Game Theory: Hard Mode is a LIE! (Sekiro Easy Mode Controversy)

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Lately, gamers have been up in arms about whether or not all games should have an Easy Mode. Fans of games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls argue that the hard mode aspect of the game is part of the experience and doesn't need an easy mode. Others think games should be accessible to all gamers, no matter their skill level. Well Loyal Theorists, I'm here to tell you that Game Developers have been WAY ahead of you all for a while. You see, YOU are not actually choosing your difficulty setting - THEY ARE! That's right, all your games have been lying to you this whole time and I've got the proof!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Justin Kuiper
Editors: Josh Langman, Marc Schneider, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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master shooter64
master shooter64 3 timer siden
haha doom eternal go brrrr
Valclaries Kaiyr
Valclaries Kaiyr 7 timer siden
I never played single player games my whole life, and only ever played multiplayer ones. I'm highly competitive and already had the gitgud mentally. League, controversially, has an equal playing field. You had access to the same champions, same items, same map, so it literally just depended on skill and experience. I understand when my opponent is better than me and already accepted that, I need to get better in order to win more.
Kidus Kidane
Kidus Kidane 16 timer siden
Thanks mat u've ruined games for me
KingIam DaOneWho
KingIam DaOneWho 16 timer siden
COD: "We don't do that here"
zythed 17 timer siden
1:56 you were really getting angry weren't u?
Zaydan Abrahams
Zaydan Abrahams Dag siden
I love matpat
Ivan Felipe
Ivan Felipe Dag siden
I hope celeste doesn't have it
that one Guy
that one Guy Dag siden
I need easy mode to do after I beat the game on normal
Moon Seeker
Moon Seeker Dag siden
Different games attract different people, I don't think one game satisfies all demographics That said, despite all this hyperbole, if a game has one route to win, be it easy or difficult, it's a bad game in my opinion. If a game, say even a board game, has 10 different moves, 9 of which are winners, did you even play? Is that worth your time and money? No Only game journalists complain about these, as well as studios who'd love to cut game developers off of the budget. Sekiro's great, because it rewards my understanding and execution of the mechanics, in exchange for my time and effort. Dynamic difficulty only really applies in vs games where the opponent has the ability to block every move, and a random selection of skills doesn't make any sense, so they like start "blocking" less after a while. I noticed already that even when hit from off screen, I don't die with a single hit in some games, it doesn't take away from the experience, doesn't equate to "no game at all" it's all in the spirit of fun. I find games that patronize you... extremely patronizing, I just don't go out and wanna enjoy my time with a "video game".
Noah Jentzsch
Noah Jentzsch 2 dager siden
Imagine DDA in Pokemon games...."Oh you got defeated by..." *resets the game* The game would never adjust itself because everyone is too proud to admit that he just got his whole team wiped by a rattata ^^
Cheetahboy 3 dager siden
i suck at games :))))))))))))))))))))
Polybius 3 dager siden
One of the most frustrating things in a video game ever: Super Mario Bros. Wii If you died too often, a green "Luigi" block would appear, prompting the player to hit it and watch Luigi demonstrate how to complete the level. And, you could take over for Luigi mid-day through the level. I despised it, even as a really young kid, because it was basically saying "Let me show you how it's done".
Héctor Sáenz Ocampo
Héctor Sáenz Ocampo 3 dager siden
Now im playing all my games on hard so ill enjoy them more throughly
Toxic Studios
Toxic Studios 4 dager siden
I have Metal Gear Solid 5 and the game is not that hard which is why I had to purposely die 4 to 5 times at those little camps just so I couldn't walk the option to get the chicken hat to the ivid have my little play without having to worry about being killed😑
ITS J.F.E 4 dager siden
I gotta be honest. Idk why I like this channel. It's all about making me feel like an idiot..... through FUN AND SCIENCE!
That Guy with an Umbrella
That Guy with an Umbrella 4 dager siden
low key. would play easy mode just for that chicken hat.
