The Move That BROKE Pokemon! | The SCIENCE... of Pokemon Pay Day

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2 år siden

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Payday, a seemingly useless attack move in Pokemon that has CRAZY potential. If you cheat the system, it could make you RICH. Except, you could also be destroying the entire economic system of the game. Yeah, jerk move. Today Theorists, Austin is going to show you how cheating the game could have HUGE consequences.
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Poptart Army
Poptart Army Dag siden
everybody: wow I wish we could actually do that everybody would be rich and then everybody would be poor because stores would raise the prices.
Brooks L96
Brooks L96 2 dager siden
Ah yes, another video about grinding up cute animals to make money, I didn’t expect any less.
Anime Demon
Anime Demon 3 dager siden
He just speedrun that whole 5-7 minute process of explaining and decreased it to like 2 minutes or less
Aarush Agrawal
Aarush Agrawal 3 dager siden
I already use meowth's pay day like a money factory
2024 student7
2024 student7 5 dager siden
He said 11.3 and I was on a math problem in my homework where the answer was 11.4......
Riley J Fosbre
Riley J Fosbre 6 dager siden
I’m realizing now that I may have committed a lot of crimes in the Pokémon universe, and petty theft is now at the top of that list. It’s weird how I haven’t been arrested by officer Jenny yet.
Justin Escudero
Justin Escudero 6 dager siden
9:34 I made the play back speed 7.5 and It sounded like he was talking normally
A Person
A Person 6 dager siden
You forgot that pokedollars are yen
PRED8R 7 dager siden
Every sentence he speaks sounds like the conclusion
Matt Gonzo
Matt Gonzo 9 dager siden
"It is much safer to be selling pokeballs to 10 year olds.". I think about team plasma freezing an entire town. No, no it's not
poperaymond 10 dager siden
I don’t think that the move pay day teleporting/stealing money from other people is Cannon bud... might wanna throw that research out the window
King Gamer 175
King Gamer 175 10 dager siden
It can also be pokemon is throwing gold because of meowth having a gold coin on its head and some games having a animation of meoth thrwoing that coin
Intensified Screaming
Intensified Screaming 11 dager siden
Germany actually got out of inflation during the Great Depression by installing a new currency. I feel like the world would pull off the same thing.
Jerrik Brady
Jerrik Brady 11 dager siden
so we should do it
Blue Belt Theory
Blue Belt Theory 12 dager siden
Is this how Giovanni got his start up cash?
Alex Crazy
Alex Crazy 13 dager siden
What was that ending bit
tiger kat!
tiger kat! 14 dager siden
veran von dread
veran von dread 14 dager siden
Yeah and they usually have an ability that let's them pick up stuff,I had a growth that found 7 rare candies.
Piotr Pietrzykowski
Piotr Pietrzykowski 14 dager siden
or just catch a mewtwo and rob banks with it. much faster.
Luigi Gamer
Luigi Gamer 14 dager siden
Why does the shitpost looks like it took more work then the video
Silent Ninja lord
Silent Ninja lord 14 dager siden
Oooh i have an evil idea. 1. train a meowth to lv 100 and make bank 2. Hire people to train meowths and breed meowths 3. Hire people to spam payday 4.hire people to hire A) people to catch pokemon B) people to train pokemon C) people to fight 5. Win
Griffin McCulloch
Griffin McCulloch 15 dager siden
Ferb, I know what we're going do today!
Mamta Jain
Mamta Jain 16 dager siden
Eh,the government's would make owning a meowths illegal
Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins 18 dager siden
Rout 2
2B32 WONG WANG HEI 黃宏熙 18 dager siden
WRONG! according to shakespear we cannot create mass out of nothing if the money just appears so its impossible and if we are stealing money from ppl's pockets there won't be an inflation so you technically didnt prove it with science ain gonna complain tho
Stefan Vijatov
Stefan Vijatov 19 dager siden
10:46 and eminem thought he is the fastest raper
Imagine with Subhomita
Imagine with Subhomita 19 dager siden
11:06 dude take some rest pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Cousin and Games
Cousin and Games 20 dager siden
where's matpat
Sphere Guanzon
Sphere Guanzon 21 dag siden
Fun fact: You can't create matter out of nothing
Siana Hika
Siana Hika 22 dager siden
Well 3.9M people who saw the vid now know the pay day move and now the pokemon bank is bankrupt. I think
WaterCat55 555
WaterCat55 555 23 dager siden
Hay austion in pokman sword thare are wats and you fore 50 wats you get a pokaball that is worth 3000 poki dollars thare is a npc that give you on average 250000 wats per time it takes 10 minots with my lv100 teem so do the math
C Willy
C Willy 23 dager siden
Valerie Hogan
Valerie Hogan 24 dager siden
You forgot the galar region
Blow your mind Scientist
Blow your mind Scientist 24 dager siden
This was 2 YEARS AGO. The galar region didn't exist then.
