Game Theory: The Lost Cult of Minecraft Illagers

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6 måneder siden

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In my last Minecraft episode, I peeled back the mysterious layers of the Minecraft Illagers. In that, I talked about how the Illagers were looking to build their own Minecraft worlds - from portals to Steve himself. There was something else that I wasn't able to cover in that episode, and that is how Minecraft Illagers relate to the history of what is known as cargo cults.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Renzo Franco
Renzo Franco 2 timer siden
when you said herobrine I got a chill down my spine
OwO_BensonXD_OwO 7 timer siden
Dev Socius
Dev Socius 10 timer siden
What if we’re all cargo cultists that copy how past “gods” lived. Think about if see somebody do something for say, build a box. You could be influenced to build your own box. And you keep doing it. Hoping something happens. Somebody builds a house, well heck! Now you want your own house. We want different things to be ours. It’s interesting to think about..
Hosne Ara
Hosne Ara 11 timer siden
They should have known what a cat is because they’re former villagers along with beds
Andrej Čuchran
Andrej Čuchran 17 timer siden
i dont think they make zombie i think you was most right with herobrine
Firebolt973 19 timer siden
but, i thought villagers used to be the ancient builders
Owens CREATivE
Owens CREATivE Dag siden
But the vilagers have real beds!
Roeben H
Roeben H Dag siden
Well, giant wool cat, cats in villages. Maybe the villagers aren't so mean and really like cats and miss them. And chickens...?
Camsters_Cool Dag siden
Nope don’t agree the ancient race got desperate and tried to bring friends back (the wither) and then they toyed with with magic as seen with the non enchanted swords and armpit in the nether but highly enchanted in the end so they payed the price by becoming ender men
Asteroid Fever
Asteroid Fever Dag siden
Drew Dag siden
but vindicators have green eyes now
Dominic Llenos
Dominic Llenos 2 dager siden
What If you build an end portal in the woodland mansion
Liontaail 100
Liontaail 100 2 dager siden
So basically the history of the ancient civilization are that they originated from the end before the ender dragon existed made a portal to the overworld, soon forgot about their old home to research the overworld, generations later they evolve to look like the player, their original home forgotten and only a mere legend, they become obsessed with research discovering the nether, they accidentally make the wither skeleton and the wither and as a last attempt to prevent their race's extinction go look for the legendary stronghold now in ruins holding the now broken portal to their ancestors home, they activate it but they find something not written about in the legends, in the absence of the civilization the end has now become the territory of an ender dragon the lost god of the end, with no way out the ancient civilisation must learn to co-exist with the dragon, they find a way to make an island to capture the dragon in making crystals for the dragon to rely on for survival making it inable to escape, they find chorus fruit and evolve into the endermen now under the dragons tyranny still mad that they had captured her in her own home. Back in the overworld, only remnants remain of the existence of the ancient civilization till one day a new player randomly appears destined to set his ancestors free from the dragon.
Brandon Garcia
Brandon Garcia 2 dager siden
wouldn't it make more sense for the liligers to want to go after the ancient builders because they didn't quite get it and they saw them go into the end portal rather then the builders coming back and then leaving again?
Jonathan Matheny
Jonathan Matheny 2 dager siden
wait, according to your first episode on minecraft lore, the builders fled to the End. This makes sence with what you said in this video about them coming from the End, since obviously they knew how to get to the End. However, this leads to a bit of a quandry. In the End, the builders turned into endermen because of the food they were forced to eat. But if they were already there, then what came out of the End portals should have been endermen, unless there is a 4th dimension, one unaccesable to us. What if, in addition to the overworld, nether, and End, there is another dimension, a Beginning, if you will, one that is almost opposite the End. Once you leave, you cannot return. But the builders didn't know that. When they tried to flee the Wither, they activated the portal and went somewhere different entirely, into the End. This theory also explains why the Builders had eyes of ender. There was a way to get them in the beginning. Now, the Illagers are trying to find a way to bring back the builders, their friends, but have lost the ability to craft over time, and are reduced to building wool end portals. However, there is little to no hope of them returning. They realize that something is missing. Otherwise there would be more Illagers around them, like in the cargo cult video matpat showed us. Instead, they seem to be trying to preserve their building abilities in the hope that, one day, someone will find a secret, some clue, to help them craft once more, and bring back builders. The main hole in this is that there is no possible way to prove the existance of a Beginning. So, I have one question for you, that probably doesn't answer this one, but might. What is creative mode?
