Game Theory: Will Your Favorite Channel Survive 2020? (COPPA)

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11 måneder siden

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Here we go again, another big, scary change coming to the platform that has Creators shaking in their boots. I'm talking about COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act. Now COPPA has been around for a while but not too long ago the FTC and NOpost got into things over whether or not NOpost was in violation of it. The results have a lot of channels - family, gaming, art, and many more - scared for their jobs, their livelihoods, and their homes on this platform. Today, I want to talk about the reality of COPPA going into 2020 and what we REALLY have to worry about and what we don't.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Takeo Gamer1
Takeo Gamer1 18 minutter siden
Me NOpostr kid 2019: "ROBLOX NUKE" Me NOpostr kid 2020: "my camping experience"
Zerp F
Zerp F 2 timer siden
High school and up... I’ve been watching science grade 4.
jeffrey flores
jeffrey flores 19 timer siden
c o p p s a h h h
Hermitcraftfan135 Dag siden
Well, imma gunna get to 5,000 subs, then delete all of my videos, so I don’t bankrupt myself. Thank you NOpost
Hermitcraftfan135 Dag siden
NOpost for exactly 13 to 14 years only!! Or die!! Don’t be edgy, don’t be friendly. We don’t care, use your imagination, that’s what we told you to do!L
Hermitcraftfan135 Dag siden
Me from the future: NAH, their fine!!!
Silverwolf XK
Silverwolf XK 2 dager siden
Well on the bright side, It’s been 11 months since this video and NOpost hasn’t collapsed yet! None of the channels I watch have been struck down by Coppa, but idk about others
callme moha
callme moha 2 dager siden
1:23 look how hot is albert
callme moha
callme moha 2 dager siden
Cup o' Color
Cup o' Color 2 dager siden
This title hits different in 2020
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey 2 dager siden
You have got to be nervous about what 2020 is bringing to you’re life. If only he knew...
M. Matthews
M. Matthews 2 dager siden
My animation teacher had to disclose to us that COPPA was in effect in our classroom due to them cracking down on privacy at the beginning of the year.
M. Matthews
M. Matthews 2 dager siden
To disclose, all of us are over 13
Bumblebee Boyo Bois
Bumblebee Boyo Bois 2 dager siden
I think that not many people realise that the world is just a dangerous place. Sure, we like to think we're safe under our blankets watching NOpost on our phone, but the reality is you never know what can happen on life. There shouldn't be a law so strict on children internet safety, and I know several people don't agree with that. Everytime we go outside we're putting a little bit of trust in faith that no stalkers are going to follow us back home, and it's like that to a certain degree on the internet. We know that we're letting ourselves be watched by big companies, and that they could be selling our data and giving us ads that can fool gullible people. It should be up to parents to decide what to do when it comes to the internet, whether that be not letting their child use it at all, or teaching their child what and what not to do. If you really wanted to protect kids, you could push congress to make it law where every computer should have a child mode where they can't be watched. This COPPA thing has gotten really out of hand, and everyone is a little bit of the problem. From some creators taking advantage of kids, companies using our info to make us buy products, NOpost not knowing when to shut their big mouth, and the people of the TFC themselves not understanding proper and less harmful ways to protect kids. We maybe can't change this now, but there is still a chance that we can be heard. Maybe if we come together to give Congress advice and announce the flaws with COPPA, we can save this platform we hold dear to our hearts. I'm not sure if COPPA is even a big deal anymore, but I just wanted to say we have the power to do good, so let's not wait until the opportunity passes by.
Shiwoo Sung
Shiwoo Sung 2 dager siden
Experiencing 2020 now, this title takes on a whole other meaning...
