden
Fun Fact: the cat clock is from the opening scene of Back To The Future (the first one)
B Brickz
B Brickz Måned siden
i didn't really like boneworks
Husky Land
Husky Land Måned siden
The kid complained a summoning ritual what class did he get
Jakes World2
Jakes World2 Måned siden
Jared Utley
Jared Utley Måned siden
it was the cartoon cat he realeased
Carly Ehrlich
Carly Ehrlich Måned siden
still waiting on that mini theory
unicorns and foxes
unicorns and foxes Måned siden
9:these fools,these fools,these fools me:calm down cat
unicorns and foxes
unicorns and foxes Måned siden
(Idk this is random)so when David grows up he becomes a furry :/(no hate on furrys)
Mahmudul Hassan
Mahmudul Hassan Måned siden
Francisco Herrera
Francisco Herrera Måned siden
What if Arthur is the dog?
princejohn bulalagje
princejohn bulalagje Måned siden
Yes or no or maybe or maybe not
Hudson Gamez
Hudson Gamez Måned siden
is that x at 1:40 in absolute value parentheses or am i over thinking this
Arianna Curran
Arianna Curran Måned siden
one of the vids are dad was goden freddy wait two killers in costems oh ow
Amber Ward
Amber Ward Måned siden
Do you think the cat is gonna be like cartoon cat that wants to broadcast it's dead show?
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo Måned siden
Mat- the bad news is Ad- Vitamin water has 21 minerals My Brain- IT SHOULDA HAD 22!! My sis- it’s to early for yelling in this house Me- arguing with a ad
evil little kitty tyler
evil little kitty tyler Måned siden
Dr. Every
Dr. Every Måned siden
I legit just realized that the cat clock looks like Cartoon Cat.
Willow Hawley
Willow Hawley Måned siden
I never watched these videos because I thought it was Wallace and grommet and that really REALLY creeps me out
Jack T
Jack T Måned siden
How is he so smart! I wish I could be this smart
asha k
asha k Måned siden
Wait....I have just realised that kid wizard is a reference to harry potter....
Sial Menoa
Sial Menoa Måned siden
Poor devs, they can make a great game. But can't use the right "than" when they need to.
Reiven Ventura
Reiven Ventura Måned siden
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He Got In!! - Duck Season VR [Ending]
duck hunt but it's a horror game
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