Ashly Adames
Ashly Adames 2 dager siden
or maybe there were humans living in the Minecraft world and they build all these things and the villagers were like the minority that had the power to summon iron golems whenever they got scared or felt as if they were going to die, and then the opocolypes happened and all human turned into zombies and Steve was the only one left. The reason that they have wool of staves clothing is because their trying to bring back the humans because they saw them use all theses things that they made and they anna do the same. Idk its kind of a bumpy one because there are a lot of gray areas but i think its a good theory to think about.
Maison Michael
Maison Michael 2 dager siden
9:44 I’m pretty sure they don’t use the lava in the recreation of the portal because the lava would be on the ground and their ENTIRE HOUSE IS MADE OUT OF WOOD
Millie Mouse
Millie Mouse 2 dager siden
Anybody else just waiting for him to come up with something for the warden?
Aleksis LV
Aleksis LV 2 dager siden
But why do they attack you
Cattiranx 3 dager siden
So withthe cargo cult thing and the illagers trying to mimic what they saw with wool, why would they make beds out of wool and carpet, especially if they are villagers that were kicked out of their original dwellings. Not only are beds already in villages for the villagers, but according to your train of thought with the theories, villagers have been there since before or around the same time as the ancient builders.
Dominic Stevenson
Dominic Stevenson 3 dager siden
Or there just the creators of Minecraft... LOL.
Dominic Stevenson
Dominic Stevenson 3 dager siden
They tried to make giant chickens and cats and a fake portal, I bet they will build an enderdragragon to take over Minecraft!
Dominic Stevenson
Dominic Stevenson 3 dager siden
There trying to make an elder dragon!
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 3 dager siden
We're doing Mary Shelly's Frankenstein at school at the moment. My English teacher insisted that she could link ANYTHING to the book and when he said "kicked out for experimenting with life and death" I though "She was right. Even Minecraft links to Frankenstein."
Its_Certain Kid
Its_Certain Kid 4 dager siden
I think they're making chinese Bootleg Portal
Jimmy Knoll
Jimmy Knoll 4 dager siden
DUH. the illigers eyes are blue 'cause they have lapis embedded in their heads
Viktor Maag
Viktor Maag 4 dager siden
Dude those cargo cult stories made me really sad
what up1067
what up1067 4 dager siden
But then why do the I'll ages attack you
what up1067
what up1067 4 dager siden
I'll ages
Sydney Marwitz
Sydney Marwitz 4 dager siden
Ok, but why do they use so much wool? And where do they get it????
some-lone-wanderer 2
some-lone-wanderer 2 4 dager siden
Have you realized the longer you make your videos it gets more addictive
Elisspelar 5 dager siden
It was a while since i heard herobrine
Ender Pearl
Ender Pearl 5 dager siden
11:52 so much for a diet theory!
Fatima Najeeb
Fatima Najeeb 5 dager siden
Hero Bryan is Steve’s future he has a beard
Abner Smith
Abner Smith 5 dager siden
3:30 maybe the mansions existed but they hadn't yet been discovered
Damian Fuentes
Damian Fuentes 5 dager siden
have they tried 2 make nether portals they are much easier
noodle banana
noodle banana 6 dager siden
What if they made you and you are a failed experiment they wanted to make zombies and a evil version of you
CamoSquid21YT 6 dager siden
Right, so when's the next one coming out?
Shonono Yeetus
Shonono Yeetus 6 dager siden
here's my theory: the illagers were aware of the builders, villagers being descendants of them. They get ambitious, and experiment to try and recreate the builders but are unsuccessful. Their ambitions and crimes get them exiled. They then continue their ambitions, attempting to reach the end.
Hammie Lover
Hammie Lover 7 dager siden
5:57 machines?! you just ruined the illusion on the rest of that sentence
Cherish Rein Bravo
Cherish Rein Bravo 7 dager siden
What if the animals built by the illagers are the ones that entered the end portal and they're waiting for them to come back so they built statues for them idk the other ones but i only build a theory for the animal statues 👀
Rainbow Rayne
Rainbow Rayne 7 dager siden
I just realized something. Herobrine has supposedly removed from the game but what if like William Afton he was supposed to die but lives on in his followers. In this case it would be the illagers would be the followers trying to being herobrine back to life.
