The Deadly Physics of GUM Ninjas! | The SCIENCE of.. Ninjala

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Special thanks to GungHo Online Entertainment and Ninjala for sponsoring this episode!
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Ninjala is kicking off Season 3 is a collaborative event with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s hit song “Ninja Re Bang Bang - Steve Aoki Remix.” From October 28 through November 25, players will be able to purchase the BGM remix to play during battle, Kyary’s ninja outfit from her original music video, and a themed dance emote from the Specialty Shop!
At some point in your life you've probably wanted to be a ninja, right? You wanted to be able to do all the cool stunts and have the amazing skills we see in movies. Well, what if there was a GUM that could help you have those skills? That's what happens in the world of Ninjala and I want to know how it WORKS! Today, Austin is going to answer that question and more!
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Infamous Quest
Infamous Quest 16 timer siden
Really gum ninjas sounds like a cheap version of splatoon
Noah Hornbeak
Noah Hornbeak 16 timer siden
I call drugs in that gum.
【 R!oT Off!c!al 】
【 R!oT Off!c!al 】 19 timer siden
*“Not even Micheal Jackson’s calves could pull this off”*
Dark Insanity
Dark Insanity Dag siden
I have 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4
Jacob Martic
Jacob Martic Dag siden
ME TO 0:50
GachaPlayz066 Dag siden
The word "ninjas" is a grammatic abomination
Butterbacon 3000
Butterbacon 3000 2 dager siden
Sometimes I think this man rounds up just to make the equation have .69 (nice) in it
Mike 2 dager siden
You are absolutely nuts Austin, but that's why we love you xD
William Chandler
William Chandler 3 dager siden
Why is mad pat not here? I don’t mean to be rude, but austin is one of the most weirdly disturbing people I know... somehow.
Indira Williams
Indira Williams 3 dager siden
I hate how they copied Splatoon,what’s next gum exapsion.😡
Epic Weeb
Epic Weeb 3 dager siden
Bungee gum, has the properties of both rubber and gum
Don't mind me im just here for the comments Lol
Don't mind me im just here for the comments Lol 3 dager siden
I love watching game theroy cause its like two different shows and I love it (yes film and food theroy too but I don't see him ranting about Harry Potter apparating actually thats a really good idea please do that is this too long yes it is sorry)
Christian Brathwaite
Christian Brathwaite 3 dager siden
I read the thumbnail to this video very differently
Mavisyper Écrivain
Mavisyper Écrivain 3 dager siden
“Every action has it’s equal opposite reaction.” My Hamiltrash Brain: **nerding out**
Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper 4 dager siden
Nieru 4 dager siden
17:46 I remember that movie! It was one of my favorites, as a kid.
JAHHED 4 dager siden
I like your words magic man
Eatinggamer 39
Eatinggamer 39 5 dager siden
Stilian Yankov
Stilian Yankov 5 dager siden
SCP-049 has breached containment. Classification: Pickle
riku4578 6 dager siden
*static* REMEMBER *static* EAT C4 *static*
Knight123x 6 dager siden
"The sign is the key to EVERYTHING!" The Scuttlebug is the key to the Multiverse.
the coffee dealer
the coffee dealer 7 dager siden
Red-Bolt DiversityYT
Red-Bolt DiversityYT 7 dager siden
Dose any 1 else want gum now?
akimi -kun
akimi -kun 7 dager siden
Doom Guy
Doom Guy 8 dager siden
Well I read that title wrong
Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson 8 dager siden
Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson 8 dager siden
Basic Functions
Basic Functions 8 dager siden
Well that just sounds like the gum gum no mi but with extra steps
Kristin Schoensiegel
Kristin Schoensiegel 8 dager siden
Did you know, that Bungee Gum has the properties of both rubber AND gum!?
Tyrus Wilkes
Tyrus Wilkes 8 dager siden
I want adam
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer 8 dager siden
Euro Panda
Euro Panda 8 dager siden
matpat noice me!!!