Cassius Kelley
Cassius Kelley 3 dager siden
i love your show and idont want it to leave
Gordon the Express engine
Gordon the Express engine 3 dager siden
NOpost is probably our least concern about 2020
captin falcon
captin falcon 4 dager siden
why are boomers in charge of the internet
dizzy 4 dager siden
watching this october 2020 and 2020 was a lot worse than this nd my animators are thriving
Dark Side
Dark Side 4 dager siden
Hi this is a fan and mat pat I’m proud of you you made it to 2020 You’re still here I hope someday I’ll get to meet my hero Thanks and make sure you do some undertail there’s By
Eduardo Rosales
Eduardo Rosales 4 dager siden
He was crying
Windows XP
Windows XP 5 dager siden
So that was a f**king lie.
Canelo Cruz
Canelo Cruz 5 dager siden
This is all r34 videos and ships and pokemon chats and inoproppite video's fault
Gacha _Nikki
Gacha _Nikki 5 dager siden
Who knew!!!! For a e-mail gotta be 16 So they should make YT only for E-mail You can't say a 6 year old can make an e-mail be their own
oh 5 dager siden
lol remember when we thought COPPA was going to be bad... oh god how wrong we were
Toby Sykes
Toby Sykes 5 dager siden
Rip what he thought about 2020
Aviationboeing747400 5 dager siden
The real question is. Will you survive 2020
Omid Arezoomand
Omid Arezoomand 3 dager siden
I lost 3 of my relatives this year :(
Vincenzo Polimeni
Vincenzo Polimeni 5 dager siden
people who uses youtube signed out: san adreas theme plays in the backround
Washim Akram
Washim Akram 6 dager siden
COPPA :exists coron...:imma bout to end this guy's whole carrier(is this happening or is it just me)
End Game
End Game 6 dager siden
Watching it nowadays, wow, we sure had lesser things to worry about. Keep strong Matpat! I hope one day to show your vids to my daughter when she's old enough.
Abhijit Singh
Abhijit Singh 6 dager siden
I went to the website, but I guess I was too late... But I hope it doesn't affect creators very much
aiden caparell
aiden caparell 6 dager siden
Ariel Voskov
Ariel Voskov 6 dager siden
I'm SO glad that I'm seeing this video after a couple of new videos released today
huh what
huh what 7 dager siden
when your under 13 .........
Roshan Sell
Roshan Sell 7 dager siden
If kids can't get adds then why do I , a teenager, get adds about freaking gambling and alcohol. I don't search about it so it is completely youtube's doing. Maybe they did coppa so they could get money from alcohol and gambling companies.
Omid Arezoomand
Omid Arezoomand 3 dager siden
I got this f***king heaven fury's add all the time!! Fake streamers on that add are on my nerves! I hate it!
Aedan Maloney
Aedan Maloney 7 dager siden
Game theorists "ahh!" Coppa "gonna get you!" morgz "Hewwo it clickbait oh clock!" COPPAGONNAGETMORGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Freddy Fazbears
Freddy Fazbears 7 dager siden
We are content creators, Not Babysitters...
Marisol Soto
Marisol Soto 7 dager siden
I think it is really the parents or Advertisement companies, like seriously, parents, WHY THE HECK ARE YOU LETTING UR CHILD WATCH A VIDEO ABOUT JAKE PAUL SLEEPING WITH TANA? And, those companies, Why do they want the information? They act like such creeps.Why do u want to know where they live?
Marisol Soto
Marisol Soto 7 dager siden
Me: posts video COPPA peering down on it, waiting for something to happen: |:l Me: *looks into one direction for to long* COPPA: AHA! We knew you were non-child friendly! $42,00 FINE FOR YOU, AND YOU, AND YOU!
Marisol Soto
Marisol Soto 7 dager siden
A New Year! A New Decade! We have a lot happening! Me watching from 2020: Well, then you are definitely not prepared at all for all the other stuff that is going to happen!