That Guy with an Umbrella
That Guy with an Umbrella 4 dager siden
also, I disagree that we are not ever improving. difficulty settings allows players to evolve and get good, by allowing them to take baby steps. dynamic difficulty is particularly nice to for the same reasons. I've always been particularly bad at video games, but i wouldn't even know if I was improving if it weren't for difficulty settings. how nice it feels to see the game change and become more challenging the next time you play, because you are doing better.
IbrahimDDeveloper 5 dager siden
6:48 What is a game but a series of fake achievements?
gaming is Gucci !
gaming is Gucci ! 5 dager siden
Game theory I beat rathalos with a fire weapon !
cody johnson
cody johnson 5 dager siden
Yeah even Pac man
cody johnson
cody johnson 5 dager siden
I notice it
Rafael Quillopas
Rafael Quillopas 6 dager siden
Could someone make the opposite of dynamic difficulty? When the character dies, the game will much harder.
Andrew Stonerock
Andrew Stonerock 6 dager siden
Can we just have Mat Pat as an alternate universe Barry Allen already?
One Flying Boiii
One Flying Boiii 6 dager siden
Man playing a game in easy mode is like watching a movie of game. You nearly not doing anything. You are no struggle or not criticize when you are low because you cant be low in easy mode. İf you want to play the game then open normal mode. İf you are here for just storyline or movie than watch gameplay videos
One Flying Boiii
One Flying Boiii 6 dager siden
@Swadhin Adhikari no matter what you ve done, you cant change half life's story. Or no matter what yove done. Final is gonna be same. You have just two options on the final and thats it... İf you wanna choose characters fate, then just... Play story based games ¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯ But if you playing an action game i think you cant have adrenaline or intense moments in game, except some game types
Swadhin Adhikari
Swadhin Adhikari 6 dager siden
You watch a movie for the story and the characters not for choosing what the characters will become, you made the worst argument.
Corvus Lunae
Corvus Lunae 7 dager siden
You look like Greg heffley all grown up
Aeden phillips
Aeden phillips 8 dager siden
I'm pretty sure fire has a greater chance to be put out on half a heart in Minecraft
Hemo A.H.
Hemo A.H. 8 dager siden
In sekiro you have to learn every move of the boss you're facing in order to defeat them instead of the game just getting easier. Before I would do the same thing over and over until I win but after I played sekiro i changed my style. Most bosses I would die the first few attempts but after I learn their tactics it becomes easier, you just have to time your attacks and adjust your strategy.
Dhondu Rao
Dhondu Rao 8 dager siden
On the other hand we have Dwarf Fortress. "Losing is fun."
Rebecca Hull
Rebecca Hull 9 dager siden
i play rec room do you want to play??????
kymani callwood
kymani callwood 9 dager siden
This theory is pretty good but i have one thing to say... Git Guud Kid
Grand Master Kestis
Grand Master Kestis 9 dager siden
0:47, no, that's an entirely accurate statement
Wesley Sosebee
Wesley Sosebee 10 dager siden
Daxos Nessus
Daxos Nessus 11 dager siden
I just spring for normal mode
Why Peanuts
Why Peanuts 11 dager siden
When you can’t beat Mario but you can beat sekiro
Taylor York
Taylor York 12 dager siden
DDA sounds like a good idea to me
Taylor York
Taylor York 12 dager siden
Eh, we are all terrible people.
Peter Nelson
Peter Nelson 13 dager siden
Doom eternal ain’t got no extra health even if it does you still get murdered a ton
LoLzGuy XD
LoLzGuy XD 14 dager siden
Your telling me that Sigrun went easy on me even tho I put the difficulty on Give me a challenge.....
Neferin 14 dager siden
I didn't know there were so many people lying about being good at games to companies.
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 15 dager siden
just for the beggining im gonna sub
Spat856 15 dager siden
DDA is accepted and a valid design choice for single player games. When it creeps its way into multiplayer games thats when it crosses the line imo.
