Game Theory: Hello Neighbor - The DEVIL is in the Details!

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3 år siden

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Hello Neighbor has been delayed, but in it's place beta 3 was released. And with it a whole new plethora of theory potential. We have a new basement, a BOSS Battle!, and so much more devil imagery. But is the neighbor the villain or the victim?
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Derek Brenden
Derek Brenden 8 timer siden
What if the neighbor is the kid that's ostracized and your their sibling who was a part of the neighbor's trauma and the neighbor made a deal with the devil to get revenge on you
Lol Animation
Lol Animation 16 timer siden
Uh, quick thing, the forbidden fruit was actually not an apple, in the original script, it’s a fig. Just wanted to clerify that
kapselar 22 timer siden
I am from the future and I'm saying that the neighbor is your father and lost his wife in a car crash
Leo Hill
Leo Hill 7 dager siden
just a thought, what if a pig ate the forbidden fruit and in the present day the world was over run by super intelligent pigs? Just a thought...
Craig Rensburg
Craig Rensburg 7 dager siden
oh hell no ni
sosrfcjct 7 dager siden
This game made game theory more fun
BLOOPS 8 dager siden
I know this video is 3 years old, but a also noticed that on the Russian text signs the first 3 letters are reversed
Chantel Harvey
Chantel Harvey 9 dager siden
i think the player is the neighbor's kid and the neighbor has a bit of memory loss
Michael jaden
Michael jaden 9 dager siden
Good think we all agree with Mista here 4 is the most evil number-dear jojos reference
Selinafgj Akter
Selinafgj Akter 12 dager siden
Plz read this matpat The neighbor is actually a park engineer. His park is called the GOLDEN APPLE AMUSMENT PARK. Very suspicous. Any way, on the first day of the park, a girl died on the neighbors roller coaster. Thst leads everybody to hate him. After a few years, the main charecter moves in next door. At this time, the neighbor still had children. Aaron and mya. This is true because of proof from hello nrighbor hide and seek. The main charecter called nicky, becomes friend with Aaron. After the summer passes, their mom dies in a car accident. I belive the devil crashes the car. After this the children disapeer. I dont know if any of this is cannon hiw ever. This is from the book. One more thing, the neighbor has autism.
Andrew Slaughter
Andrew Slaughter 11 dager siden
nice theory but he prolly wont read it
DR Awesome
DR Awesome 12 dager siden
I would say this Is a good theory if I didn’t know the ending.
the amazing jake
the amazing jake 14 dager siden
Four in Japanese sounds like the Japanese word for death
AnthonyPlaysVG 15 dager siden
1:49 wtf lol 😂😂😂
AnthonyPlaysVG 15 dager siden
Mut Puck I'm bald!
SoyBoi 15 dager siden
My favorite NOpostr predicted the truth about the neighbor having a wife
SoyBoi 15 dager siden
Actually golden apples are what the gods eat to keep them immortal, and one day a goblin came and scattered some of them around earth. Maybe the neighbor found some and kept them there. You see, the neighbors family died and it drove him to the break of kidnapping, maybe he has the apples so he won’t die and go to hell.
A Door
A Door 16 dager siden
Correct but the neigbor as 2 children you and a girl that died as we see in hide and seek
Destiny Karst
Destiny Karst 17 dager siden
Still waiting for the next theory on this game in 2021.
Dakota Redmond
Dakota Redmond 17 dager siden
he said metta at the start of the vid go back to undertale mettaton?
Cindy Pedroza
Cindy Pedroza 17 dager siden
Who else is watching this years after this and making fun of him
Jason Bartshe
Jason Bartshe 18 dager siden
Rlly matpat now I can’t sleep bc I am scared the neighbor or satan is under my bed thx matpat 😡
William Foss
William Foss 19 dager siden
I think that maybe in the car crash the neighbor lost his pregnant wife and made a deal with the devil to bring her and the baby back and that he then became insane when the devil made the deal and those are the baby and the woman in the basement and are trying to get away from his insane overprotectiveness
Dom the Bomb
Dom the Bomb 20 dager siden
I think it's annoying how game devs get lazy, and so they don't have to translate, either use gibberish or no words.