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno 7 dager siden
jonah lowell
jonah lowell 7 dager siden
lol no need to watch bc is like prettty close to end of 2020 for me yay 2020 sucks
kian hay
kian hay 7 dager siden
that is why youtube kids is thaning
Michbot Mfang
Michbot Mfang 7 dager siden
Quite the opposite
Harold Brick
Harold Brick 7 dager siden
COPPA: *Isn't as bad as people said* 2020: *is a literal dumpster fire* Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
Kittyaud -
Kittyaud - 8 dager siden
COPPA: Kids can’t tell the difference between ads and videos Me 4 yr olds: Me now wondering why there is PBS kids show about Orange Juice.
Robby Rowe
Robby Rowe 8 dager siden
lm from 2020
UwU 8 dager siden
i’m a kid but I lied about my age so it’s ok
No-Good-Connor 8 dager siden
If this happens i would give him my channel
Magma Mantis
Magma Mantis 9 dager siden
I created my own account Edit: this account im commenting on is the account I created
Lunarpsycho41 9 dager siden
EmpLemon and Pinksheep warned us and we didn't listen. More like the GOVERNMENT dosen't care about context anymore.
ItzSoulFire 9 dager siden
COPPA there's YT Kids ya fukin idiots
ItzSoulFire 6 dager siden
@Sweet Nail Clippings true
Sweet Nail Clippings
Sweet Nail Clippings 6 dager siden
But that's the point, a lot of children don't use NOpost Kids and use this one instead
Aleksa Todorovic
Aleksa Todorovic 9 dager siden
1:02 ok lets see almost ww3 epidemic astralian bush fires killer bees just what i was thinkig will be wating for me in 2020
Mavah Lawrence
Mavah Lawrence 9 dager siden
"telling you about the trouble we'll be facing in 2020". You have no idea matpat, you have no idea.
Bryson Brady
Bryson Brady 10 dager siden
Flamingo? .....YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lloyd P Parvin
Lloyd P Parvin 11 dager siden
Government official. own an iPhone.
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 11 dager siden
look so if im sayin stuff about physics by being a cartoon im supposed to pay up then im never explaining again
Lodders 11 dager siden
the funny part is literally none of us like coppa. we, the kids its "protecting" only see it as a barrier blocking us from what we want. nobody likes it. not the kids, not the creators, not anybody else.
couponmom030914 11 dager siden
LukkicaaAPukkicaaA 12 dager siden
only came here for flamingo LOL
Junelle Salmon
Junelle Salmon 12 dager siden
Can we just ban kids from NOpost and give them NOpost kids?
The Austin
The Austin 12 dager siden
I am so sick of these bastards geez thanks Coppa
Rawaa Hanna
Rawaa Hanna 12 dager siden
Mitchell Hendricks
Mitchell Hendricks 12 dager siden
Can we have an update video on this?
Jakov Majnarić
Jakov Majnarić 13 dager siden
Superbit 13 dager siden
They should not put the age requirement in the TERMS OF SERVIECE no one reads them
LOGAN GAMING YT 13 dager siden
Coppa is more complicated then the fnaf story line
Jackson Cassell
Jackson Cassell 14 dager siden
COPPA is useless
Alexander Brigagao
Alexander Brigagao 14 dager siden
And i've been watching youtube for a few years now
Alexander Brigagao
Alexander Brigagao 14 dager siden
Oh god, this was not what I suspected, cuz some of my most favorite AND most watched youtubers are like Unspeakable, 09Sharkboy, Odds1out, Jaidenanimations, Legend of Zelda videos, even you MatPat. And now that you say that, i'm like "..., WHAT" i'm even really shocked that happens.
Alexander Brigagao
Alexander Brigagao 14 dager siden
. . . . .
