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Austin and I have both covered - and DISPROVED - the popular theory that the Minecraft world is flat, but apparently that was not enough! Today, Austin is going to prove once and for all that the world of Minecraft is just as round as our Earth! He's got the evidence, he's got the science. and he's got the will to keep on calculating!
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Chanda Upadhyay
Chanda Upadhyay Time siden
world type: Superfalt am i a joke to you
John Louie A. Oclarit
John Louie A. Oclarit 2 minutter siden
Theres still life in the flat world tho
BlankAccount 2 timer siden
minecraft is a cubic world
Elise M
Elise M 2 timer siden
but 20 minutes for us IRL is 24 hours in game, so "20min per rotation'" doesn't make sense in the scope of the game... did they just forget about that?
pancakes !!!!!
pancakes !!!!! 3 timer siden
Zaneep 07
Zaneep 07 3 timer siden
what about day and night
MaiLev Mogatas
MaiLev Mogatas 4 timer siden
minecraft is flat because of the world border austin
Jeremy Trees
Jeremy Trees 5 timer siden
Austin: completes a video about flat minecraft. The night time: am I a joke to you?
Gaming with ari
Gaming with ari 9 timer siden
me realizing that the comments say their from two months ago. EDIT: I just realized its 2021
bryant allen
bryant allen 10 timer siden
hanna safea
hanna safea 10 timer siden
but minecraft is flat there even is a mod from mojang where you can go to spaceee
Dafuq 15 timer siden
The part about the spinning ring reminded me a lot of the classic trebuchet
Peyton Felts
Peyton Felts 18 timer siden
Gotcha so Minecraft isn’t flat but earth is
Lightning knight
Lightning knight 23 timer siden
The titanium weighs 4.3 nonillion
A Scoutly
A Scoutly 23 timer siden
Kerbals when in flight: ⬆️ 👐 ⬇️
Levin Mogatas
Levin Mogatas 23 timer siden
I say minecraft is flat because my comment will be in a video
Levin Mogatas
Levin Mogatas 23 timer siden
Proof that minecraft is fantasy end island nether ender dragon and more
Levin Mogatas
Levin Mogatas 23 timer siden
Always austin because it is fantasy hehe
Levin Mogatas
Levin Mogatas 23 timer siden
Minecraft is flat
Levin Mogatas
Levin Mogatas 23 timer siden
Minecraftl is flat because it is fantasy
A Scoutly
A Scoutly 23 timer siden
The only thing I can see why the flat minecrafters believe that is that the void under the world is similar to space and the bottom is all flat
Bread Is Fun
Bread Is Fun Dag siden
But Austin Minecraft is a video game where the laws of physics don’t have to apply!
Spectrum Dag siden
the minecraft world isnt flat, its a sphere thats infinitely wide, hence the name and making it completely flat
PJ Dag siden
Bit late here, but there's another issue; Let's say you have your flat planet spinning around a star in such a way that the centrifugal force keeps everything on the surface. You can't actually have a day/night cycle that way because the side where everything could exist would always be facing the star, and the moment the flat surface rotated to face away from said star everything would be flung into the void.
Valharu2 Dag siden
just to annoy him, Minecraft earth is flat
DisguisedGhoul Dag siden
I've learned more math in this channel than in school
Loic Lejeune
Loic Lejeune Dag siden
minecraft is flat it's not like the physics in minecraft are like those in real life proof if you go further beyond the world border world just ends and there is only void so it has to have an ending and that's impossible with a sphere why couldn't it just be that it's like flat earthers think and the moon and sun rotate around the world while it just sits there still, the center of the universe
Abed H.
Abed H. Dag siden
you're so annoying
Zak Prior-Mckie
Zak Prior-Mckie 2 dager siden
Your not matpat
Sean 2 dager siden
MineCraft earth is infinite so it can’t be flat it can’t be round it can’t be a cube either so what is it?
Märt Kaljuvee
Märt Kaljuvee 2 dager siden
dude its just a game game doesnt have to make sense
Rematic 2 dager siden
Just the fact that there is a day/night cycle debunks the theory based on the model shown in the video. The Minecraft world her is always pointed towards the sun when being spun around it, meaning it would always be day.
Fotna Amin
Fotna Amin 2 dager siden
Who wrote down what he said so they can pretend they did it themselves to impress people?
Árni Geirsson
Árni Geirsson 2 dager siden
But austin dont you know that the minecraft world is flat!
