Game Theory: We SOLVED Dark Souls 3! + Dark Souls Giveaway

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3 år siden

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Dark Souls is, without question, my favorite modern gaming franchise. But doing a theory on these games requires an IMMENSE amount of explanation since every element of Dark Souls lore is hidden in things like item descriptions and design details. So today, I'm reviewing the entire Dark Souls story and setting up the pieces to unlock these games' greatest mystery -- who are you playing as in Dark Souls 3? Because when you actually put the puzzle pieces together, your character ISN'T just a nameless protagonist, but rather DOES have a lore behind him...but it's going to take a LONG time to get there. So apologies for the 2-parter, but in order to make sure everyone understands what's going on when I start getting deeper into Dark Souls Lore, I had to make sure we all had a solid understanding of the main plot and characters! And to make it better -- there's a giveaway! Huzzah!
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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists 3 år siden
Dear Angry Commenters: 1. I didn't delete VaatiVidya's comment. I NEVER delete comments. NOpost refreshes comment threads all the time to show more recent ones. His is probably buried in the 55,000 others the video has. 2. Sorry we showed Patches' head on Siegward. The editors do a lot of Google Image searching, especially for franchises they're not as familiar with, and while I thought it was weird to see Siegward's face (I didn't remember it from my playthroughs and was something that, as I was giving notes gave me a red flag), I had forgotten that Patches steals his armor and didn't fully check it out. But one minor mistake like that shouldn't discount the theory, undermine my enthusiasm for this franchise, or prompt the rage you guys are sending. 3. Yes, a lot of this is basic -- but I can't assume people know ANYTHING about Dark Souls and I want everyone to appreciate the lore of the series. The next episode gets REALLY deep, so I had to start everyone on the same level so next week's follow-up will make sense.
Hayden Marx
Hayden Marx 12 dager siden
@thegametheorist why haven't you done a bloodborne theory yet?
alex torbert
alex torbert 2 måneder siden
I side with matpat to
LIAM BISHOP 3 måneder siden
Yo can we get another dark souls theory
M M 4 måneder siden
@Kevin Liles they literally played the game and they probably watched vaativiyda because he has the best lore videos
Jun Jun Abelita
Jun Jun Abelita 6 måneder siden
Wait i don't get it if darsk souls 1 and 3 is about lighting the fire what is dark souls two about?
Alexis Kandasaiyuu
Alexis Kandasaiyuu Dag siden
Hmmmm, when will I ever see an ACTUAL Aldritch picture, not Darksun Gwyndolyn being eaten alive? I'm actually having a good time with this videos, because it's clear as water he doesn't know a thing of Soulsborne, so it just makes for a good time fun video. Alas, MatPat is not Vaati, or Lance, o Cainfoe.
Jose Luzania
Jose Luzania 3 dager siden
I just bought Dark Souls 3 for my birthday so I'm watching this to celebrate
Mike Barnes
Mike Barnes 4 dager siden
Soo.. since when is there not a wiki that runs down the lore/story for every single media franchise that has a fanbase
Ethan Howell
Ethan Howell 5 dager siden
I still find it really funny that when we see segmier it’s patches in this video
Jugg ._. Jugg
Jugg ._. Jugg 7 dager siden
11:58 Why? That's not Siegward
PercyKqv 7 dager siden
Sup fam, I'm getting dark souls after I complete my homework. I only own an Xbox 360 so i can only play dark would 1 and 2
DevilDog Rightfulsquad
DevilDog Rightfulsquad 12 dager siden
know i think the charater of the game in ds3 is the first unkindeled from ds1 i know i know its far feacthed, but in a way it makes sense. You see after you link the fire in ds1, you never see him as a boss or as a lord of cinder in ds2 and 3 so i thik is that you are a lord of cinder that is forgoten and that he was rised up to link the fire once again
Amara 17 dager siden
Seigward, my favorite character: *Pulls up a picture of patches*
Harrison Lee
Harrison Lee 21 dag siden
I hope Mat realizes that he didn't need to read Hawkwood's full name and he only had to read his shield description
Chris willett
Chris willett 25 dager siden
Are u going to finish this. Been 3 years now
Ringtail 27 dager siden
What are the realistic odds of you guys covering the theory that Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro are all in the same universe?
Mike Morales
Mike Morales Måned siden
song used at 14:09?
Chandarong Nuon
Chandarong Nuon Måned siden
But who resurrected them?
