Game Theory: Star Wars, How the Force WORKS! (Star Wars Fallen Order)

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Thanks to EA for sponsoring this video. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now on XBOX, PC and PS4. Check it out here:
One of my favorite fictional worlds is Star Wars and with the release of Star Wars: Fallen Order I knew it was time to cover a topic I've wanted to do for YEARS! It's time to talk about the Force. Anyone who has seen one of the movies or played one of the games wishes they could use the Force. Imagine being able to lift objects, do crazy acrobatics or even slow time like in Star Wars: Fallen Order! Today, I want to examine how the Force Slow in the new game helps crack the key to understand the science behind the Force. Get your lightsabers ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Maximilian Bunnell
Maximilian Bunnell 8 timer siden
I remember the mitochondria from 5th grade
sapherno11 14 timer siden
Tasty, too bad it didn't last more than 12 hours to actually clear. I like to take my time with my milkshakes
Carl Webber
Carl Webber 16 timer siden
I have one simple fact that disproved this theory, not everything slows down if the theory was true then why isn't everything slowed down
Saad Sachwani
Saad Sachwani 20 timer siden
Mat pat the minimum number of midi chlorians is 5000 similar to trained athletes
Totally accurate content creator
Totally accurate content creator Dag siden
matpat then if thats the case then why is only the thing that you used the force slow on is moving slow huh 🤔
star wars story
star wars story Dag siden
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he's just using force speed. edit it's just force speed
annika cockburn
annika cockburn Dag siden
i did not even know we were supposed to use slow for those piston drills: i spent hours on those.......;(
VirtualGobllim47 2 dager siden
Force slow is a force freeze that isn't that strong
VirtualGobllim47 2 dager siden
He is just holding all the mater in the place, thats it
Bklgav 2 dager siden
When Kenobi says the the the the force penetrates us and binds the universe together, you can infer that the force is most likely able to manipulate the physics of the star wars universe, like in the case of force slow, the force could potentially slow down certain objects while not slowing others. If you think about it as a universe where our concept of physics doesn’t apply it makes sense. The force could be a part of the fundamental forces along with electromagnetism and gravity that can manipulate the state of anything at the atomic level. The only part of this explanation that doesn’t make sense is that a fundamental force of the universe is being manipulated by people, but this is solved by viewing the star wars universe as one that functions differently than our own. You can also think about it like how Every partial can exert its gravitational pull one other particles, maybe midi-clorians set themselves apart from mitochondria because they and access or are partially made up of that universe’s Higgs boson/field and the mind can tap into that power because force push, pull, and jump all seem like you can accomplish them by using gravitational forces I’m looking at this now and I think I wasted 10 minutes typing this on my phone for nobody to see
Adam Labelle
Adam Labelle 2 dager siden
I'd like to see a minor re-do of the theory now that the entire game is out, seeing how right at the end of Order 66 with Cal and his master, Cal slows the clones and their blaster bolts down enough for the doors of the escape pod to close, not actually speeding himself up at all, just holding the clones and blaster fire in place long enough for them to close the doors.
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright 2 dager siden
I would like to point out that in the lore of Star Wars that there is an actual ability called force speed and it is used by Qi Gon and Obi-Wan in the phantom menace. This is a completely different ability most likely bending the laws of physics in some way.
Triangle 565
Triangle 565 3 dager siden
The way he drinks that smoothie 😂
Fredrik Løland Sirevåg
Fredrik Løland Sirevåg 3 dager siden
That doesnt explain why you can slow some but not all think of that
Alexandre Sun
Alexandre Sun 3 dager siden
vrtxte 3 dager siden
They NEED to make a "The Mandalorian" game!
VG Rants
VG Rants 3 dager siden
The problem is that other objects move at normal speed, but it does explain how you still move at normal speed while everyone and everything else is slow.
Chaser Games
Chaser Games 3 dager siden
But things around you can still move normally other than the target
Carmen T
Carmen T 4 dager siden
Midichlorians: The Powerhouse of The Force (and also the cell)
j-core 4 dager siden
this statement will never get old 'THE MITOCHONDRIA IS THE POWER HOUSE OF THE CELL
Joao Bras
Joao Bras 4 dager siden
Well... what about the guy you save at the beggining of the game by slowing his fall?
