Game Theory: Will the Fortnite Meteor Destroy EVERYTHING? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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2 år siden

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The Fortnite meteor is COMING and everyone wants to know "What Will Happen?!" Well Theorists, I've tracked the patterns. I've done the math. I've looked at HOURS of this game - and I know the answer. Today I'm going to tell you what this meteor means for the future of Fortnite.
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YahYeet 2 år siden
Matpat, I’m literally having a test on meteors and meteorites on Thursday in my Astronomy course 👍👍
zachary robinsons
zachary robinsons Dag siden
did u pass
Senseless Motorsports
Senseless Motorsports Måned siden
I’m in your class that’s why you finished so fast
Pyro 2 måneder siden
Thank you Fortnite you saved my marriage
Professor Games
Professor Games 2 måneder siden
How’d the test go?
nolo2gogo 3 måneder siden
What score did you get?
Foxhead L
Foxhead L 10 dager siden
[10:42] That bounce sound effect can be found in Scooby Doo: Unmasked from the Playstation 2. Just jump onto any spring powered launcher.
SOT Jay 14 dager siden
i wish the meteor did destroy everything
Shpkunky 21 dag siden
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy 25 dager siden
i just want fortnite to die right now
Dylan Sciarrillo
Dylan Sciarrillo Måned siden
Who is watching this when Salty Towers is on the map
Dylan Sciarrillo
Dylan Sciarrillo Måned siden
Meanwhile The Meteor hit Dusty Depot
Abhinav Thakran
Abhinav Thakran Måned siden
u were wrong as u did not add gravity
hema trivedi
hema trivedi Måned siden
People: the meteor oh no 10 days later oh no just ten more days ten days later one more inch ok enough
Lazy Papyrus
Lazy Papyrus Måned siden
actually, dusty divot got hit. It was close. I thought Tilted towers was going to get hit
Senseless Motorsports
Senseless Motorsports Måned siden
Speed run on math
IronCarnage X
IronCarnage X Måned siden
Little does Matt Pat know it destroys everything
Jordi Huguet Revilla
Jordi Huguet Revilla Måned siden
Wait a second... wouldn't the meteor speed up when it enters the panets atmosphere? Also once it does i don't think it will be so slow or otherwise it wouldn't make sense. This was a big disappointment Matpat could you redo the math with this information?
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer Måned siden
Hold up dude you should make acceleration to 10 m per s because its droping like anything else so it should do more damage i think it still didnt get any matter by the earth gravity
Trent Boje
Trent Boje Måned siden
He calculated The wrong meteor he did it with a part of The meteor -_-
Alen With Games
Alen With Games 2 måneder siden
If you think about it these calculations are correct, kinda. During season 4 a small meteor hit the center building in Tilted Towers which was just a bit stronger, so I would say epic just wanted to scare us.
Fróði Kjaran Does art and stuff
Fróði Kjaran Does art and stuff 2 måneder siden
Dustid tover
Come Here
Come Here 2 måneder siden
This aged well
Kazza 2 måneder siden
They say theres a first time for everything, so tell me jonesy, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING.
Pyro 2 måneder siden
To bad it didn’t hit tilted
Bahaa Nimer
Bahaa Nimer 3 måneder siden
NOT Tilted. its dusty
BARADAS Bros 3 måneder siden
matpat(finds a 3d model) me: it looks like a testicle.
