Game Theory: Star Wars, How the Force WORKS! (Star Wars Fallen Order)

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11 måneder siden

Thanks to EA for sponsoring this video. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now on XBOX, PC and PS4. Check it out here:
One of my favorite fictional worlds is Star Wars and with the release of Star Wars: Fallen Order I knew it was time to cover a topic I've wanted to do for YEARS! It's time to talk about the Force. Anyone who has seen one of the movies or played one of the games wishes they could use the Force. Imagine being able to lift objects, do crazy acrobatics or even slow time like in Star Wars: Fallen Order! Today, I want to examine how the Force Slow in the new game helps crack the key to understand the science behind the Force. Get your lightsabers ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Grim 2 timer siden
Matpat got the ending wrong. If you want to train your 'force' powers then you would need to meditate and practice supernatural things.
Chessguy 3 timer siden
In KotOR, it's perfectly normal to be full light side and use dark side abilities. So your Cal theory isn't necessarily true. Also, to reference KotOR again at 11:34, Force Speed exists in much more media than Force Slow and does the same thing you described. Besides, the description of Force Slow in KotOR directly contradicts this. Furthermore, why doesn't Force Slow slow down everything?
Trains77 20 timer siden
3:35 These are not the swiss cake rolls we're looking for
Dmitry9000YT Dag siden
I first read the thunbnail as "The Fore Lies" and thought it was a play on words with "The Lore Flies" I'm an idiot
Allen Anderson
Allen Anderson 2 dager siden
I like to think it’s basically just a force choke but on a laser beam or a giant fan or a hostiles limbs. Just basic usage of the force in a creative way. And like maybe if he really tried enough or was able to focus hard enough said objects would just stop entirely. Maybe that’s not it but it’s my head cannon
Dark 1ce
Dark 1ce 3 dager siden
We are learning about cells in yr7
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez 4 dager siden
U can slow one thing while other things in the game are still normal speed so no.
Ishaan Sohoni
Ishaan Sohoni 4 dager siden
But hey MatPat at 11:48 the other spinning wheel thing doesn't stop or even slow down. Now we can chalk it up to making a game mechanic balanced, but seeing that ur taking this seriously, this would actually disprove your theory cuz if you're speeding yourself up that fast then the entirety of the environment around you should slow down?
almibry 4 dager siden
Only eukaryotes have mitochondria. Prokaryotes like bacteria don't have any so it's definitely not necessary for life or cell division. Plants don't have mitochondria either btw
Rebekah Hales
Rebekah Hales 4 dager siden
When you’re playing the game at the start of person falls off a cliff and you slow push them to stop them if you’re going very fast how are you making the person going slow but the spaceship is it going fast
michael ross
michael ross 4 dager siden
guys at the beginning when mat said the episode cccxvii he said 317
sludgee 4 dager siden
How about Lysosomes
rkv 4 dager siden
Thunderboy1000 5 dager siden
Still wrong
Mewstrum 5 dager siden
“Force slow” is a real life phenomenon when it comes to life or death situations. When you’re facing a crisis your sympathetic nervous system sends a signal to rapidly produce adrenaline. This, in turn, allows your brain to process information much faster making the outside world seem slower. Say on average your brain normally runs at 30 or 60 FPS, well in times of crisis it starts processing things at 144 FPS which allows more time for thinking about crucial decisions and reacting.
Kagagiou Xenoni
Kagagiou Xenoni 5 dager siden
Episode: 317?
Dominic 5 dager siden
ok how about force lightning?
Camille Cutler
Camille Cutler 5 dager siden
vacuole lol
Ser Art Dayne
Ser Art Dayne 6 dager siden
11:40 or Jedi in the prequel series...they literally do that in The Phantom Menace
kiuta hamase
kiuta hamase 6 dager siden
dear mat pat how do you explain only some things are slowing but some things are still normal some examples are the machines from the game
Mark Martin
Mark Martin 8 dager siden
So if i force push, pull, choke, lightning, etc. Are those me doing other things or is that just for force slow
Joe Farther
Joe Farther 8 dager siden
Duck you last Jedi is so bad
Impossiblecraft1 8 dager siden
Lets just say that force slow works differently on organic an inorganic things
Brandon Prendergast
Brandon Prendergast 8 dager siden
That's all well and good but can we make it in a lab and inject it?