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner 14 dager siden
I know this isn’t related to the video, but you almost sound like the odd 1s out.
bendyrin 15 dager siden
Nicholas Vallejo
Nicholas Vallejo 15 dager siden
2020:oh this is the start of a new decade coppa:ohoho it's time to be more kid friendly kiddos us:why what did we do? coppa:idk but y'all need me old coppa jesus to fix your sins no matter what you say you cannot change my mind
vasu krishnan
vasu krishnan 15 dager siden
Me from the future:Don’t be worried kreek saved NOpost
Siana Hika
Siana Hika 15 dager siden
I came here from the odds one out. _. COPPA DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY TWO FAVORITE NOpostRS. The number one subscribe channel is a math teacher
Gamikane 16 dager siden
So, how bad was it? This has been going on for over 9 months now and I'm interested, what happened? I haven't really seen anyone talking about this lately but of course that doesn't mean anything, it could just be that everyone is silently accepting it because there's nothing they can do about it. How hard did this end up hitting big channels? Has anyone talked about how this affected their channel during this year?
Fried Snow
Fried Snow 16 dager siden
Well... what happened?
Sub to Flamingo
Sub to Flamingo 16 dager siden
Flamingo will survive
Apex Gamer
Apex Gamer 17 dager siden
They might make NOpost ad
Lamp Shade
Lamp Shade 17 dager siden
Remember when this was our biggest problem
Shabina Tarannum
Shabina Tarannum 17 dager siden
1:04 yeah covid 19
Giovanni Louis
Giovanni Louis 18 dager siden
Winter is coming
Dogie Pals
Dogie Pals 18 dager siden
Toy reviews are advertising so realy
Silas Warren
Silas Warren 18 dager siden
“None of this matters to you because you don’t know you’re FTC from you’re FDA from you’re WTF” Hands down best line in a NOpost video ever.
BrewDiePie 19 dager siden
That was so significant, 10months ago, for 2 weeks before the apocalyse
Katherine Dawkins
Katherine Dawkins 19 dager siden
1:07 OH HECK YEAH DO U NEEDA WORRY ABOUT WHAT 2020 WILL DO TO UR LIFE 2019 NOpostRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: And viewers.... And ppl everywhere..........
mooncakess 19 dager siden
When we thought COPPA was the main problem of 2020.
ContentMakes 19 dager siden
Its almost like youtube is not aware of mature kids... HMMMM
duo god
duo god 19 dager siden
if coppa wants to do this go to youtube KIDS it is made for littoral KIDS it's in the name NOpost is for people who aren't morons and wont click on everything like m e am not over 13 but i don't do anything stupid or irresponsible i was raised to be the perfect child edit:alright i just turned 13 also wait aren't adds made from your search history well that's why jake paul is such a hated person because he makes non kid friendly content and directs it to kids nice edit:i aint in highschool yet but you helped me a lot you were the only youtuber i watched because i had to go to school
Isaiah Harding
Isaiah Harding 19 dager siden
matpat can you do a CALB with the odd1s out please
tamaki_ 19 dager siden
When they mean 2020 is the worst year. *oh we meant it.*
Radian Gacha
Radian Gacha 20 dager siden
2020 just brings COVID-19
T3nMiDGET5711 20 dager siden
“You should be worried about what 2020 brings to your life and to your channel”
Gabriel García
Gabriel García 20 dager siden
i would buy the merch but no money on pockets or wallet right now
Alex Hoefl
Alex Hoefl 20 dager siden
We get it and 2020 mat it is way more screwed than you know
EthanSoo 21 dag siden
Amitan Bar-Evan
Amitan Bar-Evan 21 dag siden
"You have gotta be nervous about what 2020 is bringing to your life..." well, you certainly weren't wrong about that, maybe not in the way you thought. (me watching this in October 2020)
Selena McMahan
Selena McMahan 21 dag siden
This was literally the foreshadowing of 2020 the entire coppa crap
Sailor Mana
Sailor Mana 21 dag siden
I hate that. I am not a child but I love child-friendly’s what I grew up with and what I love......I’d quit NOpost if they weren’t allowed to keep their family friendly content
Sailor Mana
Sailor Mana 21 dag siden
That was stupid, where were they getting the children for that? No one is that stupid especially when they look nothing like the content *said as ad comes on interrupting you*
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