Game Theory: The Lost Cult of Minecraft Illagers

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9 måneder siden

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In my last Minecraft episode, I peeled back the mysterious layers of the Minecraft Illagers. In that, I talked about how the Illagers were looking to build their own Minecraft worlds - from portals to Steve himself. There was something else that I wasn't able to cover in that episode, and that is how Minecraft Illagers relate to the history of what is known as cargo cults.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

OOI COVYN Moe 3 timer siden
Meanwhile illagers killing us
Letty Vara
Letty Vara 3 timer siden
Lol coke a colla theory
AASHIF AHMED SHEIK 7A 4 timer siden
Matt: says a complicated explination Me: just play minecraft duengeons
J Mueller
J Mueller 7 timer siden
Let me get this straight. ancient civilization come out of portal.ancient civilization run from wither. ancient civilization goes into portal and changes. if they came out and then when an in and changed in where they originally came to be. Yous a idiot
AlleyDreamer 14 timer siden
Who else is bringing his minecraft series!
TheBeastPlesko04 16 timer siden
Yo if Villagers eyes are green and Illigars are blue. Does that mean villager approve emeralds over lapis and liligers vice versa!
MR. ACE Dag siden
5: 42 thats a F4U Corsair
Silver Star
Silver Star Dag siden
That story about natives changing their lifestyle based on those planes and military is so cool
One for the album
One for the album Dag siden
Green for emerald and blue for lapis.
MuralTurnip 2770
MuralTurnip 2770 Dag siden
This dude is like all of this and I’m like huh I just want totems of un dying
goodness gracious
goodness gracious Dag siden
Cats and chickens don't take fall damage. That's the only similarity between the two that I can think of
Reefback with internet access
Reefback with internet access Dag siden
Alex : hey Steve, why are you getting so much attention? Steve : I’ve been here since 2009 Alex : Ah u right
But Aleeex
But Aleeex 2 dager siden
Other youtubers: Trying to pass the 10 minute mark Matt: Trying to go under the 10 minute mark (and failing)
Nightmare 18 timer siden
Tyrist Rain
Tyrist Rain 3 dager siden
Actual question: if the illagers want to signal there gods/us back why do they attack us when we come back to them?
M F 3 dager siden
HEROBRINE. ISNT. REAL. And that is final, I don’t care what you say! There is no proof of him existing and there never will be!
DEATH stare
DEATH stare 3 dager siden
Nice intro
Caylus 3 dager siden
Alright, this video gave me a new perspective. Steve is maybe one of the the ancient builders. What if, when the ancient builders left, one of them stayed behind? And that ancient builder, was Steve? The Illagers found Steve, but, maybe his body was in a comatose state, or something similar? They put his body under stasis or something, and, when he woke up, maybe they were hoping he could teach them the ways of the ancient builders, but, after seeing the horrific things that they did in their mansion, he refused, and left them. The Illagers, in their desperation to learn attempt to capture him using the creatures that they created, because they thought that, maybe, if they put him under their control he would teach them? After their attempts fail, they get more and more desperate, and become more vicious in their attempts, and their monsters start attacking Steve with the intention to kill. My explanation for why they would try to do that, is that, maybe they have some way (or are trying to find a way) to analyze his brain? To transfer his knowledge to other living beings, to other bodies? Maybe they tried to replicate his brain before? Thinking that if they made clones with the same body, that maybe they would have the knowledge Steve had? Their experiments with that, probably lead to other breakthroughs, to knowledge that allowed them to actually replicate his brain and everything that he knew, given that they actually had it? And the thing was, they didn’t even need him alive to do it, they just needed his body. Maybe they’re trying to find ways to transfer that knowledge into other brains, and testing them on Steve clones? I mean, it doesn’t seem too far fetched to me that they would find a way to do so since they have access to magic, and know how to control peoples minds.
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia 4 dager siden
i cant believe this was in april. man time does fly
Sir Bartimaeus
Sir Bartimaeus 4 dager siden
Theory: The illagers saw or have legends of the ancients reacting favorably to certain animals in the Minecraft world. Specifically cats and chickens. The ancients took these animals as pets. (Would explain how some cats became able to be domesticated). Why? Perhaps cats and chickens reminded them of animals from their previous world, or they just liked how cute they were. Either way, the illagers know that the ancients liked cats and chickens and figure that if they make huge statues of the ancient's favorite animals, they might return. But that's just a theory
Moctar Niang
Moctar Niang 4 dager siden
if the builders and villagers the same the one that traded and the one that build mated and made a illager they abandoned the illager just as thano's mom hated thanos, she saw the true thano's, hated like naruto in the village the illager found someone to mate with then they started messing with life and death the had to leave the village they made more illagers with life and death and then worked with steve then they made herobrine they fled where they were originally living then 1 made a outpost aand one made a wooodland mansion
Davis Petersen
Davis Petersen 4 dager siden
What if the PLAYER was their creation (plot twist)
Brian Fetzner
Brian Fetzner 5 dager siden
The real reason why the beds are fake in woodland mansions is so the player wont be able to respawn next to it after claiming one. This is so players won't be able to cheat when they enter the mansion. (Unless they brought a bed in their inventory with them because then they'd have an advantage.)