Connor Bryant
Connor Bryant 8 dager siden
As much as I hate to say it. While this theory does explain the jedi's hightened physical abilities, it does overlook 2 major aspects. First, that it is a well established fact that the force can affect nonliving objects through pushing, pulling, and catching things. Second, the force slow cannot be a burst of speed or enhanced perception since the force slow power ONLY affect the targeted object/person; everything else still moves at the same pace. While I do think this theory is on to something, it isn't the force slow ability... Sorry Mat Pat.
David V
David V 9 dager siden
This theory was just made for a sponsorship, there's no real effort
Adog world
Adog world 9 dager siden
Mat pat kylo ren used something similar to force slow at the beginning of episode 7
GarChamp 9 dager siden
The force speed explanation doesn’t explain the force power. The target is the only thing that moves slow which wouldn’t be the case if it was force speed
Pixelater 9 dager siden
IceWarDude 11
IceWarDude 11 9 dager siden
Cytoplasm??? I think
Dakota Thorpe
Dakota Thorpe 10 dager siden
Force slow should have been called force hold, it makes much more sense.
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia 10 dager siden
JP Reid
JP Reid 10 dager siden
Hmm... wouldn't explain the effect on gravity. He'd still fall at the same rate with force slow activated.
deaththekid201 10 dager siden
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez 11 dager siden
Dude it shows in the game that not everything is frozen by force slow so that throws out his entire theory
Eli Adest
Eli Adest 11 dager siden
I love matpat but the force site part of the video can be disproven q through the footage some cuz only part of the enemies are slow during force slow not all
YYosef _
YYosef _ 11 dager siden
Heather Rowan
Heather Rowan 11 dager siden
What if the reason why Jedi were not allowed to have children is that their offspring would have more midaclorians than what would be considered “safe” like if two Jedi had a child that child would be stronger than any other Jedi that only had one or none force using parents.So to limit their strength the Jedi order made the rule...Thoughts?
Redemrald gaming
Redemrald gaming 12 dager siden
Good theory but why does it only effect one direction then
Jason TheConner
Jason TheConner 12 dager siden
You had me until midi********. Not even going to type out blasphemous word.
deadeye4047 12 dager siden
I see some holes here: 1: The idea that you are effecting yourself with Force Slow means you aren't using Force Slow, but Force Speed. 2. When fighting multiple opponents and using Force Slow, not every opponent is effected, meaning you aren't using Force Speed, as some enemies are too far to be effected by something you use on yourself. What I think is happening here is that Cal Kestis is using Force Slow, or, more accurately one of lesser versions of Force Stasis. Proof? The effected aren't sluggish or confused, they are simply slowed down. They aren't tripping over themselves, they are moving and acting with purpose and/or clear intent, just far slower than usual.
Micheal 12 dager siden
Sorry, you’re wrong. In your own video. When he’s jumping from gear to gear, the water fall doesn’t slow down. How is his perception faster if only some things slow down?
Jeno the Mississippian of Mandalore
Jeno the Mississippian of Mandalore 12 dager siden
Ribsomes, Lysosomes, Cell Membrane,
E H 12 dager siden
I think the force ability he’s talking about is knight Speed from the kotor game
CEP 13 dager siden
so mitochondria is basically the force *off to go get a bunch of mitochondria then*
Christopher Macdonald
Christopher Macdonald 13 dager siden
The main character looks like jerome in gotham tv show
Hina Qudsia
Hina Qudsia 13 dager siden
Luigi Casadei
Luigi Casadei 14 dager siden
The organelle you’re forgetting was cell membrane
Chill Shill
Chill Shill 14 dager siden
Doesn't really work or else you wouldn't have to stop things seperatly. If you were moving faster then they would all slow at once.
