Resident Evil, How Fast Would The Zombie Virus Spread? | The Science of... Resident Evil 3

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9 måneder siden

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Today, Austin is righting the wrongs of his past by recalculating the spread of the Resident Evil virus. Heck Resident Evil 3 just got a remake, so Austin thought now would be the perfect time for a Science of Resident Evil Remake. Not to mention it's relation to our own global outbreak!
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wowwowwowdf Dag siden
you could have used zombie town usa simulation. would save you a lot of effort
wowwowwowdf Dag siden
let we go read wwz again
Dark Wings
Dark Wings 7 dager siden
hah im from 2021 and thoughtful managing of a zombie virus WE CANT EVEN MANAGE A NORMAL VIRUS
Sylwia W
Sylwia W 13 dager siden
I have one question what happens if I (being the idiot that I am) bite a zombie?
Robo jay jay The Blader
Robo jay jay The Blader 13 dager siden
This hits different in 2020 *wait*
Kenny Eight
Kenny Eight 14 dager siden
When he was saying wrong it said wrong in russian which is неправильно
Zodoki Esparda
Zodoki Esparda 14 dager siden
zombie land liberator rule 87 i belive: kill a hundred zombies or die shameful
Chris Wan
Chris Wan 15 dager siden
what about air traveling?
Gale of the digital world
Gale of the digital world 16 dager siden
Poor matpat
Foxboy N
Foxboy N 17 dager siden
Hey game theory I want you to play zombie army in the switch and make a video of it it’s not vr
Ivo Takens
Ivo Takens 20 dager siden
Just saying that the zombie plage would not spread to europe cause viruses have a life span Other things that should be consired is food than zombies need to survive Else they would die of malnutrasion And cold areas will have harder time to be infected cause zombies will freeze to death. Sensirly:a commentor
Games 'n Vogs
Games 'n Vogs 25 dager siden
if you think that 1500-ish sqft is small my house is about 1000 sqft
bj layos
bj layos 26 dager siden
what's the background music?
Gabey_515 Måned siden
What about Hawaii
Hagen springtrap
Hagen springtrap Måned siden
6:07 or they could just simply kill the infected but that would be "wrong" and "mean" and they would say stuff like "You get out of the kindergarten or you will be removed from the property" blah blah blah ethics and morals don't really matter in equations thats why If a group gets a virus but one doesn't they torch the whole group Instead of chancing the one that doesnt have it is just hiding symptoms
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer Måned siden
I wonder how they got across the Amazon rain forest.
Adrian C
Adrian C Måned siden
You should calculate planes......
RTB Productions
RTB Productions Måned siden
Still missing the fact that the zombies would never make it out far enough to spread the virus because, you know, dead tissue. Bloating (with associated busting), desiccation, and freezing would prevent it from spreading very far.
Tony Watson
Tony Watson Måned siden
U ok?
PineWasHere Måned siden
why wasnt this man asked about corona
Easton Robbins
Easton Robbins Måned siden
australia is safe!!!!
David Czerepinski
David Czerepinski Måned siden
Diego Nogueira
Diego Nogueira Måned siden
Hey MatPat, Diego from Brazil here. Have you ever thought how Rebecca Chambers does fit for the second traitor inside STARS? Think with me: - She is the only survivor of Bravo Team (even though more skilled and experienced men were in Bravo Team, she not only managed to survive, but does it with perfect health) - She was accepted to STARS in a very young age, meaning that someone made her way into it (maybe Wesker?) - She is very skilled with medicines although she is very young (think about it: She managed to treat Richard’s wounds and knows that he needs serum and even where the serum can be found; she treats Chris’s poisouness; she can handle chemicals, as the game says; she makes the V-Jolt; then she produces medicines using Umbrella’s compounds and heals Chris; she knows about Umbrella while Chris barely heard of it - maybe the farmaceutical was not so known back then...) - This knowledge in medicine is very high among Umbrella’s top employees (such as Wesker himself, William and Annett Birkin) - Chief Irons was hired by Umbrella, meaning the company had more influence inside RPD - Wesker shoots Rebecca when confronted with his links with Umbrella (maybe that’s because he knew she was a traitor too? Maybe he was trying to prevent her to use her knowledge to, I don’t know, blow the whole lab away? See ahead...) - Rebecca decides to explode the mansion, getting rid of all the evidence - Rebecca says that the mansion contains files about the Tyrant and thus needs to be destroyed, but, seriously? You need to destroy an entire mansion because of some files? Couldn’t you just destroy or aprehend these files, or something else? - As Rebecca decides to destroy the mansion, she fulfills Umbrella’s plans as another file says that the company did plan to destroy everything after the test with the STARS members. - Wesker has a picture of Rebecca in his desk (was she an affair? A possible recruit? Or something else?) Well... that’s for now, but I’m sure there’s more if you look into it. Sorry for my bad english. I’m not only brazilian, but my autocorrect also translates everything to Portuguese, so I have to struggle with it to write, kkkkkkk Hope you enjoy this theory. Bye!
