Game Theory: Hard Mode is a LIE! (Sekiro Easy Mode Controversy)

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Lately, gamers have been up in arms about whether or not all games should have an Easy Mode. Fans of games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls argue that the hard mode aspect of the game is part of the experience and doesn't need an easy mode. Others think games should be accessible to all gamers, no matter their skill level. Well Loyal Theorists, I'm here to tell you that Game Developers have been WAY ahead of you all for a while. You see, YOU are not actually choosing your difficulty setting - THEY ARE! That's right, all your games have been lying to you this whole time and I've got the proof!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Justin Kuiper
Editors: Josh Langman, Marc Schneider, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
Game Maker's Toolkit Video:

Axel Wülf
Axel Wülf Dag siden
God of War had an Easy Mode (weaker enemies, generous orbs) and an Extreme Mode (strong enemies that are damage sponges) and the overall gameplay is pretty much unaltered What I hate, is how other games pretty much punish you for wanting to play the game without having to sweat for it X-Men for the SEGA Genesis was like that, reaching a certain point in the game that was ironically difficult to complete, only to say that you need to choose a higher difficulty to progress Difficulties: Amature, Hero, Superhero Fortunately the sequel didn't do that
The Viper
The Viper Dag siden
Now in Fortnite your first game is against 100 bots. Literally AI made by Epic games to make you feel good at the game.
RealKewlKat789, the person nobody asked for
RealKewlKat789, the person nobody asked for Dag siden
I thought I was bad because the games I play (roblox mostly) because roblox games almost never have dynamic difficulty adjustment
огурец 2 dager siden
ive been playing difficulty 13-ish songs on robeats and now stoped playing the easy songs and playing difficukty 24 and its soooooo much fun
Cody Cross
Cody Cross 2 dager siden
he found out TwT
MrRakvalen 3 dager siden
i believe the game developer is the one who should have the say in what goes on in the game
Lucas QRS
Lucas QRS 4 dager siden
meanwhile in Need For Speed: "hey player, i noticed you're getting to far ahead from the other cars in hard mode, so let me give this Golf 2000 Horsepower so he can pass your Lamborghini that's going 400+ Km/h"
It’s Permafrost
It’s Permafrost 5 dager siden
Me every time opens Sekiro AcTivISoN AnD FrOmSoFt
asoka tano
asoka tano 5 dager siden
I personnaly LOVE easy modes because I only play games with deep lore (i'm really interested of beeing a part of a mini universe and discover all mythology, NPC,...) but I just suck and I became frustated over time 'cause I had to ask my boyfriend to walk around on dark souls 3 or to win a night in FNAF just because I suck at it (and it doesnt interest me)... just my opinion and experience
asoka tano
asoka tano 5 dager siden
English bad, me french, me dont know english 😂
bil jac
bil jac 5 dager siden
Git gud, btchs!!!!
Bliss 5 dager siden
I guess i have to play on hardmode with every game
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma 6 dager siden
Any comments on god of war 2018 , give me god of war difficulty !
Mystwitha6 6 dager siden
In Spider-Man you get saved at lower health in harder difficulty to help you
ROT SHEPHERD 8 dager siden
If u need easy mode,you don't want a game,you want a movie.
Toady's Bizarre adventure
Toady's Bizarre adventure 8 dager siden
In ur first match of Fortnite you will definitely be in a bot lobby so it’s rlly easy
ceePx 8 dager siden
matpatt: sekiro isn't hard, ur just need to get *better* " understanable have a nice day
Eddie Izm
Eddie Izm 9 dager siden
2019 outrage is cute at this point.
AH - 08KC 736604 Whaley's Corners PS
AH - 08KC 736604 Whaley's Corners PS 9 dager siden
Jokes on Konami, I like that hat
Green Delta17
Green Delta17 10 dager siden
shhhhh don't tell our secrets to players!
Stay Vibin
Stay Vibin 10 dager siden
Another thing is there is always a way to cheese a boss in dark souls games or sekiro the reason they never fix it is because some people can’t beat bosses
Naim Syed
Naim Syed 10 dager siden
10:11 Those who've seen all Food Theory videos, tell me if you recognise something.
