Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)

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The Game Theorists

2 år siden

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Nintendo has given the world something... magical. The Super Crown. While the internet explodes with Bowsette memes, we are going to focus on the REAL result of this new item - Peachette. Toadette has gotten a magical girl transformation and Peach better WATCH OUT! Except maybe not for the reasons you think...
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Nickolaus Cantor
Nickolaus Cantor 2 år siden
Waluigi doesn't need the super crown! He is already perfect!
Bubblebobatea_kitty Måned siden
Thank you! Someone gets me
Pipo Måned siden
It do be true tho
AFOs 2 måneder siden
Hello ypu have scolled to 1 of the final messages . How bored r u
Takin 2 måneder siden
dat is right
Plainrock12Thunder 2 måneder siden
I got admit I agree with you but Waluigiette would be amazing (I hope that’s Cannon one day)
The Misfit Owl
The Misfit Owl Dag siden
So... by proxy... does this mean that Peach had to kill her mother and father? You know, the reigning King Mushroom and his Queen? Or perhaps Toadette is actually disguising herself as Peach to be a body double? This could mean that she is attempting to protect Peach by offering herself as a decoy! I love theorizing!
Dean Vandyk
Dean Vandyk Dag siden
But babay peach isent a mushroom head
Dean Vandyk
Dean Vandyk Dag siden
But also don't have a mushroom hat.
DRAGONZ0263 Dag siden
If you are a kid watching this then when that message plays, no matter how low you turn down your volume unless you mute it you will hear it.
RosaVampire1 2 dager siden
Well rosalina did imply that her mother aka peach is dead...
HuneeBruh Exists
HuneeBruh Exists 2 dager siden
1:46 Are you saying that’s NOT hot?
Marion Carpenter
Marion Carpenter 3 dager siden
An unrelated question to this video I just wanted to ask when are you going to do a bug snacks Game Theory draw so bug snacks ends with a x by the way but still make a game theory about that
Anthony Long
Anthony Long 4 dager siden
1:24 Has anyone decoded what this said?
Dan Belanger
Dan Belanger 4 dager siden
Good lord 😱
Shelby Ball
Shelby Ball 6 dager siden
Maybe that’s why Peach was buried under the stargazing tree...
CurlyNinja 7 dager siden
In odessey it says the toads made a stain glass window because the Princess isn’t there enough. So if they were growing a knew queen and getting rid of the old one then they wouldn’t have made the window
spdf_AtomicStructure 7 dager siden
"Peachettes start fighting each other" *S u p e r P r i n c e s s P e a c h 3 5*
ED M 7 dager siden
I had the captions on and it said tow debts and that's all I can think about noe
Cløudy Skīes!
Cløudy Skīes! 8 dager siden
Who is here just for the gates and key
Allison Brown ArtDesign
Allison Brown ArtDesign 11 dager siden
what about red,green, and even purple TOADS!!!!!
Lunar Night
Lunar Night 13 dager siden
can there be a king bee or am i cray-cray?
SweepingPage184 13 dager siden
Manga Merchant
Manga Merchant 14 dager siden
Matpat: makes this theory Nintendo who just wanted to make a cool game about a plumber saving a princess: Bruh
KeeganAPEX 14 dager siden
But that just a theory, a conspiracy theory and cut.
Nora Hadley
Nora Hadley 15 dager siden
problem solved
Nora Hadley
Nora Hadley 15 dager siden
Here's an idea with Peachette is Peaches little sister BOOM
Trax 2 dager siden
Nora Hadley
Nora Hadley 15 dager siden
what's my internet just glitchy or did matpat do something to the beginning? because it was very weird
Krysia Kokowski
Krysia Kokowski 15 dager siden
What evil spell and who did it mabye old bow bow
King of chaos
King of chaos 17 dager siden
Do you know what this means this means at any point at any time peach could’ve been replaced anytime princess peach is acting suspicious not remembering something that already happened or how she can still be surprised by the same kidnapping over and over and over again that was just a replaced version every few times if this is truly real then you just opened up some dark implications
Erwin Kagyaw
Erwin Kagyaw 17 dager siden
Well that was dark
kofi yamoah
kofi yamoah 17 dager siden
long live toadette! long may she rain
Ethan Situ
Ethan Situ 19 dager siden
A.R.G lol
YourName 19 dager siden
intro to me: WTFFFFFFFFFF
Philipa Steiness
Philipa Steiness 20 dager siden
But the crown is different She is not able to take off the crown becouse then she would transform back into a toadette. Im sorry I had to This makes no sense to me
Kaburii 21 dag siden
I suppose this means, the "Peach" we will see in future Mario titles, might not be the Peach we always knew...
xxDinoBest 22 dager siden
wait what language was that in the being time slot 1:28 i want to learn
Austyn Bieber
Austyn Bieber 23 dager siden
Maybe now we know why Rosalina’s mom is dead under a tree... just take that into consideration.