a random anime weeb
a random anime weeb 5 dager siden
Darci Andrade
Darci Andrade 5 dager siden
Him:this video won’t take too long Me:staring at the thing that tells you how long the video is 11minutes long Also me:exposed
ShaunOnlyPlays YT
ShaunOnlyPlays YT 6 dager siden
hey matpat you said that illagers accidentally created zombies but you mentioned in one of your other theories that there was a zombie virus infecting minecraft and most of the mobs are immune so does it mean that zombies come from both?
G G 6 dager siden
Lol it's 12 mins
CastroCrew 6 dager siden
HERE IS 1 tiny diet mini theory IS WHEN THE PILLAGERS USED TO BE PART OF THE VILLAGERS THEY HELPED BUILD THE ENDER PORTAL AND WHEN THEY STARTED TO EXPERIMENT ON LIFE AND DEATH THEY GOT KICKED OUT OF THE CIVILIZATION AND THE VILLAGERS TOOK EVERYTHING FROM THEM SO THEY WERE LEFT WITH NOTHING AND SO THEY REBUILD THE SAME THING THEY CREATED *And of course they cant use real ender portal blocks cause first of all that's an item that cant be crafted so therefor we as the player could just take those blocks and create our own end portal so they recreated with their best effort* AND THERE IS MY THEORY AND AGAIN THAT'S JUST A THEORY A mini diet theory
NormalModeUnavaliable 6 dager siden
“In fact I’m pretty sure they’re just idiots.” So now I know what people think whenever I do something stoopid. Huh. Thanks for explaining that
Metronettegaming 6 dager siden
Have you ever considered the theory that illagers accidentally created YOU??? Also, if there trying to bring back your ancestors and you come along, why would they be hostile to you?
Rohan Agale
Rohan Agale 6 dager siden
10:17 you can't come out of that portal. rookie mistake
Luke Batson
Luke Batson 6 dager siden
theory the wool isn't replicas of Steve there trying to revive a type of illager that all of them were killed during raids from the golems it's all blue wool and what illager wears blue? The ilussioners
AXPHALT 7 dager siden
What if they are the one who make the igloo and the stronghold
darklight games&animations
darklight games&animations 7 dager siden
matpat: we will not be passing's the 10 minute mark! the video: is 11: minuites long me: confused human noises
Wait that's illegal.
Wait that's illegal. 8 dager siden
Villagers have real beds, and since Illagers are former Villagers (or most of them ;D) cargo culting the beds doesn't make much sense. They know how to built these. The Villagers have cartographers too, so I think the beds and maps are just esthetic choices right there. However, the prison cells for soon to be Ravagers and the lapislazuli-brains are quite interesting.
Rudy McDonald
Rudy McDonald 8 dager siden
When you said about woodland mansions being 5 years after end portals I thought they were making the mansion and it took 5 years
Eric L
Eric L 8 dager siden
Then why do they attack players??
Ethan Yong Kai Hao Unknown
Ethan Yong Kai Hao Unknown 8 dager siden
It’s 11 minutes dislike (JK)
SVG Reaper9372
SVG Reaper9372 9 dager siden
Its 11 mins.....
Yosie Lox
Yosie Lox 9 dager siden
You wanna tell me thay play with life and death and can't figure out how to make a bed
CR4NK3R DIAMOND 10 dager siden
Minecraft: Has no lore. MatPat: Haha unintentional story go brrrrr!
