Game Theory: Petscop - The Scariest Game You'll NEVER Play!

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3 år siden

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Petscop, is a seemingly harmless, PS One game that never made it to market. But dig a little deeper, and you'll find there is no game. Just fake let's plays, of a fake game, telling a very REAL and traumatic story. Be warned, today's theory covers some pretty heavy topics, including child neglect and murder. Viewer discretion is advised.
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D- Money
D- Money Dag siden
I’m a 17 year old with generally an athletic physique and workout at school everyday and I don’t think in any way that I could get that 600+ lbs off of me wrapped under a blanket. What kind of judge lets people who teamed up and tortured a little girl to death just walk away with 7 years! 😡 I hope that judge goes to hell with them
[Deppression] SNoB
[Deppression] SNoB Dag siden
I think the one who made this game might be relative to Candace maybe Michael's grandson, son, etc
Esoteric -
Esoteric - Dag siden
bro that therapy part was just dumb fr fr like why would they do that tf
aTurtel 2 dager siden
nice fnaf content mat!
Art's Life
Art's Life 2 dager siden
This girl was the George Floyd before George Floyd Yeah no, I tried to make a light-hearted joke out of this but it just feels cheap. All these people need to go to hell
Haruki Shirota
Haruki Shirota 2 dager siden
Ted Lachenmayer
Ted Lachenmayer 2 dager siden
Matpat: warns me Me: “it can’t be that bad!” *afterwords* Me: “I hope those therapists are dead.”
Denji West
Denji West 2 dager siden
doritos cheetos and fritos
Zaeden Hughes
Zaeden Hughes 3 dager siden
bro this story is just sadbro
Dark Pit 37
Dark Pit 37 3 dager siden
I had heard about the whole attachment therapy story....... Their method was flawed. If you want to simulate birth, any communication is more of a hindrance than a help. At the same time, simulating birth was a weird treatment option anyway.
Steven Cortez-Solorio
Steven Cortez-Solorio 3 dager siden
na na na 16 f*king years
Liv B
Liv B 3 dager siden
16 years??? they literally tortured and murdered a child. this is so disgusting
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken 3 dager siden
this video is kinda sad, but im glad he used that exact prison door texture in 11:03
Cursed memes
Cursed memes 3 dager siden
I hope the Therapists are being torchered by the devil in hell
Maja Rudakovic
Maja Rudakovic 3 dager siden
This brought up some really bad memories for me one time i got in trouble for " acting sick to skip school" when i was actually sick and i was in a very dark and small closet for 2 days until i said that i faked being sick even when I was sick i begged and pleaded to be let out but i wasn't now i have extreme fear of the dark and of small spaces i just feel so bad for Tiara
AbbyBlaz 3 dager siden
I am so sorry you had to go through that :( Nobody should be put into that type of situation I hope things get better
G beast
G beast 3 dager siden
[voices] [voices] [voices] [voices] [voices] [voices] [voices] [voices] [voices]
It's Rachnime
It's Rachnime 3 dager siden
I remember watching this as a young kid I was disgusted at the story when I was done I thought they deserved death and nothing but it
Lprcn!2 4 dager siden
watching at 10PM ''so help me god''
Noah hagreman
Noah hagreman 4 dager siden
Snakey- -kun
Snakey- -kun 4 dager siden
In the actual first episode of Paul’s play through, when you listen very closely at max volume you can hear some kind of man talking in reverse
Snakey- -kun
Snakey- -kun 4 dager siden
@The Game Theorists
orange scape
orange scape 4 dager siden
"Quitter" Isn't the word now I'll ever say let's Make a new word like uhhhhh...tactical Retreat
• Springtronic •
• Springtronic • 5 dager siden
If Candace somehow sees this I’m sorry. I never knew you but that’s a horrific way to die.
Xay Yellow
Xay Yellow 5 dager siden
Finn__xd 5 dager siden
Tbh what happened to candice is disgusting and I think the therapists should have stayed in prison for the rest of their lives
Unburnt_Witch 5 dager siden
When Matpat - a man who joked about child slaughter and killer robots - actually warned us at the start, you know it's going to be bad.
Nana Ahmad
Nana Ahmad 5 dager siden
Everyone cared for me but they never "care" me
bruh i would play like no kidding like srsly i would srsly play cuz it aint scary to me
ZoroVerse 6 dager siden
So prison shouldnt be for punishment but to help the prisoners.
Astra Nominated
Astra Nominated 6 dager siden
I have a character in gacha club. And I want to give her the "therapists". I know Nightmare suffered.
A furry named Kit Kat
A furry named Kit Kat 6 dager siden
7 Years is disgusting. I wish that EVERYBODY involved in that got life in prison. They are calling her a "quitter" as they are killing her. Thats the last thing she hears. That breaks my heart.
