Proof Minecraft Steve Has UNLIMITED Power! | The SCIENCE... of Minecraft

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2 år siden

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Who is the most POWERFUL character to ever exist? Today Theorists, we find out how Minecraft created the strongest character of all time. Don't believe me? Let Austin tell you.
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The Ultimate
The Ultimate Minutt siden
4:12 you can also put some in crafting and take more which makes a lot more
Saku 4 timer siden
When we see steve in mcu?
LI POK HONG李博康 4 timer siden
Steve, holds an entire inventory of gold and wears gold armour
CelestialDog1 5 timer siden
Wouldn’t armor add a bit
Lycanthrope 88
Lycanthrope 88 6 timer siden
There is an anti-hero by the name of Spawn. I don't know if he's more powerful than Steve but Spawn 2v1'd both God and the Devil ( yes The God) and he is basically the most powerful being in his universe
Wyatt Chess
Wyatt Chess 9 timer siden
how many austins ya hiding
Julian 20 timer siden
Uhh Superman lifted one third of infinity and infinity divide by 3 is infinity
Nibounium 20 timer siden
Creative mode = god mode +
oof -_-
oof -_- 21 time siden
were going to carry even more weight with the soon to be added bundles
Lion heat
Lion heat Dag siden
Monika: Finally. A worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.
Annu Sharma
Annu Sharma Dag siden
Yup XD
WP Jalal
WP Jalal Dag siden
Specter can break the universe in half.
question able
question able Dag siden
Ur underestimating doom guy..... Hes a LITERAL GOD. But yea i agree minecraft steve stronk
The tasty Food
The tasty Food Dag siden
Well yes steve is strong But shitass is stronger
Bobby 2 dager siden
survival steve just respawns Hadcore steve just ragequits and deletes reality
Alejo Martin Cufré
Alejo Martin Cufré 2 dager siden
6.35 x 10 (505) universes
Steve Minecraft
Steve Minecraft 2 dager siden
I knew it
tom mart
tom mart 2 dager siden
Austin... ... You forgot about the sulker boxes
Julian 19 timer siden
Remember the limit if you added one sulker box then you would have to remove one Chest
Hello There
Hello There 2 dager siden
Austin: look how strong Steve is me: *he can literally eat gold*
Bistups 2 dager siden
Actually, its twice that, as it's possible to make gold blocks stack up to 127 blocks. So technically double the final result, also enchanted golden apples CAN be found, hense the fact the world is millions of blocks in all directions with a surface area of about 1.44e+14, so the ACTUAL answer would be Austins final answer times 16-ish. AND you can carry a stack of blocks on your head with commands. (no im not writing the actual answer as it would take ages)
Jed Dodwell
Jed Dodwell 2 dager siden
Now imagine him coming back to this when bundles come out in 1.17
Darkus OmegaLeonidas
Darkus OmegaLeonidas 2 dager siden
+Gold Armour
O5-2 3 dager siden
WOW.Austin just re invent the *P İ*
William Raugstad
William Raugstad 3 dager siden
Hahahahahha thats pathetic... Shulker boxes.. Have the same space for gold blocks and u can put that box into the shulker box and put the shulker box into that chest...
Oncely 4 dager siden
Kirby who has litterally killed litterally beings that could destroy the entire universe
Dravokin9 4 dager siden
useless human
useless human 4 dager siden
A shulkerbox in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box (and going on forever)
Sead Music
Sead Music 4 dager siden
What a minute what if Steve is a god but he lost his memory and was stuck on earth not knowing about it
li am grabe chicken
li am grabe chicken 4 dager siden
He forgot armor
dreadnought 4 dager siden
what about goku. just asking
Harshvardhan Patil
Harshvardhan Patil 5 dager siden
soooo i did the math and a netherite block has 36 gold ingots and 36 netherite scrap soooo assuming that an ancient scrap weighs as much as a gold ingot , a netherite block is 8x heavier than a gold block .
Harshvardhan Patil
Harshvardhan Patil 5 dager siden
soooo its 154400 kilograms cuz 19300 x 8 =154400kilograms
Eric Pham
Eric Pham 5 dager siden
Could we have an update on this?
SolarKid123 5 dager siden
Legend says Austin is still saying “27 stacks of 64 boxes of 27 stacks of 64 gold blocks” to this very day.
Ali Taher
Ali Taher 6 dager siden
Everyone talking about how Steve dies in minecraft. Steve's world is scaled to his strength, so he feels normal there.
