Game Theory: Petscop - The Scariest Game You'll NEVER Play!

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3 år siden

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Petscop, is a seemingly harmless, PS One game that never made it to market. But dig a little deeper, and you'll find there is no game. Just fake let's plays, of a fake game, telling a very REAL and traumatic story. Be warned, today's theory covers some pretty heavy topics, including child neglect and murder. Viewer discretion is advised.
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Anneleighsme Time siden
I forgot the plot of this episode of game theory, I was a couple minutes in a I couldn’t remember what happened, I don’t know if I thought it was uninteresting at the time or if my Brian intentionally blocked out the events of this episode when I was younger.
SolarKid123 2 timer siden
Benjamin & Steve
Benjamin & Steve 3 timer siden
those adults shouldve died not jail like if you agree
Trax 5 timer siden
In my opinion they deserved a death sentence
Fps Calamity
Fps Calamity 7 timer siden
Meh pyro still Did it better
Jay C
Jay C 7 timer siden
Im kinda scared to watch
Sarah Scheer
Sarah Scheer 8 timer siden
Holy s*** he wasn’t kidding about the warning
ImJustHereToWatch 10 timer siden
I know i'm late, but damn... I want to commit hate crimes on those disgusting murderers.
Vantal The RWBY Reader
Vantal The RWBY Reader Dag siden
I hope others agree with me when I say that during their time in prison I hope they were treated like utter s*** you know the things people say "I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy." That's what I want done to them.
Bihu the leopard gecko
Bihu the leopard gecko Dag siden
*Ah, nostalgia.*
Scopew Dag siden
Watching all your vids this is your scariest
blade files
blade files Dag siden
I like violent stuff but this is crazy
Xxiety Dag siden
i honestly almost vomited and threw up watching this cus god damn these people are mentally unhinged that the would tourture and murder a 10 YEAR OLD GIRL FFS and never got life sentences im angry and triggered
Sumit Sharma
Sumit Sharma Dag siden
Those people are insane and that girl wasn't a quitter she was a warrior warring until she died
Stinger Dag siden
Her brother’s name was Todd, not Michael Edit: Nevermind, her brother was named Michael, Todd was her father
Johnathan To Err Is Me
Johnathan To Err Is Me 2 dager siden
Game Theory 8:72 does not exist
Random gaming Channel Lol
Random gaming Channel Lol 2 dager siden
Mason John
Mason John 2 dager siden
I *never* advocate for violence or revenge, and I’m not now. Buuuuuut, I think that it is only fair that they should be rounded up by the authorities and forced to undergo the “rebirth” process until they die like Candace. Also, can we all agree that everyone involved has forfeited all rights and will not get a funeral, and instead will be privately destroyed and their remains will be dumped into an undisclosed location?
PokinTNT 2 dager siden
It was torture murder on purpose! THEY SHOULD HAVE GOT LIFETIME PRISON
Consüme Lööps
Consüme Lööps 2 dager siden
Mat actually sounds pissed when he explained candices death and you can’t blame him
Cait‘s_ Let’s plays
Cait‘s_ Let’s plays 2 dager siden
7!? 7 years is not enough for candense to be able to rest!
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia 3 dager siden
Candice's case is litteraly 1st degree Murder.
•RainyRoad• 3 dager siden
You know this is going to be a very different video when viewer discretion is advised
Qwerty 123
Qwerty 123 4 dager siden
еее рок
Mr. Wafflehead
Mr. Wafflehead 4 dager siden
Those punishments are egregious. That’s straight up murder AND child abuse
Juliano 4 dager siden
Oh... God.
1Odd Boi1
1Odd Boi1 4 dager siden
It's so weird watching older theories, especially the intros, I'm wondering if he'll revisit petscop, I think there's more episodes uploaded
Тамила Щучьева
Тамила Щучьева 4 dager siden
Sonia Jimenez
Sonia Jimenez 4 dager siden
consoleguy64 4 dager siden
Uno 4 dager siden
Pyrocynical hasnt upload petscop 2 yet
Don Owen
Don Owen 4 dager siden
OMG I should have have not watched this.The people who killed Candice should have a 100000000000000000 year sentence.The people who killed her had something in their brain.Besides 16 f*ckin years!That was NOT enough.I have so many curses to say that they are uncountable.But it's just the cruel truth of the world.Their isn't any sunshine and rainbows.The world is dark and harsh,and sometimes bad things happen.And the people who do those crimes are F*cked.thety deserve to be thrown into tarturus.R.I.P. Candice.