ONO 23 dager siden
Honestly, when are the toads going to overthrow peach
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 23 dager siden
So the next new game is Mushroom kingdom Battle royale
Rydersmommy 3805
Rydersmommy 3805 24 dager siden
But wouldn't it make more sense for the toads to have peachette as a stand in or body double because bowser would just keep up his work so it would be an endless cycle of having new queen to over throw the old one.
The Storm 13
The Storm 13 24 dager siden
Me: PLEASE HAVE MERCY. Matpat: there is no mercy *0:37*
Piper W
Piper W 27 dager siden
The mushroom king, yes... the... Mushroom King of the Mushroom Kingdom... did this not occur to you... Yes, I know you proved your point, but the name itself doesn't prove anything.
Maria Alvares
Maria Alvares 28 dager siden
Waluigi is perfect with the super crown or without the super crown
PlipPlopFlip 29 dager siden
He added Bowsette to the title
ORR HART 29 dager siden
So daisy failed?
GAMP: Sicker than your average kigger nilller
GAMP: Sicker than your average kigger nilller 29 dager siden
I always assumed that the mushroom people only become actual fungus after peach was born, and the mushroom heads were well, hats. Like how a certain DIC cartoon portrayed it.
-Mandy Playz-
-Mandy Playz- Måned siden
You broke my last brain cell so I broke your subscriber button I’m have fun watching the fnaf ones :)
Anonymous Pigeon
Anonymous Pigeon Måned siden
The bg music after the intro pops ngl anyone know the source
AngelicAngel _Lover
AngelicAngel _Lover Måned siden
when he said : 10:06 i was kinda offended
G.Z. MacLeod
G.Z. MacLeod Måned siden
'In Mario's overall narrative': I see what you did there.
Lilsonic Minecraft with friends
Lilsonic Minecraft with friends Måned siden
Give me likes pls =(
deshaun spahe
deshaun spahe Måned siden
i love this theory i wonder if matt can get darker
Milo Grearson
Milo Grearson Måned siden
This is one of the secret episodes!
Tathagata Gupta Bhaya
Tathagata Gupta Bhaya Måned siden
Why is this the serious video i have EVER seen????!!!
Umgumby Damnit
Umgumby Damnit Måned siden
Omg had to rewind!! Was looking up Bowsette😂🤷🏿‍♂️
crayon samitch
crayon samitch Måned siden
Omg when I saw the intro I thought my phone was freaking out
Joel Correa4108
Joel Correa4108 Måned siden
Beep Beep Sheep
Beep Beep Sheep Måned siden
DimensionalMaster Måned siden
your wrong matt pat king toadstool is actually human
mocatdow Måned siden
Petition to add peachette to smash so the queens can battle it out for dominance.
bagel breadtime
bagel breadtime Måned siden
game theorists :shows picture of inserts and bugs me eating lunch: * spits milk and resets it instantly
KatEditsToMuch! Måned siden
But. What if they lose damage to a goomba or something.. just something to think about.
Loud Bois Volume 9000
Loud Bois Volume 9000 Måned siden
Ruining your childhood since 2009
Guineapigs R.Amazing
Guineapigs R.Amazing Måned siden
Walawigi-ett . . . . . . My eyes are burning
lea the been
lea the been Måned siden
I think tode et just had peyooberty
Shiz B
Shiz B Måned siden
John Carcher
John Carcher Måned siden
Remember when everyone tried to solve what was going on in the intro?
Kaden Keneal
Kaden Keneal Måned siden
1:45 not only would bowsette look like that, but bowsette would also have a different name, peachette is peachette because it is peaches name, and toadettes name combinded, so bowsette would be toadette and bowser combinded. but they named it bowsette because it would sound bad otherwise, so, my conclusion is that bowsette would actually be named peacher
Space Dragon
Space Dragon Måned siden
ohhh, Super Don't like THAT noise :)
Ace Fosselius
Ace Fosselius Måned siden
the not auto generated captions say smell instead of spell, 4:58
Alorathedragon Måned siden
Was she adopted
Clone_boy CT-27-5555
Clone_boy CT-27-5555 Måned siden
Is it just me or everyone who doesnt follow nintendo news went imidietly went to search bowsette?