Forsaken Revolver
Forsaken Revolver 21 dag siden
I know this is three years late but i think the game character is gay and the neighbor is the dad. He is extremely religious so he refuses your character. Which would explain the bible stuff as well as being locked in the pantry (kinda like a closet) but i don't know just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.
beanie boon
beanie boon 22 dager siden
6:36 Mista would agree
Ravyne Nevermore
Ravyne Nevermore 23 dager siden
4 named angels? What about azrael?
Craze -x
Craze -x 24 dager siden
Golden apple is an amusement park... Golden apple Amusement park. The reason the golden apple is everywhere is because, the neighbor had made a rollercoaster in the amusement park but he didn’t add emergency brakes to it and a girl died in that park because of the neighbor. The person in the Basement is his child Aaron. It is still a mystery who the shadow man is but I have a theory that the shadow man is just in the neighbor’s mind. (Source: the Hello Neighbor Books)
Claudia Weatherly
Claudia Weatherly 24 dager siden
This got wayyyyy deeper then I thought
Mr Potato
Mr Potato 24 dager siden
Sorry but baba yaga iis not from russian folklor but the bulgarian
Ruše Memes007
Ruše Memes007 24 dager siden
I think shadow is his soul And its stuck in fear rooms because he is afraid of getting his soul back
Reece Elwood
Reece Elwood 25 dager siden
The nighbor was 100% married cuse in a secret cutsene you are in the eyes of the nighbor at the hospitl and the nighbor's hand go on your screen and you hear crying sounds after a game that came out way after this video did, YOU CAN SEE THE WIFE AND KIDS (also the game is hide and seek Just renembord it) I dont know if this helps but in that cutsene you can slitly hear that the wife is humming the super mario theme song. (origanal)
Marcus Sinimeri
Marcus Sinimeri 25 dager siden
Its sad that your so wrong
Sebastian Ciuiu
Sebastian Ciuiu 26 dager siden
Sam Clarke
Sam Clarke Måned siden
Theatromeda Måned siden
I don't know what you were translating but it reads with the letters all mixed up
Le Potato
Le Potato Måned siden
I think his family died in a car crash.he tried to get his wife back so he made a deal with the devil, so the "devil" (/demon/darkfigure) wanted the neighbour to kidnap and torture people.
Nonamenofame Måned siden
Sooo did he solve it or was this the last one?
Warnerjtw _
Warnerjtw _ Måned siden
I can't amagine how scary this would be for new viewers clicking on this for the first time XD
ItsAsome Måned siden
SCP 682 the serpent
Mei Hatsume
Mei Hatsume Måned siden
MatPat, you're amazing, I love your work, and love your theories. But I don't think I'll ever forgive you for doing that to Hello Dolly!
Rachel Sullivan
Rachel Sullivan Måned siden
The player is one of the four kids, the neighbor is a psychopathic father who grew up with a whole lot of lovely trauma. The fourth child is likely the shadow figure.
Monster Dog
Monster Dog Måned siden
Little does Mat know crow
Sarthak Agarwala
Sarthak Agarwala Måned siden
Thanks for the nightmares I will get after this!
daheer gt
daheer gt Måned siden
in 5:13 is writen с днём рождения ? that is happy bday in russian
Gigikju Måned siden
10:19 prob cuz the neighbour’s son was friends with the player, but as we know in “hide and seek” she was yeeted deleted off the roof
Hamsterold Måned siden
I think this is all a nightmare! You are a kid... the neightbor is actually your dad. I think your dad,the neighbor was like q devil for him and he is dreaming as he is searching for his dad's mysteries. And i think there are no dead bodies in the game couse u are a kiddo so you dont know how does it look...Idk if the theory is true but idc!