Outdated Leon
Outdated Leon 7 dager siden
They saw not one but three things came out of the End Portal. The two "Gods" that talk about the Player's achievement in the Ending. And also, the Player (Steve). Long, long ago... Illagers and Builders (now Endermen) were enemies who wanted each others' unique abilities - illagers' secret of immortality and Builders' powers of creativity. War happened and Builders fled to The End. Illagers tried to mimic Builders' creativity but fail. Some illagers decided that in order to be "creative", one must forfeit immortality - thus, becoming "villagers" and kicked villagers who still practice immortal voodoo magic out of their settlements. Thousands of years go by, suddenly Steve appeared out of the supposedly deactivated End Portal (alongside "God" aka Creative Mode Steve and "Observer God" - who both talk about Steve's accomplishments in The Ending). Steve shows tremendous power of immortality (but his immortality isn't just "live very long", he can resurrect upon death) and creativity. Illagers feared Steve being the revenge of the Builders sent the monsters that they had "created" over the years at Steve at night. And that's it. That's all I could come up with this whole thing.
ObviouslyAYoutuber 8 dager siden
Almost anyone: The ancient society of builders could have just become zomb- Mat: No, that's too easy. The builders must have turned into wither skeletons and endermen.
Not nooby At games
Not nooby At games 8 dager siden
The zombies were originally the Steves the pillagers created but since they weren’t created naturally there bodies rotted and became the zombie menace
武义 9 dager siden
The lava you showed are end crystals sooooo they have been to the end. Can you tell me how
Spiner_ Sorus
Spiner_ Sorus 10 dager siden
ooh so the illagers created zombies when the master builders were still alive and since they never seen anything like a zombie was built they would be curious and as A saying goes idk which one "curiosity killed the cat" but in this case they're still kinda alive
Kenzale Boyd
Kenzale Boyd 10 dager siden
Midnight_rose667 10 dager siden
i see the illagers in a different light now
DarkTheFailure 10 dager siden
Okay beside the haha village dumb joke, they probably have a language, spoken in hums. We have languages are earth that are just as unambiguous
Caelin Cohick
Caelin Cohick 10 dager siden
Caelin Cohick
Caelin Cohick 10 dager siden
Caelin Cohick
Caelin Cohick 10 dager siden
Nassi Love
Nassi Love 10 dager siden
The story of the people who tried to imitate planes and guns, and other modern stuff sounds so sad :( from the recordings it seems SOMEONE at least came back and recorded all of this... Man, just waiting, hoping for SOMETHING to come back is... I'm just really sad now :(
twenty9str 10 dager siden
That "swift" joke caught me off-guard 😂😂
Dope Gaming
Dope Gaming 10 dager siden
This vid is 11 mins long
ΛΪνΐηβάΙνιή321 11 dager siden
but if the pillagers to to villages and kidnap villagers for ravagers, wouldnt they know about the new technology
Burnt Tamale
Burnt Tamale 11 dager siden
I got a Diet Coke add during this vid
TD - 05NA 806690 Tecumseh PS
TD - 05NA 806690 Tecumseh PS 11 dager siden
Hehe you said you wouldn’t go past the ten minute mark but! Hehe can u explain dis -> 11:53 😏 I’m just kidding I like long videos! 🙂
Kanapatch (Vee) Laohapisitpanich
Kanapatch (Vee) Laohapisitpanich 11 dager siden
What if the entire Minecraft world is just a country 🤔😨🤯
ZombieSkittles the Non-Zombie
ZombieSkittles the Non-Zombie 12 dager siden
Not pumpkins, Steve heads. Not on accident, on purpose
David jr Sanchez
David jr Sanchez 12 dager siden
How hot is the nether
Corbi Corbi
Corbi Corbi 12 dager siden
a yes diet theory, same aamount of length but less theory
Dareen Sadieh
Dareen Sadieh 12 dager siden
It's only one minute over the limit
Jaslyn Lee
Jaslyn Lee 12 dager siden
People who clicked on the thumb just because there's herobrine jumping out of a horizontal nether portal l l l l
Justice Rogers
Justice Rogers 12 dager siden
I feel after watching these two illager theories, that maybe they are struggling to figure out how the master builders were so smart, amd trying to reproduce and study what they deemed to be important facets (e.g. animals like the cat were important in Egypt) to try and discover where they went wrong with the Wither and reanimation. The "unspeakable activities" referenced previously were them continuing on experiments even though it nearly cost them everything before. If the theories all hold together and true in the long run that is haha
LittlePandy02 YT
LittlePandy02 YT 13 dager siden
I’m okay with the lengths of your videos!