Lucidlemonade243 4 dager siden
I actually went cold I'm scared
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson 5 dager siden
Me when I hear that someone kills a child for “rebirth”:DONT MAKE ME SUmMON GRoBLeToMBus (from little Runmo)
Aidyn Hemphill
Aidyn Hemphill 5 dager siden
17:14 as much as I would want that it cant happen The game takes forever for anything to happen you'd have to be a very dedicated gamer to wait as long as paul has The game would most likely get a controversy because it referencing a murder the game probably wouldn't get many players cuz only around 2 million know about petscop plus I don't think a game like this would be on shelves
Nyan Htet
Nyan Htet 5 dager siden
But how do you know this all tell us ⬇
mateja stavric
mateja stavric 5 dager siden
I'd be a quitter than be D E A D
Jimi Hendrix Bituin
Jimi Hendrix Bituin 5 dager siden
I want to correct you paul didnt just throw tiara or some thing he reggreted it that why if you watch the full video he actulaly returned to get tiara back Edit:the tiara dying thing was just a reffrence its not the full story
ImpossibleGoodGames 6 dager siden
8:12 skip to here
Puzzleman 6 dager siden
Meme Animations
Meme Animations 6 dager siden
So, I'm watching this before i have to stay up all night for a challenge for 100 dollars, I HATE MY LIFE
Rodel Ganalon
Rodel Ganalon 6 dager siden
if you look at the desc its called "Five Nights At Freddy's" the lowest part of the desc
honeyCoves onSteroids
honeyCoves onSteroids 6 dager siden
I’ll be honest this gave me nightmares for so long
Sayori 6 dager siden
This is so like sad i mean i would keep nlm and rename it to the healthy a one
Koko Siko
Koko Siko 6 dager siden
why does the dang game this is related to in the description fnaf?
Lois Grace Sumaylo
Lois Grace Sumaylo 6 dager siden
this story is really sad cause some people suffer from this
Dewdrop_ Lemonade
Dewdrop_ Lemonade 6 dager siden
What happened to Chelsea and Micheal? Candaces biological siblings
Bisнαмση 6 dager siden
Yo my phone's started to desynchronize and I almost shitted myself because it sounded very, VERY scary
Madelyn Calloway
Madelyn Calloway 7 dager siden
I’m 10.. I’m mildly disturbed by this game... but I’m in tears
peepeepoopoo28 or chicken noodles 55
peepeepoopoo28 or chicken noodles 55 7 dager siden
What the heck
Jinx Beats em up
Jinx Beats em up 7 dager siden
MatPat needs to physicaly try to fight his tears... i did too
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea 7 dager siden
They should have pulled her out what is wrong with those people they are discussing!!
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea 7 dager siden
Btw I did the math the weight she was less than tenth of the weight on her a normal babby when they are born only have about 100 pounds on them when delivered through natural birth they put over 6 times that on her... she wasn't a quitter she couldn't sustain the weight on her I'm over 120 pounds and 13 years old, I can barely lift over 100. This girl want a quitter... those others where just flat out monsters and should have been put away for life.
ISTRAZITELJI Pejicic 7 dager siden
My girlfriend was care
LilHighEnd Forever
LilHighEnd Forever 7 dager siden
When your in foster care it sucks, like me im in foster care with a loving caretaker, but kids don't get that, like sorry for her
Kittdy_ puff
Kittdy_ puff 8 dager siden
lolll the game that it lists if "FNaF" and not Petscop XD
nguyentuangan ohanthuangan
nguyentuangan ohanthuangan 8 dager siden
thestrokes btssongs jasonmraz
Vytaras Arnašius
Vytaras Arnašius 8 dager siden
More then 20 years...
Jett Stearns
Jett Stearns 9 dager siden
Personally I listen to true murder podcasts but Candaces death was cruel and morbid.
do you are have spEED
do you are have spEED 9 dager siden
im watching at might i didnt need sleep anyways ahahahahaha
MUSTACHE Gacha 9 dager siden
8:12 it was a dark story...
Jameson Gensinger
Jameson Gensinger 9 dager siden
her case is so messed up
Venooos Geming
Venooos Geming 7 dager siden
I wish they get hanged and burned
Snoergee 9 dager siden
They should have stripped those people onto a machine that SLOWLY rips their arms and legs off in a span of weeks while giving them no food so they live their last weeks in pain until eventually bleeding out without limbs
Venooos Geming
Venooos Geming 7 dager siden
Jigsaw: Ahem.......... Me: Oh this guy can!
demetre dondoladze
demetre dondoladze 9 dager siden
man i'm scared
3 Români
3 Români 9 dager siden
This gives me The Promise Never Land vibes
Flerf _
Flerf _ 9 dager siden
No, no no no no. :( no
Afiq Aiman Mazwan
Afiq Aiman Mazwan 9 dager siden
This video is disturbing
SoulFire185 9 dager siden
Why does this shake me so much!!
