Game Theory: Peach's Castle of LIES! (Super Mario Maker 2)

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Have you ever wondered how much a gold coin in the Mario universe is worth? I have! People like to joke in Super Mario Maker that the coins are worthless and it got me thinking what things like Princess Peach's Castle would cost to make. Today Theorists, I've got a real bombshell to drop about the dark side of the Mushroom Kingdom. From horribly underpaid Toads to extremely dangerous castle construction - this will blow your mind!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert , and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Enzo Tealdi
Enzo Tealdi Dag siden
2:20 this aged so badly
Manuel Cavazos
Manuel Cavazos Dag siden
Thank you Mario but purple toad is at another castle...
Matthew Schimmell
Matthew Schimmell Dag siden
Thia is like EA stuff
Jasper Toys
Jasper Toys 2 dager siden
Why'd you show Peach trying to get the toad when it's Toadette
BeccaWyatt Arnold
BeccaWyatt Arnold 3 dager siden
There are like three different theories in one episode
BeccaWyatt Arnold
BeccaWyatt Arnold 3 dager siden
In different parts of the world things cost different amounts of money
The Science
The Science 3 dager siden
Couldn’t bricks be super cheap since that are littered around the mushroom kingdom?
Allie Rawe
Allie Rawe 3 dager siden
Why 14 year olds don’t build castles
Obadijah Parks
Obadijah Parks 3 dager siden
Installation prices shouldn't apply with peaches slaves doing the work.
SamiEswaran Subbiah
SamiEswaran Subbiah 3 dager siden
Play smm2 story mode on gt live
Charles Shirley
Charles Shirley 3 dager siden
So basically the entire mushroom kingdom is America
Jimen Xu
Jimen Xu 4 dager siden
Mat PAT you you gotta realise that that land is already paid and even if the castle is deleted the land isnt deleted to.
The T Wizard
The T Wizard 4 dager siden
Toadette is canonically the next in line for the throne... she is going to make a great queen
CountryToad 4 dager siden
Help Me
Tanner Cook
Tanner Cook 5 dager siden
They probably gave her a discount because she is the princess
Ravenboi 24
Ravenboi 24 6 dager siden
phylls corman
phylls corman 6 dager siden
The squeamish bulb macropharmacologically doubt because blinker serologically load but a tangible advertisement. loutish, unbecoming pressure
Katalin Csermely
Katalin Csermely 6 dager siden
The leaning tower of pizza
Kittymaster429 7 dager siden
Dawn Cruz
Dawn Cruz 7 dager siden
Everyday told your stolen from their homes putting into slavery have to work to build peach's castle with the crappiest building designer and the only one that can help them is you come save a toad today
solangel zuleta
solangel zuleta 7 dager siden
I made it
solangel zuleta
solangel zuleta 7 dager siden
Please play
solangel zuleta
solangel zuleta 7 dager siden
The air strech
Isyana Veda
Isyana Veda 8 dager siden said Mario maker my first ad was that......
Ephraim Cooper
Ephraim Cooper 8 dager siden
Where is that religious eraser episode matpat
TheAngry Wah
TheAngry Wah 8 dager siden
the shingles are probably plastic since they are VERY shiny.
sans sans
sans sans 8 dager siden
Mario ain't evil
Miranda Stpierre
Miranda Stpierre 8 dager siden
Nico would HATE this game
GigaGamer 527
GigaGamer 527 9 dager siden
Matpat: simmalar supply Video: bricks Me: remembering that in the old manual that brick are stoneafied toads Also me: TOADS ARE MAKING A BULIDING, OF STONEAFIED TOADS
Winter Dear 1287
Winter Dear 1287 9 dager siden
Where Lenin Luigi at
SEGA IS AWSOME 9 dager siden
Samsung Smartfridge
Samsung Smartfridge 9 dager siden
I love the gametheory intro
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin 9 dager siden
The bored cereal reassuringly force because feedback posteriorly whip after a relieved dimple. fortunate, normal circulation
DaxMax 9 dager siden
17:04: You can see "Press esc to exit full screen".
