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How much more is there to say about Minecraft? A lot it turns out. Have you ever wondered about the day and night cycle of the Minecraft world? It is fascinating... in the horrifying way video game science always ends up being. Today, Austin is going to show you just how scary the Minecraft world really is and why there would be no survivors.
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dimond creeper
dimond creeper 2 timer siden
I was thinking maybe this is why Steve has no speed increase when he drops 1,000,000 tons of gold.
Brian Lavietes
Brian Lavietes 16 timer siden
Probably a stupid question but I thought of it and am curious enough to ask. What if the world barriers you... Let's be gentle and say 'mentioned' at the start isn't the edge of the entire Minecraft world. Instead, they are the edge of the habitable zone at the equator? I'm not smart enough to do this kind of math, but it does seem to me that this would make the world IMMENSELY larger. Would the extra size create more problems or alleviate some of it, since the planet wouldn't be nearly as dense?
Elliot Buckman
Elliot Buckman 2 dager siden
anyone: but i thought the minecraft world was- austin: NO ITS NOT FREAKING FLAT!!!!!
Andre The Great YT
Andre The Great YT 2 dager siden
Austin: Clicks me: Copies clicking coincidence? I THINK NOT!
Daniyal Solkar
Daniyal Solkar 2 dager siden
Dude it's a game just play it or leave it alone🥺
Niels 3 dager siden
But it is hollow, the planet has no core
Sam Sitler
Sam Sitler 3 dager siden
Hyperdense nether core duh
Trinay Sharma
Trinay Sharma 3 dager siden
Minecraft world does not spin, the sun and moon, and the stars move around the world. The world is in the centre of the universe.
Inoordna 4 dager siden
you can extend the world border to 2,147,483,647blocks/meters or the 32 integer limit, also its now playable to that point, you dont fall through it anymore (you can interact with items although mobs act weird)
BlueJ 4 dager siden
No one mentioned that he said CPG grey but it is CGP grey.
Kacper XT
Kacper XT 4 dager siden
don't you get it? physics in real life doesn't work in game where tree fly
Hunter Holly
Hunter Holly 6 dager siden
The music is from the Carmen opera
Arush pg
Arush pg 7 dager siden
Where is the light on the right side 2:20
M Reeza Noorbhai
M Reeza Noorbhai 11 dager siden
I barely understand any of this😂
Vengirgirem 12 dager siden
We know almost nothing about bedrock, maybe there is a small star in the center of each bedrock block
Jt Jt
Jt Jt 12 dager siden
minecraft worlds are round
timmy penguin
timmy penguin 14 dager siden
lol i watched this while waiting for a minecraft night to end
Red Devil
Red Devil 14 dager siden
Just saying with version1.15 or 1.16 did come infinite worlds as it is an optional setting in bedrock
Zorie Babe09
Zorie Babe09 14 dager siden
" PERIOOODDD ! " freaking hilarious lmaoo
Riles Hinson
Riles Hinson 15 dager siden
What if the Minecraft world is geocentric?
Siana Hika
Siana Hika 16 dager siden
Minecraft world is actually a cube with a measurement of 60,000km to 60,000km. I did not make that up i searched on google and other website
JimselDiesel 16 dager siden
11:12 Imma stop you right there fella, WEIGHT IN KILOGRAMS,??????
the emperor darth vader
the emperor darth vader 18 dager siden
Satium Mithril
Satium Mithril 19 dager siden
now i have a mod idea
Topapo 20 dager siden
CPG Grey? Just... No
ShojoDraws 20 dager siden
This is infinitely more entertaining than math and science class combined.
SkyTiger Gaming
SkyTiger Gaming 20 dager siden
And how do you know the day:night cycle isnt a normal 24 hours but everything isnt super sped jp
SkyTiger Gaming
SkyTiger Gaming 20 dager siden
3:32 you can clearly see that the world continues you just arent able to access it. It is infinite Austin. You are wrong.
timmy penguin
timmy penguin 14 dager siden
@SkyTiger Gaming wow you commented on your own comment
SkyTiger Gaming
SkyTiger Gaming 20 dager siden
Austin is mad because hes wrong seems he cant admit when he isnt right
imaginationplay 22 dager siden
Am I the only person that checked to make they didn’t switch to a shoddycast video
Mak Sanchez
Mak Sanchez 22 dager siden
Animal crossing would also be safe to live : D
StuG Life
StuG Life 23 dager siden
ArmA 3 laughs at you with its accurate star map, accurate time scale, and even accurate tides
Nick Jay Young
Nick Jay Young 24 dager siden
Can anyone find that video referenced around 1:50 in this video? I would honestly like to watch that video, if it's still around. Edit: My closest find is this one - nopost.info/throw/y6nZpHvN0o6lZNE/video
Kaydence Unger
Kaydence Unger 24 dager siden
I am learning so much
Aperture Productions Studios
Aperture Productions Studios 24 dager siden
0:56 its not nightmare fuel for Baldi thats for sure
MT9 Live
MT9 Live 24 dager siden
2:21 why is the side closest to the sun dark? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED??!!!!?!