DrewTamashi 8 dager siden
For the double jump do you not have to pass the 24m/ss to get more upward velocity? So the double jump only being 14m/ss wouldn't work?
MrMegaPussyPlayer 8 dager siden
9:10 You sure? ... that was basically my weight at 20yo ...
your username is cool, no cap
your username is cool, no cap 8 dager siden
The thumbnail: exists brain: *I will now pronounce the c word!*
Miguel Mx7
Miguel Mx7 9 dager siden
I think you need to go and see a therapist
Sander Joeveer
Sander Joeveer 9 dager siden
ninjala is just the sensation of chewing 5gum
LokiAston 9 dager siden
Dude, Angry Austin is goos Austin.
Tom Mcfall
Tom Mcfall 9 dager siden
Oh eat c4 ok
Hyper jets Animations
Hyper jets Animations 9 dager siden
Rocket science Fuel goes one way rocket goes other way
Giggle Dash
Giggle Dash 9 dager siden
I actually did download Ninjala.
super koksu
super koksu 9 dager siden
it's better to gum in the sink thank sink in the gum.
liam louie
liam louie 10 dager siden
hey austin i have a vid idea i triple dog dare you to try and under stand king crimsons abilaty to have two stands aswell as how he erases time (pls i rly need this i have an exame on how to errase time pls send help)
Draggy Moons
Draggy Moons 10 dager siden
I remember rocketeers
suls is ready
suls is ready 10 dager siden
What did i learn in this vidio oh i remember eat c4
Comic Cams
Comic Cams 10 dager siden
Am I the only one who heard something that rhymes with Gum when Austin gave an overview of the powers..?
fun time fire
fun time fire 10 dager siden
I got to tell you that tool time is in toy story hint tool box
Nillin 11 dager siden
I love The Rocketeer, that movie’s great.
Ocean Reacts
Ocean Reacts 11 dager siden
nobody: Austin: mitsuBEEshi
Zug Zug
Zug Zug 11 dager siden
12:36 NICE
Thomas Gabriel
Thomas Gabriel 12 dager siden
what about the physics of luffy balloon that can bounce a cannon
Aidan Graber
Aidan Graber 12 dager siden
man that music at the end was so good.
minor retaliation
minor retaliation 12 dager siden
I mean with strong enough legs and core muscles you could keep yourself up
Jason Beasy
Jason Beasy 12 dager siden
i remember the rocketeer. it was really weird
IKnow YourName
IKnow YourName 12 dager siden
Austin: The sign, THE SIGN, THE SIGN IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING!!! Me: Are you ok?
Jayden Fung
Jayden Fung 12 dager siden
do not eat c4, wise
Vanessa Vasquez
Vanessa Vasquez 12 dager siden
Gus Cox
Gus Cox 12 dager siden
I remember Rocketeer... good movie.
Mavislav 12 dager siden
Ballistic art is launching you DIAGONALLY to oversimplify.
Damian Helsing
Damian Helsing 12 dager siden
It may sound heretical, but I prefer Austin's videos over mats.
RTG 12 dager siden
That picture doesnt help with making out that its a G in the beginning of "Gum". Animetheorists did this to me. Good job guys.
DARKAESAHAETTR 13 dager siden
Austin do a new video on Spiderman Miles Morales
DARKAESAHAETTR 13 dager siden
I love Austin
LicTeutli 14 dager siden
Chicle is pronounced she clay but without the y.... Remember the e in spanish it's like the a but shorter because a in English sounds to us like "ei"
Holly Hartwick
Holly Hartwick 14 dager siden
Wouldn’t it have been simpler to use the taxi by the side of the street to measure?
