Game Theory: Will Your Favorite Channel Survive 2020? (COPPA)

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Here we go again, another big, scary change coming to the platform that has Creators shaking in their boots. I'm talking about COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act. Now COPPA has been around for a while but not too long ago the FTC and NOpost got into things over whether or not NOpost was in violation of it. The results have a lot of channels - family, gaming, art, and many more - scared for their jobs, their livelihoods, and their homes on this platform. Today, I want to talk about the reality of COPPA going into 2020 and what we REALLY have to worry about and what we don't.
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#COPPA #Rules #Legislation #Debate #Issue #Doomed #GameTheory
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Amber Opphile
Amber Opphile 9 timer siden
Who woulda thought COPPA would've been the least of our problems in 2020.
Grasslos The Person
Grasslos The Person 12 timer siden
Deegan Pepe
Deegan Pepe 14 timer siden
Act what are you mat pat from the 1700 when king George the third passed the intolerable acts
KLMUI2000 Dag siden
2020 means a new pandemic
The gaming Lopezes
The gaming Lopezes Dag siden
ha he doesnt know how right he is
Hehe Productions
Hehe Productions Dag siden
I initially thought no one was gonna “survive 2020”
Crazyeagles 62
Crazyeagles 62 Dag siden
Ok who's gonna tell him
Kabal 2 dager siden
Maybe somebody will make a new app better than NOpost. Or this app will be fixed.
Stik 2 dager siden
So coppa is just not allowing NOpost to have its website?
Stik 2 dager siden
Ok this is an old video, and also a very serious topic. BUT, Flamingos got in game theory, just realized that.
Dodo Modo
Dodo Modo 2 dager siden
everyone: we agree and understand also everyone: sMh Why diD YoUTUBe crAETe CoPPpa
Under duck
Under duck 2 dager siden
Even though it’s 2021 now this still makes me cry
CHEESE MASTER14 2 dager siden
Matpat: If your a Minecraft NOpostr you better worry about what 2020 will bring to your channel. Dream: Gets 16 mil subs by playing Minecraft in 2020
WellactulyEric 2 dager siden
Remember when coppa was the big problem
Spiritual Energy
Spiritual Energy 2 dager siden
Then couldn't you just make two chanells one for kid friendly content and one for not but all mature people can watch and kids are limited.
Ben coffee
Ben coffee 2 dager siden
if you don't want ads get an ad blocker really people its not that hard
pik ara
pik ara 3 dager siden
year: 2021 = hmmm...idk yet...bye bye 2020! O(∩_∩)O (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ( 𝕊𝕠𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝 𝕕𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕚𝕟𝕘~~~ ) ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) (𝕓𝕪𝕖 𝕓𝕪𝕖 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘...!) / year: 2020 = this year sux... just reminding you ヽ(゜▽゜ )-...
Nick Salvador
Nick Salvador 3 dager siden
When you realise you've been watching on youtube since you were 5 back when it was 2008 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
Nick Salvador
Nick Salvador 3 dager siden
He called 5 (dan,jaden,aph, james,and definitely on my top 5 pewds) of my top 20 youtuber list (in my opinion)
Fish Sticks
Fish Sticks 3 dager siden
Copap is just a bunch of jerks
Ketchup 3 dager siden
1:23 flamgo
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 3 dager siden
When you realized your not in high school :o Anyway
Nick Salvador
Nick Salvador 3 dager siden
I'm in college 🙁
CallMeWolf 3 dager siden
Really great video, Matt. Well done
Tom Creton
Tom Creton 3 dager siden
“People lie about there age” me who is twelve but apparently 38 according to NOpost: you can say that again
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas 3 dager siden
In that sense, tech youtubers are the most smart bunch.
Grace Wakeman
Grace Wakeman 3 dager siden
“Especially a minecraft channel, you better be worried about what 2020 has to offer” Oh how wrong you were, matpat.
Dhwaj Jain
Dhwaj Jain 4 dager siden
Update the law dammit
Silas Burns
Silas Burns 4 dager siden
I know this won't get seen by anyone but Pretty much sums up COPPA regulations
Mr.greenfire 4 dager siden
i was actually thinking of creating an animation channel on 2020 and after planning everyting bout the channel coppa had to come and crush every idea bc if i misscategorize something coppa will make me pay a fine of 4200 dollars :/
Alex S
Alex S 5 dager siden
The answer is yes
Billy _
Billy _ 5 dager siden
**looks at the next video and it’s the jake Paul vid** huh... neat
Billy _
Billy _ 5 dager siden
Does it still count if it’s 2021?