Foxy The King
Foxy The King 25 dager siden
And the day was September 11th or 12th And the day was September 11th or 12th.
Foxy The King
Foxy The King 25 dager siden
So on one day I was playing Minecraft story mode then I look at Reuben at his eyes and his eyes look like human eyes and a game theory made a theory about their past builders and all that and today just watched The Villager one about that they are one gruop of the two past Builders so can it be possible for people to turn into pigs or just into Enderman or villagers so that's why i'm asking (say it to Game Theory) Game Theory.
Joshua Meyer
Joshua Meyer 27 dager siden
Theory battle: Austin vs matpat Comment your bets.
HurtAlloy07 27 dager siden
Is it just me, or does that music sound like someone playing a warframe shawzin
Gaming Unicron cute 80
Gaming Unicron cute 80 27 dager siden
Sorbate 28 dager siden
Dear Austin, You can just use Benfords law to prove like, 90 percent of your theory. Benfords law is when you take a set of numbers, or a set of data, no matter where from, if it is natural, 30 percent of numbers will start with one, 17 percent with 2, and so on until 9. It can be used to predict peoples decisions, and if you vote in an election for your 4th choice, instead of your first choice, it actually messes up benfords law, and if you measure the distance of every recorded galaxy it will follow benfords law, no matter what you measure it in, you could use your pinky finger, and benfords law appears. It proves what is possible and not possible, if something is not possible, it doesn't follow benfords law. it is written into everything on our planet, and proves nature, and your very mind, can be predicted and is not random.
Tati Maldonado
Tati Maldonado 29 dager siden
Matt can you make a heart of ender theory
Oksana H
Oksana H Måned siden
...are you a quantum physics major or something? That’s a lotta math.
Rachel Chou
Rachel Chou Måned siden
lol austin yells 10x more than matpat
Emilio Garcia Benavidez
Emilio Garcia Benavidez Måned siden
Anyone know the song?
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith Måned siden
You...are smarter than Einstein.....
Fatiha Berkia
Fatiha Berkia Måned siden
I love the fact that at the start of the vid the music playing is carmen
Gabriel Gutierrez
Gabriel Gutierrez Måned siden
"The shower is the best ideas come from" Me: agreed
The EmojiMator
The EmojiMator Måned siden
Well Steve/Alex *ARE* gods that can hold universes in universes in universes in univ-... Well he's gone forever. But what he was trying to say was that Steve and Alex are so strong to hold the universe in a universe in a universe in a universe in a univ-... Well dammit another??? *Geez*
Random Bike Guy
Random Bike Guy Måned siden
The fact that you fall off the face of Minecraft Earth at 30M blocks may suggest that Minecraft Earth is flat.
Marissa S.
Marissa S. Måned siden
I love how passionate they are for math. Like saying trigonometry is fun. However, there are truly some of us who no matter how you explain math really struggle lol i wasn't even given the chance to be in trig lol
YARegamer Måned siden
Like: mat pat Comment: Austin
Pronic Måned siden
I completely agree with everything you said Austin and you did things that are way above what I know, but I do want to point out that centrifugal force is actually not a real force. When an object is accelerated to change direction, the centripetal force is what causes that and what we think to be "Centrifugal force" is just the inertia of the object trying to keep going straight. I know you briefly mention not to roast you about this and I agree this is a hard topic to explain but teaching viewers factually incorrect things seem wrong
Joshua Hanson
Joshua Hanson Måned siden
Yay! The fun one!
Rohan Joshi
Rohan Joshi Måned siden
C "P" G Grey? Srsly
Reinhard Storm
Reinhard Storm Måned siden
There is a berries but that doesn't mesn it's finite as you can see the landscape after the berries period .literally when you create the world it tells you that it's infinite...
alpha gallade
alpha gallade Måned siden
What was the song used in the video at 9:32?
Christin V
Christin V Måned siden
centripetal force is the amount of force needed for an object to stay in a circular path
Christopher Stachow
Christopher Stachow Måned siden
This taught me more than any science class I’ve ever taken
RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More
RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More Måned siden
But the thing is, Austin, that Steve isn't human. You proved that Steve is the strongest being in all of existence.
Zephyr Dagonheart
Zephyr Dagonheart Måned siden
So this got me thinking after he showed Skyrim on the screen. What would Nirn be like irl? Well, after a few hours of research, I found out that ALL of Nirn, Tamriel, Atmora, Akavir, everything, with some generous rounding... Is no bigger than the state of Montana. And without the rounding, it's right between Connecticut and New Jersey. Also, if you don't know, one day on Nirn is actually an hour and 12 minutes.