Let’s not Ask.
Let’s not Ask. Måned siden
Bowsette ? Nah I only like *Böøśëttē😼*
dj burg
dj burg Måned siden
Chaos theroy
Sternik89 Måned siden
My quess - Bowser kidnaps Peach, so he can extract that "super crown" essence to become a human. If succeded, this would led to Bowser human form in Super Mario Brothers the movie.
Morbid Gamerz
Morbid Gamerz Måned siden
Dear god....
Ha Linh Tran
Ha Linh Tran Måned siden
YJ Stream
YJ Stream Måned siden
You saw the farther in some games
Saw Poe
Saw Poe Måned siden
wait why is their a baby peach when you say they all started as Toadstools.
Prefeito Gustavo
Prefeito Gustavo Måned siden
I Have A Theory, Queen Toadstool were actually a Toadette who used the Super Crown and then had a Child with the King Mushroom, and bc of the powers of the Super Crown, Peach was born a half human half toad!!!
Ha Linh Tran
Ha Linh Tran Måned siden
Uhhh i kinda agree??
Scaenicus Måned siden
08:19 Or the Mushroom Kingdom was decimated down to a principality, thus ruled by a prince(ss). The title "prince" is complicated...
Digital Dipper
Digital Dipper Måned siden
What does this translate to? CWNWWGRC WHFE ZW MCHLEZY SDTBBPW WT
Infamous E
Infamous E Måned siden
This also could support the Rosaline theory you had this could be how peach dies
Kizana Sunobu
Kizana Sunobu Måned siden
Hold up in Japan princess peach was always called princess peach she never had a different name
Elexis Makelki
Elexis Makelki Måned siden
Doze that mean that Rosalita is a mushroom person or started as a mushroom person and allso is not human and that means that Rosalita may not have a human life spand but much longer.
Dwayne Michael Cainoy
Dwayne Michael Cainoy Måned siden
KingofGeo Måned siden
What about Daisy? What about Pauline???
Seth Hobbs
Seth Hobbs Måned siden
I find this interesting because in the backstory for the blue princess peach is dead and buried under a tree in the castle garden.
Daniel Cardenas
Daniel Cardenas Måned siden
Dorian Ingham
Dorian Ingham Måned siden
when you or a random guy said oh never mind your still looking up bowsett
TheBoredLore Måned siden
OR- hear me out- *Nintendo just wants a new character for money,* wait that doesn't make sense. BACK TO THE TOAD BEE MURDER THEORY!
MC Studios
MC Studios Måned siden
Maybe that Why in odyssey she travels to the other kingdoms. Not to see the world (at least not the main reason) but to make sure see can get killed
Alcyone Gasperz
Alcyone Gasperz Måned siden
Okay should i explain that bowsette is NOT the perfect girl for mario i mean she is like 50 cientemeters taller than instead makeway for a more fitting wife for mario its meggy from the smg4 universe she is the same height much cuter and she is still partly from nintedo because she origenated from splatoon matpat please notice me
Ricardo Leite
Ricardo Leite Måned siden
I was expecting a parody with that French Revolution painting with a Peachette holding a flag
Hxney Fox
Hxney Fox Måned siden
Let's all say our goodbyes to Peach-
Ekansh Goel
Ekansh Goel Måned siden
One thing that doesn't add up is That only female worker bees or in this case toadettes are groomed to be queen then how come peache's father have become king and how come peach automatically became the queen its not that bees follow heirarchy Still it was a fun theory Can't wait to see peach die 😏😏
TonsO’Fun Måned siden
the intro cartridge was tilted.
wilma rian
wilma rian Måned siden
did you just spam your key bored??
JustinBustin Måned siden
tenretni olleh
AMO TimePlayer
AMO TimePlayer Måned siden
What about her sister Princess Daisy?
L. Catlett-Tetzlaff
L. Catlett-Tetzlaff Måned siden
Now I hunger for an Octavia Butler-esque fanfic all about this fungal alien species...
Elian Diaz
Elian Diaz Måned siden
What about baby peach tho?
Holly Putvin
Holly Putvin Måned siden
So timeline wise, it would line up with galaxy.
Ian Ryan
Ian Ryan Måned siden
top 2 weireds words: 1.fertal males 2.tooting
gender fluid
gender fluid Måned siden
Right as the intro i dropped my phone, i heard the intro and freaked out
Golden Sun1
Golden Sun1 Måned siden
Dark I LOVE IT lol jk it’s cool and yes dark but I don’t want nightmares lol
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