Jacob Betancourt
Jacob Betancourt 14 dager siden
mat pat is still better than you
Space Potato Lord
Space Potato Lord 14 dager siden
Austin's neighbors:*Making dinner* Austin:THE SIGN IS THE KEY
Toa Sully
Toa Sully 14 dager siden
Do not eat C4. Me: Ten sticks of dynamite - $400 One human body - Priceless *Detonates C4*
Jed Ikachi
Jed Ikachi 14 dager siden
reminds me of the claymore warnings... "Warning do not eat explosive, its toxic. Also do not burn explosive, it produces toxic fumes"
ninjabo 01
ninjabo 01 15 dager siden
The science of rocket jumps
Tracing Trident
Tracing Trident 15 dager siden
What of there are like me 30kg
Tracing Trident
Tracing Trident 15 dager siden
When i was 12
TheTaleofTwoToes 15 dager siden
I think Austin is just a supervillain with way to much time on his hands
Chupperup J
Chupperup J 16 dager siden
i love rocketeer
LogThatWeirdo 16 dager siden
When I saw that it was on the NOpost page I was like ah %*#$ here we go again
Jamie D
Jamie D 16 dager siden
ukko1998 16 dager siden
finally there is km/h in math parts, I love it, thanks :3
Honki Boi
Honki Boi 16 dager siden
Austin:Here is my most favorite possession. The Bible. Me:There stands the New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standard Manual. Austin:YOU QUESTION THE WORDS OF THE MIGHTY PIXEL MEASUREMENTS!
awesomeonejess 17 dager siden
Dude. The Rocketeer was my favorite movie as a kid.
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING 17 dager siden
I'm suprised that gum isn't an SCP yet.
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING 17 dager siden
*what it's like to chew 5 gum*
Megan Kirwan
Megan Kirwan 17 dager siden
Hey question, the gum seems to be in a liquid state once ejected. Should that change the density of gum containment and how much of the container is regulated to changing the state or am I just fixating again? Also the kids are probably part magic gum chemicals now considering the feats they can reach and how the gum is supposed to unlock genetic stuff or something so their weight might be drastically different as their genetic makeup is being changed at such a young age.
Imelda Guevara
Imelda Guevara 17 dager siden
Aré your ok
Imelda Guevara
Imelda Guevara 17 dager siden
Aré tour ok
Skeletor1930 17 dager siden
Would someone kindly tell me the name of his intro music. Its been stuck in my brain for so long and cant find it
Bradley Biggerstaff
Bradley Biggerstaff 17 dager siden
Uh oh Austin’s back
William Dobesh
William Dobesh 17 dager siden
Asreal YT
Asreal YT 17 dager siden
You always ruin my childhood stop please
Elza 1204
Elza 1204 17 dager siden
Where can i find Austin???
Can of Coke
Can of Coke 18 dager siden
"Do NOT eat C4" -Austin 2020
andrew grasham
andrew grasham 18 dager siden
Where's part three of the richest video game characters?
Ashley Bales
Ashley Bales 18 dager siden
like gum yummy jucy
Alexander Luethi
Alexander Luethi 18 dager siden
Yes cops we have a crazy person here.
Pixel Intellect
Pixel Intellect 18 dager siden
Austin is better, then mat pat (let the hate comments begin)
Evan Boleen
Evan Boleen 18 dager siden
I would like to see Austin talk about how shaggy can eat and eat and eat but still be that skinny
meme gaming
meme gaming 18 dager siden
I am 5th grade and i understand what the man says.what is wrong with me?
emmet 18 dager siden
How is that so funy🥴🤪
Benny Fair
Benny Fair 18 dager siden
just do a theory on why the king of bountyful harvests horse likes both types of carrots in the book but you can only get mounts that like one type of carrot.
meme Masias
meme Masias 18 dager siden
*Ya know what give me this stupid free game!* *But the site needs me to log in my email* *Hmm I think not*
ryuko matoi
ryuko matoi 19 dager siden
Hey Austin, can you do a video on GUILT or the other synthetic diseases from Trauma Center series and see how it could possibly work in real life?
dylan hipenbecker
dylan hipenbecker 19 dager siden
wait 41.5 kg is 50 pounds and i wiegh that but im in the 1.2 percentile for a twelve year olds age so what
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