AlphaFoxD Måned siden
You forgot your own video, the minecraft planet does not move, remember? Everything is centered around the player
• Depresso-ExpressoBean •
• Depresso-ExpressoBean • Måned siden
*me:* wait wait wait take that back like a trillion steps
Chloe The Puggle
Chloe The Puggle Måned siden
If this theory was true and the Minecraft world is round, than the void beneath the bedrock doesn’t make sense. At some point, the bedrock would have to curve when flying around the void, or beneath the void would be another half to the world, creating a huge rift in the Overworld.
Night Orcid
Night Orcid Måned siden
0:55 Im not gonna be able to sleep tonight
Acid Dawn
Acid Dawn Måned siden
Franklin Vigneswaran
Franklin Vigneswaran Måned siden
I LOVE it when Austin shows up with his logic! I can talk all about it in my older sister's sleep and ruin her sleep.
S&S AMERICA 2 måneder siden
1:50 lol its CGP Grey, I mixed it up alot
red commander
red commander 2 måneder siden
Cant wait for the farlands video
Empire man
Empire man 2 måneder siden
I honestly wonder what kind of kid Austin was
RemasteredWire 2 måneder siden
the math is hurting my brain. that means the smartness is soaking in
H0606 2 måneder siden
2:18 I was legit stressing that it wouldn't make it
Elizabeth Mason
Elizabeth Mason 2 måneder siden
4:56 i'd love to end up finding that seed, or being told it if it exists because that is just beautiful
Nasa Kat
Nasa Kat 2 måneder siden
Welp there goes my Minecraft channel
Lamarck Leland
Lamarck Leland 2 måneder siden
But the Minecraft world is not round, it is shaped like a block - a cube, and there is no gravity though I wish there was an enchantment or potion that made it so you could stand on the under side of a block.
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
Jadan Velasquez Mejia 2 måneder siden
Trevor Topcik
Trevor Topcik 2 måneder siden
But wait the Minecraft world is flat and infinite 🙃
Dominic Gall
Dominic Gall 2 måneder siden
It's magic
Jamie 103
Jamie 103 2 måneder siden
And I thought I was smart XD
B.m.m 2 måneder siden
This is funny
Peri Uluırmak
Peri Uluırmak 2 måneder siden
Gavyn Franklin
Gavyn Franklin 2 måneder siden
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine 2 måneder siden
My brother says this is wrong, even though it’s not, I’m not sure what he’s thinking
Alexandre Sun
Alexandre Sun 2 måneder siden
I think DCS world is also safe, but it is the Earth irl.
João Sousa
João Sousa 2 måneder siden
You know we already discovered that the Minecraft planet is at the centre and the sky spins around it. ⬛⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛
Leon Tan
Leon Tan 2 måneder siden
I love cgp grey!
talk4dews 2 måneder siden
Steve: *Can carry huge amounts of weight (IE: an inventory full of gold)* Game theory: 3 Minecraft G's makes Steve weigh too much.
RockyPlayz YT
RockyPlayz YT 2 måneder siden
Roses Are Red Violets are blue You Thought i was *About To Compliment You*
Manik Bk
Manik Bk 2 måneder siden
He forgot something. In one of his videos, he said that minecraft makes the sun rotate around the earth. Gottem.
Manik Bk
Manik Bk 2 måneder siden
It is finite
Poutine Au Syrop d'érable
Poutine Au Syrop d'érable 2 måneder siden
people perseption of time in video game is just REALLY slowed and cars move at 5 mph easy.
Looterplayz 2 måneder siden
When will he realise that minecraft sun and moon spin around the earth😑
Emma Selby
Emma Selby 2 måneder siden
The sun and the moon circles around the minecraft world (in minecraft) not the other way around. And since the minecraft world is not infinite the sun and the moon can spin around it.
ReiSaotome 2 måneder siden
mom: stand up you are going to be late for school son:just 5 more minutes mom:school is over in 5 minutes son:exactly
Temuulen Enkhsaruul
Temuulen Enkhsaruul 2 måneder siden
In fact beta1.7 remove the far lands and Ummmmmmmmmmmm the farlands generated around 299999984983
Temuulen Enkhsaruul
Temuulen Enkhsaruul 2 måneder siden
And fastest way to travel in Minecraft is doing a boat on blue ice
Teeterboy 1
Teeterboy 1 2 måneder siden
actually the sun is spinning around the minecraft planet. case closed.
Jacen 1
Jacen 1 2 måneder siden
What if, instead of the days being that short, the clock is running fast so mining and crafting take less on-screen time then they really would. Say, one second on screen is one minute in game, giving us 20 hour days.....
ZachMan 2 måneder siden
And that is why Minecraft has no gravity.
AJ C 2 måneder siden
( 2:20 ) no one: absolutely no one: me: the earth is as big as the sun. :)
LoL Player
LoL Player 2 måneder siden
So in the end... Steve/ Alex is actually stronger than calculated in the 'Steve Strenght' vid because minecraft world has much stronger gravitation than earth so gold in minecraft is technically much heavier than gold irl. LOL
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