Magicmaster73 14 dager siden
The biggest flaw with this theory is when you use force slow on something like a machine but there is a storm trooper or something like that on the other side and they don’t slow down
Colin Myers
Colin Myers 14 dager siden
doesn't explain why you can slow one thing and everything else is moving normal
Max Cook
Max Cook 14 dager siden
You do realise the theory of that you are going faster so things appear slower, is untrue because other things still move normal speed if you dont use the force slow on it.
Paul AUTOS 14 dager siden
I'm going to have to say it aren't I its ZA WARUDO
TarnishedIce 14 dager siden
you forgot the untextured cinematics sometimes and the loading times when just you want to climb these vines
Matthew Walkup
Matthew Walkup 15 dager siden
One YUGE hole...gravity. If it was just Cal speeding up, he would still have to fall at the same rate unless the force gives you super fast falling ability too. So, it has to be his manipulation of the objects themselves.
Robert M.
Robert M. 15 dager siden
You sir, are a master of blending things! If I, a mere mortal, were to attempt such a feat without a lid the results would messier than a Hurculean Monster Mash!
Daniel Vezina
Daniel Vezina 15 dager siden
force slows for darkside but have a light side force speed... AKA tabletop rpg and some games too
Samuel Pruitt
Samuel Pruitt 15 dager siden
If hes just speeding up then how did he stop the guy at the beginning from hitting the ground too hard. I cant remember the guys name but the one who gave himself up for cal to go just for cal to not go so he died for no reason.
TonyStank 15 dager siden
Well no, because you only slow on enemy at a time. So it definitely is physically making other things slower, not you faster.
Dr. Coomer Clone
Dr. Coomer Clone 15 dager siden
Until you see the graphics and glitchyness of the game
Rocco 15 dager siden
This theory can't be right because in the order 66 scene in fallen order young cal does force slow on a group of clones while his master Tapal wasn't slowed down
Eric Long
Eric Long 16 dager siden
I remember watching this ages ago but I just thought like kylo rem freezes a laser blaster in mid air. Couldn’t it just be a weaker form of that
Rink Hoek
Rink Hoek 16 dager siden
i don't hate the midi-chlorians i just think George Lucas explained them wrong
Jake Streams
Jake Streams 17 dager siden
Welllll I don’t want to be this guy but when Cal force slows it affects only a certain group or person so if Cal does up everyone to him would be slow so I doesn’t explain how storm troopers run at his speed when he uses slow.
Canyoneer 17 dager siden
MatPat you should make a new channel called Book Theory. I mean, you don't have to, but it'd be fun to see you talk about all sorts of books like the EU Star Wars books, the comics, DC and Marvel comics and novels, etc.
The Green Maniac
The Green Maniac 18 dager siden
15:12 Kaioken ?
Mushudragon USA
Mushudragon USA 18 dager siden
Love the Air Force shirt at 12:37
Taatsiannguaq Kleist
Taatsiannguaq Kleist 18 dager siden
in one of the clips were he shows that cal is using FORCE SLOW there is a shadow moving as fast if not faster than cal.
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey 19 dager siden
No joke, I just learnt about mitochondria TODAY! What!?! 😁😁😁
GuidingChip8 20 dager siden
Another supporting pillar in all of this, is from the same game series (Knights of the old Republic) you took the idea of the "force slow" from, is also "Force speed", a light side power. This speeds up a character to move faster, attack faster, and be harder to hit. Like we see in-game. While this doesn't explain the need to reuse force slow to various objects in a multi-stage jumping platform puzzle in this game, it definitely does support the theory.
Just_ Jovin
Just_ Jovin 21 dag siden
This doesn’t actually work bc in the tutorial cal saved prauf by freezing him so proud would land on a platform on under prauf. If cal was only moving faster this wouldn’t change anything
Ridley12 22 dager siden
Star Wars just got cooler for me! Star Wars + Science = Mind Blown!