Damon Boggess
Damon Boggess 10 dager siden
you said the video wasnt going to surpass the 10 minute mark and yet its 11 minutes
Zachary Crane
Zachary Crane 10 dager siden
If they If they were villagers that means they were humans and so if they were humans before and some humans went to the end and someone stayed and some became evil then don’t shoot they all know about it
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 10 dager siden
Tbh I really want an update that makes the woodland mansion more useful. Like maybe a boss or the illagers respawning. Also I’ve just realized that they are called illagers and not pillagers. My life is a lie
Zoomer Super
Zoomer Super 10 dager siden
Matt: OMG this game has deep lore and ancient history and moral meanings! Devs who just wanted to make cool creatures and a fun game: 👁👄👁
Ghostsquirrel _1
Ghostsquirrel _1 10 dager siden
So does that mean that the ancient builders came out of one of the portals and the villagers made the strongholds for the portals to worship the portals and what might come through them. Then when the builders came through the portal then they pushed the villagers who were living in the strongholds out of them. Then they made the villages and lived on. Then the builders made everything and everything. Then the illager and villager story happened. Then when the ancient builders went back through the portal to escape the wither. The wither then died to the iron golems after destroying multiple villages. That’s what the abandoned villages are. But the illagers tried to build a portal so they were able to ask the builders if they were able to help them get back to the strongholds they once lived in. Obviously this did not happen. This is my big theory. Like so Mat can see this. :)
Edas10 10 dager siden
Yeah! Cargo cult that’s what I meant something that they see that looks amaaaaaaazing to them, they try to imitate to summon those things again. I guess the reason why they fight with villagers is because they want the stuff that they have. Battling Steve and villagers whilst looting their stuff is like battling the gods that inspired them XD
Edas10 10 dager siden
I think illagers recreate things because everything inspires them to recreate something?
Edas10 10 dager siden
Wait hold on. If illagers built this stuff, how come we never see them build these kind of structures
neela mahendra
neela mahendra 11 dager siden
2:39 he isn't in the game, but he can be a part of lore because mojang puts herobrine in minecraft related content, unlike others so it can be explored.
William Ashak
William Ashak 11 dager siden
To be honest I don’t think It’s a cargo cult. Or if it is, the gods that first showed the Pillagers these magical tools didn’t look like Steve. If they were really building these things to replicate their “gods” and bring them back, why would they become hostile to players, rather than praising and welcoming us to their work they created? I don’t have any other theories on what the portal and animal rooms are for, but I don’t think it’s in parallel to cargo cults.
ItsDoggoboi 11 dager siden
i didnt even realise this, but you posted this on the day before my birthday
Peri Uluırmak
Peri Uluırmak 11 dager siden
0:41 this video is litteraly 11:52 long YOU HAD ONE JOB MATPAT , ONE, JOB!!!!!!
Casper Van Lopik
Casper Van Lopik 11 dager siden
It is impossible that the evokers tamper with ravagers because the evokers and the pillagers are different clans
Oli Herold
Oli Herold 12 dager siden
I heared at the end of the beginning „oh“
Arrow Gamez
Arrow Gamez 12 dager siden
2:27 at that moment I regretted wearing head phones
entertainment theatre
entertainment theatre 12 dager siden
Another interesting detail is that they use only wool for these weird structures in these mysterious rooms
Garin Luke
Garin Luke 12 dager siden
If the cargo cult is the case then why do regular villagers have real beds and not fake carpet ones
Stephen Hynes
Stephen Hynes 12 dager siden
PixkyO 12 dager siden
saw this video right after destroyed a whole entire mansion with the netherite epic gamer weapon 2.0
Angel Playz
Angel Playz 12 dager siden
Villagers eyes are green bc emeralds and the evoker or something’s eyes are blue bc lapis lazuli
Cursed 13 dager siden
There is a problem, if they don't know how to make beds, why do villagers have them, if they don't know how to make maps, why can villagers sell them to u?
Caoilinn Moore
Caoilinn Moore 14 dager siden
bit longer than ten I a m w e i r e d meow
King Kluck
King Kluck 14 dager siden
they have the colored wool because they want to symbolize the people. Like how the people on the islands symbolized the soldiers.
ThePaintedCanvas GachaLife
ThePaintedCanvas GachaLife 14 dager siden
Hold up. In my Minecraft world, there IS a wool room. But the wool is (in order) blue, WHITE, and cyan. I think that it depends on the mansion for the color. But the blue is still there. Just telling you to help... Update. There is another one, that is cyan white and blue. I'll keep you updated with the other rooms, as there may be a never before seen room (though I doubt it)
ThePaintedCanvas GachaLife
ThePaintedCanvas GachaLife 14 dager siden
Update. I uncovered two tree rooms exactly the same. Dark oak tree with a chest that has one leather cap with efficiency enchanted on it. I don't know if this is important, but it could be. I'll keep you posted on other rooms
ThePaintedCanvas GachaLife
ThePaintedCanvas GachaLife 14 dager siden
Update. I found a room semi squared, there is light grey and grey in a checkered style. There is also dark oak logs making a sort of unfinished frame, with only the corners and the top part (not touching the roof) there. In where the frame is (the walls) there are oak fences covering three walls (besides the entrance). And on the frame of dark wood over the entrance is a chest containing: 4 wheat A diamond hoe 2 leads 7 bones 2 beetroot seeds 6 gunpowder And 4 redstone. I'll keep you posted, as I'm enjoying this exploration
Jeff Hirsh
Jeff Hirsh 14 dager siden
damn this episode reminds me of Ancient Aliens. if you haven't watched that show, then go watch it and you'll understand what i mean.
