Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)

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I have SO much fun with Kindergarten and, since playing Kindergarten 2, I've wanted to do another theory on it. Today Theorists, we are diving into to one of the biggest unsolved secrets of this game - a FAMILY secret! Does our dear friend the Janitor have a secret child? One that may even be a part of our class? Pencils down, Theorists! I've got your answer!
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#Kindergarten #Kindergarten2 #FamilySecret #Nugget #Secret #Mystery #Janitor #Buggs #DumpsterHag #GameTheory
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

INK 6 timer siden
And I knew it was not the twins he said *"son"* not son
Gacha Chan
Gacha Chan 9 timer siden
I'm confused that it makes sense
The Pepega Lord
The Pepega Lord 9 timer siden
Wouldn’t this be a Food Theory?
Sarah da Nerd
Sarah da Nerd 11 timer siden
in kindergarten I almost got my eyes and part of my head ripped off and some how i didnt feel any thing
OakBean 11 timer siden
Lesson learned if there’s a building made just for kindergarten, don’t go any where near it
Battle 3D Doge Officer
Battle 3D Doge Officer Dag siden
Why is the intro so dramatic?
kara Dag siden
Mattpat: She went some horrific physical trauma that made her Android she is today The FNAF stans: *Isn't close but we'll take it*
Sheev Hernandez
Sheev Hernandez Dag siden
I wonder why this video has to do with fnaf if you play the playlist???🤔
Logan West
Logan West 2 dager siden
U suck mat Pat the spoler
mercy's child
mercy's child 2 dager siden
Did anyone noticed the bloody spring trap beside the PC in the intro
Mysty W Netherite
Mysty W Netherite 2 dager siden
... Doesn't it say the janitor gave his kid away to a stranger? That's completely invalidates this
Jiayi Wang
Jiayi Wang 2 dager siden
i have a point against Buggs being the janitor's son. the janitor says that he GAVE his son to a random person, but Buggs says that he was ABANDONED by his dad, not being given to a random person
James Cannon
James Cannon 2 dager siden
I like the new intro
Flatty Matty
Flatty Matty 2 dager siden
What about the player since 1. He doesnt Have Parents Just Like how The Janitor Said he gave his son Away 2. They Both Dont Have Names So They Share Something About eachother Well Yea Bugs Dad Is not coming Back.. but doesn’t that mean his Dad could be someone else? Also why wouldn’t Bugs recognise that the janitor is his Dad But hey its just a Theory A G A M E T H E O R Y
Tia Whyureadthis
Tia Whyureadthis 3 dager siden
"oh my little dum dum!" imagine steph saying that in front of mat in nuggets voice... HOW DID SHE NOT LAUGH- AND THEN THE DUMPSTER PART WHERE SHE JUST SAYS "oh hi" I-
Patrick 3 dager siden
make a new channel about nugget
Pls kindergartengame 3! Plsssss plss plsss plssw
vakaris letzplays
vakaris letzplays 3 dager siden
This sounds like gloom
Shahzayn Khan
Shahzayn Khan 4 dager siden
I only watched because its abiut kindergarten because this theory makes no sense
isaghe ponticilli
isaghe ponticilli 4 dager siden
0:59 xbox 360 has left the chat
that one dude
that one dude 4 dager siden
What if you went to kindergarten at an asylum
《 Just Bry 》
《 Just Bry 》 4 dager siden
12:18 that's my sister's university!!!!!
Werqzzzx Clips
Werqzzzx Clips 4 dager siden
Guys in the intro you could see the yellow from food theory 😳
Jiayi Wang
Jiayi Wang 4 dager siden
7:38 you missed Nugget
Valerie Moore
Valerie Moore 5 dager siden
Gender secret Santa is Jerome
Art Cat
Art Cat 6 dager siden
*No story?* *NO STORY?!* *Oh Matpat my little dum dum.* Imagine how awkward it must have been in the recording room.
Matthew Negroe
Matthew Negroe 6 dager siden
The janitor reminds me of quartermaster from camp camp
Trainboi 6 dager siden
Wait food theory was started in 2020, but ....
Unity's Particle System
Unity's Particle System 6 dager siden
did matpat reveal food theory last year cause the first video of food theory was 5 months ago
Topapo 7 dager siden
Tbh i expected the protagonist to be the son
Echo 7 dager siden
Mat!! I want to do a theory vid for Mark!! And all credit for the theory plan goes to you, cause I love your theories, and you've done theories about Mark, too. So, just figured I'd put it out there! ^w^ Love ya, Mat!!
Marb 7 dager siden
The voice acting for nugget is so wrong.