HlubiSonwabise Siyengo
HlubiSonwabise Siyengo 6 dager siden
Mat predicted 2020 spot on . So many content creators quit NOpost last year just because of some kids policy Hopefully we don't lose as many content creators as we did last year in 2020. I mean there's a reason why there's NOpost kids so that we who r older than 13 can watch content we were used to watching .
Maphoka Mokuku
Maphoka Mokuku 6 dager siden
Maphoka Mokuku
Maphoka Mokuku 6 dager siden
Nothing is getting by matpat so I'm proud of you.
maka mess
maka mess 6 dager siden
I'm returned to say that my favorite channel has indeed survived 2020, the Theorist community is still alive and thriving!
Da Rat King
Da Rat King 6 dager siden
Kid 12 sees a ad content the second the kid turn 13 ad
Mas Merp
Mas Merp 6 dager siden
gatis ramanis
gatis ramanis 7 dager siden
hAi Kill me :/
Taeyang and family R
Taeyang and family R 7 dager siden
Oml 2020 brought somany bad thimgs
fsd gfdshgfds
fsd gfdshgfds 7 dager siden
the only real way to give your child consent is to set their google account age to 13
HlubiSonwabise Siyengo
HlubiSonwabise Siyengo 6 dager siden
Yep and make them watch NOpost kids until they're 14
Wandergirl108 7 dager siden
I saw this in my recommendeds and was like, "Oh yeah, COPPA, that was a thing we were worried about for 2020 once. Funny how we all collectively forgot about that, what with the pandemic and the murder bees and the fire tornados and the riots and stuff…" XD
Sarah Morey
Sarah Morey 7 dager siden
**rubs chin thoughtfully**
I'm Bored
I'm Bored 8 dager siden
Tdog1327 8 dager siden
mattpatt: 2020s coppa is gonna be hell Lazarbeam:burning pigs in minecraft
frank 55
frank 55 8 dager siden
Mat pat predicts the future: 1:00
merri72 8 dager siden
carealoo744 9 dager siden
Us watching in 2021: Lol
0ddSt0ff !!!
0ddSt0ff !!! 9 dager siden
HA something did change youtube that lost us aton of creators and here where SOME positive side effests LOL
Quake Quake
Quake Quake 10 dager siden
Omg mat r u ok u look like u were crying
dragonfire 10 dager siden
Will your favourite channel survive 2020, well yes but actually no
LordArsenick raos
LordArsenick raos 10 dager siden
Slappy Apples
Slappy Apples 10 dager siden
COPPA SUCKS SAY FRICK NOPE NOT ON NOpost KIDS IM im used to this on all the things ITS LIKE THEIR TRYING TO GET 50000000 PEOPLE FOCING ON THEM my liter sisters on youtube FULL theirs a option on tv KIDS OR NOT.?!?!?
Slappy Apples
Slappy Apples 10 dager siden
Jonas Cross
Jonas Cross 10 dager siden
Good thing pewds now has the 19 year old army
ShakilaRenata YT
ShakilaRenata YT 10 dager siden
toniann catapano
toniann catapano 11 dager siden
Daniel Barrett
Daniel Barrett 12 dager siden
It's 2021 right now and I can answer this question: Yes, my favorite channel did survive 2020. Along with everyone else. God remember when this was literally all we were worried about? Gives me PTSD.
Young Shreader
Young Shreader 12 dager siden
man wtf how are you gonna charge someone money for aiming "children" content at adults who says i cant watch barny and friends
AJ Montanaro
AJ Montanaro 12 dager siden
coppa ended unus annus not markiplier
Final starman
Final starman 12 dager siden
I am in 2021
Final starman
Final starman 12 dager siden
I am younger then 13
the all knowing gary
the all knowing gary 12 dager siden
I wish Copa would just hek off and tell people to take their children to NOpost kids instead of regular NOpost
Duckless 13 dager siden
So me, a 11 yr old that has seen mature content, is supposed to watch NOpost kids and Ryan toy review and even more kids content, EWWW. Woooooooow what a bummer.
It’s me y’all Lol
It’s me y’all Lol 13 dager siden
Noooo flamingo luckily 2020 is over
Your Average Black Guy
Your Average Black Guy 13 dager siden
Lol the title is perfect, nobody knew what 2020 had in store
Toldisky 13 dager siden
"you have gotta be nervous about what 2020 brings to your life" this man committed time travel
[ qmsterdam ]
[ qmsterdam ] 13 dager siden
Not me who came from Flamingo
Darragh Curtin
Darragh Curtin 13 dager siden
I hate this stupid feature, since it arrived.