YatzyPimentinha Nordlander
YatzyPimentinha Nordlander 25 dager siden
"cynical jerks like me"- Austin *nods* yep that fits me 9:22 sounds like my old math teacher. "what, you didn't catch what I said?"
HeyMan 26 dager siden
knowing there's new regions and now more people to do this technique. Its to much money I'm drowni.......
f Al
f Al 26 dager siden
Austin you forgot the fact that you can have 6 pokemon, so that means you can have 6 smeargles with roost, payday, happy hour, and false swipe
iraqlobster12 Hernandez
iraqlobster12 Hernandez 26 dager siden
13:51 Did he change the character
Soul Dragon
Soul Dragon 27 dager siden
What about...that Carlos Milos Guy?
Ambreen Naz
Ambreen Naz Måned siden
Oh well this isnt any defferent from the moves I found that not dven not even make sense in the real world and the Pokemon world it is very strength and I think there are personally more I have Sun many many more of these kinds of PM p.m. TM
Sid Renshaw
Sid Renshaw Måned siden
Talks about verlisify Me: dislike
Neena Sanjay
Neena Sanjay Måned siden
Watching Austin's video always gives my asthma
Jam F
Jam F Måned siden
Imagine this is what started the Pokemon war lol
Tenseley Måned siden
What about the VS Seeker from gen 3?
A&A animations
A&A animations Måned siden
Verlisify sucks
Jacob Banks
Jacob Banks Måned siden
I feel depressed. I never knew this would happen by me spam killing psyducks with payday.
Mara Romilla
Mara Romilla Måned siden
I remember when I was 8 and saw payday, I assumed either meowth uses its trainer's money then hurls it at the pokemon, then it splits in half and becomes extra money OR it steals money from nearby and hurls it at the opponent
Hawkeye Måned siden
I'm watching this video in 2020 I'm starting to get really depressed because this seems like a possibility.
Zero360 Måned siden
My head hurts
Carrot King
Carrot King Måned siden
If you slow the video down to 0.75x speed it sounds normal
Mithu Bose
Mithu Bose Måned siden
Get a gigantamax meowth and use the move g-max gold rush.... It will surely make the money......
wait hold on how do i make my words bold? like thicker letters?
Aya Sohei
Aya Sohei Måned siden
17:00 well you could just like... make the money worthless...right when no one accepts it as currency than it would just be your cat throwing metals at other animals heads
Roberta Cristina
Roberta Cristina Måned siden
OK SO IN IN A LIFE TIME OF A HUMAN is this money 152.391.381.391. milions
Jouryashraf Yakoot
Jouryashraf Yakoot Måned siden
Umm dude that guys this guy his mouth is so fast
music entity
music entity Måned siden
3.9 Million lol
arham jain
arham jain Måned siden
7:52 chansey's harvest?!?!?!?
arham jain
arham jain Måned siden
G-MAX meowth: Hahahahahha
Andrew Barragan
Andrew Barragan Måned siden
They really stretching theses vids
Jangmo o
Jangmo o Måned siden
thisnickistaken34534 Måned siden
Man can we get a triple seizure warning on this episode? All the fast forwarding and the ending hurt my eyes...
Exalted Exile
Exalted Exile Måned siden
Wrong- pp, also its obviously gold not currency
Sammuel Ouellet
Sammuel Ouellet Måned siden
well one ways or another austin just have to go through 6 moves to find one that could destroy the world has we know it!! well done man!
Ividboy Måned siden
I wonder how the calculations change when you account for the time and cost needed to farm leppa berries
Captain Polar
Captain Polar Måned siden
8:39 I thought this was youtube… now everyone knows
Equal 99
Equal 99 Måned siden
18:15 Most best battle ever Carlos marks vs. austun
Watching Guy
Watching Guy Måned siden
9:20 The part where it blows your mind
Yann Oliveira
Yann Oliveira Måned siden
the pronunciation of "pay day" is funny for portuguese native speakers because we have the word "peidei", which means "i farted" in portuguese.
// Måned siden
just get some OP pokemon and use them to brutally oppress the other 99.79%
Zane Gravely
Zane Gravely Måned siden
9:22 : guy talks very fast Me:Puts it at 2 times speed "Prepare yourself"
Zane Gravely
Zane Gravely Måned siden
This is alot of stonks
gallade samurai
gallade samurai Måned siden
18:11 Is this what a fever dream feels like?