catie himai
catie himai Måned siden
god his voice is annoying. i couldnt watch it all
catie himai
catie himai Måned siden
@Kingkong yeh its his voice
Kingkong Måned siden
Is voice is okay , probably your speakers/earphones/headphones
MikePlaysRoblox YT
MikePlaysRoblox YT Måned siden
5:29 And may be removed from life
Mason Horner
Mason Horner Måned siden
What’s are the chances of the survivors killing the zombies rather than being killed or infected in your math, I’m just curious whether the math leaned toward zombies or humans in the individual contact.
NILAST pulsar
NILAST pulsar Måned siden
Or just use nukes like border you can not accross
Lunar桜井 2 måneder siden
Austin: End the video without mentioning the island close to American All the islands: wait so I'm safe?😲
Maverick Johnson
Maverick Johnson 2 måneder siden
Nooooo Austin boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ThePyrotechnics 2 måneder siden
Have matpat and Austin been in the same video before
karsten69 2 måneder siden
6:27 ouch, that really hurts in hindsight
SpaceToast 2 måneder siden
We ain’t got mountains in Springfield. I would have said something like Appalachia
SpaceToast 2 måneder siden
Hi Austin
Arantxa Lopez
Arantxa Lopez 2 måneder siden
How on earth did you not considered planes?
Hugo Wiberg
Hugo Wiberg 2 måneder siden
Walking would give us the longest amount on time. Best case scenario.
ALEXANDROS 2 måneder siden
So I'm getting a we should nuke Mexico City first to save the world kinda vibe from this. Well, at least we will save a ton of money from building that border wall! I know, I'll see myself out. :D
Shobaan Mohsin
Shobaan Mohsin 2 måneder siden
What was the song at 8:15?
Edub42 2 måneder siden
"And when they're no longer contagious either because they've recovered or they're *D* *E* *A* *D* "
Zzz 2 måneder siden
1 your first video was wrong 2 your second video was very wrong. You just introduced walking? Not any other forms of travel the virus can be carried, like vehicles or airplanes. This was a TERRIBLE video regarding simulations
Hugo Wiberg
Hugo Wiberg 2 måneder siden
Walking would give us the best case scenario.
Jay M
Jay M 2 måneder siden
15:04 - Hey look! Philippines is not red! Looks like I'm safe :D
Kenes Sugralinov
Kenes Sugralinov 2 måneder siden
So much math
Quentin Albertini
Quentin Albertini 2 måneder siden
Make a 4th Among Us video please.
RainMasterXD 2 måneder siden
Did I miss something because this should still be faster just based on airports getting infected on them.
OneStrangeRedditor 2 måneder siden
cmon the 5th one is the best "LET THE UROBORO INTO THE ATMOSPHERE" "complete global saturation"
Drew Marks
Drew Marks 2 måneder siden
Springfield is the worst place ever. Of course the zombie apocalypse starts here
Canadian Dee
Canadian Dee 2 måneder siden
You forgot planes and ships
Yeehaw Bro
Yeehaw Bro 2 måneder siden
What about the random zombies drifting off from beaches and such? They would have consumed the oceans to, and it would take a while but the zombies would eventually get to hawii and Alaska and everywhere. What I’m saying is, you didnt account for just random drops into the ocean, that’s a pretty major thing, because if the zombies get caught in tides and stuff, they would be traveling to everywhere on earth. Also, the sea life would get infected and spread it even faster that way to. Also, what about airports and flights to other places? That would get the virus to everywhere even faster, if they don’t crash in the middle of the ocean. Plus, BOATS. That would get the zombies far and faster across the sea and rivers even faster than simply drifting.