brian 3 måneder siden
mat pat I have been trying to find a way to give you a way to have a break from fnaf and what I found Is you seeing the science of fortnight being a meta verse
CodeNameCheese 29 dager siden
Pervy Sageツ
Pervy Sageツ 3 måneder siden
Crazy Nath
Crazy Nath 3 måneder siden
Who watches this and remembers where the meteor actually went (R.I.P Dusty depot)
Buff Helpy
Buff Helpy 3 måneder siden
Another wrong theory
Jackinabox 3 måneder siden
After watching Austin’s videos, i was surprised by how fast Matt got to the point lol
Florea Alex
Florea Alex 4 måneder siden
During an zoom call or an twweet donals mustard ceo of epic games and fortnite said they change the story by how th community reacts. He gave an example the metoer was supposed to hit tilted than they changed it to dusty to troll us, so having theories now is useless because they can change the story frim zero easily based by the community
Carolyn Clark
Carolyn Clark 4 måneder siden
How it destroy
Riedannn 4 måneder siden
When a youtuber by the name of MatPat teaches physics better than your school teacher lol
grumpydixie 4 måneder siden
season 1-7 was the best time
ShadowCobra 4 måneder siden
Actually SOS means Send Out Signal so there you go
Dr. Lokovec
Dr. Lokovec 4 måneder siden
thsi is the only fortnite sires i like i hate fortnite btw
Noraasti 4 måneder siden
Hmmmmmm “Tilted towers” HmMmMmM “Twin towers” HMMMMMM
Ari Dawson
Ari Dawson 4 måneder siden
I’m from chapter two seasons three
nineta 5 måneder siden
You forgot gravity
Armaan Madahar
Armaan Madahar 5 måneder siden
Tilted is going to get destroyed Me from the future: your about 5 season early
Joey 5 måneder siden WHAT???
Talahav999 5 måneder siden
The good ol days
E͟t͟h͟y͟r͟u͟s͟ 4 måneder siden
Wyatt Meshell
Wyatt Meshell 5 måneder siden
“It’s over I’ve got the high ground” “you underestimate my power”
Terry Lee
Terry Lee 5 måneder siden
But after it enters the planet's atmosphere, wouldn't the planet's gravity add to its falling velocity making it fall even faster?
Stolenbase31 5 måneder siden
Bdubs0921 6 måneder siden
Hey matpat it’s chapter 2 season 4 there is a crater about that size right under salty springs you have predicted the future Ps* that’s where Miolner is
Liam0Bot 6 måneder siden
2 years later, all I have to say, is rest in piece dusty depot.
Tunaz 6 måneder siden
Imagine thinking it would hit tilted
Renwar Ahmad
Renwar Ahmad 6 måneder siden
who's still playing this game
Restart Kitty
Restart Kitty 6 måneder siden
Ashkar Ahmad idk
Ship Storys
Ship Storys 6 måneder siden
Anyone watching in 2020 and smacking their heads
Egg Plant
Egg Plant 6 måneder siden
ZaykDayz Fam
ZaykDayz Fam 7 måneder siden
Tilted towers more like dusty depot
MrGamerPerson 7 måneder siden
Fun fact the comet under tilted was a fake picture it was photoshopped
Jason Crews
Jason Crews 7 måneder siden
Mat: I'm sure the comet will strike Tilted Towers Me from season 13 of Fortnite: Oof
Griselda Garcia
Griselda Garcia 7 måneder siden
I saw it but I was in you know season 3
davit kldiashvili
davit kldiashvili 7 måneder siden
Mat you forgot acsularation
nugget comics mess about
nugget comics mess about 7 måneder siden
Anyone here in lockdown
pumkin 7 måneder siden
whos here after it hit risky reels
Furiusjack Gohan
Furiusjack Gohan 7 måneder siden
It should've been tilted
Laser animation Gameing
Laser animation Gameing 7 måneder siden
ijustdontknow 1
ijustdontknow 1 7 måneder siden
im from the future and i know that it was dusty depot that got destroyed by the meteor turning into dusty divot and tilted towers got destroyed in season 8
B4 7 måneder siden
Gameboi65 7 måneder siden
Me watching in chapter 2 season 3
Trent Evans
Trent Evans 7 måneder siden
Started with a meteor ended with a golden idiot
Scrapper 7 måneder siden
the metiore hits the ground and explodes st that wauld chip away a chunk of it
I_Dunno 8 måneder siden
Ha, I'm watching this after the meteor landed, it destroyed dusty, not tilted, it brought the visitor (we still haven't discovered the whole group) and it was a live event
Classified Darkness
Classified Darkness 8 måneder siden
Nope it lands dusty depot
DUCKSTER Plays 8 måneder siden
Not true it hits dusty
Divine Banana
Divine Banana 8 måneder siden
This channel is where i get all these crazy facts from that suprise my parents
Crimson gamer RBX
Crimson gamer RBX 8 måneder siden
hmm fortnite have changed cus most ofthe map is flooded
Kaseem Roland
Kaseem Roland 8 måneder siden
Who else is watching this in chapter two season 3
NinjaMatt2201 8 måneder siden
Wouldn't the planet being venus, not earth, have an effect?