Phallen Ferret
Phallen Ferret Måned siden
Game theorist take a look into pokemon team rocket version
Cody Hines
Cody Hines Måned siden
In Fullmetal Alchemist, transmuting anything into Gold is, like, super illegal. Which is ironic since that was one of the core goals of Alchemy in real life.
strategy llama
strategy llama Måned siden
Aaaaaahhhhh I know every thinggggggggg!!!!
Max Muller
Max Muller Måned siden
Couldn't they switch currencies?
Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz Måned siden
Austin: We'll use this number to blow your electrode Me: But Austin, my Voltorb hasn't evolved yet
George Måned siden
Wait pokedollars are based on the Japanese currency, ¥en though
redwolfdragon KiraNGordonDJ
redwolfdragon KiraNGordonDJ Måned siden
How do you talk so fast without making mistakes, I don't understand...
Jacquelyn Robb
Jacquelyn Robb Måned siden
The Great Depression (1929) The Great Inflation (2021) 1929 wasn't that bad.
Pat G 012
Pat G 012 Måned siden
He just started talking so fast, it went in one ear and out the other. Quality entertainment!
Pat G 012
Pat G 012 Måned siden
Pat G 012
Pat G 012 Måned siden
Pat G 012
Pat G 012 Måned siden
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore Måned siden
cool i gues ill go start world war 3
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Måned siden
Austin: blow your electro.. NOpost Life. Insurance ad
Undead Gamer
Undead Gamer Måned siden
When the people have nothing to eat, the people will eat the rich
You know if you have a registell or any of them sell iron ice rock BOOOM Money
James Howard
James Howard Måned siden
Dude, you are super smart. Slow down man. Take a chill pill.
austin modeen
austin modeen Måned siden
I think It is a printing press because meoth basically throws the coins on its head at its opponent and smeargle is just there
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce Måned siden
This man is using Mewoth as the thumbnail like he’s a drug dealer
Quinn Burns
Quinn Burns Måned siden
Are we not gonna talk about how he’s wrong? The Pokémon species would die out before people could get their money’s worth. And with Pokémon that help the world dying, you can see a pattern that would lead to the entire population dying out.
qberry gamz
qberry gamz Måned siden
@Quinn Burns I don't think they would now I'm no exexpert on pokemon or government I think they would ban catching them for probably 1-2 years to to let the population regrowth as well as probably execute every single person known to have done this strategy it's all speculation though if you have thoughts feel free to share them
Quinn Burns
Quinn Burns Måned siden
@qberry gamz would the pokemon government just ban pokemon catching from all regions?
qberry gamz
qberry gamz Måned siden
@Quinn Burns possibly who knows
Quinn Burns
Quinn Burns Måned siden
@qberry gamz they would probably hide away tho.
qberry gamz
qberry gamz Måned siden
Doesn't pokemon not die they just faint and teleport away so technically they never die
kgirl1992 Måned siden
I’m fairly certain that at some point in one of the games they say that it’s money that was found. Like strongly implied it’s change picked up off the street
DogsAndDonuts Woof
DogsAndDonuts Woof Måned siden
Oh look here comes the luck insensitive WHICH DOUBLES YOUR MONEY FROM THE BATTLE
FreeGamer_1337 Måned siden
I can do it cause i dont have any friends who would know my secrets
pro gamer
pro gamer 2 måneder siden
That outro doh
Tron Robloxian
Tron Robloxian 2 måneder siden
I'm impressed he can say this all soooooooooo fast
Joaxin Viktor Delgado Parra
Joaxin Viktor Delgado Parra 2 måneder siden
Kai Whitcomb
Kai Whitcomb 2 måneder siden
watch 9:20-11:10 if you dont wanna subscribe after THAT, then you need to die right now.
Neo RezX
Neo RezX 2 måneder siden
Eminem doesn't have nothing on him.
Nicholas Pokhoy
Nicholas Pokhoy 2 måneder siden
My brain is going nuts when he's talking really fast because I understand what he's saying, but I don't know how to process it so I end up just going numb for the time period.
d server
d server 2 måneder siden
I was listening this all in x2
savingfoam 2 måneder siden
Use 0.75x speed to 9:21-11:21. It will become a normal video.
Aaron Lammey
Aaron Lammey 2 måneder siden
I mean, in FireRed I have like, almost P$ 750,000 just by beating the Elite Four over and over with an Amulet Coin, so...
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