Resident Evil, How Fast Would The Zombie Virus Spread? | The Science of... Resident Evil 3

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6 måneder siden

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Today, Austin is righting the wrongs of his past by recalculating the spread of the Resident Evil virus. Heck Resident Evil 3 just got a remake, so Austin thought now would be the perfect time for a Science of Resident Evil Remake. Not to mention it's relation to our own global outbreak!
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Revolution! slavic
Revolution! slavic Dag siden
I told myself I would not come back
tj nova
tj nova 7 dager siden
So not to make you have to make this video again, but have you considered that, if zombies are in fact dead, we should still see them decompose at the rate of a normal human corpse. Could that effect the spread of the disease, as the zombie’s could decompose and effectively “die” again before they infect more people?
Sam Fish
Sam Fish 9 dager siden
Good God this has been going on for like 6 months now.....
that kid
that kid 10 dager siden
I ment the zombie virus can be stoped and I stoped coronavirus
Casual Fox
Casual Fox 13 dager siden
Shout out to all my fellow MSU dropouts!
Lord Necris
Lord Necris 14 dager siden
Terrain, does the model take into consideration, hills, swamps, mountains, gullys? or is it saying 2.7 miles and hours in a straight line to point A to point B?
KingRaptor 14 dager siden
1:23 cant say I don't disagree
Jacob.c 18 dager siden
So your saying the video that MattPat did on how we are closer to zombies then we think that was posted a year ago is false ? You guys are sending mix messages lol... I am talking about the part about you saying it could not exist.
nemo demolished gamer
nemo demolished gamer 19 dager siden
Shark will eat zombies :))
Graymatter 20 dager siden
Ok... i gotta know the name of that sick beat.. also this is fantastic.. i am absolutely watching all these
Toxie Cookie
Toxie Cookie 20 dager siden
Pretty sure the average walking speed, not the slowest, but the mean average, is around 3km/h, not over 4.. that's a fairly quick pace, I'd like to see my grandma manage that much.
Tristan Solso
Tristan Solso 20 dager siden
What if the disease was airborne
Lord Skarra
Lord Skarra 22 dager siden
Small Problem @The Game Theorists... @Austin To This Model... Air Travel, Train Travel, Boat, Cars and Etc. Infected people would flee without knowing what is happening, and spread the virus through these means, just walking makes this Map a failure. So try again...
T. 23 dager siden
If this was a Mold outbreak, now this would be another story...
Lambie 26 dager siden
What about more travel methods than just walking? There's a chance that zombies could board long range transport such as trains or airplanes and get to other states, countries or even continents. Wouldn't that affect the spread dramatically?
Eliz Themes!
Eliz Themes! 28 dager siden
I Need to stop Tapping things I don’t know.
Crumble 73
Crumble 73 28 dager siden
Austin: zombies arent plausible Random Junkie: hold my bathsalts
PercierTheGamer 3
PercierTheGamer 3 29 dager siden
when it got complex the dramatic music kicks in
Roland Norello
Roland Norello Måned siden
OMG another video of a game. And what no matpat. ,😭 Who is this and why we not getting him. Instead of this random.
uberspaz748 Måned siden
What’s the song that starts near the end of the video?
Andrew Black
Andrew Black Måned siden
4:28 then pause
Jed Abukhares
Jed Abukhares Måned siden
Nope because the zombies would rot away much slower than humans probably. I'd say 2 years max and even that's a REALLY long stretch!
Jed Abukhares
Jed Abukhares Måned siden
How you say? Just look and watch at film theory( the walking dead is ending ).
john campbell
john campbell Måned siden
im suprised he didnt use the model in world war z. where the people with infected family members or people with the bites themselves try and flee bringing the virus with them to other parts of the map.
Fishing pole studios
Fishing pole studios Måned siden
3 and a half?! Jeez, feels like yesterday that he was only a real lil tot!
Narai Oskara
Narai Oskara Måned siden
I just missed half the video because the lifestyle joke caught me off guard and I just spent several minutes trying to process it.
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher Måned siden
0:50 - I care austin......i care
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher Måned siden
Diversidade Científica
Diversidade Científica Måned siden
One thing that you could count for the next zombie simulation is the time of decaying of the dead brains, for the most realistic approach if all the world have been infected, all zombies would die in roughly 5 weeks, Its relatively a quick apocalipse
Kenzie Hunt
Kenzie Hunt Måned siden
Resident evil lore raccoon city was put under lock down with the army and umbrella soldier on the boarder of the city that's why the ending works for re3
Fuscomania !
Fuscomania ! Måned siden
Or people traveling to europe to evade the virus, not knowing they were already infected
Game Hut
Game Hut Måned siden
What’s that song that played through the outbreak and the end?
Foxfire-chan Måned siden
Um buddy, you forgot to mention Canada the country above the United States. Some of the areas around day 40 have already hit areas in Canada. The way you talk about it one could make the assumption that Canada doesn’t exist at all. If you mean the continent of North America it would make sense but you don’t mention it. Instead you mention the greater americas of North and South America.