HermitcraftFan85 14 dager siden
You can see how upset Mat is
Rocket Gaming
Rocket Gaming 14 dager siden
Spoiler alert His channel survived
Shoto todoroki
Shoto todoroki 15 dager siden
This happened in 2019? Time flies by
CrEaToR 15 dager siden
Vanesa Fantoma
Vanesa Fantoma 15 dager siden
Chilz 15 dager siden
I WILL BE COMEPLETELY HONEST, I might be a year or two under 13 but I am mature enough from not just my opinion, but everyone I run into.
Miki is not cool
Miki is not cool 16 dager siden
I’m in team Albert/flamingo/ who plays roblox and I’m on team pewds
AppleSaurus 16 dager siden
3:40 but Dope John Paul brought back that trend better than ever
Cedric Zak-Santana
Cedric Zak-Santana 16 dager siden
A new year a new decade a new NOpost and a new Pandemic
wrestling and railway productions
wrestling and railway productions 16 dager siden
This is how you knew 2020 was going to be garbage
John Alfred Emmanuel G. Refuerzo
John Alfred Emmanuel G. Refuerzo 17 dager siden
Title: Will your favorite youtube channel survive 2020 Me: Well in 2020 it was literally "Will YOU survive 2020"
ImAstroLight 17 dager siden
I love to see that I can trust matpat more then I can trust half of the us government
Gom Random
Gom Random 17 dager siden
This video hasnt aged well, covid happened and COPPA basicly became irrelevant.
Nathaniel Record
Nathaniel Record 17 dager siden
Coppa sucks they deserve to be fired we can say f### all we want I am 13 so Coppa stinks. My privacy dose not matter so yah don't do this coppa, #stopcoppanow so Coppa like stoopa or stopa so stupid coppa. Like if you agree us teens are the best.
Robotron Sage
Robotron Sage 17 dager siden
Gonna watch the whole thing buddy. Are you making your own youtube platform? I feel it's time to search (or make) a new platform. Video hosting ain't exactly rocket science yknow.
Armando Martinez
Armando Martinez 17 dager siden
Me in 2021: Your channel lived a great life. I hope someday it returns. :)
Collin Vree
Collin Vree 18 dager siden
12:08 like the editor note
Isla Roberts
Isla Roberts 18 dager siden
u should make a yt channle called mat talks
•Honey-Cherry• 18 dager siden
He should I would like that
Black panther epic
Black panther epic 19 dager siden
Iam 13+ and this is so laughable lol
PinkCraft Pika Girl
PinkCraft Pika Girl 19 dager siden
Yes yes it will
Modern Bunny
Modern Bunny 19 dager siden
Looking back I feel bad for Susan putting up with people in the GOVERNMENT who don’t own cellphones that must be INFURIATING
oOSpiderMonkeyOo 19 dager siden
Well It’s 2021 now and have our favourite channels survived?
The Rebounder
The Rebounder 19 dager siden
Bruh , MatPat made me wonder , do i wanna be a NOpostr?
LucyOnBoard 20 dager siden
I'm late but... DMCA anyone? (Side note: It only affects YTbers over 1M subscribers)
Angie Stoltzfus
Angie Stoltzfus 20 dager siden
So people like unspeakable is going to pay a lot of money!?
Direct Fire123
Direct Fire123 21 dag siden
It was on tiktok actually so youtube is safe
Sunny Meadows
Sunny Meadows 22 dager siden
Turning off comments and turning off notifications I can agree with 100% but this is a big But turning off mini screen well that’s another story out right let’s just say they written their own death sentence in money terms of course they deserve to live because I can see where they’re coming from 19:18 how about a Antimatter war that’ll make the FTC back off ha
Kris Kagsyda
Kris Kagsyda 23 dager siden
Baby shark now has 7.5 billion views
Kris Kagsyda
Kris Kagsyda 21 dag siden
Sec, lemme check the world's population A few seconds later... The world's population is... 7.8 Billion People
Мирјана Адамовић
Мирјана Адамовић 21 dag siden
God,that song is just repeating same words.......7 billions!?
Cecilia Smith
Cecilia Smith 23 dager siden
omg flamingooo
Erica Dyson
Erica Dyson 23 dager siden
MatPat I need you please try to stay 🙁
Ali Ali jj
Ali Ali jj 23 dager siden
The Curse of NOpost 2020
Destiny Karst
Destiny Karst 24 dager siden
Today is the last day of 2020. 12/31/2020 to be exact, and let just say when this video came out nobody knew exactly how much of a nightmare this year would be. COPPA, Article 13, Covid-19, Delta, zeta, laura, and so much more.
Am Ber
Am Ber 25 dager siden
Did it work?
I'm building a BETTER Youtube.
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