Is Darth Vader REALLY That STRONG?! | The SCIENCE of... Star Wars

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10 måneder siden

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The most famous icon from Star Wars is arguably Darth Vader. You see him everywhere and his story is pretty much the center of all the main movies. He is synonymous with power - what with the force chokes and other crazy tricks he pulls in the series and it's other properties. Today, Austin is going to figure out just how powerful Darth Vader really is and if he may just be the most powerful character in Star Wars.
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Pádraig O Neachtain
Pádraig O Neachtain Dag siden
Wait is mat pat
Pádraig O Neachtain
Pádraig O Neachtain Dag siden
Brain kabboom rest of my body noooo my head!
Dusten Cross
Dusten Cross Dag siden
Not so much a dead lift as a Iso. Hold. 😎
Dávid Pável
Dávid Pável 2 dager siden
Holding that water back is nowhere close to the upper limit of Vader
AJ H 3 dager siden
Dear Austin, You got Kilograms and Newtons confused again. Your answer is off by nearly an order of magnitude. Darth Vader would be able to lift the Titanic in a gravity well 1/5 the strength of Earth's.
G2 5 dager siden
Bro I love the intro please keep it the same
Tatiana Gois
Tatiana Gois 6 dager siden
summary of the video don't mess with water don't mess with Vader Vader is Daddy
GamesTechMX 6 dager siden
Sorry to nitpick (I'm a physicist, can't help it), the units of Force (pun intended) are Newtons, not kilograms, which you get if you consider the 1/s^2 in the gravity.
ctv186 7 dager siden
Consider this is Vader before episode 4, meaning he may be nowhere near his prime which may have been episode 5 or 6. Star Destroyer mass is estimated to be 27 or 54 billion kg by the way, which is >> the water mass here.
ctv186 6 dager siden
@Jixo Plays Website linked says "mass of a Star Destroyer should fall somewhere between 27,000,000,000 and 54,000,000,000 kilograms. That's 27 to 54 million metric tonnes." The million is for metric tonnes, or for 1000 kg, which converts to billion (1000*million).
Jixo Plays
Jixo Plays 7 dager siden
Here's the link of the site, which I think you got the estimated mass
Jixo Plays
Jixo Plays 7 dager siden
Million not billion
Vader: enters the room Me: I can’t wait to fight darth vader Vader: has no health bar Me: so this is what death feels like
No... he’s stronger
Khaled Zowila
Khaled Zowila 8 dager siden
I feel like its more impressive that kal can survive that pressure
Cucumbear studios
Cucumbear studios 8 dager siden
Any science with a beat in the background is awesome
Orce Tasovski
Orce Tasovski 9 dager siden
your theory is wrong if the gravity is so strong then does stormtroopers would have difficult time moving. This is some moon so it is more likely that it is smaller than earth and has lesser gravity lets say its equal to mars which is still too large to be a moon reducing your number to 13 mil kg or 13 000 tons witch is the size of a large ship some tankers still powerful and reasonably
HoopyDoopyScrewdrive 9 dager siden
Austin: Vader is an very strong because he can hold back water Me: “Bowing down to my glass”
Renilol 9 dager siden
If revenge of the sith ending happened in a water planet: Its over, Anakin! I have the high ground! You underestimate the water! Wait what??? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
chris hill
chris hill 9 dager siden
what make this more scary because of his damage that happen to his body he roughly lost 20% to 30% of his power.
Gore Obsessed
Gore Obsessed 9 dager siden
One day I want a video game that uses actual gravity just to see how floaty it feels
Fahmi Rosdiansyah
Fahmi Rosdiansyah 10 dager siden
dude, you got the unit for pressure wrong. it's N/m², not kg/m²
Jixo Plays
Jixo Plays 7 dager siden
Correct me if I'm wrong here, I'm not a physics nerd
Jixo Plays
Jixo Plays 7 dager siden
Got this from Google, SI unit of pressure For pressure, the SI system's basic unit is Pascal (Pa), which is N/m² (Newton per square meter, while Newton is kgm/s²). Pascal is a very small pressure unit and for example the standard atmospheric pressure is 101325 Pa absolute
Mons_BuNs13 11 dager siden
Short answer, yes.
