Game Theory: Why Mario Kart 8 is Mario's DEADLIEST Game!

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3 år siden

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I've done PLENTY of dark theories on the Mario franchise, from Super Mario being a sociopath to Princess Peach being the dead mother of Rosalina and beyond. But today, I've uncovered the most dangerous game in the Mario canon -- Mario Kart! Mario Kart 8! Well, specifically Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I did the math, and the devastation those fun little Mario Karts deliver is something to truly fear. So hop in and buckle your seatbelts, because this is going to be one crazy Mario Kart adventure!
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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists 3 år siden
My bad: 5'11'' actually equals 180 cm...but NO FEAR! I did all the speed calculations in Standard first, then converted each result back to metric, so although I misspoke in that one moment about the height conversion, the rest of the stats should all be right! Like I said, I'm stupid imperialist scum with a dumb measurement system :)
NightSky 10 timer siden
Lily Hartle
Lily Hartle 10 dager siden
I was going to say, you've been saying he's about 5' 1 and Luigi is about 5' 8 but continue
blåbær 23 dager siden
How much is it in Mcdonald's hamburgers? I'd appreciate a conversion to a measurement system that actually makes sense next time thank you.
Yan Bai
Yan Bai 29 dager siden
It’s ok.
Matthew Ren
Matthew Ren Måned siden
Donovan Maurer
Donovan Maurer 21 time siden
”No one cared enough about the Wii U to play that thing” Me who has a Wii U: Um..........
Splitz Ayden
Splitz Ayden 2 dager siden
Me now knowing what set up to use to beat my family in Mario kartw
JSebas ZM
JSebas ZM 2 dager siden
My chidlhood is still very strong due to my YEARS of love for Mario aka I’m a fan A VERY BIG fan. (Mario kart 8 deleuxe)
Charizardwarrior123 Ghhf
Charizardwarrior123 Ghhf 2 dager siden
OOF 👁👄👁
Laz 4 dager siden
I mean... The characters are capable of surviving crashing. They literally survived in the middle of an explosion that covered a friggin stadium
Invader#5 4 dager siden
Random anything exists... May pat: there’s a lore and a theory I want to find it
Aufarandika Roblox
Aufarandika Roblox 4 dager siden
luigi: does a deady death stare at baby luigi Baby Luigi: YIKES Princess Peach: I CANT ESCAPE THW DEATH STAREEEE Nintendo who added the luigi death stare: lol
FNAF Fanatic
FNAF Fanatic 5 dager siden
But Matpat, if these guys are going so fast why are you making such a big deal about how dangerous Mario kart is? Last time I checked I didn’t see a dateline special about the horrific deaths of high speed kart racers P.S saw a kid in school yesterday wearing your merch
FNAF Fanatic
FNAF Fanatic 5 dager siden
This comment was written on November 19 2020
Sksohrab Siddique
Sksohrab Siddique 5 dager siden
I use your voice to go to sleep
Jakob Marlow
Jakob Marlow 5 dager siden
the thing is that they NEVER DIE so they can do this
Aidan Miller
Aidan Miller 5 dager siden
yo it has doors so its fine
Cheery Cinccino
Cheery Cinccino 6 dager siden
In a nutshell: Everyone has a “sugar rush”
andra hadikusuma
andra hadikusuma 6 dager siden
Hahaha.... F-ZERO
Pikachucute 1996
Pikachucute 1996 7 dager siden
The photo for when you click on the video isn't that scary for me since I like creepypasta stuff I'm 10 and I grew up with sonic not Mario so ummmmmm this is cool
Narnian Queen
Narnian Queen 9 dager siden
Their not real tho... No hate
Fernando the Boomer Knarmd
Fernando the Boomer Knarmd 10 dager siden
Alive things bumping into the wall at 1000mph after eating a star: *Ded* Dead things passing thru the same situation 100 more frequently: *_Haha no life go brrrrr_*
A Scoutly
A Scoutly 10 dager siden
Emma Hadfield
Emma Hadfield 10 dager siden
Yay I love you game theorists 😉🎮😊
Alex Putt
Alex Putt 13 dager siden
game theory: “Mario kart 8 deluxe is ilegal” me: oh well I guess I should break my switch
Azz Tazztic
Azz Tazztic 14 dager siden
Your an idiot, it's a cartoon, there are no rules for a game
Tristan Bonifacio
Tristan Bonifacio 16 dager siden
matpat:don't take that out of that's what cap says mabye their related.matpat:well hey that's just a theory a game is that a game theory.