Adam The Bomb
Adam The Bomb 14 dager siden
Is matpat suggesting herobrine is canon?
Ashton Blain-White
Ashton Blain-White 15 dager siden
What if the fake end portal is a prototype end portal
Shevon Ong
Shevon Ong 15 dager siden
The evokers may have created hero brine
ahmad sawalha
ahmad sawalha 15 dager siden
I got a theory Maby this mansion is not for the illegars maby the builders built it cuz we can see a wierd banner in the mansion and its not the illegars banner thats mean the illegars killed the people who was there also the fake end portal might be a test for the reall one. They wanted to go to the end but they didnt know how to make it so they made a fake one they were hopping the portal works but it didnt but at the end they discover how to make ans they went to the end world and turned to ender men
A Minecraft Family
A Minecraft Family 15 dager siden
Hello sir this is quite trivial but i made a debunk video of whether the classification of minecraft noobs and pros are a true Minecraft Noobs vs Pros the truth is exposed. link: Please could you do a video on this you would do it far better than me THANK YOU.
Szymon Zuber
Szymon Zuber 15 dager siden
Arrhhhhh my head
ira philip
ira philip 15 dager siden
Maybe its not they want the people to come back, but instead they want the people's power?
smoke. .popping
smoke. .popping 16 dager siden
They once was a race of ancient builders in the world of minecraft that had on many goal, world domination. They want every part of their world to be explored and anything they want to be obtainable by making it.. They meet the race of villagers who are extremely primitive ( I hope I'm using that word right) and introduce them to the wonders of crafting. They show them how to make stronger tools and even show them how to enchant. which is why you can get things like a enchanted iron sword from trading and find diamonds and other materials in chest that have no use to a villager. Some villagers started to share the same mindset as the builders and started following their lead (illagers) . Using magic to get what you want. While other villagers grew scared of the builders and feared their craving for power was dangerous. The illagers assisted the ancient builders in whatever they needed on their adventures. They watched their Masters travel to the underworld for exploration and find it is a dangerous place to be. Su they build fortresses and have guards everywhere. But the monsters there keep coming and coming killing off many. So the illagers watch as the builders try to bring back dead loved ones.... but witnessed the creation of the wither. Still following the builders in their foot steps they travel with them out to deserts away from the chaos to build a shelter with symbols of the wither on their showing that it is a safe place to stay for a day or two. But the wither still is on the loose. So they travel underground as the illagers watch the builders make a stronghold underground to be protected from the wither. They make cells with iron bars to trapped zombified villagers to cure them.. Libraries with knowledge they hope can spark a idea on how to get out of their situation. And a portal room. A room that has a portal to a different dimension from their own. the "illagers" were told to wait for the builds to check if the other dimension is safe. They never came back. Sad and lost without their builder Masters they return home. Only to realize it was too late. the villagers had refused to letting them stay in their village. Now they are in the woodland mansions. practicing what their master taught them they were able to somewhat succeed in controlling life and death. so much so as making a new life form from pre-existing live forms. villagers to ravagers. Being able to be granted with life at the point of death is one things but different dimension portal gateway is too advanced for them. So they try to build and re create what they saw their builder friends make. Trying to find a way to bring them back home. ik that I am way to over head and they theory isn't strong I thought it was a fun thing just to add my own little water bottle of a theory to the ocean of theories. BUT HEY, THATS JUST A THEORY. A PARAGRAPH THEORY. THANKS FOR READING.
ahmad sawalha
ahmad sawalha 15 dager siden
But why would they creat another portal if they already knows where is the reall one
shoobit animations
shoobit animations 16 dager siden
you gave a whole history lesson... just to theorize something in Minecraft?
ahmad sawalha
ahmad sawalha 15 dager siden
Yep that what it takes to make a theory
Alexander Caceres Gerasymlyuk
Alexander Caceres Gerasymlyuk 17 dager siden
Dude i swear to god Herobrine was in the game and I remember seeing him like 8 years ago when Minecraft was new and i started playing for a few months (recently started to play again because little sister got interested in it and wants to play with me)
Matthew Bryant
Matthew Bryant 17 dager siden
I’mma join this cult right now.