Senpai NUTZ
Senpai NUTZ 2 måneder siden
Wow no ones gunna talk about Austin singing avgn theme song
Djoelimin Djoelimin
Djoelimin Djoelimin 2 måneder siden
Zombie cannot Exist. Me: What if It happened in 2020? Everything can happen in 2020
KurosakiKun24 2 måneder siden
Chicago? Hey, you’re in my neck of the woods! Hello Austin! ^^
Matthew Writer
Matthew Writer 2 måneder siden
11:00 First, has anyone else noticed how the red part somehow seems closer than the blue part of this map? Secondly, here we are in day 30 of the infection and I am in Washington state and I am so far untouched...that won't last much longer.
lastdon6585 2 måneder siden
1500 sq ft apartment? That's a big apartment. Stop complaining. 😂
cyka blyat
cyka blyat 2 måneder siden
I told myself I would not come back
tj nova
tj nova 3 måneder siden
So not to make you have to make this video again, but have you considered that, if zombies are in fact dead, we should still see them decompose at the rate of a normal human corpse. Could that effect the spread of the disease, as the zombie’s could decompose and effectively “die” again before they infect more people?
Sam Fish
Sam Fish 3 måneder siden
Good God this has been going on for like 6 months now.....
that kid
that kid 3 måneder siden
I ment the zombie virus can be stoped and I stoped coronavirus
Casual Fox
Casual Fox 3 måneder siden
Shout out to all my fellow MSU dropouts!
Lord Necris
Lord Necris 3 måneder siden
Terrain, does the model take into consideration, hills, swamps, mountains, gullys? or is it saying 2.7 miles and hours in a straight line to point A to point B?
KingRaptor 3 måneder siden
1:23 cant say I don't disagree
Jacob.c 3 måneder siden
So your saying the video that MattPat did on how we are closer to zombies then we think that was posted a year ago is false ? You guys are sending mix messages lol... I am talking about the part about you saying it could not exist.
nemo demolished gamer
nemo demolished gamer 3 måneder siden
Shark will eat zombies :))
Graymatter 3 måneder siden
Ok... i gotta know the name of that sick beat.. also this is fantastic.. i am absolutely watching all these
Toxie Cookie
Toxie Cookie 3 måneder siden
Pretty sure the average walking speed, not the slowest, but the mean average, is around 3km/h, not over 4.. that's a fairly quick pace, I'd like to see my grandma manage that much.
Tristan Solso
Tristan Solso 3 måneder siden
What if the disease was airborne
Lord Skarra
Lord Skarra 3 måneder siden
Small Problem @The Game Theorists... @Austin To This Model... Air Travel, Train Travel, Boat, Cars and Etc. Infected people would flee without knowing what is happening, and spread the virus through these means, just walking makes this Map a failure. So try again...
T. 3 måneder siden
If this was a Mold outbreak, now this would be another story...
Lambie 3 måneder siden
What about more travel methods than just walking? There's a chance that zombies could board long range transport such as trains or airplanes and get to other states, countries or even continents. Wouldn't that affect the spread dramatically?
Eliz Themes!
Eliz Themes! 3 måneder siden
I Need to stop Tapping things I don’t know.
Crumble 73
Crumble 73 3 måneder siden
Austin: zombies arent plausible Random Junkie: hold my bathsalts
PercierTheGamer 3
PercierTheGamer 3 3 måneder siden
when it got complex the dramatic music kicks in
Roland Norello
Roland Norello 3 måneder siden
OMG another video of a game. And what no matpat. ,😭 Who is this and why we not getting him. Instead of this random.
uberspaz748 3 måneder siden
What’s the song that starts near the end of the video?