Hamza Naveed حمزہ نوید
Hamza Naveed حمزہ نوید Måned siden
Where will they get there energy from to move.
Treta Ghunberg
Treta Ghunberg Måned siden
Just 2% of humanity. That sounds great! For earth
Wahid Chowdhury
Wahid Chowdhury Måned siden
Who’s this?
Commander1SUV Måned siden
Surely the army would destroy them easily. I mean if we did nothing zombies could take over but there would be no way a couple of bullets and a efficient attack plan couldn't get rid of them.
lsruler Måned siden
lets not forget b.o.w
Rand Pool
Rand Pool Måned siden
I live right next to springfield MO I would be dead in a heartbeat
guardian of the toasters
guardian of the toasters Måned siden
Wait why does my country isn't counted on the exception part *10 secs later* Oh you refused to do it all ok I understand wew I'm safe bois
Mrugank Jadhav
Mrugank Jadhav Måned siden
I usually avoid austin's videos because they remind me of my pending study.
Drunken Dad
Drunken Dad Måned siden
I wonder how people wit disabilities would look like wit the T virus
Hajime 666
Hajime 666 Måned siden
kagetsuki23 Måned siden
Nanobots could create zombies. And when these nano zombies bites other, the nanobots would infect the victims body and make them behave like zombies.
cespenar pheonix
cespenar pheonix Måned siden
How much would the model change if u based it off the 28 days infection?
Patrick Helm
Patrick Helm Måned siden
dude, I relate to the 3.5 year old lol
ThatOneLonelyWolf Måned siden
"A zombie in New York cannot bite someone in Los Angeles." That's take a mighty long mouth to do but I'm sure it could happen if EA made the infection.
Damian James
Damian James Måned siden
what's the song at 9:41?
Puppy King
Puppy King Måned siden
do you and matpat even know eachother exist
richard klegin
richard klegin Måned siden
you know with the current virus that people dont always follow what is neccary to stop the virus .
richard klegin
richard klegin Måned siden
thats if the us government doesnt nuke the zombies
Unseen Måned siden
2 weeks, going insane Meanwhile, here in the future we're going on 6 months...
Tyrannosaurus Cow
Tyrannosaurus Cow Måned siden
He forgot the fact that New Zealand is completely safe.
Al Land
Al Land Måned siden
I like to think he's actually sending these letters to gaming companies, and every time they get to the "Hi! It's Me! Austin!" they're like: Oh god not this guy again
XxUrNothingXx Jes
XxUrNothingXx Jes Måned siden
I mean us Texans will be the hero’s with are special guns hehehe 🤠
Fire Charge
Fire Charge Måned siden
Zombies can never exist: Rabies is basically a zombie infectuon tho.
DIO Brando
DIO Brando Måned siden
I was gonna watch this but it’s not matpat
fafa Thought
fafa Thought Måned siden
i hab question , before when you are a student... are you bad at math ? if not then you can just act like this comment does not exist but if yes... does making this kind of videos make u better at math? or do u just need to just study math XD
Knight Mare
Knight Mare Måned siden
The only Zombie virus that exists in real is a parasite that I forget the name of that grow inside insects like Preying Mantis and then control the motor strip of their brain allowing control of their muscles but luckily they can’t infect humans... yet 😏
ThatSerperior Måned siden
Looks like asia and southern east asia is not safe
Nicholas Hurley
Nicholas Hurley Måned siden
Forgot the coefficients for people who A) don't believe in the zombie virus and B) those who deliberately infect others
Jo Doses stuff_YT
Jo Doses stuff_YT Måned siden
When you live in Springfield: Me: well crap....
First Last
First Last Måned siden
Pls tell me you took into account how pigheaded people can be able disease prevention
Kyle Minick
Kyle Minick Måned siden
Austin is the reason I skip
Morine Tabuyo
Morine Tabuyo Måned siden
yo my country philippines is safe
taran williams
taran williams Måned siden
hey Austin what about touristism? wouldn't that also effect the results of the model?
Kharfre Wallace
Kharfre Wallace Måned siden
Zombies would just rot and vultures can eat zombies without being infected because their stomach acid dissolves viruses and bacteria because of the high acidity
Ben Hughes
Ben Hughes Måned siden
Not sure if someone has mentioned it but... Austin shouldn't there be coefficients for things like 1. People( both susceptible and immune)killing people because of the survival aspect, 2. Zombies and infected what its susceptible and zombies that make infected, along with one for infected who are not zombies to infect susceptible . So basically you need coefficients for S-In, In-Z, Z-D, and I-Z (which is what you already have) AND S-D, In-D, and dare I say it maybe one for reproduction since this is a multi month possibly year thing and one needs to consider new life coming in as it might change the result? Love your vids mate
Joseph Siebuhr
Joseph Siebuhr Måned siden
they have the zombies would have decomposed
Athena Tran
Athena Tran Måned siden
Has air travel already been accounted for? Ö
Raicudo Na
Raicudo Na Måned siden
Normally now I don't chime in about theories, I've grown tired of them. However, as it always is people will attempt to flee to areas not infected and those people may not (or possibly do) know they're infected. The spread would be far faster than you're predicting because humans are selfish and self serving. Hence Covid still remains. Never forget the psychology that goes with predicting human actions, a good psychologist can in fact predict the future as long as they know all the variances.