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 17 dager siden
Cargo Culting is honestly so interesting. Explains a lot.
Animated Stuff
Animated Stuff 17 dager siden
“Get your nether wart, water and sugar guys.” Me: opens Minecraft Pocket Edition
Guildpact20 17 dager siden
blue cus lapis green cus emerald
Lindsay Hunt
Lindsay Hunt 17 dager siden
They are hostile towards steve though. I think they aren't trying to bring the builders back, but trying to gain their power. Maybe they somehow know that villagers were once the same race as builders and they want to become the same race again. What if their experiments that created zombies were actually done on normal villagers? They got close to builders, but it went wrong? So when they see steve, they want to kill him to gain his soul or something? to turn themselves into builders
Ms King
Ms King 17 dager siden
herobrine is the brother of noch he is a god and he created the evil mobs the evil villagers follow herobrine
TotalBescheuterYoutubeKanal 18 dager siden
what if the illegers created steve
aedan tandy compas
aedan tandy compas 18 dager siden
I wanted to ask this question what are creepers?
Bolt 18 dager siden
Unusual wool usage So they are Mumbo Jumbo
irponz 18 dager siden
what if you build the end portal at the same spot
irponz 18 dager siden
its 11:52
Florentina Axim
Florentina Axim 19 dager siden
The villagers have Green eyes from emerald, and pillagers have blue eyes from Lapis.
Amelia Burd
Amelia Burd 19 dager siden
I'm gonna admit something... in minecraft lore, *i'm evil* I hate villagers they creep me out. I use commands to play with life and death. but whatever this is *just. lore*
ChipDrawzStuff 19 dager siden
I think the reason for the different eye color, and pale skin, is magic mutation.
SkyDiver lol
SkyDiver lol 19 dager siden
ik this is like 8 months old but maybe the ancient builders lived long enough to tell the villigers that herobrine exist and they tried to recreate herobrine because they wanted to get exiled and the vindicators were made by the evokers it sounds stupid but after all evokers do have magic
Kevin Batan
Kevin Batan 20 dager siden
You cannot get out of an end portal and the "ancient builders" didn't kill the dragon and then became the endermen, unless. To be continued.......
Crypto 20 dager siden
illagers eyes are probably blue due to their connection to lapis, this might also be the reason why their skín is grey instead of the color of a regular villager
Troompa Loompa
Troompa Loompa 8 dager siden
Maybe, but what about evokers? They have grey skin but green eyes. You're probably on to something though.
Freeze Spike
Freeze Spike 20 dager siden
Maybe they want all the last souls because they have the powers of life and death they will make the players work for them because last episode you explained how they wanted to recreate Steve for there evil bidding maybe they want to turn them from enderman into something else... But that’s a theory a game theory
Waffles Waffles
Waffles Waffles 20 dager siden
10:35 this raises several questions as I believe this is dangerously close to literally self contradicting everything else that he’s said about Minecraft’s hidden lore thus far starting with this vid and other subsequent videos which say the ancient race of builders was wiped out when they tried to make a wither to revive their friends who died in the nether and ended up collapsing their society so that they made a portal to the end in strongholds and retreated into it, not knowing it was a one way trip and that they made the end cities and eventually evolved into Endermen to survive in their new environment. 1. This time stamp would imply they started in the end. How did they figure out how to craft when it’s literally made of wood planks which require wood(which isn’t in the end)? 2. How did they figure out how to mine when they have no wood for sticks as said above? 3. How did they not die of starvation? 4. How did they come with the knowledge of beds when A. beds explode in the end and B. They most definitely would not have encountered sheep and C. There’s no wood as previously stated 5. In the video I linked matpat says that they go there and evolve into Endermen slowly and gain teleportation powers because of their chorus fruit diet and become enslaved by the ender dragon, why wouldn’t this have happened beforehand when they had just started out as a species? 6. How’d they get to the overworld as you need to kill the dragon to open the portal then go back and get enslaved by a dragon that’s....already dead... and yes you can revive it but why would you?
Chameleon & Jex
Chameleon & Jex 20 dager siden
0:52 Ah I see. 11 minutes and 53 secs. I see how it is
link 20 dager siden
Still waiting for those other 2 parts
LORI W. WHITE 20 dager siden
Ha ha ha I’m watching this video when I’m drinking Diet Coke that’s funny the end for us funny good job
チロ 21 dag siden
I'm not MatPat
Jack NFR
Jack NFR 21 dag siden
It’s called a Pilager aaaaaa
Dog Corgi
Dog Corgi 21 dag siden
I have a question for game theory why do iligers not attack baby villagers
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