Lord Vika
Lord Vika 12 dager siden
Did y'all know that when Anikin became Darth Vader he became weaker in the force? Since he lost parts of his body in the fight with Obi-wan, he became weaken in the force. So if he that strong now....just how strong was he when he was fully human?
Tim Jay
Tim Jay 13 dager siden
I didn't realize this channel wasn't just matpat. I don't care for this guy. Matpats presentation is more entertaining But that's just a theory.
Jacob Spalding
Jacob Spalding 13 dager siden
Does anyone know the song that starts at 7:44? I’ve tried to find it but it keeps pointing me towards Carrie Underwood and it’s not her.
Kevin Chow
Kevin Chow 4 dager siden
It's called "Better" by "Andrea Rocha".
SaltySwoosh 14 dager siden
Whats the song at 12:45?
GustavoPerdomo17 14 dager siden
Hey does someone know the name of the song?
Me Bender
Me Bender 19 dager siden
I'll come back and watch later. Thanks for the spoiler warning. Much respect.
Haywire - Hatred
Haywire - Hatred 19 dager siden
Sniperrifleist Man
Sniperrifleist Man 21 dag siden
Btw the water world has1.66 times times earth gravity
Brian Zhang
Brian Zhang 21 dag siden
Vader: I am the most powerful being that exists! Minecraft Steve: cute.
Rudra Mazumder
Rudra Mazumder 22 dager siden
Slight problem. Ashoka held back Maul's spacecraft which had several million Newtons of force considering and average rocket produces a 5 million N force, I say that Maul's spacecraft produced more - at least 10 times more cuz you know technology advances. So technically that's the best force display in Canon - not Vader. And we can assume that Vader is actually capable of more as he is stronger than Ashoka. In Legends, Palpatine lift a 19 km ong star destroyer but lets ignore that for now.
Jixo Plays
Jixo Plays 7 dager siden
Yea legends technically isn't cannon
Darth Pizza
Darth Pizza 23 dager siden
Well now I wanna know the physical strength of Cal for being able to swim through that 😂 I hope Austin doesn’t see this otherwise he’ll have an aneurism
Super Gamer Mitchell
Super Gamer Mitchell 23 dager siden
Seems Like Somone Needs To Be Nerfed
Marelize Putter
Marelize Putter 25 dager siden
My husband sits waiting for the mouse click
Dario Santos
Dario Santos 25 dager siden
"You don't scare me" "Then you will die braver than most"
cralix thegameking
cralix thegameking 26 dager siden
What ru doing darth daddy
Czotie 27 dager siden
Actually.. h(m/1)*ρ(kg/m^3)*g(m/s^2) = P (kg/ms^2) aka Pascals (Pa) So it would not result in Kg/m^2. So... not sure you did this right. I'm tired of trying to futts it around and find a way you're correct with your #'s so I'll just leave you to your glory!
Sanic The Hedgehorg
Sanic The Hedgehorg 27 dager siden
You should remain this to: Is Darth Vader really that tall?!
Kendrick Hamlin
Kendrick Hamlin 27 dager siden
Vader was messing around with Luke he could have easily killed him at anytime
Michael Terrell II
Michael Terrell II 27 dager siden
I just want you all to know that legends vader would laugh at this crap.
Mr Grievous
Mr Grievous 29 dager siden
At least it’s not sand
mickyflint 1218
mickyflint 1218 29 dager siden
you should take a look at valkorian, darth nihlus, Darth Sion
Optron Måned siden
I’m so happy he brought up the comics
KildroneInfinite Måned siden
For reference, an Imperial Star Destroyer is estimated at 100 million kg. So by the logic of this video with Vader struggling at 140 million kg more or less. That means that Vader is at least 1.4 times as strong as Star Killer in the Force (which is unintentionally surprisingly close.)