Asgore And stuff
Asgore And stuff 7 dager siden
One question: what kind of therapy is that?
froggy in a fez
froggy in a fez 7 dager siden
jokes on you matpat I've played petscop
Zakk McFarland
Zakk McFarland 8 dager siden
There's a special place in hell for all the therapists
Zakk McFarland
Zakk McFarland 8 dager siden
That made my blood run cold
Taha Taha
Taha Taha 8 dager siden
That poor girl rip
Mr Master
Mr Master 8 dager siden
wow. that.. was deep, to be fair. it terrifies me how merciless and awful mankind can be. this is the kind of stuff that makes me lose hope in humans. i thought people were nice. but it is a horror to know that there are humans just like this, living between us. may she rest in peace, and go to the best place a human soul can go...
Michael Hutton
Michael Hutton 8 dager siden
Humanity is the universe’s worst mistake.
Rayne Lacatan
Rayne Lacatan 9 dager siden
The the|rapist must die for theyre acts
KnightGaming 10 dager siden
Literal Start of the video:*viewer discretion is advised* NOpost: This is Five Nights At Freddy's! No doubt
ᴍᴀɢᴇ ᴍʏsᴛ
ᴍᴀɢᴇ ᴍʏsᴛ 10 dager siden
This makes me angry on levels that aren't possible
Purple 10 dager siden
“Just be warned, this episode gets intense.” *loud fun intro plays
RedZed 08
RedZed 08 10 dager siden
This game isn’t really scary in a horror way but in a way that shows the true horrors of this earth and the terrible people living on it
James Slattery
James Slattery 11 dager siden
Me when I hear a serious topic: *_i n h a l e s t h r o u g h t e e t h v e r y l o u d l y_* By the way, I mean absolutely no offense to this story. I know that it's like, really really really bad, but I mean no offense to it. Don't my comment seriously, but DO take this story very seriously. This is really fricked up. Also, why is it recommending FNaF in the description for a Petscop video...?
Jingle Fox
Jingle Fox 11 dager siden
Im hiding in the comment section shh
Annabelle Kuzewski
Annabelle Kuzewski 11 dager siden
I remember watching when I was 5 0-0
TheDark Phantom123
TheDark Phantom123 11 dager siden
Frosty chips
Frosty chips 12 dager siden
Crying is just sweating with your eyes which is what is happening with me
Number Five
Number Five 13 dager siden
I'm absolutely disgusted. Everyone should've gotten a worse punishment. Candace's death was murder, and it's horrifying. She wasn't a quitter, and she deserved so much better.
Duaa Sabah
Duaa Sabah 13 dager siden
So 16 years in prison and they just stayed 7 that's not right, they have mental issues and who knows, they will probably keep doing their so called therapy. they should've rotted in a prison or a mental asylumn for the criminally ill
don ottman
don ottman 13 dager siden
Gods. Story brought me to tears. I need to hug my kids now
cool boy
cool boy 13 dager siden
When the disclaimer came I was about to click off then epic rock music came and I lost it
Shirley-Marie Ferrer
Shirley-Marie Ferrer 13 dager siden
Matpat: I'm not gonna say this in a fun way. Also Matpat: *proceeds saying it in a joyful way kinda*
A glitchy mistake
A glitchy mistake 14 dager siden
This scared me and now I can't move
Ursul polar
Ursul polar 14 dager siden
i fricking watched this while i was playing minecraft to chill but now im scared
Ali Akhtar
Ali Akhtar 15 dager siden
I can handle this! 5 minutes later Alright, time for a mental health break
EconomicSerg567 15 dager siden
no one gonna talk about how youtube thinks this game is fnaf?
Jason Chaos
Jason Chaos 16 dager siden
Jesus people in this world are screwed up in the head
Kitsune_ the1
Kitsune_ the1 16 dager siden
Well done it, you might've given me a Nightmare...
metro booming
metro booming 16 dager siden
Creative Gamer Friends two UwU yay
Creative Gamer Friends two UwU yay 16 dager siden
wait what was candances old last name oh right it was elmore......... where have I heard that before......wait a second is it Elmore the name of the town where to loving cartoon characters live named gumball and Darwin.......omg
AYAN 16 dager siden
She's not a quarter she is a fighter say we love you if you are with me
Zuri Jackson
Zuri Jackson 17 dager siden
Oh my god it's April 18th
Multiple games fan
Multiple games fan 17 dager siden
May pat: *says the number 48* Me playing a game: *can only make 48 blocks*
SPIDER CAKE 17 dager siden
I love y’all
Aventuras Demais
Aventuras Demais 17 dager siden
this. was. the most. uncomfortable. and disgusted. i ever was. in my life. AND I'VE SEEN SOME VERY DISGUSTING THINGS
Ox Notlost
Ox Notlost 17 dager siden
21 years
Ox Notlost
Ox Notlost 17 dager siden
There is a Petscop video you never talked about. In the beginning it shows this tab that had baby names in it. Thats as far as I went and I think that the episode could give more detail about it. I'm not 100% sure tho.
