Game Theory: Portal's Companion Cube has a Dark Secret

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7 år siden

Portal's Companion Cube is perhaps one of gaming's most memorable and lovable characters (items?). But is the Companion Cube another cruel test set up by GLaDOS? What sinister secret is hidden behind the Companion Cube's cute pink hearts? Like most other things in Portal, the cube may be more than meets the eye...
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PIG OVERLORD 7 timer siden
I love while saying that the one room the cube is in doesnt have to grid, while completely ignoring The fact Glados destroys it anyways, and gives one back to you at the end, which you should’ve heard bones rocking around because all the skin and flesh is burnt off. I don’t hate Game theory but it feels like he’s ignoring major facts to make a “cool” theory seem plausible, it literally took me one minute and I found a thing that completely debunks the theory. Plus the fact that the female picture is literally a cartoon, he didn’t love the people he worked with, it shows in the comic he DEEPLY mistrusted them, and Wheatley states that there were skeletons lying around in old test chambers, possibly showing that they were simply just left in the testing chambers or thrown out
King of chaos
King of chaos 2 dager siden
I think I know why you heard a scream GLaDOS wanted to get rid of one of the cubes because she realized that whatever she gave you it is wearing off and it wears off right when you threw it out which is why you heard the scream and only scream when it went down the incinerator
Cedar Franklin
Cedar Franklin Dag siden
DroppinSolo 2 dager siden
dude 7 years ago memories
Abby Cosgrove
Abby Cosgrove 2 dager siden
Did he just not realize Rattman could be bisexual
FettManTAG 4 dager siden
Or GLaDOS is just messing with you. She is a bit of a sassy AI.
SS Chara
SS Chara 4 dager siden
Yunno if the companion cube disapears when glados wants it then the human in it will too bc when glados removes the cube from you in chamber 07 it desintegrates justblike cubes after passing trough the grids cores are also able to pass doe so this is starting ro not make sence
Frenzy Films
Frenzy Films 6 dager siden
I'm here from his video on infinite poles and compression!
Jaxen Wierzbicky
Jaxen Wierzbicky 9 dager siden
1:03 and then Charles walks in
Terreliv 11 dager siden
What if Doug is demi-pansexual?
Landmine6894 12 dager siden
RESPONSE TO 7:24 In fact, if you turn just 90 degrees to the right, you can see names on another wall. Hmmmm...
John In Golden Boots
John In Golden Boots 15 dager siden
hold up in portal 2 you get the Preservation of Mass achievement for taking a Companion Cube to the end of a chamber with a broken emancipation field GLaDOS fizzles the cube and there is nothing inside it
R. C.
R. C. 19 dager siden
In portal 1 when u use the camera in the ratman secret place in a special way it give u cube amd u dont need to incenerate the companion cube
AstromelonXD _
AstromelonXD _ 22 dager siden
“Lonely people are much more likely to believe inanimate objects have emotions and feelings” 5 year old me: pain
xX__RYAN ya boi
xX__RYAN ya boi 24 dager siden
The good old days u come back from school to hop on the Xbox 360 to play with friends watch some Golden NOpost
Olek Fijołek
Olek Fijołek 29 dager siden
Dang it, the creepy music makes me really anxious
Raven Queen
Raven Queen Måned siden
The only way a person could be stuffed inside is if all the bones are broken into little tiny pieces
Tek's Emporium
Tek's Emporium 29 dager siden
The Unknown
The Unknown Måned siden
I befriend inanimate objects to an almost creepy level when I get attached and my mother has admitted openly that she's worried for my mental health
DylanTRM Måned siden
The only issue with this theory is that according to portal lore,Chell is THE first test subject that GLaDOS tested;sure,that's doesn't mean there weren't test subjects before Chell,but I'd say it's unlikely.
Mechanic & Wolfie
Mechanic & Wolfie Måned siden
Do you ever play portal in a stream??
the madda
the madda Måned siden
Umm. Is it weird I still hate this thing
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez Måned siden
Greetings from 2020
MouthMuffler Måned siden
I refuse to believe this was 7 years ago
melodiius Måned siden
i dont even play portal what
Rawr The Dinosawr
Rawr The Dinosawr Måned siden
watching this is like a fever dream now
Fancy_Seeing_You_Here Måned siden
Seven years ago: spending four days alone will drive you insane. Now: qUARENTINE TIME-
Jade 'mation
Jade 'mation Måned siden
Good Lord he was way less family friendly...
pietro possoli
pietro possoli Måned siden
in terraria,if you have a companion cube and go to the dark,he hurt you
Anya R
Anya R Måned siden
Now I feel old lmao
Clint Parsons
Clint Parsons Måned siden
I took Zuprasidone for bipolar disorder. Sent me to the hospital because I had uncontrollable body movements. Couldnt walk and j had to hold my jaw to speak. Terrible.