Archaíos Thànàtos
Archaíos Thànàtos 29 dager siden
Tipping the front down is way easier than deadlifting
Sam Deneen
Sam Deneen Måned siden
But I like the classic into!!!!
Timothy Weatherspoon
Timothy Weatherspoon Måned siden
Meters.. 😬😬😬 are you in America?
Davidenko Måned siden
*Vader* : Fighting Cal and Cere and almost wins *Water* : *WASSUP FUCKERS*
Malachi Cook
Malachi Cook Måned siden
How can the gravity be so high on the moon look how small it is.
Cole Gillespie
Cole Gillespie Måned siden
a 1 inch ball of lead has more mass than a 1 inch ball of wood. size is only half of what gives something its gravity.
Bubblebiskit Måned siden
that click is iconic. when ever I hear it, I know that I will have a better day. :D
Spammals Måned siden
So are we saying the window was as powerful as Vader to hold the water back yet broke so easily?
Joaxin Viktor Delgado Parra
Joaxin Viktor Delgado Parra Måned siden
not you ugin
Eugene Tan
Eugene Tan Måned siden
When you realise you lift way more than you think: 11:25
Thunderboy 1
Thunderboy 1 Måned siden
Me pretending that I understand what he’s saying: 👁👄👁 interesting
Darth vader
Darth vader Måned siden
Yes i am very strong indeed
Dark Baiter
Dark Baiter Måned siden
palpatine: starkiller is weak starkiller: pulls stardestroyer out of the sky starkiller: beat that palpatine: lifts 100 stardestoryers with no problem
Max BISHOP Måned siden
really, austian again??????
Williiam McDonald
Williiam McDonald Måned siden
What is the name of the song that started playing at 2:14? It's soooo good
Kaiman Nesbitt
Kaiman Nesbitt Måned siden
Is this the only star wars game were you run from vader
sajin muraka
sajin muraka Måned siden
austin kinda sus tho.
Aadinarayan R
Aadinarayan R Måned siden
12:42 Which song is that?
Awkward_alien Måned siden
KuraiWolf Måned siden
Vader: "Do you even lift bro?"
Cookie5Konster Måned siden
I’ve rewatched this over 10 times
Dr. Cleff
Dr. Cleff Måned siden
Don’t question the power of the dark side
charles dupee
charles dupee Måned siden
I genuinely wouldnt watch this show if the intro was changed, there is nothing more satisfying than the *click* *slowly start addressing a company* *DESCEND INTO MADENESS*
TerminalTim Måned siden
I love your intro though
2 laky
2 laky Måned siden
Ever heard of changing water levels due to tides??
Evan Elliott
Evan Elliott Måned siden
You guys are still underestimating him. To think he would be nearly twice as strong without the suit. Anakin lost 40% of his force connection after losing to obi-wan, not to mention his suit constantly distracts him with Itchiness, Pain and Discomfort which is highly distracting. The there is the physical difference of just pushing a solid object with the force compared to holding off a liquid. Vader Is FKN Scary considering all that as well and would be horrifying if he stayed normal.
Spike Darkblade
Spike Darkblade Måned siden
Lol ok sure ole germ boy tries to be badass. He is just literally sad and angry germ boy. Those are powerful motivators. Oh yes and that sweet sweet plot and plot armour.
Thomas SAISANI Måned siden
What is that outro song
DarknessGuard Måned siden
Vader literally is a monster.
Michael Gower
Michael Gower Måned siden
If you're a Michael swaim fan I'd love to hear you on his gaming podcast.
