The Final Proof that Minecraft ISN'T FLAT! | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft

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Austin and I have both covered - and DISPROVED - the popular theory that the Minecraft world is flat, but apparently that was not enough! Today, Austin is going to prove once and for all that the world of Minecraft is just as round as our Earth! He's got the evidence, he's got the science. and he's got the will to keep on calculating!
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Ezekiel Mulder
Ezekiel Mulder Time siden
Austin: the earth is not flat because: So many reasons. Me: the earth is not flat because: DUH. Also a lot a of math the greeks did.
Advik Sharma
Advik Sharma 5 timer siden
lets just give him a like for doing all that math and trying not to go insane
Sound Guy
Sound Guy 5 timer siden
I was waiting for the part where he mentions isaac newton and orbital velocity
Sound Guy
Sound Guy 5 timer siden
Dear Austin, Minecraft is flat Sincerely, [REDACTED]
Denis Kadirić
Denis Kadirić 19 timer siden
Hmm if you think about it. Minecraft isnt 100% round and isnt flat since its made of blocks. It looks like a round planet but thats just becouse there are so many block whitch they look small. If you dont know sircle on the internet is not a sircle. Its made of small blocks whitch you can hardly see with your own eyes without anything else. You might see them on a old computer if you realy focus on it, but becouse the tehnology went so far with graphics card, you will hardly see a sircle made of blocks. So tehnicly minecraft is 99% round planet, whitch is made from tini blocks. And here we can get another answer that minecraft is not flat and also its not 100% round couse, how can minecraft be 100% round if its made of blocks. Please tell me that
Mr PumperKnuckles
Mr PumperKnuckles 20 timer siden
It’s not round it’s square
Mr PumperKnuckles
Mr PumperKnuckles 20 timer siden
You really hate flat earth theory...
Roberta Cristina
Roberta Cristina Dag siden
man o know minecraf is not flat because you have limited vision on mine but eveone says is flat end i splain the psisy to mine friend but them say minecraf is in anothe universe man MAN YOU KNOW IF YOU WHAMT TO SAY THAT SAY TO YOU #### MOM OK
Tyrkys Dag siden
Captain Sed
Captain Sed Dag siden
You wouldn't need a star to provide enough light to sustain life in Minecraft, I've made more than a few farms underground with torches.
hello world
hello world Dag siden
Flat Earthers: ThIs isN'T rEaL EvIdEnCe, CoME bAcK wHeN yOu HaVe SoMe
Unstoppable end
Unstoppable end 2 dager siden
Minecraft is still flat so yeah I dont care
Chris 24
Chris 24 2 dager siden
Austin but what is when the supperlamp is powered with redstone blocks
Riquashea 2 dager siden
So it's gotta be transparent, unbreakable, and surrounds the entire planet? ISN'T THAT JUST THE WORLD BORDER??
I'm abdulxd xD
I'm abdulxd xD 2 dager siden
I think is flat but at the same time I think is not
pucek pucek
pucek pucek 2 dager siden
minecraft is flat
freddy fazbear gaming
freddy fazbear gaming 2 dager siden
Sohan Naidoo
Sohan Naidoo 2 dager siden
The only thing that actually falls is sand and gravel, you can leave a tree floating in the air and he's talking about gravity.
Andreiwade Tabique
Andreiwade Tabique 2 dager siden
i learn more from game theory than school
mostimbawarri 2 dager siden
dear austin if i go as higjh as possible it takes the same amount of blocks in a straight line to return to my starnting point as if i go from the deepest point possible.. how do you explain that??? your sciencie is appareantly wrong because if im deep my radous schould be smaller so my scope should be less... pls get your fucing maths right before you shame a game sincerly the guy who thougth about facts you ignored :P
Highland_flit Dag siden
Bruh he wasn't even shaming the game he was debunking flat minecraft
Adam Carroll
Adam Carroll 2 dager siden
He completely forgot to mention that it would be day all the time with this model
Emma Fucher
Emma Fucher 2 dager siden
Actually minecraft, can't be round, flat etc bc when we break the final bedrock at the very bottom of the world: only blue...the sky so it's like a flat map with a sphérique planet gravity and so we can say to that every minecraft world from every player are connected because it can't really be the '' flat minecraft bucket '' théorie or it's a really big bucket and why the world of every one are connected... Bc afters far land it come the '' end fence'' like I say but we can see that the world continue behind every border so, every minecraft world are connected by a land I will name the''mi-world land''. Like if you watch this in 2020, like if you agree with the comment 😃
macacio08 2 dager siden
*minecraft is flat lmao*
GalacticJuice 3 dager siden
Dude its a game where any solid object floats, water bucket gives you the water source and water can save you from any fall and it has an end it might be round in physics perspective but in game design perspective its frickn flat
Emerald Ice
Emerald Ice 3 dager siden
then how do you explain the world border and the fact that you cant go in one direction and end up where you started?
Jamie Ahrens
Jamie Ahrens 3 dager siden
Then why if I run a few million blocks away the sun still set the same as if I,m at spawn
Eagle 3 dager siden
But but. The earth is flat!