Rafael Maul
Rafael Maul Måned siden
Sorry Mat Pat but this is not true,i saw a guy that used tricks and glitchs to keep with the companion cube without burning it,and when he reach the final of the level the cube desapeared and no body,yeah,i am gonna edit this comment and place the link of the video here.
torchic the chic
torchic the chic Måned siden
It's the lemon that f ing burns your house down
James Wilson
James Wilson Måned siden
Chrisrocks Games
Chrisrocks Games Måned siden
the audio is so.... bad
Peetu Saikkonen
Peetu Saikkonen Måned siden
ETPS Måned siden
I remember watching this episode all the time when I was younger!! Man, this brings back memories, haha....
Zylops Måned siden
The editing on this masterpiece is too good for 7 years ago
After Hours
After Hours Måned siden
When I was playing portal 1 a long tine ago the cube literally spoke, it was a mans voice at first then it was a woman's voice but they sounded like the cores from the 2nd game and I can not find it anywhere :((
Trenton World Gaming
Trenton World Gaming Måned siden
담삼 Måned siden
제 친구가 한국어 자막 달았어요 쩔죠
Ivan Fusov
Ivan Fusov 2 måneder siden
Everyone gangsta until game theorists make terraria video
Dragon Hark
Dragon Hark 2 måneder siden
Aperture puts AI into everything even into floors and walls
DoctorAnonymous 2 måneder siden
How did the channel go from this to what we know today in just 7 years
Di-ego Ramus
Di-ego Ramus 2 måneder siden
And keep in mind the word emancipation means to set free That word is what “the material emancipation grill” means
DonutAlice 3333
DonutAlice 3333 2 måneder siden
Me: watches this old video Me: *hears the first joke* "OH GOD GO BACK GO BACK"
VeryENDER MEX 2 måneder siden
"Y no, no me refiero al p3n3 de este tipo" Me orino de risa xdxdxd (Lo dice en los subtítulos en español)
DITronipitum 2 måneder siden
should've known i just killed the companion man without showing any mercy didn't know what was in it its still a game why should i worry
cait4610 cait4610
cait4610 cait4610 2 måneder siden
While it's not guaranteed that this is your brother/sister, it is mentioned a man and woman with your last name were also test subjects Edit: (it was implied they were your parents but could also be siblings)
Bradford 2 måneder siden
That was a great theory. But a hard to watched compared to new stuff haha.
Gashten7 2 måneder siden
freddyNOT found
freddyNOT found 2 måneder siden
My god 2013 game theory was a different animal
Modocrisma2 2 måneder siden
This video is giving me major nostalgia... Life used to be so simple... so enjoyable...
Something's Wrong
Something's Wrong 2 måneder siden
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Clement Poon
Clement Poon 2 måneder siden
I tested it by creating a level with a fizzler and a companion cube, and the results are highly informative: it fizzles like a normal cube.
toxic worior
toxic worior 2 måneder siden
-test subgect- What shod i do wit tis -GLADOS- Mack a frend -test subgect- Ok -The cube- Hellp me -test subgect- NOPE
Wyatt Lewis
Wyatt Lewis 2 måneder siden
Gecko Gaming
Gecko Gaming 2 måneder siden
It feels like a bit of a stretch... but I love it
Jurnei Adriayn Deutschman
Jurnei Adriayn Deutschman 2 måneder siden
I always feel like something is watching me when I watch these creepy theory videos.....
Mad Jack
Mad Jack 2 måneder siden
Rip the companion cube
WorldTravel1518 2 måneder siden
10:40 except for this quote “If you feel liquid running down your neck, relax, lie on your back, and apply immediate pressure to your temples. You are simply experiencing a rare reaction, in which the material emancipation grill may have emancipated the ear tubes inside your head” So that means nothing.
Ken Gie
Ken Gie 2 måneder siden
Wow babymatpat
Bryan Price
Bryan Price 2 måneder siden
Aww baby matpat
Nerf ShadowWorks
Nerf ShadowWorks 2 måneder siden
Others: **talking about if the theory is true or not** Me: They put cameras in cameras...
