Is Darth Vader REALLY That STRONG?! | The SCIENCE of... Star Wars

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The most famous icon from Star Wars is arguably Darth Vader. You see him everywhere and his story is pretty much the center of all the main movies. He is synonymous with power - what with the force chokes and other crazy tricks he pulls in the series and it's other properties. Today, Austin is going to figure out just how powerful Darth Vader really is and if he may just be the most powerful character in Star Wars.
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yichen chen
yichen chen Dag siden
Ostin he makes star killer look like a baby me didn't star killer defeat darth vader?
Emma Hietikko
Emma Hietikko Dag siden
LabTester Dag siden
You better not change the intro. NEVER!
N0va Scythe
N0va Scythe 2 dager siden
If we are looking at strongest it would be darth nihilus
Dailen Carter
Dailen Carter 2 dager siden
11:25 : I think it would be better if you just had a short animation or gif of the Earth exploding.
ordinary Oddball
ordinary Oddball 3 dager siden
Speaking of Pavlovian effect, I paused the video on frame one cuz I had to take care of something before I watched, but I still heard the classical music in my head that these videos always use.
Resist the Idiocracy
Resist the Idiocracy 3 dager siden
Nice Ultima reference.
Kai Watts
Kai Watts 5 dager siden
When I heard the screams, that was when I knew, he was back
Joe Ash
Joe Ash 6 dager siden
Whats the song name for that theres something in the water part?
Mega Gamer
Mega Gamer 6 dager siden
Cal literally can swim in that water like he was in a pool
Ench Wraits
Ench Wraits 6 dager siden
the intro sets the stage well
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 6 dager siden
Baby Yoda has been a thing for over a year😦
daleep pannu
daleep pannu 7 dager siden
The secne where Vader says that the force is stronger then anything is fanily makeing sense
Bretex Wayde
Bretex Wayde 7 dager siden
I loved that you referenced the comics
Ham Nugg
Ham Nugg 8 dager siden
Now I want to see an episode on We Need To Go Deeper and the scuba suits in game at the deepest out-of-submarine location, The Nautilus, and the pressures you would experience there
Legendary Hunter
Legendary Hunter 9 dager siden
I don’t like tha fact that the saber is just a glowy stick now
rokking 11
rokking 11 9 dager siden
11:36 nice
WILLIAM HUHN 9 dager siden
I've got to be living another life sometime. I KNOW I saw a video on Darth Vader's strength a LONG time ago. This isn't the first time its happened with Game Theory either.
Zombeebear 9 dager siden
Isn’t the force not limited by strength? That was like Yoda’s key lesson
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
Youtube Emperor of Mankind 9 dager siden
Just a bit of waterbending. No big deal. -Katara
ABravo 10 dager siden
The problem of this is we don't know the size of Nur, therefore we don't know it's gravitational pull so for all we know vader could only be lifting a couple tons.
Butrint Zeqiri
Butrint Zeqiri 11 dager siden
*Noise that happens when my mouth just falls open* WHAT THE HELL!? HE must have a MIDOCLRIAN COUNT OF 999 SIXTILION!