Malakai Dean
Malakai Dean 15 dager siden
He tells the truth that I think I'm better than I am
Pali lel
Pali lel 15 dager siden
yea play FE12 Lunatic Reverse mode and say it's ezz
Raj Krishan
Raj Krishan 15 dager siden
I love all his Theory Channels 😂👌🏻
DapperPumpkin 17 dager siden
I now have -1 skill which is for not the world record
Cyrus Goins
Cyrus Goins 17 dager siden
Titanfall two hardest mode was so hard for me I cried a few times so ya
marshmallow Mallite
marshmallow Mallite 17 dager siden
I love this thumbnail it's so funny looking
Teconification 17 dager siden
why outro is smite's music ?
OffGhost 1413
OffGhost 1413 18 dager siden
I feel attacked, ive played Call of Duty Ghosts on Veteran and believe me,it scarred me
Ultimate Warriors
Ultimate Warriors 19 dager siden
i guess your right Because we will always have faults
Corey Venice
Corey Venice 20 dager siden
The Wii sports Golf speedrunning community found dynamic difficulty in Wii Sports Golf and figured out exactly how it worked so they could get easier holes
SyphonEXP 20 dager siden
Bruh 20 sumthin’ year old game journalist’s can’t beat the first sekiro boss but me at 15 got to genichiro In the same time but granted I’ve played the whole series witch is a better reason to have specific game genre journalist’s
Mason 22 dager siden
I will never play a crash bandicoot game again ever, I just lost all respect I had.
Mason 22 dager siden
If you don't like challenging games don't buy them. If you can't finish a game you don't deserve the story, and you can still look it up if you really want to know.
Grimtor 23 dager siden
So question why is kratos on the cover of this video being the second best game character because isn't this video on a completely different game (Arthur Morgan being the best)
Raphael Pinto
Raphael Pinto 23 dager siden
I think players should be able to turn off dda
Jeremy Conley
Jeremy Conley 23 dager siden
Raise your hand if you suspect this was recommended to you a year later because it's possible the topic has suddenly never been more relevant
Cooper Stevens
Cooper Stevens 24 dager siden
Call of duty- modern warfare campaign on realism mode would like a word
Gabriel M
Gabriel M 25 dager siden
Not with civ I used thousand to destroy a chariter but get destroy on easy
Mitul Sarkar
Mitul Sarkar 25 dager siden
What an asshole
Kuli Kevl
Kuli Kevl 25 dager siden
I wonder how many Nintendo games have these systems... 😁
Kuli Kevl
Kuli Kevl 25 dager siden
Also, armored core made the name for From Software. Not anything after last raven tho.
Kuli Kevl
Kuli Kevl 25 dager siden
He's not lying. All these "I've got everything" "gamers" make me chuckle.
M. 26 dager siden
Im surprised he didn't talk about how bloodborne gets a little easier after like 11 hours in the same file
Jared Loomer
Jared Loomer 26 dager siden
Hey matpat I love ur vids in one of my minecraft worlds I named a dog “mat pup”
Jonah Mardis
Jonah Mardis 26 dager siden
CV Productions
CV Productions 28 dager siden
If a game has a difficulty setting i play it through on the default setting then on the hardest
Oscar Alejo
Oscar Alejo 28 dager siden
Games are ment to be fun not more stress
lyle6930 lyle6930
lyle6930 lyle6930 28 dager siden
2020 is worse
Homicidal George
Homicidal George 28 dager siden
I like difficulty sliders but they should tell you which difficulty the game is meant to be played on so youre not sitting there picking the wrong difficulty and thinking the game is too easy/too hard
lucas rogers
lucas rogers Måned siden
That's why halo 2 is good the enemies never miss.
CherlynCherlyn LevieLevie
CherlynCherlyn LevieLevie Måned siden
There was a fortnite youtuber who commented about how the bloom when using assault rifles was greatly reduced when he made an alternate new account to play on. This was back when good players would make fake accounts and pretend they were bad to make youtube videos. I can't remember the name of this youtuber anymore, but you mentioning that just brought it to memory.
D3rpy Plays
D3rpy Plays Måned siden
I feel lied to
Fuzion_cold 92
Fuzion_cold 92 Måned siden
Unless it’s an online game
SkyWalker 01
SkyWalker 01 Måned siden
So that's why when I got back into fnaf the second night foxy was super aggressive
jidieo Måned siden
So basically, every first match win on mult games, that makes you feel like you can do it, was a lie...