William Adamson
William Adamson 4 dager siden
What happens to the one stormtrooper that isn't slower but the 4 stormtroopers that are.
Talalthafer Alajmi
Talalthafer Alajmi 5 dager siden
14:43 no yoda spices have a longer life jus like humans live longer than dogs
Cole Garreffa
Cole Garreffa 6 dager siden
Did Kylo ren slow a blaster shot at the beginning of TFA
Amado Carranza
Amado Carranza 6 dager siden
If we can’t physically touch anything/anyone how do we contract viruses or bacteria through contact? Answer that.
Jude Matthew Tante
Jude Matthew Tante 6 dager siden
Predicted it!
Pusfilth 7 dager siden
The game was fun for an hour.
DirtyDan 7 dager siden
In legends Luke actually had an ability called force speed which made him move and react twice as fast as real time
vitamin bleach
vitamin bleach 7 dager siden
Uses dubious food for milk shake thats amazing
Arcaineshifter 7 dager siden
I know this old but if this was the case and force slow increased your senses, speed, and strength how would you explain how you can slow a single gear while of machinery moves the same speed as normal while the one you slowed is perceived as slower. Wouldnt this mean that your actually effecting the physical environment rather than just increasing your own physical abilities
Hugo Bugia
Hugo Bugia 7 dager siden
Actually, it is in jedi academy but known as : force speed, considering story mode attacks and blasters slow down, but you move approximately the same ( but the game misleads with afterimages )
SCP 682 [used to be Long Horse cosplay]
SCP 682 [used to be Long Horse cosplay] 8 dager siden
PatPat: we can’t touch anything COVID-19: aww man
MrMello 8 dager siden
DONT HATE ME I think the concept of midi-chlorians is cool, no, creative
Itri Lachgar
Itri Lachgar 9 dager siden
uhhh most jedi don’t have 20,000 midichlorians, in fact only a couple were recorded to even push 20,000 Anakin had about 25,000 Palpatine was about 20,000 Yoda was pushing 20K a common jedi was likely to have about 11-13K even like, Obi-Wan only had about 13K
theaxehandle1 9 dager siden
But this answer doesn't explain why Cal's "Force Slow" only works on one object at a time.
Viper 10 dager siden
Still the best Star Wars game of 2010-?
Fgjggjuy Bftnvcdhn
Fgjggjuy Bftnvcdhn 10 dager siden
What is the name of the cell organelle ribosome
Dylan Aubrejuan
Dylan Aubrejuan 10 dager siden
Suck it vacuoles!
tim watz
tim watz 10 dager siden
Of course, the Force is kind of the driving FORCE in the Star Wars universe, kind of like TIME is the the driving force of our own universe, so I don't see, how there could not be an exceptional force user, who is able to slow down time around a certain object. Theoretically we can also slow down time around an object in our universe, making use of relativity.
tim watz
tim watz 10 dager siden
Your theory really doesn't work, when you consider, that if you were to enhance your own speed in order to slow down your opponent or an object, EVERYTHING around you would slow down, wich is not what we see in Fallen order, where you have to slow down each entity individually.
tim watz
tim watz 10 dager siden
You forgot to throw in that good portion of Assassin's Creed.
HeroBrian 666
HeroBrian 666 10 dager siden
Okay matpat some of what you're saying is right but really what's happening is that cal is just lately gripping the object so it's slower
Daniel Navarro
Daniel Navarro 10 dager siden
What about moving stuff w the force I thought it was the same but in a different way
Mehul Biala
Mehul Biala 11 dager siden
the Red shift 7978
the Red shift 7978 11 dager siden
Cell wall I think
Dimitri Nizamov
Dimitri Nizamov 11 dager siden
without burst slow force slow only slows one thing
Fives 11 dager siden
This is kind of mixed because we see qui-gon and obi-wan use the force to run away from droidekas at extremely fast speeds, but in fallen order, only some things are slowed. So I think there are two different abilities that are similar, since one is used for speed and one for freezing. Or maybe force slow is a jedi version of what Kylo uses in tfa.