The Great Autismo
The Great Autismo 11 dager siden
DDA is my brother's game and I seen it yesterday and you can turn it off now I know what it does but I think you should have the option to turn it off for all of the games that do that
Noodle Guy
Noodle Guy 11 dager siden
Shadows of the Empire was one of my favorite N64 game. Didn't know you couldn't see the ending on Easy, that's hilarious (and a little shitty)
Allen Naorem
Allen Naorem 12 dager siden
Weird some people buy a game famous for being brutally tough and then complains it's too tough. I am now going to play Yoshi's Wooly World with the expectation that it's going to give me a life changing challenge. It better give me a hell of a challenge.
Coyote Games
Coyote Games 12 dager siden
I like dynamic the most, but we choose if it’s dynamic of not
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 12 dager siden
ever heard of chess, there should be a god mode
Van Goghs Severed Ear
Van Goghs Severed Ear 12 dager siden
I wish games wouldn't do this. Let me accomplish it myself.
Nathaniel Willis Jr
Nathaniel Willis Jr 12 dager siden
The axiomatic humidity chronologically film because gold specially squash per a earthy fender. pleasant, spiky activity
Frasier 666
Frasier 666 12 dager siden
So cool watching old videos
Celia Frostborn
Celia Frostborn 13 dager siden
Nothing will make me ever feel as accomplished as my first time getting by the Anorlando Archers. I wanted to get past that section without cheating and I wanted to beat O and S without any summons and my pure skill. Games that are meant to bs hard based off of the developers vision should not have an easy mode. If they did I would not of felt nearly ad accomplished going through the Soulsbourne series solo! As far as we know those never pulled lunched based off of alghorithsms and we need games like that to split the true gamers from the casuals...
Seanfinn 11 dager siden
Yet at the same time we need games that have built in mechanics to help the player because it allows for “noobs” to get into the whole video game franchise better. If you were recommending a game to a person who has never touched a video game in their life, I don’t think you would recommend something like demon souls or dwarf fortress( if you do then even god fears you). You would probably have them start off with something like new Vegas, tf2, destiny, Pokémon, games where they can dip their toes into the more competitive modes/ harder difficulty games, to see if they can truly handle them. Not saying that new game +12 games shouldn’t exist but more like an equal balance between the two.
Gibs Lewiston
Gibs Lewiston 13 dager siden
Sekiro dose that in the first play through yes to make it ezr but new game plus u get one shot
Ponn 13 dager siden
tarkov doesnt does this this is why im scared to play it
Katalin Csermely
Katalin Csermely 13 dager siden
You say I am not as good as you think ,but I already suck
Tony Heckenlively
Tony Heckenlively 14 dager siden
Why do I keep on seeing the phrase “Nothing Risked Nothing Gained”. It’s a god damn game! There is no risk involved, at all. Games are entertainment, not real!
Fox in A box
Fox in A box 11 dager siden
Ikr!! I mean, im playing a video games to have fun. Not to be angry towards it. I mean, sure. The satisfaction feel when u complete that hard boss, very good. But different people had different mentality. Me personally, not a fan of those super hard games. Cuz i have short temper, and i rather not to make my parents think im a stressed out psychopath. My Point is, there's nothing wrong with an easy mode. Some people might had the patience to learn every bit of pixel to learn the pattern of the boss attack, timing, etc. But some of them (including me lol), just wanna play to have some fun. And fun, in my dictionary isn't wasting a few hours just to beat a boss. A good portion of difficulty is already enough. way too much, hell no. And dont even get me started on what's your purpose of doing that extra hard difficulties, yeah some people might praise you for that. But its not something huge. Plus u could do some more "stuff worth of doing".
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 14 dager siden
I like the cardboard Mat pat more than the real one
Gavin Varian
Gavin Varian 15 dager siden
I'm terrible at fighting games but I still enjoy playing them. I've known about this dynamic difficulty for a while, I just have to keep playing until I win. I especially noticed this in Injustice Gods Among Us
FnafFanPhil 17 dager siden
So it cup head actually leing to us?
melis dk
melis dk 17 dager siden
Now for 9 years yay
Udall Awkard
Udall Awkard 18 dager siden
The angora consequently film because rayon endogenously own an a lopsided broccoli. hurt, erratic syria
Isa Ahmed
Isa Ahmed 18 dager siden
games are for fun and joy not pain
Matthew Chamberlain
Matthew Chamberlain 19 dager siden
I can’t believe game theory is almost ten years old
Elana Swart
Elana Swart 19 dager siden
undertale has something like that i think here this website tells you about the temmie armor
Crunkyy 19 dager siden
funny part is, sekiro is always on easy mode untill you ring the demon bell
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz 21 dag siden
Meanwhile...I was proud playing God of War in "Give Me God of War" :c
Jackson Mileur
Jackson Mileur 21 dag siden
It's almost as if modern video games aren't intended to be challenging anymore, they're merely Skinner boxes to give players rewards and reinforcement at regular intervals to keep them interacting with the product long enough to purchase DLC, make the multiplayer scene look more active, or get their friends into the game.