Mew X2
Mew X2 2 dager siden
When the Minecraft World is round, how do you explain the void?
d williams
d williams 2 dager siden
ah but a Minecraft earth could be flat, in a parallel reality where the laws of physics are completely different (thanks to a different shape of a string manifold) and this would be accepted in einsteins theory of general relativity because of wormholes that allow hyperdimensional travel :)
Real DrUwU
Real DrUwU 2 dager siden
Austin, I have news to break to you (even though this vid is a year old) Minecraft, crazy idea about to come out, doesnt exist in the same dimension as us and doesnt follow the same laws of physics.
leobeo pelaa
leobeo pelaa 2 dager siden
U know i got A feeling that minecraft world is flat
SanteriSuuri 2 dager siden
its a game and you can get trough the world so its a flat world
K.a 2 dager siden
Minecraft is flat dumm dumm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jyotiraditya Tripathi
Jyotiraditya Tripathi 3 dager siden
what is that music around 2:40
Scp 049
Scp 049 3 dager siden
i always thinked that minecraft was a cube lol
Joly Arborist
Joly Arborist 3 dager siden
Minecraft is not flat
Julia Prazan
Julia Prazan 3 dager siden
I'm not a flat earther but technically he forgot the last way for the flat earth to exist. The ring he was talking about. What if the flat earth wasn't attached to a rope but a ring. The slab of earth could be attached to a spinning ring around a star. soo.... video idea
Nathan Buendicho
Nathan Buendicho 3 dager siden
i think he got mental
Momen Al Saaty
Momen Al Saaty 3 dager siden
Did he forget that it would always be day?
Loren Ellett
Loren Ellett 3 dager siden
And he didn't even mention that since tge face of the minecraft world would ALWAYS be pointed at the sun there would be NO night... Which there obviously is on the minecraft world
DarkXypherPlayz 3 dager siden
Minecraft is really big planet thats why everyone thinks it flat
Virus Art Studio
Virus Art Studio 3 dager siden
Austin’s therapist: exists Austin: NOPE
Virus Art Studio
Virus Art Studio 3 dager siden
You get a letter from Austin: oh gawsh It say: h I I t s m e a u s t i n (OH NO INTENSIFIES)
Ian barber
Ian barber 3 dager siden
How does the sun set?
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall 3 dager siden
All the comments on this video be like: But did you know Minecraft his flaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt
Epic Wolf
Epic Wolf 3 dager siden
The world must be flat because you would need arched shoes to walk but we have FLAT shoes not arched! And the same applies with Minecraft.
Dorian Termini
Dorian Termini 3 dager siden
Are you making a joke or being serious?
BlueEngland 4 dager siden
but didn't you know Austin? Minecraft is flat
Ellen Tubbs
Ellen Tubbs 4 dager siden
But didn't you know Austin? Minecraft is flaaaaaaaaaat
Isaak Enns
Isaak Enns 4 dager siden
When he said the thing about his therapist saying that Minecraft stuff isn’t important I was really hoping that he would say he got a new therapist
Afas S.
Afas S. 4 dager siden
Me when watching Austins Videoes: Numbers..Large...Complicated...Dont..Understand..but...interessting
exDisciple exD
exDisciple exD 4 dager siden
How would the day-night cycle work?
Younscrafter 4 dager siden
12:22 12000000m/s is dramatically slower than 6000m/s Um yeah we just have to set the velocity to a value where the fake-gravity is 32m/s squared stronger than the real gravity from the Star though That wouldn't work out with the 20 Minute cycle
Amela Sejfic
Amela Sejfic 4 dager siden
Minecraft is not flat😱😱😱😱
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming 4 dager siden
Minecraft is flat by the way
Shail Patel
Shail Patel 5 dager siden
Bro good theory , but have you tried diging straight down in Minecraft
Imahelicopter 808
Imahelicopter 808 5 dager siden
minecraft isn’t flat silly! it’s a cube! jk
Balwinder Kaur
Balwinder Kaur 5 dager siden
Well minecraft is a doughnut
Damey Gamey
Damey Gamey 5 dager siden
Dani van Wijngaarden
Dani van Wijngaarden 5 dager siden
flat minecraft world, he says thats its not flat: dig down in creative through bedrock, pretty flat right?
Tim V
Tim V 3 dager siden
You’re not supposed to see below bedrock, the devs probably didn’t bother to program “the core”
nodo grigalashvili
nodo grigalashvili 5 dager siden
minecrat is flat
Ariz Siddique
Ariz Siddique 5 dager siden
Please I am not one of them
Lifes Lemons
Lifes Lemons 5 dager siden
4.3 decillion kg
Whitescorpi0n 11
Whitescorpi0n 11 5 dager siden
Hey but so the conclution is that minecraft is in a flat earth confirmed... right?