KinGreen kenny
KinGreen kenny 12 dager siden
Zoblieplay -
Zoblieplay - 12 dager siden
this is very late but i kylo ren also did something very similar in force awakens, he stopped a blaster shot
CHANCE KUEFFNER 12 dager siden
Fun fact. There is a confirmed race that cannot access the force. It’s the same race as general grievous
DNAsGhostzHouze 13 dager siden
I always thought "the force" was just matter manipulation
baby yodas fan
baby yodas fan 13 dager siden
i am a training jedi
baby yodas fan
baby yodas fan 13 dager siden
you are denfily on death sticks
The ghoul of deadpool
The ghoul of deadpool 13 dager siden
Kylo is the only one to use force slow in the movies
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
Youtube Emperor of Mankind 14 dager siden
I was really interested in this game.. honestly.. but then I was reminded its EA and that made it an absolute NO-GO. Even if its the best Star Wars game ever made.. my principles will not allow me to play it.
hi waluigiismygod
hi waluigiismygod 14 dager siden
Lysosome ribosome?
RPG Master
RPG Master 15 dager siden
I believe that the real reason in how the ability works is that it increases the amount of friction around the object/person you use it on due to the fact it only slows one object instead of all of them around you. So it has to be something that slows down one object/person like friction in the air can do. And due to the powers of the force it doesn't seem ilogical for it to create extra friction around object.
Robert Sewell
Robert Sewell 15 dager siden
star wars force academy did have force speed which essentially was force slow
Will Gilhespy
Will Gilhespy 15 dager siden
This game was too damn short!
Azariah 15 dager siden
I've been a Star Wars fan for my entire life and I never understood why people had an issue with midi-chlorians. When I first saw The Phantom Menace in theories, the midi-chlorians were my smallest complaint. I guess people just wanted it to be a random mystical mystery instead of having a genuine explanation for it. But I understand George Lucas -- when you're building a world, you want it to seem reasonable and consistent. I remember thinking at some point, "Oh, so they're kind of like mitochondria; makes sense," long before this Game Theory episode came out. I mean, since A New Hope, we all knew that some people were force sensitive and others weren't.
Azariah 15 dager siden
11:45 This theory fails to account for the fact that when Force Slow is used, it can be focused on one inanimate object. Notice how the second gear is spinning at a normal speed while the first gear has been slowed.
TnTdasher 15 dager siden
Did does not talk about how he can target one object at a time. If Cal did speed up then all objects in the game would become slower.
Cursed Khien
Cursed Khien 15 dager siden
Does this mean I can finally live my dream of being Darth Brandon and enslaving the galaxy to my name?
Jason Souvannarath
Jason Souvannarath 15 dager siden
You are potentially thinking of the Electron transport pathways and the Krebb's cycle.
IcE_Chasiu 16 dager siden
it’s the vacuole
Foxy_mark 16 dager siden
Uhhh lego star wars does have it in lego force awaken
Marley Worthington-Brown
Marley Worthington-Brown 16 dager siden
I love this channel, and this theory is great but, you only slow one thing at a time
Phantom Fish
Phantom Fish 16 dager siden
not only does it slows one thing but its easily explainable as a lesser version as kylo wrens force freeze
Raven Zombie
Raven Zombie 16 dager siden
It's over 9000!
gauci101 ll
gauci101 ll 16 dager siden
so... force slow = flow state... which is basically ultra instinct...
gauci101 ll
gauci101 ll 16 dager siden
im ok with that
Da super Pooper
Da super Pooper 16 dager siden
The problem is that only one thing slows down not everything
Tyler Wise
Tyler Wise 16 dager siden
My favourite scientific insult is calling someone a bacterial flagellum
Cadel Austen
Cadel Austen 17 dager siden
Dave Filoni: Showrunner for Star Wars: *Rebels* If one is to understand the great mystery one must study all it’s aspects, not just the dogmatic view of Disney.