Pietro Lecchi
Pietro Lecchi 11 dager siden
Isaac Truman
Isaac Truman 11 dager siden
And don’t forget that Vader was weakened after his fight with Obi-Wan. Imagine if he was still Anakin and had access to his full potential
Dhilipan Sankar
Dhilipan Sankar 10 dager siden
Omg I still think about it when someone talks about Vader. Anakin is truly unlimited
Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs 11 dager siden
Game theory taught me more math in public school did
Elijah McElroy
Elijah McElroy 12 dager siden
What’s the song
Bheema Nayaka
Bheema Nayaka 12 dager siden
So that means that while swiming inside we should be crushed by the pressure
ava innit
ava innit 12 dager siden
wat is that circle cross like thing
xXSlayerOfSoupXx 14 dager siden
Cursed image the thumbnail is
ion avram
ion avram 14 dager siden
someone send this to major kill to redo the vader vs space marine fight
MANDO FILMS 14 dager siden
Steve from Minecraft Vs Darth Vader
A Man Of Sculpture
A Man Of Sculpture 14 dager siden
A Man Of Sculpture
A Man Of Sculpture 14 dager siden
A Man Of Sculpture
A Man Of Sculpture 14 dager siden
A Man Of Sculpture
A Man Of Sculpture 14 dager siden
A Man Of Sculpture
A Man Of Sculpture 14 dager siden
A Man Of Sculpture
A Man Of Sculpture 14 dager siden
Angel Matias Torres
Angel Matias Torres 14 dager siden
But what about how that planet gravety
Artistic Blue Jay
Artistic Blue Jay 17 dager siden
Wrong, Vader can't drink tea. To drink tea he'd have to take his helmet off. He can't breathe without his helmet. He'd die. Video disproven it's all wrong unsubscribed good day.
Sein2512 17 dager siden
Remember, although Vader is mad having water thrown into his face, imagine how strong he would be having sand shoved into his suit...
Naeem Salemi
Naeem Salemi 17 dager siden
some guy told me vader wouldn't be able to snap master chiefs neck because he's a super soldier smh.
The Only Masticater
The Only Masticater 18 dager siden
Imagine palpitine
Rafael Riera
Rafael Riera 18 dager siden
You know it's a good episode when Austin has a mental breakdown 5 seconds started the episode
Oscar Davis
Oscar Davis 19 dager siden
umm did you not here Yoda in empire strikes back? "weight matter not" or something like that
Dovas Variakojis
Dovas Variakojis 19 dager siden
Can we talk about how Cal and BD-1 managed to survive swimming in that amount of pressure??? Cal and his droid buddy should’ve crumpled up like a piece of paper. Cal is either immortal and unbound by the laws of science, or is using a Force barrier to shield himself from the ridiculous amount of pressure. If Vader can exert that amount of strength to keep out the water, Cal must be equal to that or at least come close if he can swim and concentrate at the same time!! I’m sorry for rambling!
Planet G
Planet G 20 dager siden
Dude this is so strong I bet he can’t even beat Palpatine
Planet G
Planet G 9 dager siden
I was supposed to say can
retro productions
retro productions 20 dager siden
stormtrooper: "you dont scare me" cal: "then you will die braver then most" game: "YEEAT!!!!!"
J0N F0X 20 dager siden
Vader is 6,8 wth vader is real tall.
don mills
don mills 21 dag siden
Because its soo simple and good
mason pokemon mario fan 1327
mason pokemon mario fan 1327 21 dag siden
what happen to matpatt
The Real Obama
The Real Obama 22 dager siden
If Vader was even more angry he would easily do it
The Real Obama
The Real Obama 22 dager siden
How did cal not get the bends
Trick Prower
Trick Prower 22 dager siden
Mr Mann
Mr Mann 23 dager siden
Ummmmmm, is anyone else going to comment on the fact that yoda says weight doesn’t matter when using the force
tirint 23 dager siden
And obi wan one that fight by luck against anikan
tirint 23 dager siden
What starkiller did obi wan did to
tirint 23 dager siden
In the comics
tirint 23 dager siden
The star destroyer
Gordon Sarratt
Gordon Sarratt 24 dager siden
Sergey O'Neill
Sergey O'Neill 28 dager siden
Galen Merak had huge trouble pulling down that ISD, plus it was already head down do to the damage it sustained. Also dark side apprentices are often on the power level of knights and masters. Yeah, Cal is going to be weak cause for most of the game he's a padawan. He won't be ragdolling stormtroopers around
Eitan Feiwus
Eitan Feiwus 28 dager siden
that just a theory a game theory thanks for watching
Xavier Vargas
Xavier Vargas 28 dager siden
I know I'm a year late, but wouldn't this mean that Cal is facing the same pressure as well? I know from Bernouli's equation, the pressure of a continuous fluid changes based on the height and cross sectional area at any point, but even then, Cal is at a very similar depth so wouldn't he have to be incredibly adapted to or extremely resilient to the pressure on that planet?