Stevia 22 dager siden
This theory is flawed in one way. How are you speeding yourself up when you focus the power on one person making them slow, but the other person is normal speed?
Elderscrollsswimmer 23 dager siden
Did you know you inherit your mitochondria from your mother?
Alessio Jackman
Alessio Jackman 24 dager siden
If that’s true how come if I force slow a guy another guy somewhere else around me can go normaly
Potato Tech
Potato Tech 24 dager siden
Do Spore
Rudra Mazumder
Rudra Mazumder 24 dager siden
So basically Rey is a midichlorian. That explains everything.
Amir Barea
Amir Barea 25 dager siden
Force Overdrive
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown 26 dager siden
No... force slow only effects one thing or enemy at a time... when you use force slow on an enemy it only slows one enemy... if you were getting faster then all the enemies would slow down... besides Kylo Ren used it at the beginning of force awakens against Poe’s laser blast... and against Rey and Poe themselves to bind them in place... why do we have to worry about why it works? Can’t we just say “Space Magic” and just enjoy the spectacle?
Bladerunner3934 Jake
Bladerunner3934 Jake 27 dager siden
Cells Cells There Made Of Organels
Bronze Cinema
Bronze Cinema 27 dager siden
Waltdog 28 dager siden
Aight ima go to the gym
Lukas Cozad
Lukas Cozad 28 dager siden
Did- did he begin to fornicate with a smoothie?!
Alaric Brann
Alaric Brann 29 dager siden
Midichlorians are the powerhouse of the force
CatCraft959 29 dager siden
The problem with your theory is that i.e. when Cal jumps, physics still works like normal and he falls at a normal speed. So everything else must be slowed down and not ones awareness and speed sped up.
Bob 29 dager siden
moon pie
moon pie 29 dager siden
first off.... if you used the force slow ability on a stormtrooper, it only affects that storm trooper, its not like the force is speeding everything eltes up wile your percieving that one storm trooper to be slow, also, during those puzzles, if mat pat is correct, slowing down one object should slow down everything elts around it including other storm troopers.
Oh,I thought it's just Za Warudo
Noobyest boi
Noobyest boi 29 dager siden
but force slow has a range
LIT Legend
LIT Legend Måned siden
This gives Rey a reason to be the Mary sue she is... I'd be fine with that if they somehow have rey take a midi chlorine test.
Lord ShrekingTon
Lord ShrekingTon Måned siden
When you realize the game he talks about is by EA Sad noises:
AbhiEncoded Måned siden
Joseph Rogers
Joseph Rogers Måned siden
Forgot ribisone ?
Devilin McClintock
Devilin McClintock Måned siden
if i can get more powerful by exersizing... i can become a spartan
Infinity Of Nolan
Infinity Of Nolan Måned siden
I realized halfway through I realized awhile back i wanted to play this game and I’m getting spoilers
Lee Hicks
Lee Hicks Måned siden
What I hate is the dark side only has two powers choking people and lightning meanwhile the Jedis get every sort of power imaginable it's so unfair and the villains get nothing
Obi-Wan Kenobi / Master Jedi and high grounder
Obi-Wan Kenobi / Master Jedi and high grounder Måned siden
But why does force slow only affect a singular object why don’t all the machines and enemy’s near slow down at once unless you upgrade your ability that doesn’t make sense
Bears Daily
Bears Daily Måned siden
this seems legit not a game theory a game FACT
David V
David V 26 dager siden
Permission to debunk fact?
Phil Thomas
Phil Thomas Måned siden
the idea that the world only moves slowly relative to the character is interesting but easily debunked. Kylo Ren used force slow on blaster fire in force awakens and it just sat in the air in front of everyone, so it wasn't just relative, it was moving at the same speed in front of everyone
Oliver Knagg
Oliver Knagg Måned siden
I think the word you are looking for is ribosomes. They perform protein synthasis.
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