Taylor Watson
Taylor Watson 7 dager siden
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick 7 dager siden
Also proven kids who are abused or been treated like their hated tend to treat people the same way cause their afraid that people who they are around will treat them that way so they do it first ti avoid this whi h is possibly why buggs also does this to students
YourMother isNOICE
YourMother isNOICE 7 dager siden
Jacksepticeye has a better voice for nugget
BenJ Boi Plays
BenJ Boi Plays 7 dager siden
I forgot how much I love Steph’s nugget voice XD
Nugget 8 dager siden
...uhhhh nugget does not confirm this is true so don't ask about it!.
EmCraft 8 dager siden
It said in giving it away so it’s not bugs
Emily Weiner
Emily Weiner 8 dager siden
When Nugget calls Game theory "Dumb Dumb," he's ACTUALLY hitting him with dumb dumb's.
Mr. robot
Mr. robot 8 dager siden
The player can be the Janitor's son
Suzan Morsy
Suzan Morsy 8 dager siden
Nugget: NO STORY NO STORY oh my little dum dum Me : what 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣oh my little dum dum Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Suzan Morsy
Suzan Morsy 6 dager siden
And i forgot to tell you that you forgot to say Billy and the hall motor
Mary Crowe
Mary Crowe 8 dager siden
Jacksepticeye played the. Listen to his nugget I like his one better
Moon Crumb
Moon Crumb 9 dager siden
Are you just going to forget about Monty?
Moons Monie
Moons Monie 9 dager siden
Does Aphmau voice nugget?
DogBoss426 10 dager siden
even though there are plenty of connections, are we just gonna pretend that the janitor having-a-son-at-74-at-the-earliest problem doesnt exist?
Calleigh 8 dager siden
Women are really the only ones with this as a "problem". Men can have children fairly easily throughout their entire life. However, women tend to lose that ability once they hit the age where menopause begins.
-KidTheMighty- 10 dager siden
Did anyone else notice the springtrap POP toy thingie in the start tilt his head?
HOLLY HOLY PAWSTA 10 dager siden
I always thought that buggs had gray hair because he shaved his head but that's a pretty good theory
András Gergely-Bakács
András Gergely-Bakács 10 dager siden
If this vid was made after food theory it would be on there
the fakest nagito komaeda
the fakest nagito komaeda 10 dager siden
Tbh I would wanna see a Danganronpa game theory I'll let you think about it k I'll just continue watching the video
lucas valim
lucas valim 10 dager siden
mashijah cute
mashijah cute 12 dager siden
"nugget says listen"
Zeke Peterson
Zeke Peterson 12 dager siden
Why isn't Jack voicing nugget
Some Gamer Boys
Some Gamer Boys 13 dager siden
Me yea dead kids
Rie Lee-Dashti
Rie Lee-Dashti 13 dager siden
14:32 My therapist: little janitor isn’t real they can’t hurt you Little janitor:smoking
Jaden Zou
Jaden Zou 13 dager siden
# matdaddy
Moonlite 60
Moonlite 60 14 dager siden
Aren't the mystery pills drugs?
Brianna Buchanan
Brianna Buchanan 15 dager siden
HEY! ruining ur childhood since 2011? thats when i was born lol. how have i never realized that?
HollowKnight Fan
HollowKnight Fan 15 dager siden
Nobody: Me all the video: this is Nugget's possesses by Nugget's friends
Intensity_Rises 16 dager siden
but janitor said he gave away his son, but buggs said that his dad abandoned his son by not coming back from the store for cigarettes...
turtle man2222
turtle man2222 16 dager siden
turtle man2222
turtle man2222 15 dager siden
@Scrull yep siiick
Scrull 16 dager siden
Bro I just realized food theory was teased years ago. The yellow quadrant of the logo was yellow in the intro. Thats insane.
BK 16 dager siden
Wait did billy die in kindergarten 2 because I think he will come for Revenge in the third game because nugget killed Lilly his twin
Totally-Not -Amanda
Totally-Not -Amanda 16 dager siden
I mean. I actually think the hall monitor with the pimples on his face is the son. Cause in kubz scouts. There was a part where Carla said (he is dumb. But not Stevie) And he kinda... Looks ugly cause of his face, And his hoodie is dirty :v
Sleeping Cat
Sleeping Cat 16 dager siden
IT KSK ACCOUNT 17 dager siden
*T P O S I N G S T E V E*
—oikawasbubblewater— uwu
—oikawasbubblewater— uwu 17 dager siden
todoroki: mhm mhm secret.... love.. child......