MzRtS12 Måned siden
And this is assuming good old earth-like liquid hydrogen-dioxide water, not some mystery water-like space liquid
Fadel Dennawi
Fadel Dennawi Måned siden
Darth vader is 10× stronger than his fallen order version even😂😂😂
Francytj :D
Francytj :D Måned siden
I like your intro though
mr bush
mr bush Måned siden
3:00 Darth Vader and skyrim gaurd 🤝 "No lolly gagging"
Rosalin Mohanty
Rosalin Mohanty Måned siden
The reaction tho!! Love vader...
Ryan Bisesti
Ryan Bisesti Måned siden
Wanna know what the scary part is, Vader is WEAKER than Anakin, meaning Anakin could probably lift more than him
Miguel Dubois
Miguel Dubois Måned siden
The fact you are using kilograms as a force bugs me in a level it shouldn't bug me
sunblock gaming
sunblock gaming Måned siden
i wanna see deathe battle calculate this on their dr doom vs darth vader video (spoiler)dr doom won
Nancy Garza
Nancy Garza Måned siden
I like the intro
IHopegood Måned siden
Quick answer: yes. Darth Vader is the strongest
Sean Wisniewski
Sean Wisniewski Måned siden
The scary thing is that Darth Vadar is actually weakened by his robotic parts so if he still had his limbs he would be way more powerful specifically he would have a power boost equal to the percentage of the tissue he lost. Simply put Darth Vadar being roughly 60% machine by my own estimation means if Darth Vadar didn't take a dip in lava he would be 1.6 times stronger than he has shown himself to be.
The Midrange
The Midrange Måned siden
What is that music?
Ewan Maynes
Ewan Maynes Måned siden
Just like to point out that Obi Wan is equal to Vader's strength as seen in their battle in episode 3
Soul Breacher
Soul Breacher Måned siden
I loved the anime scene
Trashboat Måned siden
“Inquisitorious”? Lol I think they are talking about the wrong emperor.
Carson Bassi
Carson Bassi Måned siden
love the Michael Swaim shout out!
Mav1464 Måned siden
What's that song he plays?
steve kudzin
steve kudzin Måned siden
So, what do you think of the goblin slayer "gate scroll to the bottom of the sea"? Would it work as intended?
steve kudzin
steve kudzin Måned siden
Also love the science 😅
steve kudzin
steve kudzin Måned siden
I love the intro, and the music, please don't change a thing! 😁
Jarvi Blue
Jarvi Blue 2 måneder siden
Dear Austin, I love your letter format style. Some things don't have to change. Sincerely, Me.
Dorka Vojtkó
Dorka Vojtkó 2 måneder siden
It's cool and all, but ain't no body question how the HECk did the padawan survive more than 4 million kg/square meter of pressure on his body without any injury?
Miklós Pál Márton Molnár
Miklós Pál Márton Molnár 2 måneder siden
I know different channel rules but I miss the swearing.
Luke C.
Luke C. 2 måneder siden
Wouldn’t the same amount of “force” been needed to break the glass in the first place?
Sembreon 2 måneder siden
Bruh watch the Clone Wars Anakin literally creates an enormous air bubble under water.
How to Game
How to Game 2 måneder siden
We need these math problems
Legatus Lucius
Legatus Lucius 2 måneder siden
Luke Skywalker is only a novice at the rank of Jedi not even a Jedi veteran before becoming a knight he may have a super strong connection to the force stronger than his father's but Darth Vader if he wasn't having a second midlife crisis on the Death Star and was completely dark side would have annihilated Luke in front of the emperor it would have been sad#Darth Vader through the fight in episode 6
Legatus Lucius
Legatus Lucius 2 måneder siden
Do you think the pressure is why he passed out so quickly hit fit only had to swim fast for 13 seconds
Legatus Lucius
Legatus Lucius 2 måneder siden
Let's remember that he's also a cyborg so his robot limbs would be stronger coupled with Force augmentation which basically stacks on to that strength plus the enormous physical power he gains from pain
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