Alien_Boi - Brawl Stars
Alien_Boi - Brawl Stars 10 dager siden
C'mon soldier, you can make it, I watched the whole thing alone in the dark
Mr potato
Mr potato 10 dager siden
Rip Candace :(
Chace Albernaz
Chace Albernaz 10 dager siden
I’m disgusted, I might puke
Daniel Pak
Daniel Pak 10 dager siden
🍪🍪🥛🥛🍩🍩🍪🍪🥛🥛🍩🍩🍪🍪🍪 I brought cookies for comfort
BobDaBanana132 10 dager siden
What happened to candace was unforgivable. I wish I didn't watch that part. Everyone involved deserved a life sentence, of course except for candace. That sickens me, that they committed murder and called the poor girl a quitter for not being able to save herself. Will I be able to sleep tonight? We may never know...
Venooos Geming
Venooos Geming 7 dager siden
q.Mercury.q 10 dager siden
The more times he said quitter in that quote from what happened, the more angry he got. Mad respect for you Mat, I'd feel the same.
stonks nice meme
stonks nice meme 10 dager siden
I am so sacred of this I feel like something is watching me while I am hearing this. I just feel so bad I just don’t know how to feel. Nobody did anything to help here. I just don’t know how do to feel what to do. This people are awful why did they even get to live. They should be the one been torture.
Venooos Geming
Venooos Geming 7 dager siden
I hope someone makes a movie about them but a crazy serial killer but torture them and killing them slowly
Cs:go Gaming
Cs:go Gaming 11 dager siden
I came here from pyrocyinacal
Maryam Imran
Maryam Imran 11 dager siden
I don’t understand why people disliked this. It is him discussing the unjust death of a 10 year old girl by her adoptive parents.
Ava G Varrette
Ava G Varrette 11 dager siden
If I was Candace I wouldn’t even want my name to be “Candace Newmaker” I would’ve changed it back to “Tiara”. Rest In Peace, you didn’t deserve such a death
Ani V
Ani V 11 dager siden
That's disgusting on how they would do that to a child But its not surprising Humans are capable of many things right and wrong But the people involved should of been sentenced to prison for life
YeetingKangaroo 1
YeetingKangaroo 1 11 dager siden
this is so sad
ojodeoro 11 dager siden
Im sure a true crime fourth and last channel would have an interesting approach from MatPat and the rest of the team
Joey Strehle
Joey Strehle 11 dager siden
I'm like viewer description is advised well I'm like not really and then I was depressed for a half an hour
unknown 5
unknown 5 11 dager siden
I know the most scary for me is Sophie's curse
Bendy boi 2000 I love animals
Bendy boi 2000 I love animals 12 dager siden
I’m watching this in 2020 aka the worst year ever
Jaslynn Chloe Pablo
Jaslynn Chloe Pablo 12 dager siden
Only. 16. Freaking. Years. THEY NEED A LIFE FKING SENTENCE.
Mellisa Barker
Mellisa Barker 12 dager siden
melderis 12 dager siden
Bruh i love how everyone is talking about the girl not thr game
slushieemma 9 dager siden
@melderis Actually it is, the plot was based on HER death, the game was based on her, Care NLM, Quitter ETC...Even the developer Tony who made the game has admitted- he made if from her story.
melderis 9 dager siden
@slushieemma so? Thats not wht is the video about
slushieemma 9 dager siden
Because she was tortured...
K4L 12 dager siden
Bastards like them deserve the same torture that she suffered
d3adshotwahid 12 dager siden
d3adshotwahid 7 dager siden
@Venooos Geming (her mother)
Venooos Geming
Venooos Geming 7 dager siden
She's a KID!
slushieemma 9 dager siden
Candace didn't have a choice
Mature Man
Mature Man 12 dager siden
There will be no joking around you got it people only C R E E P Y
Nick D
Nick D 13 dager siden
They should’ve been sent to the gas chambers, then find out who are the real quitters
Vladimir Pejcic
Vladimir Pejcic 13 dager siden
Paul is your new family mom : crying
Vladimir Pejcic
Vladimir Pejcic 13 dager siden
Candis is tool
slushieemma 7 dager siden
@Vladimir Pejcic Shut
Vladimir Pejcic
Vladimir Pejcic 8 dager siden
Im a Quitter
J. Rabbit
J. Rabbit 9 dager siden
what did you say?
Devin Pot
Devin Pot 13 dager siden
Matpat: Sad sounding in intro The intro: *HYPE MUSIC*
Anna Cox
Anna Cox 13 dager siden
ISTRAZITELJI Pejicic 14 dager siden
In 2009 i was born
jestermelon 14 dager siden
why is... why's the game... Five Nights At Freddy's in the description
Apple The Fruit
Apple The Fruit 14 dager siden
Haha funny dab
Mohamed Ishaq
Mohamed Ishaq 14 dager siden
I regret watching this video that is disturbing I like fnaf not for the scares for the characters
Colin Williams
Colin Williams 14 dager siden
I barely EVER cry and I’m legit crying my eyes out right now.
where is my father
where is my father 15 dager siden
Background song anyone?
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