Legendary Leelando
Legendary Leelando Måned siden
DUDE IN HELLO NEIGHBOR HIDE AND SEEK THE NEIGHBOR IS THE FATHER OF TWO CHILDREN ONE IS A DAUGHTER WITH BLONDE HAIR AND ANOTHER IS A BOY THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE CHARACTER YOU ARE PLAYING!!!! AND LATER ON IN THE GAME THE MOTHER (Neighbor's wife) DIED FROM CANCER THEN THE GAME BECAME VERYY SAD AND THE NEIGHBOR SEEMS TO REGRET SOMETHING SOMETHING sinister............... WITCH EXPLAINS WHAT UOU JUST SAID AND... THE NEIGHBOR seems to like to chase your character out like he doesn't want to hurt him... Olso like the other commenter(caffeinated meerkat) said to a child's eyes the house seem way bigger than normal which is why neighbors house is sooo big. And we never see the sister and she oddly looks like the girl with the eyepatch from hello guest... And when you reach the mountain you are kidnapped bye a stranger... Some one you don't know. BUT I THINK THE PERSON YOU ARE PLAYING AS THE SON BEGAN HAVING NIGHTMARES ABOUT HIS FATHER TURNING EVIL SO HE WANTS TO HELP LIKE the game hello Doctor When the doctor turned evil and another commenter(pie guy)said he thinks that hello neighbor is a doctor. Parilized with fear the son visits the neighbor and finds him stuck with the shadow man and tries to help but the neighbor does not want the son to end up like him but the son outsmart him and run into the basement meeting his demise.... AAnd so the neighbor filled with anger tries to chase the neighbor out of his house but ended up being possessed by on of the shadow mans demons and began shapeshifting into a kid to lure more kids into his house who wants whatever he promised in his basement, he takes them one bye one and giving the souls to the shadow man. When the kids that survived finally reached the basement..... They just die and the neighbor is continually doing it over and over again until....... Hello neighbor two alpha one when he finally escaped his possession and hid his past in his new house upstairs in the attic until one day a curious girl came creeping in and found out everything..........A Well, that's it that's my theory until alpha two comes out
Kiran Fernando
Kiran Fernando Måned siden
the neighbor had a wife a son and daughter. Wife died in car crash. son knocked sister of roof.and the daughter died
Quintessential Teenager
Quintessential Teenager Måned siden
Is the shadow guy William afton
Alexandre Poyet
Alexandre Poyet Måned siden
what if the bandage was a blood sacrifice to the devil, and what if he is not your father but he adopted you, and the people in the basement what if they were his wife and child who found out something about the neighbor?!
Alex Christie
Alex Christie Måned siden
the mother and kid in hello neighbor are his family
That-s_KiNdA-CooL Måned siden
Ok but that intro- is amazing! Reminded me of my favorite movie lol
Emu Play
Emu Play Måned siden
I think Im now getting haunted Why is this so scary
Cookiemations Måned siden
My theory on hello neighbor is that the neighbor lost his wife the child got sandwiches you the person that plays the game so in order to get her back he made a deal with the devil and as a kid not knowing who his mom is he got depressed and only had a small amount of friends so in order to make his son happy he made a deal with the devil to find a way to bring his wife back and make the child happy that’s why he does not kill you and that’s why there’s rooms in there
DoomSlayer Måned siden
I meant to say maybe there sorry matpat is your reading this
DoomSlayer Måned siden
Well if the neighbor is the devil then at of end of alpha 3 why is the shadow man if you look in one of the doors just standing there matey the neighbor is crying because he’s scared of him
Wilson Twenty-Three
Wilson Twenty-Three Måned siden
If it was Russian, wouldn't it be called "Hello, Comrade."?
Laries Rouel Dela Cruz
Laries Rouel Dela Cruz Måned siden
Matpat: is the neighbor your father Everyone in the present: yes
Abo Abo
Abo Abo Måned siden
mabaey the naborigh is trying to be imortal or mabaey give someone imortality
Abo Abo
Abo Abo Måned siden
the golden apples means imortality
Bryson Gamer
Bryson Gamer Måned siden
isnt 666 the most evil number?