Ryan Lam
Ryan Lam 2 måneder siden
Bilirkisi -
Bilirkisi - 2 måneder siden
Davizito PA
Davizito PA 2 måneder siden
This video didn't even scratch the surface... I think it would be better to have done no video at all. The entire game is worth more than a thousand papers on emotional interactions between humans and technology. It will be many years from now until neuroscience can fully explain the experience of playing Portal. In my humble opinion, it is the most scientifically significant videogame ever created.
WorldTravel1518 2 måneder siden
9:44 Companion cubes come into contact multiple times in the Perpetual Testing Initiative.
1x1boop2 2 måneder siden
well, in portal 2, you see the companion cube be emancipated several times, so in portal 2 they are not filled with bodies.
Tifa Lockhart
Tifa Lockhart 3 måneder siden
NOpost after 7 years you finally recommended something good
MightyChlorophyte Games
MightyChlorophyte Games 3 måneder siden
Can someone please tell me what game track plays at 3:41?
Evie :3
Evie :3 3 måneder siden
0:44 unintentional Percy Jackson reference I’ll take what I can get ok!?
Finndizzle 19
Finndizzle 19 3 måneder siden
If they’re dead, how do they talk?
Creative Gamer Friends two UwU yay
Creative Gamer Friends two UwU yay 3 måneder siden
Wow this video is old not being rude this video is great
Creative Gamer Friends two UwU yay
Creative Gamer Friends two UwU yay 3 måneder siden
Zombie Rusher
Zombie Rusher 3 måneder siden
Did anyone know that the companion cube has a green alternative in the cake room
Nagisa shiota
Nagisa shiota 3 måneder siden
Vickie Simpson
Vickie Simpson 3 måneder siden
What I can hear in the disintegration is " GET ME OUT OF H- " then its cut off
grilly 3 måneder siden
but I thought that,heck I watched this for someone to agree with me...companion matpat
DOTADER 3 måneder siden
Oldschool style
WingJai Gaming
WingJai Gaming 3 måneder siden
Am i the only one who didn’t gave much thought to the cube? I didn’t get attached to it or anything, in fact i feel the whole game can still be played normally if the heart companion cube is replaced with a normal cube.
Thecrafter 3 måneder siden
So why does a body not fall out when GLaDOS destroys the cube? Does she have the ability to vaporize humans at will.
A random Channel
A random Channel 3 måneder siden
this ruined the companion cube for me
Motomoto Thompson
Motomoto Thompson 3 måneder siden
Dee Angeles
Dee Angeles 3 måneder siden
PigeonTheWilliam 3 måneder siden
Dude, GLaDOS is just being sarcastic, you shouldn’t take it too literally and so deep 😂 😂
t z
t z 3 måneder siden
Julian McGuire
Julian McGuire 3 måneder siden
give me a ton of water and gatorade and some food and I could make it a few months alone while gaming.
Heather Burnley
Heather Burnley 3 måneder siden
Mat Pat: wat do we truly know about these cubes. Me: DER PINK
The Unknown
The Unknown 3 måneder siden
help! get me out of here! set me free! help me! is what i heard
SmileyBriley11 B
SmileyBriley11 B 3 måneder siden
Oh gosh, I decided to re-watch this one after MatPat mentioned it in his most recent portal theory and THIS AUDIO 😂
Levi W
Levi W 3 måneder siden
Huh, he forgot to include Xbox one and ps4
Subsonic Smoke
Subsonic Smoke 3 måneder siden
Thats a dark secret and this is the dark side of game theory fits don’t it.
Todd Hick
Todd Hick 3 måneder siden
he forgot to mention the chamber 7 easter egg in portal 2 where if you put your ear to the cube, you hear it humming the song at the end of the game that the turrets sing. confirming the sentience.
Aspen McLellan
Aspen McLellan 3 måneder siden
Wow 7 years ago. hood job matpat
Meme Monsterrr
Meme Monsterrr 3 måneder siden
Man, the old intro, those were the days man... those were the days
RealSuperPug YT
RealSuperPug YT 3 måneder siden
wow this channel has come a VERY long way
PandaPriest 3 måneder siden
such a different time
MacGamer Media
MacGamer Media 3 måneder siden
7:15 MatPat you gotta update this theory, man. It’s 2020, Ratman might’ve been bisexual.
Blubasnurk 3 måneder siden
what if he was bi
Eric Gamer
Eric Gamer 3 måneder siden
Nevermind the secret is very Dark :o
Eric Gamer
Eric Gamer 3 måneder siden
Companion cube's biggest secret:s a u s e!
I’m already Sans Undertale
I’m already Sans Undertale 3 måneder siden
tripod 10
tripod 10 3 måneder siden
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