Mochi OwO
Mochi OwO 17 dager siden
Honestly they shouldn’t be that dumb to sit on a literal child for more than an hour. They murderd her they should have gotten a life sentence.
Fluffle Warrior
Fluffle Warrior 17 dager siden
I hope that people in prison will find oit about what these people have done and will offer them a chance to be "reborn"
Movies Are Dope
Movies Are Dope 17 dager siden
I can't believe that was real...
ZazTropica 17 dager siden
Torture. They derserve torture
Mxi 18 dager siden
Bruh when you said April 18, 2000. IT'S LITERALLY APRIL 18, 2021
Chase Haven
Chase Haven 18 dager siden
This reminds me of my cat Sam. I found her on a campsite where I think she was left to die. My mom allowed me to take her home and I did. When she got home we gave her food, water, and a friend. This also reminds me of Buggi who my brother brought home from work one day. She didn't have her mother's milk long enough and guess what she was a kitten who was around 2 weeks old. That's not even the worst part. There were 5 more kittens with her and one was dead. They were all given a good home, food, water, and a friend. I'll be truthful with you. Sam got 2 friends and Buggi got 1. Buggi and Sam got Skunk but Sam got a friend that Buggi didn't
Shold333 18 dager siden
This is juicy
seb 18 dager siden
this much scary
Gray Heart
Gray Heart 18 dager siden
This made me ball my eyes out. I am literally crying as I am typing this.
Miguel Ribeiro Silva
Miguel Ribeiro Silva 18 dager siden
Algum br por aqui
Emma Withers
Emma Withers 18 dager siden
11:56 if your catching everything then so you catch colds? 😂
Becca Beckie
Becca Beckie 18 dager siden
Oh god Year 6 me is crying inside now that I’m watching this again. I was so creeped out by the story that I didn’t eat my food very well for a day
Anthony Wassenberg
Anthony Wassenberg 19 dager siden
Why do they sit on her they don't do that to you when ur born may she be in heaven and being happy r.i.p
chick Fil-A
chick Fil-A 19 dager siden
16 years...only serving 7? they tortured a child...a child a helpless child...I don't have words for what I wish I could do to monsters like them, to be honest, "monsters" is a much kinder term than what they deserve
Matcha Mooshoo
Matcha Mooshoo 19 dager siden
"just be warned, this episode gets intense" * happy intro music *
K4L 19 dager siden
Technically 2 words of Candace Candace Randice Replaced the R and A
gary 19 dager siden
On sad
TheTipArrowNT 19 dager siden
I literally can't watch the video properly now without being so angry that the therapist didn't get a worst punishment
Whoosh Whoosh
Whoosh Whoosh 19 dager siden
The shortened pyrocinical video worth the watch
Dragonking 915
Dragonking 915 20 dager siden
Wall are over hear sad when I’m to scared to be sad
potato 20 dager siden
video: petscop youtube: ah yes, this is a fnaf video
Simon Petrikov 39
Simon Petrikov 39 20 dager siden
If what I remember about ribs is correct then the weight of all the people on candice were placed on a adult it would be more than enough to break their ribcage
VADS 06 20 dager siden
Nikhilesh N
Nikhilesh N 20 dager siden
But Paul regretted depositing Care NLM to the Child Library
Stoney 20 dager siden
Is there any evidence of any of these pieces of scum getting anything worse then a pathetic 7 year sentence or being dead? Anything would make me feel better knowing they no longer walk this Earth
Penguin Drip Lol
Penguin Drip Lol 20 dager siden
Game theory: Sadly , we will never play it. Giftscop: i am a joke to u?
Sabina Begum
Sabina Begum 19 dager siden
Where and how?
toss boy
toss boy 21 dag siden
Yo how much a shotgun cost
James Long
James Long 21 dag siden
I can't believe 70 minutes after ABUSING A CHILD they calm her a TWERP. A TWERP. That is unfathomable
toss boy
toss boy 21 dag siden
Hold on, I need to make a few calls...
Maxwell Klacik
Maxwell Klacik 21 dag siden
why is Fnaf in the description in every video just wondering.
Mistyagirlwhois Cool
Mistyagirlwhois Cool 21 dag siden
Fly high to heaven tiara I hope your in heaven and you see me writing this in heaven
Mistyagirlwhois Cool
Mistyagirlwhois Cool 21 dag siden
I’m crying
21 dag siden
everyone involved is not a person. not even a monster. even a monster would hate such THINGS. there is no word to describe what these THINGS are.
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