Cicero Fryman
Cicero Fryman Måned siden
Bruh that's not Siegward that is Patchs wearing Siegwards armor that was stolen for him
Pixel Player
Pixel Player Måned siden
Age of dark. More like 2020.
coco jacob
coco jacob Måned siden
Hiccup when the lords killed the dragons hold my dragon blade
coco jacob
coco jacob Måned siden
I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you I've been praising the sun for years
Spanish Assasin
Spanish Assasin Måned siden
I WAS OCELOTTE?!?!?!? OCELOTTE could use of female and male name, no? Is Dark Souls, Who name his child like Artorias or Oceiros
Dark Slayer
Dark Slayer Måned siden
Did anyone notice that Matt Pat got a picture of Patches and not siegward since Patches stole siegward armor
PaperMan Måned siden
Dark souls 2 is the most different, learn before making a video.
Hugo w
Hugo w Måned siden
Also when you complete few Side quest and collect the Shining dragon Stone torso (path of the dragon posing at the end of the Arch dragon peak) and talk to andre he Will give you Sword Grass thingy and once you go back to the abyss watchers sanctuary you Will find hawkwood claiming to be true dragon he Will fight you WITH the abyss watchers greatsword Performing the same attack patern as if you were wielding the weapon. Once again proving he was an abyss watcher
Crash Måned siden
I hate that you useds patches as Siegward
Lemonjelly Måned siden
the Ashen One is just the Chosen Undead after a SL1 run
camiobete Måned siden
can i still participate the giveaway??
Pyro Panda
Pyro Panda Måned siden
Lol I’m only three years late to this give away but playing dark souls was fun so duces
Knight Ariel of Astora
Knight Ariel of Astora Måned siden
alex cui
alex cui Måned siden
Dank souls?
Fnima Måned siden
This video unsettles me
Greydin Games
Greydin Games Måned siden
Mat Pat: Without further ado, let’s get on with the video. NOpost: No No No, let’s play an ad.
John 2 måneder siden
I'm sure Ocelot could go toe to toe with Artorias.
Jake McCormick
Jake McCormick 2 måneder siden
Thats patches dressed as siegward
navya goes brr
navya goes brr 2 måneder siden
I just bought DS3 i am so excited
vwgajace 2 måneder siden
i like how this theory is literally disproven with 3 words
Mrimchaelson 28 dager siden
And those words are???
Alexander Schweinehunde
Alexander Schweinehunde Måned siden
vwgajace what words im curious how fast we can speed run disproving the theory
Creative Void
Creative Void 2 måneder siden
acidrain 42
acidrain 42 2 måneder siden
Hey it's more painful than five nights at Freddy's and undertale combined you know i have seen Dark Souls as kind of a opening perspective on hardcore gaming.
Raider For Honor
Raider For Honor 2 måneder siden
It really takes 4 minutes before he starts talking about anything
Hyeladi Sanusi
Hyeladi Sanusi 2 måneder siden
The game theorist team works so hard so other peoples' hardwork wont be in vain Why? Cause thats what heroes do
The Deadly Hashtag
The Deadly Hashtag 2 måneder siden
U Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xuanathan 2 måneder siden
14:27 Mmm. Mmm. I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’m trying to find my way to the profaned capital, but someone’s put me in Anor Londo with Aldrich. There also appears to be some treasure down there, mmm. Mmm.
Scootersud 3 måneder siden
Ah but mat pat, zombies actually die, hollows don’t they just keep coming back
Slightly Insane
Slightly Insane 3 måneder siden
Yes, Indeed.
Murdoch 3 måneder siden
Repost of Vaati's comment: In a Taiwanese interview with Miyazaki, he defines unkindled as those who: "didn't succeed in linking the fire and become cinder, but failed and burned to nothing. Unkindled is born out of their remaining ashes" The Ocelotte theory is nice, but considering doesn't really make sense. Considering your timeline, I doubt you could even say Ocelotte took on the Souls of Cinder and failed. Some other commenters are also rightly pointing out that Orbeck has a connection to the Princes, as he can be summoned for their fight and can die in the Archives and is probably Unkindled. eh
Malik Harmon
Malik Harmon 3 måneder siden
the fire is the internal fire the fire of all life you idot If the fire goes out all life but 3 races will die AND the guardians of dark souls will die baseckly if you cant imagine that then play bloodborne there the same universe just the fire went out 1000 yrs later
Malik Harmon
Malik Harmon 3 måneder siden
you are a lord of cinder idoit
Moros God Of Doom
Moros God Of Doom 2 måneder siden
No? You’re an unkindled one, idiot.
jake randles
jake randles 3 måneder siden
Loser 6236
Loser 6236 3 måneder siden
Hey matpat can you please play dark souls on gtlive
Praise h.