K Y 6 T E
K Y 6 T E 6 dager siden
Steve vs One Punch Man, who winning 😳
pewdiepie nice
pewdiepie nice 6 dager siden
you pronounce topagoranlagen top-a-gor-en-lag-en and he can hold like 10 universes
uni Puppy
uni Puppy 6 dager siden
Brain..... obliterated.....
Templar -32
Templar -32 7 dager siden
With shulkers i think steve theoratically could carry an infinite amount making which mean just him flicking his fingers he could be 1 flick man
Unnamed 7 dager siden
Now do that times infinite because of shulkerboxes and bundles that can each hold themselves through data merging commands .also keep in mind steve can SPRINT with it so.... yeah
GrenToffVideos 7 dager siden
Fs for the old village and viligers
Tenshi Akuma
Tenshi Akuma 8 dager siden
I mean when you play creative you are litterally god so.... Weight doesn't mean anything.
Joseph Pentony
Joseph Pentony 8 dager siden
Remember, the minecraft world has a higher gravtional acceleration. This means that he has to even more work to carry that gold.
Praharsh k studios
Praharsh k studios 9 dager siden
With shulker boxes...It's a lot more.
Mani.h gamer
Mani.h gamer 9 dager siden
Fun fact if you use shiller box you can carry more than super man I have hope to my self
Ralf Cornelio Morano
Ralf Cornelio Morano 10 dager siden
makes me wonder how many austins is in bag'o austins
Kakyoin Noriaki
Kakyoin Noriaki 10 dager siden
None of these, not even Steve compare to this one, this one mobster teenager with pasta hair. I am of course talking about Giorno with requiem. I mean really. Steve can push around reality’s but Gold Experience Requiem transcends reality.
Ally J
Ally J 10 dager siden
Didn’t even count the gold armor
The One Jackal
The One Jackal 14 timer siden
Didn't even count the chests either.
an ordinary guy
an ordinary guy 10 dager siden
Austin: Does this make you uncomfortable? Me: yes. Austin: *g o o d*
Jalin Biju
Jalin Biju 11 dager siden
MAN! That was a lot of numbers
Christopher Betancourt
Christopher Betancourt 11 dager siden
When you said you started off with doomguy because he carried all the weapons I was thinking of that one Street Fighter character the one that punched an island in half
Finn Peterson
Finn Peterson 11 dager siden
This is a great video, but you overlooked blue ice. Blue ice consists of 9 blocks of packed ice, all of which contain 9 normal blocks of ice. That would mean that each block of blue ice would weigh 74,000 kgs. Although at the weight of the amount of the entirety of the multiverse, I doubt that the ice would've changed much.
Kai Tay
Kai Tay 11 dager siden
7:44 have you ever tried to pick up a chest irl? They're very heavy!
Luis Petersen
Luis Petersen 12 dager siden
Imagine this guy doing a serious punch on you.
Luis Petersen
Luis Petersen 12 dager siden
Can't wait for him to do another episode with the possibilities of 1.18
Jadenawesomeguy 12 dager siden
Lol blue ice has 81 blocks of normal ice i it
Lyte Lost
Lyte Lost 12 dager siden
Shulker boxes are a thing
The Mighty Colon
The Mighty Colon 13 dager siden
I had a theory that the Prince or his cousins from the game Katamari would be stronger than Steve or Alex so I rewatched this video to make sure my idea could even be plausible and now I realize how wrong I am. Maybe.. Anyway, moral of the story Steve = Stronk
Sphessmareheen 18
Sphessmareheen 18 13 dager siden
Steve was added to smash; whatever is holding his power back is apparently a literal god. Because that power would punch mario into the next game trillions of years from now.
Elias Heller
Elias Heller 13 dager siden
But can he beat goku doe?
Kharn The Betrayer
Kharn The Betrayer 14 dager siden
So now. What's the explosive power of a Creeper, to be able to send Steve back several feet by exploding next to him, while carrying every other conceivable unvierse in his pocket
Astro Orbis
Astro Orbis 14 dager siden
Sphere Guanzon
Sphere Guanzon 15 dager siden
Jwiljr 15 dager siden
Also he can carry a infinite amount of items in creative soo still still trying to comprehend that
Brian's Studio
Brian's Studio 16 dager siden
aw yes we have austem to do the ridicules math for us
Fjord Millehret
Fjord Millehret 16 dager siden
... And dont even fjocken' get us started on shiller boxes.
Beast 101
Beast 101 16 dager siden
ever think about the fact that lava/fire/tnt/creepers can destroy that ammount of mass without a problem ...
crispy chicken
crispy chicken 16 dager siden
The second strongest is Terraria character
CallMeShounin 16 dager siden
In possible Minecraft, you could do 1 ended chest with 27 shulks with 64 gold blocks in 27 slots then the rest of you slots could be shulks with gold blocks and then have gold armor
justforcommenting 16 dager siden
That's a lot of universes
SCR 16 dager siden
shulker boxes and bundles.