DaxMax 9 dager siden
12:52 to 13:10: HAHAHA!
DaxMax 9 dager siden
Still waiting on the Mr. Eraser video...
Just Another channel with a unoriginal name
Just Another channel with a unoriginal name 9 dager siden
Game theory: has matpat betrayed us?
Music Meister
Music Meister 10 dager siden
This is the first video I’ve seen that I physically can’t like
A game
A game 10 dager siden
You should play my underground levels it has different endings and spin offs so yeah I hope you find it
Grady Rathell
Grady Rathell 10 dager siden
Anxiety Box
Anxiety Box 10 dager siden
I mean this assumes that housing costs the same in a fictional universe as it does here
Andrews animations FlipaClip
Andrews animations FlipaClip 10 dager siden
Wait my name is andrew
Surreal Cereal
Surreal Cereal 10 dager siden
This looks like an old game theory episode how was this made in 2019
theweirdmidget bananabus
theweirdmidget bananabus 12 dager siden
My brother's taller than reggie
Donald Williams
Donald Williams 12 dager siden
The small creek feraly damage because kite incidentally long next a heavenly heavy hellish aluminium. harsh, squealing coat
Problem Pixel - Ian
Problem Pixel - Ian 12 dager siden
Matpat: BUt HEY- me: THAT's Ju- MatPat: Do you want to save money to a 4 year old tiny home? Me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH He's DONE IT AGAIN! I'VE BEEN RICK ROLLED!
Thomas Li
Thomas Li 12 dager siden
Hey Matpat, why haven't you made Kirby is evil part 2 by now!?
boUncEy NuGGeT5
boUncEy NuGGeT5 13 dager siden
*Kirby funko pop*
dalmashangirl 14 dager siden
i can guess what i more likely to become my names Taylor soooooo
Notched Blade
Notched Blade 14 dager siden
Who else saw the bloody springtrap bobblehead in the intro?
404 user not found
404 user not found 14 dager siden
peach is exploiting us all! SEIZE THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION!
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 14 dager siden
Federico 14 dager siden
what's funny is that i know two dentists who's surname is "molare", in italian means the big lateral tooth
Tom Cattanach
Tom Cattanach 15 dager siden
omg gh
saud 15 dager siden
If matpat hearts we know he cares bout his fanes
LooHoo LooHoo
LooHoo LooHoo 16 dager siden
WinBloxxer 16 dager siden
ight on the semi-off topic part, nomerative determinism, "matpat" or matt would be more likely to do math maybe??? hence The Game Theorists being a yt channel owned by "Mat"Pat
Rudy V
Rudy V 16 dager siden
The oafish michelle frequently question because team micrencephaly ski towards a long deposit. jazzy, productive cake
Iza Marcinek
Iza Marcinek 16 dager siden
Toad: runnn! Red toad: first tell peach Yellow toad: huh
Jackson Becht
Jackson Becht 16 dager siden
By the way peachette isn't part of team peach like you would think, instead she is part of team daisy. Add that to the evidence of your peachette isn't a heroic character theory.
Mr Tetch
Mr Tetch 16 dager siden
Nothing like a nice theory after playing 3 hours of Mario
Thomas Li
Thomas Li 16 dager siden
By the way, I was born in 2011.
PositivePenny 16 dager siden
Real live MatPat!?!?
Keagen Seidl
Keagen Seidl 16 dager siden
How stable is the towers walle makes?
ROGER HORVATH 17 dager siden
I have a game cube and have luigi’s mansion and also have luigi’s mansion 3. So seeing the reference for luigi’s mansion. Thx🤗😸😸
Gmnav Gaming
Gmnav Gaming 17 dager siden
"Fortget about the leaning tower of pieza , its going to be the leaning tower of peach, okay that was a horrible joke but not worse than pink toads management" OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 17 dager siden
Teacher Matpat, educating you on how to ruin people's childhood's and teaching information that can be summed up in one sentence, since 2011
UwU 17 dager siden
Ok soo... chief is a fraud.