Praise h. 3 måneder siden
13:15 exhausting his dialogue in the slightest reveals this. the followers in the painted world are also ex abyss watchers
Praise h.
Praise h. 3 måneder siden
Abyss Walker Artorias ah, oki. i kinda assumed they were all similar units and that the followers had repurposed their attire and changed weaponry
Ev0lutiionary 3 måneder siden
They aren't ex abyss watchers, they are apart of the Legion of Farron yes but the watchers are pointy hats and greatswords, Those are the followers. They are basically like support units for the watchers they use sorcery, help the watchers with smithing and their weapons, armor etc.
Praise h.
Praise h. 3 måneder siden
8:08 not ds3s leather armour set nerd
Praise h.
Praise h. 3 måneder siden
it disgusts me that someone of this sort thought he could even try to replicate what vaati does. its pretty obvious he failed as well, counting that hes complaining about how cryptic ds is
gottickets jr
gottickets jr 2 måneder siden
Bruh chill lmfao why are you crying that somebody put their own time and effort into learning DS3 lore without external help from somebody who’s been studying it and only it since the beginning.
bookid 2 cm
bookid 2 cm 3 måneder siden
Dang it that was 5 years ago
Boss 3 måneder siden
You should do more theories on this series. Just any part of it. Whether or not the Theory holds water, I think it’ll be entertaining. Or...maybe you could give Bloodborne a try. It’s a theorist wonderland in From Software games.
Drought in the Arctic
Drought in the Arctic 3 måneder siden
Ahh, clickbait...therefore research required ahead.
Ineedhugplz • 26 years ago
Ineedhugplz • 26 years ago 3 måneder siden
Are you playing League Of Legends with a controller?
Mr Moose
Mr Moose 3 måneder siden
I feel like this only came out yesterday. I feel so old!!
micheal Overstreet
micheal Overstreet 3 måneder siden
Dark souls character = sans Because both powerful
Nicholas Schroeder
Nicholas Schroeder 3 måneder siden
Can you do another dark souls theory
maccaroni nigga penis
maccaroni nigga penis 3 måneder siden
This theory was so wrong in so many ways
SenpaiLikePizza 3 måneder siden
@maccaroni nigga penis hm you got a point bro
maccaroni nigga penis
maccaroni nigga penis 3 måneder siden
well if you look at the lore and the iteam description actually says it basicly confirms that we as the player is not what matpat claims that we are
BotBurger Detector
BotBurger Detector 3 måneder siden
SenpaiLikePizza 3 måneder siden
Just Narwhals
Just Narwhals 3 måneder siden
AsianKoolAid00 3 måneder siden
All you gotta do is rub two stocks together
Bart Embregts
Bart Embregts 3 måneder siden
My main character is... Me!!!
emprah the rocket
emprah the rocket 3 måneder siden
\[T]/ [ *] ! ! Praise the Sun! Screw you Matpat.
Darren Lin
Darren Lin 3 måneder siden
10:51 that’s patches not onion man
SenpaiLikePizza 3 måneder siden
cant you read ? he explained it at the top of the comments
Mightylerone 4 måneder siden
You really used Patches his face to identify Siegward
SenpaiLikePizza 3 måneder siden
@Mightylerone the comment he made was like 3 years ago dude
Mightylerone 3 måneder siden
@SenpaiLikePizza how was I supposed to know he made a later on comment about it. I just watched the vid and found it funny so I wrote my comment
SenpaiLikePizza 3 måneder siden
cant you read ? he explained it at the top of the comments
Midling does stuff
Midling does stuff 4 måneder siden
Hunter Franks
Hunter Franks 4 måneder siden
A I forgot he was a theatre kid and B this is another video that NOpost is telling me that I watched and I don’t remember watching
Bian 6R
Bian 6R 4 måneder siden
okay this is epic
GreasyPizzaBoxer 4 måneder siden
Remember all of you dark souls lore know it all's, it's just a theory chill
Pyukumon 4 måneder siden
Ahhh, another one, roused from the sleep of death
A random Memer Of Low Quality
A random Memer Of Low Quality 4 måneder siden
Yo what's the song at 10:51?
ameer daxi
ameer daxi 4 måneder siden
10:51 "siegward of catarina" shows picture of patches...
SenpaiLikePizza 3 måneder siden
cant you read ? he explained it at the top of the comments
SnowJ 1001
SnowJ 1001 4 måneder siden
FIRST OF ALL that NOT siegward thats patches!!