Anne Mastropietro
Anne Mastropietro 17 dager siden
So cool
The institute gamer Tee
The institute gamer Tee 17 dager siden
Matt do you nugget three
Herman Godo
Herman Godo 17 dager siden
You have alot of agruments for that the janitor is buggs’ dad but u forgot one Line in the first game and that was the one were the player says that «that wont make your dad Get back» and if the janitor was bugg’s dad we would have know’d it
DragonDreamer 19 dager siden
You're so lucky to have Nugget's voice actor appear in your videos
Roicéad Rocket
Roicéad Rocket 19 dager siden
nugget must rule nugget must rule us all nugget WILL rule the galaxy
That guy:59 Just guy
That guy:59 Just guy 19 dager siden
Some one tell matpat that maybe just maybe he has a buzz cut
RebootedRobot 19 dager siden
this show is gonna be 10 years old soon..... wow
ItsAri’s Art
ItsAri’s Art 19 dager siden
There are 2 reasons why Felix and Ted aren’t the Janitor’s son. Felix and Ted are twins and yeah but they is also another reason because Felix and Ted’s dad owns a company but their doesn’t work at school. Just saying.
Gacha Kat
Gacha Kat 19 dager siden
i wonder did you forget billy oskar i thought the pills were from the prines the twins mabey all the other students
Gacha Kat
Gacha Kat 19 dager siden
i wonder did you forget billy oskar i thought the pills were from the prines the twins mabey all the other students
J Plays
J Plays 20 dager siden
I think they foreshadowed Food Theory at 0:58
Bigboi Sammy
Bigboi Sammy 20 dager siden
Be honest would you be snapped by nugget or die by the lightning
GachaNova Playz
GachaNova Playz 20 dager siden
Nugget:No story no story!?
GachaNova Playz
GachaNova Playz 20 dager siden
Matpat:it's not like there's no lore
Elizabeth Afton - circus baby
Elizabeth Afton - circus baby 21 dag siden
you not knowingn matoat for end of my username in roblox
Glitchy Galexy
Glitchy Galexy 21 dag siden
Did he tease the food theory
Heckboi 69
Heckboi 69 22 dager siden
You say kindergarten, I say target rich environment
Ella Clay
Ella Clay 22 dager siden
0:47 Nugget disapproves. Nothing goes deeper than the Nugget cave. If anything does go deeper than the Nugget cave then NUGGET AND HIS FELLOW NUGGETANS SHALL HUNT DOWN AND KILL EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THIS PROJECT!!! My nuggets are done so I must go, but... NEXT TIME IS NOT A WARNING!!!
Steven Hellsing
Steven Hellsing 22 dager siden
im so not used to hearing matpat's version of nuggets voice. since I've watched sean's series.
Jullian Paul Fulgencio
Jullian Paul Fulgencio 23 dager siden
Why do I feel like nugget has a cult of nuggets
jiji adams
jiji adams 23 dager siden
we know who the father is but who is the mother
A u r o r a
A u r o r a 24 dager siden
9:28 Monty could actually be a good guess cause the janitor probably didn’t like his son because he wasn’t like him! And montys the opposite of the janitor so it could be..
Caprisky Batsielilit
Caprisky Batsielilit 25 dager siden
Bily you forget him
Meredith 25 dager siden
Nugget theory is here to stay XD
Jeffy Ng
Jeffy Ng 26 dager siden
I'm too used to Jacks voice for Nugget
Aiden Playz
Aiden Playz 26 dager siden
Josh 26 dager siden
It's weird they do not make theory's of nugget on food theory XD
EvanTheGamer 290
EvanTheGamer 290 27 dager siden
I was a bully in school for like a month.....and then covid hit then i just was like "meh, gonna be be a gamer"
Cooper Chandler
Cooper Chandler 27 dager siden
And bob....well 3:17
Kittens-n-Chicken 27 dager siden
That big fat monster looks a bit like a nugget
deadlymind 27 dager siden
Matpat:school is now in session. Me: *wears mask* HELL NAH ITS CORONA TIME
Kalos lover 26 Plays
Kalos lover 26 Plays 27 dager siden
Hey matpat I was wondering if you could do another kindergarten theory like the one you did on willy wonka were you saw how many violations they had. Maybe you could do the same thing with the two schools in kindergarten and how long it would take for the school to get shut down.
alexcies albano
alexcies albano 27 dager siden
Wow a kid sassed you
SomethingEdgy 27 dager siden
I automatically thought it was Buggs.
Gabo Rato
Gabo Rato 27 dager siden
Dude you should of asked hack to voice nugget that would be amazong
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