Daniel Clune
Daniel Clune 16 dager siden
TO MANY NUMBERS TO COMPREHEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
British Blueberry
British Blueberry 17 dager siden
Ender chest in ender chest with a feather in? How much mass is that?
Aaron Long
Aaron Long 17 dager siden
To get a sense of what Steve can do with a fraction of his power: 1: go do creative 2: build a 100 block high tower of obsidion and land on it 3: type "/effect @s haste 10000 255 true" into chat 4: go into survival 5: look down and barehandedly dig until you die or reach bedrock (Hint: even with full gear you die from fall damage)
Ben spooner
Ben spooner 17 dager siden
Oh but wait there is a something heavier. Blue ice. Go on do the maths it’s more dense than gold. 919 kg/m3 of normal ice, times 9 for packed ice which is 8271kg/m3 and times 9 again for blue ice which is, 74,439kg/m3, times 64 for a stack 4,764,096 and then do the chest thing in the video. I’m too lazy to do it myself but approximately it should be around FOUR times more than the final number in the video.
Harris Hot
Harris Hot 17 dager siden
You forgot about enchanted golden apples combined with shucker boxes 😳
Jett Marvin Kenneth Lazaro
Jett Marvin Kenneth Lazaro 17 dager siden
On a shulker box
it'sCYPHERgaming 18 dager siden
it'sCYPHERgaming 18 dager siden
Bentley Nappier
Bentley Nappier 18 dager siden
Austin goes on with numbers me be like will it ever end
Benedict Quito [ElixirDude]
Benedict Quito [ElixirDude] 18 dager siden
steve is insane
Taheem Ahmed
Taheem Ahmed 18 dager siden
Superman: I'm stronger Batman: yeah ok I'm stronger get good Ironman: Nah what are these losers talking about Steve: What a lovely day! Superman: watch this I'll punch Steve and he'll die Steve: No. *Superman explodes*
moth gaming
moth gaming 18 dager siden
Susan Malloy
Susan Malloy 19 dager siden
I really hate all of the videos with austin, matpat is much better.
bî3ᄂsped shuriken ᄀ
bî3ᄂsped shuriken ᄀ 19 dager siden
What about characters that carry INFINITE ammo?
Your pal, Ares the dude
Your pal, Ares the dude 19 dager siden
Well his power level is probably like at 900 Trillion power but even beerus is at like 100 septillion, dude
Entity 115
Entity 115 19 dager siden
This is why he got into smash bros.
Benjamin Powell
Benjamin Powell 20 dager siden
plus the weight of gold armour
Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell 20 dager siden
We broke two Austins in the making of this video
Dizzeh C4t
Dizzeh C4t 21 dag siden
jesus crist steve is riped
Chelle Claypool
Chelle Claypool 21 dag siden
Herobrine just sneezes and kills steve
thx fir the tip:)
Sue Oliveri
Sue Oliveri 22 dager siden
But what if you put them in shulker boxes?
ZER0gr4viti 22 dager siden
austin forgets about the shulker boxes
TJ Thomas
TJ Thomas 22 dager siden
And people wonder why she/he got invited to Smash Bros.
Syed Abdullah Mutalib Al-Attas
Syed Abdullah Mutalib Al-Attas 23 dager siden
america:we have steave malaysia;we have gopal
Opluy Zed
Opluy Zed 23 dager siden
What about putting a stack in the bundles coming adding more weight I guess, then getting a bunch of those and put them in shulker boxes which would increase the weight dramatically, or get in creative and get a bunch of enchanted golden apples and do the same thing so Steve is a god of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of partial creation into Steve the god of everything basically
bradley holtman
bradley holtman 23 dager siden
He forgot notch apples because each enchanted apple can have 8 gold blocks and 1 apple
bradley holtman
bradley holtman 23 dager siden
And yet he can die to a pile a bones
Big Idiot
Big Idiot 23 dager siden
"A peaceful idealic life, like a hobbit, a hobbit who also has to slay dragons" Doesn't Bilbo fight a dragon in the second hobbit film?
The BlueDragon
The BlueDragon 24 dager siden
Wait if Steve holds all those universes is respawning just him using a Universe and its power to rebirth?! Everything makes so much senise now.
RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More
RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More 24 dager siden
Everyone already knew that Steve has infinite power, he can control the weather, the flow of time, can create and destroy matter, can bring about the end of the universe, or even create life.
my message to KSI. lmao.
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my message to KSI. lmao.
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