Raven Player
Raven Player 3 dager siden
wait... wouldnt the rope just be impossible cuz off the heat off the sun too? It would just kinda melt, and where do you attach it? Who attached it without being burned to nothing
Jack Kollin
Jack Kollin 3 dager siden
i still Think its flat
Divansh Singh
Divansh Singh 3 dager siden
Even though these videos are REALLY fun to watch we can just say that Minecraft exists in another universe where the laws of physics are different. And that solves every single question arising about Minecraft. Uh, your welcome.
Castiel Cox
Castiel Cox 3 dager siden
Apparently he didn’t mention the fact that it would be day 100% of the time if the planet was flat.
SeaCub1_Gamez 3 dager siden
but could it be a triangle shape
The Scoot
The Scoot 3 dager siden
What I wanna know is the explanation for how a day night cycle would happen if it’s just rotating facing a star. It would be day all the time because the whole thing is just rotating. When does it face away from the star?
SandGbros Chvany
SandGbros Chvany 3 dager siden
Steve can carry many universes, he already has nearly unlimited power. He can use his power to keep everything from breaking and make artifical gravity. Also Minecraft worlds are flat as you can go to the end of them and with some effort can look of the edge of them.
SomewhatHappy 3 dager siden
But didn't you know, Austin? Minecraft is flaaaaaaaaaat
Andreas Sofroniou
Andreas Sofroniou 4 dager siden
Bro, you really play Mr. SmartyPants for a block game? Are you kidding me? Loser
Troy Fuller
Troy Fuller 4 dager siden
Just Kidding
Short boy
Short boy 4 dager siden
Austin: speaks Everyone: I like your funny words magic man
Spoof Sherlock
Spoof Sherlock 4 dager siden
And he yells more than your science teacher
mtgcamfan 4 dager siden
In digital surroundings anything is possible In reality no flat doesn't work
mtgcamfan 4 dager siden
I always thought minecraft was just a flat digital world
Srinivas Pappu
Srinivas Pappu 4 dager siden
Wait you don't know the world border in minecraft it is transparent
Erin Jones
Erin Jones 4 dager siden
1:24 LOL
nack yt
nack yt 4 dager siden
CapitainSheep 4 dager siden
FLAT EARTH IS POSSIBLE YOU MISSED CALCULED YOUR CALCULED ! YOU need to show more than that for i can believe u
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson 4 dager siden
I just had a realization if the Minecraft world is flat it wouldn't be a slap it would be a cube so this math is kind of meaningless.
SCP 173
SCP 173 4 dager siden
Yo Austin any therapists you recommend
SCP 173
SCP 173 4 dager siden
Minecraft is a sphere
RomeoTheGamer 5 dager siden
This proves nothing flat Minecraft earth 🌍
sara mapilele
sara mapilele 5 dager siden
I think I need to visit a therapist now
Jonatan Simon
Jonatan Simon 5 dager siden
Minecraft is flat
Rugbert 525
Rugbert 525 5 dager siden
Does this mean the void under the bedrock is space?
Neon Eviscerator
Neon Eviscerator 5 dager siden
6:26 Massive problem with this model. If the 'light source' as you put it were at or near the center of rotation then there would only ever be day. If I were constructing this model I'd say the sun and moon were far away from the center of rotation, this would allow the day-night cycle to happen as observed.
Neon Eviscerator
Neon Eviscerator 5 dager siden
This also solves the problem of the distance away, as the sun can now be as far away as you'd like to provide an adequate amount of power to sustain life and far enough away that the gravitational pull can become almost negligable. So yeah, maybe you should have listened to your therapist.
Christian Glaeser
Christian Glaeser 5 dager siden
It's still flat
shmoppl bGFzdG5hbWU
shmoppl bGFzdG5hbWU 5 dager siden
1:26 *Theorapist
Rose Edmondson
Rose Edmondson 5 dager siden
*falls into the void*
Luke Rothwell
Luke Rothwell 5 dager siden
When he said no light no life this gave me an idea (don't hate me for this) NO LIGHTY NO LIFEY
Djoelimin Djoelimin
Djoelimin Djoelimin 5 dager siden
Dear Austin, Real Live Physics almost Doesn't and Never Ever work in Minecraft. Done.
Ezzy989 5 dager siden
Austin uses therapy as normal humans use air
Eterix 5 dager siden
Flat Terrain: *Is this guy good?*
Sdrawrof 5 dager siden
minecrafts world ISN't flat, it ISN'T round IT'S A GODDAMN CUBE, IT'S M I N E C R A F T
Ripper :D
Ripper :D 5 dager siden
Julian Sorensen
Julian Sorensen 5 dager siden
hmm then how is it infinite cuz im to lazy to do it myself
Andrew 6 dager siden
Buuut what if the minecraft world is spinning away from a point facing twords the sun and moon on opposite sides
Wow is this a video or Minecraft education edition
90Legos 6 dager siden
I think you are literally insane Austin
Mito 6 dager siden
flat earthers beware
Larie's Bakery FNAF
Larie's Bakery FNAF 6 dager siden
but minecraft=cube waa i'm unsubbing dum dums grr
Hovernick 6 dager siden
The perfect science teacher doesn’t igs_
Borach McTeague
Borach McTeague 6 dager siden
I'm sharing this with a friend of mine who's subscribed to a flat earther page for amusement purposes. I figure he could have some fun with it. 😈
Borach McTeague
Borach McTeague 6 dager siden
I wish you would do more GT videos, but (given the maths involved) I understand the time frames!
coco ben
coco ben 6 dager siden
minecraft is flat, period. gravity and physics = game logic, a game has different properties from the real world. if minecraft is round then you can repeatedly go around your house going back and forth.