JLplayz2010 Måned siden
The neighbor is your dad and his wife died so he made a deal with the devil but he turned back in the deal and locked his soul in the basement and possessed the neighbor and kicked you out of his house. That is my theory
Thatcrazyguy Måned siden
Baldpat looks like Seth Evermen
PC - 04FL 901739 Ridgeview PS
PC - 04FL 901739 Ridgeview PS Måned siden
or he might be angry at you
PC - 04FL 901739 Ridgeview PS
PC - 04FL 901739 Ridgeview PS Måned siden
man the neighbor would have a divorce and her wife might have a car accident then you were moved and came back years after when the accident and the neighbor would have forgotten about you he might think u r a stanger .:)
David Ambrose
David Ambrose Måned siden
I now
good boi
good boi Måned siden
i like how he doesn't use clickbait
Crazy Fat doggo
Crazy Fat doggo Måned siden
I remember how I always thought that the shadow is really the neighbors daughter Because at one point in alpha 3 we are on a roller coaster and then we get to the end running over the girl . And the birthday just being one of the children’s birth day and the scared manikin was just the neighbor thinking about his deal with the devil and how this will affect his family. And the shadow has strings of hair coming out of its head . When the giant neighbor looks through the window he is trying to find his daughter then he finds out she is dead so that is what the rollercoaster is about. So the roller coaster didn’t kill her but ... get this .... her brother did. In the hide n seek game at the end we walk to a plank that is high up with our doll on it then our brother gets mad that he had lost and pushes her off then kills her. also in I think it was in alpha 3 we see the neighbor in a car crash he was going to leave it all behind to see his daughter. But the devil wasnt done yet and then he made the neighbor survive the death. But hey that’s just my theory🤔😀😀
Hagen springtrap
Hagen springtrap Måned siden
The stair case goes down,heck is well at least in cristianity there are screams when YOU go into the basement the fear rooms aren't for you there for the neighbor there the neighbors memory's the neighbor was probably abused as a kid being locked up and hurt,the doll that was stalking the party it was the neighbor.The neighbor seeing the other kids be happy something he wasn't granted,the shadow in my guess was the father,on the sign there was only one parent the father locked the neighbor up in the closet forgot him in the store hit him over the head with the record player that's why it's shattered the neighbors dad hit him in the head with the player the reason why there was only one person in the picture was because it was him and his mother,the little picture next to the golden apple record player it was 5 people the falling kid was the neighbor the big one was the father and the other three were the three voices in the basement run girl,shhhh women/mother and baby.this is just speculation but the thing he was keeping in was his family he wasn't hurting them he was keeping them in for there own safety there was a crib and a bed if he was hurting them he would have not gave them a bed and a crib he only kills you when you keeping coming back,it's clear cut you are the father the abusive father who hurt the daughter,son,wife and baby the apple represents temptation for freedom but he can't give them that because there father and husband are across the street that will hurt them again that's why there is no new scream after the neighbor opens the door he didn't hurt them he was saving them from you that's why he didn't look for you he was caring for his family that's why he doesn't kill you unless he has too
Hagen springtrap
Hagen springtrap Måned siden
This took a long time to write like a long time sorry for the long read but a good theory has to have a lot of evidence
Catherine Morris
Catherine Morris Måned siden
slime rancher
Mayro Da plumber
Mayro Da plumber Måned siden
The hide and seek one already tells u everything-
Angelina Gonzalez
Angelina Gonzalez Måned siden are there angles before humanity?Idk I’m a kid
communist creeper
communist creeper Måned siden
Mah theori Da neigbor... hees evil... Bat hei... it just a thori... A gane thiri!
NickG420 Måned siden
The neighbor definitely lost his wife in a car accident here’s how I know notice how in Alfa 3 after you die so many times you are taken to this place were a tire breaks a window and when your looking out the window you can see a flipped over car.
A.T. Trujillo
A.T. Trujillo Måned siden
Game theory if you see this this is telling you that there was a golden apple in Greek mythology and evil goddess I don't know what her name was put a golden apple and three goddesses who want to know who is most beautiful for fighting over it and actually was kind of dumb because they shouldn't have been fighting over it cuz they whoever ate it would have died I didn't start the whole war
the weirdest channel with jason
the weirdest channel with jason Måned siden
Mikey the Gamer!!!