SweetJP 22 dager siden
"hard games" aren't hard. it's just about understanding patterns. the world has done this for forever but doesn't know it apparently
Australia Will
Australia Will 22 dager siden
Get gud
Ashley Meagan
Ashley Meagan 22 dager siden
Hawkish 23 dager siden
I personally don't see whats wrong with this.
Huimang희망 24 dager siden
Actually noticing when your difficulty gets reduced is always a weird feeling I mean uh so I hear
Zombeebear 24 dager siden
The first Fortnite round is all bots lol, it’s insanely easy to win, so yeah, they also do behind the scenes stuff
Zombeebear 24 dager siden
“You’re being babied” Uncharted hardest difficulty: Bullets instantly kill you
Lost Kami
Lost Kami 24 dager siden
I’ve really missed seeing Matt pat talking, ❤️this video
dany the slime
dany the slime 25 dager siden
i suchat ALL games im not kidding....
rordon gamsay
rordon gamsay 26 dager siden
Science almost always Never lies
Peeve 26 dager siden
You Are not as god as you think you are People who think their bad from the start.
ParseeBoi 26 dager siden
Brian Aguilera
Brian Aguilera 27 dager siden
Talk about a hollow victory. You don't need to get better. We'll just dynamically change the game until you're "good enough" and let you think you overcame obstacles and increased your skill. Edit: I see I left a similar comment the last time I watched this video. At least I'm consistent in my views.
Dan Downing
Dan Downing 27 dager siden
Didn't you leave basically this same comment like a year ago? Weirdo
Nikto 27 dager siden
Choose difficulty Easy Normal Virgin
Triangulum 28 dager siden
IMO if you spent money on a game you should be allowed to play it however you want
BITTU bittu
BITTU bittu 28 dager siden
Unless its minecraft, cause half a heart means half heart!!
Tevye Ackerman
Tevye Ackerman 28 dager siden
so me beating doom in ultra nightmare...was a lie. 😥A LIE!!! 😫
Michael Goodwin
Michael Goodwin 29 dager siden
(Insert Anakin Skywalker LIAR line here)
[bla nk]
[bla nk] 29 dager siden
Weird when i played darn souls 2 it felt harder when i died
poop mod
poop mod 29 dager siden
Carson Clark
Carson Clark Måned siden
That is such a relief to hear that because I always felt this weird sensation while I was playing a game I could never get one shoted, Even if it was supposed to take all my remaining health.
Daniel Måned siden
well now im gonna replay god of war on give me god of war( the hardest difficulty) because f*ck you
Nicholas bannana
Nicholas bannana Måned siden
It's funny because fortnite will use that system it's called your first game is I'm not joking 90% bots or all bots.
ENFP GUY Måned siden
Halo 2 Jackle Snipers on legendary ;) I shot kill without much indication
StapleCactus Måned siden
Some games tell you what the difficulty selection does by outright saying they have dynamic difficulty enabled. I always avoid those because I really do want the full experience and feeling of accomplishment. I remember playing the first few Call of Duty games on the hardest difficulty right from the start, screaming and cussing my way through 20 hours of a 4 hour campaign. Playing the first Halo with my cousin on Legendary just to get that secret ending, getting good enough to headshot grunts around blind corners and quickly switching between battle rifle for the kill/plasma pistol to take out shields on everything else. And getting the Grunt's birthday skull that made them explode in confetti, damaging the surrounding enemies was an absolute blast. Shame they nerfed that in the later games.