Some dude
Some dude 3 måneder siden
SnowJ 1001 read the top
N Erb
N Erb 4 måneder siden
The intro story is basically Skyrim with fire
Ardyn lucis caelum
Ardyn lucis caelum 4 måneder siden
But you find the hunter ring on a dead body it doesn’t make sense wouldn’t that guy be the other dark hand
Sweet Demise
Sweet Demise 4 måneder siden
Claims Siegward is his favorite character... but shows a picture of patches.
SkyDragonThe 4 måneder siden
Did you realise that is not siegward in the video? Thatsd actually patches wearing his kit when he stole it from him.
SenpaiLikePizza 3 måneder siden
cant you read ? he explained it at the top of the comments
RetroFruit_12 4 måneder siden
Everybody: Focuses on the dude talking about lighting a fire. Me: Why is he playing league of legends with a controller
James l
James l 4 måneder siden
Is that austen evens beside you in that photo
Tadd Carroll
Tadd Carroll 4 måneder siden
In Fallout 4, was the nuka cola brand secretly a cult?
Night draws
Night draws 4 måneder siden
a skyrim theory would be awsome!
bling blow your mine now
bling blow your mine now 4 måneder siden
FirmaKurvan 4 måneder siden
Praise the bonfire! Therefore praise the sun!
EL R 4 måneder siden
I don’t understand why everyone is being so hostile and judgemental towards MatPat and his theory. Sure, it may not be a perfect theory but MatPat is bringing attention to the series’ story, which has not been covered by many channels of his size.
Speed Junkie
Speed Junkie 4 måneder siden
why are people so toxic!!! ya VaatiVidya is my main source for dark souls lore but it doesn't make everyone else invalid, and I do enjoy watching other theories from different perspectives
Michael Mayernik
Michael Mayernik 4 måneder siden
I know I’m 3 years late but one of the best parts of ds2 is that it’s story and your characters motive is a little more tangible.
Feanx 5 måneder siden
I killed Hawkwood my first playthrough
Toasty 5 måneder siden
I haven’t watched this guy since I was 9
Niko L
Niko L 5 måneder siden
The guy you chose as the portrait for Siegward isn't Siegward at all... It's Patches
Rassuke 5 måneder siden
Since when can you play league with a controller? 1:58
Sir Farmer
Sir Farmer 5 måneder siden
When other people think patches is seigward in the armor And others dont You can tell Patches takes seigward armour And pretends Later by rosarias bedchamber you can find him there selling the armour Which eventually leads for him to not pretend being seigward As you can download a mod to take helmets of the npc's But when you make a new character you can see what his skin may look like
Sagarika Bhagawati
Sagarika Bhagawati 5 måneder siden
The ocelot part killed me
Yeet or get yeeted
Yeet or get yeeted 5 måneder siden
My friend played dark souls and did not like it because he thought there was no story or lore, the bosses were random and the game just threw at you enemies for the sake of it. He didnt even know about upbrading you character
Jacob Ponce
Jacob Ponce 5 måneder siden
Meanwhile on the creations of dark souls *SHREK*
kitty gomes
kitty gomes 5 måneder siden
It's easy u just need to know bosses to know the story it's literally bosses that are the story
Burger 5 måneder siden
matpat you probably wasted your time on that dark souls 1 and 3 are canon and they are 100% related and alot of detail that you can solve dark souls. dark souls 2 isnt connected to the dark souls 3 only 1 if you go to the final boss is the soul of cinder is grab move is gwyn dark souls 1 and song and moves so player of the dark souls 1 became of the the soul of cinder yhormy of the giant is best friend of siegward if you didnt know But how Dark souls 2 isnt connect to the series 1-the bosses are different 2-clothes and maps are different 3-swords are very defferent i dont know 4-free your souls to otzdarva
Rami Obeid
Rami Obeid 5 måneder siden
So this video is worthless for anyone who knows even a bit about ds3
EL R 4 måneder siden
Not really, the lore of dark souls is mostly based on theories so this is just another one, that can be debated and discussed
Zachary Croissant
Zachary Croissant 5 måneder siden
A lot of you complain that he shows patches instead of siegward but at least he didn’t show siegmeyer or siegland
Mohammad Bilani
Mohammad Bilani 5 måneder siden
15:01 best part 😂😂😂
** ** ** ** ** ** ** **** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** ** ** ** **** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** 5 måneder siden
Best part 15:54
Mohammad Bilani
Mohammad Bilani 5 måneder siden
@AsrielTakenOver no no I mean.. the high pitched voice :)
AsrielTakenOver 5 måneder siden
You mean when it ends?
Confused sighing
Confused sighing 5 måneder siden
Matpat didn’t have to look that far into hawkwood, since the item description of his weapons and armour say that he was a deserter from the undead legion
Epic Man
Epic Man 5 måneder siden
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