Crazy Monkey Puppies
Crazy Monkey Puppies 5 dager siden
But don’t you know Minecraft is flaaaat
MRCAT 5 dager siden
where is matpat?
Choronos 6 dager siden
how you explain Worldborders?
Zain Hilmy
Zain Hilmy 6 dager siden
The Minecraft world is flat because of u dig down then u don’t reach a core or end just bedrock and beneath that is just a white abyss so the Minecraft world is flat
Derpy Sushi
Derpy Sushi 6 dager siden
Please please go explain to some flat earthers
Jiří Krpec
Jiří Krpec 6 dager siden
hmm................. when you said it - the barrier at the end of the minecraft world is the rope.... somehow. How it would work you ask? Ehhh, magic?
Oscar Glad
Oscar Glad 6 dager siden
Chill, you're overreacting about it. If I find the person who said "Minecraft earth flat" myself tho: *Loads shotgun with malicious intent* he better run
Brenno Blade Gaming
Brenno Blade Gaming 6 dager siden
I got a seizure trying to absorb this information
MEESA 6 dager siden
Am i the only one who missed the part of him explaining that it's not flat...? Even if you got it spinning that was a flat earth i saw...
Jentox 196
Jentox 196 6 dager siden
If a flat version is impossible then it implies that it is not flat.That's what he probably was saying I think
jb Sharp
jb Sharp 6 dager siden
It’s not flat because there are mountains
Ms K
Ms K 6 dager siden
Go to all the ends of the map you’ll see the world isn’t A Safir
Dark Elixer
Dark Elixer 6 dager siden
How bout the can you even still prove its not flat?
Cyrus Is here
Cyrus Is here 7 dager siden
You forgot red-dwarf stars , bam
Joshua Seitz
Joshua Seitz 7 dager siden
which means that I'm right you're wrong
ULM STRONK 7 dager siden
Minecraft is flat
A.M Seymour
A.M Seymour 7 dager siden
Minecraft is flat
Declan Horner
Declan Horner 7 dager siden
the flat minecraft bit at the beginning would be a fun ksp mod
Professor Meme
Professor Meme 7 dager siden
its a cube. Period
Totally real Name
Totally real Name 7 dager siden
But block gravity doesnt exist so still can be flat
Khemet The Di
Khemet The Di 7 dager siden
To break the entire point here, try walking to the end of the world in Minecraft, you hit the world border, now go to earth and fly around, you can fly back to the same place if you fly perpendicularly to the place you started. You don't' go to the same place when you walk straight and never change your direction then hit the same stop again do you.
Jdxnudc Eundgxugxgu
Jdxnudc Eundgxugxgu 7 dager siden
DU DU DUUuuUuuUuUuUuUuUU peppa pig evil dungeon?
TotalBescheuterYoutubeKanal 8 dager siden
a have a different theorie: minecraft is in an oneil zylinder, that would explain why there is nothing than void under the bedrock
Evil Wizard
Evil Wizard 8 dager siden
The animations always show the minecraft slab planet with the sky facing the light source / star, which would produce the required gravitational effect, however; it would not produce the day / night cycle. Have you considered the possibility of it existing in non Euclidean space?
Evil Wizard
Evil Wizard 8 dager siden
no such thing as centrifugal force! the force is generated through a centripetal action. Also clearly gravity works different on a minecraft world as physics dictates you can't remove a 1m2 block of dirt from the bottom of a column & have the top remain floating in place. :D
Lunatik Das
Lunatik Das 8 dager siden
But Minecraft is flat!!😂
liam stuart
liam stuart 8 dager siden
BUT what if it is?
acab 8 dager siden
are you arguing with physics about a game with flying blocks?
kayla morrison
kayla morrison 8 dager siden
FUZ3-NOOB-324485 8 dager siden
Image 2 railway holders on earth, placed opposite ends and we build a halo ring that extends around the planet( and can be just low enough to where trees on the inner ring can make some o2 for any thing on it). The possibility
RoadRashSpirit 8 dager siden
Love the video. I dont think the creators put that much thought into it when they made it. Its a flat simulation made out of perfectly square, right angled ....squares lol. Gravity, the sun and the moon are just visual effects...of wait I'm being to serious lol.
Aspect131 8 dager siden
its flat not sicntificly
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