Waynetdg N
Waynetdg N 16 dager siden
Antigravity without seatbelt
Olavo Plays
Olavo Plays 20 dager siden
not only this one, but ALL mario kart games
John Louviere
John Louviere 21 dag siden
lol XD unsubed
ONO 21 dag siden
NicoBBQ watches the game theorists confirmed
Ajip RNK
Ajip RNK 22 dager siden
well that meens something to me because i use the metric system
Nekonekonii Chaan
Nekonekonii Chaan 23 dager siden
wait... 128km/h or 80mp/h is fast for you guys...? I mean it is normal speed in Germany... actually it is considerd really slow🤷🏼‍♀️😂 I normal drive around 180km/h on a normal day.~
Ryle animates
Ryle animates 23 dager siden
I like how gumball was referanced in the start
Aliyah Smith
Aliyah Smith 23 dager siden
It's so cool that you've been doing these for so long lol
Retarded Dog
Retarded Dog 24 dager siden
Me every game theory video: 👁👄👁 *wow*
Retarded Dog
Retarded Dog 24 dager siden
Me every game theory video: 👁👄👁 *wow*
missingindy 25 dager siden
missingindy 25 dager siden
0:59 *_JESUS CHRIS-_*
mario y emilia
mario y emilia 26 dager siden
more like fast and deadly
Zapped Inferno
Zapped Inferno 27 dager siden
Hey this isn’t Mario pinball how dare you steal from funny internet man
Aperture Productions Studios
Aperture Productions Studios 27 dager siden
2:52 Purina is Anti-Fur confirmed
Aperture Productions Studios
Aperture Productions Studios 27 dager siden
They changed how the Discriptions Work....
Serillane Jade
Serillane Jade 28 dager siden
Im laughing when u forced the lil guy to put his finger in the dangerous thing to see how gross it was hahahaha its funny it does'nt even scared me at all hahaha
Pi Pigeon
Pi Pigeon 28 dager siden
This isn’t Alpharad
Edit boy.
Edit boy. 28 dager siden
The thumbnail is so disturbing.
Molly McManus
Molly McManus 29 dager siden
He now has a test subject for the baby driving theory.
Little Cat Plays
Little Cat Plays 29 dager siden
I was playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe while watching this and i was distracted by the death sound effects and slammed Daisy into a wall...
Kathryn's Vania
Kathryn's Vania Måned siden
sdrawkcaB Måned siden
This truly is an Alpharad Deluxe moment
Kyrie Adamsen
Kyrie Adamsen Måned siden
my childhood has already been ruined so ha UwU
ιθκ¡ 。
ιθκ¡ 。 Måned siden
alpharads video with the same thumbnail is far better though
trifused Måned siden
Actually I have a game talking about what am I talking about.
josh gaines
josh gaines Måned siden
Seat belts aren't mandetory it's an animated game in sonic racing they don't use seat belts and it said that promoted cars must use TURN signals but forza does not it's like saying your playing a car game but you are killing people with guns in a car why is this not eligal
Clark Franks
Clark Franks Måned siden
What is the fourth part of the game theory logo? Fourth channel?
Eve * she, her
Eve * she, her Måned siden
After I watched this video, I played Mario kart ... Yeah
Evan Cater
Evan Cater Måned siden
Michael Camarillo
Michael Camarillo Måned siden
"I was playing with myself" -MatPat 2017
Kevin Spud
Kevin Spud Måned siden
Matpat: consider your childhood ruined Me: mat, you can't ruin something that never existed
James Warena
James Warena Måned siden
Go mat pat
James Warena
James Warena Måned siden
Go mat pat
damien daysCout
damien daysCout Måned siden
He just won't shut up
Sophie Marie Pauline
Sophie Marie Pauline Måned siden
128km/h or 80mph is not fast. On my country's highways you can drive up to 135 km/h which is 84mph. And most of the people drive faster than this
Flavia Buchmann
Flavia Buchmann Måned siden
Me: sees this video Also me: *laughs in smart steering*
Stefan DH
Stefan DH Måned siden
In Germany you can drive as fast as you want on a highway teoreticly 1000 k/mh
Riya Thapar
Riya Thapar Måned siden
155cm in feet is actually 5"1 ✨😩👌
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams Måned siden
*Not even mario carts are safe*
ιθκ¡ 。
ιθκ¡ 。 Måned siden
alpharads video with the same thumbnail is far better though
DarkGold Art, Animations And Music Production
DarkGold Art, Animations And Music Production Måned siden
Man... learn from Bunta Fujiwara... then you may have a chance of controlling the cart...