Nicholas VanHavermaet Sax
Nicholas VanHavermaet Sax 28 dager siden
What makes him cooler is the fact the he is weakened from his battle with kenobi
JKing LGPhone
JKing LGPhone Måned siden
Me sees darthvader. Oh yea I’m ready Me sees no health bar: um is that a glitch Darthvader: nope Mo: ok....ok
Witsi Gaming
Witsi Gaming Måned siden
what is the song playing at 12:00????
Pestilence Måned siden
I like the intro
Mrducky Måned siden
It’s stated that his power was cut in half due to his injuries pre rots he could lift 273,173,938kgs
Jordan Simmons
Jordan Simmons Måned siden
So I'm not diminishing Vader's accomplishment here, but the bit about Starkiller is kinda...wrong? Like yeah Vader's pumping out 136 million kg of force here. That's a lot. Estimate on star destroyers puts their weight at...100 million kg. So if you're wanting a non-water idea of just how much force Vader is working with here, "pushing a star destroyer into the ground" is surprisingly close.
Laura Stimpson
Laura Stimpson Måned siden
You missed something. Something HUGE. When you're working with water, especially under pressure... there can't be a SINGLE GAP. Vader has to hold that pressure over the ENTIRE HALLWAY AND NOT MISS A NANOMETER OF IT. If he doesn't, well, all that water pressure rushes right through that gap like an industrial water cutter and slices him in half. No reaction time, no blocking it, no argument about whether that's even supposed to happen in this game due to plot... VADER. IS. DEAD. because delta P scenarios are TERRIFYING. So not only is he pushing back all that water, he has to have precise and total control over the entire hallway! No wonder you can escape! If his concentration lets even the tiniest speck of water through IT IS ALL OVER! Wow, I tried talking like Austin and it's actually really tiring. My point remains, though.
Liam WALSH Måned siden
Theres a snall problem here with saying vader is much stronger than star killer and i really want some opinions on this. Now there is no canonical weight of an imperical class 2 syar destroyer bhut the minimun is accepted to be 24 million tons which, if US tons very roughly equates to x 217 the weight vader can lift. And using any other common ton measurement ut weighs more. Im wondering if 1 217th weight of anything is enough to push the thing like star killer pushes the seemingly class 2 syar destroyer. But maybe its not a class 2, or the gravity id weird on the planet star killer pushes the destroyer into, or maybe gravity is at play. Im looking for others opinond to see if people believe or could come up for a good explanation for star killer being able to push that star destroyer like he does and not be stronger in the force than Vader.
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Måned siden
Me thinking Jotaro is a giant: MAAAN I bet Jotaro *TOWERS* Darth Vader! Me when I looked up how tall 2.02 meters tall is: HOLY SHI- -Frank Died From Darth Vader- (69 - 2020)
shimo clash
shimo clash Måned siden
7:43 wtf is this song someone please
UnOrdinaryGamers !
UnOrdinaryGamers ! Måned siden
Relax austin your giving me anxiety lmao
Luis Trueba Garcia
Luis Trueba Garcia Måned siden
I liked this video, thanks for your very wisely, informative and fun time spent over this.
Homa Edo
Homa Edo Måned siden
Finaly afrer 11 mounths I finished the game
Eric Xu
Eric Xu Måned siden
Just to confirm, the london bridge weights 30000 tons. A star destroyer has a canonical full gross weight of 1 million kg, fully loaded, which is about 11000 tons. And that's not even his full potential, as Austin calculated! Vader and lift and throw more than 3 star destroyers at the same time with the force! Starkiller is like Baby yoda compared to him!