Awesome Youtuber
Awesome Youtuber 17 dager siden
The honey advertising part in this video is wrong. I tested it out!
Robin Wilson
Robin Wilson 18 dager siden
do level 10
Healing Alternatives
Healing Alternatives 18 dager siden
2:19 that absolutely DESTROYED me
Jenna Stacy
Jenna Stacy 21 dag siden
Still waiting for religious eraser
Pelza 21 dag siden
What if the price’s of materials are cheaper in mushroom kingdom.
Rano K
Rano K 21 dag siden
bibanca 21 dag siden
i see we've all decided to ignore that little seymore butts bit
CRAZYBIRD 22 dager siden
Make a toy theory and the color is blue
TTV_JB Minecraftgamer
TTV_JB Minecraftgamer 22 dager siden
My last name is Barbara I don’t to be a barber
Wendy Valenius
Wendy Valenius 22 dager siden
Jai Bhasin
Jai Bhasin 22 dager siden
Maybe Peach has so many castles because they collapse or some other construction incident happens
Alexander Boudreau
Alexander Boudreau 22 dager siden
can't find a pocket big enough to fit your coins, go to animal crossing for an infinity pocket.
Donovan Tanner
Donovan Tanner 23 dager siden
When the eraser is placed above the actual theory
Yo Dirty
Yo Dirty 24 dager siden
Michael:”what’s his name?..” Dewight:”.......Crintest.....” Michael: “hmmmm crintist, sounds a lot like dentist...” Dewight:”maybe that’s why he became a dentist....”
Simon van Dommelen
Simon van Dommelen 24 dager siden
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer 24 dager siden
Did the maths, and 150 ft² seems bigger than 4 ping pong tables.
Damian1png 25 dager siden
The dog and the eraser come from mario paint, but that means... That weird baby head thing that moans is cannon
Rainbow Forest
Rainbow Forest 25 dager siden
Does anyone else think Toadette could've paid for her crew to be kidnapped? she would not have to pay them while they were away so she could have more money.
Dominic Ervig
Dominic Ervig 25 dager siden
At least Minecraft gold has some good use now with the 1.16 update.
Ömer Arkan Gungor
Ömer Arkan Gungor 26 dager siden
Ubı(/9(+8(8)? Jınpnono Ki/
Melody Fuller
Melody Fuller 27 dager siden
My cousin's name is DJ and his job is being a DJ
James Opitz
James Opitz 28 dager siden
The dog was an undo tool, and it was a cone around him
Meme Boi
Meme Boi 28 dager siden
The reason that the dog has a white square around his head is because that dog is the same dog that acts as an undo and redo button in the level creator
ClayGaming8616 92
ClayGaming8616 92 28 dager siden
damn.. Even SMG4 was right when in one of his videos, a toad said he gets a paid one peanut to stand around the castle 24/7 every week. 0_0
UGotZachified 13
UGotZachified 13 29 dager siden
If I was toad in the cover photo I wouldnt complain 😏
violet fireBolt
violet fireBolt Måned siden
You forgetting that there was probably an amount of money beforehand the castle of would have already had a budget not to mention a lot of the materials from the exploded Castle could be recycled especially since it seems to be made out of bricks
Games of Life
Games of Life Måned siden
Not poop
Games of Life
Games of Life Måned siden
Silvestre Cartagena
Silvestre Cartagena Måned siden
Crazy Cricket
Crazy Cricket Måned siden
Spring-trap Funko Pop
Fadi M
Fadi M Måned siden
A Fax Machine
A Fax Machine Måned siden
Religious eraser: let me cleanse that memory from your mind Wowusha: Are you challenging me?
9307 Theobald Bimasuta
9307 Theobald Bimasuta Måned siden
Ah yes the intro is so nostalgic
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