Iron C
Iron C Måned siden
I know I'm late but Fallot 4 is really honest with it's difficulty settings. Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Extremely Hard.
Gabriel Rosmaninho
Gabriel Rosmaninho Måned siden
thx for ruining my self-esteem lol
Hosne Ara
Hosne Ara Måned siden
Humans are really bad at judging themselves. That’s why incompetent people think they’re amazing and extra competent people think that everyone is just as good as them
Kailyn Måned siden
WAIT A SEC what about codm
Mimi K
Mimi K Måned siden
I cant remember the game but there was a short controversy over it because when you got close to dying (10% health or lower) all enemies would change drastically. They would only hit their target roughly 20% less, the damage they did was also around 20% less, and they would lose up to 40% damage resistance. The game also corrected your aim to make it 15% more likely you hit the target. My brother and I got our health down to the 10% with one enemy left and stood in front of him for about 5 min before he finally killed us.
Sebastian Gallardo Medina
Sebastian Gallardo Medina Måned siden
Souls games should have a hard mode, along with sekiro, which is why ascended mods were made by the community
Sekiro has a hard mode. It’s called “new game+7, demon bell charm, no Kuro’s charm”
Michbot Mfang
Michbot Mfang Måned siden
Just think about that the next time u win with 1hp
Farididdin Rahimov
Farididdin Rahimov Måned siden
Another game that uses dynamic difficulty adjustment is demon's souls, but instead of getting easier each time you die it gets harder.
josh gaines
josh gaines Måned siden
I play the halo 2 legendary wth the tilt controleys
Grant Goldberg
Grant Goldberg Måned siden
Sekiro was in the title and referenced a lot but there weren’t actually any mentions of how/if Sekiro uses these difficulty adjustment tactics
Haramea Måned siden
And here i am just wanting to see the story unfold and being happy that the game helps me if it décides i need it...
soggy dog yeetman
soggy dog yeetman Måned siden
mhmm.....well matpat I have beat shovel knight %100 so hmhmhm that final boss is uhhh pretty hard ya know soooooo
Chase Thomas
Chase Thomas Måned siden
0:57 no matpat it’s a theory a game theory
Adrian Mango
Adrian Mango Måned siden
Isn’t it that survivors instinct taking over. Shouldn’t games feel the same way? Desperation leads to focus leading to slightly better shots? Same thing for other aspects?
DEATHbySp00Nz15 Måned siden
sbmm in multiplayer games when u just wanna be casual and not a sweat
Will Cage
Will Cage Måned siden
In dead cells when you take a 'sturdy hit' leaving you with 1 hp from a massive hit, the game slows down for an extra bit to tell you "yeah you just tanked that. Let it sink in. That could've killed you." It makes it feel more personal, like a gift from the devs rather than cheating. And then you die 2 seconds later and have to restart the run.
Soundoffox_123 Måned siden
Make a theory about what console should you buy, I'm out of that Xbox or Playstation thing, so when I see someone trying to convince me in that way I kinda freak out
Chips Måned siden
So how is it with Devil May Cry difficulties? I mean in the 1st game u get a option for an easy mode which makes enemies weaker and eases the controls. Is there some DDA?
VaryTea 398
VaryTea 398 Måned siden
I really like this hybrid animated and live matapat editing, hope it is used again.
white ghost inc
white ghost inc Måned siden
Long story short every world is personalized and we're stuck in this one
Douglas Tan
Douglas Tan Måned siden
What about Mobile Legends or Killer Bean Unleashed? Is the Mega Levels Option actually easier than Story Mode in Killer Bean Unleashed? Do you actually regain hp it's just that it's very little in Mobile Legends?
Knallbart Måned siden
It's strange to see him presenting instead of the cut-out pictures 😄
Fallen_Exceed Måned siden
I really wish games were a bit harder to be honest
Cypher Måned siden
If I’m worse than I thought then I’m the worst player ever
jonah lowell
jonah lowell Måned siden
he says ''well ladies and gentlmen itss 2019...'' well its 2020 now and life just gets worse past mat pat
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