Mikey the Gamer!!! Måned siden
What if the neighbor is the devil
Sophie Måned siden
Ok, ok I know Im late, and I'm sure you already know this, but I can't watch this and NOT say something. The golden apples represent the carnival that the neighbor worked at, where he designed a roller coaster a child died on. He feels responsible for killing the kid. Once again, I'm sure you have already read the Hello Neighbor books, but still :)
Laurenlad 2 måneder siden
In Korea and China, 4 is thought of as an unlucky number, much like 13 to many people. The word for death in Mandarin sounds like “sa” and the Korean and Mandarin word for four is “sa”. For this reason, many people try to avoid fours and many elevators and hotels don’t have a fourth floor. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 😁
Auttum Lee
Auttum Lee 2 måneder siden
Okay so here’s my theory based on your evidence: The neighbor had a wife and was taking her someplace. Unfortunately they got into a car crash and he lost her. His son (you playing) blamed him for it but didn’t really say anything. He started becoming over protective of his son because he didn’t wanna lose him like he lost his wife so he made things seem worse than they actually are and those fear rooms are actually your mind as a child trying to interpret how the places are because the neighbor (your father) made them seem horrific. Eventually you get tired of it and you snap at your father and move out. He makes a deal with the devil in an attempt to get you and his wife back but unfortunately things don’t work out as planned. He got ashamed and didn’t like the choices he made so he tried hiding them from everyone including you. I think that’s why he doesn’t want you in his house and when you do get in he doesn’t harm you when you go into his house, he just puts you back at yours. Lol thanks for reading
Pumpkin 2 måneder siden
The first thirty seconds feel like a trailer
Shani Saban
Shani Saban 2 måneder siden
I am from 2020 it is the kid
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Ramirez 2 måneder siden
i dont know but im watching this in 2020 and in the full game there is a large room on top the house if you manage to git in that room 4 boxes and 1 pic with the neighdor 1 woman next to him and 2 kids
just a random guy with a mask
just a random guy with a mask 2 måneder siden
Mista was right all along
the random show
the random show 2 måneder siden
The number 4 is everywhere? How do I play it?
luis iscool
luis iscool 2 måneder siden
here before 20 years ago!
Kannan Kranz
Kannan Kranz 2 måneder siden
when this information is incorrect
Πάρης Τράνης
Πάρης Τράνης 2 måneder siden
Teme Nochi
Teme Nochi 2 måneder siden
SPOILERS Rewatching this even back then before hide and seek its so sad to see him scared when he rushes to the door after hearing what is probably a memory of his daughter scream as she fell from the roof and him holding the door closed since he locked his son in the basement after he pushed her. and the fact his son is still haunting him since he starved n the basement if not a ghost then also a memory or a delusion since he isn't completely sane. i remember the ending never made sense but now everything makes way more sense
Logan Almond
Logan Almond 2 måneder siden
I thought that it was a game about a creepy dude that kidnaps kids
Moonhwa Field
Moonhwa Field 2 måneder siden
the neighbor is married
Task Force M.S.Q.S
Task Force M.S.Q.S 2 måneder siden
This is how I think the story is (it's tied with all the games btw) the neighbour gets married they give birth to two kids a boy and a girl they love hide and seek but one day while they were on their way home the had a car crash later on the girl dies due to a push on the roof later we see the neighbour burying her. Later the protagonist or the boy grows up. and decided to see good ol' pa. But he's changed paranoia and the such then you disappeared. Later we find out that a bunch of kids have made friends with the secret neighbour the kids are saving him and they eighter save him or dissapear. Later he goes crazy and wears a clown costume evidence in a update and yeah I think its like that not religiously but Lifely? Is that a word?
Dino Dax
Dino Dax 2 måneder siden
The shadow man could be you from the future
asadel fadillah
asadel fadillah 2 måneder siden
lowkey, the opening of this episode always makes me uncomfortable :v Good job, Film Theorists crew! 👍
Naheed Altaf
Naheed Altaf 2 måneder siden
Stop scaring me ahhhhhhhh
Eroxi3 2 måneder siden
Hail Eris
The Lying Cornhusk
The Lying Cornhusk 2 måneder siden
Flying Kapp
Flying Kapp 2 måneder siden
I wish this got a third theory
2024 student7
2024 student7 2 måneder siden
In the books, there is also a Golden Apple amusement park that hello neighbor designed. You should definitely check out the books they are deep in lore
Becky Jackson
Becky Jackson 2 måneder siden
Oh no no I think yeah he didn’t make a deal with the devil he could he is the devil fourth kid could be him that snake oh yeah dude yeah could be him you scared manikin could be him and you could be kidnapping you and making him think that you’re his father
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