Cadel Austen
Cadel Austen 17 dager siden
tbh i actually like rebels it’s just kinda funny that he’s solely credited for rebels and clone wars isn’t even mentioned
Cadel Austen
Cadel Austen 17 dager siden
“mitochondria is also linked to aging, which explains why force users like yoda can live up to 900” Obi-Wan looking like he’s 80 in his 40-60s Luke Dies in his 60s Leia (who was trained for a short period of time) Dies in her 60s as well Anakin dies in his 40s though that doesn’t really count since it was preventable though with a high cost and obviously it wasn’t of old age
santiago orgeira
santiago orgeira 17 dager siden
in the prequels they use the super speed
WD Camp
WD Camp 17 dager siden
I’m sorry but this theory is wrong because u can force slow a spicific thing with other things going regular speed if you don;t believe me there is a clip in the video that shows it is wrong it can be seen at 11.49 and it shows to two gear like platforms that cal has to jump on the first one you freeze then after you jump on that one you have to freeze a second one after and jump on that one now if you did the freeze ability according to this both would stop but they don’t you have to do one then the other there for making a clip in the own video disproving this theory
Suzanne Pye
Suzanne Pye 17 dager siden
In my experience just when you think you’ve over analyzed the force you find out how little you know.
Case L. Sage
Case L. Sage 17 dager siden
Ok, well how come force slow only works on people and objects you want it to while everything else is still sped up?
groundskeeper willie
groundskeeper willie 17 dager siden
But han solo has about 6000 midichlorians
Rafael Zoppas Taube
Rafael Zoppas Taube 17 dager siden
I like that he said cal becomes evil, and with new game+ you actually get a inquisitor outfit and saber.
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup 18 dager siden
Where my endoplasmic reticulum fans at? Huh? Huh? . . . Just me? Ok...
joshua lerat
joshua lerat 18 dager siden
I watched this while I was in grades 9 10, 11 and 12 and I knew all the parts of a cell now I am 26 feel stupid for not knowing some parts but o know plant cells wtf high-school did not help me
Collin Vree
Collin Vree 18 dager siden
Cccxvii that much already
Finn Birnel
Finn Birnel 18 dager siden
So I’m actually hovering while I watch this? AWESOME!!!
Christian Perkins
Christian Perkins 18 dager siden
I know the environment doesn't slow down, but I just figure it's a hyper-focus sort of thing. Like, it would take a lot more energy to speed up your perception of everything at once, so it's better to just focus on that one gear you're trying to jump on in the moment so you conserve energy.
Aram1xshogun 18 dager siden
i have a theory about Cal kestis being some kind of relative to kyle katarn 1.the hair,Kyle Kyle lightning
The Whirl Channel
The Whirl Channel 19 dager siden
Dafuq, look at Luke’s lightsaber (6:32), in that movie his lightsabers green, GREEN, not blue! matpat, if anyone should be paying attention to this detail, it’s you.
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia 19 dager siden
Please like if you agree Matpat and Cal Kestis look like twins!!!!
Spongebob, but Indian
Spongebob, but Indian 19 dager siden
Force-slow = The Flash.
ionel margineanu
ionel margineanu 20 dager siden
Dunk shots Yoda has.
Hunter Redmond
Hunter Redmond 20 dager siden
Well in force unleashed you can slow stuff down
white darkness
white darkness 21 dag siden
10:29 cells at work was right
NightDreamer231 21 dag siden
The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the force
TheOrangeRash 21 dag siden
In Parasite Eve, the mitochondria in a person's cells are manipulated to give them mutations, or make them spontaneously combust
Yevhenii Dendebera
Yevhenii Dendebera 21 dag siden
Based on what we see in the game, this theory is wrong. The surrounding environment does not slow down. It looks like localized time dilation. And if you think about another Jedi powers like push, pull and variations, aka local space manipulation, it all makes sence. Does words Einstein and Spacetime sound familiar? Things described in this theory fits Max Payne better. But that means that he drinks not alcohol but some mitochondrial cocktail))
KoylerNoyce -
KoylerNoyce - 21 dag siden
Cell wall
NorwegianLasanga 21 dag siden
then why do only specific things slow down?
Max Gubbins
Max Gubbins 21 dag siden
If the force made Cal faster then surely the rest of the environment would slow as well which isn’t how it works And Yoda’s species lives longer
Joshua Mills-Cook
Joshua Mills-Cook 21 dag siden
when i saw the title, my brain was like, "That's not how the force works"
jason daniel
jason daniel 21 dag siden
totallynotDIO 21 dag siden
everyone thats screaming in the comments that hes wrong dont be mean to him hes just stupid just that.
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