Boi Watch21
Boi Watch21 8 måneder siden
Boi Watch21
Boi Watch21 8 måneder siden
A entire theory for nothing
quello di prima
quello di prima 8 måneder siden
Who is watching in season 3 chapter 2
99Cherorider 8 måneder siden
Bout 6 seasons early mate
Tyler Joslin
Tyler Joslin 8 måneder siden
Season 3 was 2 years ago times flies fortnite will go down in history
Tyler Joslin
Tyler Joslin 8 måneder siden
Quarantine whoop whoop
Nugget Boy
Nugget Boy 8 måneder siden
Now in season 13
CALABAZA GAMER 8 måneder siden
what if we all told (2020 ppl that watch this) what happens today to matpat from this video? h m m m . . .
GATE2HEAVEN96 8 måneder siden
2020 anyone?
Corrupted Cone
Corrupted Cone 8 måneder siden
Who got this recommended because of Fortnite doomsday event
am i a turtle?
am i a turtle? 8 måneder siden
who's watching this when the ENTIRE MAP FLOODS
Concavenator 920
Concavenator 920 Måned siden
No after Galactus got the zero point and died
kill me
kill me 4 måneder siden
Hur bler blar
ItsDynamicBoy !
ItsDynamicBoy ! 5 måneder siden
@Mc Jeffx lmao
Mc Jeffx
Mc Jeffx 6 måneder siden
Sorry but the map is filled with marvel characters now
Aiden Hafer
Aiden Hafer 7 måneder siden
moca 8 måneder siden
Oh dear
Jaminator 8 måneder siden
Who's watching this when season 3 is coming out?
Frizzique Gaming
Frizzique Gaming 8 måneder siden
Im watching this is season 12 and a day from 13
D0sk 8 måneder siden
In summary: no
Elmerexe 8 måneder siden
Im watching this in season 12 and its funny to see , that the Meteor didnt even Land in tilted
imbadatgames 8 måneder siden
There have been two meteors
Wendy Fridley
Wendy Fridley 8 måneder siden
It's going to hit dusty
I 8 måneder siden
Wendy Fridley everyone knows that
I 8 måneder siden
Wendy Fridley bruh
Destroyer 8 måneder siden
Me who's watching in chapter 2 season 2 and sees how wrong mat pat was of it hitting tilted towers
Workjellyfish34 8 måneder siden
Bounce huh not on tilted and it didn’t bounce
Robert Noble
Robert Noble 8 måneder siden
Oh how u were wrong
Poppin Pumpkin
Poppin Pumpkin 8 måneder siden
In my opinion why would fortnite even be doomed if fortnite was a very popular game now and back then so why would they get rid of it
Hiram Jamison
Hiram Jamison 8 måneder siden
I don't know why but while I was playing minecraft this video started playing and I thought it was a creeper!! ;) Edit: The beginning sounds nothing like a creeper, but it scared me to death
Hiram Jamison
Hiram Jamison 8 måneder siden
You are the best second thought out there MattPatt
PookiYoni 9 måneder siden
oh boi was he wrong
Giraffe 9 måneder siden
can you do another Fortnite video
Kiwii 9 måneder siden
Well sorry to burst your calculations but you simply got it wrong
TudvisTime 9 måneder siden
Watching this in season 2 chapter 2
Fabuloustacoboy McClinton
Fabuloustacoboy McClinton 9 måneder siden
I’m watching this in fortnite season 2 chapter 2 in 2020
Jaques Roofiarchino
Jaques Roofiarchino 9 måneder siden
Galaxy 9 måneder siden
Am I the only one who has ABSOLUTELY no idea what he's talking about when it comes to math?
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