Gagong Gemer
Gagong Gemer 6 dager siden
terraria is flat
Hein Tay Zar Aung
Hein Tay Zar Aung 6 dager siden
I find Minecraft world's End
genuine tricked830
genuine tricked830 6 dager siden
minecraft is flat
NitroFhantom 6 dager siden
Austin I hate what I am about to type but my logically illogical mind has to know, what if the minecraft ring world had a continuous Propulsion system built into it?
Kamcat YT
Kamcat YT 6 dager siden
Flat earthers. Be like :/ ThIS Is FaKe! (But good video matpat and no im not a flat earther its stupid
budderz 908
budderz 908 6 dager siden
Minecraft I just want to make a fun game
Grace Moreno
Grace Moreno 6 dager siden
I mean id be mad too if people would be telling me that mincraft is flat
Ayesha Hosein
Ayesha Hosein 6 dager siden
hold on he calculated the rotations around the light source for one day the earth doesnt go around the sun in 24 hours it goes around in 365 days granted he doesnt know how much a minecraft is so yeah cant blame him but he should have calculated a minecraft year first but thats how he got speeds over light speeds but he is still right flat planet makes no sense the planet itself is rotating so flat planet wont do that which means no sun or no moon idk which one would be gone but basicly no days
Flare Alt
Flare Alt 6 dager siden
I love how he doesnt even mention the fact that the moon wouldnt work with the spinning circle thing
Eroxi3 6 dager siden
I never thought it was flat, I was under the impression that it was a cube. You know. Block that is.
Aniushca 7 dager siden
Isn't another reason why the earth can't be flat that it would be always day? Because it doesn't change the way it's facing the sun so it must be always day or always night depending on which way it is facing? (Just a question 😁)
Brynne S7171
Brynne S7171 7 dager siden
BuT tHaTs nOT TruE - dumb karen
Brian St. John
Brian St. John 7 dager siden
But I can prove that Minecraft is flat in the same way that theoretical physicists measure that spacetime is flat. Walk a set distance forward, turn exactly 90 degrees right, rinse, repeat. If you end up exactly where you started every 4 times, then you are on a flat surface. Physicists repeat this process very many times for precision. Now, of course, you need to make sure that it isn't just locally flat, and you need a precise enough measurement to prove it. However, we can repeat this experiment with almost the entire size of the minecraft world to prove, conclusively, that the minecraft world is flat. If the minecraft world is simply a flat part of a spherical planet, then you run into the problems that MatPat mentioned about why the minecraft world can't be a cube, unless the minecraft planet is so big that that no longer matters. But that would make the minecraft world several times larger and more massive than Jupiter, which would cause it to become a star, and certainly not habitable.
Evan Firecat
Evan Firecat 7 dager siden
I thought the minecraft earth was a cube?
janis Neimanis
janis Neimanis 7 dager siden
minecraft is flat.
Crym Cooper
Crym Cooper 7 dager siden
Another thing you forgot to mention, tho it's not all mathy: if it were possible to have said rope attached to the light source then it would always be daytime. Different areas of the world would have a different time of day, but it's still be day time.
Heloisa Marques
Heloisa Marques 7 dager siden
Heloisa Marques
Heloisa Marques 7 dager siden
Heloisa Marques
Heloisa Marques 7 dager siden
Alexander Centurion
Alexander Centurion 7 dager siden
Can't you tell.......It's flat because.
SomeRandomPerson 7 dager siden
Minecraft is... flat... ALSO sun moon and stars don't exist there cause it's a game so it's possible
AntShortNose 6 dager siden
nope. the sun existed and when u look up there is a moon
Will Schofield
Will Schofield 7 dager siden
what if the border was the transparrent weightless material that surrounds the minecraft world
Jayant Kumar
Jayant Kumar 7 dager siden
And also it would be always day in a flat planet as it is always facing the sun
Oceus 7 dager siden
So correct me if I’m misunderstanding, but from the start the rotation around the sun shouldn’t be 20 minutes aka 24 hours, it should be a year. Earth needs 24 hours to rotate itself not to circle the sun. So if Minecraft is a flat earth it would have to spin around itself and circle around the sun.
PigMasterLOL 7 dager siden
the rope is very possible because if you go to quardnets 0 0 30 000 000 then you will find a world border that you could argue would act as a rope tho it would always be day and that makes more problems
Ava Moser
Ava Moser 7 dager siden
Minecraft is not flat
Bruh Man
Bruh Man 8 dager siden
Minecraft flat
Gacha Brixit Biscuits
Gacha Brixit Biscuits 8 dager siden
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