Andrew Black
Andrew Black 4 måneder siden
4:28 then pause
Jed Abukhares
Jed Abukhares 4 måneder siden
Nope because the zombies would rot away much slower than humans probably. I'd say 2 years max and even that's a REALLY long stretch!
Jed Abukhares
Jed Abukhares 4 måneder siden
How you say? Just look and watch at film theory( the walking dead is ending ).
john campbell
john campbell 4 måneder siden
im suprised he didnt use the model in world war z. where the people with infected family members or people with the bites themselves try and flee bringing the virus with them to other parts of the map.
Fishing pole studios
Fishing pole studios 4 måneder siden
3 and a half?! Jeez, feels like yesterday that he was only a real lil tot!
Narai Oskara
Narai Oskara 4 måneder siden
I just missed half the video because the lifestyle joke caught me off guard and I just spent several minutes trying to process it.
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher 4 måneder siden
0:50 - I care austin......i care
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher 4 måneder siden
Diversidade Científica
Diversidade Científica 4 måneder siden
One thing that you could count for the next zombie simulation is the time of decaying of the dead brains, for the most realistic approach if all the world have been infected, all zombies would die in roughly 5 weeks, Its relatively a quick apocalipse
Kenzie Hunt
Kenzie Hunt 4 måneder siden
Resident evil lore raccoon city was put under lock down with the army and umbrella soldier on the boarder of the city that's why the ending works for re3
Fuscomania !
Fuscomania ! 4 måneder siden
Or people traveling to europe to evade the virus, not knowing they were already infected
Anon 4 måneder siden
What’s that song that played through the outbreak and the end?
Foxfire-chan 4 måneder siden
Um buddy, you forgot to mention Canada the country above the United States. Some of the areas around day 40 have already hit areas in Canada. The way you talk about it one could make the assumption that Canada doesn’t exist at all. If you mean the continent of North America it would make sense but you don’t mention it. Instead you mention the greater americas of North and South America.
Hamza Naveed حمزہ نوید
Hamza Naveed حمزہ نوید 4 måneder siden
Where will they get there energy from to move.
Wahid 4 måneder siden
Who’s this?
Commander1SUV 4 måneder siden
Surely the army would destroy them easily. I mean if we did nothing zombies could take over but there would be no way a couple of bullets and a efficient attack plan couldn't get rid of them.
lsruler 4 måneder siden
lets not forget b.o.w
Rand Pool
Rand Pool 4 måneder siden
I live right next to springfield MO I would be dead in a heartbeat
guardian of the toasters
guardian of the toasters 4 måneder siden
Wait why does my country isn't counted on the exception part *10 secs later* Oh you refused to do it all ok I understand wew I'm safe bois
007 Mrugank Jadhav
007 Mrugank Jadhav 4 måneder siden
I usually avoid austin's videos because they remind me of my pending study.
invisavol's home videos
invisavol's home videos 4 måneder siden
I wonder how people wit disabilities would look like wit the T virus
Hajime 666
Hajime 666 4 måneder siden
kagetsuki23 4 måneder siden
Nanobots could create zombies. And when these nano zombies bites other, the nanobots would infect the victims body and make them behave like zombies.
cespenar pheonix
cespenar pheonix 4 måneder siden
How much would the model change if u based it off the 28 days infection?
Patrick Helm
Patrick Helm 4 måneder siden
dude, I relate to the 3.5 year old lol
ThatOneLonelyWolf 4 måneder siden
"A zombie in New York cannot bite someone in Los Angeles." That's take a mighty long mouth to do but I'm sure it could happen if EA made the infection.
Damian James
Damian James 4 måneder siden
what's the song at 9:41?
Puppy King
Puppy King 4 måneder siden
do you and matpat even know eachother exist
richard klegin
richard klegin 4 måneder siden
you know with the current virus that people dont always follow what is neccary to stop the virus .
richard klegin
richard klegin 4 måneder siden
thats if the us government doesnt nuke the zombies
Unseen 4 måneder siden
2 weeks, going insane Meanwhile, here in the future we're going on 6 months...
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