Notorious Ray
Notorious Ray Måned siden
i wish dark souls was harder imo, it was difficult yes, but when you return to early areas everyones weak, there should be scaling without new game plus
Phantom Dark
Phantom Dark Måned siden
Yeah tell that to dark souls That game will try to kill u
Hk 47
Hk 47 Måned siden
14:06 Something similar must have happened to me (in another game); I counted, I think, 14 enemies and died; when I reloaded I killed 12 and spent 30 minutes looking for the last two
一Everthon一 6 dager siden
The Fist of Cthulhu
The Fist of Cthulhu Måned siden
*Laughs in Terraria softcore mode*
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Måned siden
i dont play Crash i tryed that game and only got to the 4 LvL then Quit playing i got bored
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Måned siden
the easy mode on the deadpool game is called baby mode i think that name is good for it
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Måned siden
Spiderman 2018 game hard there hard mode and really hard mode was a lie it was still to easy r maybe i am just way to good at Spiderman games
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Måned siden
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is way to Hard and i play every game on Hard but that game is set on really really really really hard
Tristan Parkinson
Tristan Parkinson Måned siden
Fire Emblem fans be like: we already sorted out the casuals.
snow4 summer
snow4 summer Måned siden
Making a dark souls game easy would be like making Gucci or supreme cheap it completely ruins the idea the brand stuff like supreme or Gucci are expensive for the sake of being expensive it makes you feel exclusive your paying for the exclusivity same thing with dark souls it's made for people who actually like to get good at games and some people aren't like that I am not like that but that's who the game is for and if everybody can get through those people won't care about the game anymore and they lose their audience Not everything is for everybody.
Kari K Official
Kari K Official Måned siden
Dynamic difficulty adjustment AKA was that was a glitch? 😭😭😭😭
Linh Vu
Linh Vu Måned siden
I need to, uh rethink my life cuz bro are we're not as good at games
Ethan Solomons
Ethan Solomons Måned siden
Gears of war was the first game I played and I played campaign so I now know why I managed to beat the game
Actually in fortnite your first game of a season is against all bots 😄
Will Måned siden
I can't play doom 2016 or doom eternal for more than a few minutes at a time because I get so stressed out that it causes headaches that spread over my whole body.
Will Måned siden
never gonna buy a game that doesn't at least have a normal mode
Will Måned siden
I have a disease that gives me headaches when I push my brain too hard. atleast blind gamers find work arounds they don't have to deal with their heath sabotaging their gaming experience.
RobStar Måned siden
i thought this was a god of war vid
Mohammad Taha
Mohammad Taha Måned siden
Lol same 😂
Winged Wolf
Winged Wolf Måned siden
Blue Fire
Blue Fire Måned siden
General LowRes
General LowRes Måned siden
Some games for example mario kart if you play against bots and are too far ahead of them they speed up to an impossible speed while not seeming like it on the map untill you are losing or it catches up to you
To be god at games first I take 4 redbull and I can play at eny dificulti and im to poor to play games but thenks Mat you are the best fack you people in the coments I play solitare this the onli game I play Im not american .
Jay Clark
Jay Clark Måned siden
Hey I beat Titanfall 2 on hard
Erocknrolla Måned siden
playing through dark souls series has actually made me a better gamer in general. i can crush through other games nowadays easily
Rob Måned siden
I'm studying Game Design and I can confirm this is real for at least every AAA game. Maybe the Indie Games are out of this, but every popular game has this, if not the health is the enemy debuff, if it's not that it's another thing, etc. The fact is that you want players to play your game and feel strong while playing it, you want the game to be a good experience, not a frustrating one. I actually do not mind this, I mean, I play to feel an adventure, not to feel I'm the very best as no one ever was, and I actually tend to change the difficulty based on how good/bad I'm doing.
Elijah Brewer
Elijah Brewer Måned siden
Monster hunter games train the player to become good by escalating the difficulty level. Each new monster added a new body language and tells to learn because there is no life bar. At the end of the day the grind feels fun playing with friends, even helping new players is great.
George Murdock
George Murdock Måned siden
There is nothing better then failing in games. Quit assassins creed 4 half way through cuz it got boring that you can block anything and stealth was easy af. Only cool part where the legendary ships wich wasted me like 100 times.
nextwen XD
nextwen XD Måned siden
Multiplayer games tho
ZeroTheHero GamesAndMore
ZeroTheHero GamesAndMore Måned siden
Pls use the space bar!
Mohammad Taha
Mohammad Taha Måned siden
runkl Måned siden
I stabbed 2 max netherite players in minecraft with me having max netherite and also killed 2 different hackers also me after this video I've won but at what cost
TheRedBaron Måned siden
I think the answer is simply that not all games need to be designed with the same difficulty settings. Its ok that some games are geared towards children and are mind-numbingly easy for adults, its also ok that the Souls games are very difficult. That variety means everyone gets an experience they want, they just simply need to find the right game. Demanding a developer do what you personally want when there are millions of other players already enjoying this hand-crafted experience is just selfish.
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