Leongon draws stuff
Leongon draws stuff Måned siden
Over time the transmisibility rate should go down because unlike with invisible patogens, zombies are a treat that individuals can gain skill in defending themselves against on top of regular preemptive measures that one would use against regular illnesses.
sabin97 Måned siden
you're not mattpat. you have no business being in this video. disliked and stopped watching.
Nikita Belyaev
Nikita Belyaev Måned siden
What about infected people traveling on planes??
不死王 Måned siden
Coal27 Måned siden
Fun fact, folklorically (is that a word? probably not but you get what I'm saying) zombies are actually a form of vampires. And actual folkloric zombification is real and much more terrifying because of that.
redneckofgaming 20
redneckofgaming 20 Måned siden
I couldn't live in your city because they can't tell me to say in my house
олег бурдин
олег бурдин Måned siden
Zombie apocalypse ? Half USA infected ? Nothing BOOMER sub can’t do
Imp Salazarth
Imp Salazarth Måned siden
Zombies are the least of people's worries in the Resident Evil world. What about the Lickers, infected giant bugs, crows, and other life forms?
Isaque Souza Gonçalves
Isaque Souza Gonçalves Måned siden
The day the simpsons transform into a zombie show.
skullboi Måned siden
Game theorists: how are you supposed to blow them all up. Me: Just let the zombies rot bones can't hurt anyone.
embarrassment Factory
embarrassment Factory Måned siden
No offense to mat but I just love it when Austin does a video
Glorbo Jibbins
Glorbo Jibbins Måned siden
*Super in to the lifestyle*
Holly Hartwick
Holly Hartwick Måned siden
The virus would get off continent a lot faster than that. Unturned infected on planes and boats, who then turn afterward, could spread the virus globally within days of initial outbreak. Since the T-virus takes 3 days to turn a victim, that’s plenty of time to get several infected onto international flights undetected. If such a person got onto a cruise liner, hundreds of zombies could flood onto the streets of a new country when the ship reaches its destination.
David Resto
David Resto Måned siden
Too soon Austin
Evan Ross
Evan Ross Måned siden
You forgot about under ground water aquifers wells and small lakes land locked they could he defended and used to sustain life in that area....
Cadence Vancel
Cadence Vancel Måned siden
son coulda just used plague inc lmao
Malyxx Plays
Malyxx Plays Måned siden
But wouldn't fish eat the zombies in the ocean?.. And currents would break the bodies apart.
WiseGuys Gaming
WiseGuys Gaming Måned siden
You forgot planes like we see sick people try to.go.on planes and boats it why it spread quickly look we has people do so much travel
fitsum tessema
fitsum tessema Måned siden
Seeing the response of the USA popln and govt abt covid..., in that unlikely event....Thank you for ending the world!! besides, US or Eurasia would be the likely origins for any manufactured bioweapon
Ho'onani Kamai
Ho'onani Kamai Måned siden
i recently saw a comment that said you can tell which videos are austin's bc the text is blue and have been binging his videos. it's currently 5 am.
Mehga Måned siden
Racoon city wasn't the only outbreak. The T-Virus was spread all across the world intentionally by Umbrella. Then you got people who are infected without knowing it travelling hundreds of miles before they turn into zombies. The virus would spread much, much quicker in these circumstances.
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu 2 måneder siden
“Thankfully zombies could never exist”! Matpat-um...
C guy !
C guy ! 2 måneder siden
Virus right and there are 10% of people that are 100% immune well then a vaccine wouldn’t be hard to make in less the 4 years
nicolas Blackburn
nicolas Blackburn 2 måneder siden
there is a bit of an issue with your model when it come to the border with canada as its mainly mountain ranges and hills around the eastern coast, slowing zombies even more and causing many chokepoint, but very nicely done Austin!
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng 2 måneder siden
Sergey Voytenkov
Sergey Voytenkov 2 måneder siden
You forgot a huge fact, zombies still need energy to move. So won't they be immobile within like 2 weeks? That would mean that the numbers here are really wrong. Also with all that walking and the desserts they won't have ANY energy to walk or live.
DaMarion The Gamer from Mars
DaMarion The Gamer from Mars 2 måneder siden
What song plays at 1408
Billy Jones
Billy Jones 2 måneder siden
we will have to start double tapping people that die in hospitals just to be safe.
TheBendalorianBricks 2 måneder siden
Y’know a really underrated household object that would be an amazing zombie apocalypse weapon: A dog Leash.
Corey Wheatley
Corey Wheatley 2 måneder siden
Yeah Springfield, Mo. I knew I lived at ground zero for the end of the world
Anonymous Fellow
Anonymous Fellow 2 måneder siden
Or, an asymptomatic infected hops on a plane after drinking from a public fountain after an international flight...and... (never underestimate asymptomatic infections and plane travel! Also public and government idiocy. (...don’t mind me...I...just have had an epidemiologist ranting in my ear about this since December or January. Yeahhh...)
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