Sub par animations
Sub par animations Måned siden
The moon: pathetic
Khoa Tran
Khoa Tran Måned siden
wait, does that mean he can make nuke out of thin air if he want by compressing air??? o-o
Julien Quan
Julien Quan Måned siden
1: i'm thinking starkiller struggled because ISDs have engines. 2: in the old clone wars TV show, Yoda uses the force on (basically) an alive Mt. Everest. But i still respect Darth Vader
Asanda Ndimande
Asanda Ndimande Måned siden
The Guy survived swimming in lava and you ask whether he is strong?
Thatartguy Måned siden
we need that intro
Man Duck
Man Duck Måned siden
You got to realize that Cal dived that much with that push on him
Finn Birnel
Finn Birnel Måned siden
wait, who is Austin sending these emails to?
Shaun Ganyana
Shaun Ganyana Måned siden
Yes but Cal is awesome as well cause he survived holding his breath and swimming through all that pressure without using the Force
zivosaurus -rex
zivosaurus -rex Måned siden
yoda was 900 when he lift that x-wing austin you hear me 900 is like an 90 year old man lifting a chair
Cringe Person
Cringe Person Måned siden
he didnt take into consideration that might not be water identical to earth's water (edit) im sorry to be that guy
Jesse Lockett
Jesse Lockett Måned siden
Please leave the intro the way it is
Friedrich Morgenstern
Friedrich Morgenstern Måned siden
A class-1 star destroyer weighs 100 million kg.... this dude can lift one off the ground.....
Rev. David Sanders
Rev. David Sanders Måned siden
He will never be as strong as the Lord.
Thomas van Spronsen
Thomas van Spronsen Måned siden
There is a reason why the jedi restrain themselves
Hoshi Kun
Hoshi Kun Måned siden
And the strength of Vader isn't even the half of Anakin's :v
salim ladjouzi
salim ladjouzi Måned siden
That opening was the best way to waste time to 10 min
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Måned siden
I thank you for the love, however I would like to say that you underestimate the potential I could have had, if I had at least 3 limbs.
Garlenn Måned siden
Yes. Darth Vador is without question the strongest Dark Force user. Think of it like this, Palpatine can draw water from the ocean using a garden hose while Darth Vador can draw water from Niagra falls with the Largest Hydraulic Motor available, the men can stop a galactic ship in its tracks without straining himself. I know that the mithos is that he is a slave to Palpatine, wich is where the confusion comes from that he is weaker.
CalGaming Måned siden
dose anyone know the song at the end ?
Raining4rain Måned siden
i have aguess i reckon the firce is partially just people who can control and manipulate gravity
DrCreeper70 Måned siden
Holy space I like Vader but so much strength wow...
Chaos _
Chaos _ Måned siden
Could you do a theory about starkiller?
Mega Hobbit
Mega Hobbit Måned siden
"You do not know the power of the force!"
Ronan Smith
Ronan Smith Måned siden
He still can't pick up a star destroyer, those weigh about 4.44 billion kg
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear Måned siden
Another example of Vader's strength: He beat Chewbacca- in a fist fight
Beetle The SilkWing
Beetle The SilkWing Måned siden
I see that Austin has a doc called Food List. I have to relate and respect that-
Nice name Nice surname
Nice name Nice surname Måned siden
Well what did you expect? Dude has literally 80% of Darth Sidious's power wich is like: (almost) UNLIIIMITEEED POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
n m
n m Måned siden
but didnt mernin swim to call drag him and cira pit of the water with no resperator and also call did swim in the water
Walle Boi
Walle Boi Måned siden
You forgot a factor a factor, a lot of times Vader had to hold up his armor (his shoulder plates, arm plates, and leg plates) and the stuff made out of his suit is lightsaber resistant so that’s pretty heavy so well there’s more he’s doing...
AUDITOR Måned siden
More Vader videos please
JellyBean Måned siden
Maybe keep the stuff the same but update it? So like rework the animation but keep the style and format the same and change your pic to a less dandruffy one?
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