MYSTIQUE Måned siden
Dude ur vids cheer me up,I'm completely happy right now and my brother just sprayed me in the face with a hose!!!🤣
ιθκ¡ 。
ιθκ¡ 。 Måned siden
alpharads video with the same thumbnail is far better though
Ewi Pandaz - Knee Cap Gang
Ewi Pandaz - Knee Cap Gang Måned siden
Still waiting for matpats death lab
King Pug Lord
King Pug Lord Måned siden
It's a game
Person Person
Person Person Måned siden
I cannot imagine how much Nintendo hates Mat
ιθκ¡ 。
ιθκ¡ 。 Måned siden
now imagine how much toby fox must half hate him
MaxwellMegaGamer 85
MaxwellMegaGamer 85 Måned siden
How do they not fly out when they crash in the wall?
Darcy Rieger
Darcy Rieger Måned siden
At least dry bowser has no skin Edit: 5 seconds later I saw that it went into bone
Matthew Payne
Matthew Payne Måned siden
Hahahaha........sorry...........playing with myself😁😁😁
Terron Neville Jr
Terron Neville Jr Måned siden
Don't forget @MatPat you still wear a seat belt in a go-kart either way
easily Gears
easily Gears Måned siden
Miraculously matpat hasn’t ruined my childhood yet
yo mama
yo mama Måned siden
Matt... Matt ... Matt... you really don’t think we all drive 75-80 on the freeway
R4M Dan51
R4M Dan51 Måned siden
I can also guarantee that a mere 5 degrees angle into a wall in a kart at 80 will not produce 2000g. Simple logic, it wouldnt produce that much
R4M Dan51
R4M Dan51 Måned siden
Also, noone in the middle of the track there to destroy you in a kart race? I wish lol
R4M Dan51
R4M Dan51 Måned siden
Have you seen a real kart? No seatbelts in 70mph rotax karts and really no sides
P.A.W.S The Traveling Gamer
P.A.W.S The Traveling Gamer Måned siden
Matpat:consider your childhood ruined Me: can't ruin what never was good in the first place! :V
Dealán Ó Cluaid
Dealán Ó Cluaid Måned siden
Hey MatPat I was thinking if a star wars speeder bike had an engine that would make a motorbike go 80mph how fast would the speeder go since it has no friction?
Zara The Floof
Zara The Floof Måned siden
Not to offend you matpat but BABY SKIN IS SOFTER 😃
Andrew Hess
Andrew Hess Måned siden
Best intro ever.
ιθκ¡ 。
ιθκ¡ 。 Måned siden
alpharads video with the same thumbnail is far better though
Corbett Todd
Corbett Todd Måned siden
MatPat: mentions mythbusters Me:
Hayder Binladen
Hayder Binladen Måned siden
though they have hover tech
Julie Samuel
Julie Samuel Måned siden
When you crash you roll
Parsogross Måned siden
Imagine being on a plane and some guy starts talking about seatbelts and advertising
ItsRhyGuy Måned siden
I like how matpat went insane halfway through the video after talking about the baby racers
alec laing
alec laing Måned siden
never playing mariokart agian
Thatguythatsrandomlyhere Måned siden
*im just glad to know that I’m playing an illegal game right now.*
Eden シ
Eden シ Måned siden
YTF YTF K Måned siden
What about the 300sl and the silver arrow
Leonardo Cardenas
Leonardo Cardenas Måned siden
No i have never crached in a mario kart game cuz i dont got a game copy of the game
Gabriela Aldana
Gabriela Aldana Måned siden
There is actually a horrific cheese grater in silly walks silly walks is a game
BlameGeorge Måned siden
7:47 the Mii characters have helmets and riding letter jackets
ihavecojones Måned siden
oh yea boyyyy... Our boy is flying first class! That's some serious money!
Jude Henderson
Jude Henderson Måned siden
I ran my gocart into a house.
Joshua White
Joshua White Måned siden
I think we know why dry bowser only has bones
Dragonair Girl
Dragonair Girl Måned siden
It's Mario cart I have no more movie references to put here Oh yeah I loved that movie
Grim Foxy
Grim Foxy Måned siden
Me and my uncle were actually very competitive in Mario kart eight so I would not recommend making fun and dissing that game
Dena KalkmanDawson
Dena KalkmanDawson Måned siden
•N E P T U N E•
•N E P T U N E• Måned siden
Imagine MatPat crashing your math lesson-
8fhhnh Ham8akjsjshzysgyzgzlett
8fhhnh Ham8akjsjshzysgyzgzlett Måned siden
we r maD
8fhhnh Ham8akjsjshzysgyzgzlett
8fhhnh Ham8akjsjshzysgyzgzlett Måned siden
rrrrrrrrr r
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