Awww poor illagers/villagers/evokers
H I ,.,
H I ,., 13 dager siden
Evan Bloomfield
Evan Bloomfield 13 dager siden
11 minutes.... tsk tsk
Dawnasaurus !
Dawnasaurus ! 13 dager siden
if the illagers want stuff like beds and maps cant they just raid the villages? i mean they go there and they have enough force to attack with?
Pagodeiro Master
Pagodeiro Master 13 dager siden
Why they would attack steve tho?
Chetan Kerhalkar
Chetan Kerhalkar 13 dager siden
Hey have you ever heard of altiori and also I'm a fan of you and what thing I'm talking about because it is what they want to do
Lucas Gabriel
Lucas Gabriel 13 dager siden
Maaan now i feel bad for the illagers :(
Martín Castro
Martín Castro 13 dager siden
What if they are trying to recreate the portals to gain the power of Steve to be able to craft and build
Ezriha 15 dager siden
At 7:01 I had a Minecraft C&C Update Ad
Carol Jones
Carol Jones 15 dager siden
Ever scrolled through comments and was like “Man wish I wrote that”
Donovan Newton
Donovan Newton 15 dager siden
Video: 10:00 Me: Boom done (no offense meant)
Kiki 15 dager siden
Could you find out if they made herobrine please I want to know and. make the vid please. you cinda forgot I want to see it. It would be so cool 😁😁
Bigtree2x4 15 dager siden
villagers have cats roaming around in their villages
Andrew Coopoosamy
Andrew Coopoosamy 15 dager siden
Vindicators eyes are blue cuz They have lapis in they brains😂😂I'm dying
Mattjaden Cabalfin
Mattjaden Cabalfin 15 dager siden
I like your mustache/beard matpat
Katrina Turner
Katrina Turner 16 dager siden
lol you got it long again haha -scarlett
Sour Patch Kid
Sour Patch Kid 16 dager siden
Mat: I think villagers are just stupid Mat 2 episodes later: they ARE the lost builders
ROBLOX GAMING 16 dager siden
11:53 minutes you have failed
Dopo 16 dager siden
Ilagers are stinky
Rose Knott
Rose Knott 16 dager siden
I think the underground places where the the ender portal is is used to be the Woodlands mansion because they made a fake replica of the ender portal so that's my game theory for you c;
P. S
P. S 16 dager siden
Me: Hey! Your god has returned Illagers: INTRUDER!!
NFGS0UL - Halatçı Barmen
NFGS0UL - Halatçı Barmen 16 dager siden
I mean, herobrine is technically canon since he appeared in promotional images.
J h K
J h K 16 dager siden
The iron birds (skarmory): adios
Cameron Bruce
Cameron Bruce 17 dager siden
What if they accidentally created Herobrine
CAMRON RAMSEY 17 dager siden
Here's the biggest deal most of the time the stronghold were the end portal is usually it's underneath a village a dead village or in a random spot near a village
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here 17 dager siden
Nobody: Literally nobody: MatPat: Why do the Vindicators have blue eyes? Me: MaYbE tHe ViLlAgErS aRe JuSt BeInG dIsCrImInAtOrY.
Petals 17 dager siden
Unicat of Science
Unicat of Science 17 dager siden
What if the archeological sites in the cliffs and caves update are pointing to the lost civilisation?
Thomas Adventure
Thomas Adventure 17 dager siden
When we will see a theory why vindicator the only illager with blue eyes?
AdeandFa Williams
AdeandFa Williams 17 dager siden
Mythae _
Mythae _ 17 dager siden
This will always have a place in my minecraft heart
Chris Duff
Chris Duff 17 dager siden
The eyes are blue from lapis I think
Jurassic World
Jurassic World 17 dager siden
can you do a theory on herobrine
CocoaTears 17 dager siden
My theory is that Vindicators have blue eyes because they had lapis lazuli injected into their brains or something
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